Welcome back everybody it's been a while and it's a big one welcome to the 200th episode of the Rick Shields Golf Show podcast we've done more podcasts and there have been open championships well done mate well done 200 episodes and this is it um thank you first off. For everybody who listens watches comments subscribes follows the Facebook page gets involved with the podcast it's been a hell of a journey I've really enjoyed the podcast it was you know we've got the the celebrationary live podcast coming up in a few weeks time which by the way we sold out a ticket. So quick thank you so much everybody that bought tickets are going to come to the live show more live shows coming in the future as well. So stay tuned for those but it's to celebrate four years and for making 200 episodes commitment it's a crazy Journey actually because you know I'm sure we have talked about this on the podcast in the past like the podcast really came out of a couple of factors number one everybody was doing a podcast correct [Music]. So we wanted to bring our twist to the party and I feel like the following that we've gained has surprised you and me yes um you know the main the new podcast Channel now is that over 240. Or thousand subscribers the Facebook page with over a hundred thousand followers the Instagram does well the Twitter does well um each weekly listened on whether you listen on Spotify Apple podcasts wherever you listen to it the following is is incredible um. And really it was a platform. For myself and and to chat to guy who I chat to pretty much every single day anyway just to chat about what we do from a business behind the scenes of the videos. And then.

To brows to Branch out and have some incredible guests on the channel like Sir Nick Faldo yes Adam Scott yeah Lee Westwood um racing Bryson dechambeau Victor hovland Brad facts. And Ricky Fowler Claude Harmon III even like Mia Baker Sophie Walker Carl Richard Hammond Richard Hammond who would have thought when we started this podcast 200 episodes ago we'd have had Richard Hammond from Top Gear Fame sat here on our podcast John Robbins John Robin multiple times I forgot a massive one though uh I'm trying to look on Matthew fryer Matthew of course three times like amazing so the guests have been amazing today's episode is also a guest who we've had on the on the podcast before Grant Horvath yes. So it's a special episode today.

Grant is over here in the UK we invited him over. For a week's worth of filming which is coming your way very soon. But Grant very interesting kind of background obviously was in good good left over the winter time last year about December last year left. And he's now flying solo if you are normally somebody that listens to the podcast we massively appreciate it we know a lot of people get in the car. Or they offer a run I'll go to the gym put the podcast on don't stop doing that however. for this episode I would recommend at least watching a portion of it because just just to witness how good Grant's teeth are they're amazing he's got the best set of teeth in England right now I think we can say these Americans bring their nice teeth over um. But yeah it's great to have Grant on. And we've just recorded the podcast or whatever we've chatted loads about his his journey since leaving good good uh what he's doing in the future it's a great journey um whether he had any regrets leaving good good we kind of touched obviously on good offices he was a former member. But also gave him lots of time to talk about his future endeavors his projects what he loves about YouTube is a huge YouTube fan. So that was really interesting as well. So that's coming up very very soon yes um. And also just want to and it's been interesting because we've not released a podcast for two weeks yeah. And boy did we know about it. And I'm going to take it as a huge compliment there was a lot of um disgruntled I would say viewers. And listeners rightly so who um certainly allowed their voice be heard in the fact that we'd not released a podcast for two weeks I will make everyone in a small deal if they want to subscribe to my new website I've just created that is called ricksheelspodcast.co.uk forward slash pay us lots of money. And they want to subscribe for 20 pound a month we'll do a podcast every single week every day no. But just done that though just follow on your point on that yeah we did we release a podcast every Tuesday morning that is the plan. And that will carry on. And a couple of weeks off for holidays and whatnot but that doesn't mean the podcast is stopping we will be committed if there's ever a week where there's not a podcast there's a reason why that is either we're doing it on the Wednesday because of something oh we've been ill. Or we're on holiday it's very rare there's not one we aim for one a week we probably should have in hindsight had the foresight of of giving you a bit of a heads up in the last episode but the last episode was a guest episode with Bob the sport. So yeah we kind of probably weren't thinking far enough ahead really well what we are doing straight after we finish this intro now we're actually recording another one straight away that won't come out next.

Week I don't think. But it will come up the week after. So on the 26th no no that's wrong I look at the wrong month on the in fact remember the week after that where are we now it's in the 20th it's like 24th no it's the 26th actually I know yeah that's right sorry the 26th of September the week of the Ryder Cup we will be having which we're recording now a Ryder Cup special not just us chatting nonsense though we have got Dave Sampson from European Golf designs who is the guy that literally designed Marco Simoni Golf Course incredible we got to play the golf course a couple of weeks ago we actually played with Dave himself. And so that podcast is going to be coming out a week of the Ryder Cup we're recording it straight after this. But like I say first off thank you everybody for listening watching thanks to all the incredible team that worked so hard behind the scenes a wonderful team of one Matt it looks quite hard occasionally so Matt who does amazing job on the podcast. And obviously yourself guy for for planning and bringing guests to the party and just being a very good co-host um enjoy everyone this is the episode with Grant um. And just a quick one before we start that you did say to me when we started this podcast to invoice your grandman episode I've not got around to do the invoice. Yet so it's 200 episodes 200 Grand I'll send the invoice so to uh Mickey Mouse at Disneyland um Florida is that Minnie's husband yeah yeah okay okay he's got it. For you all right guys thanks for listening and enjoy this 200th special episode with Grant Horvat special guest Grant thank you for joining us thanks for having me on our 200th episode we wanted to bring in some real Firepower right and you are the man. For the job was this plan you flown this all the way from Jupiter Florida you landed yesterday. And this morning to kick off the Rick Shields and Grant Hall that week we've got you straight on the podcast straight on it right you've got no clubs at the moment you've got no luggage you don't have much luck when you're traveling over here to the UK yeah I think at this point people are sick of the you know I lost my club videos because I've done like three already. But yeah they're currently at the airport. And hopefully we get them I'm starting to think that actually it's clubbed to his hotel room all along it's a nice little content strand every single trip yeah yeah he gets a few new clothes through the business you go shopping get all my clothes I mean we went shopping last night just to get this. So it's been a rough one so far how's life Grant we had you on the podcast before July last year Felt Like A lot's changed since that yeah a lot I mean I mean the biggest thing. For me was moving back to Florida um I'm back in Jupiter Florida. And that that's one of my favorite places to be because that's home to me and that's where I do fishing. And Diving and I'm always golfing so that's that's a huge part and then.

Obviously going solo has been a huge change. And you know it's been amazing actually like just I mean the stuff that we've been able to accomplish. So far has been has been really fun and we got a lot of great stuff coming up but yeah it's been it's been awesome well you you channel YouTube channel is killing it you are you getting close to half a million subscribers aren't you we're getting there yeah it's moving. And that's grown a lot in the last kind of 12 months or so six months specifically right but it feels like your content your strand it feels like you really finding your identity in the world of YouTube golf would that be fair to say yeah I think um you know going solo what it did was it made me Focus all my attention on the channel um. So now it's like every day I wake up and you know I never I mean you know as a YouTuber it doesn't stop like you're thinking constantly what the next.

Idea the next.

Concept. And um yeah all my focus has gone towards the channel. And and now it's like it just it feels good and like like I said we we have some ideas to even potentially start a teaching Channel because that's that's something I have a passion. For is teaching golf um. But yeah it's just it feels good to just be able to focus on that one thing do it well I was uh I was over in January in Jupiter this is already December I went to Jupiter it's possibly one of my favorite places on the in the whole world it's unbelievable. And you got to play medalists I got to play medalist with Ricky Fowler on blue and to be honest I played a number of really amazing golf courses I love the par 3 Palm Beach golf course right Floridian Planet Floridian that's a great play that Jupiter Hills with Sir Nick Faldo right it's pretty cool um two two golf courses are really interesting um obviously medalist right I feel like a place somewhere else as well. But the amount of golf courses in that area is ridiculous it's you played just from living there almost my whole life you played my favorite Golf Course do you want to guess which one it was Floridian nope Palm Beach par three no it's a medalist no oh the one you jubes Hills Jupiter Hills is that your favorite out of all them that's my favorite the hills course did you play The Hills course uh when you are stood at the clubhouse I teed off on the left oh. So you played the other one yeah you played The Village okay. So there's two courses there yeah yeah yeah that's my favorite golf course in Florida is Jupiter Hills what the hills course the one where you tee off on that the Medalist yeah I got to play medals the other day um which is pretty special. But I don't know if I'm I played with someone I got to play I don't know if I'm allowed David was it filmed it was not film no well there's a there's a certain very high profile player that seems to play there. And there's also a very high profile Sun that also seems to play there yeah. And I've got a funny feeling that you might be quite friendly with a certain profile players son yes I he's uh we've been able to to play a couple times together. And I got to hang out with and that's who it was with this side of that son. So that was good yeah I got to hang out with him. But and this week you get to play the Mario Wesley Park yes that's a reality Grand just as good that's pretty cool how did you play uh I played good um I think medalist was one of the toughest courses I played because we played yeah it's. So hard the first hole is 270 to carry them tell me about it I couldn't carry it oh. So I mean it was into the wind. And I like I thinned it and it came up short I couldn't even carry it it's such a hard first tee shot the whole Golf Course is very very difficult it's really challenging it gets a little I certainly got into my match with Ricky on the bat nine starts playing a little bit better you can't miss no if you missed the Fairway on a normal golf course you could you might be in the trees. Or maybe you're on another hole right there you're in trees and you are not finding that golf ball I mean in just Florida golf in general the Palmetto bushes will just they eat it up they eat your balls yeah. And then.

Tight lies around tight lies around the greens yeah you know big undulating undulating greens as well it's such a challenge. But I suppose if you're playing it all day every day that type of golf your game is going to get a lot better oh yeah. For sure and if you're playing medalist from those teas you have to get better I mean just to even break par out there it feels like a 65 on another course 100 it's that difficult social game in a good spot right now it is yeah I uh I I've been playing some of the best golf of my life recently because I believe I I went to a more forgiving iron I think I've always drove the ball pretty good my putting's always streaky. But what I did is I changed to the p770 which is a thicker iron. And instead of playing like the tws which I did in the beginning I just said like I'm gonna throw ego I'm gonna throw Pride I'm throwing everything out. And they're not that thick they're not that thick at all but I played a I have a full set right now the p770s that surprises me yeah. And I never get any jumpers or anything and they go they're crazy more mishit do you find them more a tight dispersion still. Or it's just miss hits in general yeah yeah because before you know you mishit a TW. And you're gonna come up a lot shorter than now if I must hit this p770 I could be pin High well that's exciting to hear because one thing we're hoping to film this week we've got many many videos to film this week we're going to come on to probably in this video we're looking at a new series we're gonna get you in the hit studio. And do like a kind of quite geeky. And in-depth what's in the bag yeah. So that will comes the hit Channel soon. And you can go through every club. And why using it so if you want to if you want to watch that video we'll link it down below and it's out it could be a good one that's that's as long as grants clubs definitely arrived today.

They're here they're here they have the air tag they have made it to Manchester the issue now is getting the clubs from Manchester to the the hotel because I signed the the the option to have them delivered. And they said you can't go get them I'm waiting. For them to bring them but I hope they we've got time if not we can film it another time this week um because it's funny because you went up to the store room here at the office today.

To have a look at the different clubs. And I must admit I would have 100 put you in a blade like when when I thought when you said yesterday your clubs hadn't arrived I think I reckon I probably got everything I said oh he uses those bloody Tiger Woods blades though I've got a set of them. But they're in a box that I don't really want him to use them right it's quite nice to hear that using the p770s because I've definitely got a set of them locking around just on that then.

Do you think there'll be a time bit of an early topic here. But will blades die because. So many Juniors now grown up with that in mind a bit more forgiving see so many Elite golfers now moving away from like a matter of Blade but it's more of a mallet do we think there's gonna be a future where people are just using more forgiving stuff. And ego was dropped yeah I definitely think cavity back irons is. So much more popular from very very good players as well well like it's really only a handful of players now that I can really think of that use a proper proper blade yeah it's true. And I mean you take Lee Westwood. For example he's played that thicker ping he has iron his whole life yeah I mean that I-20. And that's considered thick yeah. And you look at even a lot of the tightest players are using the t100s a lot of the TaylorMade players if it's not that obviously the TW which are the most bladed blades you've got a handful in are in the MBS. But then.

You've got so much of them now that are in the kind of more forgiving set 770s Etc um yeah I think it's a good I think that we could see in the next.

Five ten years blades is completely dying off all right Peter blades speaking about that though. And forgiveness and your clubs you two have got a match that's hopefully the first video we're going to film fingers crossed it today.

Right um at your home course Rick says home course Advantage at Marriott Worsley park right how do you both see your chances going I'll start with Rick first. So unlike Grant my game isn't particularly trended in the best best possible way at the moment okay however. however. there has been some light at the end of the tunnel I've not played golf. For two weeks I've had a minor operation and I've been out of that so this is good. For me this is I've been out of action however. sometimes you've got to beware the injured golfer right. So I feel somewhat hopeful I did sneak in 11 holes last night right I had a I had an improv lesson as well didn't mean to kind of out on the golf course with a competitor that you're going to see later this week gave me a little few pointers out in the golf course yesterday. And yeah I liked it it was. And his point was I said oh I don't know if I can fully trust this this week out in the golf course he said he looked at me Square in the face. And went what would you rather be playing the way you have been recently I'm like oh wow ouch so yeah we'll see what happens out of the golf course this week before concert grants chances though you we've not mentioned this we've not done a podcast. For a couple of weeks we apologize you could have beat fat Perez I think I it was in the palm of your hand I got unlucky. And if you play Perez yet I I so I was supposed to play Fat Perez. And I had food poisoning but I I want yeah I I I've played him in a 2v2 not straight up we've played him in the YouTube Championship the first one we had I played FP. But not straight up yet he uh he just knows how to get it round even when he's not hitting it great and I've not got that ability oh he really he keeps it in play FP is he's solid yeah he's not gonna make many mistakes that's the thing. And I I feel I started off hot I watched the video I know I could have easily got three up and I just a couple of disadvantages we'd both not played the golf course before this particular one in uh crail in Scotland and my slight disadvantage because I was playing quite well I had the honor on a few of the tee shots I got in trouble because I we didn't know the golf course. And he kind of learned from mine a little bit right and I got a bit unlucky on a few a few shots and anyway I was a bit frustrated myself. But I feel like a couple weeks ago well three or four weeks ago now my game was really in tatters I feel like the last few weeks they were starting to see some glimpses I've not played. For a couple of weeks so we'll see what happens this week here in that language what are your chances of beating Rick at his home course I mean the thing is I think Rick can potentially pull off more birdies than me if it's a match play situation if it's match play I fancy my chances more against you than scroll play yeah that's exactly what I don't think I I think I could play you 10 times in a row stroke play I'm not going to beat you I think I could play you 10 times in a row match play I might beat you once. So let's see what office yeah we'll see. But you do make a lot of birdies max player I feel more comfortable definitely. And like you say home Golf Course advantage today.

It's not particularly a bombers golf course. So I'm not going to lose out on distance here I know the golf course quite well you jet lagged hopefully hopefully golf clubs don't fully arrive. And and I can hit you that's why I'm doing it on the first day I'm getting in there quickly giving the twins after all yeah make it as hard as possible. And yeah we've got a really exciting week's worth of content it was really interesting we've been um we've always been open to collaborations. And we've always been open to collaborations with channels that we love Obviously good good collaboration we did last year with yourself. And the boys that was a huge success Bob does Sports we invited over recently over to Scotland had a great week with those guys. And we're talking just off camera a minute ago how hilarious they are right like they are. So funny and hopefully guys listening really enjoyed last week's podcast and if you've not checked out I was our guest on their podcast as well which was really funny um that's worth checking out we dived into quite a lot of detail on that. And we've got a challenge coming up on their Channel we did a Guinness challenge I'm surprised you did that Rick I want to watch it I'm gonna have to watch that one yeah I said he's gonna have to he's gonna have to watch that one yeah we need to check we need to chat deal before it goes out one thing your golf might not always live up to expectation Drake. But I'll be honest with you your drinking does I can drink what you can hang with them I'm a post handicapped are you impressed with your drinking I'll be honest well yeah I can drink there's no shouldn't be any surprises there really uh. But yeah we've got an exciting week. And then.

So obviously this a few months ago was like you know we've got to do more obviously more collaborations this this year. And I was like Grant what's Grant up to I was like oh let's invite him over like see if we can come over. And we managed to make it work and it's like brilliant and like I say if we can we've got loads of different golf courses planned out this week. And a loads of different concepts of videos content for my channel and for your channel so I think it's gonna be a class week yeah. And I think I think you. And I are are very similar with like we're both nerds of the game I think we're both very invested into golf. And just the game in general so um that's really cool to share that in common um but yeah I'm. So excited. For this week I know we have some cool courses coming up as well and I've never even really played golf here much other than I mean we were at JCB I know pretty much every day last last year when we came yeah I've never really played Links Golf. So I brought a two iron just for this week to hit Stingers so we'll see we'll see I feel like that's such an American thing to do yeah. So is that like over okay it's probably the right strategy. But when again when I was up in Scotland last week with the boys a couple weeks ago I was chatting to one of the caddies. And I said you know is it mainly uh us guys that come over you said honestly 75 if not more of our football certainly some of the big really popular courses like kings barn. And old course they're Americans and I said how brilliant he said what how do the adapter Links Golf. And he said well often they really struggle. And I can almost every single time they've put a long iron in the bag. And almost every single time at the end of the week they end up giving it to one of the caddies right because they'll buy a one iron right right just for that trip yeah they'll use it. For the week and then.

When they go back to Florida or California or whatever they don't need that club so they're not giving it to the caddy just so that like get rid of it really right so you've done a very stereotypical American thing but that's fine that's tough that's a tough look the good thing is you can probably hit a two eyes unlike somebody maybe an 18 handicapper that tries to bring one over I think you'll actually utilize the two iron quite a bit yeah. So what would I mean what's your biggest tip. For Links Golf what would you say is the biggest difference between Jupiter Florida golf what I'm used to. And then.

Now going over to Lynx golf expect to hit good shots. And not be rewarded it's just because of the rollout just because of certain bounces and you've some you've got to accept that and it is tough. And it took me a long time in Ling's golf to realize that like you can hear what you've pictured as a great shot. And it could be a drive it could be a nine shot a wedge or whatever and a lot of the result depends on the bounce the role the undulations and you can't take it to heart too much like you are sometimes it'll work in your favor sometimes you'll hit a bad shot. And it'll actually run and go up a valley and around the Swale and get close to the green right but other times you might flush it and you think that's perfect. And it might just hit a little bump in the green or a shorter green and it'll kick off to the right or left and you're like what the hell and all the bunkers unlike American Golf the bunkers are much more naturally placed right. So they're almost more like collection points so Eve if a ball is going anywhere near a bunker the chances are it's going to go in the bunker where in America I feel like your ball going towards the bunker doesn't come on it can avoid it I mean right yeah yeah even though the size of the bunker doesn't have to be that big because of the surrounding areas three times as big because everything is going to fall into the bunker right. And immediately when you when you talk about Links Golf and then.

Just being able to roll it I do think of like fp's game I think because I've played with FP a good bit now. And like he hits it low yeah. And I feel like he could roll up shots just from like super far away yeah that's what he kind of relies on FP he carries his driver. And it rolls out from where it lands it rolls out another yeah. And it certainly and that's the other thing if you're hitting Fairway on links you'll get the advantage of role you know where I still think as well though I struggle with Lynx Golf. And I'm looking out to put a lot of good courses it's the wind but not necessarily into the face because we kind of expect that like you said you bring a 2i. And you play for the role it's the win behind we played an amazing Golf Course called North Berwick and it played the opposite way to what it would normally order the prevailing wind and some other I think I had one of the holes at 180 hit like a wedge through the green like it's insane it's trying to judge that I almost don't know without a caddy how do you program yourself to hit those clubs see that's interesting to me now going into a match with Rick I think you would have the advantage immediately with link style golf I think. So yeah I like Lynx golf a lot obviously I've played a lot of it living over here my advantages are I feel like I can I can put a lot more from around the green which again is not something you can do in Florida that was a thing like a medalist all the greens are raised if you miss the green you have to chip right right there's no you can't do anything else that you can't really put it up as much as I tried. For Links Golf the difference between just off the green and green isn't that much different really right bar you can obviously can't Market um. And then.

The the other probably advantages I've got is that you know maybe I can flight it a little bit lower. And when I hit shots into greens I'm very much conscious of where the ball is going to land rather than just a spin where I feel like shots in America it's just about pitching on the green. And making it spin right where luckily at the moment you've hit the UK where it's we've actually had quite a bit of rain so not everywhere is burnt out it's not as hard as this table when when there has been times where it's been harvested table like trying to land it you've got to land it exactly. So you're so the number you shoot if you shoot 165 are you trying to land it 130 yards right now you can land it closer to 165 because of the ground conditions as of right now because it's quite green everywhere at the moment gotcha when you get a burnt out summer yeah you could land it 110 yards with the right flying. Or you could you know you can just roll it up yeah you could literally chip a shot with a seven iron. Or even a little 99 or whatever you could hit any cotton so I feel like that could I feel like that could help out you know the average golfer maybe it could yeah give them a chance to roll up to the green at least potentially. But then.

You then.

They put a bloody bunker in the way and they put rough in the way so it's like it's not always like a perfect strip I mean the match we're playing today.

At the Marriott is much more of an American style golf course I know we've played it in the Meetup last year. And we played a handful of holes that's not linksy at all like that's it's not American Golf granted it's not like Florida Floridian golf what you see is what you get yeah you can land at the pin you can spin it back you know you the carry that you get is off the tee it's not going to roll that fast you know um. But yeah it's linked golf we've got a couple of really nice courses lined up this this week we've got a mixture of normal Parkland English version of American golf courses which we get a lot out over here now. And then.

Actually some really nice linksy golf course where it makes you think. And there's not as many trees and the roof is quite High. And um but it's just great I love the variety of golf we have over here yeah 100. And one of the costs we've got lined up we won't give it away just yet but it is a former Ryder Cup venue right. And obviously the Ryder Cup is right around the uh the corner now what do you thinking your chances are I I want to say USA. But Europe looks stacked Europe's God yeah you Europe I mean I hope. So I'm team you're I and I'm I would always root for the USA but I think Europe's gonna gonna pull this one out I really do that shocks me there's certain people on the team I'm super excited about in the in the Europe standpoint Ludwig I think is everything I listen to. And watch with people who are seriously in the know are like he is going to be a generational Talent he's going to be that he's a better driver what's his name Ludwig aberg he's a better driver is that a Ferrari yeah I think he has to pronounce it Ludwig obey. Or something and he turned professionally may this year and he's already gone it was actually June you know June yeah his stats unbelievable right he is the best driver in the world he is supposed to be the real deal that is a I you know I've seen a swing a couple times. But to be a better driver than Rory is I mean that because I always feel like the stereotypical Viewpoint of European versus USA's oh the USA hit it. So much further European need to be tighter you know fat with it straighter that's gone we've got some bombers now of course we have that's what I'm saying like back in the day when like Luke Donald who was obviously the captain this year was in the team yes that was quite stereotypical he wasn't the longest. But he was Arrow strike someone like a Lee Westwood not the longest Arrow straight pull to not longest Arrow straight. But now we've got John Ram now we've got Rory McIlroy right now like we're not now the straight and accurate right where I feel like actually a few more your guys are that this year like Brian Harman is the straight. And accurate not the longest right um you know the the I think there's two big shocks from the team I'm really surprised Justin Thomas got on the team I am I'm surprised on that one in a big way. And then.

Justin Thomas is my favorite golfer. And I'm always going to root. For him but I'm still surprised I think as a team player. And space May and someone in the locker room you need him at the Ryder Cup right I think he would have been a great Vice Captain this year don't think he needed to be on the team personally. And then.

From your standpoint I think hogart was a real random one. For me who would you who would you have replaced if you were the captain who would you have replaced Justin Thomas with um it's a good question I probably need to proper look into the details a little bit more because I don't want to choose someone that's Keegan Bradley that's right exactly yeah it was probably the one that felt like first one's a little bit more. And to be honest I would have probably put Bryce in the Shambo ahead of Justin Thomas as well Verizon's a great guy and I I I'm up I mean shot at 58. yeah. So I mean. And he's he's found I feel like he's found something you never want to count Bryson out yeah that's true. But I think why sometimes probably underestimate. Or maybe that maybe that the captain's overestimate I don't know is how much does this team camaraderie actually make a difference because I always think of golf as being such an individual sport where you're going out. And you have to beat the people in front of you but they put so much emphasis now on who's gonna gel well together both in foursomes and four well also from chemistry and obviously you know Bryson's a great guy we get unwell with Bryce and there's some things you hear that is not as quite well liked in that team he's gonna be JT is right. So it hasn't even picked more for that I mean he's been he's got a great record Justin Thomas obviously in the Ryder Cup as well I don't know I I feel like Europe have a better team camaraderie I mean there's no one hotter in the world than Victor hovland there's nobody victorland is really strong you look I do I mean the one that a question a little bit is McIntyre Robert McIntyre is he gonna be a dog. And get it done or is he gonna fold Under Pressure I think he's obviously he's played his way into the team with his performances this year I think he could be really strong I've probably got a few question marks over like Shane Lowry. And maybe Justin Rose a little bit drifting Rose you need a bit of experience in there but Jane Larry's not I think he's on this is only second Ryder Cup it's not like he's a real like stalemate in the whole team true. But when you've walked and you've down the 18th and you've won the Claret joke yeah not much can phase you after that right I feel like. So then.

Been on the biggest stage you should put Molinari back in the team well yeah. For that instance like yeah I think it's a real I think the with the teams coming out has made me more excited about this radical yeah me too because I honestly felt like this year's Ryder Cup could have really fell flat on his face because I just feel like there wasn't much of a hype around it certainly with the Live players not being involved certainly from a European standpoint right. And obviously Live players in America it's very it's only Brooks Captain actually got into the team um but obviously because he's won a major this year but I feel after seeing the the 12 guys and beat both teams it's like actually this could be really really good radical we got we got a chance to play the golf course a few weeks ago it's a very interesting golf course in fact in next.

Week's episode we've got the course designer of the golf course um tune in so make sure everyone's listening to that um but I just I'm fascinated I personally as much I obviously root massively for team Europe I don't think team Europe's team is a good team USA's team that's my I just don't think it is I think in general though I think experience in Ryder cups like you talked about Justin Rose I think that is such a valuable thing because if you talk to these pros. And you ask them the most service they've ever been always the Ryder Cup so if you have that experience over someone like a McIntyre it's just mad what do you think you're right I've heard that many times it's the nerves what is it about it is it the fact there's obviously more fans it's more Larry I think it's the fact that playing part of a team. And don't want to let the team they're playing for your country yeah yeah you're playing. For Team USA you're playing for team Europe like it means a lot more and like I say it's so you're not letting your playing Partners down but also I was in France uh four years uh five years ago now France was once uh 2018. I was there on the First Tee on Friday the very very first t-shirts I was done the grandstand I was as nervous as I've ever been that's crazy I'm literally looking at these. And and it's absolutely packed like I can't remember how many people sat behind the first grandson but we saw it at Rome there's no grandstand in golf that's as big as that behind the first police courses are designed. For the radical right so the literally the bill it's insane and then.

You throw in the atmosphere you throw in the sound you throw in the kind of uh is it the Icelandic clap that the Europeans end up doing right the atmosphere is ridiculous. And and I don't even know how to tee the golf ball up right like I literally look at them going oh my God I mean the the uh legol nationality in France that was a very very difficult first t-shirts there's water down the left dug leg right really hard in Rome it's not as hard of a tee shot no like the actual first t-shirts a little bit uphill slightly left uh right to left hole you can't really hit it in stupid trouble you can find the rough granted. But I think it's a much less daunting first t-shirt in Rome do you think if you're Americans can get behind their radical more is their actual country this is a bit of a different topic. But I don't feel so European like obviously Great Britain island is part of Europe well it started as Great Britain well exactly. And then.

Because we get losers stretch it out every player in the American team obviously is American you're American. So you're kind of rooting for your country right or if it was a football match. Or soccer you know we um cheer for England I would say my view on it is more against I'm rooting against America righteous if that makes sense yeah it's more I just don't want the American team to win. And I think the course comes into play no it's in like we don't feel maybe as connected as team Europe right it's not like like guys saying if this was team Great Britain which we have both from the UK it would feel like well we it's our country where at the moment we're representing kind of team Europe it doesn't feel quite. For us I just want to make sure that we beat you four examples might be people might hate on this but if tiger was still playing which obviously is not in this Ryder Cup against John Ram I think I want tiger to beat him yeah wow because what that all Spanish. So what the most foreign countries but would you really you'd want to turn around to beat tiger yeah I loved it when he beat him in in France wow see I don't I'd always want tiger to win wow I love that I loved it when he beat him. But then.

If it was the Masters. And above going down the 18th if you'd want to win tiger yeah there you go there goes because it grows I mean obviously. And also I want the collaboration that you're going to set up. For us Grant right event actually and a lot has essentially last came on the podcast obviously Grant which now was over a year ago time has flown a lot has changed obviously. For us but probably even more so a lot has changed for you obviously you were famously kind of part of good good that collaborative. And now you're kind of running solo and doing a great job of that so A lot's changed I guess how did that change from about. And how's life been since then.

Yeah I mean it's like I said it's been it's been great I think when when you are when you're able to just focus on one thing like I said earlier it just becomes better. And um I just love I love meeting new people I think that's one of the one of the best things with you know being able to travel. So much and collab I'm just meeting so many new people and being able to spend time with them with each person I meet um and just form relationships I think that's that's the funnest thing when you decided to leave good good how long was that process like how how much had you been thinking about it how much did you kind of focus on that was it months. And months in the build up was it did it feel like an overnight decision it felt very very quick yeah it was it was definitely like a very um um just I mean it happened all at once um which obviously wasn't the ideal scenario. But yeah it happened very very quick when you first left I think it's fair to say you've got a lot of hate yeah yeah definitely a lot of hate I remember you putting a video out there kind of saying listen this is my decision. And you know oh yeah. And the comments some of the the hardcore good good fans weren't happy we decision right that's fair to say oh yeah I mean that I remember when the video got released on on good good I went on my Instagram. And my last post had like thousands of comments that were just like people coming after me which was just crazy. But um and I can understand as a good good fan you know I mean people really we had some I mean just the good good fans in general were. So die-hard they still are. And I think um I can understand being in their shoes did you envision the kind of breakup the the you leaving it to go the way it did that did you envision the the amount of kind of hate that might be thrown towards you. Or was that that all comes a bit of a surprise it it. For sure did I didn't think it was going to be that intense as it was right off the beginning um I remember right after it did happen um I went on my phone I went on tick tock in the first like five Clips were like montages of of myself from just like with music playing. And like I was just like what is happening. And it was just like the craziest thing. And people were making these montages because you left yeah yeah. But it's almost like a rip Grant type yeah it was like it was like I was yeah it's like I mean it was it was like sad music over it you know um. So yeah was it a part of you though obviously I can imagine opening your phone. So a lot of messages like that might be quite dishalent and certainly negative ones are all the top ones. And I I you know I'd like to clarify that's no reflection on good good I think any internet group. Or have a fan base it's gonna be some younger fans who an internet culture itself people can behave in a way that's not really how they would behave in real life. But right do you think did you see a positive in that though that obviously people must be gutted because people wouldn't be leaving comments if they didn't care if you're just a regular I was a guy sometime in the videos no one's bothered. But they obviously really upset you left so do you use that as positive energy to think actually people care about me. So much I can make a goal this on my own yeah. And that's I mean that was the most amazing thing like I understood the hate. But I also it showed when you're in it you don't really notice how much people care like you don't but when when you step away that's when you really feel it and it was like something it was crazy it really was it was absolutely unbelievable. But go I I believe in myself um and that that's one thing that in the YouTube space and just golf in general I I do believe in myself. And that's one thing that I I always kind of held my head on so I do think you know I have a really deep passion just. For Content creation Now and and YouTube in general like I've really loved the art of it and and that's what you know I just felt like I was called in that direction was there ever a point soon after you announcing you're leaving. And you're getting all this hatred and stuff whichever a point in time you thought I've made the wrong decision I yeah there's there's definitely I mean it was it was which is not natural I think natural. For anyone yeah I think it was a very very you know tough time. And and like now obviously time has passed yeah of course um it's easy to look on on reflection now. And go you know you've obviously made that decision right but at the time it was very difficult it was very difficult. And you know time has passed now and and the greatest thing now is like you know I still talk with a lot of like my friends in good good. And and it's like it's all kind of pass which is which is nice. And I think um just getting past it. And you know it it just in a normal job someone leaves and it's not you know like a normal like business or anything someone leaves and it's just like you know they're replaced but it was definitely you felt it times a million did you obviously got hey online which is not nice at all um. And like I said not expected. But kind of what on reflection you think yeah maybe it was expected to happen to some degree did you ever get any hate in person anyone ever actually in person I want to get to know before you saying it um I think there was one time oh I was walking you know when you go to a golf tournament it's pretty you meet a lot of cool People You Meet A lot of the fans at golf tournaments um I was walking at a golf tournament. And I remember this one like I've had a couple kids like it's always the real young kids and they come running out and they're like getting like a group and they're like why'd you leave good good they're like all like you know stand around because their arms crossed so that's happened like a couple but no nothing like me. But just I'll just show you the internet culture as well look you've had countless messages as we have many different things and negative then.

In real life you've got maybe one case study of where it's happened it just shows that people say things they don't really mean online yeah. And that brings me to a point like when I did leave it was like I experienced more growth in the initial when the video like came out I was kind of like viewing my analytics I was like let's see what what happens because I know it's going to be a crazy time um initially the channel took like a little hit. And then.

From there it's just like it went down and then.

It just went up yeah. And it like it was my biggest growth ever. And it was like. So there were more support like there was way more support than I think people think there's a lot of hate obviously. And I think the hate comes from a lot of the younger the younger crowd. And I think the older people understand that you know in life things happen things change. And um you know well since yesterday just what's interesting though is those people that would have unsubscribed they're probably actually your biggest fans because the ones that take the energy to actually unsubscribe. And not frustrated by it they'll be watching every video I mean it takes it probably come back. And subscribe anyway a guy who's 25 30 he's married and got a good job is mature isn't it was the effort of unsubscribing from your channel because you know it was good anymore right it's not gonna bother someone who's 14 who's gutted might do. But then.

The next.

Day when you release another video they'll be watching so it's just something to remember isn't it that not everything you see online is actually that important as well as humans. And I've experienced it in 11 years making YouTube content we do remember bad comments well that's the number one comment you remember. So regardless of you know the comments on that video you might look back on now they might have been a tidal wave of positive comments as well right you just don't remember don't remember you will only remember that I mean that is a great statement that is a great statement because if you post a YouTube video you could get 50 positive ones if you get one negative that one sticks out. And you think on that one. For a second it always gets to you the negative one the criticism but the ones that are positive you kind of just use as fuel. But it's it's definitely interesting that that to think about what was your uh what was your best memory being in good my best memory was with actually was with you the three chippings the three wall the three chippings oh God that major yeah you played ridiculous the three chippings with Rick in the major was the craziest time of my entire life yeah I'll never do that again. And I firmly believe it and it's like crazy because that's that's to this day the most viewed good good video I think you've made it because of the chippings it was it was crazy like I I was. So my thought I couldn't believe like the second one happened I'm trying to think what was the first one the eighth where you where you actually chipped it up. But it ran back down the hill yes. And then.

You hold it was that the first one of the chippings is number eight right before the part three yeah okay. So that was the first one that was. For par and I remember you chipped it on 15. the par five um where's the power five oh no you tipped down 13. And you're kidding on 15 13 or 15. but the craziest thing was the second chip in you know like we're all going crazy because it's like two chippings in one round when we got to the third chip in that's when people started saying like I I kept hearing I heard Matt say it I heard Micah talk about it they're like there's no way you chip this in again. And then.

That one that's when the moment like right before I'm I'm like giggling I'm like there's no way this could ever happen. And it goes in and that's when I like lost my mind because I'm like this is crazy like that was like a difficult pitch like that was not easy I was kind of like over to the side it like nipped when in perfect speed I'm not playing that Mage went to a playoff with you. And Micah yeah. And you won it didn't you I did. So you've won the major with the most amount of videos on the good good show with three chippings I did. And that you know what's crazy is at that day ah sorry just a quick one you didn't leave did you no they kicked you out that's what it was you explore it because you've got three different on the most viewed video. And you wanted it you would actually forced you out it kicked you out Rick Rick figured it out you know I think that just summarizes Golf. And one of the reasons that I love golf is that when you've been asking them one of your best memories it doesn't come down necessarily to your best ever score it's those things that happen on the golf course I think that's what keeps everybody going out because you could go out. And shoot you know you could be an 18 handicap and go and shoot 100 another horrendous day but something happened maybe you chipped in or you hold a bunker shot or you hit a great eye into two foot and banged it in for a birdie too it's those moments that we kind of don't forget that anybody can get you could you could never play golf before play your your first round. And make one part and it's that feeling oh it's incredible and it what I was going to say is at the end of that round. And going into the playoff with Micah it felt like I was trying to win The Masters like I probably felt the same feelings as if I was trying to win The Masters I don't think I would feel anything different like it was a big deal with seven hours of grind oh it was a hard day like I knew in my brain how many video like how many views this was gonna get. And I remember talking to Colin like he had the SD cards in the van and we're like we're in Colin were joking we're like you need to ask God you need to put them in like a chest like never let those get anywhere. But um yeah it was like I remember just. So nervous on that playoff hole and it's crazy to feel that because it was just that intense it was quiet. And me and Michael were trying to no I had to shoot unfortunate I had to get home. So I missed the playoff but yeah it was it was I remember being intense I thought you I thought you'd say like like Matt's holding one okay yeah it's selfishly that's my best yeah yeah the best moment. For sure like being a part of yeah Matt's hole in one was unbelievable. And Garrett's Albatross Garrett's Albatross because Garrett and I mean we did GM Golf full time. So that was that was crazy like Matt's hole in one obviously having all the camera angles up at the green it was just like a miracle. And then.

What happened prior to that I don't think we'll ever be I don't think that'll ever be topped. But Garrett's Albatross on the par 5 was. So crazy because that's just you know it was just me Garrett. And Ryder and I was filming it down the line. And like right before Garrett hit I think it was he said like you know Ryder go up to the Green Let's film this. And Garrett or Ryder just happened to drive up to the green to get an angle and and Garrett was kind of struggling that day. And I remember because I hit the tee shot so it wasn't like a true Albatross team one not to knock anything but like yeah I hit the it was like we were doing a scramble I we took my drive. And Garrett was like I'm gonna hit this huge fade. And he hit like a 20-yard cut and they landed short and rolled in like perfect they didn't believe it right I did the day at first like with the boys at the moment I mean I talked to Garrett I talked to Garrett a good bit I talked to Matt wedding recently weren't you yeah yeah. And all the all the boys were there yeah yeah I saw everyone um that was that was the first time I saw them you know since everything it's been a while I've seen Matt I've seen Garrett I've seen a couple of guys be I haven't seen him since. So it was nice all right yeah it was good seeing them um. And you know is there any emotional crying over a few beers at the end of the night I feel like you guys are all too squeaky clean to be Boozled. And cried at the end of the night yeah no I no I'm definitely not that I mean I was just happy to celebrate Matt you know I was just kind of there. And it was awesome to see him. And Maddie you know get married so but yeah I. And like Colin Colin such a you know I talked I hung out with Colin and Max for a long time and like we talked about YouTube in general so that's always fun like I always like to like nerd it out with them and talk about I think I think what's really interesting. For me though and when you you and obviously Michael announced you were leaving you know it's not the first time only the last time that I he's like a boy band. And somebody leaves or something in the YouTube space now it's quite common that there's like a big platform and one person leaves to do their own thing. And it can go one of two ways really it can obviously be a great success. For that person which would definitely Clash yours out or it can be a case where they might start up get a few followers. And before you know it they kind of die of death and even if you look at a huge platform like you know Mr Beast so Mr bro for his brother and gave him all the it's almost almost loads of money loads of insight editors and that just flopped because he had no Charisma. And didn't really obviously go anywhere so how did you make it a success how did you really was there something that you thought right that is the key. Or is it just a bit of everything yeah I think when you bet on like when you when you do bet on yourself there's that I felt like my back was against the wall like what are you gonna do what's I mean what's your next.

Step I mean that's when it got you know that's it does get scary because you're like you got I mean when you're in good good you have that to fall back on. But when you're out on when you're out on your own it's kind of you know your back's against the wall um and yeah it's just like that that feeling that pressure. And then.

Obviously bringing in my video offer Skyler helped a ton I mean he grinds on the channel we tried to take the production to the next.

Level um. So a lot of different things there like really just all kind of fueled and yeah I mean now it's like we kind of we kind of figured our our lane out we think we kind of figured out our path um. But yeah it's definitely the back against the wall if you were to describe your YouTube channel then.

To someone who'd never seen it before how how would you actually describe it I would say serious golf. But yet lighthearted like it's I want it to be a place where there's high quality golf right so almost almost um I had the line then.

I forgot it's almost like a high level golf but with entertainment right entertainment high level golf exactly that's you nailed it so I enjoy playing with just Pros like I want to collab with you know different Pros in the future and do 18 hole matches. And I want to see if I can beat a lot of these guys like going out to film with Bryson right after this we're heading out to Dallas we're gonna do like an 18-0 match I want to see you know just. For fun you know if I can compete I just did a match with George the other day. And and George is one of the I mean he's unbelievable at golf he really is. So and like playing with him and just that level of golf it feels like I'm getting better and we're having tons of fun so at what point though because obviously you are a a very good are you Pro now obviously no no. So what would your handicap kind of be now just to the list is roughly plus three is like that maybe I want better. Or yeah I would say I mean yeah plus one plus two. So how do you that's I mean that's a good level of golf clearly how do you now maintain that kind of love The Practice that time the practice as well as we're in a successful Channel where ultimately what really pays the bills is views right um that's definitely that's practice has taken like kind of a I don't practice this yeah I really don't have time I'll go hit balls at the range it's not like I was in college because in college it was like you actually intentional practice um now it's you practice when you play. For the con I mean when you're doing videos because the time I'm not doing videos is the time I'm also trying to be present you know um I just feel like you know we filmed. So many videos that if I'm done filming then.

I'm practicing on top of that at that point it's like yeah it's almost too much golf okay yeah I think you know you see a lot of creators do this. And Rick did it with his quest. For the open many years ago when a Creator tries to have like an actual Channel and also a mission within that channel to get on a tour it's so hard to actually do them both successfully I think Brian Bros maybe one example of that where obviously George went on to play in the PJ to win. But to actually balance the two I was. So sorry Wesley sorry it's so hard to do them oh yeah I mean Bryson I remember talking with Bryson before he you know when he was just starting his YouTube channel. And he was like he wanted to be like the first guy to try. And do both. And it's just that it's hard like you can't Focus heavily on your your career on the PGA tour and be doing content creation unless you have a team that's kind of doing it for you and you're just doing it yeah um. But then.

That comes across as it's not really you exactly that's the difference exactly if it's your channel you've got to be involved with it you've got to have a say on the edit you've got to have a say on how it's going to be produced. Or what matches and where you're going to play I hitting the first person that really breaks onto the scene that's done that's gonna have such a fan base it's a little bit like Memo's doing now with like his social media it's. So authentic and it's so kind of behind the scenes and it's also it makes them so likable that yeah the fan base that you can create. And then.

Obviously the sponsorship off the back of that it's going to be insane I'll tell you who probably was the first like a polter yeah to really kind of show use social media to show off their personality. But also still playing tour level golf like I feel that's not been that many because a lot of people Brands um so sorry a lot of people who play on tour their social media is managed by someone else right exactly. And you can feel that of course you can the other one I'm thinking of is Calvin 15 years ago when he was like seven six. So people have literally watched him for that long because I think memory was on this channel years ago as well he's only 20. it's Stanford wow if he goes on to to make it on the PJ tour he'll have such a fan base. And I think he will I think he's unbelievable the um have you got any Ambitions to play on tours. Or to play professional golf I know obviously Micah seems like he's going much more that way right I've not spoke to Micah about that obviously I know you mentioned that you ever still hanging around with him a lot is that something that you've got ambitious. For and is it something that Mike is really trying to focus on yeah I think I think that's definitely Micah's passion is pro golf. So he's going in that direction my passions YouTube um I love thumbnails like I love all that like I get into that I mean Skyler we just sit like all night. And just talk about it that's all we do. And when did when did that reality hit because I'm guessing there was a point in time where you wanted to become a professional golfer playing on tour. Or whatever I'm guessing as all of us did right did that moment take place pre-good good good post good good during good good pre right. So yeah pretty good you were like professional golf it's not gonna happen right I want to venture down this kind of YouTube platform yeah I I had that realization in college I just didn't love competitive golf I didn't love it. And you need to love it you need to love being on the road and doing all that when I found content creation and and getting into that that's when I was like this is it like this is this is what I like like I I love golf. And I love playing matches but I also don't want to do it with money on the line. And like my life based on it you don't do four rounds of stroke play staying in all different types I'll do it. For YouTube yeah yeah I'll do four rounds of stroke play. For YouTube all day I love it but not when it's like you know you're you know you're trying to pay your bills I wonder that'd be a silly question so ask I'll try and articulate it accountable if you've got a group of like kids who let's say a 15 and good at golf and you showed them what it would be like to be a let's just say a DP World Tour player who's kind of okay keeps the card not super super successful. But the professional golfer they can say they're a professional golfer on the DP World Tour versus quite a successful golf YouTuber. And shows them actually the real intricate inside lives which he'd prefer to do I think it depends on what stretch of time that's going to be over like if it's just one year then.

You could go down either way if you said it was over 10 years I think it I think it depends on the duration oh do you rather do someone said now you can click your fingers. And this YouTube world's never happened but you've been on the European tour for 12 years you had a couple of top five she's kind of kept your card I think I would personally struggle not excelling on the if I was just on the world tour I was a bit of a journeyman I didn't really ever win anything Richard Bland before his win I I personally think I'd struggle with that a lot of time away from family a lot of commitment yeah you you've really got to put the effort in a lot of times you're not making the cut you're not making more yeah it's stressful really really really stressful where. And and how can you ever rank success like. And to some degree golf YouTube is quite different in that category like you can measure success in many different categories you can measure the success of how you've played in the video whether you've won the match. And you could you could deem that as a success right you could deem it in the fact of oh I made it I played crap that day but I actually made a great video right and the video views have done really well and the comments are great that's themed success it's not all based on your personal performance where DP World Tour is based only on personal performance that's true this might never happen. But could either of you ever foresee a future where you've got a 14 year old who's Grind On The Range good player whose aspirations aren't to be a tall player although they may have the ability but they want to be the next.

Grant the next.

Gm Golf the next.

Rick Shields is that a possibility. Or is that just never we always know Spire. For Elite Performance the number one job choice in got in the number one job Choice by kids now at school is to become a YouTuber it's crazy which is quite scary could you imagine that though a 14 year old grinding all the gear yeah. But they'll be grinding with a video camera they don't realize they're good enough they actually want to be a YouTube goal no I'm watching that happen that exact scenario I've watched happen I'm not going to mention the names. But I've watched some of the best Junior golfers a couple of them that I've played with I played with a lot of them they are in instead of trying to go on the tour they see you know content creation. And I think their eyes go towards YouTube because it's like it's fun it's easy it's cool yeah it's not easy. But it's definitely it appears that way it appears that way for sure um and I think their eyes are going towards content creation over the tour. But there's always going to be the group The the really you know motivated ones that are going to go. For you know what Iowa genuinely I always feel like the really really really good players don't even really know about YouTube golf I 100 agree when I was in college playing. And I was around all the different all the college golfers no one ever you know talked about YouTube golf I think what's happened with YouTube golf is covid was a huge thing I think golf just took a boom. And golf's been growing so much so the new people getting in they they start with YouTube and that's what happens but the real high level of golfers you're not gonna go watch someone on YouTube that's no not as good as I flicked through a few The Walker cup guys when they're playing at St Andrews a couple of weeks ago. And and the UK team versus the Europe team a Great Britain team sorry against us team and I flicked on a few of the profiles because they're actually sharing quite a few of the profiles and and a lot of their profiles they might have a couple of hundred followers they're not really updating the social media or Instagram and actually you kind of click and two or three out of the teams actually did follow me. And then.

I clicked on them and and I normally expect some of these younger Lads to follow yourself and good good some of them like well quite a lot of them didn't follow any evils it's like God it's like they don't even know like oh yeah all they're doing is following Rory Romford like the following tour players I don't think their dads want them watching probably golfers. And artists on their Instagram they're not following like the sidemen or Mr Beast or like it's not even just golf YouTube it's like they're not even really tuned into YouTube itself I wonder again though another because it's still so young really the platforms you think about it like. For example I'm trying to get back into my running a little bit and be out of shape and doing bits as a running YouTuber I watch right weirdly you showed me about three years ago shoot getting a pair of shoes you'd like reviewed and this guy is a good Runners good level Runner. But his times that he runs are nowhere near like Olympic. Or anything like that but it's a good like amateur Elite Runner if that kind of makes sense but yeah I watch him. For kind of his personality and he's still good he's aspirational but he's not the best in the world but I think that's again with golfers you know people watch the PJ tour yeah they want to watch who's the best player on the planet there's more to it than that they want to watch personalities that narrative don't they like at the open the amount of times I got stuck to the open this year it was incredible. And and you know you'd get oh little Jimmy's only come to he would he would he didn't want to meet Rory he didn't want to meet he wanted to see you today.

It's like well that's a bit mad. And I suppose that though that's a bit crazy the question I asked before was about his success from leaving good good I think that kind of answers it because you know you're a good very good golf you said you have plus one. Or so but how many guys in America around your age who've been to college or ever can play golf at that standard. But you've got the following because of your personality how you are on camera you know the kind of the videos that you do. And that's what people are buying into yes they're buying into your ability it's aspirational you're a great player. But it's much more than that isn't it yeah entertainment it has to be yeah yeah I mean I feel like when I'm filming a video I feel like I'm out there with you know the fans I feel like there's you know I'm talking to people um. And the subscribers I just feel like there's a connection there versus you know just playing off and not talking but back to that tournament idea that I actually have a tournament I entered in so I'm not trying to go pro but I did one other tournament a while back. And it was one of my best performing videos in a long time. And I shot a 69 and it was a different style it was you know my wife out in the distance filming. And zooming in and it felt different and then.

I I snuck a GoPro in the cart and then.

I had my buddy Henry cadding for me so we're gonna do that again coming up. But that's really fun for the pro just just the pro golf aspect bringing that into the channel I can just enter these Minor League tour events. And the guys on this minor league are actually like some of the guys that are making it on the tour Brooks used to play on it a lot of these guys worked their way up through this Minor League tour. And I can just enter them. And you can play it as an amateur I can play it as an amateur. Or I mean I think we're are we considered Pros well I am anyway. But oh yeah you're a PJ Pro. But I wonder I've always wondered this if you make money from golf are you considered a pro obviously. And I'm not a pro so I can retain amateur status I believe. So yeah because you're not actually you're not winning prize money we looked at this the other day we did an event we did a video where we gave the first golf to make a birdie ten thousand pounds like fourteen thousand dollars whatever. And we had a look at this before and certainly with the RNA there's criteria so if you're winning it for a specific skill EG long drive EG hole in a port EG making a birdie it doesn't actually count as as excess that you could win as an amateur if that makes sense if it was an 18 hole stroke play event then.

Yeah there's a threshold on how much money you can actually earn. And also a hole in one as well I think it's a threshold I suppose you could enter the event. And if you managed to win it you can just not take the prize Well I don't know right. So with the Minor League tour the amateurs get a gift card the DJ's TOUR Superstore but it'll be a limit there's a limit yeah. And then.

The money that you're making but the pros they actually get straight cash yeah. But the money your video makes off that I supposed entertainment purposes so it's not actually I don't know you'll find a way yeah no it's definitely like I'm not in there I'm not I'm not in there to like take their money if I win that would be amazing like that would be crazy because there's right now there's like a lot of really good names entered Olin Brown Jr is like there's like some you know some guys with parents on the Champions Tour like they're entered in there. And it's it's cool to see who plays but yeah I'm entered in that. And then.

I'm actually going to Bob's tournament right after that oh Breezy yeah yeah in Chicago. So we're going to play in that too I'm gonna film that one I'll be good that'd be good um excellent Grant it's been amazing chance here as always I'm excited about this week I really am um you know you're such I've all we haven't met before last summer. And I feel like we really connected and chatted Lots about YouTube it feels like it's like part of the group you were the kind of the most forthcoming. And switched on to actually thinking about analytics and thumbnails and content and you were chatting about our Facebook strategy. And all that and it'll be great this week again to collaborate on ideas off off camera and on camera obviously um yeah it's been awesome hopefully clubs arrive yeah I'm gonna go. And pick them up now from the hotel and hopefully we can film that hit video where we go through what's in the bag. And then.

We've got a big match this afternoon yeah I mean there's just just to end this I mean there's no one you know Rick Shields I've always looked up to your guys content. And that's like kind of like I mean you guys are my like the inspiration that I take each day to be like hey you know what are you guys doing that we can do better. And that yeah keep it that way I can't look anywhere else don't be catching too much of all right grab just chill out all right no you're doing well everyone listening watching be sure to subscribe. And enjoy boy good golf very good golf within with a blend of entertainment on Grant's Channel we'll put a link down in the description below I think you're going to enjoy the content coming very soon uh you've been a wonderful guest. For our 200th episode thank you very much thank you guys we have got a live podcast coming up very soon which we've actually sold tickets out we sold out of tickets in about what 15-20 minutes yeah we sold out tickets. And that's not coming up right in a few weeks yeah not yeah in a few weeks at Marriott Wesley Park it is actually a kind of celebration of 200 podcasts. And also four years doing the podcast um so yeah it's been a pleasure to have you back on again thank you very much Grant um go. And chill out for a few hours and we shall see you very soon on the golf course thank you guys don't get perhapsing too much see everyone.