All right everybody welcome back to the rich Shields Golf Show podcast episode 200 and3 it's the day after the r cup 2023 I have just landed back from Rome after being there all week and I cannot wait to do this podcast I am uh you might hear from my voice um let's say I've been chanted a little bit too much now obviously guy is not here today.

He is on holiday. So I've flown also all the way from Rome Italy special co-host she's been on the channel many times Sophie Walker Sophie thanks for being here I wouldn't have missed it I agreed to do this podcast last week knowing that I was going to be flying in from Rome. And knowing that the Europeans would have the trophy in their hand it was coming Rome from the very first t- come in Rome I like that I like that I used that on the radio when I was doing it my. But you said that's a good line that's a really good line um yes it's honestly epic epic epic week Europe took the victory quite a dominating Victory I I want to kind of dive into a little bits there's loads of little Side Stories my experience being there we want to hear your experience being there Sophie also you've just been on a crazy Runway you've done backto back weeks two weeks ago solheim cup where Europe also took the victory straight into Rome at the Ryder Cup you must be absolutely Goose yeah I don't know what day it is. And if the USA team would have won either of them I think my energy levels would have been a lot lower. But the fact that it was a unbelievable finish to the solim cup with Caroline hedwall. And carlot Zander who you know I grew up playing junior golf with they W and then.

We just rolled into Rome and I don't know about you walking into those grounds and seeing the size of that Ridder cup it was it was 30% bigger apparently than Paris it was incredible. And then.

The 4- nil start energy levels went from zero to 100% very quickly it was ridiculous. And just put into contact just in case anyone did miss it what was your main kind of role over there at the rer cup this week last week yeah last week it was with the radio. So everybody that bought the radio headsets if you listen to it on the app we was also on Sirius FM which is a big American station as well as talk sport 2. So it was like the worldwide feed. For radio and radio is really fun cuz you get to go out into the field there's no sitting in a booth. And watching on TV you're out there amongst it calling shots and you're allowed to be as excited as you as you want to be you allowed to show biased well we were World feed. So we wasn't supposed to however. it was really hard not to say we we we. But because I do World feed quite a lot I was slightly better at doing it. And we did have a few Americans on the team as well like Colt knots did some work. And I took it upon myself to to try and be as neutral as possible because I do a bit of PGA Tour stuff as well. But we we had an Italian on the radio called Alberto I mean he was not he was biased. So so biased so it was fun in the end well you kind of you you kind of expect it you know I was um I had a great week over there I was invited by Sky Sports which was phenomenal. And um in the kind of hospitality on the side of 16 was a real mixture of Americans probably more Americans I felt like I was almost in the away end sometimes when I was up in the sky stand cuz there was like you know. So many people from NBC Etc so it's like I was almost like being extra vocal. And and really trying to support Europe as much as we can because it felt like up there I did feel in the away end however. where I didn't feel like the a end first grand stand on Friday morning yeah I want to ask you cuz you went as a fan didn't you I was there working. So as a fan tell me about that Ridder cup and especially that first tea box honestly selfie I was I was the reason why I was. So desperate to go to the first tea on Friday is I got um I got the opportunity to do it in France. And I want to say opportunity to get on the grand stand of the of the rider cup isn't easy I didn't get any extra special passes I I had to find through the trenches on in Paris on on the Friday I can't remember what time I arrived at the at the golf club but it was ridiculously early like 4:00. Or 5:00 or something silly and I actually legged it all the way to the first grand stand got on the grand stand and it was the greatest 4 hours to watch eight shots I've ever done in my life. So I was like I do not miss this opportunity here in Rome. So I did get in a little bit earlier because I kind of managed to um wangle a few things I actually got there almost pretty much first I got a video of me right on the top of the grandstand going around. And just filming it was eily quiet. And then.

The floodgates opened there was obviously reserve seats. But I got on the grand stand just to the left hand side and you know again queued up there for ages um the action actually started pretty quickly after I think the first te off was like half s. Or something in the morning first light nearly and uh the atmosphere the energy the excitement the fancy dress the chance the humor the kind of friendly banter obviously is between the you the Europeans. And and the USA like nothing beats it and the sun was coming up. And it was like it's just epic it's one of those moments you really look back on. And I think TV from what I've seen really captured the atmosphere. And the energy and I think they really lent into this idea of being able to show off the guys with the fancy dress. And to be able to kind of really lean into it I actually want to see fancy dress Friday at the rider cup I actually think that should be a new thing everybody comes in fancy dress cuz I think it would just be absolutely electric. And then.

Like I say to just to watch eight golf shots cuz that's all you do after the first te um how do those genuinely selfie how the hell did they hit it under that much pressure I wouldn't be able to tee the ball up no I mean I'm sure everybody's seen the pictures. But it's a horseshoe of grandstand and what they do really well is you walk underneath the grandstand. And you come out through a tunnel and I actually did that walk with nobody there. But I'm just imagining what would go on and I think the best thing the players can do is to do that walk imagining what's going to happen I think you have to put it in your head. And think what will I feel like doing this what will will I be nervous obviously how am I going to cope with that you almost have to do that dress rehearsal. But I mean the fact that in the morning they could hit driver couldn't they. So you want the biggest Club in your bag there but there weren't too many great t- shots the Americans especially whiffed it quite a long way to the right didn't they on occasion it's quite a challenging t-shot it's quite a narrow t-shot and the ones that handled it best were firstly the better drivers of the golf ball somebody like Victor hofland. And they I like the way that you learned a little bit about the character like Scotty Sheffer was doing practice swings. And everyone was like way way like this honestly I don't I don't know how you do it other than lots of rehearsals. And almost forgetting where you are that's that's what you have to do. And then.

The relief when they walk off the tea that was the best. And they would raising their hands going come on come on oh God you gives you real Goosebumps yeah it's it's incredible what they do off that first te at the Ridder cup. And Bob Mack Tire when he left the practice ground said he was crying cuz he knew what was going to happen he knew he was going to hit that first t-shot of the rider cup. And he was crying yeah. And and I was with somebody today.

On the plane. And and apparently at breakfast on the Sunday he was saying to sep ster how you feeling. And se's like I'm good I feel fine and Rob said I am myself yeah he went undefeated I know he went undefeated it's like as a rookie he like just come straight in into it like what the hell I actually obviously we I mean we could this God this podcast be 6 hours long if you wanted to CU we could go into each player. And everything else but I just think as a as a as a team unit you could see on the first here again how that they had their arms around each other. And a couple of things I noticed like in the in the forom in the morning both pairs walked out the tunnel together from the European side both players both sets of cadis huge chair wrapping their arms around each other all the non-play playing players were there on the first hole you didn't see that from the USA you saw individuals coming out on the first te you didn't see as many non-playing players on the first te ready to go just a very different kind of mindset. And attitude obviously that all stems from the captaincy I tell you one really funny thing before we kind of move on to something else I almost had one of the most surreal moments in my life so I'm on the grand stand okay. And again I'm kind of just Incognito I'm kind of looking around just and soaking it all in there's a pocket of fans behind me okay who' spotted me. And a few times Ricky Ricky I'm waving this other they very very nearly got a full chant going. And I'm not sure what would have happened as my reaction these guys were adamant they were going to get a Ricky Shields Rick sh Rick. And I'm thinking if this go no Tommy Fleetwood that is it thankfully not everyone not enough people in the grand knew the hell knew who the hell I was. So nothing happened thankfully but I have been a bit surreal um but yeah first te grand stand they're off the matches obviously went outrageously well. For the Europeans 4 nil white wash in the morning which I mean you'll know better stats than me is that that doesn't happen many of times has it really a full white wash in the morning no it's only it's only happened a couple couple of times. And and if you win 4-0 you win the Riley cup that's kind of the way it goes and what Luke Donald did was he looked at the stats. And he said we're better at forom than we are four balls. So he changed it the first time in 30 years he changed that format to start with forom and bear in mind that the the Ridder cup has never been won on a away soil for 30 years so he was tempting fake there. But it went well and I you know I looked at the USA team and I thought that they're decent parents I was surprised they left SP. And Thomas out but obviously what happened the next.

3 days maybe not but I thought good pairings there we'll see how it goes 22 would be quite a good result and then.

The Europeans were just off the chart just. So so good there's been a obviously a lot of talk about Captain is from the outset you might know a bit more than me again it seemed like Lou Donald was an incredibly popular captain. For the Europeans like even when they lifted the ride C and straight after they were shouting like two more years two like that was from the players like they want to see Luke Donald captain again in Beth Page in two years time like it felt like he'd really C that kind of team out I think he's really well respected he's really well liked. And from everything I'm seeing he kind of B killed it he he boss the whole captaincy of it would you kind of agree yeah I would I was at the opening ceremony we were we were covering that. And Zack Johnson came out and you know I didn't find his speech that inspiring he just did exactly what he should have done said Thank you. And welcome and then.

Luke came out and Luke doesn't like speaking in front of people that's not him he's quite a quiet person he came out full on Italian I thought you've nailed that he' practiced it he' probably he obviously had training in Italian and he presented it I I was wanted to vote. For him I wanted to be the next.

Prime minister just after that and it's it's a classic media thing it's like one nil to Europe but he just set the tone there and I think Tommy Fleetwood said in an interview yesterday we we have. So much respect for Luke he's up here for us and the relationship he has even with his big players so when Rory maroy and John Ram go into the rider Cup team they leave their egos at the door yeah. And that's what the European team is all about. And the respect that they aute what he's done in the game you know he's been world number one he's he's been Europe number one how good he is in the European Ridder cup he treats it like a job you know it was a was only a one-year job. For him which might mean he'll give it another to go because he didn't have the full two years however. it it is a lot. For a captain you know it's a full-time job which isn't paid I mean obviously you'll get paid in other ways sponsorship wise. But I do think that is the real chance of Europe winning in Beth Page sticking with the same Captain the rder cup is now statistic we all go on about analytics. And who to pick we can't just have a different Captain every single year just be like oh should we get it him cuz he's nice no we need somebody like a manager at football. And it happened in the solim cup Katrina Matthew won at Glenn Eagles in Scotland then.

Went over to America and and won there it's going to happen the same Suzanne Peterson's doing back to back I think it would be great in order to get the win in Beth Page if Luke Donald does it however. I also understand that he's got three children. And a wife and he he might not want that commitment and he's on a high now course he it can only go wrong can't it like captaining being a captain. For and a away Rider cup like you're already way up against it like the stats are. So heavily against you um but what what I felt was quite interesting with kind of like Luke Donald coming into this. And captaincy is this this fact that since Liv we have lost a lot of potential new captains you know. Or you would have 100% could have seen Ian pter being the captain at Beth Page that's right up his Street Lee Westwood obviously Stenson he was it. And now he wasn't it gry McDow Martin kimer the list goes on like there there's probably not many other CH like who where are you actually going to which direction would you go I mean probably a natural fit would be Justin Rose. But who's saying he won't be playing in the next.

One in two years time like there also isn't that many options no you're right I I don't know if it's totally out of the question that a live player will ever captain again yeah. But maybe two years time I don't know if it'll be too soon you normally look at who's Vice captaining for Luke Donald that week because obviously Luke was a Vice Captain then.

He moved up. And you think well Thomas Beyond's already done it yeah Jose Maria laal was they already done it Nicholas Molen Aris would would maybe be the next.

Ones to look at Nicholas klart was one. But yeah it seems I I think that those players at some point do need to be given a go. But things need to be sorted out before then.

You're in safe hands with Luke Donald aren't you that's what I mean um there's there's a couple of things I want to touch on first off there's obviously we live coming out. And all these team elements and like people are trying to get behind this team. And everything else but nothing nothing matches and you saw at the saheim cup you saw it here at the Ryder Cup that passion that you have either for USA or Europe and it's like it's it's it's it's re it really means something like every every single shot really means something and as as a fan certainly if you're obviously from Europe or USA or the President's Cup when it's kind of USA versus rest of the world so to speak like it really grips you don't it like it really gets you it's history Rick and and live doesn't have that you know you can't make up history what do we remember like what was your first Rider cup memory it was X. And Y like Justin Rose spoke about it he wasn't speaking about stuff that had happened in the '90s he was going back to the 80s the 70s sevy you know sevy change golf. For Europe John Ram's dad went to valderama in 1997 and watched it that's the reason John Ram plays golf that's how significant the Ridder cup is to John RAM. And his family if he dad didn't go John Ram doesn't exist in the golfing World same with me it's like can you remember your first Sol I'm yeah of course I can there the the history. And there's a representation at one point of the European tour against the PGA Tour things have changed since but the way I mean Shane Larry I was out with him a few times he's won the Open Championship in his home country. And he says the Riley Cup's the best the best day of my life the best weeks of my I mean it was the best day of his life before he won he lost at Whistling Straits he said it was the best day there's something about coming together as a team most of these players would have loved to have been a footballer. And they weren't they're a golfer so they're an individual sport they're all coming together by all accounts the European team was very together it happens you know once every two years. And the the standard of golf in match play it was UN like the amount of Chip shots that were going in the amount of puts that were going in. And I think it's it's not only you're playing it's you're playing. For your country you're playing for you're European or you're American but you're playing for each other and the fans can cheer. For all of you you know we we're going to talk about Patrick kley I'm sure. But Patrick kley the every time you walk past an American yesterday we love you Patrick they were just rallying behind him Patrick kentley's never had that in his entire life like nobody cares too much about Patrick Canley other than his family. And friends when he goes to a PGA Tour event and his bank manager yeah. But when he's got red white and blue on him he's one of he's one of theirs or should we touch on that next.

Because he was unfortunately kind of the villain out of this radical there always is one you know certainly from the other you know I think when uh European go over to when it's Beth Page in two years time I think Mar I think Mao is going to get it really hard from the Americans um you saying like they're going to need to up the security. And everything else I mean it's crazy. But Patrick kley kind of had this villain this this year um there's all this cap gate we don't know how much that was actually even true about this kind of breaking the camp. Or whether it's just that the Hat didn't fit him rather than him not wearing a hat end of the day I don't kind of get the Hat relevance really he's does yeah just cuz he's getting paid. Or not getting paid which a different topic I I do think the players should get paid I think there should be some. And I they get benefits course to do when you ride a cut player you sponsorship goes up the next.

Year when you're starting to redo contracts. But like I feel like I don't think they need it. But also you look at that spectacle why was there 70,000 people there every day it's to go. And watch Rory Ram spe Brooks like they they going to watch those guys aren't they really yeah. But I get where you're coming from but then.

What about the captain's picks yeah. So you can get picked. For something that you get paid for so you probably have to go down 12 wouldn't you and I like England footballers get paid a bit but they give it all to charity yeah the fact that they don't get paid I like that even more yeah you know yeah I can probably see that I I think I probably jumped a little bit the gun there. And you've just put that really nicely the fact that imagine the captain just picking his mate just so he gets kind of paid really I also think the pairings it could be a little bit more fracted if like say these players are dependent on payment certainly if the winning team get paid like suddenly Brooks is turning around going no if I'm getting paid I don't want to be partnered with him thank you I'm I'm going to win with this guy what fractures the world families friends religion golf money money what has ruined golf recently money. So that's why I'm a bit scared about them getting paid um you were in the canl group weren't you when he was walking down 16 I was on 16th when the whole crowd I was definitely one of them you better believe it my hat was off. And I didn't have a single thing I didn't have a clue what they were chanting like what was it now was it something like um hats off to your bank bank account off to your bank account I didn't know that was it at the time where's your where's your hat at Pat you know yeah where's your hat at where's your hat at Pat. So when when they were shouting like the Caps off. And I was likeing I've got not got a clue what they're singing. But my hat was off. And it's waving around and the whole scene was 10,000 people had the hats off ridiculous I mean to be honest he owned it he really owned it he he big smile on his face. And he just and I kind of you want that from a little bit of a villain quote unquote but it was interesting like you look at the kind of fractures there's always rumors that come out around Ric cups like oh yeah you know Zach's lost a dressing room. Or this that and the other I mean it spices it hope on it it really gets it going then.

You're tying the fact that buddy Rory. And Joe uh Lara was I mean Rory's got to be mates with Joe Lara through tiger surely. And you're getting that on the 18th hole I'm thinking it it was exactly what the final day needed that Saturday night absolutely set the torture light cuz it kind of at that point it was fairly Placid we were dominating in the victory it looked like it might have been quite an easy Sunday. But that bit of passion and that bit of controversy oh I was all over it it was. So good yeah it was it was brilliant. And and it needed spice and I said the irony it's taking an American caddy. For this thing to hot up like come on guys there's 12 of you and none of you could get get the team going I think tiger was probably watching from home a bit bored. And going go on Just Just Wind him up a little bit I'm I'm I'm on that group. And I mean Klay I everyone goes you really like Klay don't you I like him. For what he is as a player he gets the most out of himself he finishes birdie birdie birdie yeah against a Rory maroy on the bat nine which was obscene I mean he he was driving par fours that Chip he did on 17 that's the best show I've ever seen live I was going to say what what are your almost three best shot. So you've obviously just so then.

You know down 18 and he he played a terrible chip shop canly like 30 40 feet past it and I thought well you know it's it's probably going to be a high now. And then.

He just walks one in steps one in and I thought it was quite nice how both Cades Windam Clarks. And canl take their hat off and as if and just kind of wave it round so I thought oh that was cool. And then.

I don't know if the TV got that the American team were at the front of the green. And they saluted them back saw so then.

The next.

Thing I know Patrick kley who hasn't got a cap on does a fake thing like tips his cap to the crowd. So I think that's great I quite like that I didn't feel that that was too over the top. But from where we're standing we're not quite sure what we didn't know if like Joe's just gone over we didn't know what was going on finishes. And Rory and Joe are like squaring up. And I'm thinking like you all their friends are probably just having a chat Rory's saying like the. And then.

It it all happens Rory's in the car park isn't he like this giving it so good who was he actually giv why was well he had to apologize to him by text to say I'm sorry I was just on one. But Rory apparently comes back into the team room after it's and everyone's like what's happened there and he he's like that's it we are basically standing on like their throats we are going. For the kill tomorrow they've disrespected us so it wasn't the canly cap off they weren't bothered about that it was the it was what Joe Lara did it was. So good it was honestly. So good for the and you know the final day was really really good like the USA were phenomenal it was close at one point was were phenomenal the last day was like. But they they always are in singles they're. So much better at Singles and they are in four balls. Or forom and and they came out and we obviously stacked it really topheavy you think well the first four is going to win it's going to be over in Pretty in three hours like it's not much of a competition that absolutely didn't happen I mean the Americans just put on a display. And uh it ended up coming to to group 11 out of 12 and I was I was present on 16 when Tommy hit that driver that. For me is the shot of the tournament I know it's the one that kind of this iconic one Rory's chip was just different level I. But but what I loved about the Tommy won was obviously Fowlers knocked it in the water like middle of the pond that was a tough match. For me to to watch cuz bam both on the channel I really like both of them they're really nice guys I a he's so good he's so good but like I was watching going oh please don't I don't I just didn't want someone to like proper mess it up. Or someone get battered I feel I felt really real kind of a bit sorry that Ricky put it in the in the pond there on 16 but then.

To step up there and do what he did he didn't change clubs did he no laid up I don't think a single player laid up by the way that week every single one everybody went to it. So it's it's 304 yards downhill and what people don't realize is that from the te if you've got to go on that green you've got to play it all the way over the water I didn't see many players hit the cut left to right A lot of them tried it. But the D cut it because that means you're the ball is moving towards the water. And you like most Pros like to shape it away from trouble not into trouble so they're all just hitting in the bunker yeah. And it's well is caddy finno said it's the straightest shot I've ever seen Tommy hit it was just from A to B like that under that much pressure it catches the slope. And just rolls down to what 30t for eagle and well he won the last Rider Cup in Paris didn't well the last European one oh no molari did didn't he. But he was right there. For it it was it was when Nelson knocked. But then.

He he was up there. For it and yeah it was I Tommy I've known since he was like 13. And I he's such a nice lad and then.

You just think God he's. So good at golf so like I know it sounds like obviously but he's if this doesn't Propel him to Major success yeah doing doing it in the the I mean it doesn't get harder than a ride cup. And he's he's done it twice now I mean the point what is he 72 like 52 I think he has points like he's no 72 72 he's got jeez I mean I love the partnership of him. And Rory I love that partnership Jes Christ I mean that song was playing all the time every pick it. For the name and he he just rips that driver on the green out like I was present on 16 the place erupted it was absolutely Bonkers. And to be honest the scenes straight after that was even more Bonkers I'm not sure if you've seen this just. Yet so the first thing was obviously Tomy yeah when does that happen. So talk us through they hit it on the green yeah Ricky Ricky went in the drop zone played it up there obviously didn't he Tommy rolled it down to about three. Or 4 feet a bit a bit longer than I would have liked to have seen it to be honest wasn't I've I've seen it back I was watching live it's two. And a half maximum okay. So obviously gets the Ricky gives at him he then.

Secures a dormy to you know he's got the final half point that we needed and the scenes the crowds and then.

Out of nowhere an elder gentleman with nice beige slacks a white shirt white hair white beard looks a bit like the guy from KFC Colonel what's he called the guy from KFC called now Colonel the colel in it just the colonel yeah just the colonel starts out of the Crowd Goes Straight past Ricky straight past Tommy straight past finno Tommy's CAD was massive. And finno at one point was like just about to kind of go. For him and thought nah I'll just leave that it's just yeah he's he's going to not hurt anybody. And he just kind of stumbled into the pond really but then.

The scenes after that sopie so he's jumped in he's jumped in he's swimming around everyone's going absolutely mental. So you know what he aren't really doing anything they don't seem that ass like they're just letting him do it he then.

Gets back out. And everyone's like one more time one more time he turns around he legs it back in he then.

Dives in the crowd are going bonkers I think you did it two. Or three times then.

The next.

Thing you did which is theid most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life the next.

Time he comes out starts a thunder clap the whole whole crowd thunder clap was Thunder clapping with the colonel in the 16th Pond then.

I I don't know if the TV showed this I've not seen it then.

It became an absolute Party Zone about five 6 10 20 people in the pond they're swimming around they're cheering they're chanting the fairways are getting absolutely. And I think there's one match left Bob ma there he. So they had to kind of move people that match did it get to 16 let me I've got this got quite sure if they got to 16. Or not you've got guys in the B matire won two and one so get to 16 so I don't I can't quite remember how they moved people around um you had guys in in the bunker doing sand angels it was astronomical I loved every minute of it. And if I was any closer to that pond I would even bother you this this point Sophie we have a bit of a running joke on on the channel that normally I'm I'm Rick okay Ricky kill quite a professional Rick Ricky was in full Party Zone to be honest Ricky was in Party Zone all week I'm not going to lie to you yeah everybody when Rick turned up he goes first person he sees is me he's like I could do with some food. And then.

All the all the food had stopped it was 3:00. And he went I think I'll just go find a beer then.

I did I didn't eat a lot I drank a hell of a lot um it was it was ser seriously I I was very very thankful again to skyports who invited me I I didn't I didn't need to do anything I just literally was there mingling with people I spoke to a few player managers which. For the for the main Channel wait wait to see what potentially is lined up this week. Or not this week in the in the near future um like just just loving life just meeting people seeing old friends hung out with Pete loads Peter Finch Seb car Michael Brown Mia Baker Conor more you know the impressionist we was hanging around with each other all the time it was just it was absolutely electrifying like to some degree it was a little bit like a stag party like a stag do. For me well I was saying today.

We were on the plane. And I was like I'm coming to do this podcast. And I said I'm. So jealous of the fact that he's just went there as a fan because I went to Paris as a fan and I got I got lucky I got inside the roaches one afternoon Lee Westwood sorted me out but I had corporate one day inside the ropes the X and I sat on the grand stands the X and I actually said I don't think it's going to get any better than this. And I was. So jealous of you just roaming around having a lovely time it was ridiculous it was ridiculous. And if you watch it on TV and you think that looks good get yourself there because you go oh. But do you even see any golf there's. So many screens everywhere that you see loads of golf grab yourself a radio and have the best time of your life and if if you can go Hospitality I highly recommend it. But no to be honest there was elements where I was like in the thick of it I'm like like I say getting on the first e grand stand I'm like I'm just loving every single minute of it last night I did end up at the after party oh yeah um that was interesting that was a complete accident weird fluke I was in Rome uh I got a message off a friend who said I'm at the Afterparty I can bring a few people they said do you want to come I'm like absolutely we had scooter you know the electric scooters AC me Pete. And Seb run these electric scooters racing over to the to the players Hotel I get in there I'm thinking this is surreal I've just literally been at the golf club like I'm still in my golf gear basically they were in pajamas though weren't there some of them that really helped cuz as soon as I walked in I went oh God this is a bit Posh this I took my hat off as I walked in the hotel I this is a bit this is a bit Posh this. And I'm think everyone's suting. And boot everyone looking great and then.

The next.

Thing um who was the first player I saw um I saw a few of the captains first saw Luke Donald there with the with the rup like literally about 30 seconds after being in the party uh who's Bob McIntyre had his pajamas on. And as soon as I saw that I was like I think I'm all right I think these guys well no one was there. For me anyway but it's like it's great to see uh chat chat with Bob a little bit chatted with Tommy Fleetwood loads like just kind of gave him a big hug and just like thanked him and just said thanks cuz that was ridiculous that was the best day of my life like. And and obviously he it's a better day for him but I'm like thank you like it was. So good um who else I chat to uh chatted a little bit to trell chatted to um the hogart brothers the twins um the the dad's a big fan of the channel so they actually came over and introduced me to the dad I'm like he's I love your stuff and I'm like are you joking one of your boys has just won the ride a c don't worry about me. But that was really nice um it was just the the electric I didn't complete um a mission of mine a life goal which would have have been drinking some fluid out of the radic cup. But there's always next.

Time do you know I'm I'm hopeful. For this um so was there any you know any inside gossip what obviously there was some pajama action going on. So it was it was there was a lot more people there than I expected to be. And it was it was really really nice quite sve quite Swanky. And then.

Again I've seen all the plays this other and then.

About maybe I I don't quite notice the time but maybe like an hour after that I was like looking around going where the hell are all the players gone there was an after after part there was a proper good on them a proper nobody there proper proper tight knit Circle they were upstairs in the hotel. And I'm sure all hell broke loose like and good like good cuz I I was looking around this part thinking this is a bit too civilized like go. And get go and get smashed up fellas like you deserve it so that was really nice um. And yeah it was just like my voice is quite horse not only because of the chanting I mean I. So many days I'm literally screaming Tommy Tommy Tommy Tommy the amount times I've been chanting o o o I mean it's just ridiculous I love I must admit it's got stuck in my head. So much I love the chant um oh God I forgot it now we're on the left um oh we did it on the plane today.

What how it on the left side on the left side on the left side of the stand. And then.

You've got where the M the we did it we did it on the plane today.

And we're like who's the middle a Hostess is like this. But I don't know if you've seen him on B there in the middle if you saw him on the bus last night well I love so with professional golf you win by yourself and when you come and sell like people go what you what did you do what did you celebrate you're the only one that's won there's another 150 people that have not won there's no one really to share it with other than your caddy that you're sharing it with everybody I mean you've gone up to him thank you thank you. For the best day ever imagine all the other people that are there as well that have come together. For that one cause of winning the Ridder cup and everything that it means to them I was on 18 with Shane Lowry on the on the final day because what people don't know about TV commentary is when your group finishes you get sent back out into the trenches to go. And find somebody else so I followed SP and Lowry and he's coming up 18 and this little Pocket Rocket runs past me Rory mroy full speed and just jumps into Shane Low's arms Shane's not finished the match yet but he's W up and he just thought that's what it's all about isn't it that that's it it's just the the crowd like any when it's when you get whole and you turn around and you can see it in the faces like Justin rolls genuinely look like a bu Gladiator yesterday like his his eyes was like just he wasn't going to let anything slip out at the hands like. And and like turn around and it arms out and it's and it's it's just amazing like you can see it in the face. And and that's from the European side and the US side when the USA do the same they're just the same they're ring up the crowd they're telling to be quiet they're like it's like oh my God like I think. For from there's a couple of things that takes for me as a sporting event I really really really think it does our game a world of good I honest I mean the amount of friends casual sports fan friends I've got who don't really not into golf one bit texting me like my brother-in-law never picked up a golf club in his life texed me oh my God what's happening with Klay what what's this I'm thinking oh my God. And He he'll be one of millions and millions and millions and millions of people around the world who will watch the rider Cup this week. And go that was cool. And like you say who knows John Ram dad 1997 watching at valderama he got little John Ram into golf and he became a radical player down the line like that's that event this weekend is going to inspire millions of little boys little girls solheim cup is going to Pro get catch the attention of little girls. And go like that was pretty like I really like that that was pretty cool is it's like people. So the when I'm doing the work there it's 70 legitimately it's 16 hour days by the time you get on the bus there and the bus home I'd do it. For free I'm like telling my boss now I would do that. For free cuz you don't want to miss it well that's it I I wasn't yeah it it's. For me I've been to four rid cups now that was hands down the best I think. For a number of reasons obvious I was very fortunate to play the golf course about five weeks ago. So I knew the course really really well so when straight away it's like match on whole seven I'm like oh yeah I know seven like this little path three down the hill slim green hardest path three. And goal yeah when it goes to like right with the match is getting tight on 16 you're like oh that's a drive B PA. For last week we had Dave Samson on the podcast the course architect I was. So like I text him I saying I'm really proud for you I feel like quite emotional like this is this was your baby this was your project this you know all those hours of Blood Sweat tear has gone into this. And it's worked and he's just one individual of again thousands of people behind the scenes of the you know to put the grand stands together to be able to plan logis have travel in and out of of Rome and you know every every single individual who made that ride a c possible like deserves huge amount of credit like the greenkeepers the um you know the the the staff in Hospitality the chefs that fed everyone and you know it's just like it's crazy it just they didn't miss a trick with anything that's think they did as soon as you got walked in the shop was there right there then.

You went through the tented Village the driving rang is in the tented Village that is genius CL you know obviously the open's different. But Hoy Lake this year I never went to the driving range cuz it's the other side of the road it's miles away they've designed that that that is going to be in the in the tented Village he thought it through that much. And the walks so I did you get to do the walks over the bridges God oh well I did it just to like feel it yeah. So I thought right so for between 9 and 10 I always did it. And then.

Yesterday I thought right I'll go have a little look at the Trophy presentation and as I walked up Tommy was there Tommy. And Claire his wife were walking across it. And everybody's yelling the Tommy Fleetwood song and I'm just like I didn't want to like get 20 30 yards behind him and I thought this is just like what is this this is just Mega just how well they've thought about that bridge that goes across. And everyone's looking up yelling at him first entering the the Coliseum like the artwork just around the first te grandstand genius yeah to make that look like the Coliseum just from a bit of detail I was like that's amazing I'll be honest I had my reservations about the rder cut being in Rome because I just it's not a golf destination I didn't meet many Italians it's not I was worried about you know 5 weeks ago the buy Ro outside wasn't built the the logistics of it all I just genuinely I thought this might be a real damp squid I it could have it could have become like oh we made messed up there the fact it didn't the fact it was. So bloody good like credit again to where where credit's due I can't I want I know you have to wait every two years which is soy frustrating I can't wait. For Beth Page already 2025 the scale I mean I thought Patrick kley got abused. But in a good way there was no swearing at him we're quite humorous aren't we yeah it was a generous say ourselves yeah. But Beth pige is going to be vicious with those New York fans they will not they will go. For you w't they have you done a away ride cup or Sim cup no I've not I'm going to though I'm nervous I'm actually like I'm like nervous about it. But I think there got to be something I want to experience I do want to touch on one thing have you seen the picture that Brook kka posted last night with the t-shirts yeah yeah Ricky Fowler Max Homer Xander sha. And who's the fourth i' take us a screenshot of it um home is not going anywhere. So he's posted a picture from from what looks like what's his team called SC Not scorches smash smash oh and Sam Burns so Brooks in the middle you've got Ricky Fowler Max Homer Xander chaffle Sam Burns all stood there in blue matching live smash shirts yeah. But Brooks does stuff like that though doesn't he remember like the Bryson stuff throw stuff out there. But the other guys I'm not this that caught my attention this morning I was like no I was like no I don't think Max hom is going anywhere I don't apparently Xander. And Patrick have had talks with them before haven't they that's the that's the rumor right um I don't know maybe the thought out win the rider cut maybe we'll just go over there now wow no I don't know I don't know we need to go back to the let's not let's not let this ruin Rider cup chat let's go back to your favorite shots Tommy Fleet will Drive yeah that even a question I didn't see it live. But the Roy Mak chip chip that you you did see live. And again I didn't see it live but well I didn't I didn't I didn't actually see it with my own eyes but it was I think it really set the tone. For the week was uh Victor H's chipping on one yeah I just think it really set the tone it's like here we are just off the green again not known. For his short game prowess of of of years stands up there in the the most pressurized situation in the world on a first hole at Rider cup and chips in what forsome as well what how' you how' you do it I just don't know how they do it John Ram chipped in handful of times a fleet would chi in you know on 16 where you didn't even see it going in I was just like like you mentioned before the caliber of golf is just outrageous I'm trying to I'm trying to think I felt like I've been very European heavy here. And and Listen Patrick cley's shot into 17 against Rory maroy meant that his chip was insignificant yes that was that was a really really good shot um. And and listen USA fans I'm sure you listened to this going blood the AL Rick. So forgive it a rest we understand but listen I'm certainly very very very very biased on this show towards Europeans because I'm a European I'm sure you are probably the same you know we're not unfortunately I'm guessing you might not enjoy this podcast to USA fan. So sorry if we've been a bit you European heavy but those type of shots under that much level of pressure um just as aspirational inspirational um make me realize not that I ever ever need any doubt of this and it should make everyone else realize who listens and watches these guys are built different the the golf games are brilliant the women at the at the solheim um God my carosa. Or Caroline um the shot into the 17th yeah yeah what I know just leaves the club face be good okay it's going in there I don't I don't get it. But also what to be fair your Tommy Fleet would shot no one else can can do like I couldn't do that I can't hit it as far as that the shots that I was most impressed with is the Rory maoy chip you don't need to be a power player to play that shot no theoretically physically we could play it. But we can't can we mentally I can't mentally I can't like off that tight L it's about 6 7t above him. And the reaction from the players so Matt fit Patrick goes like this and shakes his head as if to go what Tom Ram like Tom Ram John Ram goes like his little lips come together as if to go what have I just seen yeah. And and that's that's what's cool I think about Rory because we watch shots from the rider cup. And think I can't do that never in my wildest dreams he hit shots at ride a Cup players go I couldn't do that like I kind of also just in the buildup I love this idea that the guys were going out playing. And um kind of practicing stuff and you could see again like Victor hland was hitting these shots these little chip shots he's hitting around the green. And you're right like John Rams watching taking notes chatting to him how'd you play that how like the actual probably the Intel that gets spread in that week between the European players and the USA players must be incredible for each one of those radical players like I bet they really kind of certainly the rookies will have learned a hell of a lot um I don't particularly feel like there was there was a weak European at all um you know it feels like the the the picks were brilliant the C it was just perfect when you win when you win easy it's perfect I reckon we'll win. For the next.

10 10 ride cups you remember whistling straights when it was like We'll never win again that's it two years ago this is it. And now we're like well yeah we'll do three in a row w't we it's just de easy is it is it weird like you know why like the way we're talking now. So when I first started my like commentary career I got a bit of advice and someone said you don't talk about golf the way you talk about your football team in the way you're emotional about it even though I love it we're talking about the rider cup like it's a football team how animated we're both very tired everybody like Beyond tired yeah you because of because we partying too hard. But how excited are we. And that's what the rider cup gives you it gives you it in here gives them it as well does um thought that's bit of merch actually look at yeah I think we've uh I think we've done it justice today.

Self thanks. For coming in I appreciate it uh I am I reckon I started the podcast maybe on 177% battery I've just I've just gone into the danger zone I feel like I've slipped below 5% now I feel like that last but it's just really taken out on me so I promise everyone I do a podcast I'm here we've got here all the way from Rome this morning hopefully you've enjoyed the episode everybody be sure to check out Sophie on all of our social media it will link it all below thank you it's lovely having you on as always. And uh here's to Best Page in 2025 get your tickets books we're going aren't we we're going I want to go with you I don't want to work I just want a Ricky Shields you call me S I'll show I'll show you the ropes you don't worry about that I am a bit more worried in New York. But eitherway thanks for watching thanks for listening and we shall see you next.

Time come on Europe wel guys.