I I definitely think cavity back irons are. So much more popular from very very good players as well we could see in the next.

Five ten years blades is completely dying off all right Peter blades I've been playing some of the best golf of my life recently because I believe I I went to a more forgiving iron I've always drove the ball pretty good my putting's always streaky. But what I did is I changed to the p770 which is a thicker iron. And instead of playing like the tws I just said like I'm gonna throw ego I'm gonna throw Pride I'm throwing everything out. And they're not that thick they're not that thick at all but I played a I have a full set right now with a p770 and I never get any jumpers or anything and before you know you mishit a TW and you're going to come up a lot shorter than now if I mishit this p770 I could be pin.