Welcome back to another rick shields podcast uh today.

We have a pretty awesome episode episode 141 if i'm not mistaken right this is you're nailing it. So far keep going i'm doing great all right uh today.

We have grant. And garrett from good good and we're just gonna sit and chat for a little bit you've got the job you know what we got the job yeah that was that was great. But let's do it again that was perfect great intro guys if you obviously just heard from garrett himself we've got two members of the good good family in today.

We've had a busy week filming we sure have i think like 16 videos between the two channels that's crazy honestly i genuinely believe when this content starts to drop fans are gonna go nuts oh it was crazy i mean. And and how about the fan meetup oh that was that come on that's another story that was incorrect yeah well what a week was it tuesday we met up yeah you arrived here in the uk on the hottest day the uk has ever ever ever had. And it went downhill after that yeah i actually yeah you guys were not prepared. For it huh i i heard there was like no ac. And stuff like that the airport was pretty hot it was runways were melting train tracks were melting people were dying. So it was it was a it was a crazy day. So max one of the videographers from good good he's like slightly scared of flying and gets a little anxious and and right when we're about to take off to manchester from london they were saying how like the reason we were delayed is because the runways were melting. And like it was unsafe to fly. And i could just see max just like panicking he's like what's what's going on. And of course when we took off it was the roughest flight we've ever had it was going up. And down all around was crazy which is mad because you wouldn't think such a short flight obviously you've come from dallas right to heathrow. And then.

Heathrow to manchester but that was the most crazy flight oh yeah. But that doesn't it's not where the story ends so i i come and meet you 11 11 pm on tuesday evening and you're all you're all a bit tired i've come with snacks you didn't hear this part with all british snacks what old did you bring um every british snack i could buy from w smiths that was open. And loads of water and uh out of out of the the security gates ten fairly fed up looking americans walked around the corner they were like hi ricky all right i was like hi guys you're yeah you're all excited at this point you're loads of energy i had a little sign i like my little good good sign come come come play we go. For a week and and i figured out they don't have any of the golf clubs all the golf clubs didn't come off they don't have any of the camera gear they've luckily you had almost every luggage there was only max the cameraman who didn't have his actual luggage right here to go. And buy all his clothes from tesco this week and uh i was like great start to the week. And then.

We picked we got a minibus for the guys and they were starving they were like. So hungry i was like. And americans let's go to mcdonald's obviously um as we go as we get to the uh the the i i drove on my own garrett text me after about half an hour saying hey rick how far are you away i was like i'm 40 minutes he goes we're an hour. And a half we set off from the same place oh my god we were driving the wrong direction yeah yeah our bus driver because like out of nowhere garrett was like i don't feel like we're going the right direction. And he just we just turned the van around and they they weren't driving the other driver yeah well what happened was like how did it go wrong i i really i don't know he said there was like a road closed. And whatnot and i think he just kind of started driving. And was hoping. For the best but i was looking at his gps he had it up on the right. And i like i saw her like our eta was going up like i was like i feel like it should go down if anything maybe whatever. But it was like we're still we're still an hour. And a half there's no way we i thought we were an hour. And a half to begin with and i like put it put it in my gps and sure enough we were like going north i was like we got to be going the other direction. But what the funniest part is though is when you tried to tell the driver like that he was going the wrong way he did not he didn't believe me he almost was like offended like he was like this can't be real yeah it was like an argument between you two you're like no i think you need to actually like turn around finally i convinced him i said just follow my phone we'll get there. And we made it i mean i think it was like 26 hours 27 hours of travel that day over a day. And they were. So hungry so we stopped for services i got there ahead of them and i said you want mcdonald's guys. And they were like yeah okay first off we got to talk like america there there's ingredients that americans like can eat that people in the uk can't eat like there's certain like they're banned from america really yeah. So the mcdonald's here is. So much healthier you could tell even the chicken sandwich was like a high quality chicken sandwich yeah you get a mcchicken like you know it was amazing which was great. So this was a text i got at 11 50 p.m at this point right the mcdonald's was closing at midnight right. So i went into my dolls i'd text the guys and this is the order i got back don't hit me. But by the way there's ten of them right five cheeseburgers yeah three bacon quarter pounder with cheeses which we actually don't have we don't have the bacon ones over here i don't believe 14 nuggets eight chickens. And nine lard fries yeah. But strange strangely enough all waters yeah that's healthy then.

Yeah yeah that makes it healthy. So i go to smackdown on one side of the motorway and uh it's shooting literally shutting because the maintenance work and they went the mcdonald's on the other side of the motorway still open right over the bridge over the bridge so i ran over the bridge and it's hot was it horny shield hottest day of the year right. So go up and behind the counter there's two members of staff i'm thinking oh my god they're gonna absolutely hate me after my order it was 99 pound. And 73 p wow in my dolls and the the two women that were sat there were like looking at like are you actually serious about to clock off. And you're the biggest order of the day so they ring up the guys from the other mcdonald's they're all conversements they all come running across actually and they're all honestly i've never seen them work so fast in my life i know these guys are fast approaching the first time ever i actually left the cash tip at mcdonald's because they worked that fast. And then.

All of a sudden you guys turned up and you said i just waltzed out the trees yeah they were like where did they we were coming i remember you were trying to like text them i didn't know where the other mcdonald's was all i saw was like a highway. And then.

All of a sudden rick just comes walking out of the trees with the food i'm like yeah he literally you came out of the bushes literally it just had mcdonald's this is a miracle i said to the guys i said i've got your food it was on the other side of the motorway. And they were like you've crossed the motorway i'm like no on a bridge i'm not just not just dodged cars i do anything. For you guys so obviously that was that was a rough start to the trip. And actually we jumped in the cars and i said i said to garrett come with me we'll get there faster with uh garrett. And kendrick we were about 10 minutes off the saturn i've said 25 minutes away we drove five minutes down the road suddenly a road was closed the time went up an not [Music] an available collection of banger videos. For rick's channel for good goods channels they will be coming very very soon let me just a quick one i've just realized we've not really done a formal introduction to the channel because there'd be listeners out there that won't know who good good are yeah absolutely good good right now i'll try. And explain you can elaborate yeah you are currently. And i'm excited about this i really am currently the fastest growing golf youtube channel is that true in the world well i normally am. And you're beating me so it's a fact as that case yeah you're either the first one you guys are still growing like. So fast it feels like you had a million like like right now right we were looking at some analytics this month you are just about pipping us. And i'm so excited. For it so you have analytics that just shows monthlies not the stats not the stats last 30 days we've gained 50 000 they've gained 57. so that's that's it you've got us black and white that's crazy um six you know what and i'm gonna say after this week six incredibly talented characters and golfers like the six of you are ridiculous like the energy that you bring the chemistry that you have on on screen you're all very very different characters like super different um obviously someone like matt who's quite out there. And a bit crazy if you've not seen matt schaaf before he's he's had a holy one on the path four on camera and a holy one on the par three on camera some of the most epic scenes in the world go and check those videos out you've got bubby who just seems to love life yeah yeah doesn't it yeah he does give him a cigar give him a golf course he is just loving life he was great fun this week you've got stephen who's like you're one of your best friends growing up on the right country yeah yeah yeah known my whole life mike is my cousin. So i mean most of these guys have known. For a long time so steve whole life micah cousin matt i think is now coming up on like 10 years calling three max since it started good good over two years. Or whatever grant three as well three four years you know same as colin um luis i've known for a long period of time as well so he's one of the same thing like three years so yeah i mean we've just we've just been friends that happen to work out. And all love playing golf so you can tell us a friendship though when you guys are on camera. And off camera and that was a big thing. For me from watching you guys for a long time you actually are kind of off camera like you are on camera which is really good. And we have the fan meetup which we'll come on to in a bit there's just a lot more that's cut out on there's a lot you should need to get like a late night version of good good next.

Rated you need good good uncut yeah. So you've obviously got the six guys on on screen you two being obviously the two of the six you've got kendrick who's just off screen here with us he's kind of ceo of good good you've got max colin louise as there's the cameron editors um it's a real team and it's a very professional team um you know i've never been i've never heard us called professionals it's a dysfunctional it's a dysfunctional professional team you know one thing i know this is it's organized chaos yeah you organize chaos you know what i noticed like there's been a couple of nights where garrett has been fancying a few drinks. And letting his hair down and kind of in the instigator but he's also been the guy i thought that he's also into getting getting filming again so he can kind of work hard. And party hard i think at your age that must be. So important because it must be easy well you're 22. uh yeah it's 22. it must be easy to get tempted to go out a lot. And do stuff yeah dallas don't really go out that often. So like we're in manchester so we did we went out one night it was a good night you know we had we had some fun it was awesome yeah we might drink some tequilas yeah maybe we might drank some guinnesses rumor has it rumor has it i may. Or may not have done the the guinness challenge and maybe have gotten it oh you did he did he got between the half. And the goodness he did it because he does it's he's annoyingly good at everything um. But no it's been it's been a phenomenal weekend. And genuinely right now i've we've spoke about it loads i've been so excited about this week because i really respect. And i love what you do. For my channel thank you but i'll look at it from obviously someone who's done youtube the old grandad over here that's been doing youtube for 10 years and i look at you guys and go this is great this is refreshing this is exciting like. And i think a collaboration between the two channels that we've had this week is genuinely going to blow up the internet we know that. But it's the fact that being able to work and almost like communicate together this last week like our editors have been talking to your editors we've learned a bit more cameras we've talked a bit more about analytics i have this saying like rising tides rise together and i feel like that's what's kind of happened this week i feel like we've really kind of formed a professional relationship this week as well as hopefully a friendship where we can learn from each other. And bounce ideas off each other oh yeah. And this is going to be the first of many collaborations that we do in the future which is really exciting as well yeah. And i think i think that's just colin. And max are just like that's just how big of a part they are because the film production by them is just it almost feels like when we watch it back. Or when i watch it back it's almost like a movie and it's like we're just we're just playing golf like we're just doing our thing and the same thing with you guys like i didn't expect you guys to have that big of a crew out there you know what do you guys have now four camera guys yeah we have four camera guys um. So yeah we know we shoot we shoot we we've tried to up our game yeah you guys you guys have a set in the mark to some degree we'll often look at your videos in the studio that we have here. And we're like god these guys are doing that okay let's let's let's see if we can see you guys as well like we look at you know the rick shields videos you know we could be doing this better we could be doing that. But it's i know the same thing i think you can learn yeah i noticed like rick's rick's are a lot more organized rick rick kind of has like a plan going into it rick's like all right we're gonna we're gonna do this you're gonna stand here we're gonna do this. And good job yeah i mean. And then.

Good good just like all right it's we're rolling and it's just like it's like way more like and and i think it's it's good though because we can like i said we can learn from both you know. And find some sort of like happy meals that's what's good that you can you can learn you can look at different approaches. But yeah your channel will work because you are a bit all over the place it's fun. And it's different so like today.

When we were filming i we we filmed one shot on the first screen i think it was like max at an angle from behind the cup he filmed the putt. And like after we got off the green i noticed that we had some really good reactions to that putt and it wasn't on camera and i also noticed when we filmed with you guys it was like all right we need to make sure we have a reaction cam you know someone's recording at least every person that's sitting on the green whatever. So like max was like hey we need to we need to do that like we need to get a reaction cam. So like even that just real time i feel like i was i was learning from what you guys were doing right. And i think that's that's a good way to up the content as well right now you guys are on 788 000 subscribers it's been it's been a very very fast growth it's been an exciting growth you are. And whether it's going to be popular with with some other of our youtube uh counterparts you are gonna be the next.

Channel that hits one million subscribers without even a question about it the way you're flying at the moment you've only released 265 videos that's crazy yeah the growth is astronomical. And that's partly due to the fact that you are all great characters. But you also have your own channels as well like you all make your own content you all have your own separate channels it all feeds this kind of good good beast right and you've not only turned it into a channel it is a brand a big brand like i know kendrick's behind the scenes here who deals a lot of that the good goal of good good apparel line is killing it oh yeah we went to the meet up last night. And you're not shipping it over here to uk yet are you it no i mean it's just insanely expensive i mean that was that was a huge question last night too by a lot of this we're figuring it out we're figuring out a way to get it done in the uk it's it's obviously pretty hard. But that's our next.

Big step but what i'm saying is still loads of fans in the meet up was wearing good good paralysis shocked me i what because i was like asking guys like how did you get your hands on the apparel you know blah blah because whatever it could be 200 pounds just to get it over here. For them but like one guy said he went to the states went to florida. And had it shipped to his hotel and stuff like that and so that's where i feel like a lot of them ended up getting it whenever they came to the states or we got to figure out a way because like it's just crazy the uk show out i mean we never expected that should we talk about them now we should talk about the meetup now because i think we should well we talked about doing it uh ahead of time. And originally where were we going to do it. So originally one of my favorite places and i know guys the same at the the driving range at trafford golf center and we spoke to trafford golf center and obviously there's somewhat limitations there because it's indoors and they were they were gonna be really good to us let us have the full wing of the driving range. But they had to limit it to a hundred people okay. And i must admit i thought first i thought 100 people yeah that might be about right i think i don't think we'll be disappointing too many people we were wrong they're real very. And i feel like the shocking part is usually i mean we always promote these in our videos like in the good good videos. And the fact that we only really talked about it on our stories and the fact that all these people showed up is just crazy i would say you might disagree it's unreal i think 500 people came i they're yeah maybe i don't know exactly we started little thinking last night. And had a look on the video version the podcast we'll put some images up now we won't put any spoilers we've got a video queen but we'll put some images on there was literally the full green. And the big greens at marriott wrapped around 360. three or four people people down the fairway i would say conservatively 500 people i think there could have been yeah. So so we decided two days before we actually did the meet-up because the whole week changed dynamics massively we were originally gonna do two days at jcb two days in manchester. And head actually up to scotland when you guys got to jcb you were like can we not just stay here all week. And we're like we loved it there shout out to jcb absolutely we were just like yeah let's stay here all week because the golf course was closed they were prepping. For the jcb championship which happened in this week which i'm really excited about. And playing with john daly on thursday which can be really cool um. And the guys just unbelievably looked after us we're staying in the lodges it's the golf course in immaculate condition so the guy said can we stay here i was like yeah yeah let's stay here. And we did. So we stayed there from tuesday till saturday saturday afternoon we drove up to manchester uh garrett instigated a big night out in manchester sunday sunday we went filming a little bit more but it was a lot persuading by the way to go out on saturday yeah not today.

I needed no persuaded i feel like you were the one i booked every bit of it i knew exactly what we were doing um just work by the way all on the work account. But what did you told your wife this was work yeah i'm actually just going checking the footage [Laughter] um. But i did i must admit i darted off a bit early i wish i wish i could have uh stomached it. For a little bit longer but i was i was absolutely goosed um sunday afternoon we done did the meet-ups on the evening it was horrendous weather the meet-up started at 8 00 p.m okay there was fans arriving from as early as 4 00 p.m even earlier there was fans arriving. And traveling four hours plus from places like southampton newcastle scotland it was absolutely crazy genuinely right now i think of all the things i've done in youtube. And i've done some really really cool things i'm very blessed of that last night the meetup was one of the coolest things i've ever done oh absolutely great it was out of perspective we say that afternoon we say that after every single fan meetup i mean that's where you get the full experience of like who is watching you. And you get to connect with them and i think that's the coolest part about it is that the people behind the screen that are watching you that are commenting that are supporting you they're the ones that you get to meet in person interact with them meet them. For the first time and you get to leave an impression it's also crazy it's like a 100 000 views online is it on it honestly doesn't even feel compared to like 500 in person when you see it in person even even though it's 500 people it feels like a million well you got you guys are now starting similar towards getting you know upwards of half a million views a video pretty much imagine that many people yeah wouldn't you can't imagine it you wouldn't even hold it because like you say let's say we did say it was 500 people there last night it was really hard to say it was somewhere definitely between 400. And 500. that felt unbelievably busy yeah unbelievably busy like we were they were right next.

To us we we played golf we played four holes until it quite literally went dark a video on good goods will be coming out soon um like you say when you can see people's reactions when you can see the whites in their eyes. And the excitement that they're seeing you guys coming over here like i think that was a massive massive pull obviously you've never not collectively been here to the uk before like you've never been out the country grant i've no i haven't never really only the bahamas bahamas that doesn't really count though it doesn't really feel like you know you guys have come over here. And the reception you got and being able to see not only young kids being a massive fan which i'd probably expect but there was like guys who were like middle-aged men in the 50s coming up. And getting pictures with you all walking around the golf course um the atmosphere i would be interested to know that you've done a few of these meet-ups one of the latest ones you did in chicago yeah how are the uk fans compared to what you've done in america. So far so i guess the way to compare it is like we did one in kansas city which is my hometown. And the fans there were honestly basically the same in my opinion to the uk as far as like chill you know very very polite not like in your face. But then.

We got when we went to chicago it was like madness it was crazy in the best of ways too yeah it's a great race love chicago unreal um. But yeah like i would just say like everyone here was very polite very chill that's what i got to say like the difference between here in america like super super polite here super like organized they were like everyone's very like together. And i'm not saying that it's not in chicago we're not polite at all it's just like it's it's really hard to compare them but they're a lot more chill i feel like we've said this before when we've done videos like challenge videos where people can win cash off rick in england we did one at trafford golf center where people could if they hit like a long drive whatever they get money. And they were really grateful. But quite like muted and oh thank you was you watch on american youtube. And it feels like there's so much more like excitement and it's energy it is the energy yeah chicago. For anything yeah chicago's got a higher amount like just more of an intense energy. And i just feel like here maybe they're more into the golf like really into the game more and like i want to just really watch it and in america maybe more the entertainment like when bubby made that putt he made it he made a texas wedge put 30 yards but it went crazy everyone was going nuts they tackled him he couldn't even make it up to the green he was trying he sprinted right at the green got tripped tackled loved it it was unreal [Applause]. But like yeah just think about the putt you made on whole one awesome. And how crazy was that feeling that that high the uh with all these people watching. And i was you know what was strange about it i was nervous. But it was more it was excitement yeah yeah like i felt like everyone was there wanting us to do well right like no one was there wanting us to hit bad shots it was like a supportive crowd. And i hold this birdie putt and quite i cannot wait to watch the footage because hopefully it really captivates the actual atmosphere oh yeah because the feeling through my body at that point was like better than anything i've ever done. And what was mad. For the four holes after all you want that back again yeah you want it you want that yeah you want that excitement you want that crowd to go crazy. And it makes you i understand to a very very small level but you can make understand imagine going on a charge on a sunday afternoon in the major oh my gosh the whole hole in a putting a massive ryder cup. And like the atmosphere these players so we kind of got a glimpse of that and let's say a very small glimpse but it probably it can't quantify much more than what that was yesterday yeah um. So that was really cool um i also felt like the the crowd as much as they sometimes got a bit close they were they were a bit more when we asked them to move they were moving yeah again from what i saw in chicago other places they were like they didn't move they got closer closer literally you say move they're like all right no we're getting close i didn't care. But i think i think definitely more fan meetups um you know i'd love to do more. But i think doing a doing again together we've already had a discussion about me coming over to america our team coming over to america you know i've not been on a plane. For three years and i think coming over to the states would be pretty pretty epic. And doing something over there um but yeah we have we've done loads. And loads of content i featured in a good good major which was very tense very intense a lot more serious you could probably tell based off of our other challenges our other videos versus that the energy even like it's not as we're not as going crazy we're not you know 18 holes like that that's the thing like 18 holes it's like a marathon what um is it what number major was this that we played in just just gone this is four total i believe. For this year this year or three total yeah two this year. So if you've not seen one of the good good majors before it's quite simply serious stroke play yeah it really is like i like the guys were practicing they were grinding before going playing like even around breakfast on that saturday morning we played at jcb it was different yeah like they weren't talking well they because there's obviously on our channel that you played each of the google members in a nine hole match play which is going to be. So they will drop every week probably on like a wednesday i think you also took the guys as a good opening video onto the 17th the par-3 downhill water. Or on the green and that was kind of a in little challenge intro video. And then.

We've also got an illegal golf club good played with the illegal golf clubs i've collected over the years so from the guys it's kind of i would say there's three of you who are like elite golfers you two. And mike are all like scratch handicappers the other guys were a lot better than i thought they would be literally a lot better. So athletic fast hit a long way but my question for you rick are the guys better than you thought they would be without even a question yeah like a lot lot better. And i'm almost somewhat envious of the fact that the six of you can compete. And practice and play because that brings better golfers out here like i think i've got better through the week oh yeah 100 you played you've been playing really i don't want to spoil anything. But you started playing some really good golf towards yeah i feel like i agree you need to like it brings the best out in you yeah because you have to hit good shots like it's not about a question of i'm just going to make numbers up here it's taken it took a while i kind of wish i'd come into the week a little bit a little bit hotter. But i don't again don't give any spoilers away but it was like as the weeks got on as i'm playing with you as the the the quality of the golf is better the quality is. So good i'm like i need to up my freaking game here and hopefully i did. And uh like towards the last match we've just had out there that 4v4 which very randomly one of the biggest football stars in the world from man united scott mctominay joined us because he's a huge fan of your channel and a fan of my channel as well he came and joined us that was epic that was i think it might be my favorite video of the week yeah oh that was unreal. And also one of the nicest guys i met like within whatever celebrity pro athlete one of the nicest guys really genuine guy you know he turned up at the meet up he gave us all man united and scotland shirt signed personally signed yeah no he didn't give guy one because he's listening to the podcast no guys liverpool fan that was quite cool i like that yeah i did um yeah gave us all a nice little personalized note spent the the day with the meet up hit some putts at the meet up. For your team yeah. And also he um joined us today.

For a challenge and and for the video we shot in the end the league he was in the background just loving life yeah just watching as a fan yeah it was crazy it was kind of surreal even seeing that i just like i still don't understand it you know nicest guy like he just treats you just like the most normal part like he treats everybody in the same way yeah everybody in the room the exact same way very respectful guy yeah what's been your highlight from your trip in the uk i would say definitely the meetup. For me um yeah that. And i also yeah the meetup. For sure but just be experiencing jcb all those days just completely to ourselves like i thought and i thought rick was the one that shut that thing down you know i thought that was rick's power i did you did it wasn't supposed to be i just said shut this place down yeah no one else there's not a tournament coming here being good gonna come in give us the keys. And leave us we own the place this week um okay then.

No highlight was going out away from the gulf okay a different question then.

What's been. And because you've you've tasted a lot of different foods over here this week name me your favorite type of food that you've never had before hmm did that the past did you both have pasties today.

Did you have a pasty grant that that might have been yeah i did i had the flapjack today.

I think i know what it's going to be. And i can't believe you've both not said it straight away why can't i you're saying you're getting a sausage roll the sausage roll oh yes unreal yeah yeah yeah i like that i give it like an eight i didn't i wasn't crazy i like i liked it. But it was a pasty batter see this is the thing that rick. And i like we argued about like i'm a big i'm a big sushi guy like i love i love soup what does that have to do with sausage no i'm just saying like that's my type of like that's my type of food i think i described it i want food i can just go like like i want um yeah sausage roll was a big hit you don't have them in america at all no no never had a sausage before when we when i do like the sausage roll reviews break 75s the american audience must be like what the hell wait. So it's like more than just a jcb they have those everywhere almost so it's like a hot dog every halfway house kind of every halfway house pretty much has a so it's like a hot dog for us yeah pretty much it seems like do you guys have hot dogs hot dog buns is that a common thing though it would it would be more common smaller. Or something like that they'd have like hot dogs or like a fun fur or whatever yeah we don't we cinema you'd get hot dogs. But out in the golf course definitely not so you get a halfway house most places have hot dogs that's pretty much the main every single place hot dogs try anything what else you would have is it's mainly just hot dogs. And then.

Like chicago is famous. For having the best hot dogs it's a chicago dog which i absolutely loved when i went is delicious. But yeah i'm not a big big hot dog a hot dog guy what's been. So far in your good good journey and it can be either from your separate channels cause you're both killing cause how many subs have you got in your separate channel garrett uh i think 680 something like that i'm not i'm not really sure you don't have that cool you can tell no i really don't know the number i cool you can just i think it's around 680. Or something you can get the exact number you know i like how you did that why is it because it's less than what it actually is yeah i think it's 700 no it's 690. oh is it really i actually didn't know that you've already 700k then.

You've had a busy week um. And then.

What's yours on grant um i i like 170 something 173. 173. i seriously do you guys obsess over numbers. And views though like not anymore do you ever have that feeling where you release a video that you think is is good you put a lot of effort into it. And it doesn't bank and you feel disheartened or i was telling well i was telling guy that i think i was telling you this it's like. For me if i upload a video and it does really really good yeah i try. And like not get excited about it. Or happy i don't even try and talk about it anything like that because i know if i have have one that's really bad i'm not gonna really worry about it as much you know just stay true try and stay neutral in the middle you know that's just kind of hot and i think well when you ask that question i think there's a pull between like you want to look at your analytics you want to really study thumbnails. And titles and everything but you also don't want to get obsessed with it yeah because if you let it like obviously dictate your emotions. And stuff it's gonna because it's not gonna be good it has definitely done that for me i think i think we need to learn from this yeah we we take things very very well together all night it's one hour one out of ten yeah you're out there jumping right in change the thumbnail it's not performing what i was gonna ask you on the follow-up question was what's been your favorite video you've ever made. And it might be separate it might be a google video it might be a video you've made together is there a standout video you like that's my favorite you want to go first because i don't really know i'm trying to think i i would probably say. For me it would probably be it would probably be under the gl it would have to be probably under gm because we've done so many really cool collabs but it would take me a second to think there's one on your personal channel your you're vlogging i mean i'll say the good good major was probably my the most fun the most fun one previous no one we just we just filmed i know one that's already out okay um stop kissing the mic sorry can you hear it you might get a lot of people excited cause we went too we went to a place on saturday night though um. So no. For me it would be okay. So it'd be matt's hole in one um they describe that but because that was a mad mad moment yeah. So matt's holding one is the whole day obviously just like obviously. So we got up to par four driveway par 4 whatever 285 yards um blind shot and normally we on blind shots we don't really have people go up to the green at least at that point in time because we've never really gotten close to one-on-one or had a reason to do it. But it was it was just funny like we saw a snake on the ground people were freaking out we're like okay whatever you know. And then.

And then.

Max's dad was there watching us because he was the one who who got us on the course he was like i've seen a hole in one here before. So i think we should go up to the green just in case you know max goes up louise goes up um obviously micah hits hits the pin bubby hits it on the green. And i'm just like what if we actually make a hole here i don't even think you said along the lines of like i think we're going to make like well i said i said what if we made a i said boys boys what if we made a hole in one you know i was just kind of like whatever. And matt got up there makes hole-in-one i did i didn't believe it i was just like what the heck what's going on we just started sprinting um the whole thing the whole series of events we say like if we didn't see that snake you might not have made a whole one you never know stuff like that. And then.

For me that was more like the afterwards when colin. And max were editing it you know i was able to have input see the intro. And like we all knew we were just like as soon as this goes live it's gonna break the internet. So i think it was that just the whole thing we're just like this is amazing we can't believe it you know. And you know you sat on that content for a little while as well didn't you while it got edited that one was a little bit the one that took forever to upload was the par three hole in one yeah the second one yeah we ran into some issues with the media rights at the pga tour. So we're gonna take about a month or so oh so hard that was really hard because to be further you know it's there yeah as long as all the footage is there it's going to come out at some point you'd like to think all right we weren't joking no i think we were allowed like 20 minutes. Or 20 whatever it was inside the ropes footage. And we were able to crop it down get something good out of it. And upload the video yeah. But yeah i think back to matt's hole in one i mean like the sequence of events craziest thing ever um bubby hitting the green micah hitting the pin. And matt making it i don't think that that sequence i don't think could happen perfect the way it went well yeah i don't think that could ever be. And the run up the the you know what you might find it frustrating i find it ridiculous frustrating when people are like saying it's false yeah it's fake. And you're like are you. For real you first up you can't cannot fake that reaction yeah no like you can't the reaction from all of you the the the way it was filmed you've got it from every angle like the man talks about it all the time it almost seemed more fake that we had it from every angle that i thought about that thing if somebody saw it as a standalone clip they might think well why why these young ladies i saw that comment once why these young lads got all these videos yeah. But you don't realize you're actually making a big yeah you know every time they didn't know exactly what we did like on instagram i saw that coming a couple times um. But for the most part i feel like everyone realized it was real uh. For the most part well definitely 100 i mean it's the motion the way you were running almost like like after like matt made a second hole in one. And then.

Gareth makes his albatross at some points at some points like garrett and i look at each other and we're like this doesn't feel real like it feels almost fake to us you've had a lot of hole outs on the charts loads and bubby and i we forgot this but bubby and i made back to back hold holdouts bubby made a hole out over the trees from half-hour 85-85 next.

Hole i hold out direct dunk 123 yards how does that happen like it still doesn't make sense. So both balls are in the actual cup at once. But in fairness well i saw something today.

That i didn't think i'd ever see. So and it doesn't sound spectacular but this would maybe justify while you get these special moments there was eight of us out on the golf course playing today.

17th hole the drivable par four five of us hit the green to a really decent point yeah. And and you think well actually if you keep giving those odds you keep giving those opportunities you keep having those like you are really good talented players there's. And you're capturing everything you're filming lows together it's probably lightly you're going to get some hold outs at some point you know everything's on camera everyone's trying super hard yeah because we're super competitive. So well that's it like it sounds daft again today.

When we're on that part that par four like normally me hitting the green on that par four is a great achievement i'm walking down that hole thinking you have killed this yeah i was probably the third closest to the pin you know. And i'd hit the green well we almost made it too that's what i mean. So it just shows you you have to keep upping your level like even that shot into 18 that i hit today.

I knew i had to get it unbelievably close because you know the standard is that yeah that's the standard you have to keep putting it closer. And closer and closer and closer like grant said it's because we're. So competitive you see someone do something crazy you're like all right like if there wasn't that competitive feel. And people didn't care nobody would stand up there and perform like you'd just be getting up there like a normal round of golf but we are trying like it's it's a grind we're all trying to beat each other. So bad and like some more than others bubby and micah yeah. But like i mean we're the most competitive. For sure yeah i didn't get that vibe from bobby yeah oh is he super competitive very competitive in a good way i mean there he doesn't show it yeah i saw yeah bubby oh he's probably the most i would say i would say definitely. But they go they just but it's good like it bubby wants to win at whatever he does like he's just very very very common. And same with micah and i feel like everyone knows that too we've talked about on our podcast and whatnot you can kind of tell through the screen as well. And so yeah which is good. And i would say steve's the lead like steve's just kind of yeah he's just. So chilled he's there to have fun he can rip it i think i thought you three you two. And mike and you were going to be good obviously. And you were i think those three surprised me the most how much better they work because they say oh yeah i'm like a 15 handicapper ever account they've never been a 15. they're like absolutely. So strong through the ball it's insane they're off like five they probably are i would say. So yeah. But the other thing is you get the thing is you get 18 holes like if you're going to really judge somebody on their handicap you get them on 18 holes. And they have to focus like steve is amazing like he can he can do something first super talented. But i don't think steve cares enough to like keep his head in it. For 18 holes he's a front nine player i think he's in the best position in good good yeah yeah i could agree with that yeah because nobody expects him to play great yeah really really if he hits a bad shot it's okay steve i think bobby views bubbies than the same yeah those views at the same exact way. And then.

When steve or bobby does hit a great shot it's like like they've over over performed they've over delivered bobby's improved like crazy too. And he played some great golf i honestly genuinely believe i spent a month with you guys playing all the time my game would be in the best shape of ever because you just have to as i mentioned a minute ago you have to yeah i'll ask you a question did did either of you have kind of ambitions. And goals to to make it on tour did you ever did you ever get to a point where you want to try. And push it do you ever still want to push it. Or is now you one trap mind towards kind of social media. And building a brand you can go first yeah um yeah that's that's a funny yeah that's an interesting question because like we've got it a good bit um yeah i mean i played. So many tournaments growing up i played literally every week i played four years in college and but i would say when i was probably 17 16 years old i almost like knew in my mind i like i wanted to do it. But i just was not quite good enough. And even at that age i was like. And then.

I went into college like i played good i played some solid years in college um your last year was insane right yeah you what did you almost win conference yeah i was like leading my conference tournament. And i i think i set the lowest like scoring average at my score at my school at the time i think it's been passed now what was it like 70. Or 71. it was like 73. yeah that's really good um. But even then.

It's like i was such a realist like i'm a consistent like i know i can play consistent golf i can shoot i can shoot in the 60s i can play well. But i was always true to myself. And i was like i'm not going out there gonna get gonna go shoot 65 65 69 like these guys do on the corn fair tour i just i don't ever do that. So i don't really have that like glimmer of hope because it's just you got to be so different yeah that's a good answer yeah you almost realized straight away that you weren't you had it you were good i was good. But you weren't quite good enough not quite good enough i don't think that's a bad thing to do because then.

You can shift direction right you can move into something you actually are more passionate about that you can do. And i think sometimes in golf. And we were chatting about it with uh scott this week with football i think golf's the only sport that nobody's going to tell you not good enough oh yeah apart from yourself if you've got the money you can can continue to play professional golf as much as you want oh 100 well in football as scott mctominay were saying today.

If you're not good enough you don't get signed yeah you don't get. So you don't get picked for the team you're on the bench you get dropped yeah you know. And what about you garrett so kind of same answer for me uh when i got into it i was obsessed with it. So first round of golf hated golf uh i actually like told my friends who convinced me to go play golf i was like i don't think it's sport you know i was like it doesn't take talent i was actually soccer player at the time played football um they they convinced me to go play golf part three course made a hole in one first round of golf i did of course you did i did of course you did it the luckiest golfer in the entire world. But i want to stand by it you know if it wasn't for that ball going in the hole i would have never played golf again i was hating it. So the odds of you playing golf for 12 and a half thousand to one i literally and i i mean maybe i would have picked it up a couple times. But i was hating it because i was playing. So bad i was chunking everything sixth hole me. And my neighbor uh joe russell tie that hole and he's like let's do a playoff hole let's go back to the t i was like sure grabbed a 7-iron 85 yards knocked in the hole everyone's going crazy i didn't even know what it meant how old were you then.

I was 13 about to turn 14.. So at the time it like when that went in i was like oh i'm i'm good at this sport i can do this i like this you know that that rush. And now you call it a sport yeah yeah. And as soon as that went up now but exactly as soon as it went i was like okay. And as soon as i was playing i realized how hard it was uh. So after that i was like i just want to go pro i want to do anything. And everything to get good at the sport i played every single day i quit soccer uh you know six hours a day whatever and as i got through junior golf i realized it wasn't as good as i obviously thought i was went to college uh didn't play ncaa golf because i was ineligible at the time because social media the rules have changed now with the nil deals which is great. But at the time i was ineligible because i was making money through social media is that right yeah. So ncaa golf was off the table i then.

Went to a community college. And i played for two years or sorry i played for a year dropped out of college to do youtube. And as soon as i dropped out of college to youtube i was like youtube is the goal youtube golf's my goal i'm gonna do this it's not to say that i won't give it a try in the future give it four. Or five years down the road when you know i think you could. And i don't think i can i. And i beg to differ i think you could um i i think you got like the natural you got the more natural raw talent he's got the look no he's got the more natural raw talent he does i like you honestly i think you might pursue it in the future i could i'm not gonna say that guarantee um i would say four. Or five years i might give it a go it's impossible right now what we do i can say it right now it is impossible to make it on tour if if micah goes. And does it i will be the most impressed person like it's. So hard because we're we're traveling we're filming content and you gotta find time to still practice every single day those guys are not they're not joking around they're practicing four to six seven eight hours a day even sometimes to get where they're at. And for us like we can't do that right now they're they're not going on the phone checking tick tock instagram exactly they're just not other these guys who are making it they are not obsessed with the phone that like we spoke with we had sir nick fowler on the podcast. And we asked about advice about you know budding tour pros he said get rid of this get rid of your phone gary. And i are talking about that we have talked about like we've talked about like just guys trying to make it on tour. And we're like you should not be on there posting yourself something and like interacting and hearing comments and like don't keep up keep away from distractions have someone do it. For you because like i say it's so distracting you can still make a brand from it. But you don't have to be posting everything yourself or being obsessed with and even if it's like for me i i've thought if i was on tour tournament week rolls around phone's off yeah i'm not looking at social media at all i don't want to hear anything not every guys like that not everyone's like that. And some people make it work you got guys like max homa who is insanely good with his social media. And twitter is also a great tour pro multiple wins on tour very impressive that he can do that um. So i yeah you got guys in i suppose the only guy that's done it. And we had his brother on recently is wesley bryant yeah has kind of done it to a degree. But he even turned off the youtube though to go on pjs i feel like he more featured in youtube videos it wasn't him doing the youtube videos really george kind of took the yeah exactly took the reigns on that yeah. But it is a funny back to like us starting we both started kind of late yeah because like he started 13 as well i was 13. my dad was a pro. And i like i didn't like golf either did you like almost like rebel from your dad 100 percent hear that a lot don't you people whose dads are pros they don't want to play yeah because golf was like it's in your face growing up. And i thought it was the most boring thing ever. And like i garrett says he started at 13 i started probably 13 and a half 14 almost and it's crazy because like at that time though when like when i started i remember my dad always saying like your friends have already been playing for five years they're already shooting great scores and i'm way behind like it was always playing catch up that's exactly what catch up was told to me as well yeah yeah because at 30 you look at you look around now. And i know in the states it's much more competitive at a very very young age oh my gosh it's free four or five and like what's that netflix show uh short game short game oh yeah like that just highlights i know all those juniors i played with both really yeah the al pano. And kournikova um i they used to play on the same tour i didn't like play with them but i know exactly who they are yeah. But but it shows like we don't have that over here no it's at all nice we have like we have like obviously golf clubs have junior sections. But it's often a lot more like relaxed isn't it it's getting into the game it's not as competitive and there is some like the faldo series nick faldo has a series we get like elite juniors playing in it. But it's not that much really not much at all um the one thing you have shown true determination over though garrett is your trick shots yeah yeah the grind you put into that is absolutely crazy are they are they less of a priority. For for you now now they are yeah um i still like doing them like you even saw me on the practice screen two ball shots yeah i tried. For probably a couple hours didn't make it it's fun to me i i still will do trick shots just maybe not as often now i like doing youtube a lot more i like the content the process behind it telling a story uh grant. And i just did a trip actually we released our first video today.

But we started uh north california san francisco drove all the way down the coast uh ended in san diego i think we played what was it ten courses in eight days eight course since it was. But absolutely unreal right it did almost like a bit of a vloggy style absolutely yeah we uploaded our first video just now actually it's nice. And what have you called it a series uh long drive yeah we just called it obviously a long drive yeah i was thinking the garage show everything you do is that theme channels what's been what what was how long um what trick shot as have you spent the most time trying to complete uh that you've actually completed yeah it was one with mike. And i it was way back i can't remember exactly when this was yeah i mean it was multiple yeah it was it was three days it was three days um it was basically where i was juggling. And micah was gonna flick it with a towel. And when he hit the ball the ball would shoot backwards and go into a hole like 20 yards away and we spent three days like eight hours one day didn't get it yeah it was crazy eight hours one day didn't get it came back didn't get it. And then.

The next.

Day we got it but yeah what about your um slam dunk at topgolf that was pretty incredible four hours i think four. And a half hours straight no it's about four hours yeah because it was funny we were there. For like a a top golf creator retreat and everyone was like doing their content getting their swing videos. And i was just like grinding over there just ball after ball like my my wrists were hurting i was just like everyone's like what is this guy doing he's never gonna make it then.

I made it i was just going crazy do you almost get two buzzes you almost get the buzz that you've completed it live. And then.

You get the buzz of actually releasing the content yeah yeah you get two buzzes. But so here's the problem with like being consumed by the numbers because obviously the buzz of making it is great. But then.

You you spent four hours and you upload it and it doesn't do as well now all of a sudden it's kind of you're almost crashing it's a bum it's like you're kind of bummed a little bit instead of being buzzed. But yeah now you guys grew up in an era that i didn't grow up in. And no garden as well like we didn't grow up with youtube like you guys have properly grown up with. And just knowing youtube literally after i made that hole in one uh like probably a couple years later i just got on youtube and typed in golf and i saw you and so i started watching you literally when i was like forever ago what is that like seven years ago no i think eight years ago it's crazy because i remember didn't you you met rick at the pga show in 2018 when you did the wilson drive versus driver showed us a picture of that today.

Yeah over four years ago. And you've been watching for a while before that yeah oh yeah yeah like i said i i think it's it's been like seven eight years now i know we spoke about doing a collaboration. For like two or three years and it's always been quite tricky but it's good to finally got the collaboration that everyone's really wanted this week yeah. But what i was getting at is almost you i when i came into youtube i came to youtube not to be a youtuber that wasn't the goal. For me to when i started making youtube videos it was promote myself as a golf coach to get easier as a golf coach right youtube wasn't a business was it was he wasn't he monetized wasn't even a thought of an actual business that's massively changed in 10 years it's it's sorry it's kind of funny you say that because. For me my dad would follow me around with a camera and just film my competitive rounds and that was. For me to promote myself to college coaches right and kind of the same thing actually carl phillips was the the one who really like started doing that with his dad uh he'd fall every tournament film every shot i would do the same thing with my dad just to obviously put my name out there maybe coaches will see it. And so it was almost to promote yourself as well yeah same thing i i kind of started that way. And then.

Obviously i that's how i started i took a little bit of break and then.

Came back in more with the intention of doing youtube later on so when you when you the second time coming around when you really went right okay i'm gonna start doing youtube was that to become a youtuber like did you have the goal that this was going to be your full-time job yeah yeah at that point yes um i'd been seeing. So many others doing it and i was just like why not me i should i should get into this i love golf i love cameras i love content. And i've already been doing instagram a lot i've been doing my trick shots and they had 75 000 followers on instagram when i really like committed to going into youtube um. And when i did that i was just like all right we're doing it i think i think shortly after i started going into youtube to be a youtuber whatever i think i like did 90 days 90 videos. Or something like that while i was in college would film vlogs me on the road practicing playing edit them on my phone while i was at the events uh college tournaments whatever it's crazy. But what i'm excited about seeing. And 100 i'm excited about this right now i think we talked about it recently there's about 600 golf youtube channels right now in the world really i didn't even know that. And when i remember when i first started there was probably 10 right that's crazy what's the next.

Wave yeah of golf youtube is going to be like like i felt like i'm going to take all credit. For this i inspired you no absolutely you guys are inspiring the next.

Generation. And they're going to inspire the next.

Generation i mean it's going to go i don't even think we've started i've got a question. For you it's a bold one do you think there'd be a time maybe in five years ten years where youtube golf. And youtube golfers are as big if not bigger than like pj tour live etc it seems um it seemed like look at what we saw yesterday 500 people came on notice of a day it was just a quick instagram announcement if there was tournaments held that were obviously in advance at the right venues. And just have to be the best players but people who've got personalities who've got online followings could that be bigger in 10 years time for example i always consider i i'll probably be way way way off the mark and i don't think ever any of us are going to touch the the the reach that someone like tiger woods gets. But i wonder how we would do in the pip yeah you know i wonder how we would do in media headlines searches views um engagement like the mad numbers that we obviously collectively get individually on your channels google channels my channel like the numbers are gonna be massive. But you know i do genuinely believe there will be a channel that gets to 10 million subscribers yeah i will 100 golf like there'll be a channel that even probably goes past that. And i think the more great content. And this we've talked about so much this week the reason why i'm so excited about collaborating with you guys because you make great content thank you thank you yeah that was intense i think as long as we get a next.

Wave that even tries to do better than us that even tries to push us right that even tries to push the envelope even further it's only going to do golf it's only going to do youtube he's only going to do golf youtube the a bigger boost like none of this is bad as long as good quality fresh exciting competition is content keeps coming up. And i think i think quality is the biggest thing because once once you get on like once you're on youtube it's like the difference between another channel. And another channel is being able to like see where the ball is going like different little things that separate you. And i think there's all these things i think quality is the biggest thing because you can't just get up there hit it without a tracer right. And then.

Not anymore the only way you can do that is if you bring tremendous character right yeah right. And that's where you build it's almost not about the golf right no. But i think i. And i do think that's where um. So to answer your question i feel like there's not going to be as many in in my opinion there's. So many pga tour stars you know i'm saying like i think there will be multiple channels that get to the point when maybe they're as big as some of the main guys on the pga tour. But i just i don't know and it could happen there could be hundreds one day which would be great it would be great for the game of golf be great in general um i do see it happening i just don't know if there's going to be as many as there are pga tours starting. So now there's so many new names too cameron smith just popping off doing great things you know so i don't know i think it's because when you watch the pj tour ever you watch because the best players are entertaining because they're doing things the golf ball that most mere mortals can't do. But people watch your videos for entertainment so although it's different to some degree so we're all spending time on our phones from our tv to be entertained so the more channels that come out and the more people are enjoying it the more they get invested in you guys because that's another thing as well you get a bit more with the likes of bryson by his own youtube channel. But you don't really know the golfers do you don't know the personality you see them they win they give a very nice interview worthy thank the sponsors. And thank the green keepers and thanks everybody for watching whatever but with you guys certainly when you've got like vlog channels as well and podcasts whatever people feel like they actually start to know you oh yeah your personality not just how you play golf. And i think i spend more time watching youtube golf. And professional golf yeah i think a lot. And i think that's why like when you're when you do like fan meetups. And stuff and you run into fans it's like there's just a whole different interaction with youtubers versus somebody in the media that they don't know a lot about 100 it's like they almost know you they walk up to you like they're your friend because we're there talking to a camera telling them about our life personal stuff someone on tv they're not they're not talking about their personal life they're just like a public figure and they don't really have that like connection you know but i just i feel like that's special it's all it's all going to the phone it's easy access youtube's on your phone you know instead of turning on the tv flipping through the channels finding the pga tour stuff like that it's on the phone i know it's easy access the youtube algorithm knows you better than you know yourself yeah. So if you start opening that youtube app it's going to feed you content that it knows you like right it just is i know you've got it we've you've got to shoot off you're going down to heathrow. So it'll keep you too long um last question then.

What's what's the goal moving forward give me give me the give me the five year goal that's a big question uh keep improving keep building the team um keep expanding you know one of our next.

Goals is to get apparel in the uk easier. So stuff like that keep expanding uh signing more talent as well you know we just we signed a guy andrew kozan corn fairy to a professional uh stuff like that working with more youtubers like yourselves um and stuff like that so i don't know i think. For us we see ourselves on a really good track what we're doing uh and we want to make our content better and better and better come up with more ideas uh spend more time on the content i think that's really i feel like in my eyes that's all we can do is like we just need to make as good of content as possible i think the rest will happen that's what i see at least as well as making hardware yeah potters yeah oh that as well yeah golf balls. And putters happening literally what's the date in five days we're launching our putters well we i should have had my hands on the three latest models and you would have you would have if your golf clubs hadn't got lost yeah yeah we gotta we gotta have you do a really though a review i wanted to do i wanted to review live in front of all of you that'd be honest i would yeah i'd be a little intimidated i'd be like all right well you better say that right this could be really bad. Or really good this is scratched how how much yeah i like going i don't like the feel of this not yeah doesn't roll you'll all be lining me up rick it's right to left it's it's you're aiming a bit left you're gonna be living out doing a lot of lift outs this week um honestly good luck to both of you i feel like you are entrepreneurs at an unbelievably early age i'm excited to see what the future holds i'm excited to be kind of somewhat part of your journey as well like i'm you know i'm a huge supporter a huge fan. And it and i can't wait to see the content keep growing and i think uh the only thing we can do is race to 10 million subscribers yeah don't fancy our chances. But i think that's the exciting competition it's good. And it's really friendly and it's exciting and uh i think more collaborations to come more meet ups. And uh you drive us we drive you everyone everyone better that'll say just a note on that i think it's into grant before it's like it's it's competition in a sense of we feel inspired to keep going forward because what these guys are doing. But yeah it feels like there's some level of crossover in the audience. But there's also like not as well i feel like it's um it's cool now that i think when golf youtube channels first started they were quite similar they were doing similar things. But now there's so much different variety and people watch a lot people can watch more than just one channel can't they oh yeah. So do me a favor stop getting holding ones on par fours. And all that jazz keep it going keep smashing it guys if you are listening watching. And you have not subscribed to you to go good good right now do it they are getting unbelievably close to a million subscribers they want a gold plaque they want six of them 10 of them however. many they want to order get them there as quick as they can. So make sure you like and subscribe the channel you're not going to regret it guys thanks. For listening thanks for watching one last thing end of last podcast you did a rick secret we said we do every week now. So people have to listen to the end of the podcast to get your secret what is your secret this week rick what's your secret whoa on saturday night i took the boys to the gay village. And on that note we will see you next.

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