All right guys welcome back to the rickshaws Golf Show podcast everybody episode 197 I'm your host Rick Shields here with co-host guy we've got a lot to cover I'm pumped full of coffee you're pumped full of prime yes it's gonna be a good podcast it's gonna go one of two ways it's either gonna be a great podcast. Or near the toilet halfway through also I feel like my voice is going a little bit today.

Really it's just nice it might have this little husky kind of tone to it there's going to be a lot of people driving the car with it what an interested partner in the passenger seat. And then.

You hear your voicemail who's that guy again welcome everybody The Late Night episode um we've got a lot to cover we have where should we start we should start with the fact that the rumors are true the live podcast is happening somewhat soon to celebrate 200 episodes. And celebrate the podcast been alive for four years alive he was born four years ago almost it was November. So it was an awkward night nine months before that it was very awkward nine months before that. But yeah we're not gonna just touch on literally today.

Or tomorrow I'm actually going to bucket buckets which actually booked in. And we can start doing the tickets Etc. But the good news is happening I will be limited tickets it's not we're not doing it at theater this time around about 275 tickets yeah. So it's going to be kind of like small busy okay. And the tickets aren't going to be stupidly priced they'll only be 15 grand ticket you're quite good on it getting really chilled kinds of prime waitresses waitress Etc. So get a handshake off guy correct 50 off Rick so it'll be a good day no. But it's happening it's gonna be in October middle of October again probably next.

Week this time next.

Week we will be giving all the details about it. But it'll be a good good night hopefully selling tickets um hopefully why not stay tuned for that um and like I said it won't be it won't be expensive very very reasonable um hopefully everybody can attend yes you can make it um today.

Is a quite an action-packed uh podcast. And obviously there was massive massive uh news in the world of golf yesterday with Bryson dechambeau shooting 58 which we're going to come onto a lot more depth because I think that round of golf I have solidified live golf in the world of golf as we know it I think it was huge. For live golf it was an important round again it was very very important round of golf. And he was only four shots off I think he's only four shots off 54 million pounds as well. Or dollars did you ever remember yes the very very very first live tournament that happened at Centurion last year yeah. And when the prize giving was being announced they mentioned that if anybody shoots 54 which is technically the perfect round of golf 18 on the power in the past 72. But this would have been a 54 and a 70 that they would have won 54 million dollars pounds whatever um winning his first live title on June 58 and setting records etc etc you are looking at me proud of punch with a trophy um well not a trophy a paperway a glorified paperweight the second version of this paperweight okay. So you have won tell everybody what it is you say win um partake we shot a 55 wow. So you can take your 58 Bryce. And dejambo and your 4 million quid and we as a team granted featuring Darren Clark nice gray moves off plus two and another Rick that was off 18. And me playing off scratches of 18 in one group we shot 17 underpark gross wow and came second I see the trophy so this is it second version um this is funny now there's three trophies on the back of this um shelf behind me there's the other version of this that I won I came second last year with John Daly yeah okay this trophy here the JP trophy which I won when I was playing my mates to correct to celebrate the life of a friend of ours Johnny Pierce who unfortunately passed away. And then.

This one second place at JCB Championship playing with Darren Clark and the scramble is it car sorry none of them yeah were filmed that wasn't filmed right. So we've got either two things here these are these are our two scenarios number one scenario I play really really really good when I'm not being filmed okay number two scenario I keep like crazy when not being filmed number two numbers also on this oh let's see this is a wedge oh wow a Callaway wedge which has been jcbi it really has been jcbified wowzers. So wow and this is another thing you might not believe I won the longest drive wow. So I was winning the nearest pin on the ninth I did I played after after our little heart to heart last week yeah I felt like really healthy that's really good I thought I really really helped me kind of get things a lot of things off my chest I had a lovely a lot of lovely messages from you guys the fans followers I've had. So much um advice around fitness health what I need to do in my golf swing you know quite complicated. But very much appreciated I went to the JCB Championship to play in the program last Wednesday I'm not gonna lie to you guy I honestly thought I was gonna make an absolute fool of myself I've not been playing well yeah I was playing with Darren Clark unfortunately. For the second year in a row filming was not permitted man bye the um instructions of the professional in the group the top professional in the group last year it was John Daly this year it was Darren Clark from what I heard through the grapevine John Daley got into the ear of Darren Clark just the night before the Pro-Am. And I got a message saying Darren can't film tomorrow which was a bit frustrating um however. just on a side note I'm actually best friends now with John Daley too well can we come on to John daily stories in a minute yeah because I want to hear a bit more about your round of golf. And Darren Clark so I rocked up and we teed off on the fifth hole the the pathway down the hill and it was a scramble try it out to a straight out Texas scramble scramble whatever you want to call it. And honestly I don't think collectively we we had 16 birdies an eagle. And two pars ridiculous and we didn't win around JCB 72 we shot a 55 and apparently someone came in with a 56 gross but I had a higher handicapper than us they had a 10 um they were Vijay Singh beat us glossywood they had a 10 handicapper. And two 16 handicappers as a shot formula they shot 16 on the Gross Magic Pencil spash I mean VJ must have played very well yes it did say VJ played incredible well question. For you've done that then.

One thing I was really Keen to understand. And I'm sure you're gonna explain this to us but obviously Darren Clark I'm sure everyone listened obviously to Darren Clark is absolute legend of the game Northern Irish golfer who won the Open Championship in 2011. he's 54 years old now she's playing the senior stuff genuinely what was it like to play with him how good is he still I honestly felt like his ball striking with his irons was UN incredible really incredible he you know when you we've obviously had time spent with good good players. And one of the things that stands out to me more than anything in the world is the compression with irons like on part three it just sounds good doesn't it never never slightly thin it they never fat it it's always just that lovely ball. And turf these really nice ball flights they always know their distances incredibly well but they never come up 10 yard short unless something really weird happened I mean they never fly it 20 yards over the green. So really all they're playing with is slightly rights. And slightly left misses but they're always pin High they're always kind of in there they can manage the ball fight brilliantly he's driving. And he'll admit it wasn't that he wasn't absolutely on his A-game on on when we played on Wednesday but he took to GC quad down a couple of times and hit some hit some shots now I kind of jumped back on the tea to have a look at these numbers and he was still getting well into the 160 plus ball speed right 270 280 carry distances um. But when I say bad shot it didn't hit a bad shot like there wasn't a shot that we went oh that was a bit rope it every shot was really good his putting was. So we had a format where he always put his last to be fair in our kind of group um sometimes my posting was on fire by the way like genuinely on fire. So he didn't get a chance to put a lot of times no. But when he did when we relied on him he delivered nice I was very just very very impressed really nice guy um yeah it's a shame we couldn't film it I would have loved to have filmed it I think last year's JCB Championship playing with John Daly actually in that video I think that round of golf quite literally couldn't have been filmed because of the uh the language maybe that said. But I think the Darren Clark one would have been really really really good um. But yeah it was it was a really nice day always get very well looked after at JCB obviously the championship was this weekend um unfortunately I stayed around. For the morning of the Thursday but kind of came back because we were doing some review content in the hit Studio this on Thursday afternoon last week um really the infrastructure there just seems to be growing. And growing each year like it feels like it's a busier event I think a lot of fans. And subscribers and followers went because I got loads of messages over the weekend saying you there now unfortunately I wasn't but it's great to see so many so many people went down there and I went every day every day yeah they did I think as well as we said before is that you get into these amazing golfers who are literally Mage winners of Years Gone by not even that many years ago an amazing Golf Course nice kind of activations. And nice food on site and it was cheap like if you're in that area definitely go. And see it next.

Year yeah it was really good. And then.

Uh Peter Baker won it in the end um he had six on the par winning score six under par through 36 Souls I think one of the rounds was rained out the last round I think yeah. So obviously there was some uh challenging with the weather um. But yeah pretty awesome. And then.

That night so they had a it was another crazy night. So I got to sit and chat with loads of interesting people uh one of them being Christina Kim nice Christina Kim playing the prom as well she's a she's a friend of jcb's and she was there dad chatty really nice lady I'd love to get her on the podcast. Or a channel definitely and then.

Later that evening the the the um was flowing. And uh Rick left the building and then.

Walked Ricky correct oh quick one before that so obviously the prize giving Gotti became second genuinely gutted and you know no hard feelings. But definitely feel like we should have won that there was a there was a Gong out in the driving range right 150 yards. And I really wasn't going to embarrass myself because like I said I've not been hitting it well it feels to be honest after the round of golf feeling a little bit a little bit swaggy with myself feeling like well honestly I did I played I text you mid round then.

I said I'm playing. And you didn't none of you believe me I mean maybe the six. Or seven beers definitely help but even when I first started the round of girlfriend I had no beers honestly I felt like just different a difference I ended up. And then.

There was this gong. And they said come on Rick have a go have a go I was like I don't embarrass myself. So it's too iron so I had to go hit the two iron and the very first shot just Mr dunk but hit the gong but hit the bit underneath it the wooden bit right that's that wasn't far off next.

One a little bit left next.

One a little bit right four shot boom bang on the gong well don't stop it and then.

That night we were Sat by the fire having a few guinnesses John Daly was there oh I think John Dale was the only tour pro that was still there okay because they were all getting ready. For the next.

Day they're all getting ready for the JTV Championship as was John they're in his own way correct the guitar came out of course okay Graham who I played with really really talented young uh well similar to me. But really nice guy played my plus two handicap and then.

He at night he pulls out this guitar and uh what are they called um what's it called that. So he's there with his guitar and his harmonica and everyone starts jamming and singing John see a bit of footage feel like I want to be Graham I do yeah I thought you did honestly what was he drinking Graham like something cool yeah like some sort of whiskey Scottish he's a member of archfield. So it's really jobs going. So literally Oh my days this is harmonica. Or whatever you called it so I'll put this in the video podcast John daily on the guitar [Music] [Laughter] [Music] you can actually hear me singing in the background if you listen closely it's very. And then.


Thing yeah literally you won't believe I did on Saturday when Amazon start looking at guitars oh my God why do you do this. So I've actually ordered you've not ordered a guitar no a the little one ukulele yeah [Music]. And did you have any um beef with John Daly oh. So he was there on his own all right okay nice that helped the batter's not getting into too political. But that helped with the matters and we're jamming and it was delicious anyway later on it kind of we're chatting away. And I said listen you know no hard feelings about last year who are you I think there's a bit of annoyance with the podcast that we did. But so be it we only told the truth and he said listen Rick we just didn't know um let's do some filming again soon wow. And then.

We started talking about bringing our product together oh God and I was like oh maybe not what kind of product we can't say on there okay wow okay I don't think it's a market that I particularly want to get into was it blue [Music] I'd love to get a video with John Daly um yeah I think he still rips I saw him at the open this time. And he's still absolutely rips it I think like sometimes forget all these guys because they're getting a bit older now. And stuff that for some part I think. And this is ridiculous to say out loud I'm going to say you kind of think I reckon I could beat them if played well because they're old now absolutely no chance on Earth they're. So good at golf still because they're still at it as far it's not further than us anyway and yeah. And they've got the torch the feel but you know what's matter about just going back to Darren Clark. For one minute this is something that I said start that when you hear it you're kind of all right okay. And then.

You actually think about it. So when he won the open which is in 2011 it was his first major win after more than 20 years. And 54 attempts so imagine going to 54 major championships. And then.

Finally winning one like how long will it be 20 plus years that is insane when you think about that career. And that grind to win one no wonder it obviously meant. So much to him but that's mad isn't it I was thinking about that this this weekend a little bit I've seen a lot of things on social media at the Wyndham event at the PGA Tour where you had obviously Just in Time Justin Thomas fighting to get FedEx Adam Scott fighting to try. And get in the playoffs which he missed and then.

Uh Billy horse really was fighting to get in it. And he actually got it yeah it was interesting with Adam Scott because I started thinking I don't know if you can pull it up very quickly the last time he actually won you might tell me that it's only two years ago. But I feel like he's always and he's been around for for 20 odd years probably maybe even slightly longer so his last win um was the Genesis in 2020 .. But then.

Before that on the D on the on the uh Europe so I get on the PGA tour it was 2016.. So yeah he doesn't win a great it's been once in seven years uh well he went on the Astra he won the European tour. But yeah he just doesn't win that much. But you're right the amount of time he is. Or his name's up there all the time just got me thinking like someone like an Adam Scott who's been doing it for an awful long time now and we could have asked him in the podcast really what still lights the fire in his belly like what is it that is it the wins it you know obviously he's a major winner that that he's got that kind of forever winning the Masters it's like what what keeps that spark alive. For someone I mean a great example of that is is Lucas Glover they've actually won the Wyndham yeah after struggling with The Yips. And all sorts he doesn't seem like he's done anything for ages now I would love to say I've watched all the shots but I didn't I didn't watch a great deal of golf this weekend for one reason or another but obviously saw bits on social media but but just got my question what continues to the light the fire in the belly likewise I don't know if anybody's been trying and practicing harder at the moment than Bryce and dechambeau so there's loads of reports at the open about him hitting quite literally thousands of golf balls on the Range he's been tweaking a lot of things he seems like he's really he's Slimmer slimmed down a bit yeah he seems like he's not been happy with his performances whether it's a last desperate charge to try. And get into Ryder Cup which I think now he's probably solidified himself into the Ryder Cup after that performance over the weekend yeah the last two rounds of golf that live his average goal was 59.5 he shot 61 on Saturday. And a 58 on Sunday saying around the golf course that granted if the power was fairly low at 70.. But it was a long golf course was it 7 200 yards I'm not sure on the length. But yeah it was over 70 000 yards past 70. And he shoots a 58. yeah I think well that's what we're going to come on to that that's a obviously a huge talking point. But for many many reasons I think firstly it's nice to see Bryson playing good good girl well not good golf incredible golf like you said he's the kind of golf always obviously he's a bit of a scientist he obviously went through this real journey of distance he's got peculiar golf clubs Etc. And I feel like he's the kind of golfer when he's on as we've just seen he's Unstoppable but he can go off quite easily. Or for a long period of time but what what for me this this win and this this 58 has really meant we've discussed lift many many times and we'll always continue to discuss live because it's an interesting topic I'm still not fully behind it doesn't feel as proper as the PGA tour for many many reasons but this 58 was different because. For example I'm on Google now this might be my computer if it's a global thing or not whatever on Google just type in golf right at the top where there's the news articles top three articles are all right into Shambo obviously it's 58 live. And then.

It comes on top of the PGA Tour kind of below that so for the first time in a long time live is kind of top of the news. But for the right reasons for the golf there's not so much I'm sure you can obviously find it. But it's not all about how much he's won it's about the fattest shot 58 and there's one obviously the title and you kind of think is that a real moving point. For live at Showcase that they have got obviously some of the best gobs in the world and some great golfers being played there or is it still a Mickey Mouse tool that no one cares about I opened Instagram yesterday afternoon knowing that the golf was kind of finishing. And seeing what was happening. And the hearing rumors that Bryson was doing well I'd never seen. So many traditional media and people who have potentially not been the biggest fans of live Etc sharing the Bryson dechambeau story it almost to some degree he almost gave them the license to share it because it was a story not about money like it was like we have to celebrate this like we we as as news Publications around the world if we're not talking about this we're not really doing our job anymore are we no when it comes to yes they might they might write different articles around the money. Or the the ethics or whatever the tournament but when you've got a goal for going out there. And quite literally shooting the absolute lights out you know 58 I mean that's just ridiculous you have you have to share it you have to talk about it. And what I also found in the comments going down I loved it because it was more about the golf. And this has always been my point about Golf and live and this last 12 months of of golf or 18 months of golf this is what's annoyed me that the majority of the story lines is about money. And not about the golf and even for myself yesterday I was like yes they're talking about golf they're talking about the reason why people would want to watch. Or the reason why Bryson dechambeau or any other golfer should be celebrated because they are hyper talented individuals who can still perform at the highest possible level. And and they celebrated about that and like you say I saw much less headlines about how much he won yesterday and I'm not even going to bring it up on this podcast because. For me it doesn't matter how much you won yesterday it's the fact he went out and just shot the absolute lights out dominated the performance for me as a golf fan I'm using a European that doesn't want him in the team but means a golf fan I want Bryson the Shambo at the Rally cup yeah like regardless of whether it's going to help. Or hinder uh the Europe I want to see Bryson dechambeau at the Ryder Cup because he is one of those characters that elevates the sport. For us and if if the Ryder Cup um you know becomes you know as big as it always is. And hopefully it will do again this year you need those characters in there I mean how'd your body Patrick reading just. For fun why not yeah shove all the shove all the the guys who who get the headlines. And let's just have a crazy event like that question them for you who won the team event yesterday in the live it was Turkey talk talk okay I had no idea personally until I just checked I think that's again the thing with this team element that. For me there's so much story and rightly so around the 58. does the team element still fit into that the only reason why the team element was. So celebrated yesterday is because it was a ridiculous score they shot 49 underpower as a team um the second was 46. And 40. so it still is yeah it's ridiculous. But I just I struggled to find for me this is where I'm not quite in again were the team. But it sits like I'm not watching that 58 going oh. And that's great because talk of one of Crushers came second I'm looking at Bryce and doing that you know what I mean. But we're so trained and programmed to think of individuals rather than teams. And I'm not saying that that it's just I'm not saying I totally agree with what you're saying I'm still not behind the team element and I think a lot of people listening. And watching won't be behind the team element but we're so programmed for me as as golf it's an individual who goes out I'll celebrate Bryce in the Shambo until the cows come home and shoot at 58 but I'm not really shouting about the minus 49 because it doesn't quite feel right just yet question then.

Again we've just discussed this before but I've got another case study that I think proves this is live I think live now's got lost in between being Innovative. And being different with the fact it's got obviously team elements it's only three rounds it's shotgun start trying to make a bit cooler but at the same time we're we're dead chuffed that he shot 58 which is very traditional in golf if you're watching this hundred Cricket no that's why I don't watch any crickets neither do I I absolutely hate Cricket I know a lot of people listen to watch them will love it I find it slow I find it boring I don't understand that I obviously understand the concept of bowling. And batting but I don't understand all different things what it all means have you heard of the hundred they get 100 Balls literally so both teams you've got they've all got a bit because 2020 is 20 over isn't it yes that's 120 balls it throws away a hundreds of that much differences 100 Balls. So you're one team your team Shields and team guy am I right insane though I have a little bit about this because overs aren't mattering you could you could have one bowl left I don't know 100 I'm not that clued I don't think. So I'm not that clued I put it I don't know but I've watched it a few times and basically obviously your team has hundred balls your bat and then.

You get how many enemy runs my team then.

Comes on and I get 100 Balls every time beat your school now again as you can tell by the way I'm talking I know nothing about Cricket. But I've watched it a few times recently when it's been on and I've put it on it's been the second team batting so it'll say on the left side of the screen need 112 runs to to win and they've got how many balls left and it's so simple it's so quick and they have like when the Wicket gets hit they have all lights on the wickets and honestly it gets to a point where there's like let's say they might need 15 runs of 20 balls I'm just trying to smack your arms out of your seat but they also have to smack its house exactly and what I'm trying to get to is I don't know if I'll ever become a cricket fan because like I'm not really into Cricket. But honest to God watching that I get quite like hooked I don't know who the players are I don't know much about it the colors of the teams are quite fancy they're all sponsored by crisps randomly um like hula hoops. And stuff but there's all like fire and stuff and honestly it feels to me so different to traditional like test Cricket whereas that could have been where live is it could have been still golf. But in a totally different way and I don't think it's taken that far enough of a step to do that really it still feels like it's kind of like golf. But just not quite the same I think. For some sense they probably had to keep it still like golf to really convince these other these golfers to come over possibly because otherwise if it was literally right our plan is you get a hundred golf shots you've got to see how many how many holes you can complete yeah I don't know. But they could have maybe done something that was more faster paced. And more Innovative and experimental than what they have potentially I agree but it's a turning point for a live then.

You think the fact that they've obviously showcased them an amazing Golf. And you could argue not even I think you win the argument that that is the best golf on show this weekend on the live tour I would I would say it's I don't know about how much it it enhances live I would say it's really enhanced Bryson dechambeau again more than it has the actual the league of live yeah like. For me I'm seeing there's a couple of standout players from live this year who have really kind of Taken the the potential criticism and turn it into positives and that's Brooks kepka and Bryson haven't they've they've still yeah heavily competed. And done well and and I know obviously Bryson obviously he's not won a major this year as such but when you see him at the open you think he's still got a chance better chance than anyone else probably still I would throw in maybe still even cam Smith into that mix yeah there's a few golfers to me like am I seeing Dustin Johnson turn up the open now. And still thinking Dustin Johnson's got as good a chance as anyone else I don't know but is that that's just form as opposed to the fact is it that's what I'm saying it's more it's more you know when I talked about before about Adam Scott. And what continues to fire in the belly some of these Live players what what actually continues to fire in the belly you know they're all what what keeps and I've seen it because when I went to live and and I'm going to use an example here. But even though I'm gonna I'm gonna argue my myself here for me when I look at someone like a Lee Westwood okay what keeps the fire in his belly like what what makes him practice. And train and whatever now what I'm I'm saying that in one sentence but also after the rounder girlfriend I went to live at London that Friday after all the golf had been finished 90 of the golfers had left there was one man still in the driving range. And that was Lee Westwood. So the fire is there. But what I'm trying to get at is what what keeps that fire burning. For the guys who were I don't know that they're kind of they're already set. For life they've already committed to not particularly playing in the Mages anymore would you say that seems like a commitment coming from from a handful of the guys this year what what keeps that drive is it is it is it the bit that we don't see is it the team because I'd say the Majestics team is the team that it feels the most like a team I think the answer is simply competitiveness because what we're doing here which understanding I you know you think this is I think this is that like I'm just Googling something why I'm trying to say at this point um is that. But for now for potentially even a Bryson or for any of these guys that wealthy what's the point in playing Garth have lost that competitive Spirit but if you look at how much any of the PJ tour golfers are worth. And then.

You start to look at the serious PJ tour golfers they're worth so much money that you could then.

Argue or why do other playing set. For life it says here online I don't know how accurate this is. But Rory is valued around 200 million right if Rory is valued at 200 million as your mother still playing he's made 72 million on-course earnings. And the rest is obviously from sponsorships because I feel like he's still putting his hat in. For Majors he's still putting his hat in for most wins he still wants to be a Ryder Cup captain you know what I mean there's still things to to. But do not aim. For yeah true. But I suppose if you're a competitive guy which always these guys asked how they've got the highest level you don't get a PJ tour card or whatever for not being competitive although yeah there's only 48 guys in the in in the roster now. Or whatever there is you still want to win yeah I can't I might be wrong maybe there's a couple of guys who are the old guys who aren't bothered. But I can't imagine DJ's happy going. And getting beat by Taylor Gooch and cam Smith and Brooks but even and again I'm not even just specifically I'm using examples of people or individuals or anyone that I'm like what's Kit what's get Lucas Glover going what's kept Adam's got going what keeps Lee Westwood going even when I look at the seniors like when you look at the seniors there I was chatting to Darren on the way around his schedule this year is crazy it's crazy how much golf he's playing competitive golf like I don't know I just I think it is just that that's what I mean it might just it could just be that fact that they've lived all their life as competitive athletes you know what I think we do a lot as golfers. And as fans you look at people who are famous on the PGA tour okay again let's use a Rory. Or Ernie Ellis the older kind of generation and because we've only ever known them or seen them when they've been famous and successful even coming up as an amateur Elite amateur you almost think that that's just the life. And that's all they've ever done but like Rory came from a very kind of humble and normal kind of family and you know would have spent hours and hours and hours at the range in the rain practicing when it was cold you know we could have been at home on his PlayStation. Or whatever and he chose to beat the range hitting balls and that level of dedication is what then.

Gets them to the Top If you then.

Get to the top. And go I'm quite comfortable very very quickly you fall off and you're not the top any longer so all the guys who you mentioned who are household named in this sport have to have that hunger in their belly otherwise they wouldn't be here. But what I'm saying I get it from like a world number one or a top five player or top 10 player in the world it's all of the of the other players that maybe not like for example for us obviously we're super competitive yeah in business in YouTube. And Facebook and hit channel in podcasts like because we we feel like with the the continuing to to innovate and push the boundaries and get to the next.

Level it's like when you're not at that point the surely the motivation must I still think it's always there because someone like a Lucas Glover will be teeing up every week either thinking I'm good enough to be winning this. So therefore. we then.

Wins or he has to be thinking not to even stay relevant or they've got all their goals it's like how to make sure that I keep my card this year I'm not letting Joe blogs over there keep his card and not me because I'm better than him I think it always comes down to competitiveness not everyone wants to well not everyone thinks it can be well number one some guys will think that who miles are you know Ian Poulter he got to where he got to. And you could argue from somewhat being delusional but that kept him driven all the guys might be wanting to beat the mate or you know they grew up at College another Gala I'm better than him if he's won once on peer tour I can go. And win so I think everything at this level comes down to competitiveness. But maybe they're not all competing for the majors or for world number one they've got different goals he might be competing to live a lifestyle that they've LED exactly last 10 years you could argue I know it sounds a bit silly but well you know we obsess what we mean number one the golf YouTube space You could argue what everybody else could do it. But everybody who makes YouTube videos might be getting a silver plaque 100K subscribers or I'll take another Channel they think they're better than. Or want to make it a full-time living so you can quit the job. So I think all these guys that are playing golf competitively have to have a real reason why they're doing it if it wasn't there that fire in the belly went they just fall out the rankings yeah. And I'm I'm not for one minute saying YouTubers Etc shouldn't be obviously to try and continue obviously you're asking what is that drive in these players I just find it I find it very very interesting. And like I say it might just be a case-by-case basis I think also golf is very different to all the sports like football you end up needing to retire because you're just not good enough anymore. But also you see a lot of players footballers struggle with their emotions and the mental health and all that things because they've got nothing to play for after that and that's why some of them move into punditry or management or whatever because they've got to keep that they've got to keep active I would say that most golfers and I use amateur golfers within this have a level of delusion and I think I mean I'm 100 included in this because I know what I have shot before. Or how good I can hit it I think I somewhat expect to do that's in my head I think I should be shooting level par very very very very very rarely if ever a handful of times do I do that. But I have yeah. And I think that level of delusion can be detrimental. But it can also motivate you. And push it to go out and do something because I think a lot of these guys would say open a bit you can't be telling me that the world number 300 who qualifies. For the open by local qualifying and final qualifying whatever thinks he can win the open. But sometimes these guys do okay. And it's that level of almost Borderland Deluge and I think that helps you yeah no you're right. And I think it there was um the video from uh fried eggs golf yes uh if you've not watched it please watch it fried eggs golf Randy Smith is what is one I think is one of the most talented YouTube creators he deserves 10 times the views that yes 10 times subscribers 10 times the views he's been doing it. For a long time I very first saw him in 2014 making um rap videos about the ping G30 driver let's talk niches how the turbulators are uh even maybe he brought a new music video out. And there's a little cameo in there of myself but basically it's it's summarizing exactly what you've just said it's the story of a golfer who used to be scratch. And now he's not on Scratch and he and he he feels like you know it's what's the point and it's gone and this and the other and just one magical shot yep one good round of golf one just perfect strike makes you think that you're the best player in the world again well yes. And I'm going to cover two topics here in one topic we're doing this monthly run. So we're trying to do 100 kilometers running in the month of August please feel free to take part. For listening there's three challenges there's a par 50 kilometers a birdie 75 kilometers or an eagle which is 100 kilometers. Or do more. For a psychopath you're currently being amazing on a big run this morning it's a bit naughty if you I'm on 15 and a bit K not doing a great deal you're now on 17 yeah well it did a 12K this morning just to beat me. For this podcast don't worry I will go home. And do some more tonight I literally woke up. So last night I looked and I was like we're doing the podcast tomorrow. And I'd only done a 5K run yeah. And and you've done a 16 you were up to 16.1. Or whatever and I was like can't face it tomorrow if I literally turn up there. And think I can't win this. So I got up this morning I forced myself to get up I really didn't want to luckily it was a beautiful day I planned to do 10 K yep I got lost I ended up doing 12K wasn't fast. But I got it done well well I don't believe though if you only did the 10K I still would have been beating you I would have done 10.7 right okay. So you would definitely beat me yeah the time let's do 10.7. But I did get lost ended up doing 12. dying dying dying dying. But I got it done no great I'm just I'm fearful. For your retaliation I will no I'm gonna do a lot. But it's been great it's been great to see how many people are joining in. And if it's walking up it's running you want to get a bit fitter this month it's definitely spurred me honest I've not done as many yet as I'd like to but I will I can confirm now I'll be doing the 100K if not more I've got just a quick one on the running yeah do you do the kind of slight awkward thing when you run past another Runner a bit of a nod a little nodding like a smile without teeth okay we're doing this yeah I like it sometimes I like the little like I get there's a few guys I've seen where they'll like give you like a thumb up you're like I needed that thank you thanks mate this morning however. I'm running past those guy running the other way kind of both listening to whatever smiling this I don't know he runs about five yards past me it turns around Rick all right let's turn around. And turn around he said got to get like flapping. For his phone flapping for his phone he goes listen to you oh my gosh I must be doing it again right now this is you again right now. So he was listening to the podcast this morning I don't think oh I couldn't tell what episode it was. And I was oh that's nice mate he went yeah yeah it's too higher. And it was like that's class. So he was literally listening to the podcast as he ran people running right now just as we're doing this podcast give a quick motivational word of encouragement to people um quit it's not worth it well. So that's a good motivational thing keep going. For me you know I I really trying to take my mind off anything but running so when I'm running I'm trying to think of anything. But running and you know if you try and think of anything. But something you think of that thing because if I said you don't think of a pink elephant yeah I think of a pink elephant yeah whatever. But what I've got the reason I thought about the running was twofold first to announce again to people to join if they want to. But secondly and last thing on this we're talking about Golf and our expectations when I did my first 5k back of the day first running like a month. Or two it's terrible I didn't expect to run it either the same speeds are not only Ward. Or even if it did achieve that speed to be as comfortable as I normally am. And that was the case I ran a little bit slower. And it really really hurts and I expected that that was fine. But with golf how often do we go out. And expect we always expect to do what we've done before yeah like I never go out. And go I've not played for three or four weeks so that'll be happy breaking 90. like you never think that never. But yeah sometimes you can actually not play that's the thing with golf though you can't have a massive Gap. And come back and flush it is it great you can it happens going back though to very I'm such I feel like such a hypocrite in this video in this podcast. And when I'm talking about what is the fire in the belly I'm not when I'm talking about these players. And this side of it it's not for me saying what what is it I'm just I'm fascinated to understand each individuals completely contributes myself because why did they look at this morning. And run 12K absolutely beat me in a stupid race that means nothing absolutely didn't want correct like I could have done anything else but run this morning but I couldn't face not beating you exactly and imagine that sat with 48 other guys and live tent or whatever having having your lunch before a practice round or whatever it might be yeah you're old multi multi-millionaires. And you're all wet you've all got fancy Rolex and fly private jet but that's all you're all equal again then.

We're all minted so I want to beat you on the golf course today.

It's even like Darren Clark like we Darren Clark was gutted we came second I was like I really we should have won that today.

A man that is complacent coming second would never make it on the PJ tour no um. So we have asked for change for questions on Instagram we thought you know what let's get down to kids a bit we're always on Facebook asking for questions week in week out well Facebook you've had your time um so we went a bit younger um so let's see if we get more spicy and more relevant Rick what's your favorite Tick Tock dance oh no I'm joking. So this is a question actually from a guy we know Jake Lawrence we've got several hi Jake um who helps provide his lovely cameras in this room Helen twice in his question asked. But no he said What brands outside of golf would you love to see move into golf clothes Tech. Or clubs I would love Apple to move into golf what would they make the eye Club the eye Club okay. And it's it's I think there's a market. For a golf club yeah that is. So intelligent that it can learn everything about you almost like a fitting Club okay you take it out. Or even a full set of clubs you take them out and after three or four rounds of golf it's spews out all the information and tells you everything that you need to know about everything how long you should have your clubs or lie what direction you end up missing in how could you add more distance where could you evaluate your game plug AI into that yeah boom it comes out with a perfect recipe you know this reminds me of a little bit when I was like in year two at school. And I got asked to do something about golf because that was my favorite spot this is what I'd have done. So on a golf club there's everything for me well done guy five house points thank you yeah apple I think Apple will be pretty good no yeah I agree I'd love to see it's a silly one I'd love to see Nike back in the hardware I think Nike clubs yes they were always the best. But there was something exciting about Nike clubs I know a bit biased in saying that. But I'd love Nike to come back but I don't think that's ever going to be the case I think Rick Shields golf clubs yeah maybe that'd be on set. So you can hook it I can't get any more um another question then..

So the only problem is these questions because they're done by your Instagram if People's usernames which often isn't the real name um I can still ask them this one is ASM GC. Or cg92 if you could only play one golf course for the rest of your life what would it be now this cat well whatever you want to be will be realistic in saying that isn't that ASM like that ASMR um one golf course I could play. For the rest of my life and I won't get bored August the national it could be I don't think I'll ever get bored around August National um one course I could play the rest of my life. And I wouldn't be bored I don't know yeah. But if you're gonna play the one Golf Course the rest of your life you've got to pick one you're not gonna be bored at haven't you yeah true you've kind of got to pick one that's dry all year round yeah challenging. But not dead hard listen all right um like for example I wouldn't I've really grown to love her I Liverpool but I want to play that every day because it beats you up too often yeah. But it's not about playing there every day it's about that's the only culture play every day after play it there you know what happened we go Hillside oh no Wallace I'm surprised you didn't say Wallace if straight away I thought well I'll see. So I thought while we'll see was your easy pick now while I see um no because I've played it last Friday. And I got beaten up by the place and good and proper you play on Friday or whenever it was last Tuesday oh right yes over the video I got beaten up Gordon proper that video is going to be coming anyway you've got five seconds to answer um Mario was a pack nice um from Sam Robert how often do you recommend changing your irons I can't feel that you need to I've got friends who who are very very good players who have caught irons that are super old I think that the thing is as long as you're keeping on check of the the quality of the grip don't let your grips get their tattoo you maybe have a an occasional Loft. And lie check just in case your eight iron ends up becoming four degrees stronger and your 99 becomes four degrees weaker and then.

Suddenly you're messing up yardages until you've literally well worn the grooves out that's the only real time you need to change clothes yeah yeah that's the thing you can literally have a set of irons in particular that are. So old I think the only good thing. For changing clubs more often than you probably should do is that it can actually make you want to practice more which in turn makes you better at golf. But it's not the clubs that are doing that it's your excitement to go. And try and hit more balls but I also think you're pretty cool if you've got dead old set of clubs yeah aren't you. But not a whole like all the way through or like something in particular yeah maybe you might have a brand new like Paradigm driver yeah. So yeah because you want to keep you want to keep on top of the technology of distance Etc yeah. But you've got some dead quirky irons and a dead old Potter that's been handed down a few Generations like that's what you that's what you want I love it when you see someone at the range or something he's got like a set of clubs that were class in like 2005. they've actually stopped playing. For a long time like an R7 quad driver some DCI Titus die-ins Etc 100 and speaking of clubs though we have got some really exciting um Club reviews coming on the hit Channel yes that place is up. And running and it's in full swing firing on all cylinders it's actually got an extra cylinder okay it was all them were running out let's put the next.

One in um. But no it's exciting there's some exciting clubs coming as well yeah really good I'm I'm it's we've got some ideas as well that would have been I'm very inquisitive video ideas that wouldn't have quite made it onto the main channel. For one reason or another can now have a place to flourish on the hit Channel yeah yeah honestly the support has been incredible thank you. So much it's so nice to see that so many people are interested in Club reviews. And what I have to say about them and the technology and I feel like we're going to get better. And better and better in that room reviewing product correct and this is a question from one Tom Moore biggest difference between a 10 handicap. And a 20 handicap don't say 10 shots uh 10 and 20 feels like quite a big gap well this is one of those ones where Have You Ever Seen the stats on you see on like Twitter from stuff I'm coming archives it'll end I don't know this. For a fact because we have a guess it won't be something to do with like how many piles. Or birdies they'll make it'll be much more to do with mistakes it definitely won't be as about as how many birds yeah it'll be it'll be the limit of double Bogies um I'm trying to think now 10 handicap. And 20 handicapper I mean consistency is an easy answer definitely I would say they probably I would say a 10 handicapper will hit more greens in regulation. And that in turn probably means they hit the driver slightly better to allow themselves to hit more greens but that's prop for me that's probably about it as often as well I would say you'll know this more than Addie from coaching but probably a bit more like knowing the basics do the basics quite well having a simple shot that gets you out of a bunker let's just say. And no one has a nice chip. And run shot with a 99 because those are shots that when you see like a 20 handicapper getting a bunker often it's like two to get out correct. And it's like that sounds obviously that one shot that you could save over 18 holes over a season makes a big difference I would say a 10 handicappers toolbox of club choices is much more prolific right they've got many more options of playing a Higher One a low one a floppy bunker shot where a 20 handicapper just kind of maybe doesn't have as many skill sets do you think that goes too much there were that toolbox almost gets too foreign like tour Pros that actually they can play obviously lob shots every shot you can think of. But those shots they play are. So much more kind of conservative and measured and it's only really when you see these fancy ones the big lobbers or whatever when they have to use it so rare they'll they'll play majority of the time the sensible golf shot correct um this is a good question from Liam 2708 when is Bob the sports coming over this month the month of August stay tuned it's going to be pretty Epic yeah I'm excited I'm excited a lot of people are asking what you think of uh Bryson's 58. So in a one word answer what do you think it's 58 phenomenal there you go another question from oh Dara I think it says how good can Alex fit Fitzpatrick be after his challenge tour win yesterday I know it's quite mad at the moment. And it he's really trending nicely I really did very well in the open I think he did pretty well the week after the open I can't quite remember fully now. And then.

He won at the challenge tour at sent melian uh down in Cornwall this weekend um incredible Victory it feels like he is the full package it was it was always a lot of rumors a few years ago when Matt was breaking through. And hitting the scene it feels like Matt's been around for forever now but there's always this rumor oh yeah. But it's younger brothers better yeah. And you always hear that don't yeah you can hear that from football scores in the business team it was Johnny Miller. And he broke his leg he's a golfer you know what I mean Hello Johnny Miller yeah yeah you get you get these stories that yeah even though Matt Fitzpatrick major winning now radical you know. And all this it's well I'm sorry but his little brother's bad well it's like that ladder Andy Carter the YouTuber who's always better than Rick Shields more natural more talented more Charisma didn't see it through today.

When he was at the Trafford I'm doing like that one um. So yeah it's it's it is he's showing yeah he might be it he might be the full password you know what opens. So yeah Alex. For those not least if I was listening. But don't know uh because if they're not listening if you're not listening if you uh but if you are listening hi um what is Matt Alex obviously I said Matt's younger brother he had a great finish at the open he came tied 17th. And this just shows the levels of golf and how different it can be a different tour. So for coming tied 17 for this is in Euros I may add at the open Alex with 168 000 Euros. For the open side 17th right but winning on the challenge tour which is the one below the DP World Tour he got 42 000 Euros. For winning yeah. So not to be sniffed admittedly but it's quick maths a quarter for winning an event the working for 17 at the open and that just goes to show that like you know winning a challenge Tour event is incredible on the standard. So so good but those guys that play on that tour the ones that aren't winning they're just gonna doing top tens or whatever it's a tough life it really really is well Ryan Ruffles who is friend of the channel has been a couple of times. And actually happy to say he's actually coming up this afternoon we were hoping to get him on today's podcast unfortunately just his train doesn't arrive till too late he yesterday. And it genuinely he's one of the most talented golfers I've had the pleasure of playing with filming with he came tied 25th in that event that Alex won yesterday yeah. And no questions asked Ryan is one of the most talented golfers I've ever seen just our man this is public not he got 2 000 Euro 2300 Euros finished in 25th right when you think about that. And you've got to pay obviously a tax and pay your caddy and obviously the week away it is such a grand. For these guys and that disappears so cool it's a huge kudos to these guys that play on those tours and that work their way up because it's it's not always glamorous and that's why again going back to that original point before of like that competitiveness if you're the kind of guy who can go on to those tours. And when when there's literally no money some of them don't have any money at all. And they're literally playing to put food in the table I don't think those guys then.

Going to be successful on the tour I don't think money can change them they have to still have that hunger. And I think they do um yeah oh another question that we've not discussed on. Yet from the golf stylist thoughts on Bryson's new driver so he was using a crank Drive which are more known. For kind of long drive I've seen this week I don't know much about it I've kind of missed that boat a little bit but did you see much on it no. But we have been in contact with crank to get some drivers so we can review him in the hit studio um it feels bizarre it feels strange that he is using a driver from a long drive you know Specialties really from what I understand they have four face thicknesses right I've got to have a funny feeling that one of them's got to be borderline illegal. For competition use I don't really know if that is the truth. And I'm not definitely not saying that's the one that Bryson used he'll be one that's using for that is legal. For competitive use um very v-shaped like maybe that's for aerodynamics whatever I don't know enough about the drivers yet but we're trying to get hold of them as quick as we can to review them to get the video out as soon as we can in the next.

Few weeks isn't it funny though. And rightly Sir that driver's getting some some interest and some Intrigue now but when uh a touring professional has the round of the life or the week of the life which they've worked 20 odd years plus to do we'd actually focus on the clubs that we use it yeah it's like no one really thinks about the hours. And the grind and the effort to put in it's like I'll use that driver and naturally as golfers we'll also look at that online and go with only 300 questions well I even I'm thinking I tell you what if I had 10 miles per hour ball speed I'm definitely getting I'm definitely using it not a problem now because he's almost like he's almost solidified the the authenticity of it correct I think that's the thing I tell you what I'm loving scene as well now a bit equipment nerdy. But how many guys are using mixed bags because obviously sponsorship. For golf orbs isn't quite as big as it maybe it once was certainly live guys who maybe lost sponsors. Or don't feel the need sponsors anymore and they want to use a mixture it really starts to show you what the guys genuinely believe it's the best you must admit when you look a lot of guys use Pro V1 yeah Bryson's gone to prove you want left yeah he was always Bridgestone. And it sometimes makes me think like Oh I'm a bit good in a way. And it sounds naive and silly that you'd see these guys and yes you know they're getting paid a fortune to use products when the end partnership deals. And straight away moving toward the stuff it kind of makes you think yeah they won't use nothing to get paid of course. But it is frustrating a little bit like we know that's the case. But I remember obviously when Rory and Nike obviously well Nike's not making clubs I'm sure Roy went to a full Callaway Style and I'm convinced if Rory and TaylorMade pied ways he'd be into a Pro V1 like that yeah ping uh G4 30 LS Tech is doing crazy really good. And TS that's tsr3 I think they're the two drivers if people aren't sponsored. And navigating towards yeah it's very it's very very interesting like say you really start to see what clubs that the players actually love using. And what they can just ditch straight away that's the thing I think it looks glamorous when people are sponsoring their full bags of stuff this look quite cool sometimes. But it is nice just to put in whatever you genuinely think is best whenever you think it is the best because Bryson has got a real mixed bag nowadays well he had a tailor-made stealth. And get a backup ping g430ls Tech then.

He had a crank I think he's got pink irons not sure what else. But when he was over. For the open a little birdie told me but the little birdie owned the golf store that he went to he actually went for a full custom fitting wow a tour truck at a facility not far from here all right and he got all of his shafts pureed he got everything done and uh that was the week of the open wow. So he pretty much changed all of his clothes still in one land to take it I don't actually know at the moment or something as well I wonder if um now he obviously has moved away from Cobra I can't imagine they're going to continue to sell one landsat of irons no it wasn't something that had a great market share in. But it was kind of the USP that they did because Bryson used them. And they thought it was a good thing to offer which I don't disagree with well surely not going to push you with that now that he's left. And that'd be quite interesting last thing while I touched on golf clubs then.

Before we wrap this one up there's been sightings in the wild of Kirkland Costco's own drivers and hollow-headed irons driver looks like a Titleist hello headed irons look like TaylorMade yeah I'm intrigued I think the one thing is. For me is well with the golf ball to be fair the golf balls are decent the gloves. And sort of decent the wedges were fine I think driver is a big Club to try. And enter the market so far everything I've tested Potter was okay yeah wedges were good yeah. But all these gold really excellent to be honest yeah driver because when you think about Kirkland clubs I feel like I might be wrong in saying this. But the kind of clubs that people buy let's say you are a golfer you've got old vokies from six seven eight years ago they've worn out you play a weekend you don't spend a fortune you go you know what them cooking they're quite good I'll buy them three. And you put in the bag I can't imagine somebody going from an eight-year-old TaylorMade driver to a Kirkland driver it's probably too expensive people who are new to golf to necessarily go. And buy them they don't know price point yet but it will. But it's going to be at least 200 quid I'd imagine if not a bit more. So who's gonna use it interesting isn't it I feel like I mean it's coming I feel like it's starting to bleed over here into the UK I feel like us respect Kirkland's signature much bigger than what we do yeah just as curtain signature as a brand of Costco you know because obviously they make everything yeah I wouldn't have known that I wouldn't have known about Kirkland Signature until they got into the World of Golf I would have just gone I don't know I wouldn't even known that Kelvin Cigna. And Costco were connected yeah. But it's like I said the drive is a funny one. For me and the irons I'd be interesting I mean if they are really good. And they're obviously much much cheaper than the big dogs they've earned that trust now I think people would take a punt on them. But obviously no fit in ETC get to try them before you buy them which again. For Drive is a bit more risky yeah it is all the graphite in the shaft be like with the grip spin it goes lots to answer. And you will get the most unbiased. And trustworthy review on either Rick Shields golf decide to put it wherever they decides to put it you'll find it guys thanks for watching thanks for listening hopefully you enjoyed that podcast uh I'm gonna put my second place Trophy up on my shelf of second places and what I'm one first place uh thanks for listening thanks for watching and Target for your running total by next.

Week um I'm on 15K now uh 50K [Music] I'll do it this time next.

Week I'll be starting on 50K Mark bye words okay 50K I'm not gonna get to 50K I'm 17 now I'll do another uh I'll actually hit 100. we should be doing 25. But no don't remind me thanks. For listening thanks for watching Everybody enjoy yourself and see you soon.