Hi everybody welcome back to the rickshaws Golf Show podcast I am your host uh Ricky Shields I've just got back from the open tell me your voice a little bit croak okay I've got a little bit of a croak my eyes are red uh I've got a very very very very very very long week at the open. But I'll tell you what guy come on tell me what might have been the best week of my life I bet it was absolutely epic anyway welcome back to episode 140. And we are going to do dive into the open uh our experience at the open the Open winner. Or the fun story some shocking news in the world of golf it's all here in episode 140. over to you guys I might it's like a little tone there's a bit of a Husky like tone hey everybody I think it might break no what an amazing week. So obviously the 150th open at the home of golf Saint Andrews it was very special did it live up to everything it should have done yes it did I think. For those people that went that had never been before we were obviously hanging around with people. And meeting people and they were all in all of the place. And I think the only thing that kind of not annoyed me about the week. But I wish I could experience this I'm fortunate to have been there so many times now and I love the place imagine going to that. For the first time this week yeah that would have just been unbelievably special. But yeah an amazing week. And obviously um what a fitting end for me it was. So I had the best of both worlds obviously as you know I went up on the Tuesday early like you did at all day Tuesday Wednesday practice day. So you get the feel for the event you'd get like close to the players it was a lot more chilled I was then.

The Thursday Friday which obviously the tournament days a couple of hours on Saturday I was there. And then.

I came home and I literally sat in front of the TV for most of the day Saturday and literally all of a sudden well all of Rory's rounds from when Rory teed off on Sunday till the end I watched it all wow and it was honestly the most excited I've been. For a long time watching golf name me your top three moments this week from the actual golf or from being there from the actual golf I think he's not being there oh wow well we'll come on maybe we'll come on to beam there in a minute. But from actually watching the golf I think Rory's bunker shot on 10 we hold it Saturday absolutely Saturday that was ridiculous the crowd went bananas unbelievable I think Cameron Smith's put on 70 well the two pots the pot that kind of went round the road. And then.

The one that He barked watched again this morning unbelievable how'd you do that. And that's the candidate first hole unreal that's the kind of shot that in 10 15 years time content creators like yourself whatever will be going there. And recreate around in five years such yeah because you watch it he could have eased put that in the bunker could have easier missed the put to hold the par. And that would have massively changed the Dynamics that was incredible. And I think to be fair like Cameron Young on 18 that legally made off like a little Rick Shields Eagle um I think another massive massive golf shot to be fair was Rory sport from like 60 yards away I'll use a little bit of your inspiration I was impressed with that. And apparently tiger did the same thing years ago yeah on the same house almost exact same spot that was insane. But I think it was just a true I mean there's pros. And cons and Juice I think as from a viewer from going to actually watch the golf you don't get many good Vantage points of obviously other than the grandstands yeah. And the course it did get a little bit destroyed by the scores I mean what was it 19 under one was it twenty twenty on this it's deep though you know it is. But I I actually thought it might have been lower like because you see PG PJ Tour event sometimes gets 20 on that's true right it's not ridiculous it's all it sounds that it's only 500 around and for these guys that's not like stupidly stupid though I think it held its own the pins were tucked really neatly behind kind of little bunkers. And swales I actually walk around the golf course yesterday and and examined some of the Sunday pins and they are real they were very very difficult to get to without even a question yeah it was. And for Cameron Smith to go hit the bat nine and make six birdies unreal you birded 10 11 12 13 14 and then.

Bird at 18. and even the birdie on 18 that wasn't easy he had to do it. And the power on 17 is really a birdie it is it just it was it was a Flawless Batman it was a Flawless 18 holes. But a Flawless black nine to rightly so he's won the Players this year he's been in contention so often to win the open I think it's uh it's only fair 100 I was like a lot of people certainly in in the UK. And in Europe I was massively cheering. For Rory I thought what a better place to break that eight year duck of no Majors than the old course the 150th. And you know what he's obviously got a bit of a rep for blowing it I don't think you blew it I don't think he went deep enough obviously two under par with essentially a four shot lead. And obviously Victor kind of fell away he probably would at the start of day of the day see that would probably be enough and obviously it wasn't yeah it was a shame to not see him do it I do think though he still only He's 33 he's still. So young he could literally be the top level for potentially 15 20 years more he will win another major. But when that's the question he just didn't didn't hold anything is it all day it is it's interesting one I I was watching it live. But because I was up on the luckily enough to get a really nice vantage point on on russet's hotel to see the final come in did he not hit drive on the last hole Rory yeah I think why didn't he get in the green it just took um I think it bounced like an upslope show did it driver though all right I I don't know why I'd heard a rumor afterwards that you had any driver. But either way um I was desperate. For that pitch to go in that little pitch at the front um that would have potentially thought well it would have forced the playoff but like I say it was just magical the scenes on 18 were unbelievable the atmosphere on 18 the reception Rory got on 18 was was Goosebump moment he's really I've had spells I was a massive Rory fan a number of years ago. And then.

I wouldn't say I went off him but I just can't well maybe I did I kind of went off him a little bit. And I'm not kind of sure why I can't really answer why that is. But recently even though I've not really got massive opinion on whether I like live golf or not just yet I think how we have stood up. For the PGA Tour and actually had his voice heard and the way he's getting interviews been so kind of articulated these really want me round again and like I said he'll be glad to know that because he will we're mates we played I've never mentioned I've played golf with him oh no you didn't remember that. And I think a lot of people probably in the same boat were really cheering man cheering him on. And it will come um. But I think Cameron Smith is a serious golfer obviously he's proved that this week he fully deserves to win that cleric joke he'll go down in history I'm not sure on the mullet. And the bit of facial hair it's different you won't even won the major and also John Daly didn't have a mullet in 95 really won so maybe it's just a trend maybe it is a trend um I I actually offended quite a lot of people yesterday on Sunday sorry because a lot of people were asking me who's gonna win who's gonna win I must admit kind of was waiting towards hovland oh yeah yeah before the round friend of the channel has been on yeah I mean Rory's been on years. And years ago when I interviewed him at Nike Town but Rory has been uh victorian's been on thinking young lad Talent Fresh blood like I'd love to see him win and when I spoke to people about it oh it was going to rain. For roaring I'd be like actually kind of hovering a little bit oh my God people didn't like that I apologize oh I'm sorry I didn't mean that I don't mind um. But there was one moment when I was going up to rustics just as the clothes of play. And I uh I got into the lift on the way up and that lo and behold Rory's dad gets in the whole time it's about a bit of an awkward moment of thinking this was Rory is on 17. And he was in the lift going up to watch it. For the roof and I was like. So I didn't say anything um so yeah no it's fun really fun week my highlights from being there was I mean we we experienced it together tiger walking on 18 on Friday that was insane that reception was unbloody believable he didn't have the week that everyone was hoping he did he got off to a horrendous start we spent time watching him on the Range up close. And personal he was striping it on the Range he could do no wrong every shot. But he just didn't look like the man we know out on the golf course that was yeah. So I um well we were lucky enough to stand very near him on the Range almost well actually I got two near. So this is embarrassing we had uh he went in the trance we had passes to be on the Range she was great. And we chatting to Bryson which was our friends at Topgolf. And top Trace that's friends now and we were attractive Bryson which was cool had a bit of a chat with Tommy Etc. And with most the guy well all the guys because obviously you have a range pass you can literally go up to them because you might well know them. Or whatever it might be with tiger that's a different story there's security like a see-through like invisible like electric fence and if you walk past it the security guard shouts at you and we were stood right near targeting balls we were. So close from like here to the camera away or whatever and I did get in a trance. And my legs started walking I had no control over how are you going to end up I don't know what probably just touch him out on the shoulder. And this massive security guard what did he say something like get the no he didn't it was almost more embarrassing why'd you keep moving forward that loud yeah everyone looked I was like oh my God it's embarrassing. So I I moved back like a naughty little school boy I think thankfully. For me though more people also gotta be able to tell enough at times I think you've got the biggest talent off that yeah probably did. And tiger probably noticed I'm the biggest fan um but yeah the way he was in the golf ball if someone said to this guy is world. And one right now you'd watch him go absolutely 100 if you put Scottish Scheffler on the range next.

To tiger and said right now watching these two golfers who's the best golfer in the world well the tiger 100 the way you strike it control over his shot that. But he hit like this little 30-yard chip it was weird. And it literally went 30 yards and spun back about five feet with like with nothing on a driving range it was Unreal then.

The worrying thing was then.

He went walked back like the three yards to swap his claw with his caddy he was literally limping like that he must loosen up throughout the round because when we see him on the golf course he obviously walks like he's in pain it was nowhere near as bad as he was on the Range he was honestly humbling you couldn't believe he could go. And play golf of a mind in the biggest event in the world um another tiger story obviously you know that I want to show the listeners that's kind of I'm proud of and I'm not proud of is obviously I wore my Tiger Woods t-shirt that had a mixture of spawns. But I would say generally more positive we'll put a picture on in a minute of if you're watching of me and my top what did you think of it I wouldn't wear it yeah. But I liked it thank you that's nice you can't wear it now anyway that's true and yeah a lot of people said I like your top my brother who came to the open as well copied off at me last minute when he knew I got up top he said I'm gonna bounce as well. So I'm copying but fine so he came to the open wearing the same top as me on a different day he's walking around the open merchandise tent and oh something's just going wrong with the wires I've just kicked this box. And he's walking around mind his own business um a lady Taps him it was Tiger's mum cultida woods. And she said something on the lines of um thank you. For supporting my son or words that I've got my time you've got my son's face yeah take one of these give a little pin badge the TW logo pin badge little rapper gave it to him he then.

Got a picture with her. So basically he now knows Tiger Woods wow and I didn't get that when I want my top can I tell you I don't know if I don't think it'll break. And your brother's heart I don't think it will. So uh Mrs Woods stayed at the old course Hotel yeah one of our favorite hotels ever. And she gave pretty much every staff member that she had that she kind of walked around with one of these badges you know this no no I didn't know this. And on the way out so the receptionist had one on receptions had won a tag on her and a very very very very very famous golf pro offered to buy it off her for a large summer money wow and she said no oh my word well that's it I've heard because I put on Twitter I've heard stories that she does is quite regular. But it's the fact that it came from her um I am quite envious I I yeah it's gonna Rob the outfit I think. So okay um no. But it was an amazing open. And we've got obviously many more stories I'm sure we'll remember in future weeks about things little things that happened you on the source add a couple of sources I got randomly stopped by a lot of lads that kind of live near me that I didn't know I ended up being out with them on the source for a few hours it was really fun one of them pinched me got a huge bruise oh wow you look at that on the camera I uh became best mates with Sandy Lyle yes. And he didn't mind us slagging him off he doesn't think he knows I've told him um. And also he uh I respect him now he can play in the Masters. For as long as he wants well that's good that he's played in the match he won the Masters won the open but now you respect it yeah uh he gave me his phone number was gonna get him on I think we'll get him on March next.

Year. And ask him about about the Masters so that was good um I got kicked out of VIP. And they certainly this might be in the title of the video so let's come on to this see let's set the scene oh I can't remember a Saturday night because it was Saturday night I am I'm out having a nice time as I was Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. Or Sunday night okay. So Andrew's a good place for this okay lots of good places shout out to dunvegan very much looked after me with my VIP pass amazing very much shout out to uh sound the bar the guy's there very much looked after me thank you. And also to an establishment called the Vic the Vic the Vic is the place where you end up at the night. And it's very very good I didn't realize Saint Andrews had this establishment which I absolutely fell in love with okay. So luckily enough got quite friendly with the manager after spending every single day in there and probably spending a lot of money I've not checked my bank accounts just yet and I walk in and through the managing girls oh Rick good like yeah we've got we've got Brooks kepka upstairs in VIP okay yeah I'm right sweet all right. But I'm not thinking I don't know him never mind I'll sourced you at this point no you know what I'm sorry no this was this was the second least Source night okay. So I don't know how that puts it into me but I wasn't rocking it's just me and my pal meal most people you weren't full Shields at this point still Rick correct right okay maybe a little bit of Ricky. But not not Rico oh my god did you tell that story yeah to security. So um so the manager says I'll see if I can get you in VIP I'm okay great that sounds good I've gone introduce you to Brooks I'm like I don't I don't know Brooks I've never met him in my life ever. And he said I'm sorry let's let's go. And find out so we went upstairs went to VIP and it's VIP but it's not for you yeah it's like a bit of a roped off area you know I'm just like IP important people not very important because just IPS right. So we get to the rope and there's a security guard there and in in this kind of VIP it's quite busy it's quite popping right and a guy in VIP somebody I didn't know I apologize if I did know you. But I didn't know you puts his hand up to the manager and security card yeah them too me. And my mate Neil yeah they can come in of course Rick Shields wave him in. So pay him to come in if anybody I'm walking around people you know people are spotting me. And stuff whatever yeah I've seen the Vic. So the barrier comes up and off I go and I'm walking I'm thinking oh this guy that's fine champagne's Here There and Everywhere and whatever okay well have a good time at this point you're thinking I've made it I'm thinking at this point this is where I go this is where I could turn into Shields. And pretty yeah yeah I mean yeah I'm Rick at the moment maybe Raquel. So I'm in there and I lasted guy a grand total of 90 seconds talk to me so come in and it's kind of like a u-shape this VIP bar so I'm like okay this is fine I'm going in I'm wandering around the corner end up chatting to Sam Westwood Westwood son okay chatting to him watching the channel wants to have a 10 shot match against me reckons he can also beat me okay whatever not a problem right that conversation was short. And very brief and I kind of turned to my left and I say Brooks okay see Brooks here he's there okay. So it's quite cool I think I might introduce myself dream scenario is going to come up to me give me a big hug Rick you love your videos pal right that was a dream yeah size the dream some champagne let's have some sambuca let's have a good night that was a dream that he made he must have missed the court yeah this is Saturday though as well. So it's like the day after because he's let his hair down I'm like okay here we go this could be embarrassing God this could be awkward different in the other night that Brooks Captain knows me God Roxy they're actually a handshaking fist bumping. So I'll turn to him and he looks at me right in the eye okay he Taps the security guard next.

To him the bouncer okay yep turns back to me points at me points at my mate Neil. And indicates to the bouncer to remove us from the VIP [Laughter] so I'm like what what have I done to offend Brooks Kafka what have I done you've befriended Bryson to Shambo maybe so I'm like so I'm thinking I've got this is really embarrassing now because 90 seconds ago I've just walked in here like of the land right I'm now walking out with my tail between my legs like off the land like like tear like tears going down my eyes can I ask you a question which would you rather be the case just know who you are actually a random guys flute his way in. So get rid of him or he does know who you are. But doesn't like you the second one you'd rather know you out not like it yeah yeah absolutely I want him to hate me now this is now a feud because it's now a feud I think he could have him roots kepka why'd you keep me out of VIP what happened pal it's good right what happened yeah I was doing no harm I couldn't I could have done maybe you could see it maybe you could see it in my eye I mean the the truth I mean I won't go into the attack the actual true story where I got him in the headlock. And we end up grappling on the thing didn't he do a little bit of a crying say Rick stop I kind of I gave him I gave him a Chinese bird. And then.

Chase Captain came over now I knocked him out I don't know he might have been threatened I was looking pretty swag that night I was looking pretty fly you might have been friends I know what it is if Jail's a lion Scott could have been that anything could have been anything. But either way I'm Gonna Leave it to everybody's imagination because I told everybody in the world the next.

Day and the story got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger so can I confirm then.

Because this might be the title of the video. And the podcast you have beef with Brooks kepka I do now yes okay perfect he might not with me oh yes I've got beef with him yeah right now all right okay. So we'll see how it maybe it needs to be resolved over attention three well there's three ways to get settled he ignores you okay she's probably the case you have a 10 shot challenge. Or a cherry boxing match or an arm wrestle or an arm wrestle which I think he's got a good chance at all. For so yeah. So anyway that was uh. And me my mate Neil sat there it sounds like a seat in between has done it really we sat there at the end of the bar I was like I've done mate he's like. And we were going through all these scenarios what have I done he's like don't worry he was a very nice guy he consult me very nicely. So the very next.

Day guy to get my Redemption um I don't think you know this story I don't I bought the VIP section myself oh my God I bought the whole place out invited loads of different people on the Sunday. And I was kicking people out. So I bought these VIP section out that same section can you tell me how much that costs um. But the whole section out we've got bottles we've got Vodka sambuca who did you invite that I know of um just like people loads of like the MasterCard people loads of the um RNA mates. And you know what I did I did kick some people out did you. And you know what it felt bloody good and now they're going Rick Shields knows oh yeah doesn't like me. So yeah. So I uh I might now have created more beef houses but it got knocked on maybe someone maybe on the Friday night someone did it to Brooks tiger maybe tiger had it on Friday Michael Jordan on it Thursday Elon musket Wednesday Jesus Christ every Tuesday the adventure's got it today.

Well anyway speaking of um Brooke's capka he is uh well known now as being a live golf player. And fortunately or unwell how do we look at this one of the very first questions asked to Cameron Smith afro won the cleric jorg was are the rumors true that he's joining live golf. And is You could argue that I've seen a lot of people saying how that's not a very nice question to be asked. So soon so quickly which I kind of understanding people blaming the media and seeing how the media are just looking. For stories and headlines which they are let's be honest. But his answer was very do you see his answer it was kind of why ask him that now just won the open which is fair I let my team decide on those kind of things eyes try. And win golf tournaments now if he wasn't joining live which we think he is he's been offered 90 million dollars apparently surely around that probably changed after doing the open well possibly. But you think surely his answer would just be why ask me that I've just won the open of course I'm not going to live I'm a member of the DP world. And PGA Tour and that's what I want to play my golf done rumor's gone yep the fact he's answered that way leads us to believe he's joining we also have got very very heavy rooms as well Henrik Stanton and I mean this podcast is going out today.

Tuesday even bad time this comes up it might have been announced I don't know Henrik Stenson is also rumored to be leaving um the PGA Tour DP World well the DP World Tour Jordan live. And giving up his captaincy of the Ryder Cup team next.

Year which is insane. And I think you know we're gonna have these debates on going up live because David ferretty yeah which is massive as well. But you think we all know really that Stanton is still competitive. But he's not at the peak of his game well let's be honest is are they signing him just to almost say two fingers up to the DP world. So look what we can do that's one argument rather than actually going out. And genuinely winning these events if they sign Cameron Smith that is absolutely ginormous because. So far I suppose a lot of the players have been kind of older guys who've got huge names but kind of passed it or some younger guys I mean obviously DJ. And kepco and Bryce were big big sign-ins if they sign Cameron Smith who is the current Champion golf of the year I think he's actually world number two we're off last week's performance the best golfer in the world let's be honest that is absolutely do you think it's gonna happen. And what do you think are the you know what's the what's the repercussions of this um like I say after his statement to the press it did open the doors like oh my God what is he saying that. For um nothing surprises me anymore no nothing surprises me. And I think if he does sign it's it is ridiculously massive massive story Liv's got unbelievable press presence. So far I think this is going to blow up into a different Stratosphere. And the other thing as well I think uh if Cameron Smith goes it wouldn't surprise me if a lot more jump straight after him because they'll slip him behind the radar do you get what I mean by that at least the biggest one to be the only thing is that I'm shocked about where there's only 48 spots in this thing yeah. And they seem to be filling up very quickly now with very very big names so like I do find it like Henrik Stenson if he's signed now let's say. For example I don't know where he is in the world ranking if Eagle get pushed out in a fairly short period of time yeah do you know what I mean unless there's a guarantee that he's going to have that spot I think they'd say urgia 50 million dollars whatever you might get pushed out in three years. But you're still gonna have the 50 million dollars thinking well I don't care if I'm not playing golf then.

Maybe I don't know but there's another rumor here that actually it's 130 million dollars for Cameron Smith but either way let's just call it 100 for round figures that's I think he's one don't quote me. But I think he's the other one 13. Or 19 million dollars on course so far so there's a difference there he's won nine this year right so let's just call it 20 million just just again for round figures these aren't going to be exactly correct if Cameron Smith has won 20 million dollars. So far and he's getting off at 100. that's ridiculous it's five times he's ever won but equally he's a very very rich young bloke as it stands he's currently again the champion golfer of the year he's gonna have sponsorships coming out of his ears it's not even the same anyway he is does it look like it now maybe potentially more than just money. For these guys because yeah I don't know because I'm just thinking I understand some of the guys have signed purely. For money Richard Bland goes out saying he signed for money he's almost said that really hasn't he I get that. But if Cameron Smith now has just won the open he's gonna have all this money coming out he's gonna have more than those to do with now never mind signing. For live what's this actually gonna change his life but how's it going to change his life is is it are they looking at now genuinely I don't think this is the case I'm just putting an argument forward are they looking at you. And thinking I do like the idea of 54 holes I like the idea of you know less tournaments I know I can be in the majors. For the next.

Five years regardless shotgun starts is it like caddy being looked after really nicely. Or is it still just purely money. And also is it a bit of a a bit of a do one to The Establishment potentially do they not like the PGA Tour More Than People of their own. Or the DP World Tour is there things going on that we don't know about. Yet that's kind of a forcing these players and what you know as soon as there isn't a slightly better options coming through which is going to pay you a lot more money they're going well I don't want to be with these guys anymore they've not looked after me they've not done anything I'd like to think that's not the case the one thing though. And again I look around the 18th hole at Saint Andrews on Sunday when Cameron Smith has just won the cleric drug and hundreds of hundreds and thousands of thousands of people around how many of them do you think knew. Or know how much he actually made for that with you very very few and and regardless of him how much did Cameron young make. For a second or Roy make for third or Tommy mate for fourth nobody nobody knows these numbers and that I I want to get back to that I don't mind these guys making ridiculous amount of money but I don't mind it they they filled 290 000 fans came this week right they came to watch those players play golf that's it end off and the history and then.

So they should make a lot of money I've got no reason. For but I don't want it to be um showcased like paint paint pay the champion goal for the year 10 million if you want just don't make it a big thing it's about a carrot jug in it it's about the character the only thing that opened my eyes this week this weekend as well I'm gonna say this now I still I'll be honest and hopefully people can see I'm being honest you're gonna get comments people saying one thing. Or another but I truthfully still don't have a fully formed opinion on Olivia whether I like it or not I honestly don't but I think you're fairly similar it's only been two events I see some things that I like I see some things that I hate you know where the money's coming from the fact it's all about money I hate the fact that it's kind of fast-paced. And stuff I quite like but well I did think this this week was nothing no event in my opinion will ever top the open you know the Masters the US Open the PJ the major championships they are the four events a year that mean more than anything. And I actually think sounds ridiculous. But Cameron Smith will be happy if there's no prize money it's about that Claret joke. And that gold medal that Champion golf of the Year winning an event that tiger has won old Tom Morris as one Jack Nicholas sevy you know go on and on and on that's what it's about yeah they will never go as long as you have those four a year. And they're four real meaningful events packed full of History the best golfers best golfers in the world wherever whatever tool you want to be on the best best Elite golfers we have those four the rest of the remaining weeks of the year that as long as they're filled with excitement I don't really mind if there's something new so I suppose what I'm getting at is I'm not again. For live but as long as nothing affects those four Mages and we have that real Heritage events I kind of am a bit more open to something new than possibly thought I was does that make sense I think yeah I think the one that you've. And you've expressed a little bit are probably more passionate about I think the one event that's definitely going to be um affected here is the Ryder Cup yeah that is a hundred percent gonna be affected we're seeing that already I don't know how open they've come out with information. Yet but that's pretty much run by the tours by BJ tour and DP World Tour they're not going to let Live players playing in this thing they're not that's the event that I'm slightly worried about. And I I don't there's arguments about have a PJ tour ride a cup against live I'm not that would happen anyway I'm also not asked about that I'm not passionate about that and and I know you mentioned about getting behind Europe but I do. For me I am more passionate about European winners personally I just am just when I look through the leaderboard I'm like I feel like he's one of my he's one of our guys you know what I mean it's just yeah even even like well just to throw a span in the works who would you rather an Adam Scott. Or Rory but that's weird I still see Adam Scott being one of our guys even though he's Australian probably against Americans maybe but I don't obviously Tiger Woods but I don't know I just find it I'm I'm intrigued to see what happens there with the radical yeah me too I'm intrigued to see what the masses are going to come out. And say yeah they're not saying anything. Yet they've kept very tight-lipped about all of this so they're gonna ban them they're not I think they're all wait. And see what happens at things like the open like there was rumors that Ian Poulter got booed on the first half yeah I didn't hear a bit of that you know how much is that going to continue how much is that gonna is it gonna fizzle down. Or is it gonna ramp up like is it is it is it a few booze at the moment because people don't like it. Or next.

Open are these guys going to be celebrated like they will do anyway. But also with with guys turn up at the open with like Majestic t-shirts on and things like that I heard those booze on the TV or on online I think I searched on Twitter actually. And found the clip of it and there definitely was some boots I think they're more like pantomime boost because he also was walking down one of the holes in the practice day. Or maybe the Thursday I can't remember which it must be practiced actually and he was walking down the Fairway. And yeah while she was playing with Sam horsefield. And we were going across the second one. Or a second I think this was when I was a Tuesday. But later on anyway someone was asking. For loads of asking for autographs and honestly the amount of people that were flocking towards polter was humble at kids older people they weren't booing in there. And that's what you won't see on the media you won't see that people want publicized stocks it's not as exciting but yeah I don't know it's a very it's a strange place right now I think as I said as long as the four majors are okay the Ryder Cup's gonna take a hit I think unless something it changes um. But it's very very interesting there's gonna be more players announced I believe that by the end of this year there's going to be a proper full roster of players who knows um quick one before we come on to we've got loads of more news. But I'm uh we've got a really really busy week which we'll come on to in a minute a quick story about you playing Security card oh yeah I needed you on Saturday night everybody Brooks here. So you you I was surprised. But not surprised at how many people came up to you for pictures and for autographs and say hello it was it was bunkers it was insane. And all the podcast listeners yeah it was great um quite a lot of people say no come on guy get in because you get left out because of one comment made a while ago. But everybody was lovely. And you gave him a lot of times for a play you're very good at people um I think it I must admit it took it's taken out on me a bit yeah this week I'm. And it's hard because it's like it's what I do it's my job. But it's um uh hopefully everybody I bumped into spoke to um I had you know I've got a nice picture and a nice quick chat it was just very taxing towards the end. But please don't ever stop doing it anybody that was great um. But one guy there was one yeah there was one guy he was he was obviously a fan he was very intoxicated yes. And he was following you go he went oh Rick Rico is that we're just straight off straight away straight away Rick Rico I went hi mate. And he just looked at me again Rico I'm like hi mate you're all right where you going we're going Rico yeah the only thing is only if he actually has a mate called Rico it look just looks like me no I think he actually has gone you. And then.

He didn't like him too much and we're going through like the fan Zone. And there was quite a lot of people. And I kind of just said oh like it in now pal. And I I missed this my I had tunnel vision but guy stepped in and uh and finished him off now it was just I'm just very calmly said I can just leave it out mate I didn't push him. But just kind of like it was very relaxed put an extended arm out to him yeah. And I think he he looked a bit embarrassed. And I think he didn't quite realize how annoying it's been he just had a few drinks his shoulder barged into your hand yes. And then.

He looked at me and I said I'll get what's Captain oh sugar um I'm gonna do something quick I don't have to do this. Yet nothing massive but so obviously whenever a golfer wins an event we get emailed off the brand they send out an email they said to every media Outlet about the winner. And what was in the bag. And why the drive they're using is the best things to slice bread. And most time I don't even open them because I don't care if you know I mean it's just rubbish. But what interests me so we've got an email Titleist about um Cameron Smith one in the open as you'd expect what was really interesting though was at the bottom there was um a little bit of info about how successful the Titleist brand has been this week at the open. So number one golf ball in the field of Titleist okay 70 percent that's now obvious that you got 10 golfers at random from the open seven of them will be using the Titleist ball that was incredible um the driver was 31 again number one hybrid 38 utility iron 35 iron 28. And wedges 46 obviously Pottery must have been number one I also would have publicized that but half field using the vokey now TaylorMade or pink I think Odyssey oh yeah. And then.

Number one ball but then.

Also every Mage this year has been won by a Pro V1 or Pro v1x she got obviously Cameron Smith Scotty shuffler Max Fitzpatrick and Justin Thomas all use other Pro V or Provo net which is incredible. But I just saw that stat and I just thought that is mad that 70 of the field use attackless golf ball there'll definitely be some posters going around with those four faces on it has to be done I don't know if it's Scottish it's Scotty not Taylor Made no yes. But use a tactless ball like and also every Mage winner this year is under 30. yeah very good place we'll talk about young kids talking about me potentially Ricky Shields after a night out quite old this week we've got some very very exciting news today.

We hinted about a few weeks ago today.

Flying in which camera can I look down this lens of this camera map there we go hi today.

All the way from Texas America flying in I don't think private jet. Yet but it's getting close ah the good good boys now wow these Lads are killing on YouTube Garrett Mica Bobby Stephen Grant. And Matt are absolutely killing it. So only rightly I thought we'd invite them over here to the UK for a week of collaborative content which I genuinely believe might just break the golfing internet well there's two options we had to make some boss videos with them or try and delete the channel right here which I like both yes I like both options use them. For clout and then.

Delete them yes no joking I'm really excited about meeting the guys I've met Michael was actually really up in Scotland that said Andrew. So I spent a bit of time with him this weekend anyway so he's already here um really good videos really good really good lads making really really good videos yes if you've not seen him. Yet do check them out probably got younger audience. But they are doing great stuff. For golf they're driving it Forward they're pushing the content it's making us push our content further forward and there's a lot of YouTube channels I don't like which I've probably advertised before I've got time to name everyone but that channel good good I absolutely love so I think it's going to be an epic epic week yeah that's it they're doing um very kind of similar to us. But they're also very different they play a lot of matches a lot of on-course Vlogs very very good production values very young very cool I think they're about literally mid-20s is the oldest one Garrett's at 22s they're very very young appeal to a different younger audience no I think this one I think Mike has Builder he might be. But I think Gareth is. Yet 22. I think I don't say the youngest. And the job the oldest oh sorry I don't know exactly but they're not like old um but yeah they're doing good things it's good to collaborate. And um make some stuff Real playing them all match play Rick's taxes turning up tonight to pick them up in the venga bus if I go up and say all right boys the venga boss is here they're look at me like what are you talking about weird uncle's coming what's a bad mate. So hopefully we can bash ideas together we can create cool content we're gonna do a meet-up um which we have arranged. But we're not advertised yet also we need to talk to say just yeah yeah we'll announce it on social media we need to apologize as well done well what have we done we kind of semi-promised one didn't promise. But said we might last week have been doing some kind of podcast on the Fly. And um Ricky she also stop that Rick ruined it every day's passion Rick would just do podcast half now please mate please I'll even pay you to do it I wouldn't have any of it it was just too busy fighting. But Kepler um so we didn't do anything in the end. But I think if we did it would have been these stories anyway it was just told. So it yeah the matter does it I don't think it matters like I say it's um sorry we should have done it we took the equipment. And it it never did it even got the car no you got the car in my uh Dawn um didn't do anything other than sit there big heavy bag. But anyway it's not our fault listen it's not our it's my fault how do you feel your performance was through the week then.

Like in terms of the nights out very strong feel yeah very strong no regrets I had a couple of really really stupid nights yeah I've heard about one of them Friday night uh was it Friday you were very sourced on Thursday night Wednesday night when my brother was there. And then.

But that was that now listen it's Friday I let my hair down yeah I'm in St Andrews yeah we met up with uh Greg the day after that big night out actually yeah Adam Scott's caddy I said how you doing Ricky. And all this I was like you know what I'm struggling today.

I'm struggling a little bit. But he said this is put his hand on my shoulder I went this is a once in a lifetime opportunity you enjoy it. And as soon as he granted that permission guy I pushed on pushed on hard um however. I had a great week working as well got to interview Michael Mirra Legend it was really cool my best mate Tom Watson like I told the Tom Watson story taking a sec tell the rest of the people that YouTube can tell John Watson DJ spoonie Sam Burns who play in the vent. And Catherine Newton who's a massive actress Eric anderslang and Brian Habana nice rugby player so they're really cool on the MasterCard Club so the story was there's this lovely MasterCard anyone that went well I've probably seen it MasterCard I don't want to say tanks Club it's like a huge like part of the tented Village like to fix Marquee massive. And if you have a MasterCard you can go in lovely drinks lovely bits of food you can watch the golf. And the telling upstairs with another kind of room where Rick was hosting his interviews every day I said at the time did a very good job thanks um you did. And at the back was where there was like little MasterCard office. And stuff like that and that's where you were meeting your guests. So it was I can't remember which day it was was it maybe Wednesday I interviewed uh Thursday I think it was I interviewed Tom Watson in fact it was that night the night after interviewing him that's when I got a bit married I think it started here yeah okay I got a bit excited here. So met Tom I mean me. And TW go back a bit right not Tiger Woods both but me and Tom Watson go back a bit we obviously about two weeks ago the old course in reverse and all you know what I mean when you've when you've done these sort of iconic things you've become quite connected oh there's just too much flax we should have done have you saved that one we should have done podcast every day yeah we should ask. So um certain memories that I like to keep as well so um going in the back. And around kind of back near the near the bins and all the other stuff really where did classy people hang out um there was an introduction first with Tom before we went upstairs onto stage. And Tom Watson came through and it's like hi Rick hi Tom good to see you I hope the video's done well yeah done great. And his new wife is there who's been the only one I've got married last week yeah in Saint Andrews I believe cool. And she's lovely really really nice in fact she's now become my best best friend so she goes oh my God it's Ricky Shields like oh not Ricky she was Richie. And she she maybe don't do the accent exactly like love lovely videos I can't believe this she said she's turned to Tom. And gave Tom her mobile phone I said Tom get a picture of me. And Rick right it's on there with Mrs Watson and taking a nice picture and she's like oh my God this is the biggest moment I've I've interviewed I've met Hollywood stars film actors big stars in the music music world. But this moment right here is the biggest you are like I'm thinking oh my God there's Tom Watson's there. And he's watching this so she also said my fans. And my son's a huge fan um you know watches everything he's gonna be so jealous I said well do you want me to do him a video. And she went well Jen I said yeah I don't mind doing a video. So Tom was there with his phone. And he went to go and press record and lucky you were here to witness this because it's one of those. So far it's all going true. So far it's one of the stories I don't think people would believe all the MasterCard people were there which was quite nice. For me because I was working. For MasterCard that week so Tom's starting to take this video and she goes no no Tom give me the phone uh Rick's a professional he'll do it. So next.

Minute I go into Rick Shields mode hit hit the record button should I remember her son's name but hi it's son's name I'm here with you Mum you know brother out the open and once I finish the video she went oh my God this can be the most iconic moment. And thank you for hugging me so basically um Tom Watson's wife's bestie cool um again unfortunately sometimes I'd like to be quite you know subdued and I'd like to be kind of quite humble at certain points I'll go you know what I'm flexing I'm flexing all day on some of these things I'm driving better kind of neutralize the flex though sometimes as well just to it would have gone silly if you let me go full Flex so I appreciate it back down a little bit but uh no listen getting kicked out of VIP brought me about that that was I'm really happy yeah because that's kind of the Titleist podcast. So well done for that okay thanks thanks you fool guys thanks [Laughter] no we're not going to start anything with him beef oh unless you get some more views now I'm joking I don't mind him no I can tolerate him small doses I can't well I had 90 seconds with him. So he could tolerate with me imagine if it had gone the opposite way though said hi Rick they should have been like Brooke's Captain selfies sticking on Instagram [Music] attention next.

10 shot challenge coming up soon. But no fool him he ruined it he did he'll regret that. For the rest of his days um final final thing last week's um guest Adam Scott the main video is coming out Friday yes which is a 10 shot challenge around King Barnes I was rooting. For him so much we did well last week because he got was his top 10. Or just outside top 10. Tommy Fleetwood did really well Victor Haven did nicely obviously a bit of his chain on his final round meanwhile.

Leaded good. And I was tag 15. And you know that's not right yeah all the podcast got yeah he actually did drop a few photos he was knocking at the door. For quite a while um let's have a look who else did well there's quite a lot of people off the podcasted quite good which is is nice he's got cam Smith on now yeah well see what happens yeah we've had Tommy Fleetwood was obviously fourth Victor Haven was fourth Bryce in December 8th Terrell Hatton 11th yeah this goes on. But that was good all very good anything else any final words uh I need to go home. And spend time with my wife because tomorrow I'm leaving again and uh you could have left the old course earlier yesterday and got home nice lunch doesn't work yesterday were you I usually listen to the podcast. And as if she listens this far into the podcast someone who knows I might do no I was working the end of each podcast could be Rick secrets. And we do it. For as long as we can before your wife finds out. So one secret episode so that's the first one that you weren't working on Monday I don't fancify in that game I really enjoy that game that's not a game I don't even want to say I booked out VIP but it's a good way of getting people to listen to the end of the podcast so next.

Week's Rick secret is gonna be an absolute monster okay well then.

This this week's secret can be that I booked VIP on Sunday night. And I was. So hungry over Monday I couldn't drive early enough so I had to wait for the alcohol to wear off now yeah. So you couldn't at home early yesterday I had a full family day but he didn't this was getting a bit far now in it we'll see you next.

Week. For Rick's Secrets thank you for listening [Laughter] bye everyone.