All right guys welcome back to the rickshaws Golf Show podcast episode 196. I'm here with co-host guy yeah how are you doing pal I'm good I'm excited. For today's episode I feel like today.

Might be a therapy session is the people listen. And watching will have seen the Titleist podcast um it's a big one you're gonna address your well I don't know. Yet is it address your bad golf. Or we're gonna title it terrible golf or we're gonna shocking golf abysmal golf the worst of the worst of the worst at the moment yeah I think today.

Is an episode. But I keep yawning before I turn the mics on you're in the very dark down places you go I've been out this morning playing and filming the alarm clock went off at 4 30 a.m this morning and then.

You have to go and play golf ah please yeah. So uh yeah anyway should we talk about some positive bits first yes before we go straight into the dark deep world of my brain yes. So uh we have got some good news on the horizon we've teased and we've talked about the fact that to celebrate 200 episodes of the Rick Shields Golf Show podcast we would do a live podcast guess what what happening. For 200. we are going to do a celebration of podcast. So we're gonna do a live podcast at a location I don't want to give away just. Yet but we'll just um crossing a few T's and down a few eyes North West England correct and it is going to be a celebration just after I think when 200 will go live. And just before we've done the podcast for four years it's been four years it was November 19. geez. So it's gonna be this kind of hybrid party um bring you rescues bring just bring your recovery clubs and yeah. So we will give more details on that when we've got a seven Woods Allowed no way two eyes you're out get out of here. So you're up um yeah. So that will be uh advertised on all obviously the standard places your Twitter's your Facebook's the podcast obviously. And I think it will be around 250 tickets. So amazing but intimate yeah be good I think it'd be really good yeah we've done. So that'll be our third live show like so we'll have some guests lined up um location we kind of know roughly where it is. But we're not gonna share that just yet and they can we give a rough idea on today.

Well it all depends if the said location works the day I've got penciled in unfortunately it's Friday the 13th standard of October okay penciled in there it's in very light pencil okay exciting times yeah it should be good we might have a couple of guests we might just do it ourselves. And freestyle it we might plan a lot for it it might not all turn up and Waffle either way should be all right it should be fine it should be great I think after a few little uh beverages yeah I think I think that the uh the old waxing lyrical will be flowing yeah it should be yeah it should be good. So I'd love to see people there um other good news though before again we come on to your terrible horrendous golf at the moment this week on the hits Golf Channel you will see the new review of the Titleist T100 ions. And the Titleist t150 ions yes exciting golf clubs yeah it was it was really I mean first off honestly genuinely. For everyone listening watching the support we have had on hit channel has been crazy incredible we are closing it on 190 000 subscribers in fact I think we'll hit 190 000 by the end of today.

Uh. So if you've not subscribed yet get in before the 200 000 because once that happens well then.

That's it the time for the close you're not in the first 200 000 but honestly the response the comments we're getting into our flow with the reviews it's it's um it's kind of a different space like obviously I've reviewed products for 10 years plus from Trafford to all the other locations I've done it in but it feels a bit different in that room at the moment in a good way where it feels like we can kind of take our time we're not needing to rush too much um. And we are endeavoring to try. And get at least two if not three reviews out every single week so if you like your golf equipment but also it's not just going to be exclusively golf equipment it's not just going to be drivers irons hybrids rescue hybrids. And rescues uh Fairway Woods wedges balls Putters I also fancy some like training AIDS okay a few little kind of gadgets. And gizmos that are either super popular yeah you know people like it's sure they can't be that good well we're gonna debunk any myths around products that looks too good to be true. Or just to clarify definitely still golf equipment I thought I'd start saying we're gonna start doing footy boots they're taking penalties against the screen I mean I must admit at the moment I might be switching Sports I'm at foot golf definitely shoot better than your real score you think no in football. For the massive hole you can't kick anywhere near as far yeah. But you put it straight the um and yeah yeah maybe badminton racket reviews in there. But yeah it's it's we did that first Port of review in there last week the new TaylorMade Reserve uh TP Reserve um. So utilizing someone did tell me though I saw I saw a comment. So I don't know how gospel this is this is a comment on a YouTube video. So obviously a huge pinch of salt is always needing to be taken here not that we don't love. And respect every single one of your listens watches and leaves comments but someone was telling me that the naming like the br3 whatever blah blah blah is all military airplanes right I don't know. So anyway yeah well yeah. But you're right we found out we're at the channel now because our chat this one's Alex who's channel manager before you got here when you were out filming. And um we kind of said that we've just said that the hit channel is going to be still your style your thoughts your um you know your how you review product. But I don't use the word serious because that can sometimes feel like boring. But a bit more like longer form and a bit more stuck into it whereas we are still gonna dabble with clubs on the main Channel. But they're more like gizmos or things you found on Amazon or maybe that Costco clubs are a bit more like just entertaining really yeah. So for those of you that do collect a nerd out on golf equipment I'm one of those people the hit channel is the place to be. So going back to the irons that I reviewed this week again the review will be out end of this week the t100s. And t150s and there is also a T200. And a t350 these are all the new titles line up um you. And me have both had the t100s in the back for a long time yes you have made a dramatic switch to the one 50s yes after hitting them yesterday I don't want to copy her. So as much as I like him a lot I feel like I don't want to copy his phone so I'm probably gonna use something else that's random that's maybe not as good just so I don't copy it right well yeah without giving I mean it will give your review away yeah we won't keep the differences away in the irons because that's all to come in the review. But I have gone with them this year I've gone 150 in the longer range 100 in the rest and I must admit I do like him however. Taylor Titleist they also have the t350s which titles to claiming to be their biggest best ever game improvement iron ever yeah well that's a when you think of Titleist. And you think it was a brand it's a serious brand it's No Nonsense it's got a lot of respect it seems to be the brand that in reality if you're a PJ tour probably not sponsored you end up using a lot of people be one. For sure the drivers last couple years have actually came back they had a couple of off years they've come back strong but it's not a brand you'd always think that if you had a friend who's off 28 has just started Golf you wouldn't say get taxes normally would you go in ping maybe G Series ever it might be those new irons I've not hit them. Yet but they look forgive it I mean it might be the way I go maybe that's how I don't copy with the t150s I actually go. For the t350s yes because I need it it really are upset at the moment aren't you yeah I'm not happy any other news before we get into it I thought. So and the other news I would say was I am actually really enjoying watching golf at the minute. And I watched some of the seniors open and I was cheering. For Patrick Harrington he got into a playoff and kind of lost it to Alex Checker um but it was really good the course looked insane. And it looks so exactly it was it the one in Wales um after Google Now the name's literally going on my head. And knew when you asked me where it was at oh crawl Port crawl oath crawl almost unbelievably windy um. But it looked robs is right on the coast looked insane. And he was doing. So well Harrington and he just lost on the last hole it was it was a second playoff all I think it was. But he is what I love about some some of these guys Harrington I think he's like 50 odd years old. Or whatever he is because obviously it's 50 to play in the seniors how he's actually playing on the PGA tour playing the open. Or whatever and actually the computer yeah I mean there's rumors it wouldn't be the wildest pick in the world to be in the Ryder Cup team well no you know what I've kind of dived into I got into a wormhole the other day of watching old archive footage from the final round of Masters yes. And I probably watched listen I didn't watch all the five hours long each one but I was looking at like the leaderboard from from anywhere from 1997 all the way pretty much about maybe 2005 2006. And maybe just a little bit later than that the amount of names that are at the top of the leaderboard consistently padreg was absolutely one of them a year in year out he's knocking at the door at the Masters Vijay Singh again he played in the seniors open didn't get porth crawl he's he was always knocking at the Masters surprised that neither of those two won um Ernie Els was always up there um who else was always up there um oh let me think now there was there was like Phil Mickelson obviously he did win The Masters a number of times um Lee Westwood was always up there it's mad. And you saw obviously though that course must have suited these guys but none of them could not all of them crossed the line of actually winning it um so yeah that's that's kind of been my intake of watching golf at the moment well if you're this is leads me very nicely on. So if you can appreciate those golfers you've just said. And I think you'd be insane not. So if you've played golf since kind of the early 2000s a lot of those names will ring a bell to you this week Thursday through two is it Sunday. Or Saturday Sunday Sunday it is um the JCB Championship yeah obviously JCB you're gonna be there Wednesday maybe a little bit of Thursday yeah I'm there to play in the Pro-Am tomorrow. And I'm gonna spectate for a period of time on Thursday we'll listen to some of these names they're in attendance Darren Clark and let's check well I'm playing with Darrell Alex Jack I just won the seniors open Big John Daly friend of yours well we'll see how that goes down after a few scoops Montgomery and many many more but what I like about this event is these guys have got huge pulp they're amazing golfers we know that well to actually go. And watch the golf is not crazy in fact I think it does finish Saturday oh does it is it just three days three days. But the actual um price of it is not silly. So if you're an adult going Thursday it's 20 quid um 13 to 17 years old is a fiver if you're under 12 it's free. And then.

It's the same prices for Friday and it's the same price for Saturday so if you you know if you're going with a couple of kids. Or whatever amazing golf course some absolute Legends many many major winners put a shout out today.

I thought it's something that if you want to go watch some good golf a great course. And not cost a fortune go to the JCB Championship yeah I think like I say I'll be there hopefully well definitely tomorrow we're not going to film it um it's the the format's not a particularly filmable format um. But I'm gonna enjoy my time down there as I always do playing with Darren clark'll be a real treat. And then.

Catching up with some of these Legends for a few hopefully a few beers and a few red wines on the Wednesday night I suppose they've they've got to go and play in the JCB Championship which is something I'm not doing I'm just spectating. But yeah it should be a good fun event. So like I say if you you know JCB have been great tools on the channel allowing us to use the golf course as much as they have done so if you are in the area. And you want to watch quality girls like guys said some of these absolute Legends of the game definitely get yourself down there. And you can buy tickets on the door can't you as well before we come on some of the Facebook questions. And then.

Come on to obviously what this podcast well I'm going to shout out that Darren carts gonna have to put with tomorrow yeah I wonder what it'll do I think he might walk off I mean imagine if he took his glove off. And slapped you with it maybe you know maybe that's what I need I think you'd do like a wet fish. Or a glove maybe I need like a a look from Darren Clark to look and go him anyone surprise me you know what I'm I'm hoping he does to some degree range okay shotgun star 12. the program by the way is not open to the public I'm afraid. But he reflection I'm I would be afraid if it was open to public because there might have been some casualties yes um. And this is like I said I'll go into in very deep detail in minutes I do definitely need a couch. And a and a lie down and discuss my uh my demons at the moment yeah. But um yeah yeah oh my goodness yeah what's today.

Come on then..

And we have we go to the bar okay just me. And Darren a little private just at the bar yeah he says they're on me Eric they're on me okay owl Claret joke he falls out of that pocket okay. So we net that yeah neck it. And he goes another one great one go on then.

Go on then.

Dad yeah oh he does nothing I'd rather you know I'd rather kill me we have another one yeah. And then.

We take one then.

To the driveway so three deep before we've even hit a practice what time how many drinks you declare to him that he's really sound as your best man five before we get to the first team next.

Team employed him we need some good songs [Music] um I'm sure he's got better things to do yes. But um yeah anyway we'll come on to your golf in a minute. But what I just want to shout out um I've been a lazy mess recently with any exercise you need to kick up the ass as well to the office do some of them don't map behind the cameras shredded. But anyway we are doing a challenge let's do the opposite you need to do less yes oh we put it in the Facebook group yesterday we've had a lot of responses. And basically a bit of an incentive to get our ass and gee and do some exercise. So during the month of August which started yesterday we were listening today.

And I'm saying this I'm gonna try my best to run 100 kilometers in the month of August done um which is obviously 10 10ks. Or 25ks or a mixture if you are a serious hardcore Runner that's nothing you'll do that in a week. But for me that's a decent effort so what I've kind of done to give everyone a chance at doing this is giving it power birdie eagle it's run 50 kilometers okay. And 30 is 175. And Eagle is Run 100 kilometers. And a sicko it's 125 plus how did you go from golf tours to second I just thought it was quite cool there's people like Albatross it's like all right someone likes Carl. And you can run you can walk you can mix it whatever you feel comfortable doing. But I think it's a good incentive. For everyone to go out it gives me an incentive to make sure to do it. And not just leave it on you as well was it last year we did it at the end of May last 100 K yeah. And it was good it just gives a little bit of a kick up the bum to do it. So I definitely need that at the moment if you want to take part feel free and then.

Share any of your progress even if one person gets off the couch today.

And goes you know what I'll do a bit of a run. Or a walk why not so before we get on to your again golf scores from Facebook from our delightful uh Facebook group members Andrew Rhoden and it's got a lot of traction 14 likes this single post question sorry would you do a 10 shot challenge with an LG uh LPGA Pro yeah would be awesome video with Charlie Hulk went out very soon Charlie holy is coming out next.

Week we do a scramble Me. And Charlie Hull around Walton Heath which is the home of this year's AIG Women's Open yeah that video is going to be going out next.

Week next.

Week I don't wanna well I do want to make it up as much as possibly can she was phenomenal I was on this shoot. And you came back genuinely and said to me she was insane she was insane at golf. And to back it up the very next.

Week after we filmed with her she went to the US Open ladies US Open and was second at Pebble Beach nearly could have won it really um golf was ridiculous. And she's got this kind of temperament that I possibly need to blend into my golf like just doesn't care like just doesn't care she plays so aggressively and doesn't overthink it and just a potting was outrageous honestly one of the most impressive displays of golf I've ever seen live I'm sure that's going to feed through the video as well which is exciting Joss Phil Josh Philpott has said what has happened to the YouTube Masters great question the YouTube Masters is still being brewed up into the back office now it's more complicated than expected there is talks now of it potential. And I don't want to give too much away it being a collaborative event and it might I want it to be in the year of 2023. it might leak into the 20th in the in early 2024 ideally we're trying to get it over the line this year we want the complications are we want to live stream it obviously on YouTube. So everybody can watch everybody who watches. And enjoys YouTube golf can watch it live on YouTube. But guess what that ain't easy no. And it's really really really really expensive so we're just trying to figure out a way of being able to do it it is still in the in the fourth um what's about is it the front of my brain um. And like say when we can announce more information. But like I say collaborative event potentially live streamed on YouTube end of this year if not early early next.

Year but once we've got the formula we will do it every single year. For the foreseeable future I think one thing that we do which we know we do we did it with the hit Channel with YouTube Masters is we talk about things way too early. And I think we were two options we either stop doing that because people sometimes get a bit let down. Or a bit impatient or a bit like what's happening with this because you mentioned it ages ago but at the same time I think we like having this kind of insight to the people that watch. And listen to the podcast and tell them more than you would say like the main channel so I've not really we've never discussed it anywhere about here yeah exactly we've only ever spoke about it on the podcast that's the reason why one of the main reasons four years ago we set up the podcast to allow to give the hardcore fan base the people who watch. And enjoy the YouTube videos that little bit of insight to what's coming up next.

And also on that like we announced on here a couple of weeks ago we'd love to do a podcast. For the 200th episode I think if we hadn't put that out there. And said it we might have gone oh I'm not sure it's a bit we're busy let's maybe do another time. But now we've said that like no we need to follow this through okay maybe a couple of weeks after we planned it to be. But it's going to happen. And I think. For everybody listening watching Etc to give you some faith as you mentioned we talked about the review Channel very early but as you've seen from the final product we also Endeavor and we make it our absolute priority to make it the best possible product we can possibly ever produce. And we won't release anything or or make anything that's less than that and that's the same with the YouTube Masters we could do. And it's it's going to have a slightly different names. For YouTube Masters but bear with us we could do it tomorrow we could do it tomorrow. But it wouldn't be live streamed on YouTube it wouldn't be the big event I'd want it to be it wouldn't have the same amount of ticket sales we want we want live audiences there it wouldn't have the same amount of creators we want there so all of those things you know do take time. And and to make the best possible products as again strap line of Guinness good things come to those who wait direct I don't remember them famous chat line Ben Pellegrini said did you guys send out an email. For a survey we did. So if you were part of our database which is either you filled out a survey in the past um. Or you've you've been a part of a an email chain collection that we've done in the past and we have done them over the last few years uh this week we sent out an email and there's a bit of confusion you know there's quite a lot of quite a lot of the team is expanding constantly at the moment we've just taken another member of staff today.

Which is really exciting to grow another arm of the business. And but the email came from someone who works at the business Neil and it was a survey around Fan experiences um it got sent out to a small very very select amount of um people on the database. So if you actually received one you're actually part of a very small selected random randomly selected group to try and get a bit of a gauge of fan experiences that we may be looking to bring out into the future whether that's um events merchandise uh whether it was being rewarded. Or loyalty reward scheme whether you watch from watching YouTube videos or listening to podcasts Etc so it was just a nice simple survey with a chance of winning an even role putter of your choice. For someone who picks it random everybody who did fill it out. And we got an incredible response from the survey so thank you everybody again you always surprise us with the amount of uh feedback you're willing to share and insight you're willing to give us which again makes us as a business and a growing um media buddy Empire um it makes it makes things much much simpler for us so we know that the things that we want to produce in the future are things that you actually want to receive as well yes. So it wasn't a scam it was legit. So if you got an email from Neil fill out the survey you'll have a chance of winning an even roll putter of your choice good golf yeah. So we have um recently our most recent break 75 was at the amazing North Barrack incredible it literally is genuinely one of the best golf courses if not the best golf course I've ever played it's one that I genuinely. So excited to go. And play it tomorrow I think it's got. So much so much it would be different every single day you play it would we played it recently obviously for the video on a very windy day and it didn't go massively to plan for either of us really there was some good. And there was some bad. And there was some woeful. And it's in a bit of a trend certainly for the pair of us but this is obviously focused on you Rick that your golf hasn't been where you want it to be there's been a bit of a decline there's been a few comments about it you're not feeling good about it let's get it out in the open well I'm glad you brought it out. So we are now bringing out a new series called Break 90. correct. So yeah that's what we're going to do basically we're not I'm not going to do any practice I'm not going to work on my game at all we're just going to Rebrand the series I wouldn't count on it at the moment um it's been a weird weird yeah. And I'm I'm including the full year and maybe even into end of last year um the game's not been where it needs to be it really hasn't there's been um kind of just very inconsistencies I I genuinely and it sounds ridiculous here I almost can't even remember I played golf this morning and I'm not exaggerating this guy I didn't hit a single good golf shot today.

Nice the video will be coming out soon. But I managed to scramble it and make it somewhat work but I'm not fine in the middle of the club face as much as I should be doing I'm not hitting the shot that I'm picturing my mind what worries me the most in all of this and I say worry because there is also a solution to this I'll come on to a moment there's obviously been demons in my golf game in the past short game being one of them chipping pitching Etc weirdly that is nowhere near the worst part of my game right now like that's actually okay not brilliant. But okay I'm driving has been guy it's been a horrendous it's been horrendous I feel like I'm having the I'm [ __ ] getting the driver yips I've been there myself at eight Pleasant um. But I've never had that out of all the golf clubs in my bag out I thought you know I'm not saying I'm the best driver in the whole of the world um because I'm I'm second obviously but hand roaring but I feel like at the moment my driving is like I'm stood over there. And I'm like don't know what's gonna happen I feel like lefts are in there these really weak horrible High rates like just have no distance no power um. So they're kind of a concern for me at the moment my iron striking is is poor my pitching is slightly better than it would be normally my chipping wheelie I'm forcing myself to hit wedge shots around the green much more to a okay level again nothing outstanding just. Yet hmm has been somewhat of a Saving Grace because the great 75 at Royal Liverpool the way I hit the golf ball off the T and up to the green if my putting was off that day my score could have been 10 shots worse it could have been like my putting saved me. So so much at somewhere like Royal Liverpool like so kind of and I feel like it stemmed I couldn't put an exact point on it but it's been too long it's been months and months and months like I said this this year I can't really think. For a round of golf that I've played that I've gone wow that was that played that really well there um you know. But just before you go on to a bit more than what your game and what's gone wrong and when you think it started. And how you hope to to fix it one thing I wanted to clarify because I sometimes get annoyed about this in the comments and I know the comments on YouTube you can't take it like used before it's gospel and it's a small percentage of people but first things first break something five is a series that really is designed to be fun it's designed to be you go into nice golf courses a different place all over the world. And certainly that's the plan as well moving forward more across the globe and taking people on a journey with you that either golf course they might aspire to go and play one day maybe it's a golf course they're never going to play they want to see you playing it. And see how you get on it could be any reason and the whole concept behind it was original you turn pro off a three. Or four handicap I think with the absolute objective of being a golf coach not being a player although you would love to be a player. But you knew early on you weren't good enough as most people do now in the world of golf when you're seeing the guys on tour the scores they're shooting if you're off a four. Or five handicap you're a good golfer but you're not going to make it as a living unless you are obviously in polter who's that one outlier. So you then.

Turn for lost your handicap I think that's sometimes what people forget that when you turn pro. And you basically lose your handicap in a sense that's a scratch handicap to get zero shots but it's actually different to a scratch golfer isn't it yeah. So that's the point of I know you've had spells in your kind of since doing YouTube in particular we've really grind and done quest for the open and probably I've played most that ability of a zero handicapper but you're kind of natural what you would it's maybe three or four over and that is why the series is called Break 75 because a good round of golfy. Or solid round of golf is break 35 anything low 70s is good. And I think that's why I understand it a little bit I think that's why people think that red 35 series should be that most times your break is 75. And the way to explain that to people is imagine if your handicap is 10 let's just say there's obviously sometimes you go out. And shoot an 82 and play to 10. we don't place our handicaps hardly ever really in the grand scheme of things and every now in the game I have a great round where you shoot five over off ten brilliant the first one to pull out a caveat that that doesn't dispute that doesn't go away from the fact you've not been playing well but just that people have a realistic expectation that when they're watching your videos you might shoot 78 and I'm not playing that bad it's only a couple under what would be your handicap yeah. But I understand I understand you know where people are coming from because I think again the tagline of being a professional golfer yeah. Or a PJ Pro or it comes with this kind of stigma that oh yeah you must be shooting underpower all the time which again is is a slight misconception on that though I would say there's two different things as a professional golfer as a golf professional yeah. And I think natural that's funny now because you actually own a living. For playing golf I suppose so but typically if you're a working in coaching or a pro shop whatever you're a golf professional you're a professional in the golf industry that could be a business professional or whatever it might be but a golf a professional golfer is literally just that yeah yeah no 100. So I mean. But but I know like I know I am good enough to for most golf courses that I play and there's don't get me wrong there's really really tough conditions we played in somewhere like North Barrett that was really bloody hard yeah. But I know there's not many golf courses I play that I I know in my in my heart I I can't break 75 but there's no golf course I go on there's no way I can play 75 around here today.

Because I know I can I've got enough trap record enough history of playing golf. For God's what how long I've been playing golf for now 20 25 26 years I've been playing golf for now I know I can hit great drives great iron shots wedges Putters chipping. But I know I can do it all at the moment where I'm getting unstuck with a lot of this. And it's totally my fault itself inflicted is I'm quite simply not etching out enough time in my diary through a week to practice I don't hit golf balls I'm Rick Shields. And I don't hit golf ball I just don't and and it's easy for me to say oh just you know pick up more golf balls it's just I mean you've seen what it's like working like in the last six months we're trying to make changes we're trying to grow as a business. And like it's become much more challenging to find time in a working week but that's also no exception I need to find those times a bit like I need to find time to work out more like I think when you feel better you play better as well yeah like when you you know last year after I did the the walk across Scotland. And I went I was in I was in not the best shape I've ever been in. But I'd lost a lot of weight I was feeling better you know when you have that kind of bit of a bit more comfortable aren't you like at the moment this is more of a heart to heart now. But I'm just doing it out to the public like I'm not feeling the best in myself I'm not I've put on more weight this year um you know I'm not having time to practice as much as I would do. And I'm not saying it's anyone's fault it's totally my fault it's just I'm trying to juggle business life family time all the commitments I'm needing to do wanting to enjoy myself. And and I don't put at the moment I'm not putting enough um emphasis or importance on the practice I get that and I would agree with that definitely but then.

The question I've got for you is if you were still you. And you weren't doing YouTube and you work a kind of local playing pro doing the odd tournament in the in the Pro Shop a few hours in coaching Etc if you rocked up those tournaments and you paid 50 100 entropy whatever and you come in last last last last and you knew the reason why because you weren't practicing you'd be a fool not to go and practice and work on that to start coming third first whatever it might be but although you don't obviously when I go out and play Bad Golf I don't think anybody does you'd be insane if that was the case you know that you can film a video I.E North Barrack it's got nearly 600 000 views. And you've not played very well so what actually would let incentive come from to practice I think it's more it's it's I don't want to be known as as a YouTuber who's just like can't break 80. really. But I don't want to be known as some golf YouTuber oh yeah you used to be able to play pretty good now it doesn't because am I yeah. But I can't play good I'm just not I'm not giving enough time or emphasis really um but also when we're really look into this and really dive into this like I think a lot of people in from the outside look at what I do as a as a job. And probably think I play golf every single day like. And I understand why people think that because that what they're seeing through the YouTube Etc is the majority of the time I am playing golf that's what it looks like yeah. But as the reality knows as we know we will bolt film yeah we'll go away. For a week I mean that North Barrack video when was it actually filmed it was a long time ago this film that was filmed the star June about the 7th of it you know about the 9th of June. So it's gone out six weeks later to like that North Barrett video that went that was filmed that released last Friday we found that six weeks ago. And it's like we both record that and then.

What I'll do then.

Once we bought record I've then.

Got other commitments I've got you you know like say a business to run a team to run etc etc I might not play golf. For the next.

Week because we've got content in the bank because you know this I'm saying it to you but honestly you know this um but that's still not an excuse that's not an exception like I want to be able to hit the golf ball better I think the other thing as well again just as being open as possibly can at the moment I'm not attached to any golf club. So I'm not I'm not a member of any golf club or whatever it may be um you know to go and actually hit golf balls and practice again I can make that commitment. And do it the hit Studio has only just been finished I'm not as if I'm spending hours in there at the moment like you know I think now as that hit Studios is being more used I'm I'm personally excited about hitting more golf balls like we filmed in there yesterday. And we hit I probably hit 50 60 70 shots with different clubs that's a practice session for me to some degree like and stuff that I'm not getting chance to do really um. But yeah. And then.

It's just mindset it's having you know I knew almost today.

Like I said I filmed the video this morning deep down I knew I was going to play about today.

Because I'm like in my head I'm already playing bad bye. So yeah it's a I need to. For me I need to reset a couple of things I need to feel more confident in myself because at the moment I feel not particularly looking after myself I'm a bit more low on energy and I would do normally if you're low on energy that's not going to help you practicing on hit balls Etc I've got really nothing to work on in my golf you know I've always had kind of a coach along you know worked alongside. And I know again on YouTube you would have seen me have a lesson this year of Claude Harmon uh the third you do see me have a putting lesson of Brad facts. And you see me having a short game last night Dan grieve they're like one hour Windows where we filmed it as well and it's like it's an entertainment piece as well as a advice from one of these extra points as well even though it was obviously a lesson it wasn't really less it was a video it's an entertainment piece of console even within that you're thinking about is it you're constantly thinking is this a good video is the right camera angles is this going to be good like people gonna enjoy this rather than actually just zoning out. And listening to the code exactly but I think yeah I can see kind of several sides this I think you know how you are. And and knowing how I feel when I play on camera you don't want to play Bad blood no. And hit bad shots because again you'd be mad to want it bad shots but I also think as well that is a lot of the reason why people do watch because if you want to obviously watch the best golf by the best players at the best golf courses watch the PJ tour every week of course. And and of even then.

I mean if you look at the guys who might win one week then.

Miss the cut the next.

Week sounds obvious. But golf is hard. And to play consistently it's it's almost impossible really unless you've got a sheffler it's impossible um so I do think there's that side of things I do think what's frustrating what would just get you down I'm sure is when you get a lot of the comments that can be negative because that's because most people just enjoy the video they watch it you might hit the like button they might not they'd watch it. And that's it the people that get a thrill out of leaving a negative comment typically are a bit weird um. But that must hurt when you see people commenting stuff oh yeah you just not even any numb to that now after. So many years um to some degree yes I'm definitely numb to troll comments. And nasty comments and you know I mean there's some if you when you really look into the comments. And I know you've seen it but again I'm sharing this with the audience when you actually look at if you read a lot people get really nasty okay I unnecessarily nastin it's like God like what the hell is going on in your life if you want to leave us comment as nasty as that I mean some of them are a really really vile which. And I'll delete them I'll block the the user Etc um I think it's possibly this kind of the one that kind of hurts me at the moment. And it's I'm sure it's done in the best manner is let's say they've been a fan. For the chat of the channel for an awful long time and it's like oh hi Rick and they'll even say I've been a fan of the channel for ages um I just want I just want to leave a comment I don't know him a comment but you've definitely put a lot of weight on and your swing looks like it's really gone out of whack and I'm like all right great it's like it's like it's like a comment you know like sometimes when you get like a a a an old an uncle yeah a little can't say. But yeah Rick you're looking a bit Porky. And you think all right thanks it's meant to it's meant to be done with the best gesture. And I I would understand because I get nowhere near the level of comments after you get but when I imagine the podcast I'll break 75s I get some lovely ones some horrendous ones and the ones that probably hurt me the most is the ones like you've just said damn well you might in your headache I don't know why I've said that was element of Truth in it like if I think if somebody comments going something actually absolutely just out. And out ridiculously stupid and negative and just sad I actually genuinely I'm sure you're the same don't even take them into account because it's so thick yeah someone's not real like if you're saying that on the YouTube video you're obviously a [ __ ] like that's just the truth. But it's like you said when it's kind of a little bit of a bit of um truth. Or something you feel a little bit on like not comfortable about or or Consciousness it's probably what I'm conscious of I know that I'm not particularly in the best shape I've been in for you know for a while I know my golf swing isn't as good as it could be or should be on my golf games not as good as it should be or could be right now and and I think when someone maybe. And it's not just somebody it's some often it's hundreds and hundreds of people almost verbalize that as well it kind of cuts a bit deeper and I'm like I'm sure it's done in the nicest jest and it's it's often like put it over you're looking a bit tubby it's like oh thanks it's like it is it is a comment that a a family member might say which isn't right. But it's like I'm sure it's not meant to be done in a way that's hurtful but it's just it is sometimes in it. But yeah I think where like. For my reset and what you talked about earlier on in this in this episode about going you know getting into running again I've love running. And this year I don't really know how I've managed to do the London Marathon I managed to do the cycle from I mean there are other things like when you actually look at what I've been doing this year like the cycle from St Andrews to Royal Liverpool the week at the open hosting you know guest at MasterCard uh um uh yeah guest at MasterCard um other things that we've been doing in the in the background to kind of continue to grow the business it's like when you actually look. And you go and I'm not saying there's no time in the world to practice knit balls. But it's a bit of a busman's holiday as well like sometimes when I'm at the weekend I'm not I'm never gonna go and hit balls at the weekend because I want to go and spend time with my family I've not seen them maybe all week so for me to try and etch that time out I've got to do it in the morning which it can be done I can get in the gym early. And hit balls early in the morning that's fine or after work or whatever it may be um but I say I need an incentive I need something to work on because it was funny the other day I thought that Instagram comment put that Instagram story on I had a few shirt. But it's to be fair just kicked something over um I had other future but so I was like. And I was I was reading the comments in North Barracks I am [Music]. And it was funny reading the comments because you either get one of like yes you are Rick you are crap. Or oh don't worry Ricky you can do it like it's always a split of it. But even at that time like I was like right that's it you know what I'm gonna I'm gonna prove everyone wrong this time next.

Year it's gonna be bloody break 70. like I'm not I'm never gonna not break 75. And like it's it's all at the times and the situations it's like right this is what I'm gonna do this is my strategy. And I know what I need to do as my strategies I know what I need to do is practice. But this is why though. And I get it and I do think you should try. And improve because I know you want to play a bit of golf but then.

It brings me back to this point of does it actually matter because if I'm looking at the polter video now did you beat you by a shot. And obviously lost to my 11 shots and what did actually shoot gross t-shirt level I shot he might shot one under eye shot she's got 10 over par that's not good. For you is it no that video is at 1.7 million views. And has been watched for 855 000 hours right would you have rather beat him but that video of half the views I'd rather it have the same views and me shoot four over correct I don't mind losing no I get that. But what I'm trying to get to is your focus. And my folks and the team's Focus really isn't about you playing good golf like our videos because it can be. And that's where your head is 95 cents out yeah only five cents at practice Yeah Yeah. So it's like it's hard to balance isn't it do I deem that video as a success absolutely yeah that video is a huge success. And and you know the comments the the to some degree I wanted to give I wanted to that sounds a bit stupid but I was excited to allow the opportunity. For Paul to to be pulled her again but I feel like his reputation somewhat has had a level of tarnish I'm sure he he'll say that and that's quite public information so to give him that choice and that platform to come on in his own will I just sent him a message he said I'd love to come on. And just to go I mean he's one of my childhood Heroes like I grew up like pretending to be pulled to him with my street hair. And my Vise and sometimes and my Tartan pants and all this Jazz that he used to do. So for me as as the as the 12 year old Rick Shields who used to grow up watching someone like Paul to you know that was a that's like a dream video. For me what then.

I probably get more for and and to think again if I tell 12 year old Rick Shields that in however. many years he's gonna be doing a video with Poulter he's gonna be getting 1.7 million views Poulter is going to become a personal friend of of yours which he now is obviously because I can call him pulse um you know all of those things you're like oh my God it's amazing what I probably would have envisioned differently at 14 is that I would have either been playing him off scratch. And I know that's that would have got beat by a long long way or just at least been playing better what's weird with that pull to video though and again I think this is something that maybe the audience don't always kind of cotton onto it's very very very very daunting teeing off with some of these Superstars I think you're right. But I think most people probably can almost in the back of their minds understand that because let's be honest when you tee off on a Saturday comp. And there's three guys in the you know behind you watching or somebody lets you through with a four ball and everything gets a bit shaky people might not admit it in the comments if they want to be silly I'm sure most people can understand the team that with Ian Poulter Ryder Cup Legend multiple winner on both tours is scary all right I'm stuck there. And like I don't think I've ever been as nervous in my life stepping up there with with Ricky Fowler at medalist. Or Westwood at close house or Adam Scott at King's barns I was actually quite chill with Tommy at JCB. But Tommy's a bit more kind of chilled in that manner it's daunting question then.

For you and this would have taken the channel in totally different way but if you were still kind of a four handicapped goal author. And never actually been a pro but making the same videos you are now would you feel less pressure on your shoulders yeah I would because I think the term Pro 100 puts more pressure on me 100 yeah. And I see people he calls himself a pro well yeah because I am technically I am legitimately a PGA golf professional that is what I am that's that's what I've studied. For that's why I was an assistant Pro. For so long that's why I did I mean I know I don't coach anymore. But when I was still coaching nobody in the country was coaching more than me no. And I know that for a fact nobody in the country was coaching I was coaching 60 hours a week like there's no like. And for months years and years and years and years until I say YouTube started to kind of snowball a bit more but it's like I'm comfortable calling myself I'd probably rather call myself a PJ golf coach yeah rather than PGA golf professional. And I think the PGA themselves tried to change that word in a little bit. But it kind of then.

Because you can have you could be a PGA golf manager. Or you could be a PGA um shop owner yeah. Or things like so like the PJs just the organization um but like even that pulled the video and I think about it yeah I went I went double double on the first I think I think I might have either thrown one more doubling. Or two more I think I had four double Bogies in that video. And still in shot 10 over so actually in that video I also hit some really really nice shots that I was really proud of. And like there you go I can't actually play golf it's just it's that consistency at the moment it's that just knowing that yeah I I can go out. And I can play any of the top golf course in the world whether it's Royal Liverpool whether it's um Woburn. Or whatever it may be and just go no you know what the worst the worst score I'm gonna shoot today.

Is 75. that would be my dream scenario. But I think I've got a lot of work to get to that. But without being pedantic is that possible because Rory McIlroy can have a worse round than that true no you're right. But I think I know what you I think what you you I actually don't think that you're lacking I think you always have bad rounds I think we've noted. For a while is a really good round I think that's the difference I think we're all gonna be consistent we saw it last year actually ironically the JCB Championship I think one of the guys shot 62 70 odd two days that's always possible I think what you've lost over the last year isn't the high scores because it's always gonna be on your locker it's also being Rory's Locker it'll be in tagwood's locker you name it it's in your locker what you have lost I'll be honest is that ability to go deep yeah I agree. And and going back to Quest. For like when I did Quest field opener all those years ago I genuinely got a great granted I didn't do it in open qualifying. So it kind of null and void but there was times going through Regional events where I could I could genuinely feel comfortable shooting three four I think I even shot a five on the par I was comfortable like I was almost getting to that point going I want to go more I was not I wasn't scared of going like right let's get to 200 can I get to three can I get to four can it like that didn't scare me at all it's just now it's like I said that switch feels like it's like gone I'm like what where is that where is that drive gone really. But that is you know who was it we were talking with like Dan Greaves on the podcast when we when we had done on the podcast. And he was talking about confidence. And things like art it is still technical though isn't it really yeah like the confidence is a lot has all been lost because the technique has altered. And I know my technique's not as good my grip's gone really weak again I'm opening the face way too much I'm really getting out of positions again I can see it I'm obviously I'm seeing it through a coaching guy. But it's it's been able to park that and again we're busy business I would love to to some degree take two weeks off jump on a plane to Portugal on the sauce on the sauce every night no. But like genuinely hit golf balls every day play every day but that's not feasible that's not the world of unfortunately and that takes it back again though which I keep coming back to yeah I know you want to play better. And I think you should try. And perhaps a bit more because you'll feel better and all that but at the end of the day if that was important to what you do you would do that yeah it's not at the minute it's not that important you've got you said you've got to balance of business you've got a bouncer young family travel Etc you know that at the minute we can kind of still make great videos if you don't play that well. But you also want to play better that's what it is yeah it's not as if it thankfully it's not as if it affects business like thankfully you know if I would have shot five shots better would that pull to have got video got more views probably not really our videos got views per what you've shot you'll be practicing all the time every single minute because it would make it well exactly because yeah. And I think that's it I think how do you see this moving forward then.

How do you see commitment to practice is it lessens more balls I definitely I've always. And I've always been an advocate of this and will always be an advocate of this I need IT professional eyes on me helping me even though I can see the faults myself having that second opinion. So obviously I've had lessons off Dan Whitaker in the past I've already been texting Dan about when we can hook up again. And get something sorted and get booked in and try and get something a bit more regular that's what I feel like I need almost and again not going too much deep into a business even in the business at the moment we started to look at Fridays working from home a little bit more when we can it's like well actually maybe Friday is working from home. But let's go now I'm gonna have a lesson I'll go and hit some balls I'll go and play nine holes on my own I'll I don't play casual golf as you know like and I know you don't really like we don't I don't really ever play casual golf my mates and something maybe I miss something that you know those competitive juices yeah where I felt it really kind of um showed up on me there was two two events recently um good good we're over at Dundonald links. And the video's gone out on their Channel and we did like a three. Or four videos and it's really interesting playing with those Lads and I found it last year JCB because they're playing with each other all the time competitively their competitive switch is on all the time. And and so even guys who I'm sure they would admit Stephen Bobby who wouldn't be the most talented golfers in that group and that's not a a not a dig at them they're just not they still compete with those guys because that competitive switch is on all the time. And you know I think when you when you're playing with that competitiveness all the time like you know it's not just one-on-one it's you know it's five of them six of them are pushing each other driving each other making sure they all practice. Or not making but they have to practice to get better yeah. But that's exact again and you're right because there's five the sixth them or whatever none of them must be known as the hacker the difference is you're not really playing against set people. And also you've got a wife and three kids you know I know they've got things going on they're all busy guys. But Bobby says oh Stephen beat me last week I was supposed to be on some grinds. And hit some balls because they don't want to lose no with what. But what what I was saying there though like that done of links you threw me into the mix there. And I was like I I mean I I hate drivers. So so so so so so so bad like the worst I probably have written I'm thinking thinking hold on I'm I'm I should be in this mix there's no reason why I should be the outlier in this situation like I know I can hit the golf ball as good as any of those guys I know people probably say no you know it's as good as lukewarm. Or whatever fine but in my head I think I can. Or I have done in the past you know I know I cannot like it's in there somewhere deep and deep deep deep deep down um and then.

The other event for me that really really highlighted it and it came as a bit of a curveball for me I got invited kind of last minute as a substitution I spoke about on the podcast unfortunate situations but I got brought in as the open Invitational at Royal Liverpool with like 10 000 people on site playing with these kind of celebrities um with it with I felt like genuine like the world was on my shoulders at that time because it felt like there was a huge expectation on me to be able to play well straight away with. And it literally got landed on me that morning I didn't really practice I hadn't done any preparation for it and my swing just like my brain my swing just just eluded me I mean I hit some really good shots granted I bombed it off the first which I spoke about when I got the crowd all going. And then.

Played very very very very very very mediocre to the Lester mediocre golf then.

And then.

End up early in 17th right a great shot into 17 not the point and I thought there it is it's in there somewhere do you know what I mean. So I think. For me I think this month of August is going to be a really important month one challenge running fitness health I start to like look after myself more. And I think once I start looking after myself. And I feel better I and just know I'll be able to play better with anything when you feel better your clothes fit you're better you walk with more confidence don't you like absolutely if you've been working out and you're gone a night out you feel like you're top of the world don't you [ __ ] of the club you feel like every woman fancies you and every man wants to be here yep I mean that's what I normally feel like. But that's what Matt feels like but like that's what that's I remember when when you feel your best you walk in there you're like you're on on no one can touch your candy really never got that confidence. But you're in a ridiculous shape back like many yeah many moons ago [ __ ] my fat dad. But like fat skinny Dad when you when you have that kind of confidence within yourself it definitely bleeds into other areas of your life doesn't it like and so like looking after myself is the number one priority first etching out time to do that making sure I put time aside which already last night even though I was up at 4 30 this morning to film a video actually end up doing a workout at 11 p.m last night um I think I mean stupidly because I didn't end up going to bed till once I was wired. But like today.

I've got plans to do a workout. Or to at least go for a run like us as a team being able to go for a run this this next.

Month Etc will really benefit us. But then.

Also you know towards the end this month we've got a huge collaboration I don't think we've shared briefly huge collaboration with Bob the sports they're coming over to the UK yeah. But yeah maybe that. But I want to be at least going into that week feeling trim yeah feeling like I'm I've looked after myself plus five pounds gain two yeah that works still minus three yeah. But like you know can I be hitting it. Or better can I have a few lessons before that. And it's not again it's not about the golf it's not as in it's about I want to make sure that I'm in the best possible because I desperately want to beat fat Perez which I Do by the way FP I'm coming. For you but I wanna I wanna feel like I can stand up there. And go yeah of course I can compete of course I can yes I can hit great shots I will hit great shots I am going to hit great shots I'm also going to throw in some horrendous shots. But that's part of the entertainment um but yeah there's lots going on there lots to unpack. So either you need to start practicing a bit more and feeling better and hitting better shots or to Rebrand the channel the average bloke I like it either one we're gonna go break 70 or break 90. the other thing I've actually not shared this show anyone yet but it's flared up a lot more today.

I've actually got like a weird real weird pain in my right the excuse to start to come out now it's been an hour of of heart to heart it's like oh. And also I mean clubs aren't fitted. For me and every time I place wood into the face and my shoulder is my arm hurts it is certain at the moment what's that from the aim. For me involved my friend and something else drink your drinking right guys um we'll leave it on that thanks everybody um I can't work out if you're gonna leave this room now feeling like a weight's been lifted or you're gonna start crying instead of cutting the corner of the room I don't know neither one I'm happy to see I don't know at the moment I think we need to push each other more like have more competitions like off camera Drive I used to kick your ass every single time I wasn't even the question was it no. But I've stepped up that's what I mean you hit balls now yeah trying to motivate you it's not working no. And if I beat you again on camera then.

It's embarrassing for you have we got any have we got any videos in the cam where you beat me right now we're not gonna I'm not anymore than they can we're going to roll why don't we say oh I don't have a match at Rome secret trip we're going to roll this year just me. And guy in a little romantic week anyway pizzas get ready a little bit of golf whatever um we've got a busy month can't we have a match there we've got a busy busy busy month life is busy right guys anyway that's what my heart to heart I'm sure everyone hopefully hopefully what this shows people is that golf is hard yeah even someone as great as me a golf finds it hard. And I know you people watching the listing might find that hard to believe yeah you know what I mean yeah. So if I find it hard it's all right if you find it hard so hopefully you listen to this and go oh you know what I feel a bit better about myself and yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna do more stuff. And get better at golf you need to be like um well these really motivational Instagram speakers get up at 5am read three books build a charity work we do [ __ ] thanks I do uh not read books. But well you're half oldest maybe just maybe I should start that now every morning you've done that for a while actually you didn't last but you put yourself out but big little uh coffee cans yeah I'm not sure about that I had a flat white iced coffee anyway I'm going now thanks everybody listening enjoy have a great time it'll be all right won't it go you're done I'm gonna be all right peace everyone bye I'll be back I will be back promise [Music].