All right guys welcome back to the Rick Shields Golf Show podcast everybody I'm your host Rick Shields episode 204 guy you back it's been a minute like it's actually been a long time it has been a long time nice to be you back since you were last on the podcast yeah Europe have won the ride I don't if you heard about this I didn't watch it didn't watch any of it um. And then.

That's pretty much it that's great podcast we'll see you next.

Week for episode 2 five what pathetic there's people sat in the car now who've waited all week for this podcast they've sat lit at the phone looking at notifications nothing's gone through nothing's come through finally it's landed it's here the 204th episode of the Rick Shields Golf Show podcast and that is what you give him yeah feel a bit flat today.

At the moment I've had no I had a coffee actually weirdly. But no steroids I'm off energy drink theads I'm uh yeah I you know what I think the last two weeks have really taken out of me oh it's it is hard. And it going to the rideing CP. And chilling in hospital you were the prawn sandwich berrade you were I saw your stories up in the Ivory Tower looking down at everybody yeah it's great yeah you know what we couldn't do though not really experienc that was really annoying couldn't take glass on the balcony oh no I know I was a bit frustrated about that every time you to nip out on the balcony you'd have to put take your glass of champagne. Or you know vodka sour weirdly drinking or beverage whichever it was put it in a plastic were you clicking the stuff as well more more no with massive cigar of course I wasn't of course I wasn't you trying to were you trying to poach any big names. For 10 shot challenges I was poaching like you couldn't like a poached egg I was definitely having conversations with certain people about getting certain Pros onto the channel. For 10 shot challenges so I would do my best utmost best. But either way the radic up was phenomenal um it was no it really was I loved it are you converted yeah you know what right I had a good thing about this I've before somewhat in ja yes. And someone with a bit of seriousness said that the rider Cup's overrated I must admit I changed my mind big time on the fact that whilst the Ridder cup was on I was absolutely engrossed. And for that couple of hours on the final day in particular I was converted it's the biggest. And the best golf tournament in the world and what I was really kind of proud of no what I was really proud of that's really Brave of you thank you I've had a kind of prime. So I'm I'm feeling a bit loose um what was really PR of I use the word proud as a golf fan how much publicity it was getting. And even at one point on the Sky Sports app it was just right a cup Rider cup Rider cup. And I loved how I had mates texting me AR big golfers watching it so all that was brilliant the only then.

Thing about the rider cup that is a little bit like uh is after like three days it's been. And gone and it kind of feels like that storyline just goes again whereas like if a football team wins the Premier League or the Champions League or whatever it might be feels like it gets spoken about for so much longer but because only have two winners it's obviously Europe or or USA it quite quickly boils over I don't know however. I also must must plug this I listened to I don't if you have done or not Max Homer on no layups podcast was it good it was honestly brilliant I think Max Homer came out of the whole thing Legend as the most likable USA player right now yeah absolutely. And he was absolutely adamant the whole Hat Gate. And the Hat story was absolute nonsense that there was no um there was no issue around that that the guys were all friends obviously some guys who are closer than others. And that Xander and Klay are very close. But there's no um animosity. And all this stuff getting paid was apparently nonsense. And and he came across really really well we've OB spent a bit of time with him with things you've done with him and and he I was already a fan. But I'd say him even bigger of a fan now and and he took the energy from the thing where Brook said about um who would want that ball in that moment he took that as motivation he said he he he looked at himself almost in the mirror was like am I that guy. So when he had that put to to beat um Matt Fitzpatrick and keep the kind of hopes alive some not lose the r exactly he said that he's like right I've got to be the guy that wants the ball it was insightful I tell you what you know what really opened my eyes. And the rup again showed that and we obviously radic Up's a couple weeks old now we're not going to kind of keep talking about it obviously the first time me. And Guy spoke about it on on the podcast is when Da Dave Samson came in a few weeks ago the course architect which by the way I was incredibly proud of. For the whole ride of cup like I felt like because we really got to know him over the last few weeks and months like I felt nervous for him I really wanted the Ridder cup and Marco Simone to do well because of him he mentioned the podcast a few weeks ago that the Ridder cup is the third biggest sports event in the world. And didn't it prove it absolutely it really is it captivates every single corner of the globe even though weirdly it's USA versus Europe I'm sure I'm pretty confident that Australian fans are glued to it I'm pretty confident that Asian fans are glued to it because it's it's it's such an incredible event um. And then.

Like I say coming off the back of it I'm sure you experienced it as well but I had loads of mates of mine who just knock that into golf kind of borderline sports fans who were messaging me just loving the Ridder cup. And instantly like it just put it gets put into so many people's uh front front living rooms on TV on the news my wife obviously I was at the right C my wife was at home she was saying oh the on on the news looked incredible you don't get that from any other golf event do you think there's something about. And fitting I'm going to talk about Rome. And and and the Coliseum Etc there's something quite in our nature in our DNA rightly or wrongly quite animalistic about like combat and fighting isn't there and and if not that fighting is a good thing clearly. But like even I think we see that in boxing. And MMA and people want to see who's going to win in one-on-one combat now obviously Golf. And certainly there ride a cup is not one-on-one combat it it could have been a few could been it Ro had a good goal. But that kind of in that like certainly the amphitheater that they create there and that one V one on the Sunday there's something in it but is. So it is. So exciting that this quite simple one guy's hitting a white little golf ball to a hole the other guy's trying to do it in less shots whoever wins wins the match. And they've got the country or the continent weight on the shoulders it is simple. But yet so exciting and I think that's what you don't really get with four day of stroke play on a Thursday afternoon in a in a in a wet you know whether it be Scotland. Or wherever it could be it's not quite as I don't know it's not quite as exciting as it no I mean to be honest I remember again Celtic Mana back in 2010 when it was was wet. And horrible and cold it the the the golf that that combat one versus one two versus two whatever it may be still shines through regardless of the weather um but yeah no it was an amazing event I honestly absolutely loved it I genuinely like I'm desperate. For 2025 to come around at Beth Page um I I will be going That's my kind of commitment to myself I think it's going to be crazy I think it's going to be. So much more Ruckus and when you talk about combat and fighting I I'm worried about uh the the the tension of it all because I feel like this year really spark the fuse this kind of new wave of players and they've just literally sparked the fuse and it's all was like a ticking Time Bomb now. For two years all the way to the Ridder Cup in 2025 I would love to see you attend the Ridder cup next.

Time in America as a ride cup Ultra to go in a stone Island jacket start maybe going in the gym a little bit get a few tattoos. And turn up with the boys the firm I like it yeah I'm all over it really cause some drama me. And the uh me and the Guardians of the uh what they call meet those guys yeah Guardians of the cup they really nice really really nice actually um they was sat on the on the first day they were sat right behind me about three. Or four rows back and uh one of them shouted Rick Rick and I was turning around. And they were like like give about let's say seven of them. Or whatever three or four of them were dead chat. And really nice and the other guys I'm not sure how big of golf fans they are whether they're more just kind of just pure banter men just more yeah about the dressing up. And singing you know what I'm going to be honest though I'm I'm all. For go to the ride cup and having a good time never been to one I need to go to one it looks amazing and and you've told me it was amazing I don't quite get you get mid up I don't think I would I want I want the Fridays of Rider cup to be fancy fancy dress Fridays. For that reason I'm out oh I think it would be absolutely B I don't like fancy dress you don't have to you can just go as you from the [Music] podcast it's like when it was Prime school it was a world book day it's like I don't want to dress up Mom right well go with James. And James and the Giant Peach go in your own clothes you come out James and the James and GI Peach I used to go like the match magazine I've come as Michel Owen Michel Owen of all the people um yeah. So awesome awesome event but yeah like I say it feels like it's gone it's been been. And gone now gone old news it is old news. But not a lot has happened in the golfing world since really the only thing that came out last night I don't if you saw it on Instagram is back tag Woods he is back there was clips of him at his foundation day like junior golf Foundation Day Invitational he was hitting golf shots in foot Joy shoes again how I right I understand there's a story behind Tiger Woods were in foot Joys because they apparently helped him because they were flatter. Or something how have Nike not developed a shoe in the last 18 months or so that he can we has they bothered if they've got the swoop on his on his. But actually he didn't even have a he didn't even have a Nike cap on he had a Raiders hat on W they must be but even even so like how can they not do that how can they not just go right just make an absolute carbon copy of a foot joy. And we'll put a swoosh on the side just so we can wear them at least to yeah to some degree I reckon I reckon they've probably done some market research. And they've gone out to I don't know 10,000 people what shoes the Tiger Woods currently wearing and 98% of them will say Nikes because that's what they presume he's wearing I don't I still don't think the mass markets even realize that he's wearing foot drawers obviously those golf Geeks do um. But he was there he was hitting golf shots orbe it wedges currently his upper body looks massive a get like. So strong his lower body does look kind of very fragile. And um slim at the moment so it needs to B that out but there's rumors he's hitting shots you know obviously the um parent and son or parent daughter event typically happens in December time in in Orlando it' be interesting to see if he's tee it back up there with Charlie why is it parent daughter event parent son parent daughter then.

Yeah sorry you said parent s. And I thought you corrected say parent parent and child event coming up coming up very soon in December it'll be interesting to see what happens there whether he's teen it back up with Charlie it all be like I say it's a bit of an exhibition event but something still gives me goosebumps guy I know we spoke about it recently and yes he wasn't missed at the rider Cup this year he wasn't he's never really been a real hardcore radical player. But for me when I when I when I see him and he's like oh I do get goosebumps I do want I do do do want to see him back absolutely. And as do I I want to see him come back I'd love to see him win again I'd love to see him win another major again I think most people would that would be a dream come true. But what I don't want to see is him come back. And and and be in pain again and be injured and Miss Cuts cuz that's not how you want not that it would tge his legacy his legacy is there regardless. But I don't know if he did come back. And say you know what I can't do anymore I am going to hang up my clubs at the Masters. Or an Open Championship or some something I'd actually be a lot more ready for it now than I ever thought it would be I dreaded the day and I still don't look forward to the day but it's almost I'm okay with it it's inevitability now an inevitability inevitabil it's inevitable you almost had it then.

Inevitability yeah it's actually a word though yeah is it well if not I've just made one up yeah won't be the first time. And my my daughter blesser the other day was doing some some spelling. And she came up with a word it was like boringly like boringly right yeah. And I said to CLA I said oh I said look at this word that she's come up with bingling like what's she on about. And she looked at me went are you actually joking she went you come up with madeup names all the bloody time he said not not only on the podcast CU she knows my Rick isms on the podcast damp squid the other day is that what it is no it's damp squid no it's not it is a damp squids are damp anyway aren't they a damp squib is the what's a squib apparently a squib is something used to use to light a explosives back in the day. Or something so it was damp it wouldn't light. So that was why it's a damp squib not a damp squid wow I say a lot you do say L I say a lot of different wrong you do that. And I also think one thing you do do this is quite common if you hear a new word a buzz word you like to then.

Use it if you like it like otherwise it doesn't become a buzz word correct you like the buzzword hit me with a buzz word that you like I don't know I think you like saying the golf space I think you heard that yeah you say that a lot on the podcast in the golf space yeah said it then.

Perfectly like exactly how you always say it I don't actually know maybe I do I don't know. But yeah no I only reason I saw the podcast last week with Sophie Walker. And there's a lot of comments about damp squid squid damp squid squid I thought it was damp squid yeah it's not damp squid squid squib squib that doesn't make any what would a damp squid mean said damp fish well that's not is that bad though let me let me get I'm gonna go on YouTube now while we're doing this oh is say. So I'm going to go on the podcast Channel um. And if you one of those people last week who called Rick out for his Rick ISM feel free to do it more. And more it's um oh it is we like to be corrected when we're wrong which is is quite often. So if I'm going to search. For damp squ oh my God I got so many wrong is that is that because you hear them you know I'm you know what I'm really good at cuz I don't really pay attention you're on your on the phone to somebody. And it's like so what's what's your surname oh so it's Shields how is that spelled um s. For sock s for sex H for helicopter I for Igloo um I think it is I. For Igloo is it not no Indigo isn't it all right Rick's like shut house IG glute elephant Lilo. And then.

Sugar Sugar squid yeah there's lots of comments about damp squid um okay people sayic Rick isms in this one um people this is what people listen. For Rick isms so yeah anyway um Tiger's back. And who knows if it's going to be success. Or a damp squid or a damp squid yeah one of the two um I'm also back I played golf yesterday which I want to come on to um let's not ask how I'll tell you how I played absolutely horrendous really yeah why why because I'm not very good at golf I finally realized. So yesterday I played in an amazing event which I want to just want to come on to and shed some light on because it's for a really good cause you were obviously invited you know that. But just for the audience Rick was invited as well couldn't make it cuz you had other plans you away in Germany which you might touch on as well uh. And you had the ride of Cups another day out from the family was not not really feasible. For you I however. could go and it was James Madison who is a footballer. For Tottenham Hotspur and for England had his uh Madison Invitational golf day um James watches a lot of the videos which is great he loves the videos um. So we got in touch I was like do you. And Rick want to come down to this event I was like well Rick can't make it I'd love to come if the invite still uh I don't know if I was kind of your plus one he like no you're absolutely invited um. So it was great. And it was at the Shia Place we've been to before many a Time um. And it was to raise money. For a little girl who very tragically passed away in 2019 called Sophie Taylor um she was only 5 years old she had cancer. And she was a big fan of James I think when he was at Norwich. Or Lester or maybe well both I'm sure I don't know where it stemmed from and her family became very close to James and he's done a lot to to raise money for her charity which is called Sophie Sparkle fund um. And the golf day was essentially an aid of raising money. For this charity to to go on and help to find you know hopefully cure go for for cancer and help more children out and it was quite heartbreaking you know Sophie's family were there. And they gave a speech at the end of the day and it was really kind of uh heartwarming. And and and sad really but it was great to be part of the day. And just I mean we've asked before obviously Rick's on some amazing stuff with Charity beforehand uh many a time. And we've asked for people to donate and and thankfully so many of this amazing listeners and viewers of the channel do donate. And obviously times are tough economically. For a lot of people but if you would like to donate anything for the charity uh we'll leave a a link in the description of the podcast and maybe as a pinned comment on YouTube and even if just too quid pain you know what want to buy as a pint for the podcast we don't charge for the podcast obviously if you want to give us what would be cost a p and and and donate we'd massively appreciate that um but anyway it was an amazing day there was some um really big names there um Michael McIntyre the comedian played he also fell in I even know he played golf I don't know how long he's been playing golf he fell into water a shot kind of were it wasn't really in the water. But his kind of feet kind of were. And then.

He hit it kind of slipped a little bit and then.

Completely fell into water did comedy it was unique step gra was there very very well-known actor. And then.

There's loads of people from the world of football you obvious had James Madison clearly you had Harry McGuire Jordan pford John Terry was there Jamie redn Peter Crouch um who else was there those those Jermaine Janus was Janus was there Jack wil Jack wil I played with Jack wilch he was a great guy watching the videos uh Mason Mount was there he came up to me watching the video. So many of these people watch the videos which was great to see um it was a fourman team yeah stableford best two scores from four okay okay it's a nice format nice format friendly format I was with me. And Jack Wilshire and I was with a guy called Max. And a guy called Charlie and I think I was off four which I put down as my handicap I don't I have to come to the terms of the fact now I don't think it's four really I don't know it can be um she want a good day that's the thing I don't have any good days that's the problem uh I think Jack was off 16 ch's off 12. And the other guy Max off 18 so what I thought on paper we've got great level of handicaps here cuz we're getting good amount of shots but there's going to be a few little Bandits. And some good holes there wasn't many good holes and there was a rule that I absolutely loved where if you lose a ball out of bounds. Or anything you just laterally drop it with only one shot penalty so it was like quite quick let's get the pace of play up Etc we also had a digital scoring system. So at the end of the whole um one of Jack's mates W around with it well got in the Boogie with us he was put the scores in after 14 holes I was play horrendous I found out that only was there a team scoreboard there was an individual scoreboard there was 18 teams. And four people in the teams right soone wasn't everyone off the first Bly so there was 72 people playing if my maths is correct after 14 holes like coming 60 something I was like oh my word like this is embarrassing I thought nobody will look though nobody be bothered. So anyway doesn't matter so carried on playing got to I think it was the 16th hole. And I'm looking over and obviously I'm quite star struck a lot of you know big names are there. And I feel a bit out of place but everyone was really nice everyone was lovely I didn't quite have the money to flex that the guys do at the auction. And Etc but I was there next.

Thing I'm looking Harry McGuire. And Jordan pif the there and I think it was Harry McGuire's brother as well. So kind that's quite cool you know England football uh man united Captain isn't he he was was shouts over guy oh this is weird all right mate. So I walked over kind of handshakes you know I'm trying to play it cool you're not playing very well are you no I like no I'm not. But we looking for you on the scoreboard I'm like lit at this point like right near the bottom oh yeah not not my day. So anyway kind of had a bit of thing wed felt quite good about myself know these guys watch the videos they were very complimentary with the videos asking where you were Etc gets the next.

T I don't know if they were looking. Or not but they could still kind of see us I topped it into a water hazard and that was how a day went lost golf balls after lost golf balls after lost golf balls um. But it was fun the greens were insanely fast see right you represented the brand how we should represent the brand horrendous go. And I felt a level of pressure these footballers have have absolutely gone on to win things at you know super high level or whatever they've played for the country Michael McIntyre is one of the UK's biggest comedians I'm there as a guy sometimes on your YouTube videos Rick's May at least my thing is go. So some level of pressure and I was just absolutely rubbish. But it was a very good day. And at the end of the day there was um a raffle. And there was um auctions. And stuff and at that point it was my time to leave because I didn't really want to start trying to get involved well if I was the thing it's the difference if you were there with I could have been on the business card right we'll have that most sell shirt we'll have it bring it. But instead I was very res I had the excusive I've got to go home now it's 3 hours drive home. So about 7:00 or left but it was a great day it was great to see. So of of these guys was it late one you reckon. For them yeah it was getting messy it was yeah it was messy um. But there some some friends of the channel were there. So Dan grieve was there short game coach he was there olle Phelps from Harry Potter that's been on the channel was there. So chat Ollie quite a bit Gaz from Jordi show was there doing some good stuff on YouTube as well tubes. And andw there so it was really cool. And it was like the most important thing of the day it was great to to to raise money. And awareness for for Sophie Sparkle fund and it was also really good see how much golf is changing. And golf coming Co he does have Premier League footballers at the prime of the career who are playing golf. And loving Golf and loving golf more than football sometimes as well I actually reckon they do I've spent a bit of time with with some of the cricket guys recently over in Rome. For the first time we went over to Marco Simone they these guys love golf borderline more than they love their actual sport that they play professionally that they paid a lot of money golf is becoming that big it's crazy well that's the thing. And we've said this before in the podcast. But you know we started playing a very very similar time and golf was never cool tiger started to help that. But even then.

On the you know without the social media and stuff back then.

Growing up golf wasn't a cool spot to play and it was all about football. Or rugby or whatever I think now if you are a young kid. And you support Tottenham or you support England and you and you're on social media looking at Madison who's hosting a golf day and loving Golf and you're going to think maybe I'll try that grand asked me to go to the range them I won't I won't Shug. And and wi I'll go along and whack a golf ball and well even even just for argument say it like the Shire I really like the Shire a lot it's a very challenging Golf Course designed by seie balleros I think the only golf course he designed in England the last hole has a huge s-shaped Pond around the 18th green which is amazing kry a good friend of mine owns the venue who I ran the London Marathon London Marathon. For last year cuz unfortunately he lost his little boy to to cancer and obviously I'm guessing there would have been some connection there with with Sophie char as well um which I'm I'm actually running the marathon again next.

Year mad man 200 days away K weirdly text me today.

Um. But what I like about that place is like it's very relaxed I'm sure there was music playing like dress code is very relaxed. And going back to that point of young Lads. Or young girls going it's a fancy bit of golf. And they go no way the sh that's where James had his golf day maybe I could see him like. And suddenly they go down to the driving range and whack some balls with the idea that they might stumble across one of their favorite footballs Etc um but yeah it is becoming. So so much cooler it really is um as you mentioned as you were doing that thanks. For going. For representing the brand and doing what I'm proud of you're doing thank you coming almost dead lost yes which I would have done the same you would have probably beat me would you say I was there as the face the brand is that that what you just said a minute ago would you agree with that okay can I expense my fuel please. And by the way Rick I did buy that mot 400 400 miles it was yeah call it 400 quid call it 400 quid in a quits pay to go to a charity golf day with footballers R come on wow um we'll we'll talk about that off there um the um I was unfortunately I couldn't go that day I was gutted because I was watching I was I was following it quite closely on Instagram. And thinking I'd love to in there cuz for me like meeting people like Michael McIntyre like M honestly I've watched Michael McIntyre for years he's one of honestly the funniest people on the planet and to see him in that setting playing golf would have been hilarious I'd love to be in his group but like I say all the footballs and stuff as well um but the um I couldn't go unfort like I said because I last week I was off in I was to in Germany the first time playing golf ever in Germany. And what a bloody experience was it good honestly there was this venue I'd love to take you to it weird just me. And you who I'm going to get the pronunciation wrong here though bhof Golf Club come on your is your mic on Matt no give us the give us the first bitberg Huff yeah B ho whober ho this was a golf club two two golf courses there the old course funny enough. And the West CO beautiful hotel spa practice ground was out of this world. And I'm not sure did you see this MK I'm not sure if there might have been some sort of connection with Martin kimer he's German no I'm I'm not sure if he might have practiced there played there. Or something because on one of the ball markers that I got give given as a gift kind of name of the golf course and it's not it's had m c on the bottom so anyway it was an amazing event um I went over there. For the Mercedes Trophy World final um got to go and to see the Mercedes um Factory which is rid ridiculous got to go. And see the Mercedes Museum we did a podcast with Seb car Michael Brown which will be coming to the channel soon um. And also got to do a break 75 first time ever playing golf in Germany how did it go give me some little hints tips I'm going to give you a couple of hints. And tips I don't know if I struck the ball better for a very very long time wow there's a few videos everybody coming out in the next.

Few weeks which I'm cannot wait to go out and I think you guys watching are gonna really really enjoy there is light at the end of the tunnel it's been a long tunnel it's been a bloody Dark Times everybody. And the lights small it's Candle it's there though it's there it's absolutely light it's absolutely light there somewhere down that dark tunnel there is a little Shining Light. And there's a couple of videos coming out soon me versus Grant which is a match coming out next.

Week you're going to want to watch every every single second of every single bit of that video. And then.

Break 75 with Seb at K in Germany Seb played really well as well um but give you a little Sparkle okay a little hint I struck it magnificently think you're going to say put it bad I made the stupidest double bogey in the world on the first. But after that in fact after the first four holes just if you're going to watch the break 75 in Germany watch the first four holes going oh it's classic Ricky Shields chopping playing crap. And then.

From the fifth stra yourself in you just watch put your seat back you just watch cuz there is there is some bloody good golf played. But little last tip one there's a ridiculous amount of birdy sauce there's almost as much birdy sauce than you'd seen a scramble video wow that's how much birdy sauce There Is Well speaking of birdy sauce. And scramble videos and you play him well he kind of alluded to it then.

This week we have got a busy week of content coming out so we've got I think today.

Which will actually be yesterday when people listen to this we have got quite a different video. For the channel again people might have seen it by now the unboxing video so you had you have lots and lots of golf clubs getting sent to us all the time many of which we haven't unboxed we had the time to do all the videos. So we went a bit crazy in the hit Studio you got it was like Santa EMP his sack in the studio um people children listen to District. So hold hold that there um and you had a look what was in his side his sack Jesus Christ what that's. And reviewed no no I wouldn't say reviewed had a bit of a play hit a few clubs talked about a few bits it was fun yeah really good video where it was kind of like it was almost mystery boxes I didn't really even know what was in them. And to be able to kind of find a few little nuggets which actually we might turn into bigger Fuller reviews some for the main Channel One Club some for the hit Channel um so that's really cool on Wednesday we have got a match that was break 60 oh yeah break 60 where it's Yi. And Grant at the belfrey one of the hardest golf courses in the world how could the three of us gel together to play some really good golf fun there was a lot of really good golf in there there was I think those videos are. So fun because you seen a great golf course it was in great condition. And The Vibes were good. So that's a good one to come and then.

Is it Friday I then.

Believe it's it's the fun stops. And the the the Rivalry starts is that Friday let me double check I don't think it is okay let me double check we've got three videos coming out this week is it Friday no Friday is the grant versus oh Grant versus James Robinson that's even not more exciting Rick. But exciting yeah. So so James Robinson friend of ours who ex total Pro played in the Open Championship you be team James I'll be team Grant and I'll big it big him up he is one of the best ball Strikers in the world. And his and his channel average views are astronomical like he's been he's probably been on maybe 10 videos let's call it pretty much he doesn't miss every almost every video that James has been in is over a million views he doesn't now play on tour unfortunately um he he wanted to hang up his his golf boots. So to speak golf SP I was gonna do a real St be Rick ISM again say I don't just like hang up his teas. Or something um anyway he now is a teaching professional um he's doing really well at sent hands old links. But James every now and again we we pull him out of that teaching studio and his silky smooth incredible technique is just Flawless in every capacity in fact I think recently since he's he's been on more videos I I do think he sneaky practice he's got a lot longer as well he definitely hitting the golf ball further. And so we thought it'd be a good matchup him versus Mr my man Grant Hall that part of Team GG Grant and guy he's my partner no I think he's left good good he's in guy's group now. And um yeah I hear what you're saying James is a great golfer on Friday at 4 pm it gets settled can your guy James Robinson beat my guy Grant Horvat arguably if not definitely one of the best golf swings on YouTube it's elegant he's tall he's slender sneaky long gets ball speed the way he smiles is enough. For me he's got these big white pearly team there's a smiling assassin he's got He's Got The Look of a a real Tor proo he's he's a he's Elite he's a scratch golfer he can play golf under pressure with cameras he's used to it he's been on some of the biggest videos in the world he obviously was a member of good good he took the plunge. And he went on his own um he's a tail made athlete he is um I'm R out things to say now. But it's a great match it's a very very very very good match that's coming out on Friday at Wy yes. So stay tuned for that it's kind of one where I host and kind of just kind of present almost but the action really is between Grant. And James and then.


Week the week after not next.

Week not the week after next.

Week but next.

Week it's Grant versus or Rick versus Grant I believe that's going to be on Friday the 20th if that's not the biggest video of 20 23 I will eat my hat will you yes you know that's not it's eat my cat eating your house I mean eat my cat how could someone eat a hat oh God you are busting my bats you are trying think of busting my Halles um oh either way yes that is epic epic epic content coming up left right. And center but before some of that content in fact after some of that content before some of that content doesn't make sense but this Friday this Friday Friday the 13th of October is the live podcast I'm excited 250 people are going to come to the Marriott wory Park. For the live podcast obviously many of you can't come clearly um we're not going to record it this time it's a bit more impromptu it's a bit more sit down you might have a couple of shandies I'm actually off drinking okay yeah just loads of sigs then.

I'm actually six Vapes a vape in each hand no I don't Vape I don't smoke I don't drink I'm I'm going clean. For a little bit nice how so we say you don't drink you didn't iend drink in Germany no yeah I did drink in Germany after Germany oh okay. So then.

Did it start today.

Or did it start yesterday cuz yesterday was Sunday first day back at the house I didn't have a drink I didn't have a drink Saturday. Or Sunday wow so from Saturday the 7th of October I am now um B total recovering alcoholic um I'm going to have a period of time of of no drinking getting Health up get because we've got I've got a few big big big big big matches. And videos coming in November and DEC member I want to be so unbelievably tuned in for that it starts now so okay. So you won drinking at the live podcast I'll believe that I want to see it but anyway that's on Friday if you are coming we can't wait to see you there it open it starts at 7:00 probably gone. For an hour and a half or so very chilled out Vibe um I'm excited yeah buy me P after yeah of water that's cheap anyway the why don't see how many P of cord you you can have what's uh what's happening is is the golf day full. So um that's a good question let me just double check yeah there is a golf Mar marot Worley par nice very kindly decided to organize a golf day. For uh Spectators and to be honest non-sp Spectators of the podcast the live podcast happening on Friday which camera you switched to here Matt uh bu how are you going go to this one thank you um. And they are putting on the golf day there'll be some fun prizes etc etc um there is still time to sign up. So if you are coming on Friday. And you want to play the marott Worley Park the famous Marriott Worley Park Link in the description or if you're not coming to todaying if you don't you know if you're not coming today.

Or you are coming today.

Whichever way it is uh there's a golf day happening on Friday get signed up. And uh enjoy the beautiful benefits of the marit W Park so let me just give a more detail about then.

It is Friday you correct it's a shotgun start at 11:00 a.m. the space. For 92 players it's individual stableford and 95% of your handicap there's prizes for first second and third there's nearest the pin on all the path threes longest drive in 18 the perfect long drive hole it's 65 per person um and that's A10 pound donation to Rick's chosen charity which is nice um. And you'll also get tea coffee and a bacon roll and arrival so not bad considering you're getting a green fee access to all those prizes and somebody going to charity playing their marot wory park um. So yeah there you go get involved get involved it's going to be a good day um. And then.

After that I feel like it's a bit bit of a chill time it's been so Manic and crazy recently but we've got a little bit more a chilled October until it starts to go crazy again in November and we're going to also film like like guy mentioned before some of the incredible interesting clubs I found in that unboxing we're going to get on the golf course. And test a few of those as well and as from Germany and the game's trending as well I think we need to go. And film some new break 75s yeah nice yeah I gone off him I had oh wow because I was shooting 95. But now the honestly that that tiny little light at the end of the tunnel I can see if I look really closely it's definitely definitely showing well I've got a goal. So the other day I went to Center parks for a week which is why I wasn't in work Mr the podcast still bloody working at Center parks on your phone getting mther um no I didn't get mered um. And I just spent a lot of the time which was pleasant walking my my baby daughter around in the pram getting to sleep um which was fun. But then.

When she did get to sleep i' sit down somewhere put a podcast on watch YouTube it was Bliss. And I decided to a little Q&A on Instagram and actually got quite a lot of questions I was quite surprised about one of them was um if you saw their response. But do you ever beat Rick. Or how often does Rick beat you. Or something and I thought you know what I won't respond with the silly answer I'll put some at serious I'll put some like um annoyingly I said Rick wins most the time. But sometimes I have number Etc so I want to have I'm going to train. And I want to put this to bed I want to have you a actual match a proper 18 holes match play Marco Simone was a warmup yeah blah blah blah whatever this is going to be a serious match I'm going to practice you can do all your practicing. And you're not drinking Etc and whoever wins is the best golfer. And that's it that is absolutely it whatever yeah went set a date um December okay do I don't know the actual day in December. But December okay. And Champion golf for the year is crowned. And I actually want a crown as well CU you say you you want you you want to get a crown for the eventual winner which will be me um. And you want to do match play I want do match play not stroke play not stroke play why do you not want to do stroke play because I've got a massive blow Po in me I will do stroke play if you're scared. But I sounds like I'm just getting the impression that you scared that's that's the vibe getting might be hard to tell you're listening maybe not as hard if you're watching but I'm getting this energy that you scared why you sweating I'm not sweating mat play play what do you want to do I'm I'm very interested why you pushing match play more because you know that I'll get a 12 on one hole in which joke plays out elevant what'll happen is if we do stroke play I'll start off p p birdie birdie 12 eight seven I I actually think you'd start with the 12 yeah exactly. So um okay it give me to train. For and to give you something to train and you know if if you beat me then.

That's fair enough I'll shake your hand if I beat you oh it's going to be good it's going to be glorious. So that's it so I just get a handshake I get a handshake and you get glorious and all this well but thing is the I can be at the range you can it's like a movie you can imagine now it's raining. And they grinding got this goal of beating you beating you that's what's giving me the energy you can't let me win if I win I will take to the Grave I want I'm going to have a trophy the crown maybe a tattoo maybe you have to get a tattoo all all these RS is will turn into GC absolutely. So that's that's your motivation to carry not only you playing with potentially some of these big big names you want to talk about just yet in November in December you can lose to them whatever if you lose to me. And how many shots do you want I honestly the way my game's going at the moment. And I'm showing so much outrageous potential that yeah I yeah not not a problem at all okay I'm guessing it's going have to be links. Or do we going away. For it um Dubai we always taking me to Germany so we can do it there Dubai A Links I'll let you pick I've put them out match out going to buy in December okay yeah fine do you buy [Music] yep I like it let's do it um right then.

Before we wrap this up we've got some questions from our wonderful Facebook audience. And also before we come on to the match I want to give a shout out and a thank you to everybody who has recently reviewed the podcast we asked uh we don't ask a lot we asked last couple of podcast if people wanted to give us a rating on Apple and people did just that which is great to see. So if you've not done that yet and you want to feel free we really appreciate it um and that's your way of of of of paying for this podcast that we say it's free a lot of the time it's very very it's free it's very very free we can't give it away essentially I'm trying to say um so pay you guys soon yeah yeah we would um. So we've had some questions on Facebook if you're not a member of the Facebook group yet please join us we actually over 100,000 now nearly annoyingly it's very close not actually got to 100,000 yet it's on 99.8 you joking um so that need means we need 200 people I think. So yeah yeah be less does seem like a lot it's not groups less than 300 that's really wow okay very good get get involved in the in the Facebook group um if you are in the Facebook group you often be the first to know about things um if you don't use Facebook feel free to make a burner account. And and join us anyway we've had some great questions off um the Facebook page so Tom golden hi Tom he has said is it right. For a club to charge a full me full 12month membership when the drainage is. So bad it cannot be played four months of the year ouch I'm guessing he's talking about his own golf club because it feels a bit of Venom in that just a bit um it's hard isn't it because if they didn't charge 12 months then.

The drainage get worse correct like if they only charge for six months well then.

I'm pretty sure the drainage would probably only last for six months yeah it's really hard it's it's unfortunately where we are in the UK certain golf courses do get very very wet. And we've had some horrendously wet weather last this last week or so even you look at C Andrews and the dunh Hill championship this weekend that got called I think it's now been officially short to 3 days is finishing today.

When we recording this podcast um I I I don't know what the answer is. But is it fair it's probably not if they don't charge it the course will probably shut down do you think though as well is almost answered his question in a sense potentially I'm guessing still is a member of the golf club hence why he's asking about the predicament. But when you actually just finally decide that something whatever that something may be is not value. For money you would leave it so for example the allogy I'm going to use use my gym I W name which gym it is I don't go very often as you can probably tell. But when I do go it standards have slipped the showers aren't as good the food's not as good the service isn't as good lots of things I'm not super impressed with. And I keep thinking what canceling cost 60 quid a month I want to cancel it but I'm not done cuz it's kind of like well I'm saying bad things about it it can't be that bad or else I would have canceled it and moved to another gym so suppose that once it becomes that point we say no I've had enough of this I'm leaving that's the point. So if he's not canceled it yet yet he must still be prepared to pay it you with me I don't know no I totally got it um leis Parks what is the best freebie that Rick has ever received wow best freebie um God I. For me it would be a green fee at austa would must be your best freebie oh yeah that was a pretty decent one that that mun pitch. And p uh no obviously invitation to play austa National was pretty incredible um I'm very very very very fortunate. But is it are these things freebie freebies. Or are they earned wow I feel like they're earned okay f um there's nothing free in life that's what I've learned yeah that's. For sure Neil uh warsold and it's a good question actually this are driving ranges becoming slightly overpriced yeah some are i' I've definitely noticed the trend of driving ranges however. to combat that I also think driving ranges have become incredibly better yeah a lot of driving ranges now incorporate top Tracer technology in the past you you'd have to buy pay. For top Tracer technology now a lot of driving rangers are realizing to incorporate into the past into the price they've raised the price up of the of the normal 100 golf balls 150 75 golf balls whatever. But now you get top Tracer for free and it is improved. And heightened the experience of practicing yeah. So yeah there is there is that does come with more cost yeah you know what it's a very good question. And and for example if we use you know Trafford Golf Center which is obviously somewhere we go to a lot. And you know we're great Advocates of and great fans I can understand to some degree why people might say it's expensive. But I want to flip it so for example an on Peak at Trafford and again you could use any range as an example I'm using Trafford cuz I think a lot of the place 40 golf balls including top tracers you get top Trac is 8 quid right. So that compared to what 40 balls would have been five or 10 years ago is a lot more isn't it it's You could argue it's double the price however. first like you've said you're getting top Tracer which is ADD. So much more to your session in terms of you get more you get so much more data so you can look you can learn about literally how in it your ball speeds your Heights Etc your consistency um you can play the games you can play competitive mode. So actually mean that you practice is just whacking balls into a field you actually have goals you have some level of pressure. So I think all that starts to you know that that the price there is somewhat Justified I think the fact that you said somewhere again like Trafford you pay more. But the facilities are nice silly things the toilets are clean there's a nice cafe all goes towards that. But then.

At the same time that's coming from a golfer point to inter you so you look at it that way but if you're a non-golfer and you go into driving range with a friend because it's something to do on an afternoon the 120 balls at Trafford would be15 now if there's two of you going with 120 balls that could last you an hour quite comfortably if not more. So let's just say an hour and a half to go and catch up with a friend of an hour and a half say an hour realistic yeah well that's that an hour yeah let's C an hour then.

An hour. For 15 quid to to waack some ball you know it's not bad what else would you do in that time it's it's not bad value you know what you know what I I reckon it's a little bit more similar to. And I've never experienced this but like let's say you're a almost somewhat of a really really Avid temping bowler yeah. And you loved going to temping bowling I bet there's places where it where it's a pretty much you don't really get a lot of bang. For your book but if you just want to go bang for your book is that the right that's correct um you want to go bowling. And you it's it's you know it's just a classic bowling alley it's not too fancy and and the price reflects that but then.

You have bowling alleys now that are attracted to families. And casuals and where it's lights it's flashing and it's really nice service you get great service coming to coming to your um your bowling alley and the balls are you know I don't know do you get what I mean by that absolutely driving ranges now have become more Leisure destinations as they've be as more than they've just become now practice facilities correct. And it's it's a bit like with a gym again you you can have some that are super Health Spar some that are very much spit. And sawdust and it's similar thing with driving ranges you know I won know names but I I know of drag mange is a bit more basic which is fine huh bitting sawdust huh I thought it was slipping sawdust what did I say then.

What is it spitting sord spit. And sword off got me over thinking now um and you know there's ranges that are a bit more you hit a ball into a field there just a bit of a Target the balls might not be quite as good. But it does a job. So I suppose it's whatever you want from a race longwinded answer to a question there last question then.

From James Edge you have to ditch one and why which what why when you pick the one why R up the masters of the open can't ditch one one now I literally I couldn't I couldn't there's not honestly there's no way on my life I could ditch one of those that's like saying is your three children get rid of one of them like they are literally they they are what I live. For in the World of Golf that Masters the open and the ride of C what that is literally the best the only thing that only thing that I look forward to all year round wow you couldn't ditch one do not you do not dare say the Masters because I really fall out with you. And you can't say the Masters now after slagging off the rider cup for buy 10 years let me think this now you can't you can't get rid of one that is an impossible question how aect oh you can't get rid of one I'm going controversial I think I know which one you're going to say I can't believe it what the hell no would I go to the open take that hat off your bloody head as you sit there in your open Royal Liverpool hat let me think You' just said the open. But right hit me out you can't get rid of one you cannot get rid of one hear me out if someone said that was last ride a cup it was all fun. And games we'll call it a draw done I could forget about it quite quickly every April i' be thinking where's the Masters gone I'm missing the Masters every July in summer imagine if the open was at the old course this year oh miss the open ride a c yeah it's gone you're still in the radic cup honeymoon phase give it another month cold October's evening early November I F A few videos on my phone no you won't I don't know actually you know what all three of them every single one of them the M as they open the Ric cup all three of them give me. So much pleasure when a certain player wins yeah. And also give me so much displeasure when a certain player also wins or team wins you know I couldn't get rid of one of them there's not there's no chance what I would say final thing on this then.

As a viewing experience from this year talking about televised viewing I enjoyed the open the Lea I was all I was at all three of them live. So I didn't really see them on TV Flex I didn't no. But genuinely though as a if I was to now put them in different categories as a viewing experience. And one that I probably took the most pleasure in this year genuinely I think they R cup well as a viewing experience if let's say next.

Year. Or next.

Time they're all on so two years time you can't go to any of them right you've got the Masters is on in the evening you can sit down kids are in bed watch it same with the r cup because it's can obviously be in America the open is kind of on in the day it's a bit I don't know the I tell you one the last last thing I will say on this good question I think the open. For me is the one that has more variance in a sense of how good. Or bad it could be so the rider cup is always going to be fun because you've got the singles on the Sunday. And it obviously can be one before that. But realistically it's always going to come down to singles the Masters just feels like it's just it's the Masters the open can have a bit of a not as exciting winner I mean this year no offense. But Brian Haron obviously won it it wasn't something that was massively rooting. For he won it by quite a lot so we kind of it was quite early on he'd won it it felt like it's the one that. For me can be the most vanilla. But it can be the most incredible it feels like to me the there certainly the Masters if someone if Brian Haron was winning the Masters on the final day. For me it's the golf course that has the most sh um surprises that might pop up like he could have easily he could have been five up five shot lead with nine to play and still lost it where I feel like the open that's very unlikely to happen because of the the venues normally last thing then.

Last last thing and I would have G ride a cup again now but I don't be wrong I could see the passion certainly from the Europeans you know about winning the rider cup and what it meant to them and and and the whole story with sevy and the passion and I don't want second dispute that because it was evident to say Rory was. So emotional and Bob McIntyre all the team brilliant but do you think within a week within a month that does just become kind of a memory. And they just go like whereas if you win the open or you win The Masters your life has changed forever you are now a major Champion I think from a player standpoint definitely that's not I don't think that's the question no I know I'm just I kind of got off on a tangent now though I'm just kind of saying that in that moment it feels like nothing's bigger than the rider cup which is was great. And it could feel that but it does feel like it very quickly is gone again because it was that team element. And the so individual athletes whereas when you win the open or you win the r cup I really feel like it's in history books forever like whereas I'm not personally I'm not thinking of who won the radic Cup in 1982 but yeah someone that's won a green jacket you can I don't know I don't know maybe just overthinking it now I I think what we've got in a really good spell right now in golf is is you've got those let's be honest the three real standout events you know there's no question that the Masters in the open are the biggest Majors there there's just no question marks around that. And then.

To sprinkling the Ridder Cup every two years I mean it's just I think that's the good thing with it every two years yeah I think every year maybe not. So no maybe not. So but and and I also love the fact it's also then.

Every four years in Europe and every four years in the US like we're not going to see the open back in uh sorry the rerup back in um Europe until 2027 when it's at a d Mana it's a long time away that last thing I thought of on this I think the day it wouldn't happen logistically I don't think it could handle it imagine the ride cup at St Andrews. Or the ride cup at austa no they become the two venues no. But yeah well yeah I was thinking the other day about how good the open was this time Andrews the atmosphere the city is just just incredible imagine that ride a cup oh anyway could we could talk all night I don't I don't don't think it's got I I just don't think the St Andrew's got the capabil capacity to withstand that think I think it really stretched to full capacity. For the open 150th it did yep my last thing then.

Go on the Masters is is at the August of every single year okay we'll never move shouldn't ever move perfect I personally feel I think you're probably in the same boat I think the open should be at St Andrews every single it would be good imagine then.

If there was like a b two bespoke venues one in us. And one in Europe that only ever hosted the Ridder Cup every two years but it wasn't them two wasn't St Andrews but it was like it was a home. And away venue like proper proper bespoke H for me personally I would prefer that because I get to other call more I love this year Watching at maros Simone knowing the course because I've been there the infrastructure would become insane because they' have every four years it'd be back at that same location imagine how big the grand stand would be you can just almost keep them up you could go play it as a spectator they could just keep them up. For the whole I mean I don't know if that would work logistically. But let's just say the coulde you can play it all the grand stands are up yeah there'd be. So many memories that that would be sick where would you pick then.

Where would you pick for Europe where would you pick for the US I mean self reasons I'd love it to be in the UK yeah. But I I think they build a brand new venue yes I don't even think it's it's a golf courses that exist right now it's just actual that'll be sick. And you know what also could be really really cool you have you have 18 holes I mean where's the rules why do you have to have 18 holes you could have 27 holes that are completely different. And almost the captains get to choose on what where which which you either start on 110 or 19 right ho because that suits your team that day and like you know for example the you know there's always drama on all all three swings of the holes all three nines big like windmills in between the holes alligators you'll use a putter would be cool blindfolded no it would it would be good um yeah done I think you need a Guinness in you I don't I don't not even drinking no just nothing at all not even any water. Or any fluids so you look quite dehydrated actually I feel it thanks for listening everybody yep I see you on Friday people are paining to come. And watch us on Friday this is the garbage that we're delivering need to uh up our game I think need to up your game before December sunshine in the sunshine The Showdown in the sun right thanks. For everybody stay tuned lots more to come there is actually good stuff coming as well yeah uh. For 250 phenomenal hardcore fans coming on Friday we can't wait to see you and I just saw going I'm coming I'm not a hardcore fan not class as that I quite like the podcast occasionally next.

G little hardore big phone fingers team Rick team guy team well these are the uh this is my this is my audition. For The Firm yeah well imagine though if there's actually China cultur against the shields. Or big massive fight at the podcast Jesus Christ thanks listening everybody and we shall see you very soon.