Welcome to a very very special podcast episode 178 yes. But it might have a different name it's the Augusta National special yes as you can see if you're watching this video uh on the podcast Channel um I've been shopping yeah yeah you could call it that I have I have hoarding hoarded a lot of stuff from Augusta National. For the boys here yes the guy. And the team and a few bits for myself um which we'll give out and also there's there's a bit of mix in here for the giveaway that we put on the main channel the other day um what a week what uh we not only have you been to the open for oh sorry the Masters for all four days and the par 3 tournament you also played Augusta National which I can't even believe I'm saying and in my hand and even asked me one question about it yeah obviously I've just literally landed yesterday I've come straight into the office this morning in my hand is the scorecard in my hand. And we are going to dive into this I think do we briefly start off with a little bit about the Masters because obviously we spoke last on was it Wednesday. Or Tuesday like it was Wednesday because I've been was it Tuesday a Thursday morning because I actually been to the Masters on the Wednesday yes it must have been. So obviously A lot's happened in that time obviously everybody knows listening and watching John Ram won the Green Jacket and what I what a worthy winner what uh um I think sometimes with these major tournaments it's nice when you kind of get out a surprise winner. But it's also really nice when you get who you believe is genuinely the best golfer in the world yeah I don't think he can really argue right now that John Ram is not the best golfer on the planet it's definitely I mean he is. So unbelievably dominant yeah his performance this week. So many things stacked against him almost on the Thursday Friday it was on the wrong side of her he got the worst weather yeah he started off by four putting the first green. And taking a double bogey I do like stand. For the double bogey occasionally though not sure what in the Masters first whole first round but spoiler alert I might have beat John RAM on the first hole Yeah okay spoiler alert um. But then.

He went to he went to still shoot from that point in time the last 17 holes on his first day shot nine under path insane is a joke of a golfer yep um we teased in last week's episode that there was a certain golf pro who bumped into me at a certain event. And said he watches the videos I think it's quite safe to say now that same person is the current Masters champion. So you're telling me there's a chance that John Ram is watching this now John Ram. Or listening mentioned to me as I met him on Wednesday night and I don't like that listen granted I've been I've been fairly responsible for a lot of these golfers careers you mean woolies exactly you know. And many more uh you know I certainly steer them in the direction of greatness yep I'd like to I'm going to take some credit. And I believe I did that same thing with genre what did he ask you can you say what he actually said to you. So well I don't I'm going to say it from my perspective. And I think it's a little bit fairly safe no this is the truth okay. So on Wednesday night um I mean I. For the whole event I got invited by Mercedes it was an unbelievable event it really was we got treated. So nice we got to test drive some amazing cars on Monday Tuesday go to the Masters all five days and on Wednesday night they had a um an event at the the complex we were staying at. And there there was Bernard Langer which we heard in last week's podcast um that was really just kind of off the cut. But really insightful chat and also John Rahm was there both Mercedes ambassadors. And when I saw John Ram I was like I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna try. And start a conversation here see what happens you know I've gotta you get one one chance in this life I love my new motto is very you know inspired by uh Sam Bennett's tattoo on his arm don't wait do something oh don't wait to do something which is the the message you got from his father just before he passed away. So I positioned myself in a position where he might he would have to walk past me as he was walking into into the uh into the venue. So as he's there and I'm kind of just chilling out having a little drink kind of whisking it was really strong. But it was nice. And as he walked past I kind of just very casually said hi John very casually I mean as he walked past. And he continued to walk past and I thought oh what an idiot why have I why have I just done that I look like such a fool and he took about four steps past and stopped oh and he and I could I kind of turn my head and he turned his head he went I recognize that voice and I said what. And he went I watched loads of your videos nice to meet you I'm like are you kidding me inside I was reacting like a 12 year old at a One Direction concert yeah nice reference current [Laughter] an 11 year old Back Street Boys. And on the outside I had to act cool I was like oh nice to meet you you know was it handshake what style the normal. Or a little bit I think it was a little like nice a modern one little grab. And hold I'm not even sure if there was a bit of a little bit of a shoulder bump. And uh I said oh thanks. So much you went yeah you know it's great um watched a lot of the videos. And I was like oh you know have a great week have a great tournament I said I'd love to get you on the channel sometime you went absolutely I'd love to come on the channel. And I'd love to come as on as a podcast did you actually say it out there 100 wow. So we we exchanged details um I didn't want it it's busy by this weekend yes. So I'll text you Monday morning at 6am I did a nice jacket mates what are you coming on um no. So hopefully fingers crossed that is definitely a step in the right direction to getting John RAM on the channel it's been it's been a wild wild week I I almost could write a film you know about this whole week I feel like if you hadn't played Augusta. And you just been to watch it I'd want to ask you so many questions about going as a fan. And the actual tournament itself and I still do to some degree I also want to know. So much about you playing the golf course you're not wrong we literally haven't really said a word this morning you came in you delivered all these goodies which is insane very grateful to get my hands on some of this stuff. But I don't know anything about the goal so do you want to do a little bit on the Masters first there's a couple of standout points from the week um. So I'll kind of rewind back a little bit so I'll again we got invited by uh Mercedes to be there at the event I was there with Seb Carmichael Brown another content creator if you want to check out his channel do he kind of lives in the world of football soccer. But he loves his golf and he's passionate about his golf and he makes golf content as well so we spent the whole week together so that was really fun I really enjoy spending time with Seb we got him really well. And um when we went to the tournament on Wednesday so another really incredible perk as again I'm very fortunate the way I went I really am you know I don't take this lightly I'm very blessed and you know this isn't how most people experience the Masters but I was very lucky to do. So each and every day when we arrived we actually got got to drive down Magnolia Lane ridiculous so for eight days straight so Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday sorry seven days six days straight I drove down Magnolia Lane what is actually like it's mad. So Washington Road which is right outside is a really busy road yeah it's like five Lanes wide it's got restaurants it's got bars it's got Hospitality it's got loads of things going on I had a look on Google Maps after the last podcast. And that's exactly what it looked like it's crazy on if you didn't know Augusta National was on that same road it could be like any other road in America fat on the right hand side of that road depending which way you drive I was driving with the Augusta National on the right hand side it's just Hedges. And and trees and everything else and every now and again these these kind of little Gates gate one gate two gate three Etc and I believe if I'm not wrong gate three is Magnolia Magnolia Drive Magnolia Lane was there a drive. And at least what confused me yeah sorry Magnolia Lane is the one is the main one Magnolia Drive is opposite right okay which is like full of hospitality houses. So on gate three you and it has adjusted a little member sign it just says Augusta National underneath Members Only and you turn in and it's not busy like it's not as if you're not queuing or anything to getting that turn off and as you turn in there's obviously security guards there there's police officers uh the Mercedes cars had these badges on which obviously gained us access and we got to then.

A checkpoint and they'd wind the window down and Scatter passes um and then.

You're down you're driving down Magnolia Lane and you're driving towards the clubhouse and you get to the roundabout in the Middle where they've got the beautiful Masters logo all in yellow flowers with the with the yellow flag and you take a left so you go round the clubhouse and we've got this Hospitality on the side of 10 which is amazing. And again the hospitality house actually had a putting green the replica smaller version but the replica of the 18th hole at Augusta wow uh so we we almost practiced on that it maintains that the same I don't know I I don't quite I can't get my head around how the whole site gets maintained I mean it is nothing is out of place is it is it actually closed a lot of the year. So it I believe it closes from July to October right so that's where the majority of the big work gets done okay. And it opens again in October and pretty much apart from the week of the Masters that's the only time that the members don't get a chance to play wow so they were playing on on the Saturday before the Masters the members were still playing then.


It shut from Sunday to Sunday. Or maybe even Sunday to Monday probably because of the uh the media ballot and the viewing Vats that got to play it and Tuesday back to Memphis do you know how you can become member. And how much it is it's just all a big secret you don't ask you get invited get invited God knows what the fees are is it weird one of those ones though where actually the female that much because it's just. So exclusive I think the fee is ridiculous I think from what I understand six figures a year I only met 10. Or 12 members so you know I'm a joke I don't think I'm a single member uh I tried to speak to many people in Green Jackets. But um how'd you watch uh YouTube golf um I I don't know I have no idea I mean the golf course is magnificent it obviously does. So incredibly successful through the masters of the actual event I'm sure they're not short of um money the merchandise tent was was every single day packed to the brim with patrons wanting to pick up this exclusive merchandise which you can only buy at the Masters you can only buy at Augusta that's one thing when you're watching the TV if you watch the open you do see the odd person obviously in a hat whatever it might be that they've bought obviously at the open when you watch the Masters. So many people are wearing the merch everybody. And you know what's really interesting as well so many people are wearing hats from from previous years right. And some are like really old like from like you know the green chairs I've got I bought one of the green chairs that have dotted around everywhere around the golf course um some of those on the back said like Masters 95. Or masters 97 I mean imagine having that chair. And how how would a and I use this term losing a normal person how how would I get to the Masters if I didn't have a pass um you can apply yeah you can apply. For tickets all right I didn't know so you can apply. For tickets I'm pretty sure the ballot takes place the year before so keep an eye out now for next.

Year's ballot you enter to get into the ballot now the one thing I'm a little bit confused about and something I heard once you get tickets in the ballot pretty much as long as you want them every year they're yours oh wow from what I understand so that's probably why what makes it much harder because how many people are giving up those tickets like a season ticket. For a football club isn't it really because to me it felt like so many people that were there had been to previous years like a lot of people I spoke to it was very rare with someone's First Year everyone seemed quite experienced with it all what's the vibe like with people is it like elitist. Or is it still quite down to her the one thing that stood out to me a lot is everybody was wearing golf apparel yes I did say that now I don't know if there was anything written in the rules I did I didn't see anything in particular about the clothing I did actually wear Golf Apparel every day just because I wanted to. But there was no I didn't see one pair of blue denim jeans nice I didn't see I didn't see anything that didn't resemble a golf top I saw chinos I saw they call them slacks in America I saw collared shirts I saw a few round neck shirts. But not many people typically dressed as if they were about to go. And play golf I think it's because it is typically more golfers that go into this at the open you do get a lot of casual people might go is it that it's more actual golfers I would say yes 100. And also to some degree golf clubs are comfy yeah. And if you're walking around a hilly golf course which again I'll come on Saturday it doesn't look hilly on TV it's mad and you hear everyone say oh really it's obviously you played it'll hear that in a bit but yeah golf stuff is comfy. And like everyone was wearing golf shoes because again I suppose you want to don't you yeah um. But but very I can imagine if certainly in America if you've taken one fan to go to Scottsdale Arizona. For the T for the um Waste Management event that's a totally different crowd yeah instead of what sort of Augusta I mean must be totally different they're very strict on obviously no mobile phones how do you deal with that genuinely I loved it actually I must have been on your phone today.

Yeah as it rubbed off on you mind them your thumb looks fresh it doesn't look as worn as normal it's frail [Laughter] um yeah you see no mobile phones uh on site um. So Wednesday you're allowed to take a digital camera in so that's I've got some snaps on the Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday no mobile phones. And how do you think this will be the thing. For the foreseeable or will it be a time they seemed very very very on it now genuinely I actually hope they never change that rule really yeah. And that's me saying that that's yeah like somebody who lives in social media someone who is addicted to their mobile phone I'm Rick Shields. And I'm addicted to my iPhone I never want iPhones to be at the Masters it's such a beautiful experience when you ask you're so outrageously present to what's taking place yeah. And everybody there is present I am that's true when you're on site. And this is the probably the most bizarre you almost cannot fathom there is anything else that's taking place outside of the property yeah you can't even imagine like it feels like you're on a different planet because one thing that was really really impressive with the whole site you're obviously close to main roads as I mentioned earlier you see nothing as soon as you drive through those Gates you could you could quite literally be anywhere in the world because you don't hear anything you don't see anything that's not these huge trees. And that's not this perfect environment of Augusta somebody asked a question on the Facebook group before and I'm sorry I can't remember the name right now but if this feels like a right time to ask it they'd heard rumors that the bird tweets that you hear on TV aren't real there's beautiful birds flying around everywhere what what style the one one thing I did see was some like I don't know what they call like these proper red birds like. And they're really loud they're beautiful nice it was honestly. So much going on. But I think. For me I loved it I like what you're saying about the no phones in the sense that it looks weirdly it looks nice on TV. And people are watching they're not glued to the phone taking pictures. And I can imagine what you're saying you feel like you're really there because you're not on your phone is it knowing that you can't text people to say about hole 12. Or can't use Apple pay or can't check the scores of other people out there getting on that's the one place I bet you miss it yeah definitely there was there was a couple of times first off again I was I was pretty much with Sev every day like if he was going to nip to the toilet you had to properly plan where we're gonna meet yeah because if you lost each other that's it you're gone. So this was really weird I'm gonna jump a little bit ahead of the story then.

Come back. So Sunday my really good friend who I carry for an open qualifying John Beasley was there with a few powers of his we got tickets on Sunday my days. So he he literally texted me five o'clock in the morning hi Rick where we're gonna meet today.

Right now I didn't wake up till six o'clock that morning. So I think I didn't get his text till an hour later by the time I text him back he'd gone. So I was like there's no way how am I going to meet him there's 50 a thousand people there how am I going to meet him did you have your big Rick Shield hat answered I'm Rick Shield that lights up you won't believe this first person yourself just bumped into on the golf course not the first person. But the chances of that guy astronomical it's not I don't think it's 55 000 to one because if 55 000 people walk past me that's 55 000 people to want the chance of seeing him. But you're gonna see the same person twice gets looping around but also you're not gonna see you're not gonna see 55 000 people true that so I was walking up the side of 11. I was like we're actually just nipping back to the um the hospitality in the side of 10. And coming down the hill I saw one of his mates who he was with which I'm sure he was with John I went over I said Ian he went yeah oh it's John with you went yeah it's just I was like no way. So we got to spend it wasn't a load of time because he was heading to 12. And he was heading to 16 actually I was hoping to meet him back up again. But we didn't I was really annoyed about that. But for about 30 minutes we got to stand there and watch the Masters and it was it was really really nice in that situation you'd love to get a picture together that is the one thing there's a couple of opportunities you think I wish I could capture this I wish I could take a picture of this. But it's in here that's true it's in the brain so a lot of people were asking me about questions about the pictures I did host on social media. So this was another really lucky event. So on the was it Saturday. Or Friday I think it was the I can't think now one of the day Friday. Or Saturday so tiger was just about to tee off on the on the tenth hole okay at one one pm. And me and said we only just arrived we're a bit of a chill out more. And I think it was Saturday morning we've done a bit of a chill out morning I was getting all my golf equipment ready. For the big game on Monday and um so we arrived and we actually jumped out of the the car a bit early because we wanted to go straight to ten so as I was stood on the put the side of the putting green. And watching tiger warm up literally between you and me to tiger and watching him warm up there was twice he looked at me in the eye. But nothing you might have been looking at a white wall being painted dry um a guy came up and he had an official Masters armband on a lanyard and he said hi you know. And I worked for August National social media team um we I watch a YouTube channel we follow people we're gonna follow um I'm gonna use this word lightly VIP celebs around and take pictures would you like us to take pictures that we send to you after the round so you can share them I'm like yes of course situation would you have paid a grand. For that if it was a fee to it yeah I think I would have done yeah I bet you would. So but they also tiger was there. So so I said well I was going to follow Tire you went perfect. So we literally followed tiger down 10 11 and 12 as this fantastic photographer and we also ended up getting a videographer for little bits of it as well I've not seen the video footage watching tiger oh he played 25 the 12th though we watched him play the 12 because I saw one of you turning around from behind the tee so I was stood. And again because we had this kind of this Masters guy with us he got us into these other spaces that we couldn't normally get into so we sat down right behind the 12T as as uh Thomas Peters teed off and that's the picture people have seen on TV people are like oh why is he following Thomas Peters no disrespect to Thomas Peters I was following Tiger Woods in that group. And so we literally got into play got to see him play 12 got loads of these pictures and be able to share them after which was amazing um trying to think what else happened it was It was a really fun crazy week every day the event was fantastic um. But all in my mind as I'm watching the tournament I'm also thinking I'm getting to place golf course on Monday morning well you were. But there was also rain delays oh my God that potentially could have made it be a Monday finish in which case you wouldn't have been playing Agusta I wouldn't have been on this podcast now I'd have been still in tea how good would you have been oh honestly we were following the weather report. So intensely this Saturday was really important. For us for our likeliness of playing because the managed the players managed to get in it was torrential rain on Saturday they managed to get a really important like 10 holes in the final groups that's what helped him finish the round of golf on Sunday that meant the other thing if it had gone to a playoff it would have been a high chance we wouldn't play it on Monday why because the the finish time was about 7 15. it went dark at like eight right. So now if it was a two three man playoff if it was a two. Or three whole playoff it would have rolled to Monday it would have done so as soon as John Ram started to take that lead on the back nine it was like oh my God please please please do not mess this up was there a part of it though even when he won. And you were like did it still not feel like until you got that First Tee that something might because it's just such an unusual opportunity that he just couldn't guarantee it until I hit the very very opening tee shot I still didn't believe any of it because I thought there's gonna be a time where someone Taps on my shoulder. And goes oh no sorry this is a joke come out the trees. And it all started from John Brown recognizing me that he was in on it from back in the day um yeah it was it was not not. For one minute did I genuinely believe it's going to take place. So I told how's everything started to click into place so many things could have gone a different direction this week and I wouldn't have been playing like I've been really cautious about not getting injured like even when it's been like wet and I've been walking down the side of 10 the golf course on 10 when it's really really hilly I'm like I'm taking like baby steps because I'm not wanting to get injured I'm I'm trying to not do anything stupid. Or Daft or injure myself I was like. So protective over everything like even certain meals that I was selected on like Saturday. And Sunday I was like checking the food was spectacular. But I was like should I should I choose this chicken. Or should I just go for something that's really safe that I know I'm not going to get any food poisoning. Or you know it's not gonna give me an upset stomach so on on Saturday actually didn't drink obviously then.

Because you didn't want to fall in love when you're drunk stomach of the Guinness so the well the one thing we did have a few beverages. But that was the settle the nerves yeah I mean um the other thing as well we did pretty much every day. And I want to give a huge shout out to this venue we went pretty much every day maybe bar one we went to a golf course it was about 15 minutes down the road called West Lake. And it was beautiful it is it's. So unbelievably similar to Augusta and that's that's not kind of taking anything away from either venue it was big pine trees pine straw Immaculate Fairways Immaculate greens we played with a young lad called Hamilton who actually played in the drive put um Drive Chip. And put event last year oh wow he's a 15 year old he plays off plus four he absolutely kicked our ass there I wish we could have filmed it we didn't take any proper camera equipment out with us um he was really good. So we practiced on really fast greens all all day but most days we we hit balls on the driving range uh Sunday morning before we went to the Masters we went for about two hour grind session we're going playing golf then.

In the morning club crackers on seven o'clock in the morning really it went it got light at seven. And pretty much two or three of the days we were there at 7 30. hitting balls back yeah um you saw this series haven't you did. So yeah Saturday morning I cleaned all my golf clubs out. And I cleaned every single Golf Club again it's not like you so they were absolutely pristine I don't think I've ever seen him as clean him alive I took all the golf balls out of my bag that I didn't require I mean dripped it as light as it could possibly be. And Mark told my golf balls up I put lines on my golf balls and everything I was really prepared I took nine golf balls okay I come to how many I finished with in a moment after the round the Gulf. So yes we we you end up getting the invitation. So I've got an invitation on the Sunday night and it was it was there on my pillow. And it was the invitation 10 a.m T time Monday the 10th of April a time I will never forget. And it said you're allowed to arrive one hour before your tea time okay that was strict we got there at one hour 15 before our tea time. And got turned away honestly yeah the total does not you you've got to go. And park up somewhere so anyway that's that morning um probably woke up about six a.m really excited I slept really really well. And the only mistake I've made I stupidly left my phone on loud on the side of my bed and I was getting ping text messages through the night. And I don't know why I didn't turn it off or but I'm silent I don't think I wanted to sleep through. And I was thinking if I put my phone on silent does it affect the alarm it probably doesn't. But it wasn't anything I woke up Saturday morning Sunday sorry Monday morning got everything prepared packed all my bags had my golf clubs ready I'd already pre-chos my outfit so I actually scripted all my outfits throughout the week wow because I knew on Monday I wanted to be dressed in all black I would play a rest I just knew that it was an outfit choice I would look back out in many many years. And never regret yes it's not like you're gonna look back at when people used to wear like really bright trousers. And white belts you look back now God that looked rubbish black all black everything I have white shoes on some really nice Echo classic shoes which were brand new out the box which are probably now going to be retired I'll come to whether I'm going to retire my clubs in a moment um. So got there at uh we so got everything ready and you know what this is the best description people are asking me how like how are you feeling it felt like the morning of my wedding day okay. And what I mean by that I was nervous. But I wasn't scared something does that kind of makes sense yeah because if you it sounds bad if you want. For an operation you're gonna be nervous and somewhat scared I'd imagine because what if something goes wrong with this you're more the nervous of like excitable energy isn't it it's not like someone can really go wrong. But that was really really calm. For me yeah honestly like really just quite chill again similar to my wedding day I knew that you know she was going to turn up I knew that everything was going to go to plan I was kind of really chill even though in this situation of playing Augusta I think I would also be nervous why do we get nervous because it's not like we're going out actually in the message trying to shoot a score yes you want to play horrendous admittedly. But what is it about it that makes us nervous do you think it's history. So wants and potentially once in a lifetime opportunity is it the fact you want to play okay to I wanted to hit the golf ball well okay definitely that's why I practice most mornings I wanted to stand up there. And finish this round of golf and show the score card and go I hit the golf ball well I've got a number in my head that I think he's shot oh cool I've got it we'll type it in your laptop yeah then.

Type in your laptop don't give it away just. Yet so I wanted to be able to stand there and feel like you know I wasn't when I got nervous and it's happened a few times sometimes when I've played with some of these big tour stars like Lee Westwood I was really kind of quite nervous. And I was quite scared of the way I was going to play. And I kind of get this feeling in my hands these kind of nervous hands and I never particularly play well and a lot of these matches you've seen me play with tour Pros I've particularly played a lot better the back nine as those kind of nerves and start to disappear so but honestly I was. So chill we were very very lucky the weather. And it didn't look like it was going to be like this facts absolutely perfect probably like 18 degrees Celsius I don't know what I was in Fahrenheit not a breath of wind Sunshine no cloud in the sky. So it was warm. But it wasn't like sweating hot so I was comfortable in trousers because you had to wear trousers yeah yeah you can't wait if you're gonna play it you have to wear trousers um. Or certainly that's what it's on the invitation you could take a digital camera to take pictures throw a few of them in this video um I'll say a few we took 900 pictures between us but I'll select some of the nice ones to put in this video so when we arrive you arrive and you get treated like royalty like you are remember. So you again we drove down Magnolia Lane and this in this instance instead of turning left towards Hospitality houses you take a right and you go right outside the clubhouse are they during the clubhouse this week before. Or not no no no get close to the clubhouse if unless you remember a member's guest. Or a player so you write out you get part dropped off right outside the clubhouse and they opened the door and there's about five or six members of staff there and there's so you know so welcoming hi good morning uh how are you all doing you're feeling good they're taking your clubs out your bag saying if you've got everything out out of your golf bag because next.

Time you're going to see clubs they'll be at the driving range I was like yeah I've got all my bits out my golf bag that I need no phones at this point no phones no phones at all on the Monday. So only a little digital camera and they said um we'd welcome you to into the um Clubhouse upstairs we've got breakfast available come on this is ridiculous. So we're walking in and you know when you walk into somewhere fancy you do act a little bit different don't you. So I was a bit more taller a bit you know well like as I walk past the reception desk good morning good morning these lovely ladies on the front desk good morning sir um it was saying up the street tomorrow up the stairs. And now we've had breakfast because what we didn't want to do is waste time eating breakfast we wanted to hit balls cheating eating is cheating. So we I had a grape just as I've eaten breakfast at Augusta National Golf Club yeah great went to the toilet. And then.

We went to the Champions locker room now it's not big it's not big at all it's actually the the main Clubhouse the actual body of the clubhouse isn't very big at all and when you're in it the little you know upstairs is it's hard to give it a context. But it's like they're like a living room a large living room like in a nice like a big large living room and um at the back of that there's the Champions Locker so you walk into this Champions locker and all around the side that these these lockers and on every single Locker there was a name. Or names multiple names um and right in front of you in a glass cabinet is the current Green Jacket Scottish efflers Green Jacket is there right in front without me John Rams now then.

It wouldn't because it was on Monday wasn't it right. So it hadn't been changed yeah. But it will it will be jump right. And then.

There was a wedge that you'd use on on the event as well. And I think a golf ball. And then.

All of his signed exactly official scorecards from his Augusta as a masters last year as you're walking around you get you get you grab our name on a locker room now must admit it was a bit of a blur. For me and I can't quite remember whose Locker we were on on. But I know we were one right of Tiger Woods's Locker. So you opened the locker and I was expecting to see Green Jackets they're not in there funny enough to take them away. So there's no green jackets in the in their lockers. But I didn't have anything with me golf shoes already on so I was ready to go. So quick nip to the toilet um getting prepared and then.

Again and then.

You you come out and you get directed to the buggies and the golf buggies take you around to the to the players driving range nice now weirdly all week it was actually a place I've not been right I've not been to the players driving range all week long. So you're on there and you and there's all the um caddies in white boiler suits okay. And our four golf bags for me seven I was the two guys we were playing with were all lined up there. And we had a caddy next.

To us and they had the green hat on the white boiler suit and on the side of the of the cat which was very useful had a little badge with their name on it as well that's cool my caddy was called Doug Doug was fantastic Doug was fantastic. So I'm there and I'm stood then.

And this is the one thing genuine my almost lasting memory of Augusta National the grass is like nothing I've ever seen in my life elaborate it's perfect it's absolutely perfect now you know when you go to a driving range sometimes at these nice courses you can hit a few shots. And it can be quite Sandy can't yes this wasn't this was like hitting off the most Immaculate Fairway you've ever hit almost like little bit soil come out perfect just. So it's perfect not too long not too sure it wasn't like it was ridiculously short pyramid of pro v1's huge pyramid as well probably 150 balls Pro v1s all these perfect targets like real greens with all the yellow flags sticking out of them um. And there was it was not many people there there was there was you wouldn't you could not fathom the facts that the day before that that venue that same Golf Course was the host of the the biggest sporting event that day like. So much of the infrastructure been taken down already overnight so on the golf course I'll come back to this in a minute I'll come back to driving range store in a minute on the golf course and to stop the patrons obviously coming onto the golf course there's um the spikes and the Rope going all the way around that had all been cleared wow everywhere all the chairs have been moved everything about the scoreboards. And a few TV towers that was it I suppose you'd have to be grandstand to the other grants yeah they have one on 12. um yeah that's under 12. uh they have one on uh 16 they have one on 15. yeah they have about five. Or six they're not like the open Grand stands though if you know what I mean no they're a bit they're much smaller um. And yeah there's not many of there's not as many of them it's much more on on the ground. Or the green chairs because you know the story about the green chairs once you put them in that location and you put your name tag at the back that's your chair for the day I don't know if I like that or not it works I feel like it's good if if that's you but then.

If you if I put mine on whatever hole and then.

I went off for two hours nobody can sit in that seat. So what I found we actually did sit in some of the seats right. So we'd ask a few people around us is anyone sat in that seat. And they'd say oh no no one's been there. For about an hour we would sit in those seats yeah. And if someone came along went there are seats that works then.

Now not it never happened to us where the where somebody came back. And asked us to move you can kind of sit in the chair you've got to be respectful. For it anyway I'm there hitting shots on the driving range so what what do you think I hit very first shot on the driving range uh that's a 56 degree chip driver why would I do that I'm thinking I've got to build confidence here this is a building confidence session at this point I've probably got about 40 minutes before my tee off I've been advised heavily after speaking to a couple of people who've played it before spend 95 of that time on the putting green okay because that's why the shots on the Range don't really matter. So I thought right let's just build confidence on the Range I got teapug out my pocket and I teed up a 99 I just thought you know what if there's gonna be one club that I'm not gonna mess up is a little teed up 99 I like it. And I just clipped it away and that really helped me wow just just that first shot just clipping it away and just seeing the flight yeah I suppose a chunked 56 wouldn't have been great with it that's the very first shot I hit on property it's the very first shot I've hit. Or Augusta National with the with the Augusta National Turf I just wanted to clip a little 99 away and I just clicked it away 120 odd jars I was like nice good decision that. And then.

I started to hit more shots off the turf the turf was just magnificent crisp crisp doesn't mean I hit great shots of course I fatted a lot a lot of shots. And I was kind of to the point where I was like getting quite nervous. So anyway I got going with it. And I managed to actually find my rhythm and started to hit some really really nice shots and I hadn't told anything about the caddy at this point I just I'd had a quick chat to him he didn't ask me about my ability he didn't ask me anything he had a little my little digital camera taking pictures for me um I hit some really good drives like really good drives on the driving range that that really helped me and I said oh we'll go. And hit some uh I'd love to hit some bunker shots then.

Get on the point in green he said yeah not a problem is. And as we walk you know we said. So what is it your playoff about one. Or two you'll do. For me um so then.

I threw some balls out into the sand the sand again is just magnet it was a short game every then..

So as the driving range is there um hitting shots to the kind of right hand side on the left hand side is a huge put in green which actually again got advised not to use because it's not quite as fast as normal greens right I don't probably believe that I'm pretty sure it would be the same speed as a huge short game area on the left massive bunkers loads of pitching areas loads of great shots to hit like 50 to 70 yard shots it's perfect. And this actually closed most of the time this is just. For the Masters really yeah the actual members driving range is just right near the clubhouse all right it's just like a little 250 yard dead narrow little driving range which you warm up on it's actually on the side of Magnolia Lane is the members driving range surely if you are a member paying however. much it cost you'd want access to these amazing facilities oh do you not even care to be honest I think the other facilities are pretty special as well oh yeah they will be they really are. So um I hit a few bunker shots and honestly the sand it was it was just Naga the one thing I did notice the shots even into the into those real Greens on the driving range the greens have were firm like the first bounce was quite big. And then.

It grabbed you so something I kind of noticed for when we got on the golf course so anyway I've hit probably about 20 minutes of hitting balls on the driving range probably 15 minutes more than I wanted to and then.

I headed over to the point in Green for the very first put Augusta National on the real greens chucked a few balls down had a little 15 footer boxed the first one honestly boxed it then.

For about 15 minutes didn't hold a single put worthy as fast as you think guy I can't I cannot I almost can't explain it. And what's the fastest greens we've ever played oh God would you say JCB in the summer you're not gonna get much faster than them are you faster than them like like considerably considerably faster than that. And that's just on a flat pot the greens a lot of people speak about them they are some of the most unique surfaces in the world student relations as well with the speed is. So much slope now luckily it's been raining so they were receptive. But if those greens were hard that would have been impossible that would have been impossible. So anyway I spent 15 20 minutes on the putting green chatting to the green keeper was repairing these kind of um holes that the seats had been sat on I was talking about the presentation before. And then.

It was getting closer to crunch time it was 10 minutes before tea time. And we needed to be on the T so the caddy kind of said yeah we're good to go. And at that point you're looking around have a really really trying to soak it in I was really trying to you know make sure I treasure these moments I'm walking from them putting green to the first hole you've got the the 10th T here you've got the 18th green there it's it's no one's around like. And you cannot comprehend that the biggest golf tournament the world was there yesterday the day before like less than 12 hours before like the clubhouse on the round side well the green. And white umbrellas it's a beautiful day and you just you're walking to the first to your Augusta National now the one thing I wanted and I would have loved the opportunity to play off the tournament tease yes okay I would love to have played off the real tournament teas because the pins that I played on Monday were the Sunday pin positions that wasn't allowed yeah understand I'm not going to argue we play off the members tease. And in hindsight I'm also probably glad I did I suppose as well if you've got people of different abilities playing that day. And is off the tournament tease it could get rather tricky well the tournament teas are is 7545 yards okay Christ the members tees which I played off what A noise going on yes is um a thousand just just over a thousand yards. Or six four six yeah just under six four okay that might slightly affect my scope no I'm gonna keep the same score bear in mind this is Augusta National yeah right this is the golf course that I've never played before that I've only ever seen it on TV that you've got an idea of the holes. But you've got no idea. So on the first hole really nice welcome you know um and this is where it properly started to feel real yeah. But this was it when I was like oh my God this is going to be the time I hit a golf shot on the golf course. And I'm speaking to my caddy and it's the first hole it's a dog leg up the right hand side it's beautiful day loads of lovely we've got to meet a couple of members there on the First Tee and there's maybe 20 15 people around let's say argument's sake including the players and the caddies and a few kind of the officials so I'm still down the first time 365 yards off the members tees and one of the guys said I'll I'll go first. And he kind of hit an okay tee shot leaked it to the right a little bit. And I'll go next.

Okay. So I'm seeing the ball up okay. And I am I'm now going from less calm. But a little bit nervous but my Skin's still quite calm other people watching around yeah about 15 people 22 people coming after UT enough next.

Yeah the players that we were with everyone had caddies a few officials a few people kind of just starting around. So I'm still dead I'm teeing it up and I'm thinking oh my God this is it this is the time I get to hit a tee shot. Or August National and part of me was like don't mess it up. But also Pam was like let's just let's just enjoy this like I really really I wasn't going to keep score I'm glad you did I wasn't gonna keep it I thought to myself I don't want my score to affect my mood of how I played I get that. But I also think this is such a big opportunity you wouldn't let it yeah you're there. So I stand there I'll Tee It Up and I've got driver what shot shape you seen little cut so the bunk on the right was about 250 to carry. So just go kind of over the corner of that bunker so I'm still there and I'm and I'm very calm I'm very chill and I'm looking in the distance I'll take I tee it open I pull the club back and I a bit of a blur and and I make contact and guy when I when I say it's the greatest opening t-shirt I have ever hit in my life yes out the middle nailed it was crunched it was crunched it fell phenomenal I I follow through. And I held my follow through as I was kind of seeing the ball just fizzing down the first hole in the blue sky. And I was holding my follow through almost in disbelief almost like have I honestly just hit that tee shot that I've hit that golf ball that's flying through the air. And I'm holding the finish at least until the golf ball landed at least and I'm and I'm thinking and it landed it went just in inside of the bunker on the right hand side tiny little draw probably landed about two seven five two eight and it bounded down the Fairway and I just couldn't believe it and that that for me set me up for the day all right if I've just been able to hit a shot like that under that much pressure I'm I'm going to take that singular golf shot. And I can remember it with such vivid Vivid memories that that's that's the feeling I want on every single first tee shot. For the rest of my life Wow and if I don't I'm also not bothered because like but I did it at Augusta yeah that's that's yeah if I ever hit a bad teacher again I'm like doesn't matter because I hit a great t-shirt at Augusta. And the guys are like wow that's the best shot we've seen. So far and about three hours of groups have gone out at this point and I was just like oh my God I made the funny joke right that's me done thanks guys that's me done at Augusta. But I just couldn't believe it I was just hitting this shot. And I was like wow. So anyway and that set the tone for the day then.

That strike teaser I don't know if I've ever hit my driver better in my life Wow in my life Wow like honestly I don't know what to I don't know what possessed me I probably hate I'll come on to a few of them in a minute I'll probably hit one shot that really ruined the hole for me she's on 12. I'll come back to it so and it should we what should we do. So what we're gonna do is uh you're I believe we're gonna do a separate video which will live on the main YouTube channel where you can actually do shot by shot I'm gonna use like graphics. And stuff like that so in terms of every single shot are you happy with that. So depends if you want to give us some nuggets for certain holes here and then.

People can go. And watch that video oh we've got to tell people on the podcast so you don't know every hole here yeah every shot yeah okay I think we'll just turn this into a main video okay okay you ready settling everyone. So that was the opening t-shirt we can use that in the main video. So so after that opening t-shirt I'm walking down the hall just in disbelief almost and and just really trying to look around and again it's that time where I was. So appreciative in some degree that one and I I think I addressed this in the main video well I did we weren't allowed to film it that's just what it is. So so yeah. So I'd hit that opening t-shirt and Alexa we're not going to go through every single shot in this video I'm going to do that in a separate main Channel video where I'll go through every single shot I want to talk more about the story of it all you're going to find out what score I shoot right now in this in this podcast. But I'll talk about every single shot in the actual main video so I was walking down the hall just just loving life really trying to soak it all in almost again pinching myself thinking is this real life I feel like that although I don't know what you've shot. Yet I don't know how you left the 18th green but that walk must have always been the best walk of the day of the week you're walking you're at Augusta it's all happened you've not got injured thankfully the tea time went ahead the sun's out you're in this nice outfit you've nailed your first t-shirt you've got a caddy and you're walking down to hit your second shot that must be unmatchable yeah it was it was yeah it was it was almost that real kind of Pinch Me moment going wow that has actually happened like all the things that I dreamed of that that I've wished. For that I wanted that I need like how you pictured it has just taken place I couldn't have written it any better first opening t-shirt how it all went so walking down there and again it's a much shorter haul off the members teas 365 yards I had about 70 yards left in so I did it about 290. um kind of miss the green on the on the second shot a nice wedge up. And down made a path wow on the first hole what's that so I hold a really good six footer for part so up and down on the first nice par very very good start yeah. So I was over the moon with that I felt like you know just about to par the first hole insane to the level par three one Augusta after the first Hole uh I kind of we're gonna do a main video where I go through every single shot. But um there was a couple of key Stand Out moment. So um bogey II okay I was green side bunker in two um I then.

Had a bit of a nightmare on the fourth hole okay. But it's the part three okay. So I slightly chunked my iron sharp I was hitting the six iron into that green. And I slightly chunked it and I was actually short of the bunker short-sided myself right. And at this point I've not really faced a tricky shot so I had a short-sided with a wedge what's fascinating again about the grass there there's no grain the grass doesn't have grain at all. So every lie is actually really nice it's just the grass goes upwards essentially it almost sits up a little bit I must admit chipping if you were a good chip Around Augusta you would find chipping outrageously in terms of strike it's. So easy yeah then.

You've got the green to deal with yeah. And there's hardly any rough and the rough isn't that thick well you said that on the last podcast. And I when I was watching the girl thought you you obviously you were right you've got Fairway pristine rough that's not too bad then.

It's the pine isn't it yeah. So you know if you hit it you hit the ball straight and long or long and just a little bit offline you'll either get away with it yeah. And if you're a good chipper you can definitely score around that Golf Course um obviously that's not my forte. So now what I didn't want to do there was one thing I didn't want to do is properly mess up a shot okay like I didn't want to regret. And go oh my God like why have I hit why have I just duffed it do it I mean I really didn't want to do that yeah. So um I ended up playing this little chip and caught it quite nicely but I went big okay I went up on the green. But big for the first really testing pot now the ports were. So bloody fast through two three and four the green sorry first second and third so fast I had this slippery downhill put right to left and the caddy literally pointed to a point that was maybe three feet in front of me on this 30-foot Port okay. So that's where you've got to get it to literally get it to just literally put it to that and I and I and he said to be honest even then.

It might not stop. And I'm looking it's putting going I don't know how I'm gonna keep this on the green. So I literally tap this pot tapped it and I must admit I probably hit it a tiny bit harder than what it devised and it got to the hill and at one point you think it's not going to get there yeah at one point you get scared. And go oh my god I've made a right fool of myself then.

It picks up then.

It's picking up and then.

You're thinking Slow Down slow down please slow down please hit the hole and it runs like seven foot past right I'm thinking oh my god there was a let's call it 30 foot Port I in my head trying to sit Three Pot three four on 37. 37 foot that's. So then.

I have this seven footer back up the hill and so far I hold a really good six footer on the first a really good five foot on the second a really good four footer on the third seven foot to uphill right to left and just left it short because uphill ports a lot slower weirdly slower I heard that like weirdly slow it's really hard to almost it's a contrast isn't it it's really hard if you if you below the hole you can be. So aggressive question then.

Your first foot was 37 Port let's start again your first putt was 37 foot your second one was about seven you left it short did you hit the second putt harder in the first definitely because I hit the second put about about nine foot. So so that was my first three put of the rap. So I said to you before you went that I thought you could have a five put in you. And that's what I dig at you that's just somebody who's never played a Guster playing Augusta you could have a five foot was only five puts in there no I didn't have a five put in a dinner. For four and I only had two three plus wow oh my score that I've got for you then.

Could be way off oh no wait okay I didn't I didn't hit him any greens. And I had one nightmare hole but I didn't have two three putts and I guess the nightmare Hull before you could tell us we've actually got on the back of these golf balls the holes 13. come to it so lucky for some and it might be unlucky for me I think he bombed driving right. So again I'm hitting driver well this whole how does on the golf club bomb it over the bunkers again I'm playing it way short in the pros. But over the bunker left it on the front edge incredible to put so I part of the hardest on the golf club a pad the six the par three down the hill after almost getting on that top shelf I missed the top shelf by about a yard I was hitting six Side by about a yard. And it rolled again 45 feet away and at this point are you happy with your level of play. For the day I'm feeling very comfortable yeah I'm feeling like I'm hitting the golf ball well I feel like I've I'm I'm. So in control of my driver it's ridiculous I bombed it on the first bombed it on the second bombed it on the fifth I'm feeling really good about myself hey two iron on the third that was a bit of a mistake I should have probably hit driver. But they only get too close to the green so then.

Um the really good to put there smashed it as hard as I could literally smashed as hard as I could on the putting green just to get on the top tier and then.

Hold a really good 10 footer from there seventh hole this was interesting do you know the seventh dead dead straight okay it's a couple of bunkers short the green. And it's the whole where a lot of the players pitch it back and spin it back to the front pin again bomb driver down there I could I could not have been happier with my drive you can't Spotlight all day I could not be happier with my driver all day and about again I'm playing off more forward see I had 70 yards into the pin okay. And the pins at the front and I'm thinking oh my God this is the chance to fly over the pin. And screw it back so in my head I'm thinking I'm going to try. And Pitch this about 80 yards and let's see if we can get this dancing I hit a phenomenal shot. But truth be told I slightly fatted it and it stiffed it straight like really three foot so it wasn't the shot I meant to play yeah you went to go bound it. And spin it so I hit this shot and I slightly fat it I'm thinking oh my god oh I got it but because I'd allowed for more to go past it it pitched about three foot short just over the bunker and finished about three foot past the hole right yeah this is the first opportunity. For a birdie a birdie Source Augusta now one of the guys in our group had done something similar they actually did throw it past the flag. And spun it back and he had about six foot a similar line to mine he holds his for birdie right that first buddy of the group the first birthday of the group so team birdie so I've got this little three footer guy it's the slipperiest little pot you've ever seen you like the left downhill off the left faster than fast can be right. And I was also party's like I really want to make birdie here this is the first this is the potential first. And maybe last opportunity I get for a clear-cut birdie put yeah right. So I'm stood over it I'm thinking please please I left it on the short side sure side all right was in it low it low it it I didn't give it enough respect. And it slipped by almost the same distance as I was the first put I thought that was gonna happen. So now I've got this four foot through up the hill for par I'm thinking please don't three foot three put from three feet luckily I hold it my putting in size six feet was fantastic all day was fantastic honestly the the if you're inside six feet putting isn't that hard. And that sounds ridiculous the greens are fast as hell. But because they can't cut the holes there's some on such a slow because the greens are that fast there's actually kind of right around the hole it's fairly flat yes it's only when you start to be 20 foot away 20 30 40. it's just. So hard like if you're not getting real if you you're either going to be sticking it within size six feet. Or just phenomenal from long range but even I don't even know if you can be along a good long putter. Or Augusta it's hard to hold really long puts usually get them within that door spin yeah I guess aren't you. So um a party part seven at this point I am four over par okay through seven par five eighth coming up yeah the third one of two bad drives I hit all day slightly pulled it to the left um in the um pine straw okay. And I really want to go for the eighth Green in two and this is the thing with Augusta because it's. So icon at this golf course you almost want to be hitting these iconic shots as much as you can don't you yeah you don't want to be in the trees you want to be in the middle of Fairway where you've seen these players hit these like I envisioned me hitting this big raking three wood into eight the power five up the hill. But I couldn't because I was out of position. So I had to I had to kind of um punch hooker five item into a really good spot actually pitched it close two putted par ninth hole was one I was really looking forward to you know with the Mad green right again hit a fantastic drive I'm 100 yards away from 100. And sorry I was 140 yards away from the flag um. And the pins on that kind of middle tier at the time and as I came back around toward the night there was quite a lot more people starting to be around just either people coming off the 18th more people teeing off the first a few kind of people dotted her out doing a bit of you know whatever work maintenance work etc. So now it's like that I really want to hit a good shot here now nine is one hole the green have really really wanted to take a shot into because you see it. And you see how it's you know you see the guys where they pitch it short and they spin it all the way down the bank you know I was thinking come on this is a great chance I hit this delightful 99 like delightful up the hill I'm thinking this is absolutely money the Caddy's saying that is perfect she couldn't be better. And you can't see it you don't know where it is. And there's no crowds there's no oohs. And R's so I'm walking up thinking it's going to be three foot away from the hole okay. So I'm walking up and I'm thinking where the hell is this ball it it it clung on to the tier just above the perfect here if it had come back. And we looked at the pitch mark the pitch mark was maybe 10 foot past that point. And this is it. And it zipped it needed one more foot and it would have rolled to about three foot away however. now I've got one of the hardest parts yeah. But you have to stand like sideways and my back was pretty much to the flag. And I literally tapped it and it and it raised on about seven foot past again and I'm now a really testing put for par hold it four over through 900 can I say my score then.

Now I think you're gonna shoot. For 18 and see if I get close come on I think well this is before. So you're four over four over through nine well I put this number down before with it with a double bogey I put 86 down okay that was my score yeah I had. So I had one two three four five I had five powers in a row so I went par bogey bogey double yeah then.

Five pounds in a row this could be way off then..

But when you first said those t's etc etc Green's gonna be insane if I was to put myself in the position of playing off the back tees I think that would have been probably four shots more right I think I think it would have been 44 on the front line. But to be fair there might not have been a huge difference either because I've just been hitting slightly longer Club into the green but so far so far that's acceptable because I was hitting my driver. So so well that you know so far you're on a real journey to Breaking 80. yeah. And that that my brain hadn't switched to that point yet okay I'll tell you when it switched to that point. So tenth hole um the Cali actually gave him gave me driver and he started Water by the way a little halfway um van no there's not there's little there's a little um I call it a van that's the probably wrong description like a cart you know like a like a buggy cart that goes drinks cart that you have in America full of snacks drinks everything free yeah no sausage rolls well next.

Time um. So awful snacks or so I managed to get a couple little bars I got a little beer no I had a uh some sort of energy drink which is quite nice. So it's on intensity and this was a tea I was really really looking forward to playing the tenth hole this is where a lot of players talk about. Or people who've been the elevation changes is insane crazy down 10 it's crazy massive dog leg off the off the championship to it's 495 yards after members tease it's 450. the academy driver started walking down the Fairway. And I was. And I was looking at it. And going I don't I don't fancy driver here because to hit driver there you've got to kind of really get it turning because you're much shorter. And that huge bunker in the middle of Fairway it looked like it was in range. Or if the back tees it never is yeah like off the back teeth you don't really need to get the ball drawing that much to hit that bank. And down enough Three Wood on there a lot of the time three woods and so kind of kind of gave me driver because I'd been hitting it so well it wasn't his fault and he he was all down the Fairway I'm thinking oh God I really don't fancy driver here. So I'm looking at the guys and they're they're you know they're driving and none of them particularly hit a great shot on that hole I'm thinking I don't really don't like driver here so luckily a member in our group whose caddy was still with us had the same irons as I had. So it's four iron off that t um and I hit the floor around this kind of Reiki drawing on it hit the bank that I wanted to hit and shot down the hill in hindsight I wish I'd hit two iron on that hole if I have my own two irons you haven't gone to did he take your Club to take it yeah again he didn't do anything wrong yeah you know um. So my second shot into that hole was um 290 odds on this downhill I hit this beautiful five iron that pitched pin high. But the Green's solid and it went straight through the back of the green chip uh pitch chipped up two-parted come off with a five on ten which I was happy with aim. And corner there we go Eamon corner now the 11th hole was probably the one I was most nervous about yeah because you can't miss left if you miss left it's dead gone again off the members tease it it's considerably sure 520 off the 400 after all right it's considerably shorter okay I hit driver bombed it I had 90 yards left into the hole okay pin with middle left I hit this beautiful 56 degree wedge to about 10 foot on 11.. And again at this point I'm like I'm five over par I'm hitting aim and corner the hardest hole on the bat nine is 11th I've got a 10 foot of the birdie life is good. And then.

While it was weather was nice I was kind of just cruising down the Fairway feeling good missed it I I didn't hold anything outside 12 foot all day all day. But I hold everything inside six foot pretty much not bad um so come off there with a par 12. this is the one I've been most excited to hear 12th hole right it was the whole I'm the most excited to put the hole that's least suits your shot shape it's a ninth hole. And sorry twelfth hole is the is the hole without question was the one that I was most nervous about because it's the one that most people ask you about as well into it if you hit a simple shot of that bunker it looks. So easy but it's not that simple as it no. So it was a 151 yards playing okay okay pin we're pretty much playing. Or not we're pretty much playing off the well that's interesting 155 off the yeah. So it's about 151 off the off the teas we were playing off Pym was famously right yeah where it is on Sunday what was wind doing at this point kind of a little bit blustery. But nothing crazy eight or a nine so the first player hits and perhaps it looked great in the air and nailed the green oh my word air mailed it I'm not gonna give any any subscore away because I think he's gonna do something similar on his channel. So I was stood there now I had 99 in hand okay. So I thought I much more prefer hitting a fuller shot than a softer soft shot yeah. And just the way his seemed to just go for miles so I thought you know what you get one chance at this ghost dead aim at the flag Dead Oh aim okay that's the Tiger Woods dead aim I went. For the flag so I'm stood there with the 99 in hand 151 yards to the flag dead aim okay. So I've stood there and and this is the point I think I was more nervous on this shot than I was on the First Tee because this is it we've got a decent score going got a decent score going which again didn't really come into my mind at this point still it really didn't. And I've just got through the hardest hole but even though I'm not really I wasn't really playing for score I was kind of just I was just enjoying it. So I'm stuck there with 99 in my hand and I've hit a few fat shots so far this round I have my bad shot from driving range earlier on to some of the iron shots I've hit I've got away with a lot of them but it's fat you can't get away with the fat shot there right I'm still doing 99 going dead aim I absolutely Struck it perfect okay perfect it started at the flag okay at the flag. And I'm looking at it and as the ball's in the air and this is no exaggeration this sounds fabricated. But it feels like the ball is in the air Forever on that hole like I'm holding my finish. And the ball just seems like it's in the air forever because again it's so hard that the the rage Creek is huge first off really wide okay the green really narrow yeah okay. So it just plays with your eyes so much and as it's mid-fight it just starts to draw away from the flag okay not a bad thing if you don't mind again. And look at it and going wow this this this please be the number please the number I knew it couldn't be long didn't think unless adrenaline had kicked in I didn't feel like I could carry it along with the green my only question mark was it gonna get over the bunker because it started to draw towards the right side of the bunker. And I'm looking at in the I'm thinking please get that please get that please get that and it just went boom middle of the green middle of the green and I must admit I think at that point I genuinely probably could have warts off I couldn't I could have just gone thanks guys thanks. For the round I really appreciate because that was the shot yeah that was the shot that I've been dreaming about that I've been thinking about. So much that I've I've genuinely just been so so excited about playing. But also so bloody scared because you could easily what worried about there was making a bloody six. Or a seven and everybody for the rest of my life when they say had you gone at 12 I have to tell them I got a six or seven yeah that's it really boom middle of the green I've got like a 15 Foster downhill right now what's mad about that green because again not many you don't get to go over there as a spectator you don't get to go in that whole corn you never go on 11 Green you never go to the 12th green you never go to 13th see bro you don't really know what that green looks like it's really really sloppy back to front it's right it's quite down to the water it's really sloppy. So um I've got this put and I'm really really now thinking please hold this come on let's if we're gonna still not made a birdie yet I really want to make a birdie on 12. so I hit this beautiful port and it looks really good all the way it's left to right down the hill it just missed and run about five feet past and now I instantly go don't three foot the 12th please don't three foot the 12th so I've now got this uphill put right to left and I'm I'm nervous now I'm thinking oh please please please please please a bit similar to what I did at Sawgrass recently where I hit the green. And then.

Nearly three putted it this five foot up the hill right to left I've hold everything all day bang straight in the middle of the lovely stuff so I powered the 12th and it was funny as we've done the 13th T the group behind us played anything that lands short that flag goes back in the water. So the guide right behind us it must have looked amazing in the air landed almost directly in line with the flag three foot on the green and just straight off the front of the green into the water such a tough hole so 13. this was a if I could play any hole again this would be the hole I wish I could play again in what sense I I just I think because I'd I'd been through. So much so far through 12 holes I just wasn't thinking on 13. right it's what did you play it's very short off the members tease it's 455 yards it's a hundred yards less yeah oh my gosh it's like a long Par Four really now again the caddy gave me driver yeah. And again nothing it wasn't his fault he'd kind of walked down there and I stood there and I was like right here we go this is the whole again dream of playing this is the whole I've dreamed of playing. For so so so so so so long the big dog leg right to left really shoot suits my shot shape and you know I'd love to go for it in two and all this now I've looked back at the pictures and I just wasn't thinking I didn't have a distance on things I could have I could have gone straight over the trees on the left I could have easily put picked a point in the trees and just bombed it over that and I would have had 150 hours left into the green if not less um so I'm stood there and maybe subconsciously I knew this and I knew that it didn't quite look right to me so I tried I stood there on the tear I tried to absolutely spank a driver withdraw around instead but I think in hindsight if I was to actually have tried to achieve that I don't think I could have hit that shot with driver I think I won an 83 wood because basically I had this drive that didn't quite draw it was a bit Healy off the bottom. So it wasn't drawing I was thinking oh God that's going to get up into the trees on the right hand side guy I was 50 yards through the Fairway really in the trees in the pine thinking oh my God like you couldn't have done that one of the batteries that wouldn't have been possible no way in God's Earth. And also like in front of it three would or if I'd gone straight left that's the one if I could take any shot back it's the t-shawn 13 I wish I'd play it again I wish I could have just had a little minute after the excitement of making par on 12. I just didn't I wasn't thinking so anyway I'm in these pine straws I'm well into the trees at this point I'm thinking you're only here once okay let's go. For it so there's a gap really low down this like I couldn't like squeeze this little fade and trying to get it back on The Fairway with a four iron I could squeeze it out there and I said to the caddy just before I hit this I've seem to have a reputation that when I go. For a gap I'll hit like a twig or a branch and it'll just like I always seem to hit it and I said this time I'm not gonna hit that Branch I'm gonna miss it. And when I say A branches in like something just overhanging not the real trees that you're trying to avoid and it started fading and it hit a bloody branch that was made out of steel. And this golf ball ricochets back basically behind me okay a little bit closer to the to the hole. But behind me I'm thinking oh my God what a nightmare and now I'm not in much of a better position so go for the same shot again or something similar this time I properly hair tree okay. And it bounces out hardly anything so I'm now a one two three if you'd have just chipped out from the first one 50 hours would you have to flick it yeah well not a flicking I'd probably have 200 yards in all right okay. But yeah that that's the hole it's gonna annoy me it's gonna frustrate me I wish I could have played that hole again still can't go. For the green this is my fourth shot. So I hit four down there to about 100 yards left of the green 100 yards to the pin sorry um left of the Fairway but near the creek but obviously not in the creek quite a nice Angling pitched it up there for five yeah okay. So now and it went past the flag and started to Mosey on down to the hull but nothing crazy I was about 15 footer port. For bogey okay. So 15-footer put for Bowl get on the 13th and think you know I can't say like really I'm a bit annoyed myself I thought well if I box this I'm not boxed anything outside of five foot all day six foot. But if I box this I'll take a six and I think with that mindset I played it way too aggressively it was downhill fast as hell. And I just went for six ran it about ten foot past missed it for seven get the a tapped it in for eight I made a Snowman on the 13th I was gutted hindsight shoots up your medicine. But you were there once you have to play The Glory shot at hindsight I would have hit a different Club after tea yeah true. Or or if I'd have it driver I'd have gone way more left I could have honestly cleared those trees no question um. Or or chip out but at this point how many overrations I'm now eight over so you've got 14 I wanna I'm excited. For 16. so I make power on 40. nice 15 to par five yeah again one holes you want to hit you want to go. For the Green in two right you have to hit down the right side of Fairway I didn't I've slightly pulled it left into the into the trees overhanging so I thought okay well this time do take your medicine chip out. So at least you get that opportunity to hit that shot into the green yeah played the worst chip out ever it only just got past the edge of the trees right it's now I'm 200 yards left in I've got to hook the ass off a golf a shot right into that green something can solve it let's do it hey I'm again I'm not really playing. For Scottish but I'm at eight over not you know so be it six I've got six iron in hand I here and I and I actually didn't see the golf ball I hit it way over the bunker on the right hand side near the green it's massive massive hook but I knew it felt brilliant because the lies in the rough are. So nice honestly I hit this beautiful golf shot and it was. And I knew it was drawing. And the lads I was with like oh that looks good that was good. But I didn't see it I didn't see where it started so I'm looking at the flag my eyes are focused at the flag. And they're like looks good it looks good it looks good I'm thinking please be good please be good please be good and it comes in from a from bloody 45 degree angle from the side it must have hooked 60 yards it hits just over the bunker on the right it's sticks on the green to about 20 foot 15 foot it was an unbelievable shot. So I've put it for bird now in 15. again I've not made a birdie all day this is the first time uphill right to left I feel like right is a really good chance here I gave it a really good chance it just missed at the last minute tap in five sixteenth yeah you know it's been my screensaver. For five or six years house indeed it's been my 16th hole it's been my screen seven five six years you've got the Sunday pin okay back left um I quickly went up to the restroom just behind the teak they have a nervous way stood on there. And I was hitting a seven iron right. So it was switching between about 170 yards. And 165 just because of wind I was thinking about what McCallie was saying eight. Or seven eight or seven I said there's no window at a if there's wind hit seven. So as a stock 30 the wind started to pick up so I swapped clubs to seven iron and this is the one where I thought right come on Rick let's let's make something magical happen like imagine just. For a moment in time you hit that perfect shot and it and we make a one here like that's what I started to think. And it was very positive vibes I hate this beautiful trappy seven iron. And didn't catch every bit of it but it was it was pretty good. And it was coming in exactly at the the ridge you know in the middle of the green yeah oh my God this looks good. But I was like I don't know if it's enough I don't know if it's gonna get there. And you know to get right to the back of the pin and it probably landed maybe six seven yards short of the perfect place but it landed on the middle of the Ridge and then.

Kind of moved to the left onto the flat part level with the bunker and again about 15 footer for birdie just missed that knocked in for par um 17th I Mr Green long after hitting a great t-shirt and you couldn't miss long I didn't get up and down I made five how many over here now at this point nine over nine over before the last so so how far was the last plane it's normally 465. it's 385.. So was it a lot obviously a lot further yeah it looks tighter on TV. And it is real life. But definitely tighter off the bat season it is off the front teas. So um I'm still down thinking right come on Rick let's really again hit that iconic t-shirt where you fade it up the hill and you get it into a prime position you can hit a great shot into the green. So I've not fade with my driver all day I was hitting it pretty straight. So I'm like right come on I really want to try and fade this right get it right around the corner and I I hit it and it just didn't fade one bit it went straight into the bunker at the end it's a good t-shirt but straight in the bunker guy that bunker is bloody mass really it's massive really deep wow really really deep. So I'm in the bunk and you can't see anything I was about 150 yards away 140 yards away to the flag. So I thought I'm gonna have to go for it so I went with nine iron fatted it but got out the bunker so it could have looked like a purpose shot but it wasn't enough it was about 90 yards away from the flag. And some of the guys were up near the green at this point because one of the guys had to shoot off to catch a flight. So he was like racing the last hole. So he was up near the green a couple of other guys were up near the green. So I hit this 90 yard wedge shot I think I hit 56 degrees on a slight uphill. And the Kelly said get it past the flag right. So I hit this nice shot and I was like that looks good. But I'm not sure if I've hit it hard enough and the guys on the green they said it took one bounce middle of the green it's a pin kind of middle left at that point one patch went up past the flag by about three foot born had a lock in spawn all the way off the front of the green oh my word all the way off the front of the green. So I've now have my fourth shot into the last hole I've got this um I'm on the I'm on the front apron really difficult shot from down there anyway I didn't fancy chip in it I put everything off the green to be honest smash putter up the hill to about a four foot port five foot port to make five on the last I really didn't want to finish with the double bow gear um this was the shoe 82. And I knocked him so we got eight to two yeah well that I'd say 86 she's 82 four shots better than what I thought. So all in all an 82 it's really interesting score because I wasn't genuinely I wasn't I wanted to tell you guys watching and listening what I was going to shoot yeah definitely. But for me personally it was as long as I just played well I I probably didn't hear one like single terrible golf shot yeah like there's no shots that I went oh God that was embarrassing I just hit that wrong choice on 13. I genuinely think if I played it again with the same caveat I was driving it as good as I was doing yeah I could easily off those t's shoot I I I'm gonna put it out there I think I could break 75 wow off those teas I do off the batteries no bloody way yeah I think the back tees are it's a thousand yards I think it's I think it's eight. Or nine shots harder I wouldn't be surprised because obviously the t-shirts are longer with your shot in the longer you're going to be hitting it further away from the hole the pots are gonna get harder. But the thing is though if if you play Augusta you can now say. For the rest of your life you've played Augusta National which probably point no no no no no one of golfers can say if not even less when you tell people that it's more that wow your first question's not what did you shoot it's what was it like do you know what I mean. So the fact that you've got a decent score is great. But it's not really about that if you just shot 92 at the worst day ever then.

Yeah it'd be a bit good. But I think that's a really respectable score I hit the ball really well that's the main I honestly hit the ball really well my score is higher than I expect it to be just because I had a double. And a triple and I had no birdies I was a bit gutted about that I wish I wish I'd hold a birdie because I had some really good opportunities I'm really glad I powered the 12th yes I'm really glad I part the first I'm really glad that part of the fifth with oddly enough the Harvest on the golf course um in terms of a golf course then.

Obviously you've played now some amazing golf courses um. And I think actually if you go on the world's top 100 I think Augusta's ranked at like number 13 worldwide is it yeah 13 yeah is it the forgetting that sounds hard to do this because to forgetting about to go because that's the whole point. But if you do just. For one second take the fact it's a ghost and it's so exclusive away is it the best goal is it literally the best course you've played it's the best golf course I've ever played wow. And I'll tell you two reasons why three reasons why okay number one reason is every single golf hole is fantastic right like there's not if you if you to ask me to rank the work the third three worst holes on the golf course I couldn't I couldn't tell you that because every single hole is special in its own way every single hole. And again because we've seen you know I grew up you know I started playing golf in 97 when tiger won the Masters from that point now I've watched the Masters every single year you know those holes you remember those iconic moments like so I think a lot of that plays in part of it that you if it it's hard to do it's impossible to do it if you took that golf course. And you and you the Masters never existed it was just Augusta National that existed. And the masses wasn't a part of it and it was still in the same condition I can't still say it's the best golf course I've played yeah the condition was nothing like I've ever seen in my life honestly it was incredible every blade of grass was perfect the grass was perfect it was perfect it really was off the members teeth it's a very playable golf course off the batis it makes it challenging. For tour Pros um it makes you think that you can't just play it A to B you've got to go from A to B to get to C sometimes like you've got to think about certain shots you desperately need a caddy. Or someone with experience if if I played that Golf Course every single day off those teas I could shoot on the par I could off the batsies I don't know if I ever would I think the thing is though when we say then.

If you take it away from from being the Masters. And stuff but at the same time that is the whole point. And honestly I mean this is this is I don't know who actually does this top 100 golf courses really nice website they put them they put the old course at number seven now I'm very grateful to play the old course obviously with yourself. And you treat me both times to play there I love not played the top 100 golf course in the world I I can't say the old course is the seventh best course it's the it's the whole history of it. And some of the holes are. So iconic and it's one of the best golf courses to play in a sense of ticking off the bucket list I can't imagine the old course isn't better than Augusta as a golf course sure it's not it can't it's not if you if you compare in 18 holes of golf yes. And 18 holes of golf Augusta is about a golf course it just is you can't it's it's you can't compare it it's just impossible to do where what's like number one obviously this list it's got Cyprus Point is number one I've not played it plan Valley yeah that's the one that's super exclusive counted down she may be class cynical kills uh Melbourne Royal Melbourne. And then.

You've got above so you've got Trump turn Britain millfield then.

Augustus at 12. well your Trump was always your favorite course wasn't it not Turnberry oh sorry not Turnberry not paid the Turnberry one to be honest. But it's all that's the thing though it's I've actually not played any of the golf courses higher rank than Augusta on that list played the old course though oh yeah sorry yeah. So well it's all subjective and I think the thing is though the day you had as well I don't know how you can top that like it was the perfect weather it was a day after an iconic Masters where John Ram won it I went to every single day of the Masters you're playing the Sunday pins that Lit quite lit to it I I took out my golf ball out the hole that some of the best players in the world took that that's all that thing. For me yeah it's not the same teas that wouldn't bother me the fact it was the same pins that was. So cool I would rather if I was you. And correct me if I'm wrong I would rather have played It Forward T's but same pins than same T's but different pins yeah personally probably right because the pins every single year that's where they are exactly like that 12 pin did you watch that Golf Digest video about the 12th no brilliant it explicit it's like an eight minute video. Or maybe even the last six minute video all about the 12 hole and why it's so hard and obvious the fact that when you pull it to your right hand or whatever and it was it just really explains how it really seems like because if they pull it they can go left well right. So of course I can see why why it appears to left-handers yeah I can it's quite a left-handed you know friendly golf course that's why Mickelson's won it round there twice again Bubba Watson's won that round there twice uh Mike Weir's one around there. And I'm sure there's other left-handed golfers but um once a lifetime opportunity eternally grateful we couldn't film it I know there's question marks around that you just they just practice you know they're just private they do what they the rules are there. For them August the national hopefully in the future you never know um there might be an opportunity where we get to film there but on that I would love you to have filmed that video if you could have done obviously well if you could you would have done obviously I'd love to one day film a video at Augusta National because it would do amazing. For the channel well it's kind of as as frustrating as it as it is that you can that is what makes it Augusta horses if everybody could go. And play it I know you've said the course is still legitimately the best you've played which is fur. And I've heard that from other people obviously but if everybody could go and play and everybody could go and film there it would to some degree take away that level of Mystique wouldn't it yeah it's it's a very very very special place they have got to be protective they've got you know it's a members Club at the end of the day like it's one of the best clubs in the world. And they they open their arms for 10 days a year to allow the world access and that's what they're happy to do yeah yeah. So yeah take it off The Bucket List amazing experience loved every minute of it um it was crazy it was the same weekend that the main Channel hit 2.5 million subscribers um. So I've got a giveaway I've got not all of this stuff's giveaway a lot of it's for the labs who work here but we did a nice little swag bag which you can enter on the main kind of announcement when I was mentioned about playing Augusta. And we'll do a shot by shot explain every single shot. And uh yeah extern eternally thankful. For everybody watches listens I really appreciate it I totally understand they wouldn't get these opportunities if it wasn't for you guys I don't take it lightly one bit um and it was uh I played it not just. For myself but also for everybody listening and watching so I could share those experiences with you guys um because it was very very magical if you played it. For me you would have chipped out of the theme if you said to me you get the opportunity to play 13 again. But you also have to play 12 and 16. yeah I'd say no that's why just a last note on this I always think everybody's done it where you've come off the 18th. And you've missed a six footer and you think God I wish I'd almost pay anything to go. And do that again I always think of it okay well let's say that's a possibility you you've missed the pot on 18. And you wish you'd hold it a six foot port and you pay a grand to go and do it again okay well you can do that. But you've also gone gotta hit that great t-shirt you hit on two you're gonna do that chipping that you've done five like we forget these as golfers. And yes you did something you wish you'd not done well that first t-shirt I don't think I'd ever give that up that's what I mean. So it's like I said you've got another 100 opportunities to that first tee shot I don't think I'd be able to hit it as good as I did just golf like literally is just golf you're never gonna have the perfect Act round guys thanks. For listening hopefully you enjoyed that storytelling of Augusta National and the Masters it was amazing. And we shall see you next.

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