All right guys welcome back to the rich Hills Golf Show podcast episode 199. yes we're in Saint Andrews we are today's episode we've got some very special guests all the way from USA Bob does Sports it was insightful. And it was eye-opening we've already done the interview. So you're going to find out how about the sport started the characters. So we've got Bob Bobby Burger fat Perez that's nicknamed himself and Joey cold cuts three um real kind of characters in their own right but when put together they blend unbelievably well I've watched their videos for a while I know you have as well yesterday we filmed with them for the first day they are you can see why they're. So successful so they've got a YouTube channel it's like about 18 months ago they're absolutely smashing it over half a million subscribers already which is great we've invited them over to Scotland. For a week of filming together uh we've got loads of amazing golf courses lined up loads of videos coming your way so that's the interview today.

But in more breaking news big news we've teased about it for a long time the live show the live podcast Friday the 13th of October yes in Manchester uh my home Golf Course Worsley Park Marriott correct we've managed to get an incredible room with just shy of 300 fans can come along. And experience mean guy. And a few special guests now the tickets go live today.

Wednesday the 23rd of August at 2PM UK time now in the description of this video you'll see the link that won't be live. Yet till 2PM today.

It's gonna be a good one we've got a cool room it's gonna be kind of a nice number of people in a sense that it'll feel busy. But quite intimate yeah we've done two live shows. So far in Manchester a couple of years ago we did London the great it's a nice chance to meet people to have a bit of a laugh I'm super excited it's at the Marriott. So people want to stay over there's the option they've done as a reduced rate people can stay Thursday night. Or it could stay Friday night maybe go and get around to golf again at Rick's home golf course you might get boozy I'm sure I will definitely get boozy uh I might have a couple of ciders letting her down a little bit I think it's only right it's had a few special guests apart it'll just have a good chance to meet people in the clubhouse have a good laugh celebrate 200 episodes celebrate four years of the podcast yeah. So it won't be quite the 200th episode it'll be a few episodes after that and Friday the 13th of October 2023 get your tickets today.

Wednesday the 23rd of August using the link below tickets go on sale 2 p.m be fast the 20 pound per ticket that's cheap anyway thanks. For watching enjoy this fantastic chat with the guys from Bob does Sports all right guys Winston Andrews yeah we are hey what the world who would have thought if not me are you giving you three guys from Bob the sports here to Scotland. For an epic week of filming yes yes. And today.

We're playing the old course it's going to be unbelievable felt like Christmas morning yeah you couldn't sleep last night we were. So jazzed up the bat and walking it the other day kind of got us ready to roll it's it's special I'm very privileged and honored and I think everyone here as well we can't wait to see how you guys almost the emotions on the First Tee because I thought there's a golf course in the world like it where it's like this is this is it this is the home of golf like you know. And this the feelings on that first even though the fairways is why did you can imagine you get some funny feelings on that first I was standing on that uh first he's great I keep looking at that 17th with that window I'm fascinated by it I got a little draw. And I was just on t-box just looking at that window I I mean it's it's gonna be right I can't wait. So you guys have absolutely been smashing it how long how long is the YouTube channel been going. For now I think a about a year. And a half now it feels like five years but yeah I think about a year. And a half wow where did that I'm sure you might have told this story before another podcast. But it'd be great for our listeners how did that all come about how did that start because it feels like it's been a very unusual journey to get to where you are now yeah I mean I think initially the channel the idea was not intended to be a Golf Channel at all it was um the name origin Bob to sports was Bob was supposed to be like man on the scene. And go to different sporting events and interview different people at like World Series games or football games or different things like that and get funny content like that and he was doing it. For what Bob was probably a couple months like that I'd say a few months we were doing it yeah. And it was. So cool and uh one time I remember he called me and he couldn't make it to something and he said you know why don't we just film a golf episode. For this week for Bob to sports instead of going on the thing. And we used to film and have fun and and play golf and just do it on our phones like it was very low tier not it was no production value at all. But then.

We finally had a cameraman and we had a GoPro on the on like the car cam and it was like the first time we ever did it. And it went really well and like I think it was like probably I would say Bob what one of the best episodes that we had done up today.

That he had done up to date. So he was like we should just run it back. And then.

We started doing that more regularly and then.

It just kind of everybody just saw like the opportunity that was there. And how good it could be and then.

It just kind of transformed and we just you know eventually I they said you know we'd like to bring you on Joe Joey. For the you know with the channel and you and Bob would do it. And that was before we had this Legend here with us. And um then.

Once we got him it was like game over. But it's weird no Bob just to think about like it it seems like an eternity ago like he said that that happened. But it really it's not been that long at all no it really hasn't it wasn't sustainable either like if we were going to be going we're gonna be going to different stadiums. And I would be like interviewing different fans and stuff like that and it was good. But to get a video out every week it wasn't sustainable going to different cities week to week just to get one video a week we just never would have been able to do it wow you know what's mad I mean we follow golf YouTube a lot like I would say we're somewhat obsessed with golf YouTube yeah. And we we've watched a lot of channels come and go and I remember when I first kind of caught your channels like whoa these guys are feeling a niche that's not been filled. Yet like bringing that humor bringing those personalities bringing a level of good golf but also a mixture of bad colors not at all it was that it was that level of humor that I I don't think it's been filled before. And I think as well what's changed. So much over recent years is how YouTube. And golf YouTubers kind of matured that you guys in a year and eight to 18 months let's say have gone from nothing to like over half million subscribers that was not achievable back in the day was it would take years. And years if you come out with a good product and you're feeling that Niche like you guys have it's crazy the growth I I don't know really I'd love to look into the stats I probably should know it off by heart a bit more I don't think a Channel's ever got to half a million subscribers in golf as quick as you guys wow wow I don't think they would have done a video after video you're getting comfortably hundreds. And hundreds of thousands of views and you've got to think to yourself like I mean one of my favorite videos that you guys did was the max Homer video yeah when you have Max on. And and you seem to make these guys outrageously comfortable as well in the content like he was knocking on the door shooting a 59 that day which is pretty special yeah I mean it uh even like a guy we were talking about on the going to the course yesterday you guys have seen that you guys have been in the game. So long so it was interesting to kind of get your perspective on it of just how much has changed. And how much different channels that there are now um. And for us yeah I mean to have these guys on is crazy. And then.

I think what's really been cool I know at least. For me and I think I speak. For the guys too is like to get it to the point where I think it benefits These Guys these Pros to come on the channel yeah um that's a really really cool place to be with it that now guys want to come on the channel that to me is awesome well that's what we know it's a lot obviously as more. And more of these guys understanding YouTube and what it can do to them it gives them a platform to Showcase their personality. And that's sometimes the downside for me with golf is that you can watch a guy he might shoot 63 great. But you just see them hit a shot they might do a very scripted interview afterwards. But when you see people on our Channel or on your channel and they're being themselves and showing the humor I think that is what really creates more hardcore fans I think they're definitely opening up to it now yeah I agree with that. For sure and I think Max Homa as an example you know is a great video. But I think most people know knew from his Twitter. And other things he does in social media that he's a funny guy. And a guy he'd like to hang out with but a guy like Keegan Bradley is a great example of a guy that on on the course during a tournament is very intense right the way he side eyes putts. And having him on our Channel and kind of opening up for a casual round of golf in the comments that we saw probably he saw as a result of that of like I didn't realize how much I liked this guy like what a laid back chill dude and you know it in the beginning I think when we wanted to have these guys on you're sort of you know without any examples of what videos can do. For them you're sort of saying hey this is what it'll look like trust us come on um. But you know the more that we've had these guys on and the reception to those videos become I would think a little bit easier to to you know talk to these guys about hey like you went around exactly 100 which uh which golfer do you think could be best in one of your like your food challenges. Or one of your drinking challenges who's on who's on The Hit List [Music] John Rahm when we played with him we did a couple holes. And we did a funny like behind the scenes thing. For with Callaway where they showed some of the stuff that we did. And one of the clips that they showed him was us doing our Taco Challenge. And he kind of was like I could do that like when I went to ASU I used to eat like 12 tacos at Jack In The Box every night. So like someone like him when we when we got lucky enough to play a couple holes with him he has such a presence and he's so fun and like he's a typical guy that I don't think he's kind of misunderstood. And I think like having him on I think he'd really open up he was really fun to be around. And play with and if we did something like that with him I think he would just break the internet who actually did very well oh it's on daily oh wow that'd be terrific yeah right down the middle drinking challenge there around the old course where he won in 95. the only thing I'm looking forward to though. So your videos now videos are very different I think that's pretty pretty it's great to have this collaboration week Rick is obviously quite a you were quite a traditional PJ Pro old videos are somewhat quite clean I don't even wear my hat backwards no never I'm really clean on the podcast however. the podcast listeners will know in the hardcore podcast this is Rick let's just hear down a bit more. And it's often spoken about when he's had a few drinks he goes from Rick into Ricky Ricky I think it's tomorrow you film in the video I'm going to come on to was it the day after tomorrow you are going to play this is on your channel. So everyone listening and watching make sure you're going to head out. And watch this video when it's out you're doing a Guinness Challenge and I'm a little bit concerned for Rick but I'm also very very excited to see Ricky what's happening tomorrow we're playing nine holes. And we're doing a Guinness on every tee right yes I cannot get it. So we'll have to get paint glasses yeah you said you can't do it no that would cause a lot of issues that's gonna be nine guinnesses yeah. And how many can you tolerate Rick um in a normal drinking session which isn't just two hours long I think I can do nine quite comfortably yeah it's the duration yes as well golf is what creeps up on you too because a lot of times we'll complete like the drinking. Or eating challenge but then.

You have to break a score and a scramble and you're so focused on the challenge itself that you forget about the golf I think there'll be I think will be a sweet spot around the third. Or fourth hole Yeah. And then.

I think it'll go wrong nice nice very sharp decline on the back. So you guys and enjoy it a bit and I missed the big night out you had a couple of days girls at home I've obviously that's just a starter I put my money on Ricky can't put it away oh I think he's gonna worry I I've seen him go just watching him go I don't worry about him the slightest bit we'll figure out on Thursday when we've got another filming session going on yeah that's going to be that's going to be interesting. But luckily all the tea times are late you minted at it before Joey you brought in fat Perez into the channel um I do know this story. But I'd love to hear it from you guys and the listeners I'm sure would love to hear it as well yeah we uh during covet I was doing I was working. For another company and we were doing these happy hours. And there was really nothing to do everybody was was in home. And we did a patreon which is I'm sure you guys know behind the paywall. So for the people that you know really listen to the to the podcast and loved it the die hards they would pay monthly to get an additional podcast and then.

We would do a happy hour. So we would do a weekly happy hour where it would be on zoom. And we'd all be drinking we would be running the show from then.

We would bring different guests on and whatnot say what type of show is more like a comedy show interview show yeah. So there's another podcast that we do called the brainly dumb show. And that's it's like sports and comedy mix so that's what it was. For and so we would do these happy hours weekly. And they were a blast there was nothing else to do you know we would get hammered in it we would just it was a lot of fun I really enjoyed doing it um. So we were on one. And I could see everybody on the zoom so we're in the middle of the happy hour and everybody's drinking and I get a text from Joe and you know when you go on to zoom it says the name of the person on there Joe text me he's like do you see this fat Perez guy look up. And there's this guy in this cubicle and like he he's he's clearly in an office setting like he's clearly at work he's just mowing down pizzas and beers mowing them down and um we gotta go we're gonna go over to this fat Perez guy and he comes on and his first line just out of the gate he just steals the show like it was just all the show. And then.

At the end of the show we always did like an MVP. So out of the fans that came on we we give an MVP and he won it by a landslide and he kept coming on and he kept coming on what was the first line that that you said when we went to you the first time I came on I I wasn't drinking. But I was eating. And I was sitting in the cubicle. And they're like you guys were like fat Perez like cheer give us cheers. For the happy hour and I said well my my manager drank all my beer uh. And the kid I guess it's his kitchen but it's my beer um we had a little like you know drink a beer leave a beer type of a system at work and he drank all the beer I brought in and didn't replace it yet so I was like I'd love to give you cheers. But I can't um keep it moving that's it that was it that was the star of The Legend yeah yeah then.

After he he messaged me because we got to know him. And Bob and I were headed to Pinehurst. For a golf trip and he messaged me he said okay cold cuts I'm gonna be in Pinehurst I heard that you guys are going there would love to connect with you guys. And have a drink so I was like yeah of course man like let's do it. So we met him after playing number four we went and met him on the putting green we went and had a drink and he was. So funny that we invited him to dinner and dinner turned in we didn't know at the time that he was a golfer we we didn't know that he was a big golfer. So our friend at the time was like. So do you golf he goes yeah. And he's like well what's your handicap he's like I'm like a one or two drop this Fork the guy that we were with was like there's no way like he couldn't believe it he just could not believe that he was he's like yeah I kind of am. So he was like well we're playing number two which anybody knows number two Pinehurst is like the best course. So I think it was it trying to catch you out at this point yeah he was like we're playing it tomorrow yeah he's like if you're really a two like we've gotta we've got a fourth spot tomorrow on two um be there. And like show us and it was a Monday. So I'd gone there I was I just happened to be down there with my wife. For the weekend and then.

I saw that they were in North Carolina. And going down there. So I had to convince her that it was reasonable. For her to drive separate to Pinehurst she's like why would why on Earth would I drive separates four hours away and I was like well I might meet up with these guys. And I don't know maybe you know it'll turn into golf or something I don't want you to wait around on Sunday night um that's very considerate yeah yeah. So I um they invited me to play it's like Monday afternoon you guys were playing 36. But I was like I have to work in the morning like I can't play the morning round. So I like call my boss you did like a like almost like a cameo from my boss because it was his birthday. And he was like yeah I guess my my boss is around my age at the time. And or my boss at the times around my age and uh he was like followed Bob. So I was like if you do this video. And just say it's your birthday and ask him if I can play with you I might be able to pull this thing off. And that's exactly how it went down and then.

I went out and I played pretty well I think I shot like 74-75 on Two. And they just couldn't I need like 10 11 beers yeah there's an old Vlog on um it's on the brilliantly dumb show uh YouTube where it's like introducing fat Perez like just a phone Vlog he did um how the hell did you three end up being together we have to have this guy on the channel it's crazy yeah. So how long from that point then.

Did you become like a full kind of member well yeah I mean. For me it's it's I think about this stuff sometimes um because there's like little points where like it could have gone this way it could have gone that way like uh you know who who the fact that they're across the country in North Carolina in Pinehurst the same weekend I'm there with my wife. And just so there's there's just little moments where like you know and I didn't think anything of it then.

It was like oh that was cool um that was fun you know I'll talk to keep talking to him I guess. But they they started to like that this was even before Bob does Sports yeah this is. So this was before Bob to sports when I met them. And then.

He um started doing kind of the man on the street stuff then.

He came in it started to be a Golf Channel and um then.

You had a couple videos that went from that links to Victoria video where Joe thought he was going to Torrey Pines guys uh listening. And watching uh Bob was surprised. And Joey with what was it a trip to uh it's horror times yeah it wasn't. So refined it sounds like the worst course in L.A it's like a landfill there was bricks in the Fairway. And he's a big golf Enthusiast so he was he was really he was really excited. And we took him to oh man this course was it it's it's the worst I've ever seen by far. And he threw a fit and I was a surprise we're not playing the old course today.

I would say now I mean you've all got I'm sure your fan favorites are probably you can relate to each one of you individually there is a hell of a cult following. For you for you Perez where it feels like you've got a real Die Hard fan base not that you guys haven't but it does certainly seem like this kind of cult following that normally that Perez has got how does that make you feel uh yeah I don't know I don't I I I'm. For Better or For Worse I'm the same person I've kind of always been and I think the things that people latch onto about me were um things that I probably apologized. For in my my normal life um so it's a bit bizarre um to be kind of celebrated for things that um my mom would you know just kind of rub her face about so um yeah it's uh I I I it's been like a crazy surreal kind of Whirlwind. For me I would say um you know I'm I'm I've always wanted to play golf for a living you know as a kid growing up and you know I I you know there was only one Avenue. For that when when I was younger. And then.

I you know that was over. So it's it's pretty crazy I get to to do exactly what I want to do. And um and and people enjoy it I don't know how to describe it what were you doing in the office cubicle all those years ago yeah eating pizza yeah that that part-time pizza eater um I was an accountant um. So I went to school for accounting was in public accounting. For a long time and then.

Got into sort of commercial real estate um kind of the fund management stuff it's very different how did that feeling going from a proper job. And a quite a serious job to then.

Kind of essentially quit it instead of going doing golf YouTube. For a living yeah um it was a there was a crazy transition um I'm married as well. So that that uh I probably would have jumped a little bit sooner um for writer for wrong but she had a few kind of checkpoints and rules for me to hit and um I think she wishes she had shot a little bit higher. And uh so once I kind of hit those things it's like I think I'm I think I'm out of here. And um yeah I mean it's I feel very fortunate very lucky. And um you know I don't I don't I don't miss the Monday through Friday grinds I actually went and visited his office when we were in Virginia. And we met his old boss and like his colleagues and they had roped off I guess somebody took his actual cubicle now but they kicked the guy out for the day and they put like a red tape around it like it's like it was like a VIP session [Music] Perez. And like had a whole thing it was really they were such nice people. And they were. So like like I don't know they they were. So cool about it like they were. So proud of him it was like yeah that's our neck I still gotta go in there like once a month. Or so I mean the people I loved like I missed the people I I don't miss the job yeah um. But I still pop in there and say hi and I don't know if they enjoy that or you know I'm rolling in with untucked shirt and sandals asking them how the day is going you know just been to Scotland it was. For for me it was cool when they when it was time. For both of them to leave their jobs to watch that process go down because like his was wild. And then.

Even Joe Joe was working at the Four Seasons. For Wolfgang Puck so like for him to take that leap to then.

Go do it full time. And the conversations that we had back and forth when it was time. For him to to take the jump and do it. And and same thing for Perez to watch that kind of go down and then.

To watch it work out because I mean even. For me it was a lot of pressure. For me because I was I was trying to get them to come on full time. And I wanted it to work out I mean Bob the sports at the time it was far from I mean it wasn't doing great at the time um you know still building. So to watch them take the jump and then.

To have it work out because even like I remember when Joe had to tell his parents that he was going to leave to do this full-time our parents have no idea at the time of what YouTube golf is. So it was new to them. So to watch them you know do it. And then.

It worked out was was really really cool it must have been a lot of pressure on you as well yeah oh I was feeling it yeah. For sure I mean it it really was. And you know they had good things going like they. And like they never asked for this they never like it isn't like what they set out to do like it kind of just came like it presses all the time he never you never wanted to you never set out to go no even when I was setting you guys up. And you know I'd go Pinehurst to La a few times I was never like this is my shot. But you were just a fountain you were just yeah you just enjoyed what they were doing yeah. And you know I you became if covet never happened I would have never gone on a zoom happy hour yeah in my you know I'm gonna go down to a normal happy hour um down the street at a bar right. So there's a lot of things that just kind of lined up but I never even when we did our match with foreplay which is kind of the first time that I was with them I wasn't thinking when I went there like this would be my shot like I can play well here be funny I've got a chance I just thought this is going to be a crazy experience I'll be able to show my kids like Dad was on YouTube that one time you know like I never really thought anything of it well sorry. So I was gonna say you know what's crazy though even though now again YouTube's. So established and it's matured so much there's definitely something the fact that a lot of the most successful channels you know Rick good good and you guys as well in particular of all kind of a natural and like you Rick started off you you to become busier golf coach at the time 11 12 years ago there was no such thing as monetization it was to get more clients coming through you know if you look at Gareth he was just doing trick shots in his garden on Instagram it just became something different. And then.

You guys as well it feels like the channels that do the best always start with the right intentions you can't force it I think like our biggest asset is just the relatability of us golfing as friends like we have one guy who's really good. And then.

A couple guys who can play okay. But can be pretty stinky at times too. And I think the thing is is that like our friendship is the core of our Channel. And the interactions and just the fun that we have on the course you can't you can't script that you can't make that up and it's just thankfully that's what we have and it's genuine and it's honest and people really like it for now hopefully it happens for a long time but you can't I think a lot of people also if you try to go on YouTube if you do the wrong reasons. And you're just trying to get numbers and do stuff you're forcing it. And it's just not going to turn out the way that you want with that in mind know. And again we're kind of similar to that but you guys must release a video and be like looking out it's like a five out of ten no it's not the very well do you get hard done by that. Or do you just feel like as long as you're happy with the content that's all that matters a little bit of both. And we now we we have an idea of of what's that I'm sure you guys do before we release a video we have a pretty good idea now of what we think is going to do yeah you get that feeling on the special ones don't you yeah yeah. And I think it's it makes us feel like we're heading in the right direction I don't think we've been shocked by a video doing great. Or a video doing poorly so I feel like we kind of have the finger on the pulse of of what we do what our viewers want to see yeah um I think the day you know we'll always love to be shocked by a one out of ten that we didn't think was going to be. But the day where we thought something would be really good and it's 10 of 10. you know that's going to be kind of a head scratching day um. And and we really haven't run into that we we know for the most part what's going to work. And what doesn't for everyone listening and watching on YouTube Studio when you release a piece of content it actually grades it between one and ten of your last videos and how many views it's got so if you're confused about what that little challenge yeah yeah it's a question. For you um Perez have you actually met have you ever met uh Pat no Pat Perez no I haven't I haven't never talked to him um I don't think I've probably dm'd him back a little while ago um I I you know I think we'll cross paths I think it's kind of like one of those things that you see consistently in comments you know when's the paparez versus fat Perez coming um I think he's you know he's himself. And a funny guy yeah um I think you you think him. And I would have a really good time I'd love to say that um yeah I just I wanna I wanna I feel like I wanna meet him on you know in person on kind of equal ground. And not necessarily through DM yeah um. So hopefully you know we kind of have some mutual acquaintances I would say so hopefully one day in Scottsdale or something um we cross paths and I think that'll be a funny day I don't I don't know how he feels about me honestly I I've heard from some people that he thought I was kind of jabbing at him originally um. And and some people clarify that that wasn't the case you know I'm just a fat guy long hair um so I I don't know I don't know how he feels about the whole thing did you actually come up with the nickname no I had some buddies back home um that gave me the name. And I and I didn't particularly like it um but I'm glad it's stuck do you like it now oh I love it now yeah his email chain you'll see uh like at the bottom there's a header. And it says fat Perez the big guy and then.

It's just like the logo of his yeah when I go to like airdrop. Or something like the other day I was going to airdrop something. And like the airdrop come up and it just said fats MacBook you know I'm interested in this style you mentioned a minute ago about this kind of collaboration you did before play um. And kind of bar still Sports Etc is huge in in the in the US um I don't feel like we've got that in the UK I feel like our like create a network. Or something yeah you know I don't feel like that's ever transitioned over here as much. But it feels like it's huge over in the US they're doing more over here they've got um Paddy pimlic Patty the body and stuff still but it's not real like I said it's not as big as it no it's weird you guys what I appreciate with you guys is like you. And I've said to you on the podcast before you really are you you really pioneered the game like one of the first ones if not the first one to do it. And you're not bitter about other channels coming in and you're very open to the new style of how everything works and you're open to collabs I know that we can contact you anytime. And you would be willing to help us so I appreciate how open you guys are to help another Channel. And and adapting and adjusting to to where it is now. And I think um I think you appreciated even just talking about it I very much appreciate good content I know me young guys are saying like we you'll see a lot of channels like when I first start I wasn't the first ever Channel there's probably about four. Or five channels doing at the time there's well over 2 000 YouTube channels now golf YouTube channels which is crazy. And you know without sounding like kind of words in the right way I like when creators come out with something different original original content that that really stands out that you understand base that you you kind of know you're laying to some degree but you also kind of extend it into that like I say when I first saw I was like God this these guys have hit that Niche. And to be honest I think when I first saw I thought I'd love to have collaborated with those guys. But I probably can't because I'm kind of a bit too professional and clean caught but I think done in the right style which obviously we are doing this week you can't it can work as a collaboration um. But yeah you know I re I appreciate good channels that work hard that bring out good content that film it well like you guys straight out the block. And I think this is where um there's pros. And cons of starting 11 years ago when I started you could release really terrible content and the content didn't need to be that special edited things like shot tracers would non-existent that wasn't a thing where now when you come out with a channel you've got to be all guns blazing straight from the off people expect it yeah people have good audio you've got to have good visuals you've got to have shot traces you've got it's like whoa like these thumbnails have got to be good your titles have got to be good where did you guys learn all that how did that come about. So that's actually that's credit to our editor and producer the jet He is unbelievable. So when we first started Bob to sports he was working with me prior even on the building I'm showing all of that. And um he just loves it so much and Bob to sports I think he said it the other day. And it's true about the sports is like his baby like he is he is. So in on it and when we first started doing Bob the sports um a team that we partnered with media company called doing things media they they hired with us YouTube experts that would teach us we would have weekly calls all right just everything you ever hear of the Fine Brothers no yeah they were like big on YouTube. And whatnot and every week we would have a call and they would we would release a video and then.

They would break down why things went certain way where we could have done better what we're doing good even thumbnails too yeah. And it just immersed himself in all of that and he soaked it all all in and he is a he's a machine he's become a YouTube expert in a short appearance yeah I think that's sometimes what I love. And hate about YouTube it's the fact that you have to make a good thumbnail a good title you have to make it catchy you have to make sure that there's parts of the video that are short. So that maybe you want them to be to keep retention and I love that about YouTube I also kind of hate it and this is just a really good video it doesn't need a title it doesn't need a thumbnail just watch the video because it's really good you know because the old saying of don't judge a book by its cover is doesn't doesn't align to YouTube yeah. And then.

For you then.

Bob you know you're you're kind of career started as this brilliantly dumb yeah you were you working at hotels weren't you at the time correct. And how did how did that actually even come about what was what was the whole idea was brilliantly dumb. So I had been doing content even before I moved out to LA like even the vine days I had been doing content all the time like a lot of different comedy bits and what got you into have you always been into comedy yeah I've just I've loved doing videos. And I've always ever since I was a kid. And even in high school my friends would never understand I always had a camera going. And they never understood why I used to drive them nuts but I just loved it and my thing is you know you're with your friends. And you always say to yourself I feel like every friend group has said to themselves you know we wish there was a camera rolling on us. So to me it was like I wanted to have a camera running um. So when I was working at the hotel I was doing content on the side. So when I first started at the hotel I was doing overnight shifts. So I would have my videos filmed and then.

During the overnight there really wasn't many people coming into the hotel and what were you doing in the hotel at the time I was working the front desk okay. So I mean it was a great they called the graveyard shift because there's nobody there. So during those hours I would just spend them sending videos out to every channel you can imagine. For them your own videos yeah that's that's based on what um like different chat like big channels bar bar stool. And all that I would send them my videos to see if they would repost it but what were your videos at the time then.

Um comedy videos like a lot of Comedy bits like um kind of like comedy sketches what I put on my channel now um there wasn't any really golf at the time. For me it was really just that um. So it's been my whole ship doing that and then.

It started to build up and then.

I met him at the hotel but um so you both started working at hotels together together yeah. And I I had seen I had seen one of his videos before I even knew who he was it was posted on Barstool. And I sent it to my sisters and my brother and I said this is the funniest thing I've ever seen it was him in a handicap stall bathroom. And he has the camera pointed at him and then.

He pans it down and there's like two wheelchairs waiting to get in and it's like he doesn't know what he's gonna do how he's gonna go out. And face the fact that he's using their restroom and it's hysterical there's no words. But it's just like you could just sympathize and empathize with how stressed he was in that moment. And it was. And I looked down and there's wheelchairs lined up and I really started to sweat I mean I was really nervous. But my first instinct was to get the get the camera out. And roll and uh yeah because the US cubicles are weird yeah you can really see a way underneath here that's the first video I saw really is that that's my buddy sent me that video. And that followed him so that's when it started Instagram and I'll Vine back then.

Were you getting spotted at the hotel at this point. And you kind of thought it forged a bit of a following yeah it started to get a little strange because I got promoted to guest services manager. And you're looking over a few different departments so you have the Bellman valet um and the doorman so I had about I'd say roughly 40 people working under me that I was response possible. For so the Four Seasons they're they were great. But they want you to be very buttoned up and I I wasn't that way so my employees would see these videos that I'm doing so it's hard to take it seriously when you know you got to pull them into the office for something or whatnot when they see me the night before doing something stupid how many kind of follows a job at this point I'm sorry a thousand maybe yeah it's time I mean it was small. And then.

It started while I was at the hotel to build. And then.

Barstool contacted me to come work for them and then.

That's when I realized I always wanted to get out to entertainment and hotels is what was going to be that got you meet. So many people at the hotels and you just shake so many hands that that was always going to lead me to some sort of entertainment with all the connections that you get um. But yeah it definitely started to get a little weird to where I would start to get recognized at the Four Seasons. And my employees looking at it was very bizarre to them that people are coming. And asking me for a picture and you know working at hotels it's about the guess it's not supposed to be about you so it definitely uh it was a very bizarre time. But at that time you weren't you couldn't make any money from it really no yeah I mean I told him though the first time I saw his page he showed me I said what are you doing here he's like what do you mean I was like you're one of the funniest people I've ever met like you need to get out of the hotel. And go focus on Comedy I always thought that he would make it and I would just enjoyed hanging out with him and um yeah. And then.

He said to me I was like well maybe I can help you with your stuff he's like no when we started doing the golf stuff he's like you're hysterical you have to be part of this. And like at the time I didn't even really use social media so he's like you need to change your name because I call you cold cuts and then.

I tag you in the video and it's just your name like nobody knows who you are. And stuff and that to me was weird. And the same thing then.

Once the golf stuff started going on right before I quit people would come into the Wolfgang Puck restaurant. And I'd be taking photos with them during dinner service and this staff would be like what the hell is going on here like what was your job at the hotel lens I was when I met him I was the AGM of the restaurant um. And then.

I left I went to Peninsula and then.

I came back afterwards to the Four Seasons and I was the assistant general manager of a Michelin star restaurant with Wolfgang Puck. So wow you could imagine very like very elevated service very high expectations people coming and spending a lot of money and then.

Like we're filming comedy skits and and videos and people were like people like the staff knew about it. And would watch and stuff and it was It was kind of bizarre I was like one foot in each different part of the different world right. But I hadn't kind of immersed myself that I could completely leave yet it was about the customers thought it was weird when they were coming in. And coming I know you yeah I met uh I met Jim Nance in there once too. And it was really cool like a lot of the people who would come in you'd get a lot of celebrities. And stuff like and you had to be really on top of stuff but it's crazy to me that like when we met we just for friends at the hotel and then.

Now it's just it's I don't know anything surreal is there Ambitions. For comedy outside of what you're doing with the golf yeah definitely I mean I I don't know exactly I love I love hosting I really do um. And we'll see but to be honest like the more that I think about it. And when the sports really started going yes there were. So many ideas of other things that I wanted to do I don't think it gets better than this like even if you ended up doing something with like a TV network. Or whatever like you then.

Still have a boss and you still have like right now what we're doing is. So much fun and I'm doing it with my best friends to where the more I thought about it in order to do something else as well as Bob to sports it would have to be such a perfect thing because I really don't think it gets better. And I feel like there's a good chance that I could regret putting on a whole nother thing to to what we're doing and like it just it's so good right now that Grass Is Always Greener you know what was the bar still gig then..

So when you left the hotel what did you do. For bar stool then.

So they actually my my goal was always to work. For Barstool and at the time Barstool was the spot like you're saying it's like the biggest Hub like that was cool that's always what I wanted to do um. And their CEO Dave Portnoy reached out to me finally he dm'd me and I remember coming back into my office and I was at the Four Seasons. And I saw the DM and I freaked out because that was always my goal that's always what I wanted to do. So here it was. But I just moved out to LA so he offered me a job and he wanted me to come back to New York City I was I was born. And raised in Jersey but he wanted me to move to New York City to be in their office full time and I had met him and I thought we had a really good thing going. And we had a really good friend group there um so it's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make on whether I accept the jobs I ended up turning down the job so you've been waiting all this time to get the offer yeah. And then.

You turn it down your job as such um so pretty much a content creator right and then.

You're in their office and they have all different um live streams that they're doing like you're there to create content which is what I love to do. So it was my dream job. And then.

I finally got it offered and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do because I'm thinking just like you said like this is my dream job it's here it's right in front of me am I really about to turn it down now. But I just think we had such a good thing going. And I just believe that if we did it kind of our own way that it would pay off down the road. But to some degree I mean the chase is always more exciting a lot of the time yeah. And was it quite exciting that you could almost you got off a bit you had you had it on a plate. And you went nah I'm good yeah kind of you completed what you wanted to complete really yeah yeah it's true it um very very nerve-wracking though it really was. And I mean I think Barstow would have been a quicker rise. And would have helped the you know the following even faster because of of what they have but yeah I mean to be able then.

To do it our own way. And to turn it I mean Bob the sports probably wouldn't be a thing um had I not turned down. But in the long run I mean it ended up being the best thing that I've ever done. But also going back to that point you'd have had a boss yeah maybe multiple bosses totally you know. And actually how do you etch your own future out of that really because you know a lot of people are going to Barstool Sports it's quite hard. For them to kind of separate themselves from it if they need to to continue to grow what's funny is you were mentioning about how you've always got your phone you're always filming. And I I don't even know it's just this trip just kind of you bring your phone up and you've just got it by your chest [Music] one of the funniest clips and you must be happy that you recorded it when Joey was leaving that garage door that was tough what the hell yeah that was uh I think that's that that that's had like it went it went crazy with like 40 million views it was just like it's the fact did you jump try. And jump over the laser yeah. So what we didn't show was the first time um that I did it I actually tripped the laser in the door yeah I told him how it worked I told him get over the laser. And he just walks through the first time door goes I was like I wasn't kidding about the laser you got to get over the laser is it lasers you know in case his child lost I was also inebriated. So that should be allegedly [Music] so that video happens then.

I get a text through the same process and there's an extended version these guys and two weeks later I get a text message from the airbn this is an Airbnb in Palm Springs you must have brought the garage yes. So I got a message that said we we noticed the garage door don't worry it's covered by Insurance you guys seem funny there was a camera in the garage yes I do it was like I hope you. Or your guest is okay would you like the video I said absolutely would like that video. So there's another video from the inside oh my God it would happen to him it it really like that that's the guy that it would happen to but that goes to show your instinctiveness to get the phone out and to record yeah normally it would that was our other producer. But there's another shot of it where I didn't know that our producer the ticket was filming that he just decided to get us one he saw it going down he's like you know something stupid may happen there's a there's another angle where he he does it. And then.

He turns to the car you see Perez cracking up and then.

You see me and I look up and I realize that he got it and it was like a kid on Christmas when I saw that he got it it's like that that's goal I was. So happy he was up at 5am I was. So happy as Joey yeah. So it's probably eight or nine PM West Coast time so still how funny that is you still think it's too late to post this video like I can't post this video right now it's too late she's like I gotta wait to the morning. And he was just pacing I'm not sure you slept oh yeah yeah I I he could hear me in my room from the Airbnb giggling to myself. And laughing I was. So excited to post. And then.

With the walking around the neighborhood I I have this thing and I did it since I was a kid when I got really excited I just start pacing around like I need to start walking. So if like if we get a really good video that like we see a one out of ten on YouTube or whatnot I go outside and I have to start pacing around and walk and I listen to music and I get all jazzed up I mean not yeah I really am you seem to obviously get a kick from that kind of not the comments the probably the likes the views yeah it's out there the obsess over it I think on that what's exciting. For us is yesterday was our first day of filming we've got a video. For Rick's Channel a video for your channel there's some scrambles coming and the golf was impressed there was was blend actually I felt very comfortable in your company um you know you know. And on that obviously I've been watching the channel for a long time like yours and Joey's golf has become a lot lot better hasn't it like a lot better not like I remember seeing like the max Homer video and like you weren't really there was a lot of holes that you it's kind of no disrespect it was kind of press versus yeah oh yeah that's what it usually is. But but you guys yesterday really really impressed me I thought you hit it so good like have you found your golf has improved over the last kind of 80 months definitely definitely Bob for sure I mean I think you were well you were I'm sporadic you were a good bit better than him yeah in the beginning. And I think he's you've gotten better. But he's closed a bigger space I would say so you guys are pretty competitive I know you're off one did you say FP are you offline yeah like scratch what are you guys off handicap wise well I'd say something [Music] he's been playing amazing too. But when we had like when Perez came on you know everybody says it's nice to have a mix where me and Joe stand over the ball you don't know where it's going to go. And that's fun but then.

You also have the good golf I never really thought of it like that when Perez came on obviously we knew how good he was. But then.

As it's panned out it is cool to see the way that it's gone to to have that to where I think if me. And Joe were just playing bad golf all the time as much fun as it could be some people would end up getting sick of it. So to have him and to have somebody that is that good it's a cool message because that's why Rick got me on the break 75 videos isn't it [Music]. But to be honest I think that's where like you've got you I've got that perfect mix between that kind of relatability yeah. And aspirational you know it's that really nice mix where um you honestly you really impressed me when you go off yesterday I didn't know it was fully what to expect like even that first tee shot yesterday Bob stands up there you could notice himself you're nervous. And we we're just bastard a little shot of whiskey whiskey I think he might have helped it sure did you absolutely smokes one down the first yeah that was awesome well good news. For you as well though Rick your game yesterday was good I've been struggling a lot recently my golf game's not been as good like I've been really really struggling it was nice yesterday to kind of feel like I was hitting dress right yeah [Applause] styled yeah it's getting there. So I'm excited about today.

Hopefully the weather holds. For us it's not too windy it's looking dry at the moment yes um we're doing Frontline on my Channel today.

Batman. And your guys Channel what we're doing on yours are we think about this kind of mini major Style is that what we're thinking we've been thinking either the mini major we're doing a 2v2. So I mean either War I do think the mini major at St Andrews would be you know the old course would be pretty insane. And the Batman is is very very interesting like you said the 17th is anything can happen at 17. anything can happen at 18. I think what's exciting with this video this video this week the collaboration week. And I said this to Rick when we were planning planning it that to some degree other than the golf courses obviously do we need that much planning because I just think the video is going to be. So good and from what I saw yesterday and hopefully fingers crossed we're going to have the first one out this week yeah maybe by Thursday. Or Friday and I think it's gonna be a week of insane videos. And I actually can't wait to see him come to life it's gonna be very good gents I'm glad you've managed to come over to Scotland this week it's been a pleasure you've so far we've ticked I put a list together of things that we need to tick off yeah what we've done. So far because I think we've done a pretty decent job. So Nando's what was your Nando's you guys yesterday that was good cheeky Nando yeah. So so in Pub yeah did that uh play Himalayas put in green we've not done that. Yet the show the Himalayas an Indian restaurant I'm excited. For that yeah if you guys you don't I don't feel like you've got Indian restaurants in America we do I think they're definitely better here yeah I've got in here cheeky Nando's tick swim in the sea wow oh Ed was in there the morning. So it's probably what do you need it's probably the right move it was a shock to the system it was it really cold it's cold not really cold. And then.

I've put in here done vegan Pub every night now we have done that so far you guys unfortunately didn't you had words last night and then.

We're thinking potentially a fan meet up yeah essentially if we if we can squeeze it in um guys thanks. For listening thanks for watching be sure to jump over to Bob the sports we'll put the link in the Top Line in the description they've got to get to a million subscribers by then.

This year I think it's absolutely only there's no justice in the world if you didn't go honest with you I think you're absolutely killing it. And uh you know I think your growth is astronomical. And as you guys say to the moon and I think you guys will get to the moon um right thanks. For listening everyone thanks for watching and let's go and play the old course let's get it let's do it.