I would do that. For a living i would just try clubs like i like it in golf clubs um one of the questions we had was what's your favorite club in the bag right now. And obviously when was it you moved to taylormade was it last year uh last year was my first full year with taylormade being a yeah an ambassador you were a full nike player obviously. For years then.

You kind of went mixed bag and then.

You went to obviously all one brand again so kind of two questions what's your favorite club in the bag right now and how have you found that transition from kind of a free agent if you like using bits and bats then.

Go into all one brand favorite club in the bag seven wood nice beautiful clover seven wood um was it a sim two yeah yeah just yeah it's been great club um like like the game slightly changed i always used to have four wedges um. And i had uh i had that blue nike five wood that was uh yeah yeah you heard that long time uh even tiger told me it was a really good club. So i was just keeping the blue firewood um eventually it cracked. So that was that was gone. But uh i had a really playable firewood and then.

Um i was never that good at chipping. So i had four wedges just to make it easier but then.

Um as time went on courses obviously got a bit longer and stuff and i ended up having i always had like 230 240 into a part five and you like either got away a massive cut with a five would depend on what the misses or hooker four and it was just. So ended up taking a wedge out because i was getting you know much much much better short game much much better wedge player. And putting a seven wooden and it's been a great club um the transition um so many positives about it i you know for such a long time you kind of forget what it's like having a team of people around you that actually are there. For your clubs um that are constantly looking at the numbers constantly watching you hit them constantly thinking what's best. For you um how they can tweak things. And it's like um you know and obviously can't do enough. For you the guys are amazing at what they do. And i i massively have enjoyed that and it's been um a great addition to sort of my life out on tour and everything very very um you you do you know those feel you know the content that you do with taylormade. So getting to hang out with the guys that you get to hang out with motivational inspirational and amazing bunch of players that they have um on the books and you know you get to be one of them and um yeah i guess it's just um again like a it's a constant there that's you know i you your clubs are kind of settled you're not sort of trying all kinds of different manufacturers which i absolutely massively enjoy i would do that i would do that. For a living i would just try clubs like i like it in golf clubs that's what i get to do you know i i enjoy that. But definitely taylormade have been phenomenal and sort of love having that partnership and you get to be on the christmas card you get to be on the christmas card as well it's good to give a christmas card to millions of people yes i must admit you know you've just said something there i've we had this chat last week when brooks kept co-signing restriction. And where this chat about is it good. For a player to be free agent or signed with a manufacturer and to be honest you've just said something in that first sentence that i've never thought of a team that are looking at your numbers all the time. And and uh almost they're coming up with suggestions potentially aren't yeah yeah i've honestly never thought about that i've never once even because i'm getting you work with adrian yeah i've never once thought that almost you have like a mechanic there well absolutely always be looking at your tire pressure that you've got the right oil yeah they're always checking your clubs they're always making sure the right right lofts. And lies um shafts grips um you know the waiting in your driver they're looking at stats that you produce at week in week out they have your swing speeds they have your club speeds the other ball speeds um they're looking at everything and it's like i mean you think about a lot of them things yourself as a golfer. Or what you do more is you feel how you're hitting it you see the shots. And you say i don't know whether it's my swing or or this but they they have all that right there and they um they are constantly there um ready to talk to you about it give you suggestions tweak something if it needs tweaking um checkups. And that so it's um you know it's a it's a massive help i just have since you just said that it's something well i i didn't even think about it to be honest until it was happening you know yeah i've actually been very pro free agent to be honest yeah because i don't believe personally that one brand can do every single category perfect. For that player yeah it's just a very hard task. But absolutely yeah what you've just said there. And that's why a lot of contracts are 14 clubs yeah oh sorry 12 clubs sorry yeah because you can have the option of having it well there's always somebody that loves that you know loves a love wedge. Or they have a five wood that they don't want to you know get rid of or whatever but that first line just made me think god yeah that that yeah unbelievable that makes a lot of sense that i hadn't even thought about you've got like say you've almost got a club mechanic there all the time that's just making sure everything in that bag is perfect. For you to go and do your job [Music].