[music] welcome back to the r shs Golf Show podcast everybody I'm your host Rick Shields I'm here with co-host guy uh episode 200 and one nice um it feels like it's been a really really busy last eight days since we last did the podcast you know why it feels like that because it has been correct I've played 136 holes of golf in that time frame. And I made I made two pars well done you had a two par run as well and he kept you both of three holes in a row no in all seriousness in all seriousness today.

We need to cover some important matters of me out in the golf course. And I don't want to this might be tempting fate okay I might be playing in the next.

Rider cup wow 2025 wow my game is trending. So positively at the moment I think it's only a matter of time I'm surprised I've not been drafted in last minute. For this make you a deal I don't disagree let's skip 2025 why up 2027 at Manor bit more local just give me a bit more time a bit more time bit more local bit a few more of our UK lists cany I like that I like that um yeah um the game is trending we'll come on to that quite a lot. But I'm I'm kind of getting some weird feelings at the moment guys me some weird feelings it feels like the last kind of I don't know week Ryder Cup he fever has crash landed in the world of golf Rick you are not wrong. And I don't like to do this um. But every now and again I will um tell somebody straights may I add. And in our Facebook group that has now nearly got 100,000 insane members lovely people insane insane in the sense that they love the golf they love a bit of Rick Shield's Golf Show podcast they want to chat they want to get to know people they're nice people I would say in that group but every now and again you get a bit of a um numpty of a numpty a know it- all now I'm not this person is a num to all know it all I'm sure this person is very very nice. But this person this morning left a message on our uh group saying you guys Mr trick not releasing a pod on the Ridder cup pcks I'd rather listen to that than an interview with a YouTube personality so their post got 49 likes so many of which were laughing emojis I don't want to brag. But I commented back with 2116 likes on my comments I think I've won that fight that war correct. But my comment back the reason I'm making this point is next.

Week the Tuesday of the Ridder cup we have got an absolute Banger Ridder cup special podcast help people why is. So special Rick we've managed to get a hold of Dave Samson who is the course architect from Marco Simone wow we've got the guy whose Vision ideas layout of the golf course it's his baby we have got him on the podcast next.

Week. And you know why we're so excited we've already pre-filmed it. And it and I can't wait for it to come out I want to listen to it again it was that good you know what I think sometimes Golf Course architecture is the kind of topic that some golf fans will be like yep can't wait. For that and some people might be like might miss that one I'm not too bothered let me assure those potential doubters not only is Dave an articulate. And witty and cool guy the actual conversation if I say so myself was very insightful very fun. And it you learn a lot and we taught so much about the Ridder cup kind of holistically as well and next.

Week is was our is our Ridder cup special do not miss it I also do feel like we did talk about the pcks I think we did I think we have in bits. And Bobs yeah um. But anyway it feels like Ryder Cup fever is hitting I'm going to ask you a question yes. And you might want to reserve your judgment okay you have several times several times in fact maybe maybe even maybe even double digits time you've sat here in. And in public okay on a microphone. And spoke to our wonderful audience and you've you've admitted a couple of things all right you've admitted you're not the biggest fan of the rider cup correct does anything change at the moment I feel like there's a turning the tides. For at the moment yes let me just. For those people have not listened definitely some of the earlier podcasts I was quite provocative in my approach to the rider cup saying it was overrated provocative I like that word hear me out this is nothing to do with poit polit politics I feel like when I talk about Europe sometimes people think oh you want to be out the EU. And all that nons nothing to do with that I find it hard. So if england playing football or soccer to American listeners against Brazil okay I was just thinking a guy farage over there yeah I want England to beat Brazil football match there's no questions asked of course I do I'm English British right when it's Europe versus America obviously within that there's English players us at tomies your TS loads Etc just in Rose M Patrick I won keep going on. But do you feel European as such is there ever a time where you would Clash yourself. Or introduce yourself as hi I'm Rick I'm European maybe not no it's not our first choice of identification correct. So I always feel like if I was a American I would be much more behind the rider cup because you are supporting your country that's the first thing I think the second thing with golf as well is. And it's not so much the case now but I grew up like you and many of our listeners viewers as a massive Tiger Woods fan okay a huge Tiger Woods fan is the reason I love the game. So much I I idolized him growing up I would want Tiger Woods to beat anybody on the Europe Team every week of the year whether it be the Masters the open the US Open whatever it looks like I want tiger to beat whoever now I found I found it hard as a youngster to then.

On this one week of the year change that to wanting tiger to lose okay it's like a football team where I support Liverpool week in week out AP from the Los in it it found that difficult I know I I think the only way I'd compare that to it is almost like if your favorite player from Liverpool is um I'll go with Andy Robertson who is Scottish. And England would play in Scotland but your favorite player like how do you want his performance to be in that match yeah you still want England to win correct you you might want Andy Robinson to score. Or whatever because he's your favorite player but you still want England to win and I think that's possibly where where I think in golf a lot of my favorite players are American I've got a lot of favorite players as they are European you're right though it's definitely different being from Europe. And I'm sure our American fans won't quite appreciate this but when you are in from Europe. And you're supporting the European team you're right it's not our first identification like we we're not and certainly with all thebody brexit and all that jazz we're all a bit confused about where we are in the world these days. But um for me it's more the fact of we know what side of the fence we're on we know we're on the supporting the blue team we know we're going to absolutely smash the red team I'm in blue you're in red today.

I'm not sure what that's telling us. But I feel like for us you know yes we have got out those 12 radical players I think four of them are English which is pretty solid really isn't it. And you've obviously got Northern Irish with roarin Ireland with with um Shane Lowry and etc etc different countries around Europe I I honestly I feel like I'm thring at the mouth at the moment with the prospects of the Ridder cup and I'm not sure why this year more than ever I would agree I am this year so much more up for it I think partly because we've been to Marco Simone. And played it which we'll come on to in a moment I think that's the big thing CU I'd never played a Ridder Cup course before a Ridder cup yeah me too. And this year we have we'll come on to that in a moment that's a big thing I think secondly I think there's been a real change in the guard this last this year you know obviously your guys like your Westwood Jal andaris uh obviously polter have all kind of stepped aside. And we've now got some of this young blood in aerg or o as he's actually I think pronounced officially ludvig um you know we've obviously got the the the rise of Victor he's absolutely dominating Rory Ram you look at the team it's exciting we've got a bit of experience in Rose Etc. But what I would say and again this is probably going to get some hey I get I get this as a spectator who's not going you are going we'll come on to that again in a moment I would honestly I'd rather Europe lose would it be an amazing radic up down to the wire than Europe to dominate because I want to watch something. For three days and be excited by it I think I I can't see it being dominated one way I don't. But I also think the format always allows. For the final day to be exciting right regardless of whether the the US say have gone out and won the first two days convincingly that those 12 matches in the afternoon on on the ride on Sunday everything's still to play for on those on those 12 rounds which is great. But however. just completely going against my last previous kind of discussion points though is actually this year is a year where I would actually say I am a bigger fan of the European players anyway actual players correct than the Americans. So we looking through the list now ludvig I'm very excited I don't think know him. Yet on that personal level so to speak but I'm huge admiration of the talent he's got he very nearly would at went withth he had obviously a bad last day won the week before that kind of that was his first glimpse of of his rookin yeah poten really you know he's he's come on the scene. And and really hit Everybody by surprise since was it June turned Pro. Or June I think ridiculous now he's on the rider Cup team if he would have gone out. And dominated that that final round that BMW went with which would have been ridiculous he that he would have really put his stamp down and gone wow I'm here you're right I think that that was upsetting. For him to kind of Fall Away I think one of the things I did hear on on another podcast though was that I wouldn't even say that was like necessarily pressure because the first two days I think he was ped up with Rory. And Victor and he went out and shot ridiculous scores but I don't think it was NE the moment was too big. For him I think he just literally had a bad day in the office. But you know then.

Look at Fitz Patrick I'm actually a fan of mat Fitzpatrick I think I admire his game love how he's gain distance I think I quite like his personality in the Netflix show came across well Tommy goes out saying massive fans of Tommy uh Victor huge fan of I must admit I was never a huge Shane Lowry fan either way I thought when you interviewed him at the open he came across really well. And he gain gained a fan from me I do like Rory I like John Ram I like Justin Rose. So many and even McIntyre I think the underdog yeah I think the the only ones I've not connected with really. Yet trer who's basically American really yeah hogard. And also aerg who obviously I don't feel like I know much about but I've met Fitzpatrick I met Tommy i' play played with Tommy played with tyell played with Shane not played with Victor yet but obviously filmed and done a podcast with him um met Justin multiple times met John Ram at the Masters this year have interviewed Rory maroy like there's actually quite a lot of guys there who have actually been fortunate enough over the years of doing YouTube I've managed to meet on the USA T side I mean there's still some real favorit. For me obviously Ricky Fowler yeah in terms of favorit that you like. Or he's just a person you know he's such a nice guy um I love Max home I've met him a few times he's been great with me never oh I have met Justin briefly but Justin and Justin sorry Jordan and Justin I love both of them too Scotty Sheffer I've grown more fond of I like Scotty I'm still not quite fully there with you obviously me and Brooks have loads of beef so me and me and Brooks can't be best friends I'm afraid and he's made that very clear in many regards that's going to be a bit awkward in the rider cup after I've had a few aelas. And a few sherbets and hopefully you know there's no disgruntled me versus Brook me versus Brooks that gets a bit messy you know what I mean I've met s Burns a few times dead nice guy don't really know I've never met Patrick kley I don't I don't not like him. But he's not someone I'm dead fond of Windham Clark I feel like even though he's won a major this year I still don't feel like I know a lot about him at all really um Brian Haron again not you know obviously won the open but I don't I've got any connections with Brian uh Colin Mora really like um and Xander so I think it's somewhat mix. But certainly from from as you've mentioned a minute ago I think a lot more of my fav players are on the European team I I would agree. And I do sometimes Jess about the rerup. But truthfully this year I am really really excited. For it I'm looking forward to it as I said you're going I know. And and I think that's that is definitely helping my excitement. For it uh we went to the we went to maros Simon about four month four weeks ago we filmed there and the golf course is spectacular those videos are actually start to be dropping very soon we had a match we had a break 75 that turned into a match play We sacked off the stroke play cuz it's not a stroke play course not a stroke play course we weren't playing particularly great Str playwise even Dave Dave Samson said that he said you can't play Play It's All About match play. So we our money where our mouth is. And went straight up head-to-head while the winner was decided we won't name who we're gonna maybe it was me maybe it was Rick who was it rick wait to find out Friday is it Friday this week Friday this week. And then.

On the following Wednesday we have did a scramble. So we became a team we put our rivalries to one side the golf course is too bloody hard to play on your own. And what a golf course though genuinely I think you're going to get two real good opportunities to learn about the golf course ahead of the Ridder cut which I genuinely think as fans. And viewers and listeners and and um who follow the channel um I think you're going to enjoy the rider cup more after watching the videos because you're going to know the holes int much more thoroughly um yeah. And then.

I wasn't I wasn't planning on going to be truthful with you I wasn't really kind of om. And aring I wasn't quite sure I've done a bit of traveling this year but you know I've been very fortunate year I've been to the Masters the open and and then.

Like an opportunity has now Arisen for me to go to the Ridder cup and I've snatched it with both hands first Reserve you got a go first Reserve yeah because obviously Luke's seen my my game recently uh I've also played golf with Luke Donald about that nice um you know I feel like my game's really trended at the moment. So well let's just imagine that Bob McIntyre m should I say is has one too many pizzas in Rome yeah Falls over rolls his ankle it's easy bit of red wine bit of pizza it could happen his Club left on those cobbly streets correct honestly I think I should be there I'm I'm surprised I'm just I keep checking my phone um don't if there's any I don't don't it's funny what can happen to people when they break 80. So just goes so ahead but um just on that though kind of slight little segue but the reason you are quite excited about your golf game is this last last week obviously we had an amazing collaboration week with Grant hve at the best best teeth in the game I think that's fair to say yeah yeah one of the best golf swings in the game there was a lot of teeth on display last podcast yes there was even people listening could tell there was a lot of teeth there was like it was like three horse in there uh horses um how. And only in the teeth Department nothing else nice um and also on top of that what an amazing guy is he's a really really nice guy I love spending time with the grant um you played last week though with him in part some of the best golf I've seen you play certainly from the T there's there's Spells at the moment it's not perfect. But I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel I think it's no surprise to anybody listening watching that my game has not been good this year I've been really I don't I've been really upset with my game this year. But I've got no right to be upset because I don't practice I've not really worked hard on my game I've not really done anything that that deserves any great level of golf. But I before the ride before the rider cup before the uh the week with Grant um I actually went out for just a little 10 hole practice with your friend of mine James Robinson yes friend of the channel who also featured in the grant vers Grant week because we actually had a little cheeky match where Grant took on James Robinson that was a great match play ex tour professional played in the open we thought it'd be a good head to head. And another one and we did a you. And Grant versus and James which is also really good I think you might have hit one of the best shots you've ever hit yes on a finishing hole. So we won't we won't spoil that but um I actually went out with James just a little I'd not played golf for a week or so before playing with Grant and we went out just brush off the cobwebs and he he kind of just observations that I've known about M go swing for a long time he kind of just started to probe the questions and start to ask you know why why do you open the face a little bit in the back swing. And why did you get a little bit cofy. And anyway he gave me a little improv lesson and I wasn't going to trust it not because I don't trust James. But because any swing change and I'm sure everybody listening watching can associate to this any swing change takes a little bit of time to bed in you know it's not it's not always an instant fix. And for something that felt so bizarre for me closing my face more in the back swing I wasn't fully trusting being a to take out on the golf course and I express these uh concerns to James and he said are you playing well at the moment I said no I'm playing awful said well what does it matter good point he said what do it matter why why don't you just make these changes. And so what if you're if you're already going to play awful you might as well try something new. And play hopefully not as awful you know what I thought the other day on this right you know when you've not played golf for let's say a month or two months whatever and you go back and your swing feels a bit weird because obviously you've not played for very long you know not played much it say somebody this is be maybe a silly example. But say someone's playing bad golf right they're just hitting it rubbish not enjoying it would you ever recommend having like a month or two off firstly for your head space just to get out of the World of Golf enjoy doing other things come back and almost before you hit a ball actually have a lesson so that you can almost change your swing while it feels weird anyway not it's not a terrible idea it's not a terrible idea at all because sometimes when you're in that kind of weird position where you've just come back out a goal. For a while Everything feels a bit different anyway exactly so it's not you're a bit your swing's a bit more jellified you can kind of make changes um you know there's sometimes when I was to do coaching fulltime where I'd get just that situation where it's was like oh I've just been all day Rick I've not practiced. For two weeks and sometimes my light my eyes lit up I'm like brilliant yeah cuz you're in that you're in that stage got jelly arms you're in that jelly arm stage where I can where I can manipulate. And mold you um but yeah no they there was definitely definitely I'm not saying it's perfect. Yet but there was definitely like the end of the tunnel I hit my driver. So much better I hit some of the sweetest irons and wedges I've ever hit mhm weird my week started like I was one of the best Putters in the world yeah. And as the week carried on I got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse my putting just to give everyone a bit of a heads up and this is why we love the podcast. And why we do the podcast not only to be able to interview some of the best players in the world. Or cool YouTube personalities or talk about the ride cup or whatever it may be it's also a time just to share a bit of bit of behind the scenes of the YouTube world the videos that you'll see come out on the channel of mine and grants over the next.

Week or so two weeks Etc aren't always in the order that they got shot M so we we've actually kind of sometimes you might jumble up the order one video might suit being first so this particular video that Grant released last night which if you not checked it out go and check it out it's 18 holes me versus Grant stroke play that was filmed kind of like on day two the afternoon. Or the afternoon of day three I think it was yes. So it's like it's all a bit out of sync so you might see sometimes I'm playing better and also I think a lot lot of people certainly if you're technically Eagle eyed I think you'll notice quite a lot of Swing changes between the videos that come out with Grant. And even the videos I'm going to film. And come out ahead of the rider cut videos my swings changed quite a lot since those two points as well yeah. But I think as well what was bizarre is I don't know what order this was in. But there was a day where your driver was literally almost boring you were hitting it. So straight and every even Grant like what's going on. And the next.

Day it wasn't just it it's bit of trust there it's trust but but that just go I know we said this a lot. But like that he just golf in a nutshell what and I did a similar thing cuz I played a couple of his videos. And one day I was hitting some good shots next.

Day I was in different like maybe I driving it well next.

Day not. So much putting well or whatever it might be and even again we've said this before when you look at even Tor pros. And and l v gber a great example let me just get his his U scores up from thingy he obviously had I mean obviously other things can can um account. For this whether it be was it just pressure. But he let me try and get the scoreboard up and take me ages to do it now um yeah I think he had three 60s yeah. And then.

He obviously had a bad bad last round what did he do. So he came tied 10th which still isn't a bad finish for a rookie um by the way how while you pulling pulling that information up Ryan Fox's final round was absolute Tri he had a triple on the third. Or fourth and then.

From that point shot 8 under so ludvig he went 68 66 66 76 so there was obviously a 10 shot swing from his Saturday to Sunday. And that's kind of at that level as well you think well no wonder you know if these guys who are practicing. So much have the best golf swings in the world have the best coaches best facilities they can go from one day to next.

Shootting 10 shot difference what can we do as just amateures like you know I might shoot 81 day. And then.

89 the next.

Or 72 the next.

Or whatever it might be it's it must be that the the the golf must be the game that can vary the most from day to day even. For Prof professional athlete correct 100% I wonder I'm also thinking how many how many times do you think a winner of a big Tour event I mean this is European DP will tours flank ship event it really is how many players have actually had a triple bog in still gone on to win that yeah I bet there's not many no I bet the odds after he made triple bogy were just ridiculous. And he he came back and just absolutely set the back back n a light also big shout out to Aaron Ry yes did you see his eagle close Eagle P oh my God I thought he'd hold it I was watching I was like oh my God this looks. So good um also again obviously this is a big DP World Tour event the the European team did really good yeah every one of them made the cour every one of them would doing was performing really well from John Ram tyell Hatton Victor hovland Tommy Fleetwood Roy maroy abber all on the front page of the leaderboard good to see promising signs um yeah. So at the moment the game's not quite there but again give me two years or four years at rad four yeah I've got four years another thing I'd want to give a shout out to this week again with Grant I got some great content coming. And there's loads on Grant Channel as well I would like to give a shout out to to firstly to the belfrey as a as a resort and as a golf course it is up there. For me I just love how it's so Central in in in England it's easy people to get to the chicken tenders are phenomenal well you had them six times yeah I'm a big chicken tenders fan with buffalo sauce. But not only that there three golf courses we obviously used two of them the PJ and the brabers the Barabas in particular we had this little chat is is one of my favorite golf courses it's such a fun course to play there's. So many holes where there's a couple of Nots so great holes but there's probably 15 holes or so that you're actually looking for you're on one hole looking forward to the next.

Hole I just I really enjoyed it so shout out to them and um also shout out as always to wallacy we did some filming at Wy golf club. And it was just as always immacula. And and it was the first time granted never been on links course. And he's Geor just hit the floor it was a nice one to take him to honestly the condition of the golf course there uh John the head green keeper he's done such an amazing job he's absolutely killed it. And Gareth the GM and just every bit of it every bit of it superb um we also you didn't you didn't come with me on this shoot but for a video we did on Grant's Channel we actually went over to Royal Liverpool the home of this year's Open Championship it looks. So bloody different without all the grand stands it's mad does it look smaller I take it. Or does it look bigger cuz there's more land it looked bigger it looks a lot bigger than than normal really because because you remember what was in those positions right like it's it's Madness it's Madness um I didn't play in that video it's a video that Grant does he called It's called The Cut. So I was kind of caddying SLG giving him some advice I hit a couple of shots I actually birded 17 Again nice I had a literally a kicking it was about this far away I do love that hole um. But yeah it was when you think about. And this is what's always crazy about these golf courses. And we'll see it at Marco Simone we went there a few weeks ago infrastructure up everything else as soon as the r of Cup's gone a few weeks later gone it's just like the circus has come to town and then.

It's gone yeah just like the open like it felt like that in that week in July Royal Liverpool hoight was the epicenter of the World of Golf yeah everybody who everybody it is there. And then.

Last week me and Grant went the very last tea time we got round in like two and a half hours and it was going dark. And it's like how is this the same place you know what I think that is one of the reasons why I love S Andrew. So much because and it sounds bizarre when you go to the open and say Royal Liverpool and then.

You go a few weeks later or a month later whatever it might be a couple months later and everything's gone I don't know why I feel quite sad about it they're like oh that's over now but obviously St Andrews tomorrow or today.

Is nothing like it would be when the opens there. But it's a bit close there's still golfers everywhere there's people walking around the town golf golf shops and I feel like you get that little bit of energy that golfers buzz and I don't know I think another thing as well just kind of again a little segue though is the difference with an old course. Or Royal Liverpool with the infrastructure is those golf courses were there long before all this we would have ever thought. Or dreamt that golf vents would be so big whereas something we'll come on to next.

Week with um oh my name no what Dave sorry is that the whole Golf Course was built with the radic up in mind. And all the infrastructure is I'd say dwarfs that have the open the one thing I can't fathom now is when I go to like say Royal Liverpool. And all the grandsands were short not there. But why was that why was that land left like that like there's huge expanses of land. And I'm not just talking about the driving range which obviously becomes the tented Village on the side of three side of three yeah massive massive um infrastru like on the left side of three yeah. And then.

You know when the hos really big 3 TI Hospitality thing was by like by the side of 16th GRE yeah you look at that now. And go why was that land yeah why was it just left like that. Or you know the par 4 kind of dog leg about the 14th one that's quite quite a tricky green on the right of that so much land weird is it it is weird I suppose as well though there's that many good open venues that didn't have that land like a presswick that now can't host it because you haven't got it. So it's just probably even like a royal lthm like Royal lthm is a is a an amazing golf course I'm a huge fan of it. But there's there's rumors now about trying to get the open again but it it's just not got the infrastructure it's not got the space and and somewhere like that surrounded by houses and a railway you can't just make space yeah no I agree I think this year obviously again we said about the ride a couple more excited. For it for a number of reasons I I can't make this one anyway but this is the one I do feel like people that are going I'm kind of jealous off. And I do think that because hopefully obviously a lot of Europeans. And people listen to this podcast will go over. And Americans I think it's going to be one that people are going to love I just I I just can't understand um it being full what the people yeah it will be. But I almost can't imagine it suppose you've got Americans clearly going to go over you've then.

Got Europeans it's such a short flight I wonder how many actual Italians even if they loose interesting golf. Or no interesting golf would go it's is it the third biggest sporting event in the world. But I think we got told that by Dave you've got World C olymics World Cup. And then.

The rider cup wow so if that's on your if that's within an hour and a half of your house in Italy would you take the kids and go look this is a once in a lifetime opportunity we've got cheap tickets I there cheap tickets. For res residents or not but it's um it's going to be good I actually genuinely I'm really excited. For it do you think this year has been a good year. For golf um in what sense just generically generally has has golf even reached out to more non-golfers this year than ever before I'm going to go yes I think Netflix was very good very big. For golf I think it certainly got more potentially well I'm not going any stats to hand I'm guessing on N hand um no something just check oh yeah um no. But you've got to think that the uh the Netflix show um has has had a a positive impact on the game whether it be casuals. Or or wives or Partners husbands of golfers whatever it might be might have take a bit more interest to the game that's got to be a good thing yeah definitely I think the live chatter from live in general. And then.

Obviously the forming of the PJ tour and the the piff and all that stuff although might be bad as a golfer gets golf in the headlines more is that a good thing potentially I'm just very intrigued this year I mean it's like it obviously tiger now is not the big pull. Or you know he's not been he's not he played in the Masters that it this year and then.

Pulled out because of injury you know is golf still in a safe enough place. For it to continue to grow and is it still reaching the N golfers the audience I kind of feel like it is. But like I say I've got no stats to I think on tiger personally I've said this before. But like I'm again we're big huge tiger fans that's obvious we know everyone knows that I've not personally missed him in these Mages as much as I thought he would like yes if someone said to me I've got a crystal ball uh is that what you call a crystal ball where you can see the future oh yeah yeah they're popular yeah no. But it's that they called crystal ball is that wrong is it yeah it's Crystal Ball yeah head just went then.

Got crystal ball Crystal Maze Crystal. And say something else then.

Crystal meth might I watched um inside the world's worst prisons yesterday and that was about Crystal wow anyway no. And someone said yeah I've got crystal ball. And I can see that next.

Year tiger is going to be playing in a major. Or three Majors or four the majors I would be delighted right I really would but I'm not when I watched the open this year and honest to God never once thought a missing tiger because there some new more narratives now obviously with you've got the kind of rivalry well not rivalry you've got the battle between John Ram Scotty Sheffer Rory you've got this young blood you got your your Victor hins you got the ls now coming through weirdly weirdly got like your Ricky f you Jason day back playing great ex and then.

On the other side so that I don't think personally I'm missing Tiger. But you are right the influx of tiger in in the mid to late 90s to 2000s was massive. For golf I'm not for one second comparing what I'm going to say now to tiger. And what he did. But another thing we're seeing a lot more now is obviously with with the influence of YouTube golf creators YouTube golf Tik Tok people Etc would I I personally believe again we are seeing golf transcend that younger audience R is the new TIG you think of the podcast title no no this makes sense this actually makes a lot of sense because I've got a bit of beef with tiger leave it with me let me I'm coming on to that in a sack. But but I'm saying this might be why he's trying to shot throw shots over the barrel possibly maybe he's getting worried there's a magazine back there okay with the most influential people in golf what number were you wasn't number one okay who was number one tiger ah. And I think he's got issues with it he coming. For Tiger I think he wants it the be mat's gone I think he wants a bit it's ironically a master's beer mat I think he want I don't think he wants to smoke. And therefore. he's throwing shots across the barrel because in a exhibition warm upy thing that he was doing someone said what's your advice to amate Golfers yeah. And what did he say quote unquote don't watch effing YouTube Hurt Smith yeah he actually said don't watch effing YouTube mhm he actually said that don't no listen listen to this clip really carefully okay ready see yeah wow did you hear that I had it all I had tiger all wrong I thought it was Rick sh's hater he's actually a lover yeah. And go out and beat balls yeah. So for those who haven't seen this I'm sure you have but Ty Woods has has came out has come out and said he's advice we don't watch I YouTube. Or whatever apart from R yeah now I kind of understand to some age where he's coming from Sor no no let let me get you let make a point I think what he is meaning is like anything in life people are often searching. For the shortcut we all are. So for example if if we go on a diet and we want to start working out rather than actually really putting in the effort and eating well for two years or whatever it might be and working out day in day out we go on to YouTube We type in fat loss in two days that's what that's the nature of the world we live in I search canny is there diet chips yes correct how do I lose weight eating McDonald's yeah. And I suppose what Tiger's meaning is that people most people who play golf not everybody. But most want to get better at the game because that typically makes you enjoy it more not always but typically so he's probably saying that rather than going onto YouTube. And watching how to get better at golf that's only be magic one you have to hit balls and he's got truth in that you will also you know you'll say if someone watches your coaching videos you have to. And practice it I think the shortsightedness though what people have been kind of jumping on. And joking is that how many people. And know we see the stats in this literally watch a golf coaching video because they've never ever ever even held a golf club you might be going on a first dates to driving range they might be going on a Works do where golf they might even going. And play mini golf I've never puted before silly example but true they watch your video they watch somebody else's video next.

Thing they go they don't actually quite enjoy it goes to drive R again and again then.

They actually booking a lesson with a pro they buy some clubs and then.

They become a Tiger Woods fan or a Victor hland fan so I think. For a lot of people YouTube is that gay way. And I think by people not realizing that is very very shortsighted yeah. And and that and obviously he wants to remain as number one most influential person in the world correct and he s probably spends too much time watching your videos so possibly so yeah I little little beef tiger oh no not this this is one you won't win even I'm on Tiger's side if if you want if you want this smoke 10 shot challenge medalist you set the time I'll be there if tiger said no I don't want to play you. But I want to have a celebrity boxing match with you once he's legs are rep how many rounds do you live with tiger how many rounds of box in three minute rounds could you handle I'm quite fast I can probably run away from him. For a while yeah I reckon you get to the second round yeah no i' Take that running around burn him out. For the first one he just absolutely Le you a big hay maker let's not let's not think about tiger fighting me because that's not a vision I I there's more chance of tiger fighting you than a 10 shot challenge true. Or false false prove me wrong I will prove you wrong tiger you. And me 10 shot challenge if that ever ever ever happens I would love the picture on Instagram to be you and tiger squiring up fists up imagine that i' break the internet I love tiger I miss I do miss it take is that what we're getting to is that basically what we're getting to all this I think the other thing is is um if you ever said all right Rick do 10 shot challenge if I win you delete YouTube channel what can you put the video on first I was G to say yeah there's no point milk imagine that you play him you actually get the collab you play with him you lose. And you can't ever show the just have to watch it at home on your own and then.

Like be that crazy person in the corner that used to be on YouTube and like a rocking chair and going I did play tiger I did I did I did play tiger B last lost B the last lost the last lost oh I see the future that's your crystal ball moment there guys that is my crystal is right it there random one then.

I've got a question off Josh Green in the Facebook group. And it's very very random but I'm going to ask it you obviously says there is a copyright issues with music in your videos. So we don't get to hear your music tastes but what are yours. And Rick's favorite musicians and if you had to pick a favorite song to walk out to what would it be so pict of the scene Rick you do make the ride of Cup in four years time they've also implemented a new rule where you walk on to your absolute walk on song like a boxer like a darts player what are you walking on to what music do you like in general play it. For you this is going get mon we might get we can't cuz it'll get monetized a little bit I think ask is to be fine with it he's he's a personal close friend of mine um mind it mat will this get demonetized no it won't don't worry about it um what the hell's the song got it I've got it I've got it got it don't worry um I like in answer to the question I like rap me music ready this is this is what I'd walk out to right that's enough good morning I think that's 10 seconds good morning wow it's a remix um I do also like I like pop rap R yeah I like squeaky clean not too many F bombs I can listen to it in the car with the kids. And they're not gonna be getting old gangster on me yeah um. But I also really like pop music yeah like like just love pop music love dance music um I wouldn't say I've got an artist I no I'm I'm not really a big artist guy Bongo Bingo against Saturday nighted. And Craig David performed Legend I mean that was ridiculous got a lot of good songs he's got he can sing he can rap he can mix he can DJ can probably dance this is what my wife told me cuz I don't really remember much of it. But that that's what he's that's what he can do. So that's what he can do um I think like someone like who's multi-talented I do I know this would probably get some Flack I do actually like Kanye West certainly his old stuff yeah I don't think you can argue with some of his his music output I mean my tasting music maybe isn't great. So was like Will Smith wow the Will Smith Kanye West um trying to think who else I really like there loads like anything d David geta I love David geta Gua yeah you you I like the new I like the new DOA cat song well don't know it yeah quite cool. So okay Boomer um on that though there's also obviously there's some very exciting videos coming. And have been on the hit channel so if you're um one of those golfers like a lot of us who love golf equipment and you want to watch more golf reviews if you didn't know which sure you should have known but if you didn't know we have Rick has another new channel at hit golf reviews another new not another one new channel every bloody week can't keep up he's got Facebook he's got Instagram he's got toxic I go on Snapchat his WhatsApp his telegram um email post PO Box we got it you name it we got it um so Rick's another new channel third channel the same channel that we've had for like quite a long time now this could be someone's first ever listening to this podcast so Rick has a third channel it's got three YouTube channels Rick Shield's main Rick Shield's podcast Rick Shield's reviews BL hit golf boring um there's been some very very exciting Club reviews on there one of the big ones um that really excited me cuz again a bit more nerdy was Adam's golf are back uh in a big way. And they kind of different target market now they're going a little bit more. For the kind of younger golfer maybe a bit more of a young professional who wants to kind of buy a bit of a package set get it all in one but want quality just want to spend stupid amount of money we've got more more videos of that stuff coming but the first one we have released was the new Putters they have actually bought. And utilized the searo technology that lots of people will know from the old yes putters yes putters were absolutely amazing. And so popular in the mid 2000s 05 06 07 Etc the back um back with the bang they were nice really nice um I test it against the yes putter as well. And the roll off the face was very very similar um however. there is a product from Adams that I have tested I don't think well the video isn't out just. Yet that genuinely was like whoa yeah what the hell where's where's this come from H. So that video will be coming out soon we also did a really cool video where I tested two drivers from ping that were 25 years old uh sorry 25 years in gap there was 25 years gap between the two drivers that's what I was trying to say from 1998 tit ping TI I SI titanium driver I remember when it first came out I only really just started playing golf at that in that year. Or the year just before and then.

The latest ping g430 what we up to now g435 g430 LS te I think it's 35 some reason g435 that's next.

Year's driver the Ping g430 LS Tech um. And the yardages I'm sure many people aren't going to be totally surprised that the yardages were different. But go and check out the video to find out actually how many yards were different cuz. And yeah it was It was kind of it was probably about right it was about right. And it just again we won't give it too much away but we we all know that year to year there's not much change whether it be in a golf drive or it might be in an iPhone for example another another example or even a car you know year on year it's not great but if you do skip a few Generations. Or a number of generations you do certainly see that there is a difference. And and I suppose on that we we kind of know now that to some degree Golf Club drives have hit some level of limit in terms of how fast he can be Etc. But I would very much imagine in the next.

20 years or 15 years or 10 years drivers then.

Will be outperforming today's ones. So there is still Innovation to be had I guess is what I'm saying. But yeah that's an exciting video um. So keep your eye on hit golf um make sure you go subscribe loads of videos coming soon on that though we have both also got a new three in the bag you have got well I can only really describe as a magic wand it's it's it is actually think it is a magic wand it's bulky it's not the best looker listen not many witches are no ah nice you broomstick. But what it can do with that broomstick you want it high I can do what you want to hit it can you hit high can I low easy medium next.

Yeah of a t off the roof off the fway what remind me the model name 505 something like that it's the new T the title is chunky u505 it's uh it honestly I kind of didn't want to put it in the bag didn't want to no okay didn't ugly duckling. But honestly sh it is working the best ugly ducking duckling I've ever had that how many ducks have you had I would say cuz I'm similar similar. But I just got a new 3i and I've got the titless T200 the new one for me and don't I think you're in a similar position Rick I think probably a lot of people are I've had I've swap put recently a bit. But I keep going back to my my spider love my wedges got the new irons fine I can use any I really love my drive love my three no you know what I mean I'm not too fussy to to a degree driver 3w great that kind of gap between my four iron. And my three wood I find it so hard to feel I've tried seven woods I've tried two irons we all with some success you kind need two clubs in that G I think you do that's what I'm becoming the realization of. And I'm I'm actually going to start kind of monitoring a bit of stats in my game a little bit nothing too nerdy. But just kind of measuring a few stats and just see where maybe I could take a wedge out of the bag and put put an extra Club in cuz I wouldn't mind a fivewood yeah never a club I've had ever ever ever actually have to be fair I've had I've always had driver three with then.

Long IR whether it's two iron I've had a hybrids mixture um. Or I I could even put a two iron in that in that same Club in the u505 the only way I think you made that work then.

I've have to this myself cuz I have a pitching wedge is part of the set. And then.

Have 50 54 58 year go 52 58 so you've got 46 which in my case James Robinson does 52 58 CU surely the 52 gets you that gappiness you can open it a bit. For your more 54 kind of shot and then.

Your 58s there anyway yeah CU I I very much when I when I unless I'm hitting like a full shot I think I'd have to get better at being able to control the 52's distance I'd need to be able to hit 52 90 yards. Or 100 yards you get what I mean yeah where at the moment my 100 yards is bang on my 5060 gr pretty much I'm pretty confident with that if I went 52. And 56 I think I'd have to just be better at my distance control to be able to allow. For that extra Gap than to go longer in the clubs no I agree. And then.

The the last little bit the other thing sorry last one I don't actually know how much i' you use it though the five would just say for argument sake right you're 230 yards away from the green now typically that's going to be a par five mhm really it. Or or a long path crazy yeah. Or it would be a path forward it unless yeah like am I happy ripping that three iton. And being 10 yard short probably would you rather hit the five would be on the green if there space there it depends I don't it's a club it's it's a part of the golf bag I really struggle with I think there's almost too many options like we said there's seven Woods there's nine Woods there's hybrids there two irons as these kind of what you've got like almost utility chunky iron it's it's it's hard the other the other other option is I might put a bit more Loft in my three-wood yeah I don't the only time I ever H my thr off the te definitely isn't. For distance obviously it's just put it in play so if I was 10 yards shorter. But in play with my forward fine with that and if I was going into a par three a par five sorry as long as I can still musle it 240 245 I can then.

Knock it down to 230 yeah that's what I'm going to do um last thing as well which we will also be reviewing soon I'm not quite sure when. But on the channel there's new tailor made Putters come out new spider Putters they're not going to be really Reinventing the wheel I think the spider franchise has really helped Taylor Maid become a legitimate putter Brown they've tried. And dip the toe into lots of things and to be honest with you they failed in a lot I would say what I've s was that the spiders oh yeah Taylor Ma I don't think have really all than the spider range they've not always been held in a high regard as a putter brand theyve recently brought out the TP Reserve which you did review which we kind of a Scotty Cameron competitor they not not really SC camon they've had other bits. And Bobs but I think the spider range is the first time really that I think that I think. For me the key to success for a brand is when somebody asks you what you've got you can actually say the model as opposed to the brand. So for example Pro one vogi spider spider that's where ping have really struggled you know ping Anza Putters were. So good for so long so popular but it's like what would you they don't really 430 I mean sorry mean in the putters all right yeah you you wouldn't really um. And I think that's where Taylor Made like with spider they've actually built this own franchise. So I'm interested to see what the like see what you think even like hly just say white hot yeah two ball. Or white hot or whatever it might be I think Taylor Made by the spider have struggled a bit um. But so new spiders must be they look very forgiving kind of as what you'd expect good Putters obviously had a lot of success on tour um so we'll reviewing those at some point see what you think feel like I need a put a change I'm very very hot. And cold with that putter at the moment sometimes I'm honestly honestly thinking I can't miss like Royal Liverpool and I chopped it round but puted like God and then.

The other day when I played I hit it brilliantly and puted like never puty butter in my life maybe it's a a brief romance or something else have your head turned a little bit little FL little flirt little holiday romance May nine holes here and there and then.

You go back to on go nice to be back missed you it's a makeup I've done that many a time with Butters that is um. For those people before we wrap this up I would love to make a little um I'd like to beg potentially say okay I would love to to beg those people who are listening to the podcast. So than Apple in particular but any platform please give us a five star review we've not had any reviews for a while and and it's nice to see that little bit support you know we we work hard here this hour of our day because otherwise it just feels like we're talking to each other in a room which is what we are doing really. But like yeah need feedback. So we'd love some some reviews four or five star preferably five star if you think it doesn't deserve a four. Or five star then.

Don't review it and don't don't listen yeah turn off now go away right they've gone now the Whoppers have gone it's just all. And the cool people and those gimps have gone um you can say gimps I think it's at the end of the podcast anyway it's irrelevant it's only the the yeah um. So that's that um next.

Week she pre-recorded um we're going to do an intro to it next.

Week we didn't want to do that we didn't want to just leave that podcast because God God forbid to say well oh yeah God forbid if Rory fell over. And broke his ankle tomorrow or Bob mcy did indeed fall over after too many pizzas it would seem strange not to reference that in the podcast that we're going to do. So we'll do a little B end I actually think we'd be investigated though if Rob McIntyre fell over eating a pizza I also think I actually think the what I going to be a pineapple pizza as well go say he's a legend that's why I I feel like if if that happens we would definitely be investigated yeah into like you know malicious all being psychic having a crystal ball. And I've already I predict I predict I predict also if if this was a thousand years ago we'd be burnt on the Stak I'm I'm currently saying I've got a magic wand I'm a witch yeah we predicting the future I bet I could predict who beat who who won out of yours. And Grant's match that you played for our Channel I also bet I could predict who won out of me and you at Marco Simone I bet a lot of people could predict who won versus me and Grant but H enough I've said enough already guys stay tuned lots of more to come we shall see you next.

Week ganger that's too much Kanye West.