All right guys welcome back to the rickshaw's Golf Show podcast everybody episode 198. I'm your host Rick Shields I'm here with co-host guy yes how is everything how are you more importantly how is everybody listening I don't know how they are listening um thanks. For me yeah right I'm all right um thanks. For asking Rick I've really wanted someone to ask me that today.

Well if you are listening you're watching I hope you're having a wonderful day um I feel Monday motivated somehow. And I I have no right to be the reason that you feel Monday motivated is it literally 10 seconds before starting this podcast we've just ordered the biggest burger delivery coming from burgerism in the next.

Hour. So we're super excited. For that that might be what it is because diet's starting a Monday yes. Or not this Monday anyway next.

Monday welcome back everybody hope everyone is good um it's been a weird hectic week I feel like I've been here then.

Everywhere achieved a lot. But also some degree it's not I you know it I don't know if it's been a real weird week any progress in your golf yes how I've not played no yeah okay. So it's just a single ball I've not made a sink I'm not not made a bow get or lost a single ball for a week you know what I've never shut off a pirate Guster wow well I'm trying to think I must have played since last week no no I've not no I've not touched a golf club. But I have because I did some reviews. But I've not been at the golf course and played for a full week I think I needed it yeah you did. And that will change this week because on Wednesday. So the day after most people listen to this podcast we are get on a plane we are flying to Italy. Or a romantic weekend away just you me correct um Pizza spaghetti some red wine yeah no we are going to Rome we are because Rome this year at the end of September early. So October will become the capital of golf yes Ryder Cup yes 2023 yes it's gonna be a I honestly I'm very very excited about this Rider Corp more. For the picks as opposed to who actually the Ryder Cup itself like there's so much going on with the Ryder Cup like who's gonna get picked what Live players are from America are going to get picked Lucas Glover's just gone back to about wins um how's the European team gonna look it's going to be crazy. But we are going to get an opportunity to play the golf course this Thursday Marco Simone um a golf courser Trooper told right now I don't know a lot about at all however. that's going to change enormously because we we're not only getting to play the golf course on Thursday we are also going to be sitting down with a. And doing an interview with the course designer the guy who designed Marco Simone correct we're going over there with European Golf design who are essentially the world of business who designed the golf course it's the same people that designed JCB when we had Jeremy on the podcast we're having Dave on the robin sorry yeah Jeremy is from European designs that's what I've got that from we had Robin Heisman the podcast sorry we've now got Dave on the podcast who designed Marco Simeone we are going to become um experts at the golf course. And probably play it really well is that about you I think. So grandstands are up I think. So I think it's gonna be uh anywhere. And we're very very fortunate this year um anytime you get to play a golf course with the grandstands up it's always pretty special yes um this will be. And and this is kind of a weird flex. And I don't mean it to be probably about the fifth. Or sixth golf course I've played this year with grandstands up really Saw Grass yes Bay Hill yes you could argue Augusta there were still stands of seats. Or whatever let's argue it right Liverpool yeah. And then.

Marco Simone well I think I missed any um. So that is going to be absolutely epic um from one thing I know about the golf course there's lots of water it's set up. For match play no fancy chances do ya imagine that I just want I want the viewers to see all 18 hours of course not ten. And eight I think at the minute oh it'll be a white wash no I probably I reckon I'd beat you four. And three are we having a side hustle match play as well match play okay let's do a side then.

The video needs to be a break 75 because it'll actually go out the week yes of the radical we'll drop it on Monday radical week. So that everybody watching listening can get their juices flowing. For the upcoming Ryder Cup if I win you have to give me the channel yep oh oh do you think you might lose that's why I don't want to do it scared no I'm excited I'm excited it should be good um I think you're gonna hit the ball I need hit balls just realized what about meeting balls may I was at the range this weekend until the baby I first hit some boss got this uh get this body moving a little bit I'm a Flushing Avenue items I really really really am getting good at golf what am I gonna do am I gonna put some new irons in the back I don't think I'll put new irons in I might put that three iron in that I've got my eye on. And then.

That's it yeah because that is the club's fault why I haven't been playing well new wedges in I just reviewed are they yes that video out yeah no it's not. So let's get a little bit of a teaser go on last couple of weeks on hits we've been reviewing lots of new equipment which is exactly what the challenge designed to do yes. And all the newest irons we've managed to also test the brand new tailor-made wedges and they're beautiful I think they're really really nice. So at the moment I'm in transition periods my wedges I had vocals and then.

Switched to Indy which is a bit of a bit of a developer one at that a little yeah a little kind of holiday romance it was not gonna last you knew that she kind of knew that they were bounce back yeah there was lots of balance oh my God. So they uh they might be leaving the bag um and onto new pastures but TaylorMade mg4 wedges may be going in Tigers Tiger Woods grind on the bottom open it up do a little bit of I want release one. And release remember all those things I need to watch that video back actually I might watch the dangri video on the plane fly into Rome just to remind myself um and then.

Last week as well even though I didn't play golf we filmed a really cool video you didn't come on the shoot but we went to I really honestly quite simply one of my favorite places I've been to really I just love how quaint it is okay. So last couple of years ago we went to a golf course in Derby called pastures the pastures with xtor Pro James Robinson because at the time nobody at the pastures had ever broken par I was convinced when we went with James Robinson that he would be breaking past without a question it's 5 500 yards a past 65. Or 64 sorry 64. it's nine holes we play it twice the current course record when we went with James was one over par no one's even shot par now Richard who was the current course holder is now since gone one on the par he is the first man on the planet to shoot an underpass score at that golf course. So you went with Ryan Ruffles I went with Ryan now you saw Ryan recently on the JCB video where we uh I played we ran a couple of times this year isleworth and JCB when he did the 10 Mulligan challenge I am not joking when I say this I've been very fortunate to play with a lot of amazing golfers Ryan flushes it he flushes it his swing is ridiculous he hits driver. So so so bloody good however. the passengers isn't about power it's not about smashing driver in fact it was advised to buy the members to take the driver out the back which he'd listened to. And he didn't have the driver he didn't hit it well I didn't need to wow so well yeah you can't tell us what happened. But I want to know what happened yeah Will bright [Music] Brighton Brian will Ryan [Music] what's going on today.

Will Ryan Ruffles tour pro who's currently right now oh yeah right now this week he's actually got an invite as well to the DP World Tour event in in um Ireland. So he's going to be playing in a European tour DP World Tour event this weekend does Ryan Ruffles break power set a new course record at the pastures video will be out this week I think I think we're aiming. For this week I think we're aiming. For this week don't don't quote me on it you know what's bad Ryan Ruffles sounds like a cool name isn't it but if it was called Brian bruffles it's totally different in it it's like 65 retired Brian it was a mechanic Brian bruffles trustworthy guy oh yes you can imagine that. And then.

His son Brian bruffles root Junior yeah now owns the the car mechanics on another note of Ruffles okay yes from Wonderful's to another Ruffles. And this is genuine Gabriella his sister one on tour her third win on the Epson tour which is like the tall lower down the LPGA Tour okay essential yes she won she shot 12 on the par um total score she absolutely dominated it third win. So far um it was funny Ryan because I spent a bit of time around last week he he honestly thinks that he obviously has huge high hopes. For himself the hopes he has for his sister are just ridiculous really yeah. And they come from a background where their father and mother were both professional tennis players wow their dad played in The Wimbledon final doubles wimbled. And final but back in like the 70s that's weird as well Australian but when his um tennis career was kind of going on the up they moved to America right. And then.

When Ryan was 10 they moved back to Australia to lose about 18 19. And moved back to America oh wow so yeah it's a fascinating story. So um Gabriella won and then.

Also continuing on lady golf news I honestly was glued to the action yesterday at the AIG women's open at Walton Heath because new friend of the channel Charlie Hull which video went last week hopefully everybody enjoyed that um she was in contention yeah it was frustrating. For me because I was watching Liverpool V Chelsea I wanted to to golf at the same time. So I was flicking between the two. And I was really hoping that Charlie Hull would would win. And the rickshila facts would be proven once again she didn't win but firstly how good did the golf course look unreal it looks. So good and I was actually really enjoying kind of watching The Golf. And I think this year in particular I don't know why this is. But it felt like the AIG Women's Open was almost more talked about. And more spoken about than I've probably known before yeah no I would I would say yeah I'd agree with that um obviously our involvement we got contacted by the RNA about coming down. And doing a video at Walton Heath um to showcase the AIG Women's Open um we made a request is there any chance we can film with Charlie Hill they said yes we'll Grant it Charlie was incredible the golf on that video like her golf is absolutely outrageous. And she is one of the best talents I've genuinely the lady talents I've ever played with um remember years ago remember um when we when I played in the Royal Rhythm program with NASA haticocha yeah was that about 2018 18 famous 2018 year. And she was one of the most impressive women golfers I've ever seen because she didn't put a foot wrong. And just kind of everything was just down the Fairway middle of the green one. Or one put or two put Charlie Hall plays a very different game to that yeah like she's she's longer hitting she's more aggressive she goes. For everything and I think sometimes certainly we might have seen a little bit of that yesterday that's where her rounds will sometimes fluctuate she can go super super super super low let's shoot six seven eight nine under. But when her aggressive play isn't quite working on her side it can also kind of fall fall down though isn't it it's very exciting you know what I was watching some of the golf though. And I saw um Charlie halls in driver and a ball speed is 150 miles an hour which is I'd say faster than the average male golf club member yes 100. And they're not the actual stats now but I think it is I was thinking that if I could actually have the chance to walk around. And watch her versus natural PJ tour pro I think a while that rather walk around. And watch her because how they shoot these scores and the courses aren't crazy shorts obviously like they're hitting such good shots they know something like hybrids and longer irons just absolutely flush into the greens wow this is I've just quit research. And don't this I'm sure this isn't fat this is Google telling me this a PGA Tour player averages 168 miles per hour okay yeah a um a high level amateur yeah he's 160. a five handicapper is around 147. wow. And a 10 handicapper would be around about 138 yeah. So yeah she's much much higher than pretty much every minute every golf club that you can think of really um. And and it was I was watching it I can't remember it was the third. Or fourth hole she went for this pin took right in the corner and she plays with this kind of drawer she loves to draw it she wants to see the ball she mentioned in the video she wants to see it going left she hates any shot that goes right which is. So not usual for for a good player now like laughs often for good players and I'll know it for someone who who has overdrawn the golf ball quite a lot is that like it feels like there's not much control when you overdraw it correct she would more than she she hates it when it goes right um. So she had this shot and it was a pin tucked to the right hand corner she's playing this draw. And for whatever reason it just didn't quite turn over I think she was hitting out the rough. And it missed the Green Bay honestly three three yards max and the way that the camera filmed it and it just it just plopped deep down into this light nasty lies horrible lie and he was she was short-sighted herself. And she she couldn't get it up and down and that kind of started the first Bogan she had a couple more after that I mean she ended up shooting one over. For the final round and missing out by in total six shots in the end but all credit to to um view who uh Lillian view who second major of the year and her golf yesterday she's only 25 years old she just didn't put a foot wrong at all it's she's had six professional wins now um and just killed it she honestly I thought she was very very impressive not phased at all to go around in a fact she was leading the AIG women's open. And then.

To go out and shoot five under to extend her lead uh it was a it was a pretty dominating performance to be honest with you oh absolutely. And I think like I said the coverage was great um. And I kind of feel like I should watch more of the women's golf but at the same time I said this before there's. So much to watch now obviously on the weekend there was the the FedEx there was the uh what sexual event let's just go out of my mind um sent dudes yes then.

There was um obviously live was on. And the women's was on there was football on there was cricket on as you know I'm a massive fan of 100 now I saw people commenting on the last video that my Cricket knowledge was horrendous which I admit however. I did see an advert they are all sponsored by crisps skips hula hoops I was like what is this about yeah I'd be hungry all the time playing that game. But um luckily it doesn't last long did you watch any of the lift stuff now that is I mean I've had a busy weekend as you know it was my wife's 40th birthday um. So that was last weekend. So August is always a really busy month. For me it's my youngest daughter's birthday on the 9th of August my wife's birthday on the 10th of August so I had a couple of days off for them and then.

We had a party on Saturday which you attended to I did there was a few there was a few baby bears floating around I've never had a baby beer before what do you think it wasn't bad I'm not normally a shots kind of guy it's not really a shot though is it well it's like a dessert yeah. And I got I'm normally I think you'll you'll um agree with me on this I'm quite strong man I just wanted you on a shot. And say no I don't really fall to peer pressure I'm like no more honestly I'm good well it wasn't. So much peer pressure but Robinson was there James Robinson was there. And you're like go on there let her down her was down to Michelle's on it was really long it's. So long longer locks and um yeah there was a few uh a few of those consumed. And baby bears are the best. And and luckily yeah we had also the little um beer shot glasses yes with little handles they were they were actually like baby bears yeah they're very impressive. So I didn't quite like is how you ensure to everyone had to call your boss everybody knows it sir yeah um another bit of golf news though that's slightly off topic. But someone wants to give a shout out to so the golf club I was a member at basically all my life I'm not actually a member at the moment. But I still go up occasionally awkward golf clubs and Helens um my biggest um what's the word I'm looking for the one thing I wanted more than anything when I was growing up was to be Club Champion it never happened I was I probably came in the top three. So maybe a couple of times and I would never either a good enough listen being honest or B it was nothing. Or B it was something that I I could actually I held in such a high regard because when I was like a junior. And obviously summer holidays Club Championship was in the summer it was two rounds Saturday. And Sunday stroke play I know some clubs then.

Go into match play but it's just pure stroke play I would practice all summer for it and then.

The weekend would come and it'd just be the biggest thing in my life and I think were maybe some of the older members potentially had a benefit said benefit was because they actually had busy working lives yes they wanted to prioritize the golf. And practice but those bigger things than golf I almost put golf on such a pedestal that's ridiculous anyway that I'm going to come on to a young Junior at the Gold Cup you might think you do know of uh Ben caddock. So he is Barry Taylor Who's A friend of mine is a PJ golf Broner a coach down at Clark's Golf Center his stepson Ben he's 15 years old right he is um is now a 0.7 handicap. And he won the Club Championship it's ridiculous in it he is a ball I think he's gonna have I don't want to put pressure on the guy. But I think he's got potential. For quite a big future because he's 15 years old he's going to year 11 at school. So we're turning 16 at some point in the you know the next.

Year or so obviously if he's 15. yeah [Music] yeah I think he's gonna probably grow quite a bit. And he's like I've just asked Barry for some stats he's five foot three and seven Stone so he's not a big beast but his clawbed speed is 106 miles an hour they get 157 ball speed there's there's. So much talent in the talent pool of junior girls I think the future is going to be very bright. For for golf and um I don't know just in all facets of the game like from professional golf to I mean I'm saying that I think there's going to be a lot of really strong professional golfers going back to this kind of professional events at the moment I do feel like just a lot of golf. And how does it all get consumed like you mentioned before I mean like I say I have a busy weekend. And you know Saturday night was taken up. And what blah blah blah blah how do you watch like live DP World Tour AIG scent dudes you can't can you that's a thing that's too much yeah. So we didn't watch anything um however. I do know come Smith wouldn't live again another four million nice dollars bat pocket Lucas Glover out of nowhere has just come back to back wins yeah like what the hell how does that happen apparently at the short game Yips. And he's got rid of him wow I could do it what what medicine did you take well don't just shows though how like how mad golf actually is someone says a lot. But you think about that like you can just suddenly hit a patch of form where everything goes right. And you can be winning massive massive events. And equally it can. So much off the boil I know something I saw on Twitter I can't remember who it was it was all these golf stats people. Or somebody that just like kind of tweets about golf saying that you often see I'm not used for this load and you're a coach coaching all the time people would come to say I want to be more consistent and you look at the guys and tell them I use Rory as an example how we can go 62. And 78 whatever like is consistency actually a thing does it exist I think it depends how what you ask what do you want consistency over our scores well scores that's the challenge because you if you want to hit consistently better shot. So you want to be consistently hitting it less out of bounds or you want to be consistently taking low puts that they you can do all of those things to a certain degree. And but then.

That doesn't always mean you're gonna then.

Post a brilliant score because to try. And get every single aspects of your game consistent that's really really difficult just look at this right so this is the history around history of Lucas Glover okay I'll go down maybe 10. Or so events to kind of give you some um idea win win right that's consistent that's pretty good week before that missed cut then.

He went fifth tied six tied four so you're thinking that's super consistent then.

He went caught then.

He went um tied 20th then.

It was Miss cut tied 79 Miss cut Miss cut Miss cut 45.. So you look at that and you think his form now is insane. But only a few months ago it was Miss cut Miss cut like how how does it happen there's a couple of things I'm just reading here like. So he genuinely considered um quitting wow not that long ago um you know he there was times where he was considering taking a Hiatus as he was searching. For the cures for kind of like The Yips basically um he he said here I I had no control over my foreign [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] yeah like he's a major champion. And now potentially around is going to be a radical player it's played radical before though right no that's not hot no never no Is that real I promise you I'm alive in your life well Richard died he has nothing radical before third dudes I thought he would have done that when he had that um that win made you win the US Open. But it depends on what year it fell yeah well that's true because if it fell on the opposite year of radical yeah you could easily kind of you know just not get picked because I'm form Etc um. But also like when you actually look at leaderboard what's mad is Lucas glove obviously won a playoff against Patrick can they Rory McIlroy there again yeah third place Tommy joint third place with Tommy Fleetwood I feel like Tommy is really really really close to breaking through yeah um I feel like he's not one in America. Yet and I feel like he's really been knocking at the door this year it's so hard to know what it takes to kind of just cross that line but I suppose just that you just need that one bit of look and you need that one window this is a thing though again what makes sounds obvious. But winning an event is level. So difficult that Rory and and Tommy in particular are having such great kind of again we will use that. But some of almost consistent Seasons to kind of up there you're not surprised during the top 10 the top five but every single week on the PJ tour it's gonna be someone else the week of the life isn't there or in the case of two weeks at Lucas Globus you've not all you've got to beat all the guys that you know you have to be there's always gonna be somebody that kind of semi outlined as a great week it's like it just shows how hard it is to actually win an event I'll tell you what I do want to just check. And I've Just Seen It Again famously live now if you win you get four million dollars okay yeah that's what it is I'm looking at here. And I'm I'm sure it's because it's now becoming a FedEx event Lucas Glover won 3.6 million yesterday wow all right well if God put the hand in the pockets and give these guys a reason to not go over to live but it's not how that gut feels like it's really close and correct me if I'm wrong like one of the things I've always thought about is I don't particularly care how much money they're winning it's just interesting that I've seen this uh recently on online certainly from yesterday with Lucas Glover. And um and uh cam Smith winning I was like there's got to be some way of um I'm trying to get out of here uh what I'm talking about is. For me I'm not above about how much they win I'm not it's the fact I've seen news articles that are telling me come to me from 4 million news articles telling me Lucas Glover's won 3.6 I'm almost seen as like whoa that seems very very close I felt like that was much bigger yeah anyway question. For you I saw these stats around the um Women's Open I can't remember the number but now top of my head but basically the Pro V1 is the improv1x are the ball that is used. And finally try and find it quickly um just while you're doing that another quick thing that I forgot to talk about at pastures I am now I am now pastures through and through is there actually made me an honorary member wow I am an honorary member what does that mean of one of the hardest golf course in the world basically I can do what I want. So I'll turn it when I want play 101. when you're gonna need to go next.


Time we film there okay I've got a tour pro a big name tour pro we've mentioned on this podcast already yeah long ago he wants to go there. And see if he can break par. And shoot a new cost record so that might be the next.

Time I go I've actually not played it yet anyway I remember I don't know I think I need to we need to break 75 though well I hope we should do with x85 it's past 64. I don't know oh yeah let's do one yeah be good um this start I can't find standard I've kind of last minute with it. But basically I can't remember the exact number but at the um AIG Women's Open the pro the title is Pro V1. And pro v1x will kind of buy a country mail um the most used golf ball right yeah uh in fact here we go is this it no isn't it um anyway do you What brands do you genuinely think if sponsorships went out the window tomorrow would be the most huge Brands I I without Shadow Without think Titleist would be the number one used brand tell me I'm wrong Oh you mean. So tomorrow everyone's Club contract gets terminated so I've got the stat here finally found it at every minute is your attack is Twitter every major the overwhelming majority of choosing one ball in golf this week at Walton Heath 7 73 of the field a team got either Pro V1. Or Pro v1x more than eight times the nearest competitor obviously a lot of people are getting paid to use that admittedly. So you could argue well if Tyler stopped paying some of those might go and use a TaylorMade ball or Bridgestone ball or whatever but I think a lot of those probably aren't getting paid just want to use it because it's what they grow up using. But then.

Also you look at you've then.

Got to cancel out all the people who are signed by TaylorMade yep. For example Charlie Hall's not playing with the Pro V one right you know there's because she's tailor-made like so even that 73 are people either they sponsor hot. Or choose are allowed to play with them tomorrow sponsorship just ended would titleists see more usage probably one would be the number one ball yeah in my opinion I think I think it would be a toss-up between Odyssey might have Putters yeah I was going to go driver I think I've gone then..

For driver because Steve Job to last I think there's tall Pros I think Taylor Made might just enjoy in driver stealth okay do you think yeah I think ping would be up there as well a lot of guys who are not in contractor using pink I would then.

Say irons what I mean irons could be anything on it you could think Mizuno I feel like Mizuno I don't feel like I've not seen that many irons as well with Mizzou now like they had that real sweet spell where Brooks character was out of contracts after leaving Nike before he signed the restriction. And he went on that massive Runway won loads of Majors with Mizuno and Mizuno was like another major win. But they couldn't actually say it was. But he's also debunked that now because now he's won he's won with trixon yeah. So it's it's not the irons obviously doing it I still think again Tyler's to be up there I really do yeah. And then.

Wedges again you're gonna go volki let's be honest and you mentioned Putters it's not Scotty Cameron uh I think if honestly would give him a good good run. For the money if they could play with any any putter I feel like this girl's got it which all in all is all still titles yeah I don't think it'd win driver I don't think he'd win three Woods I don't think he'd run far away it's it yeah I don't know I'm just interested in it I think ball would definitely be outright winner on that one I just think it there's I know people do naturally obviously get um kind of influenced if you like by what tour pro is using that's the whole reason why Brands give them loads. And loads and loads of money that you know if you see Rory with TaylorMade do you think looks good enough. For him and I always think to myself as well even though he's getting paid you sure you're not going to want to use inferior products. So it must be good it validates it to a degree but having said that like with Bryce now leaving Cobra he's got all random stuff in the bag he's got a crank Drive I think he's got some ping irons. And he's had all different bits just how quickly they can just jump ship did you hear this uh weird story about Rory mcilroy's Potter this weekend. So we went into a Scotty Cameron yes yeah. And then.

He realized that it was different length to his spider right they'd been using he was longer. And he was like I'm not comfortable with it they measured it it was three um three tenths of an inch longer my days. And he realized and he could notice it so so Harry he's caddy because he had no tour trucks apparently by the time he noticed uh Harry is caddy had to go to it's a golf store in America that actually not heard of Edwin William Watts yeah yeah you have to go to an Edwin Watts. And get Rory mcard put a cut down oh my word and have the grip I put back on which is a bit mad today.

Imagine that like some some assistant Pro going oh god I've got a grip back on straight that'll be quite daunting it really would I'm only going what do you mean it's the same length I don't need a difference there how do you even oh that's sold I don't know if you could sand it down maybe possibly we have now confirmed. And this is something we're kind of leaving more. For on the podcast we're not actually doing the tickets just yet but we have confirmed the live podcast Rick boom anytime you want it is can you remember the Friday the 13th of October correct Friday the 13th a day to have done a live podcast. So hopefully there's no bad Omens. But yeah Friday the 13th of October it's going to be an evening event. But not too late no about seven ish seven ish um tickets will be announced. And going on sale hope. For next.

Week Tuesday I can say the venue though if you want I think we've locked in no no it's not. Yet okay let's get tickets. So it's gonna be Manchester yeah it's uh it's a space that we use. Or place we use a lot and might be giving it away um we're gonna have how many guests how many actual fans can we have to look I think it's about two seven five. So rowdy Bunch yeah it's gonna be good. So stay tuned to social media to the podcast next.

Tuesday I think tickets are going to go pretty fast are we going to almost announce the tickets in this podcast next..

And then.

Go on sale straight after the podcast goes out something like that that works I think um get them early that's what I would say set an alarm because they will sell out I think they'll start really quickly. And they're not too expensive at 455 quid I think that's not bad. So nothing about 20 quid I think not stupid money um it's going to be open to all um you know sometimes in these live podcasts me. And guy will have a few little beverages beforehand. So you'll be absolutely Ricky a few uh a few curse words may be thrown out so the last time we did the live podcast at London. And you had obviously quite a few beforehand and you went out without trials or something I was like no we've got to wear trousers you're like no it's funny electric put some pants on mate um. And eventually you did remember that it did I tell everyone that I tell everyone my secrets right anyway well before that they've got an email. For you so I'm not doing as many emails recently but feel free to send them in the email address is simple it's podcast Or anything anyway so um yeah. So we have got an email go for it and it's a similar version we've had before Rick this is something where you need to have your real thinking cap on. And uh provided the best advice because it's getting this guy down so he said Derek please excuse the length of this email. But I want to make sure I've covered everything so you can cast judgment. And I saw that I thought oh it's gonna be too long it's not actually that long so bear with I've been playing golf with a friend for about eight years we've been members of the same course and the two of us play no matter the weather during this time he's brought a few of his other friends to play which is always fine with me although they don't tend to play in week in week out like we do the problem is I always end up being pushed to the side during the round. And spend it on my own end up finding myself walking 20 yards behind them sometimes the conversation leaks into them and talking when I'm setting up when I'm swinging a club or um um and I end up having to um hit over the golf trolleys or over them I end up fixing the pitch marks they've left uh they end up walking all over my line they never bother picking up the flag and they just put out and leave it for me to then.

Get out get the flag and put it back in the hole it's making me fall out with love with the game it's grown to a head and after finishing the 18th last time we played I threw everything in my car and left I would love to be able to join my golf club Society but I just can't afford it but I'm thinking of just playing golf on my own the foreseeable would I be wrong in doing that am I being a bit dramatic I would talk about it but I don't want to be the whiny so-and-so and I don't think it'll make a difference anyway I love this game. And I wanted to I want to fall back in love with it honest thoughts are welcome I'm sorry if I wasting a few minutes of your time cheers from anonymous it makes me quite up by email um oh well um is is this is this written by you is this one James Robinson joined us how do you guessed um I don't know that's a it's a weird one into it in Pals. For eight years been playing golf whatever the weather all the time and he's bringing all the players into a relationship and it just sounds like there's no ground rules at all no no safe word no no safe word um oh God it's really it's really tricky on in it like what because he doesn't want to come across. And say I I don't like your friends who are coming. But there's got to be some level of etiquette well what sounds quite difficult as well is it's not they just do one thing that is like I hate the way your mates do act yeah a word because then.

You could go right off. But it's like they talk too much they're in the way they don't put the flag back in he gets left out there's a lot of things that feels like kind of his his mate's issue into it really like it's not his mates mate's issue it's his mates issue like you you know if let's say for example you you go like even this weekend let's say when you're around at the party if our stood there and there was someone from school. Or I've been hanging around with for the last 20 years you get on me yeah. And we started talking about these oh do you remember that funny story 20 years ago you do your best to include the people around you yeah don't you yeah you just give a bit of a synopsis to say oh yeah just a quick one by the way guys this story is really funny it was when we used to go to school together like you try. And bring other people into the conversation because it's rude if you don't yeah. And it sounds to me like his mate isn't doing those sort of things he's not he's not reading the gut the room and the situation to go hold on I I've got a mates [Music] I've got a mate over here who I go back a long way with and I've got my golf mate over here he's not kind of including everybody into the conversation and the chat which is it's quite rude really um because then.

Otherwise if Anonymous guy is emailed in starts going oh are you talking about guys like it's like we're talking about something I don't know it's I do think he does need to try. And find other friends and other people to play golf with I mean if you're a golf course. And you want to play all the time every day I'm sure you start whatever the weather I'm sure you've probably seen all the people down there on a regular basis that you can kind of maybe join with now. And again make an excuse to make you know say to his power oh I can't play it 8 30. uh you go out with your mate I'm gonna I'm gonna come play a little bit later this afternoon with a couple of the guys I've met at the golf club yeah make him jealous yes that's a good I like that I don't know I just I just think try. And get yourself out there try and put yourself put your name down with another player and go out a different time a day and bring it up with your mate just kind of mention off when you are just you. And him one time just say by the way you know when you bring your mates like I do find it a bit rude that they don't do this they don't do that yeah it's really hard I think he's in a really tricky situation no I don't think we should scrap I don't think we should grab maybe I am wrestle I think the thing is with golf clubs the the it can become places where everyone gets into a routine. Or you play with the same people at the same time week in week out and that's five that's what you want and I think it's a golf club as well there's kind of lots of different things you can get out of a golf club. So with a gym this isn't speaking for every gym but typically people kind of go to the gym they do the workout. And then.

They go home you might noddle a few people you recognize in the gym or the personal train that you sometimes see and certainly when I was young. And I was really really into the gym many many years ago now I was become like a club. For me I knew everyone in there to go at a certain time and hang around the same guys and train together but that was kind of anomaly most people go in do the stuff. And go home with the golf club though you've got some people who are the bantamen who go up on a week. And they tee off at 10 o'clock finish at two and the drink until five o'clock they get picked up or whatever they'll lift home and everyone knows them and you get some people when I used to work in the golf shop and you would have seen this yourself because some people who literally they'd Park up they'd come into the golf trip let's just open the door pop the head and say oh man from a 240t time yeah great I'd walk out play the golf jump in the car. And other than that wouldn't step foot in the clubhouse and they've been members for years but that nobody knew him because that's how they wanted to have the membership which is fine. And it's a weird situation of like what do you want from it. So suppose if he wants to kind of jump in with both feet first it could become more known the golf will wear that be playing more of the competitions. And just becoming random people it's a tough one but if you're playing with the same people week in week out it can become a situation we don't know anybody else cash your net try. And make some new friends uh should we fly through some questions from Facebook yes I've got a couple. For you who don't want to ask these first please and by the way sorry quick one I know you always plug it the Facebook group very excited 97.4 000 members friends family weren't all at the party at the weekend I think it was um yeah it's a good good Community we love it on there. And join anything doesn't sound it it's free it's free so Ryan um I'm really sorry Ryan I can't read your last name I think it's Kozlowski something like that has um has a high handicapper. And Clubhouse member I'm confused why Rick hasn't moved to more forgiving ions uh yeah hybrid's not gonna happen that's fine. But why not in the t200s or p790s given he appeared to be so consistent with them in the review yeah not not um a bad shout I don't think. For me looks do play a big part I know we did a survey recently I did that hybrid um video about does would you consider could you overlook um the looks of golf clubs. For performance and it was like 70 odd percent said yes I'm in the 21 that said no I I'm very cosmetic. And when I when I put a club Behind the ball it's got to look nice um the t200s do that just a little bit chunky the new p790s which I'm about to review this afternoon actually again they could be a bit Slimmer maybe it's p770 I could go with maybe the t150s. Or you're rocking them at the moment yeah long irons are good I'm not totally against it. But they've just got to look nice yeah no I agree I think that's the thing that certainly when you're newer to golf. And you may don't like I said looks are. So important that's what you said before. And it was not quite a looks. But Rory knew the club was however. much longer yeah because it's a feel. And it's awesome it doesn't feel right and it's you have to be confident uh this was a strange one from Peter McIntosh he put out the blue we asked. For questions he put one annoying thing about Rick one of those things about guy Rick says ridiculous far too many times stupid and he said guy why does your laughter go over. So loudly on the speaker so because it's loud yeah sorry Peter um. But yeah then.

Someone's bought Phil Vincent's commented. But imagine that getting out of hand on the podcast starts off with one thing each then.

Descends into chaos I don't understand that no I don't anyway I don't I didn't actually read it before I read it um Dave Pennington hello I I don't know if you're gonna have the answers this I will because I know because I'm concerned one of these things you haven't watched come on then.

Happy Gilmore yeah. Or Tink up that's in Tink up just think up good that's your homework movies too long give me YouTube any day I could you could name a million popular films I've not seen. And it's not really a film guy I tell you are you open to discussing what you um putting your mouth Saturday wow [Music] wow yeah. So for some reason don't ask me why there's no no logic behind this I exclusively eat chicken. Or beef right and in the meats um I'm not a vegetarian obviously I've got a massive Burger on the delivery right now but if it's not chicken and it's not beef I ain't eating it now when I tell people I the next.

Response is what fish I say no what about bacon I say no oh nice little lamb chop I say no go on a sausage you must have a sausage no. And you would understand that when I say it I mean it shaking all beef. Or nothing right that's it I've known you for a long time that's all you participate put in your mouth yes however. things changed. And that's not also in the case I don't know why it's now the case there's no there's nothing behind it other than it's weirder now however. on Saturday at your house I had a sausage roll how did you find it I actually really liked it. And I was eating it thinking why don't I eat these more often because you're an athlete yeah maybe that's the case. So um yeah a new man you seem different today.

Um see I can tell I know it's too many jokes um yeah I'm done um that's been an athlete though just a quick one we have had a lot of people. And we appreciate it joining us on the 100 kilometers in August oh yeah. So if you've missed this anyone who wants to partake feel free um we're gonna run 100 kilometers this month I'm on 45k so far you're on [Music] short of that so I'm sorry uh hope for about time this podcast come down everyone listens to it I will actually be on 50. So I'll try and do some tonight um people are doing it by walking. Or running if you want to do just do 50k that's a par 75k that's a birdie. Or 100K is an eagle any more than that you're insane um. But yeah join us people have been um yeah joining us. And doing it so Alex who runs our hit Channel he's made it less competitive yeah it's ruined it really it's really ruined it. For us to be honest with you he's gone out like a train and he's on 67 kilometers yeah it's a bit annoying really Ed who does all our graphics. And our wonderful shot tracers and scorecards Etc has done 49k he's in second then.

You're in third I'm in fourth at 28. Matt who does the podcast is currently injured. So he is a full kilometer behind me I hope he stays there. And uh Samuel does all the camera gear he's a done 13k at the moment he needs to he needs to up out it's a quick question James Edge would you rather shoot level par every round guaranteed 18 Parts yeah in a row yep every time guaranteed. Or have the ups and downs of golf not knowing if you'll you have the possibility issue in 10 underpar or 20 over par 100 the second option how boring would it be you wouldn't play golf if anything about this now every time you played golf you just powered the hole where would the fun be we're gonna tell you how you power the hole true like you could hit one out of bounds then.

Yeah before you go out yeah. But I think you do everything you could to try. And not hit power but you still do yeah no I I I think you would never win anything really 72. And win but if you go out and shoot 10 on the power one day he could win Lois gross win Club Championship next.

Week is 20 over a bad day in the office today.

But if you shot level part every single time could you not be a tour pro no no way what would level power get you wouldn't it get through Q School would you true you get you could get it there's no article on this you get through you get through Regional qualifying. For the open yep you wouldn't keep me talking there's an article in this literally I'm not joking about 20 years ago in I think golf monthly. Or whatever today's golf or Golf World at the time and it was called Mr Parr. And it was like an imaginative thing if there's a guy who did that to do that. And powered everything how would he do on tour. And you wouldn't keep your card but then.

What was weird I suppose actually is I don't know if that's in fact I'm making it all be cars is there some events where like actually power would do quite well the US Open. So that's what I mean yeah. But I don't it's not as often anymore no. And you wouldn't get your card in the first instance like overpowered doesn't win hardly anything does it even us opens now like the guys are shooting on the power every single time really how would I like the excitement I think that's why we love golf even though we don't think we do the fact that it is. So random and how you can play can vary. So much it makes the highs so much better because the lows are. So grim I think I want the pars all the time no you like it you like that mess. And stuff um I didn't answer the question before from penno Tink up or Happy Gilmore oh yeah. For me happy kill more every day yeah. But think up honestly I know you're not a film guy definitely check it out uh right last question uh coming in hot uh super hot once I found it uh that would be a good question to ask there's some very very random ones like someone's asked how full are your bins on Monday uh I'm quick one. For you actually today's Monday obviously the podcast is out on Tuesday. So tonight Monday night um my United playing what's your football Vibe this year let's see how it goes depends how much we start to win if you are in the top three top two top three by Christmas I think you will be a massive football fan okay if if City would have drawn. Or lost the first game I think I'd have got much more interested I just think they look too good I think Dwight Yorke have a good season as long as he's family with Andy Cole again I think he'll be fine. So we've we've uh I think I think my my football will be up there this year new knowledge just like my interest okay if it lasts post Christmas I'll be impressed yeah you need to have a little bit of knowledge yes it is awkward. So um Liverpool played and I had my Liverpool on just because I've got my little girl Liverpool kit obviously the people here go oh but anyway I did. And when and when that's what I thought my family came to watch the match as well and they left and as I was as they was I was kind of seeing them out I took the bins out because as you said my bins get collected on a Monday I'm a neighbor he was also putting his bins out he said I'll just watch that then.

I can't have another pill oh yeah you know what's good was it. And I went no. And I was thinking I wish now I had that knowledge I could say just need X. So we need to do that we need to press more from the badge know what to say we need to sign that unnamed player from like Crystal Palace. Or whatever correct I didn't know what to say so I took no yeah that was very good was it we need to score more yeah. But that's it in it but you like that you like you you love what you what you love you're getting your hair cut the Barber's like what's your match last night mate and you've heard a little bit on on Twitter you girl yeah just we we need that new level don't we just just to penetrate up that left wing well it's good now because uh no this again this is not one second me being sexist. But I have a female Barber now and she's not into football we talk about anything else it's great so you can hear some of the other customers panicking because the other fellas who Barbara's there are like oh. So did you watch the match yeah yeah I definitely watched it realistic that's the only people I the only reason why people watch football yeah the the excitement of a football match is far better than watching a football match if you've seen those videos though where like people go up to like football grounds. And they'll go to like these claim to be hardcore fans in the girl so what do you think about the fact we're looking at signing Shields yo from uh Lazio. For 14.6 million people go like yeah yeah he's a good player he he just smitten right up there. And I love it anyway thanks for listening everybody our burgerism has arrived pretty much um see you all soon have a wonderful day week month whatever you're doing uh tickets on sale for the live show next.

Week and lots and lots of things are happening always. So stay tuned to everything not convinced me to stay tuned for go on then.

Why you asked so nicely I feel like I started the podcast with such high energy and I've really really flat out anyone says in this far I think this is our best episode of crap that's not releasing if this is released if you listen to this bit now it's because I've got nothing else to laugh. For you so you've got this basically and if you did enjoy this 119 episodes of this dribble absolutely four years actually if you're in the clubhouse then.

Yeah yeah finally we apologize you got you got lots of everybody murdered goodbye.