All right guys welcome back to the rickshaws golf show podcast episode 142 i'm rick shields your host i'm here with co-host guy uh i feel energized kind of like powered up ready to start the week strong nice how are you feeling not good very rare as you will testify at night out on saturday oh hello. And i um got out of bed i was only in. So i went out at like six o'clock in the evening yeah home by at half eleven. So not a big one i got out of bed yesterday at 3 30 p.m honestly and i still feel it today.

So go easy on me rough honestly honestly i was absolutely dying honestly if i got hangovers like you i wouldn't drink that's why we really do because it's pointless i would hate that. So i don't feel like i guess i get ten minute hangovers and i'm not i'm not back but then.

The downside is probably drink more because of that oh yeah way more. So plenty more yeah. But what a podcast we have in store people have seen from the title this is an absolute sick one. And i'm excited. For it but let's not jump into the good stuff yet let's give a little starter a little main course and we'll get to the big juicy dessert we have uh we've had a dramatic week we really haven't followed you it feels like yeah you know what i'm starting to think it's me i think it might be you i think it is me actually you're a tractor arm before we get to all that um where do we actually start silent sorry uh someone's just got married congratulations great um yeah. So i i want to quickly talk about how um fantastic last week's episode was good if i do say okay you tell everybody how fantastic last week's episode was i think. And a lot of people have said this should i turn off things here ideally yeah um i think it was my favorite podcast we've ever done well um i love chatting to garrett. And grant uh good good fame uh we spent the full week with them last week they've gone home now back to texas um you know i think now they're not here i'm wondering i want to say like how good i've just seen a glimpse of the content coming this week it's really really good. And we filmed eight videos from our channel i think we've got probably about eight videos. For their channel um hours are going to come out. And this is breaking news rick shields vs goodgood. Or rickshaws with collaboration with goodgood is going to come out every single wednesday 4 p.m uk time. For the next.

Eight weeks spoiling people rick eight weeks of good good content and obviously there's gonna be a charge that's how much you have to pay to watch it uh well i'm actually gonna do it. For a discounted rate what yeah. So it's a hundred pound yeah. But if you subscribe to the channel you get a hundred pound off ah okay. So do do as you wish either pay a hundred pound watch every single video in fact 100 pound each video yeah of course still a good one subscribe by quite simply hitting that red button. And you will get a hundred pounds off each video that is a bargain i mean i'm gonna subscribe twice um. But yeah it's gonna be in profit obviously we um filmed with them we had them on the podcast great lads great energy doing massive things in the world of golf they've just released a putter. And they had an absolute insane turnout people going to buy their putter. So that was awesome. And like you said the content is going to be fire as they would say they actually brought over some putters. For me to review and i was really excited to do almost like an in-person review of the putters while they were there on the putting green. And unfortunately their luggage their golf clubs did actually not arrive ever in the uk. So they've ended up going back to um texas. And then.

We spoke to the guys they're going gonna send some putters over i'm gonna do a really critical review yeah why not i am got accused. So i'm gonna do a review on something now i got accused a couple of weeks ago in our uh facebook group quick plug. For the facebook group if you're not a member of the facebook group what are you doing that is actually a hundred pounds to join what would you oh discount code if someone said to you rick i'm on facebook. But i'm not a member of the rickshaw's golf show podcast group what would you say don't even talk to me yeah exactly actually walk away. And apologize and don't ever come back to ever again join it it's totally free to do there isn't a hundred pound fee unless you want to dm me i'd happily take the money. But we've got a great group of people on there who are engaged in interacting talking all things rick shields podcast golf generic banter a lot of banter in there isn't there too much i think has sometimes there is a bit too much you have to turn your phone after eight o'clock because i can't handle the banter i actually have a banter alert i get a banter notification it's too much fancy it's like it's like a it's like a sliding scale as soon as it goes over like 80 banter my phone just shuts down. And it's nick kay's been trying the banter it's just too much um but i got accused of being a fence sitter and because we did some again as always talk about live splinters in your ass yeah. And i hadn't really formed an opinion well i think i might have formed an opinion rick oh give it me this is a we've had three um live golf events now haven't we oh is it four three. So it was uh centurion centurion portland portland three. And this is my still early. So i may change right if you change your opinion in three weeks six weeks twelve months don't shoot me call him a fence hopper oh nice sitter is gonna become a fence hopper potentially yes um as it stands right now at this moment let's take politics all the things out of it okay have one minute i know it's hard to do. But let's just do that park it i want to say i'm not a huge fan of live let me quickly elaborate okay i love talking about live golf i love when they're signing new players i love the kind of drama. And the controversy and the news and the twitter stuff and all this kind of who's going to be signing next..

And this is how much money they're getting on friday my wife this weekend was away on a bit of a girls trip. So friday came i thought right go to the supermarket that's why you went out on a big night on a big night coincidentally aligned friday got a pizza right guys got a couple of sides just a couple of sides got home outside sun was out got my laptop on sat there to watch live it already started it was one hole in i want to watch it with the build up that gets me going. So rewound it on youtube which is something i love it's on youtube rewound it about 15 20 minutes earlier got into the build-up there was aloe white there was david ferrity there was troy mullins on the driving range all this stuff he seems to be a good audition he doesn't have authority he does. And at this point i was feeling it i was like right okay i'm ready i'm in i've got all night i'm gonna watch this the golf then.

Starts within 10 minutes i was bored bored. And i think it was two things first you'd finish your pizza pizza with guys oh see i'm serious note the golf had started. And i was kind of an advocate. For shotgun starts i thought it was very different it was going to be faster paced i don't like it i think i don't like the fact i like the fact that you could watch in a condensed package that kind of make sense. But actually it's almost too much golf which sounds peculiar i don't know any of the hulls just loads of shots going off randomly. And then.

There's no crowds there which doesn't really matter as a view. But just doesn't feel real so i didn't watch much of it on friday um and then.

Yesterday i watched well this morning sorry i watched the end of the the final play when stenson won he's obviously won four million dollars he's obviously not allowed to ride a cup captain now this was a very big win. For him didn't look that bothered say the truth and i just thought you know what i'm not into it i don't get the teams just yet i'm not they're trying to towards the end of the last round they really try to bring in the team side of things i just don't really get it again yet may change my mind but i must admit i re this week in particular i really try to think right now three events deep make an opinion really understand it do you like this. Or not i'm not that excited. For the next.

One i'll put it that way it's it's a very good take on what you say there and i think i think you're not you're obviously writing a lot of things in the fact that your opinion anyway you're writing everything that you've said there. But for me the first one centurion it had a huge amount of hype yes huge hype um crowds seemed absolutely packed it was a beautiful you know sunny environment here in the uk some big players playing in it a lot of kind of you know quite a mix of players of maybe of not of high quality stature yeah a lot of a lot of you know um. And the ogletree you know when he obviously shot three rounds and made a massive bank i'm guessing he's not played in the next.

Two as he since that um it felt like it was very exciting the second one came around at portland i was like okay let's give this a little bit of a chance i've probably watched a little bit more portland not loads again i've not really been watching loads. And loads of it um this time genuinely i almost didn't even know it was on this week i felt like i didn't even know it was happening this week. And i don't know why that is i don't know whether it's because you know i've been busy we've had open championship which was a phenomenal week. And that to me is the pinnacle of golf events isn't it that is me 100 being there on that sunday watching camera smith walk down the 18th i will remember that. For the rest of my life it was absolutely iconic. And historic it's around a golf course that has history and i know the golf course and even if you've never played it i'd like to think a lot of people viewing it learn to know the golf course into in. And out yeah okay this week obviously i was then.

Filming with good good this weekend i've had a time with the family i've been away from the family quite a bit. So i wanted time with the family genuinely i almost didn't even know it was on i felt like you know actually i'll tell you how i figured out it was on i opened youtube. And and the live stream was all oh yeah you know like one of my suggested videos suggested videos i was like oh god i didn't even know it was live this weekend that almost like it bypassed me. Or even if i had picked up on it it hadn't really captured my attention that much i didn't watch anything on friday i didn't watch anything on saturday i probably watched three holes yesterday afternoon when stenson were coming down the stretch. And it's a couple of things that i would definitely um think need improving i don't know the golf courses no at all. And even pj tour let's say for example when the pga tour go to all these different places and they go to like a saw grass or they go to the raleigh or not the raleigh anymore that's trump but if they go to all these you know fantastic golf courses over the years you start to learn these golf courses and you remember the 18th hole at you know the wells fargo you remember the 18th hole at the genesis um open or whatever it is you look at this. And you go i remember this now i remember what's happened here there's history there a bit like saint andrews is history yeah i was watching this weekend at bedminster again just last three holes i admitted i didn't watch loads maybe i should have watched more just to get in a bit of an opinion i don't know i don't know what's happening like i don't know what hole's coming up next..

And also with it being a shotgun start you don't get that dramatic 18th hole with every player coming down the stretch you don't get that drama sometimes what i quite like is when somebody in a in a regulation tournament has gone out. And shot the lights out and they're the clubhouse leader and there's five holes left to play and the guy who's out in the golf course who's leading has the chance of throwing it away because they look at leaderboard and go oh my god such a body's in the clubhouse at five under i i'm at six under yeah i can't i can't afford you don't get that drama a little bit i would totally agree with you i felt like stenson at the end stenson's been through a very interesting 10 days obviously when he signed. For live for obviously a huge amount of money i'm guessing did they ever get disclosed how much money i'm not sure i can't remember it meant he lost his captaincy. For the ryder cup which is it's a lot it's a big big deal like i know that takes a lot of your life i've i've heard ryder cup captains in the past it takes over your life when you do that role it really does. But it's something that cements you in history like to be a ryder cup captain like we were at jcb this week was going to come on too paul mcginley walked past me i was like oh my god that's paul mcginley. And the first thing i thought of ryder cup captain yeah like straight away i was like that's quite cool he's had that he's done that been there got the t-shirt. And when i'm watching henrikh stenson this weekend and and he had a few digs in his speech about you know captain's performance and all this i was like oh it's a lot of money there's not seems to be that much emotion it just it's just a paid payday every time big thing. For me and you said that out the course. And i agree but i'm also not the best at knowing the other tour courses anyway you obviously probably know him better than i do. But the big thing for me we've discussed this loads of times is that when a golfer wins a major you certainly see them in a different light of course you do again cameron smith now is a major winner that'll never be taken away from him one achievement. But i also feel like that when somebody to a lesser degree but when somebody wins a pj tour event or a european torrent dp worlds is now known you think wow they've now won on tour. Or they're a multiple tour winner so obviously the weekend as well tony fenow won on the pj tour the rocket mortgage classic tony feno's one of those guys that should have won a lot more he's now won four times on the pj tour back-to-back week that's about a week so he won last week he won this week and he also won the 23rd of august last year so in the space of a year he's won three events but two of them here in two weeks before that his last win was in 2016. So we only won once up until august last year hope this makes sense now he's won four times every time he wins like this weekend like last week you're like oh my days it's another one on the mantel piece he's gone from being a guardsman one which is still an achievement. But like there's loads of guys who've won once on the pj tour he's now won four times on the pj tour and every other win he gets just makes him even more of kind of a legend states or whatever i don't look at henrik stenson any differently now that he won yesterday and maybe in six months in a year in five years you will do you look at liv golfers as he's won five times on live that may come with time. And again we could be sat here with completely different opinions but right now even those great players playing i do not look at a live winner any more kind of with any more fondness. Or prestige than i did the week before the event does that make sense well right now who won in portland was it brandon grace it was only the reason i know that's because this one is thinking of who's one each one louis charles sports won the first one yeah brandon grace on the second one. So yeah i'm pretty sure it was i'm pretty sure it was it feels at the moment like i said they've not they're not they're not leaving an imprint in my brain at the moment henry stenson won 4.375 million dollars it's not bad it's crazy crazy crazy crazy amounts of money. And you know for him personally he probably he probably wakes up this morning goes i've made the right decision for my family for my future i've made the right decision it's just looking at it from the outside like this is a mad start patrick reed who came fifth yeah solo fifth yesterday he earned as much as tony fener did. For winning wow i think they both are 1.5 million yeah which is still obscene amount of money it really is. And i'm still going to stick to this point i just hate the fact like i'm just on facebook right now i hate seeing these stuff like stuff with the price. So golf digest i'm not i'm not blaming gold digest one bit it's just a headline henrik stenson holding the trophy and underneath it is his money that he's won when max verstappen won the grand prix yesterday i don't know how much he won i've got no idea how much he won. And you know i i probably remember that more and i'm more engrossed in it there's more emotion i want to see i want to see who gets top ten i want to see you know guys who are fighting every single week to get points i want to see that it should be cars right now it's the only real narrative because who cares that you won really yeah it's it's some big trophy it's a made heavy trophies are made up trophy every event's made up you know it feels very made up doesn't it the team names feel very new. And made up and everything so it's like what what can they lead with well the money. So that's where i sit right now i'm kind of more i always am against it like i want to be ended tomorrow i want it to be shut down it's not so much that but from an interest point of view i think i had pink peak interest on the first event like a lot of people. And now actually my interest is starting to dwindle i don't know how it it gets more exciting whether it is getting the very very best best players it was either going to go one way. Or the other you got you you start with low interest and it peaks or it starts with high interest and it starts to go down this this is a really interesting one. For me this weekend has been i reckon it's been a very emotional weekend for for sport i reckon i've cried three or four times watching sport this weekend like full out right i actually cried yeah did you yeah lionesses yeah last night i was i was a i was a mess really i was a mess wow i absolutely loved it. And i'm a complete glory fan i've not watched not one bit but i absolutely loved it i sat on the sofa with my girls and my little boy and we watched it my wife was there. And to show that emotion and that passion and the last five minutes of extra time you actually had uh rachel finis who's yeah uh ian finishes tommy fleetwood's caddy's wife doing the commentary because she's a footballer. And some of the stuff they were saying about how like football has grown in the women's game. For the last 50 years you've had you've had women who've tried to play at the professional level but then.

Needed to go out a weekend in the week and go and be a a teacher or go and be a paramedic or go and be a woman across and you look at this and you think you look at the raw emotion of these women. And they've put everything on the line they've packed out wembley stadium 87 000 the highest final attendance ever for the euros and i'm like this is amazing i'm looking. And turning to my kids and going oh my god. And they're getting inspired they're watching this like we went out and genuinely no word of a lie five minutes after the final whistle they're out in the garden kicking a football am i that's inspiration yeah that's growing the game that's huge i was watched in the um the commonwealth government this weekend it's in birmingham i was watching random sports i've never i've got no interest in random sports swimming bloody cycling bloody marathons like the wheelchair marathon cry my eyes out. For these because i'm thinking the work they've put in the amount of effort i don't care how much money they've made they've not made any there's no noticeable money that they've made from this um i also cried when ronaldo came off at half time because like the last time we see him at old trafford. But either way not a joke i didn't really cry at that but i'm looking at this and going like that sport that's emotion like henry stenson winning that isn't emotion is it at last last time sorry i cried tony fino winning really yeah massively because his wife was there i can't imagine you crying like a sport it's ridiculous i'm a nightmare like tony fee now holding a putt. And you think everything's been through the hard times the critics the the you know the nearly man he's now won twice back-to-back. And his wife's there and i think he's going to go on tonight to his kids. And he made a statement on i don't know if it was on an interview where he's like i'm. So glad my children have seen me fail and now they've seen me win because it'll teach them life lessons and i'm thinking this is sport yeah you know what i mean. So i don't know i just i i feel a bit kind of worried is my is my biggest concern the format the players the shotgun start the worth of players i don't mind yeah okay i don't mind people gonna love it they're gonna hate it whatever it's the it's the money being distributed through media. And we're playing a part of that right now we're talking about it but it's everywhere and that's the bit that i'm just like oh god i just don't like it i don't like that side of it all makes sense i agree i want to see if i can make you cry again then.

Actually. So we've not read any emails for a little while um and we do get some amazing emails. So please do continue to send them in the email address is podcast um try. And respond to many as we can try. And read out as much as we can. But recently we've had guests on other things going on. So we've been a bit a bit bad at the emails but please do keep sending them in we've had one from alex phillips right it's a bit of just a feel-good story rick. So i thought it took it hit my attention and i've got to read it out to yourself it says i wanted to also i've not read an email out for a while so i feel like i might stutter and bum my way through this but give me a sec i wanted to write in and share a story about one of the most inspirational people and golfers i've ever had the pleasure of meeting tommy green bracket's perfect name for a golfer he is my girlfriend's step-grandad. And he's living proof that anyone has any ability and any age can comfortably compete in the sport of golf this year while on holiday in spain he scored his ninth hole in one oh my gosh. And he's turning 93 next.

Month wow he still gets out on the course twice a week walks all 18 holes and breaks 80 on the majority of his rounds in his old age now he can maybe only drive the golf ball 180 yards maximum off the tee. But he's the classic drive for show put for dough player at his age he has so many great stories about matches and courses experienced over the years but this story is it's a random one. And shows how much thankfully the game of golf has changed apparently one day a four ball were finishing up their game at his local club. And this was the late 1980s early 1990s okay there's a one bloke had a five foot putt. For a birdie and he was going to break his record score okay unfortunately he missed the putt. And it was a classic lip out prompting the guy to use the f word very loudly. And it was loud enough. For a group of ladies on the patio to hear him one of the ladies went to the bar to complain about the guy's poor attitude prompting the club to very swiftly ban all ladies from drinking on the patio for 12 months wow so that just shows how much thankfully golf has changed in that 30 years or so because in this day and age i very much doubt any golf courses would do that to the members that's very good ridiculous um anyway tommy is probably the most inspirational person i've ever met i wanted to give him a shout out. So people can hear his story he only picked up golf in his early 50s uh. But now it's keeping him going his very old age we're hoping he gets his tenth hole in one before he hits 100 years old if he keeps him at this rate he's going now we all think he'll get there. And fingers crossed we'll still be playing for another 10 years um and then.

He's actually linked an article because he was in the irish independent newspaper. So we might just put this picture in the video version the podcast because for 92 he looks awesome look at that i'll show you rick look how good he looks oh my god he looks about 70 odd yeah. So we'll put that again if you listen listen to this one make sure you can watch the video version of the podcast as well what a cool little story that is i think tommy green's gonna love the good good content maybe i think he's right in there um oh amazing what a nice story i didn't cry oh yeah come on let me fake it no it's not that i'm out of tears unfortunately um. And then.

Last thing actually i want to answer quickly before we come on to the main juice of today's podcast was the guys at trafford golf center have very um nicely dedicated their famous wall well the window wall which is where there was a cool picture of target somebody had painted what's the artist's name um she's called it that's annoying um i know where's lobster house i need to get this because basically rick has been painted on the side of trafford golf center. And it actually looks really sick so i actually don't know her name she's just called i've got an email somewhere emily okay emily she's called. And um she's painted you we'll put again some pictures on here of the video podcast what do you think it's cool in it it is it's really cool um you know i i started my golf youtube journey in fact you know what i i'll even go as far as saying i actually started my my career properly at traffic golf center. So i worked at mere golf club before that did five six years there being an assistant pro i got my first kind of job at trafford. And pete styles who is there right now he's a director of golf who we speak highly of because obviously he started out with some couple of black cards he um he interviewed me when i first ever went there in 2000. And what year would it have been 2010 maybe that sounds about right and um i always got on with him really really well i loved working there i got a really good clientele base um it was like energetic. And exciting and everything else and then.

Um pete has sorry so may whatever date was 29th in may 2012 i decided to make my first ever youtube video there which was randomly a golf swing from me from above yeah which we talked about a few a few weeks ago. And followed by oddly enough a video of brandon grace that was weird liv one of the live winners um. And that was ten years ago. And it's obviously been a hell of a journey there since that i probably kept stayed there for another about five years i probably left trafford in 2015 but always kept a great relationship with the guys there obviously to take my kids there went to dino falls their loads we do some filming there we use top tracer there. And uh around march time they they used emily to film to paint this wonderful picture of tiger woods it was. So iconic really cool and that's been taken down with a with little ricky shiels up there yeah. But it's not even a little ricky shields absolutely huge and you know what i actually think it's very very lifelike i do i think she's done an unbelievable job. And she's actually said she's never painted anyone who's actually seen her work ah because normally she does things like elsa. And like fictional characters tiger woods tiger woods like tiger was not gonna pop up to traffic center. And say oh that's quite cool like she does like she was um home alone. And like she does like pictures of old-fashioned like all sorts. But that's the first time she actually had a picture like she does britney spears. And glasses and stuff the first time she's actually had drawn a picture and i turned up and signed it and saw it and and thought it was amazing. So it's to celebrate 10 years of making youtube videos if it wasn't for you guys listening watching it wouldn't be possible i wouldn't have my face on a piece of classic traffic sense so i appreciate it i think the guys are running the competition as well if you go there. And take a selfie there's a chance of you winning the callaway golf bag which is pretty cool um i'm excited to take my kids there i think we're gonna go this weekend we're gonna go yesterday uh. But we didn't i might go on that this weekend and show him so who's that on the glass but it's cool in it it's very good it's very very good you helped organize it as well so thank you for that guy i really appreciate it so thank you to guy emily everybody for listening um okay. So let's get into the stuff jcb seniors event we went we went as fans and we also went to playing a pro-am talk to me it was one of the most well organized incredible golf events i've ever been to yeah um. So this is the first ever jcb championship it's a senior tour event. Or a legends tour event and it's got some of the biggest players in the world playing field was insane vj singh yeah well first off it was hosted by darren clarke it was just won the seniors open one that opened ten years ago legend darren clark uh vjc legend ernie ells paul mcginley legend i'm going to start legend now montgomery yeah john daly uh we would have missed out loads here. But there was honestly the list wasn't it was unreal if you started watching golovkin yeah if you started watching golf like i did in like the late 90s early 2000s literally ratif goosen absolute monsters of the game in like 0.40506. major winners yeah massive major unreal field. And we got lucky enough we got um kind of clubhouse passes and it's mad like just eating breakfast we got there on on the thursday because i was playing in the pro-am there uh which we'll definitely come up to in a minute um. And just walking past sandy lyle yeah is my new best mate yeah did i tell you on on friday morning he actually not because we stayed in the same lodge he actually knocked on my door. And woke me up it's like come on rick it's time to get up and i'm thinking this is surreal san diego's waking me up um. But yeah michael campbell also said hello to me which is really nice of him a lot of the guys i figured out do you actually watch the videos really yeah crazy even even chatting to colin montgomery afterwards he was like i've had as many followers as you had like. So it's absolutely amazing so again i have great relationship with jcb mark and graham all the team there um have just done a phenomenal job of one of their first ever big tournaments yeah i want it the signage was good the tented village was amazing all the food stalls they had like that like really cool things like the world's fastest tractor there yeah i outraced it i wish i could have actually seen that guy oh it would have been insane uh you've had like a drifting tractor there. And all sorts so um amazing you would have also seen a few weeks ago i ran a competition to play with me in this program 20 plus thousand people entered unbelievable amount of people entered and at complete random i picked out a winner from ireland called adam brown mm-hmm how nice was adam he was very good abby was a very nice lad he was off 25. And when he said told me that on the message i was like oh bit worried he might struggle around jcb solid he was he hold. So many incredible putts his putter was an absolute fire when he caught some of his drives he was hitting it very well. But at one point i was thinking this guy is not off 25. then.

He hit the odd shirt you think okay maybe he is. But he he on that day played probably as good as he could have played he was playing with you john daly olly phelps who's from harry potter fame one of the twins in harry potter he was obviously quite kind of stashed up all the people hanging around all the different golfers he's got robbie fowler over there jean franco zola over there teddy's sharing him. And he he was. So good wasn't he yeah. So on on the thursday was like kind of a celebrity pro-am type vibe um. So like say like guys said there was loads of ex footballers. And you know big names in the world of sport and big names in the world of tv and things like that um and he absolutely held his own he sent me such a lovely message so um i know sometimes you know we never see the winners rick winners do get picked winners do get chosen adam was one of them. And he absolutely loved it even with his girlfriend she likes came over and just had the best time ever um i spent the buggy the time in the boogie with ollie phelps yeah like say from harry potter i'll be honest i don't really watch a lot harry potter no no that wasn't lori yeah amazing guy he's a guy like unbelievable. And then.

John daly yes we played with john daly yeah um obviously the plan was to film the video. But then.

We're coming to that coming time first off let me talk about john daly first off he could still hit it really well couldn't he well there was one hole where trackman was set up i knew doing everyone's clubhead speed you hit one normal on call speed of 108 i think it was which is about where you would be you can get it faster on the range. But a real trying to keep in place shot was 108. he was 113.. So ball speed of 170 plus yeah. And you can still hit it very very well you can still hit it well he still got fantastic touch yes you know there was a couple of things i realized on on good hits let's say i hit a good driver he hit a good driver we were about neck. And neck there was a couple though when he cranked it. And he was dirty past me comfortably we hit our irons exactly the same distance really every part three we got to because i played off the same tees as him we asked what club you're hitting. And he'd say i'm hitting a seven and he was asking me what could be hitting rick i'm like seven he's like yeah i'm gonna hit seven as well. And like we were almost level pegging with um irons i felt like a short game he started phenomenal too got a lot of spin around the green from short chip shots i know even in the rough yeah he did like he hit it well i thought it was far too hard. And it would like really skid so and even his putting yeah his pace. And his everything we did incredible as a team we played texas scramble. And so incredible we've got some new decoration for the studio wow so incredible we actually we came second we shot 16 under paris jcv championship celebrity program thursday the 28th of july second place don't know how we lost how many did you lose by not even a shot oh like point something of a shot. So one second well this this is going to go on the shelf right now it's going to sit right there this is phenomenal. So all in all it was an incredible day. And i would have absolutely loved more than anything else in the world to have made a video and shown you guys watching and listening yeah. But that didn't go to plan well that was the plan. So the initial plan which couldn't happen for obvious reasons we were going to do you versus john daly the 10 shot challenge. But once we realized that the format was going to be texas scrambles that clearly couldn't work because you wouldn't be able to have your own ball. And play at all times so we then.

Changed the idea to have it as a cool video something on the lines of i played golf with john daly quite kind of vloggy showing how good he still is showing his unique personality showing the day showing off chase showing him off yeah yeah the plan was to showcase a a legend of the game yeah he's won two majors he won the the open in 1995 around the old course like this guy is a legend yeah the wild thing obviously he's got a lot of activity off the golf course. And you know he's coming to the headlines a few too many times but all in all i think he's he's a nice guy by heart like i think he he's just he's a character he's a bit of a madman that's why he's. So well known um and i was fortunate very fortunate enough when we started speaking to the guys at jcb they said to me which legend you want to play with. And obviously the list was phenomenal. But i thought john daly is going to make such a great video absolutely. So all in all it was verbally agreed with his management team that we would be making a youtube video on the day playing with him. So i brought down the full team the full squad guy was there matt harry tim was there we brought all our cameras we were ready to go it was 11 30 shotgun start everyone arrived at nine o'clock we started shooting a few bits on the driving range getting a few players reactions which we're gonna put in now like warm it up you'll spot a load of famous faces in the warm-up um. And it was about 10 57. So 33 minutes before tee off plans changed which was very frustrating. So um i don't want to get into it ridiculously deep because obviously there's things that hit in here that are private. But quite simply john's management which is his manager. And his wife sat down with us and quite frankly said we're not going to be able to film a video today.

Which came as a huge shock to us because we were like oh the whole the whole plan we were filming a video. And it's been verbally agreed they believed that we were going to um use him. For the views or whatever it may be but really we weren't there to trip him up or to make it make it embarrassing we were there to showcase him. And his talent and his skill unfortunately with 33 minutes left before the tea time they wanted to get into contract negotiations which quite simply were unfeasible with the time restraints that we had we talked in depth about how it could work could it potentially still you know make a video john wasn't involved at this point john was on the driving range hitting golf balls he didn't our understanding didn't even know any of this these conversations were happening. But between his wife his management being guy unfortunately an agreement couldn't be made in such a short time because it was just let's say we were about to tee off i wanted to get on the podcast this week's episode should have been us. And john daly yeah um unfortunately that also got stopped. So all in all it was a unfortunate situation which could have been prevented um i believe that their intentions probably weren't quite in line aligned with hours. And for that reason they kind of put stop on the video i sent my camera guys home and all in all i did have a wonderful day because at the end of the day you don't get a chance to play with john daly every week no. And i want to still make it incredibly special for the competition winner and i still want to enjoy the day like it put a bit of a a cloud over the situation and believe me it would have made for a phenomenal video i know you don't want to hear that or see that but we we played incredible i mean i hit some of the great shots of my life well it was it was great from. So many different angles the fact you were there obviously a golf course that you love you had a competition winner who was there who was in like a dream he couldn't believe it. And had such a great day and played so well which is awesome you had us. And ollie who was he's a very famous guy in the world of harry potter fans he's huge what a lovely guy could play golf nicely as well. And he really added to the team and then.

You obviously had john daly who like you said earlier is a legend of the game who can still absolutely whack it i think what i get excited by with these kind of legends tours. And seniors events is how good are these guys how good are they still. And you know what very very good they played jcb on a mixture of teas it was some of the blacks some were kind of a bit more forward. But it was still set up very very well very challenging the total score that won was 11 under par what was the most impressive thing was james kingston in round one shot of 62. 10 under par which as i'm on the way home i mean my brother came to on the friday to watch it as well. And so the the pro on was thursday event was friday we were driving home. And i said honestly now even on sounds silly a pitching pot is a hundred yards long 10 under par would be an unbelievable score wouldn't it yeah never mind on jcb which was set up tough with fast sloppy greens some long holes i can't believe how good these guys still obviously still yeah he shot the lights out. For james didn't end up winning alex uh checker ended up winning it um but yeah long story short from our side disappointed from our side frustrated because the whole agreement was there there's it's definitely wasn't jcb's fault wasn't the guys that jcb's doing at all unfortunately their management. And john's wife changed the goal posts which was a real shame because i think obviously i was there then.

I also went to friday i took my family my wife. And my three kids came and we had a wonderful day like they love jcb they talk about going there all the time going in the diggers. And all this that jazz um the amount of fans that stopped me in a round it might have happened to you as well who said oh rick like how did yesterday go i can't wait to see the video with john daly i was like oh god. So wish i could show you it's like so it's more it's more frustration i tried to make it work we tried to make the agreement work but there was just no time they gave us no real time to kind of make anything happen. And unfortunately because of that it's not going to happen whether whether something happens in the future who knows um. But yeah it would have been a perfect opportunity a perfect video. But one that will unfortunately never see the light i think the only positive out of this is that the fact that we've filmed with. So many amazing golfers current golfers up-and-coming golfers legends i.e nick faldo and this is the first time this has ever really happened. So it just shows that the vast vast vast vast vast majority of these guys understand the value and want to come on the channel so at least it was a shark boy sandy lyle's saying to me like like oh rick what i watched he said in the past i watched your club reviews to see what the next.

Club. And i'm like you is this real life is this real life like i've played with tom watson this year nick faldo um jonathan adam scott gaijarnick guy charnock lee westwood yeah it's been a phenomenal phenomenal year i'm very very very very very blessed in everything i've managed to this year i think arguably this has been the biggest. And best year so far yeah. And i was hoping we could add another name to the list there of phenomenal talent. But unfortunately it didn't happen um no b from outside um i know i feel like these follow me around a little bit at the moment i think i think this is this is the only thing i'll do go on me versus john daly versus bruce capco oh wow okay see what happens in the fight where do you think it'd come in that i think okay these are the three categories okay in a fight i would lose it yeah okay i think brooks might just have it yeah in a drinking game you'd come second i'd come second because i reckon i cannot drink drink brooks probably great i think john daley would win i would definitely agree in an eating game second possibly yeah i don't know hungry after a big gym sash to golf last what generic banter which i think probably second again after daily uh i've got one though uh most times i've had a picture drawn of me on the side of traffic yeah he was the only one imagine imagine defeat goes right next.


Time we're gonna put brooks. And uh john daly up on the on the class boxing gloves on well you know actually so yeah just reiterating your point jcb on the friday what an event it was i've not told you this. Yet i did arguably the best thing in my life ever at jcb on friday it was that it was the coolest thing i've ever done. So there was uh obviously there was no way to scale at the open championship clearly. But it was a great like um food. And beverage zones there was quite a lot of activations people could have gone little challenges um. And normally if i go to met with you we don't really take part in stuff but we've seen it all before without being big headed we've seen a lot of it you don't take part when i go with my family i try to get involved with a few of the things a bit more and to see it more like a fan and we're walking past 100 foot putt so it was a massive hundred foot port did you see that yeah food it was like built up. And it was one of those it's obviously 100 foot it's stupidly long it's quite like narrow you've got to smack it. So there's a bit of a queue to go on so brother's like let's have a girls okay then.

If you hit the pin you get a golf ball right if you get the ball in the hole it's absolutely solid you get an actual jcb head cover like a scottie cameron style head cover with jcb championship on it. So we waited about five minutes next.

Thing is brothers go hit hit hit one of these actually hit the pin sorry one of us hit the pin. So we got a little ball quite cool it's my girl now a little ball oh a standard size before it's got a nice little ball just a bit little yeah yeah a little rubbish ball then.

It was my goal right. So first putt terrible i think actually hit the side of the thing second pull a few people watching this quite a few. Or not because it would be just because it was a bit of a queue second put i could be worse right some guy i didn't know it was. But went hey mate do you need a lesson off rick. So he obviously kind of knew who it was whatever. For five seconds i felt like i had scored in the world cup final right then.

I got given the head cover as i was walking off i didn't know which guide said a little dig. So i kind of looked at them all in a bit of a cocky way a little boy stood there went there you go mate and gave him the head cover oh and about three hours later i saw him walking around and his hand had suffered literally don't you gotta get me going again five seconds ago i felt like i was the best thing ever you gotta get me going i was. So chill that's too nice um but yeah it was really good. So there we are no no video with john daly hey. And he thought it or they not he she thought that we'd use his name for clickbait you ain't you ain't you don't know anything i was thinking to myself when it was all not going if i was thinking it's gonna make. For a great podcast i just don't know the podcasting with titled yeah obviously people listening. And watching do because they'll have seen it. But we don't know at this moment in time so it depends how clickable we go depends on how baity we go but yeah anyway i could i could i don't want to say anything that i'd literally i think that's fair. And that's how it came out on it that's how it that was the story that was the story how it came out it was just very last minute they didn't massively see the value. And being on the channel which is a shame because there's obviously huge value um anyway we'll live to find another day yeah is that it yeah we did have some questions on facebook we've not managed to get through. So please keep answering asking those questions we will get to them next.

Time um. And also another shout out for people in the clubhouse if you are listening to this. And you know what look about says then.

You know if you don't know what the clubhouse is the club out of the elites right it's getting further away it's getting harder. So be in the clubhouse which is where me. And rick reside drinking monster chilling out having beef you have to listen to everything second place trophy up first loser um sorry that's harsh it's really good trophy and you have to be you've listened to them all or watch them all or whatever it might be so if you want to be in the clubs and join us do it it's worth it in it really it's free um. And you can walk around on your cv if you ever apply. For a job you can say i'm in the clubhouse. And if you ever applied for job here we would actually take into consideration if you say she probably will get the job. So um join us the clubhouse thanks for listening everybody hopefully no more beef next.

Week we'll find out what happens um i'm not sure what's happening next.

A phone week hi john do you want that fight with rick you knock him out in one punch yeah i think you would right you're running right it's on drinking game then.


A fight guys thanks. For listening hope everyone's enjoyed sit back relax enjoy your week have a good one everybody well done to the lionesses amazing achievement well done to uh tony fenow guys thanks for watching thanks for listening peace out and we'll see.