But speaking of your review um and you know how good it was how well it went down. And how much effort we you know we put into it there's obviously a website called my golf spy and it's probably a short clip on on youtube as well for those who want to dip in um my golf spy are an independent website they've got well kind of everything out there really website social media platform youtube channel. And podcast and do a very good job from what i have often been on there there's kind of those guys there's golf wrx as well who are the two that you kind of think of. And what's really interesting is they have a lot of a big audience. And their audience probably differs from out a little bit in the sense that they're much more the hardcore golfer yeah. And the hardcore kind of equipment enthusiast as well who want to see clubs weeks and months before they come out no every detail. And know really the kind of intricate facts whereas our audience we have some of those which is great. But we have a much bigger audience that you casuals just want to quick dip in and out of course get the top line figures what was interesting then.

Was my golf spy they have a forum that's very busy very active. And they also have obviously website articles below their website articles people can comment if they're signed into an account. And sometimes my goal spy will respond to comments okay within this article about about uh stealth there was a comment from a kind of a random viewer um reader whatever who mentioned that in your review you didn't see much difference from stealth over sim too whereas they were saying how they found massive ball speed games across the whole team what was interesting then.

Was my golf spy replied to said comment as the my golf spy account. So obviously several staff so i'm not sure who it was who wrote that comment. But it came under my golf spy brand anyway gets the comment they said when you get the size of a rick shields i think you have a responsibility to do it right. And be better it's really unfortunate that someone hitting five or ten shots the driver can impact a company that has been working at 20 years to develop then.

It goes on to say we have been testing golf equipment. For over a decade now and we understand and respect the responsibility to do it right. For the consumer after 10 plus years of testing what i can tell you is that the majority of these products that get released have to use words. And marking to make their product sound good the reality though is something close to fact they are less than good they are average at best. And really are much better than the product they told you to buy last year which is also the best when it comes to stealth what i can tell you is that they i've never seen a single product in the driver category produced ball speed. And personal records for every staff member at my golf spy that tested the product that is a first will it be better. For everyone maybe not but we need to give kudos or something when actor deserves it and it's a couple bit couple more lines but not massively much else to add to what i've just said. So rick you've hit five or ten shots with a driver what do you think about that well that first off is yeah because i've hit a lot more than five to ten can we switch it out matt um yeah that's that's that's that's quite insulting actually it is that's actually a really insulting comment um i feel like there's there's been that disrespectful to be honest i feel like that that comment the way that they've disregarded um my review by saying i've only five to ten shots. So we'll cover that in a minute because you obviously know the truth behind that um i find it very interesting that they seem to um i'm not questioning this but seem to categorically say that every single team member has picked up ball speed that's that's bold that's very bold and is that ball speed on every shot. Or on good hits or miss hits what what is that they've gained ball speed me just overall. Or what how does that look. And is that comparable to the driver they've currently using. So they can't question my um authenticity or or diligence if they're not actually going to show that as well okay um yeah that sounds that's bold i didn't pick up ball speed when i when i tested it against sim2 i did not pick up ball speed you saw it in the video um from let's let's rewind back to this to the what was the date about the 10th of december yes we went down to taylormade hq we did. And over from america the chief driver engineer yeah. And the chief iron engineer flew over to america to present the product to mean guy um with the intention of telling us all about the information of the golf equipment. And the very same day fitting us for the product at north hans where justin rhodes kind of grew up playing golf on the driving range there and i've been to many many many many many of these presentations as you have yep and they're all certainly tailor-made very very hyped presentations the videos that you watch are just out of this world. And you think oh my god this has to be the best club in the world you do. But i've become a bit more switched on now to go okay i've seen this year after year year after year year after year i know that this is just a hype video yeah the truth is going to be when i start hitting this product. So i went to northants and um we probably got there around about half 10 11. yeah i can't remember the exact timings now. But yeah before lunch maybe 11 yeah. So on the driving range there they had this big kind of bubble driving range this very kind of secretive hub on the driving range set up and in there they'd um arrange for one of their best club fitters in the country who's from the world's really nice guy um his name's on my mind right now but he's i feel like it's mickey oh anyway he came down from the whirl and he was there he was the chief fitter. For the session okay. So i started off hitting some irons hitting some three woods getting loose and this this not the other now one of the things that i never ever do in these scenarios because i've seen it before in the past. And i absolutely hate it they always say bring your gamer yes which i hate that term anyway. But bring your gamer bring the drive that you've currently got but that's not what i'm there for because it just becomes a dick measuring competition yeah well all they want to do then.

Is you hit some with your drive which at the moment is a ping g425 max that's kind of irrelevant you will hit 5. Or 10 with that while you're loosening up and you might get a best one of 163 ball speed yeah as long as they didn't get one with their driver that's 163.1 afterwards just don't like it it's not a nice scenario i've done it i've made the mistake with brands before i had an awful experience with this at titles once they're much better now aren't they oh yeah because i'm i'm a lot more yeah yeah i'm a lot more um switched on with it. But but surely to some degree if you're a customer paying for a product then.

Your current drive is important because they want to see your shot patterns. And also it sounds bad a lot of golfers overestimate how far they hit it we all do apple do as well. So you say yeah you know normally at my own driving 300 yards you've not got your own driver with you then..

And then.

You started to no one 290. you have lost 10. in reality you're almost 270.. But i know my numbers you know your numbers and also this isn't the point you're getting fitted the best spec for you from taylormade stealth's 2022 lineup yeah your current driving that instance is borderline irrelevant well it is because forget that because i'm not you play golf with. And i'm currently not after distance without driver i know it's not the longest driver i could be using i know it's not going to give me the fastest it's the max version. For a start it's not an ls tech but i know it's hitting me fairways yeah that's why i'm using it currently. So anyway um i didn't take that and i never do 20 fittings. So started hitting i think i actually started hitting stealth sim 2 first maybe to warm up i think you did actually yeah um they had they had a sim two there. And i was hitting the sim two. And i was collecting some numbers. And their dad trap man and i had my gc quad but didn't actually set it up at first so um i was hitting the driver shots. And and at this point i'm just taking in the information this is my first hit of a product um i don't often show this in a video because it can sometimes come across as it's almost too brandy well first of all you're in a tent that's got taylormade logos everywhere. And it's not really that for me it's not massively content it's you getting hitting a shot when that's not the right club or them telling you it's not the right shaft it's not really that exciting to watch and it's like the main reason like say it's it's too tailor-made i like to do things in my own time on my own space in my own setting with my own team that's where i'm comfortable as soon as i'm in this setting it's like it's not a particularly comfortable setting. For me either and also as well we you know you want to make the best videos you can those honest reviews you can which we believe you do. And even with that mindset it's we do do this. But it's quite difficult to turn around to somebody and say it's not very good when the guy that's designed the driver is stood there no you did. But it's hard then.

You should have a cameron in yours in his face it can get a little bit these guys naturally they've got the jobs they're. So passionate about the product it's easier to do that away from them. And also we need time to think about what we want to say. And actually in hopefully the best way so i'm trying to think of. So then.

I started hitting stealth stealth plus stealth normal they were fitting me. And the guy did a nice job fitting i i always i'm always a little bit concerned about fittings because sometimes i'm hitting a driver really nice i'm loving it. And they're taking it away and putting a different shaft in yeah. And i'm like no give me that back i like that don't change it don't tweak it. So i was quite strict with that as well um i was in this bubble thing. And i was hitting off a mat. And i didn't particularly like the mat so i went out onto the grass at the front of the bay and they had all tp5s there again not my normal golf ball but tp5s trackman and i set my gc quad as well because i thought i just need to get my own numbers here as well just so i've got some clarity realistically how many golf balls do you think i hit i was stood there freezing i don't want to say steal them now i want to think properly well they had that they had that bag of balls yeah the shag bag i would say you might disagree on this in the region of 150. yeah i would say that i was going to say i was going to say about 120. yeah. So to the point where i'd hit all the golf balls in the in the bag they had to go and get extra golf balls yeah it was a good couple hours. And it was hitting a few then.

About a minute hitting it. But it was a lot of golf balls. And the reason being because i was questioning what i was seeing from the product i wasn't quite seen from the product of what i expected to see comparing it to sim 2 comparing it to stealth doing the direct comparison there. And then.

And asking them the questions why am i not seeing more ball speed right now well they end up coming up with the conclusion which is quite strange that the golf balls you were hitting with their golf balls their tp5 which the night before they were claiming is longer than titleist pro v1 were cold. And that they'd been left in the cold under this tent overnight and because they were cold they weren't going very far which was a bit strange when you fit in yeah somebody anyway we then.

Obviously took the drivers well got sent the drivers in the specs you got fitted. For and then.

You did a lot more testing which again summer's on camera some isn't on camera i would say the audience has probably seen ten percent of what i was literally saying yeah. So in the video i mean even less i don't know actually because even when i go tour x i was hitting all those drivers we're in that room. For a couple of hours all the shots like there's no point in seeing all the shots. But why what i kind of come back to with the comment from my golf spy and they can criticize how we do what you do what you say as much they want. And they're very intelligent people so i'm not questioning their kind of the way they do things at all really. But why i'm questioning is how would they say we hit five to ten shots because even on the video you hit well more than five. Or ten shots obviously but surely they know from kind of content creation the experiments they do that the actual product you show the consumer which might be a 10 minute video 20 minute video. So much goes into that even the editing process can take days like they obviously hit five ten. So why why are they using that as kind of a low blow suggest. And i have and this is where i think it differs i massively respect their test their testing process. And again this goes back to this point and i know i think there is a bit of a um a divide between this i still think it's my own review where they do a test a very a very very big test with lots. And lots of different golfers um of different abilities to come up with their actual summary yeah typically um. But yeah to go back to the point of hitting only five. Or six shots that's absolute horse [Music].