I'm going to show you five ways to fix your slice with the driver a slice is a horrible shot. For riding the golfer it's a shot that curves off to the right it loses distance it's weak i'm going to show you how to fix it number one the thing that we've got to change is controlling the club face. For a slicer the face has a tendency of opening the thing that has the most influence on the club face is how you hold the golf club. So number one we're going to strengthen the grip to strengthen it with the top hand you want to be able to see one two. And maybe even your third knuckle on your left hand that's going to help you control the face more to the left the bottom hand wants to sit slightly more on the side if not slightly underneath now. For a slicer what you might find when you first strengthen your grip is you'll see a shot that goes straight left it might go longer than your slice. But it'll go straight left but that's all right it's a good start so strengthening your grip a couple of knuckles and maybe even the third knuckle on your left hand the right hand wants to sit to the side if not slightly underneath and you'll see a shot that goes more straight towards the left that's actually done all right number one strengthening the grip that's gonna help you control the face number two is about how you control the club face in the backswing i want you to do two things. For me number one is make sure as you're taking the golf club away that the face is ideally pointing slightly more down to the ground if you're a slicer you might have a tendency of opening up the club face that's going to have an influence have the feeling that the face is more pointing down. And in a way of doing that feel like you're going gonna bow the wrist a little bit more notice how my forearm. And my wrist is slightly different angled you see some of the best players in the world do that where the wrist is more angled that's gonna have a stronger influence on the club face. And again it's a way of helping you fix that slice by first off hitting it more to the left so face pointing down to the ground in your take away looking at bending the wrist and bowing it in this type of way so the back of your hand is pointing much more up to the sky. And you will see a difference straight away again you might hit straight left. But that's not a bad start because you'll definitely hit it further and you would be fixing that slice so number two is closed facing the takeaway. And bow the wrist at the top of the backswing number three it's making sure you have again control of the club face as you come through the golf shot you'll see a lot of golfers who slice the golf ball have a tendency of opening the club face through the shot their arms will almost come separate to each other. And allow that face to open which is going to cause that curvature to the right. So i want you to do i want you to get the sensation that you're allowing the toe of the golf club to rotate. And the best way i find doing this is get the feeling that as you're coming through the golf shot your right forearm is crossing over your left forearm. So as you're coming through the shot it feels like the toe is rotating over. And the right forearm is crossing over the left forearm notice then.

This is important i'm saying the word forearms not wrists i don't want you to get guilty of flicking the wrist over because that could cause a lot more inconsistency think forearms. And again if you ever ever slowed the swing down of some of the best players in the world in fact all the best players in the world they're much more in this position as opposed to this chicken wing position you might see a lot of slicers get into so tip number three allow the toe to rotate and cross your right forearm over your left forearm [Music] and that is a bullet number three allow the face to rotate [Music] tip number four is changing your path into the golf ball a lot of slices of the golf ball because of that open face that we've talked about a lot. So far will end up swinging across the golf ball almost swinging diagonally to the left. And as you can see there just put a head cover in the path of that out to wind swing if you put a head cover down. Or a towel or some level of obstacle ideally not not your mobile phone that's just gonna block that entrance and it gives you the feeling and teaches you this idea of swinging more to the right hand side you're hitting inside the golf ball and then.

More extending down that right hand side and if you can blend that movement with what we've covered. So far you will dramatically start to see a different golf shot. So tip number four get the feeling you're gonna hit more from the inside put some sort of barrier down on the outside of the golf ball a few inches away and feel like you're going to hit more on the in side of the golf ball. And you will definitely start to see straighter goal shots. And if anything you might start to see more draw golf shots more like that it started up the right and instead of curving to the more to the right it actually curved back towards the middle tip number four hit more from the inside by putting a bit of a barrier down to stop you from swinging on the outside so before we come on to the fifth and final tip which by the way is definitely one that's going to help you fix your slice make sure if you enjoy this video you hit like make sure you subscribe to the channel it's free to do you get loads of golf advice around how you can play better how you can make the right choices on equipment that you buy. And also making fun videos make sure you do that right let's go on to tip number five tip number five i cannot tell you how important this stuff is athletes foot powder spray what you need to do spray it on your clubface. And it'll leave a white mist slicers players who slice it will have a tendency of hitting heel side of center they'll have a tendency of hitting the heel too much a lot of that is due to the fact the face is open. And the swing is more across swinging to the left. But sometimes it's actually just because you've got used to hitting that part of the club face a lot of players hit closer to the heel because it's the part of the golf club that's attached closest to the shaft it kind of makes sense but if you want to fix your slice you don't want to hit the heel you want to hit the middle or if anything slightly more towards the toe because the way that golf clubs are designed the toe this side of the golf club will actually help you shape the golf ball the opposite way more right to left you might have to experiment with this take it to the driving range figure out what works best. For you might be the fact you need to stand a bit further away and i'm not opposed to one minute even setting the golf ball up towards the toe a little bit more aiming towards the toe if you can hit the toe. And cover all of these points so far we've covered in this video you will absolutely definitely fix your slice show the strike a little bit low on the head. But more towards the toe guys thanks for watching that is how you fix your slice with five very simple tips [Music].