All right guys welcome back to the channel we are somewhere really special today.

Look at this view Castle Course Saint Andrews of course I've never been before until today.

And I am blown away by the place we've just done a challenge on Bob the sports go and check it out but about nine me and fat Perez want to team up I feel like we are a formidable Force together I think we're about to show it too I think I think we're gonna show the world I think we are nine holes scramble here at the castle course you know what we're going to try. And break anything bar pins greens birdies and Eagles we're here for that's all we're gonna do all right. So stay tuned buckle up Rick and FP playing the scramble enjoy okay honestly the front nine of this golf course has really blown us away the weather is grunted perfect there's no wind it's Sunshine you've got views over Saint Andrews Bay we're kicking things off in the Batman here par three tenth hole. So I'm done to go first let's get right into it let's do it this suits my eye this shot I like that little trap drawer into that PIN foreign didn't stay there as much as it fits his eye it is not mine. But we will do it yeah well that's gotten the top tier is it that's okay okay that's okay all right a little bit further than we wanted to start. But throw some putts in what's interesting around this place the greens are. So unbelievably complicated like they are um a little bit on the on the side of crazy however. really fun there's gonna be some big breaking ports okay down in two [Music] that right to left never really happened too much okay hmm learned a lot give you the Intel that you needed there [Music] foreign hit the slope hard yeah nice pop okay we need to box them though yeah that's super aggressive. But good enough [Music] damn I'm not bringing much this first hole pal for par [Music] he just doesn't miss oh just being automatic all next.

Week long there we go could couldn't could not start with though that was just no that would have ruined everything yeah that would have really ruined the Vibes right now we're having a lovely day here in St Andrews let's not start off with a bogey momentum pot it's a momentum putt it's good. For us 385 yard lovely lovely looking hole up the hill a little draw to hold the Fairway [Music] oh it's good if you like perfect it's kind of that way fantastic still rolling oh that was in the bunker is it oh boy that's nice bar too maybe stay straight basically mine's gone exactly the same place if that's not what you're supposed to do I don't know where you're supposed to hit the ball however. you uh have you been growing Scotland it's unreal man um I I knew that it would be incredible. And uh kind of one of those lifetime golf experiences but you don't know what you're gonna you know what you're gonna get from the people and from the kind of location I knew the golf was gonna be great yeah um. But I was very surprised pleasantly. So by Edinburgh is the city St Andrews is a little town. And every Everybody I've met really um a little bit about the golf they love golf man they love golf the capital they do man. And you know they love having a good time it seems like you know everyone's in a good mood we we have had a very lucky week this week with the weather and everything yeah it's been unreal well it's been yeah well I know it well it's been your surprise favorite dining establishment oh well I mean that's clearly Nando's you gotta call that cheeky now just a little cheeky Nando's I think we had it three uh dinners in a row that Peri-Peri sauce Peri-Peri salted fries it's just uh it's a special spot I mean every chance every chance we see that place again before we leave. And what about the Indian last night Indian was fantastic I'm saying once we got to St Andrews. And started following your lead instead of doing things on our own then.

Bro everything changed we started eating meals we could be proud of I wasn't going to stay you're wrong no I knew what you liked no it's been a hell of a week it's been a fun ride it's a shame it's all done. For getting there I can't wait to come over to the states again we'll have to show you all the good spots Rick Shields Bob the sports part two stateside period Perry salted chips okay little uh fat Perez serenade there. For you Nando's sponsorship is available right I Am. For sale 86 yards um our drives are almost pretty much next.

To each other. So I've just gotta chip a little chip a little sandwich in there close all these little bump ones that you've been playing oh yes be right right there I think that's gonna I think we're gonna like that a lot right all right I think you can get a bit cuter here I think you can go almost into the bank at the front okay no it's too much hit that too hard all right hard hard lines okay birdie put hair onto swing him right to left up the hill I'm starting to get started it's too straight didn't I give it a hit though [Music] oh just wait just just just give it a minute suddenly yeah we need a Squall right now man that's one rotation level par yes sir oh level path through two I've heard by the way the 17th hole on this golf course is outstanding. And we saw a glimpse peep of the 18th pin which uh I think might be on the smallest um tier level of a green I've ever seen in my life. So you got that to look forward to 414 yards looks like a beast the pins up there on the hill Fairway green one pot bird needed Frank I love that oh good I love that it's nice that felt good [Music] oh that's high it's okay yeah a great partner yeah you do I got you yeah you do okay second shot here into 12. really nice looking hole to be fair yeah 137 into Breeze probably playing about 155. sit on close not that far right baby give them that kick give it to him does he go over it that big cake left yeah it looks like I didn't even see it oh jeez why has this been all week okay it's definitely been around good gracious man we gotta find something short game's there it's just the long game I'm fighting it right now we're okay Ricky the great one 20 feet I like 20 Footers I like 20 foot pots more than I like anything on the golf course right now my only chance of hitting a good shot all right. For birdie here on our third Hull ah such a push oh my potting's been awful this week [Music] no jeez I'm hitting pots that I love halfway there you're hitting great books oh right three holes in level par we'll bring some birds you stay tuned you don't want you don't worry about that okay okay our fourth hole par three good looking hole um two big big big tier in the green played 153 yards down Breeze gotta try. And bump it into that banker and stun it into the top tier that's the plan gotta jump [Music] okay hmm not quite the shot I was playing planning. For there try to do the same well choke down bump it get it up there though yeah I'll get up that ball pin oh that was hard to get close to that pin oh I don't like okay just off the back of the green here off the Perez nearly I mean it wasn't far off no not good with it right to left where's my aim gone recently. But that's that is the end I kind of feel something here yeah yeah we need it cool Euro gone [Music] turn baby turn baby oh oh I told you I thought something there oh I don't know what it was I just felt something deep down let's go that's the momentum pot let's go come here come here come here let me let me just let me just oh yeah she's hot yep that's white hot it's weird wow okay our fifth hole here Par Four 376 yards dug leg right strike left safe right I'm gonna try. And play a little bit more aggressive down the right hand side foreign lost it right Okay. So we've unfortunately lost mine up on the hill on the right Perez is in good spot. So I'm gonna go with this one 145 yards let's try to let's put one take right over the crow which one I feel good about that yeah yeah I don't know why you shouldn't do yeah I like it no we're gonna find out we fitting to find out we fitting to find out y'all trying to play the same shot right come on another birdie one under now great contact stay uh stop stop okay damn you compressed it yeah we like uh we like right to left here a couple cups is it that much okay okay all right come on that's about bird is let's break the flag get out man let him in oh God's sake drive me insane putting oh it's just pumped give that a little bit much we need some part five is any part fives coming up two more two more five fives we need it bad okay our sixth hole the day par five looks like a cracking hole straight downhill. But plane into wind just a little bit of Breeze nothing crazy um we have to make 30 equal they're dirty or Eagle yeah I mean [Music] did it cover it oh yeah all right let's hit it drive [Music] now it's really good too it's not where we uh drew it up okay second shot of the week Joe's Prez is Man actually caught up in this top side of the bunker. And not only just in the roof so stick it down there nice little wedge shine yep right now [Music] yeah I mean it's safe trying to chase the five round down there wait I like it yeah a bit too aggressive okay third shot into this par five um it's a shame actually we just didn't get down this slow because it would have been another 20 30 40 50 yards further down. But 123 yards third shot in here let's go different golf shot for you there when it went oh wind hold it [Music] oh man just some brutal efforts there did you check one of these in no wreck wrong side of the hole put her in hand as much as I can [Music] oh boy yeah this is just a real hash of this right now oh not sure if people will have a little down if we bow with this hole I think. So [Music] let's just try not literally it's like I'm drawing my putts oh Perez I didn't want to leave it on your shoulders again oh we're gonna do it we've built different you built different I'm not missing these parts man it's not gonna let it happen I know. But that's the percentage chance of holding that port not letting it happen not on your channel not much on your channel not on my watch geez three right still one under three to go that was a real test that whole okay three holes to go here at the castle course it's been a bit of another round it's been good shots. But mixture of inconsistent shots three to go Par Four epic par three I've been told and then.

The 18th the power five come on we've got to finish must incredible save there from Perez incredible for changing the order just to mix it up a little bit [Music] all right man I'm mad second shot into screen good luck at this to be fair how far is it. For us 133 a little into the wind I like the number big backstop yep that's what I'm looking at took a little bit more try to get it back there behind it yes oh my God I felt real good about that I know I thought it was Monday yeah right at the flarky it's nice. And nice enough got a birdie look yeah it's shame it's yours look like it was gonna be really really good yeah I felt really good about that when I hit it one time it doesn't give me that little cut I know extra cut that I'm looking. For imagine playing for a good shot I think to do something like that okay. For birthday it gets too under come on I'm definitely drawing my pups Carol's done it that moves a lot really gross wow ah right another par what on the two to play thanks and I think the next.

Hole is something pretty pretty special seriously what a hole R3 that's the green where the guys are in front look at this View really enjoyed this course I have really enjoyed it beat me up a little bit I think I'm getting the end to the end of a very very long week I'm ready to uh put the clubs away. For a little bit um but two more holes to go come on let's finish strong all right I mean let's hit a shot that's worthy of a hole like this foreign come on come down that's really good the guys are saying go in [Music] jeez no I didn't quite live out oh that's gorgeous I'm down not sure I don't think it will do [Music] great shot nice there we go try to slice it nice up out good work right shot Press thank you hold this thing it's normally done do one thing today.

Oh centered hot one thing right two under one to go the last that was a par five with a pin position I'm not sure is even legal we saw it earlier it's pretty epic it's like it's on the beach par fives to finish down Breeze the pin is right right right over there which looks like the end of the world um we just have to rip one down there. For us that's all we got I'm just gonna go with the flags over that bush I like it [Music] is it hard yeah oh I can actually I can actually see it it's in a really good spot oh my I was literally you know if I'm on if I was a mobile phone now I'd be in uh energy saving mode I'm in the Amber right now. And that's uh that's the last of my energy got done I'm just gonna rip that's a good ball too [Music] I think I saw it bounce too yeah I'm not sure if that was quite enough nice shot put it up in the Wind right there we go after a month well. For me monster Drive how far have we got left work two two five flag it's like that kind of like a big faded like choppy to iron in the throne let's do it it's finished strong oh wind okay you can get one on that back to your Perez I'd really like to try to drive it dude stop it's gonna be a bit shorter than you oh that's gonna be fun oh yeah wow right Eagle port here in the last hole um we've gone with Perez's who's got the front of the green I was over the back. But just an impossible up and down not that this isn't impossible up and down but come on I absolutely love this oh you smoked it that's so good I really that is. So awesome that is incredibly good well there's one in there top tip you can be firm you might pull the seven wood from here a little butt on it this is I mean he took a full turn at that is the weather over there I'm back in England not done bad I mean I can't hit a putt harder you're gonna crack the face right. For bird in to finish three under oh oh other way man heart confused good that confused me yeah as well I thought that was coming in [Music] yes never in doubt if there was a man to do it it would have been you thanks. For watching guys hopefully you enjoyed be sure to like And subscribe jump over to Perez and the boys Channel Bob does Sports you're going to want to subscribe there let's get into a million thanks to Castle of course it's been amazing thanks to the boys well done fellas thanks. For cardies you've been awesome and uh that's for me the end of our little collaboration week can't wait to do it again my friend. So it's sad it's been emotional we'll see you next.

Time peace.