All right guys this is the one you've all been waiting. For me versus fat Perez 18 hole match play here at crail golf Society we're playing the Craighead golf course today.

I'm excited about this one I'm ready to go I'm nervous as well yeah a little bit yeah I got a little bit of that going right now I mean I think we got two guys here that want to win I would say. So yeah we're both representing our teams our channels you know this is going to be a big match now at the moment you might be thinking hold on what sort of temperature is it there in Scotland right now because I've got a hoodie on a gilet where FP here has got shorts. And t-shirt on I've always got Odie on so this is gonna be an exciting match obviously we're playing it off scratch 18 hole match play we've got Bob. And Joey here as well as commentators from the Bob the sports channel how you feeling boys how you feeling about you man yeah I mean look we always uh we're always. For our guy um you know I think it's going to be a battle I think it's gonna be a good back. And forth and we're here along for the ride we always have fun moving off clubs in our hands so yeah we're gonna have a good time today.

For sure let's go me versus FP show me uh get it going odds are odd. Or even golf ball number okay uh I'll go out it's hard should we go first. Or second I'll go first okay let's do it let's go game time now to kick things off we're here at cray catalinks this is quite a generous start in Hull it's a par five Doug leg left up the hill only played about 470. play well you as well yeah good ball that's really good off he goes Prime position she's a running nice okay anyway next.

To that I'll be happy with oh not quite enough draw. But we are that's quite good we're in the Fairway two good drives two straight down the middle in this epic match I'm excited. For you guys watching I really have this it's gonna be pretty epic we're off now this uh this golf Boogie is a petrol powered. So it might be a bit nice yeah this thing uh see they've seen better days. Or it's Prime I don't know this might be as old as the golf course because the golf course hey Golf and played here since 1786. I didn't I sold in America America was a little baby back then.

Right 230 yards left in looks like there's a bit of a bunker right in line with the flag uh I am going to go with a three iron. And see if we can just divide that bunker. And get on the Green okay come in come in keep coming yeah oh that nice bouncing it's gonna be good good good good to see all right all right 210. For me I'm gonna do a lot of what uh Rick said you might chase a little more run than I was looking. For that's this Scottish strike I think I'm gonna get away with that one good gracious all right Rick had a great one in there uh not a bad lead. For me with a bad shot just to kind of straightforward uphill chip just want to leave myself a makeable birdie and and hope that's enough to tie in this thing tell you what this is pretty beautiful fp's chipping. For Eagle Rick's got a very makeable putt fireworks early oh that just stopped don't get safe and it's a beautiful day out here beautiful day for some golf beautiful day to watch some golf and I'm going to attend every single flag I can get my hands on that's what I do baby okay mine did incredible it Thrive. And show it right and it I won't Spark all the way to here got this first look at Eagle here on the first slightly off the right oh oh and it's run on a little bit further than I want it I like that run now he wanted it when an early punch all right we're looking at four puff for four here it's got to give some juice up the hill yeah that's good no turn oh thank you thank you pretty much dead straight slightly up the hill right now thank you very much thank you all right we're off. And running Palace strong start that's a very good start Brooke Shields one up okay second hole Par Four severe dog legs to the right the actual green Perez I think he's there. Or on the right I think it is down there yeah. So it's a big dog leg think about doing something cool here uh I mean it's The Logical shot I mean yeah it would seem like we'd just go back up one no I'll play I'm gonna play it the normal way I'm just gonna go just left of that bunker down there oh that was piped a bit of a healing 100 finish good mess I want to miss it that's fine man we're in a good spot yeah take that give it a ride FP thank you yeah yeah great ball damn that's really good you'll see some golf today.

Fellas yeah you will that's a great shot okay hold up I think it's on top oh boy flirting 122 yards to the flag really good looking green this let it just hop. And stop that'll be good going at it oh okay hello okay let's get a chip it to the middle of the girls which version up today.

Feels nice nice starts at around. So far it seems we need to get a bit aggressive now I got 109 yards in the side down let's uh let's try to do something yeah get up go oh yeah oh man that was harsh wow okay Fair bit of spin on that I guess I felt like that was a decent shot from that uh that stance I think it just came out. So low didn't he yeah okay nice second shot into the green there just pitched up I wasn't I wasn't planning on going quite as aggressive paperwork take it easy on our guy all right just put on the brakes a little bit okay don't you worry I'm sorry the race will soon turn on do not worry it's a great shot by Rick there kind of feeling like I got to chip this in yeah very very nice put pressure on this pot yep I got you Rick just felt it was nice nice effort there okay not a lot in this inside the hole left Edge oh this guy is dialed what are you doing here what is going on you need to pull it back we need to pull it back now um am I worried Dad no no I'm not I'm a little worried. For a little worried Rick's two under through two Ricky Bobby is shaking. And baking right now okay third hole par. For 320 yards um it's kind of a blind t-shirt we just looks at the course planner it says not much information but there's plenty of room left left is your friend well we're gonna find out how do you know where to hit it should be good I mean he's slinging them he golf's hard enough. Or when you don't know where you're hitting the ball all right good one there from Rick try to follow suit trusty seven wood yeah perfect damn that ball had such nice ball flight do you practice huh did you eat breakfast today.

No no breakfast. But let's call it speed of speed I can go a meal without a meal. For once I had a breakfast sandwiches the first time I've ever had a breakfast sandwich about to like um Scottish stuff and it was good. But what couldn't diet I don't know what was wrong could have been black pudding the the blood potty the black pudding I had yesterday was good it's not. So bad huh no you just can't think about what is what like what what it is. But like honestly like it tastes like sausage it's good that's what it is yeah it was I I enjoyed it. And I enjoyed it was like haggress Hagen Hagrid oh no haggis Hagrid you call it Hagrid it's haggis Hagrid is the character from Harry Potter bomb attacks attack us all right 108 some more yardage to the last pin looks pretty metal. So I'm gonna go middle try to get a birdie putt here work stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop that's crap that is crap after finding the Fairway with the three iron 94 yards away from the flag I've got my 56 degree in hand slightly into breeze it's probably not far off a full one of these. So I think I think it's going to spin as well once it lands get up hold there good job good job shooting a little bit better from there. But it's on the green it's safe I can pun it I will put it you want that in. Or out oh you can leave it in thank you all right a little uphill let's see a whole lot outside chance. For birdie go not great [Applause] yeah please thanks Bob it's gonna go up the hill back down the hill then.

Back up the hill slightly wow look at the flag attendance from Bobby boy there I'm on it today.

Baby I'm on it today.

Okay come on let's give it a nice roll that might be in the hole oh my God hey this guy's on one man this guy is on here. And another birdie floor nice pot have a look testy one to hold serve yeah right down the pipe really good point all right there you go good. For them oh thank you had a baby that's a nice momentum pump for our guy we needed that let's call space fade we needed that we got it she's got a little pep to a step you might not think. So but look at the big man moving now look at the big man yeah he's starting to move here we go some guys take longer to to get going fp's one of them it's like you know what's it called Bob when you start to move a wheel it's very slow at first. And then.

It picks up momentum he'll start rolling thank you it's not the one that you need for it yeah you boxed it nice do you feel you feel like you're supposed to make them. And you feel really bad when you don't yeah I'll total 455 yards uh stroking that's one you aim at the windmill which is straight down the down the middle. And it curves off to the right dug leg right there's a couple of bunkers down there which I think on a really good hit will probably be carryable I'm just gonna go straight at the windmill what that's it well yeah that's it really well should be fine I have no idea it's not gonna try it's trouble I didn't see anything it's a bit bizarre it's not really off that windmill too much possibly hopefully it's just in the rough it's got me thinking. And that looks like the same thing yeah I'm fine there now unfortunately I've hit the wrong line there off the tee shot I've hit a good drive. And I've ended up in here we were at the point I was about to go back to the T. And hit another off the tee and just as I was kind of getting ready. For that actually stood on it and found it here so let's go back to seeing hit one no way it's not nice not nice at all. So we have to try and chop it out with a lob wedge if I can get it back on the fair web delighted oh yeah that's pretty good Nice Shot Rick yeah it's the best you can't ask. For much more than that stop oh they just run through into the roof but yeah that was tough from there 182 pin these bunkers are about 40 yards back of green I think I'm just gonna try to hit something 165 170. And kind of get it running up I mean it's up there that's what I wanted to do whether it's right I don't know looks good hit it right not sure if it's correct okay same yard as you had on the second let's see if we get the same result just come out the rough slightly down Breeze I've got to get up. And down from here more form oh that's simmer simmer sit of course a bit too clean this is looking good. For FP that was a big momentum put on the last one now they get those wheels turning it's the Snowball Effect is what Joey D said yeah yeah I'll take that one I you know I it's rare I execute something I try to do especially around these parts. But got the run up I was looking. For nice bounce um you can yank it. For me thank you I think I'm uh four. For four now on flags it's got a birdie putt here this will uh take care take care of it quickly I definitely want to have a tap in par here at minimum nicely done FP a return yeah go pop. So I need this for a very unlikely four and a half got to give it a run just off the back of the green after just shooting out a bit low my wedge there anything can happen in match play though yeah can you put it pop it back in mind Bob thanks you got it should even parted it. And I lose then.

Hey it's a big baby oh I just jumped on me early didn't hit it Well Done power that's good there okay boys Perez wins the hole back to just being one up give me a thought yeah I think the people want to hear what Joey has to say I don't blame him to be about life it could be about the match whatever Joey D's feeling this is what we're gonna get I'm feeling like uh the more. And more talking about Scotland the more I'm enjoying this country and it's nice when you get to be out here and just enjoy the Tranquil Serene settings or a beautiful old golf course from the 1700s and watch a couple Legends just teeing off thank you that's all I had to say for that with words from Jody one of the next.

Okay fifth hole par three 229 yards hell of a hole um bar its length it doesn't look like there's much else going on just the greens down there yeah I'm gonna try to hit it [Music] hold on too much curve yeah that wasn't too far off all right I've not really got a club. For this shot that three Woods too much and three Iron's not enough however. long looks bad so I'm gonna try and knuckle down a three eye and get it to chase there drawing oh wind hold it up okay all right we'll chip off yeah wind was holding it up that got a bit more low. And draw it might have had a chance it's a tough haul man yeah this pin location isn't doing anybody any favors that's a lot going on here this is crazy I was gonna do some Loft. But I don't think I can with with all this movement a chance of looking real silly if I go too far left with this screen set please that's pretty good that pen is brutal that ain't bad FP yeah I'm okay with that okay just off side of the green this green is really quirky. And to be honest I've been forcing myself to chip a lot more not recently but this genuinely I don't know how I can get close pitching it I don't I wouldn't know where to land it. So I'm gonna I'm gonna put it just pin High left would be a great achievement wow get over that Hill oh wow that was. So close to being really really good ah the par putt here up the hill chance to put a little pressure on him good stroke you are a softy yeah it's good okay. For a power and to take the hole feels like a par four just got to go over this little Hill and then.

It's downhill breaking left can't be sure oh coffee shop I didn't think I could all right it's good they are doing you no favors with that PIN location yes. So five holes through uh Rick's up one um he's at even par press is that uh Plus. Or he's one over par it's uh this is gonna go down to the wires we kind of thought um Rick took an early lead looked unconscious. But some of these pins and locations and the course doesn't look very easy so we'll see I I think it's going to come down to the wire I think it's going to be very very entertaining mentally I got myself at about six. Or seven over right now um and I'd be okay with that I could live with that it's gonna be a battle like Joey D said. But uh we like battles and uh like comment subscribe why would you not yeah hold on hold on to all let's get a little close to those bunkers that's really got a good bounce yeah great shot all right oh that's really good should be short of it right yeah great shot okay. So I'm 265 yards away on this par five I am short of the wall but not by a lot I really want to rip Three Wood straight at it but I'm not quite sure if I'm going to clear that water I'll clear that wall with three-wheel Drive yeah I will okay I feel it. For you I really do look that I should get over that shouldn't it just if I catch one a bit skinny no I'm just gonna go straight. For it okay because yeah oh no problem come no Oh it sounded a little meaty we got a good line on it though that was me trying to outloft it got up plenty I'll let provisional oh it lies. So much worse uh and between those two would have been good yeah 240 yards to the PIN um I'm gonna hit seven wood hopefully land short. And bounce up short of the green I'm good with that I think I think the four Woods Too Much it's gorgeous not a great piece of contact. But it's the right direction almost certainly short but I'm okay with that might be in the whole world yeah I mean look how thick it is yeah I mean it's anything like that last stuff we tried to look through you got the magic steps it looks worse we had I think we had a better line on this one it was yeah it was right at that uh definitely I could hear it go in it's annoying shot yeah looking at it I should never hit Three Wood it's tied down here I didn't see him there you don't even see it yeah I mean everything kind of comes in the how thick yeah it's tall. And that is thick 50 yards in the rough just gonna get one on the green it's all we need just get it on the green birdie pot have ourselves a day oh that's too much sit don't do it you are. So stupid how can you be. So stupid how can one be. So dumb just gotta land it on the front Let It Go why would you land it past okay interesting. So my second shot with my three wood is gone it's either in the thick real floor it's out of bounds this is not provisional. So this is my fist shot oh okay aggressive all right after a very suspect wedge shot a little chip from the back here into the grain yeah yep that's the green stay oh all right I'm cool with it stand right there that's easy to do just put it in the ground all right still got a part putt here this will take care of the hull turn just didn't move it's good oh boy Lifeline that's uh yeah this. For the half come on nice rolls oh we took a good run at it yeah you really did yeah you go. For it match all square hey what epic uh I mean I wasn't playing six what an interesting six holes we've played. So far I feel a bit good I've like that lead slit but this time I feel like I'm playing well just a couple of silly mistakes that was a bit of a pillow fight on the last hole. But uh we're all tied up par three here yardage book had a simple piece of advice don't go along there we go and try to follow directions here go go release that wasn't good in any way not sorry much confused me with my clip sharks Direction weight strike none of it was good okay 198 yards slightly down Breeze I'm gonna hit five iron hold on that's right Adam oh okay what kind of cake did that get rude okay quirky Quirk a few bounces. And stuff going on yeah this is a tricky little course man okay after horrendous kick off that bank there I've come right up here to next.

E-box uh not a nice lie it looks hot right there. But it's it's really kind of nasty and big clump of grass behind the ball come on I need to give myself a pop up Mr Banks it missed the bang wanted to land it in the hill I made it a little too far that was the right play though could you imagine me standing over that ballad nobody wants that you don't want it I don't feel it's mad if yours may I was always considering up here with just this much green. And not wanting to be long and match play you know you you kind of have to be affected a little bit by your opponent so I'm definitely going to put it now try to give myself a good par look um a bad putt is going to be much better than a bad chip from here not great. But serviceable in the moment okay after annoying chip that just missing the bank that was aiming. For I've ended up in the bunker at the back up and down needed that's even me carrying on Perez missing that put ah it's been it's been very unforgiving he didn't hit a bad shot off the tee and just just got a terrible kick oh that's a good place it's very nice Rick go really really good nice shot Rick thanks that is good all right two pots ah yeah good work thanks all right I needed the pillow Fight Continues wow look at this review that's crazy hardly looks real okay enough with the enough with the scenery that's the match Big mistakes last four holes really lost three of the last four Perez is now one up eighth over par five dead straight hole yeah good ball nice drive thank you nice try great ball sweet couple of really good drives oh yeah yeah that should be good that's good got some nice rooms down here yeah nice. And firm ready for some bad news possible I'm not so sure there's a halfway house there's always a halfway house I don't know there's even a halfway house on the old course it's on the old course but I don't know if we should I I had a word with Guy and um he's not so sure which is yeah we could be in trouble now you see green I like what I'm seeing there's that green thing there that hunt I don't think it looks big enough to put a kitchen in there can't even fit a sausage roll in there I think you can you think. So I'm I'm the best guy and let them bring me down I don't know jelly game very concerned the soul Lane all right so we might still be going back towards of the reaction are you worried if you're not worried I won't be I'm I'm still hungry I'd go down to that Shoreline. And get like a mollusk or something if I had to what's a wallet oyster 260 up the hill there's not a lot of trouble up there there's a couple bunkers left but I don't see much of a reason not to try to chase her up so that's what we're gonna do oh that's working nice oh oh that's it no I thought it was really good oh that is great nice to have pain very nice okay all right thank you appreciate it okay okay sure these little Punchy guys that's what we're doing today.

Okay A little bit of work to do now 223 yards four iron in hand got to get it on the green gotta give myself an eagle paw didn't catch it well enough okay 60 yards I'll just land it short. And just let it run up there is a bit of a back slot stop. But I'm not sure if the greens are quite fast enough to get it coming down oh that is nice oh that's what he did not often I'm On a par five. And two it's not my game but I'm happy to be here get a little putt off here gents yeah I'm not horribly upset with the pace okay two opportunities. For birthday not lighting this I've fallen off the right if anything oh that looked good for a while oh that's good come on wow I thought both were going in come on okay fellas wow two big chances. For birdie missed whole halved with fives Perez is still one up ninth hole 376 yard Par Four down the hill kind of a bit of a snakey um shape to it try to do it Fairway hold on I don't know why this this tea I don't want to say it before you see it off it I don't like the lucky driver on this tea. For some reason straight the clubhouse with three iron keep it short at the bunker good ball yeah is that that three iron yeah I mean that that club is becoming your best friend sure is good ball there I don't think I've seen you hit a bad one. Yet okay after a nice position shot here into the Fairway 125 yards left into the flag slightly down Breeze I'm gonna hit a nice gut wedge come on we need to find a bit that mojo back from the first couple of holes get up I think okay ah it's not too much off it either green here put a little pressure on wedge it's a good gap wedge should be should be the right club. For sure foreign [Music] we found it okay just coming up a little bit short my wide shot there Perez is nicely in there about 15 feet I'm just off the green at about 25 feet need something to happen here in the front now. And see if we can finish this front nine all square somehow this needs to go in oh I had it if I hit it that's good I had it if I hit it it was uh that was tracking it's very generous yep that's good thank you I had it if I hit it if I was worried about smashing that too far past. For some reason right press for Birdie on nine to get to two up oh wow oh wow you've got some heat Lifeline last couple of holes what from nine by the way wow I went through quick oh what it went through quick and two there's only I think we're only half two holes that sounds right actually I think most holes were what are lost right back. And forth about nine Prez is one up after a hot start of the blocks I've uh I gave him some back in the middle section there. And I kind of hung on there all night at nine need to get the flow back going we need to make more birdies hopefully enjoying if you are make sure to like. And subscribe let's go big push on the bat nine I got this 300 yards 10th hole that's a lot of trouble up there to be uh to be ripping driver not my game just gonna try to hit a four iron leave a wedge that's a problem this is a really weird t-shirt yeah it was 240 into it I'll tell this you can go. For it it's 299 yards but into wind there's not much chance of getting there there's a lot of trouble down I'm gonna hit seven iron and leave myself like 100 yards left in literally take a nine iron to there and another iron in look at those bonkers I think that's a safe smart yeah that's a smart yeah yeah a little bit too far back. But I'm sure in a fairway okay 114 yards left into the flag here on 10. slightly into Breeze. And play like a low-flighted gut wedge is it going to spin too much the chip a pitching much I'm down yeah I think that's gonna be solid that should be okay yeah oh boy well from this yardage I normally like to have some more bounce. So I usually play a sand wedge instead of the lob wedge but I don't think I've got that luxury with this lip here um we're gonna just try something oh it's really nice shots oh I wasn't I'm okay with that yeah it wasn't far off that was pretty good not far off the contact was right I just needed a little bit more juice okay an advantage Rick here in a route FP oh you can leave it thanks Zimmer just about outside don't give me a Range I'm afraid of course how did that Rick please no question about okay. So just off the side of the green here after actually judging the distance really nicely got a little little slippery one down the hill left to right one I like the look of though that was a weird thought I started straight right ah before thanks Pop I felt like I was a bit worried about smashing that three foot four foot past yeah well done thanks very nice thanks oh par there FP we'll take that from that bunker that was a little scary uphill into the wind 235 carry I just don't have that it's not my game. So we get the four wood we got the seven wood and we have a decision to make a little driver no not not into the wind uphill I don't think it's enough I think it's 250 flat. And calm this is where I'm gonna need it I would go. For it with the driver oh God man I might need to hit that again stop I'm just gonna go five iron nice that's a really well struck ball yep that'll play nice shot right a long way in but yeah safe safe enough all right fanned. For wood into the rough at about 170 uphill into the wind pins back stay out of it okay five iron off the T I'm actually gonna hit five iron again second shot pins one seven one slightly into Breeze uphill it's a nice five middle of the green ah get down hold on I think that's the other side of the wall okay check out this. For a shot so I went left with my second shot I've jumped over I've hit it over this wall luckily enough away for a fairly straightforward chip actually if it have hit the wall it would have been very interesting okay I want to just land this just on the green. Or yeah just on the Green that's it not bad okay I actually landed exactly I wanted to be honestly I believe get uphill leave it's that first bounce was firmer than expected this is not easy a bit longer than I'd like it would you do it oh all right we don't have walls in America well we did [Laughter] that would have been nice all right he's back on his flag tending got the Groove Back after one missed flag he's back okay. For paw up the hill right to left to win the hole get it back to all square come on oh oh man Oh I thought you canned it great pot I thought you canned it geez how does that not catch the lip. And how the lip as well it's like that was very generous oh you're not missing that all right I feel like I give it unfortunately I wish I could. But when you're down we'll test you for the half very nice thanks very nice sorry I have to make your whole life downhill side Hill oh man good recovery Perez still one up through 11. man okay 12th hole 346 yards interesting looking hole actually it's quite a blind t-shirt. And it kind of whips around the corner on the left probably need a shot of about 240 250 off the tee yeah I'm gonna hit seven wood perfect Nice Shot thanks all right bounding down the South yeah okay only got three iron same line as Perez foreign oh yeah nice shot money man great the peach house huh sure I've got some a mixture of golf today.

Yeah that's what makes it entertaining it's golf man some good some bad you just gotta hang in there there's no perfect rounds I've never had one I don't know about you I've never had a perfect round the closest are hot in quite a few years ago I've made 15 cars in a row wow that's Scrappy though. And then.

Birded 16. card 17 then.

Three point the last room so that kind of finished my third program King's barns I mean I've had probably 10 rounds of 18 birdies. But I I wasn't sure I would call that a perfect ground of golf I mean it's all hard I probably did yeah I've had 10 rounds to 18 parts 110 downwind long appears to be pretty bad. So please chip a gap wedge I think we'll be just fine just hit dead straight none of that hey you tried these here do I do like Percy Pig's book I don't think I don't think it was as good as Percy thanks [Music] it's different Percy picks I like the squashies over the bags yeah squashies are good I really do it's a different texture. And I'll tell you this I don't even think it's close not really effective that's all I got 88 yards second shot here into 12. downhill lie slightly down Breeze pins at the back. So it's going to play one in there about maybe 75 yards 80 yards max just get it in close come on be good. For distance such a hard shot why did I just know it was going to go big yeah it's doesn't seem like there's any room he looks. So much shorter yards it feels like I've been punished for not that bad of a shot there I actually caught that well I hit it past the flag granted when I didn't want to it's literally bounced and run right into the thick stuff here no way this is coming out. So hard Joker this is growing into you. So annoyed with that shot all right third shot four shots sorry back of the green still this is where I feel like I should have been after anyway gotta chip it in say it remember he did not deserve that he's a good wedge shot. And you get punished I'm just off here to the left try to get up and down long is really my only issue from here go maybe the last thing to say is not long is the problem maybe talk about the good stuff. For five that's one of these has to go in soon oh oh what are we doing I was ready to say great pot it was a good putt it's good yeah pick it up good I thought he made that putt. For sure it's a couple of tough flip outs I still I think might have been real turning point in this match I hate to say it Perez goes two up 13th par three beautiful looking hole to be fair all that pop bunker little wall I mean what more can you ask. For this is Scotland yeah bathroom a little cheeky hole in one there's a little sausage Pie Hut right there that would be nice that would be soft yeah macaroni pie okay 144 yards yep trying its best to unlock in oh a little short it's working though Christ yeah all right nice okay I feel like I need to start making birdies really happen here now seeing Perez is coming off that right Bank I'm gonna try. And do the same 99 in hand. And just flight it a little bit lower just to get a bit more out of it oh sure oh come on look at this one here fellas oh oh oh oh go on the hole oh oh what a shot Rick did its best Rick Shields ladies. And gentlemen I need something I need something quick a little Euro chance made a big one today.

It's Gonna Roll this in go oh hit a little bump it's good thank you ah dead straight up the hill come on find the center of the cup all right it oh my God just knew as soon as I hit it. And hit it oh good three oh what a sec hold man 14th powerful slight dog leg left all the way a good solid tee shot required down the right side of the Fairway ideally yeah that left doesn't look good oh get down got ahead of it get down that might be gone okay straight that Old Barn in the background piecing a pod there they're about next.

To each other yeah it's helped oh my God oh my dear goodness that's my golf ball suspended suspended this isn't Magic it's not magic that's suspended in mid-air it ain't right 240. it's a lot of trouble down the left side that I don't I don't love. So much get a little off trusty seven wood and try to chase up to the front yeah good ball thanks you did what you needed today.

Look at this guy man yep uh safe play that thing this thing's a weapon dude God damn dude my fear is if I just don't get it. And it just drops down into that though how far is it gonna hook Tim I think if I can take two clublands I could probably get a 3i in there that's another thing record in this wind it's not the way it's going to go if I thought the thing is I'm trying I would I'd rather just take a drop if I was short a distance I'd just take a drop because I can hit the green I'm like 240. Or I need to like get close to 240 really right I'm gonna go for it I'm going to try. And hit it over to that other Fairway out this bush this might be a mistake but we're here for YouTube entertainment right I think I'm gonna miss it get past it get past it yeah good wow I mean I tell you what that's a hell of a shot I only just did the top that's all. For the top I heard it it sounded a little high I literally I think I only hit half the half the club in the ball that's all you need to hit no no golf cards are sending you a message hey what am I doing wrong to deserve this world needs one more accountant seriously do you know what will be going on if this happened to Joe every club would be snapped let's be honest well not every Club maybe a couple he would have won his mind I mean some this is. But this is what this is why you love golf. And this is why you hate golf because sometimes the golf guards just have it out. For you and it's just no matter what you do you just it's like it's just like running on a hamster wheel you just can't get any you know it's my fault I started birdie birdie this ain't your fault Rick oh my God right after hitting it out of that bush I thought I'd fight a great shot I found a bunk on the other hole which I didn't even know were here um. And to make it worse it's up against the kind of side slope so I feel like it's going to go left. And the ocean's left and I've kind of got to cut it oh I can only laugh at this point right five iron that's a gun ah cruel cruel game nobody beats this game press through I'm going to try to avoid the bunkers that Rick unfortunately found they did not deserve to find um need to hit a fairway you did a Green need to make a putt all that uh 245 into the one you were in on the right. So you can skirt them it's about 300 to like the last edge of the last one. So I don't think we can carry them. But you want to skirt them that's perfect don't you tell no that's back at Nando's match wow great feel this Rick hello bouncy castle Yeah I think we all know what I'm gonna do here what if she's seeing the seven board all right I'm gonna try to run the seven wood up there foreign I think it's safe after hitting it through the Fairway the man's got into this real kind of not particularly nice roof blind shot into this green he's probably playing about 220. get it over the hill. And hopefully it runs forever need something special to happen on these last four but we need to start here first it's not there not a bad mess by any means a couple over here kind of scary just falls off everywhere past that pins it's gone off the back I really just want to get this up and landing on the green just over the bunker that's all I need how good is this oh sit sit go too far sit it's gone over the did it it's right on The Fringe there you're plotting you're fine okay third shot here somehow finished my ball here over this bunker. And just on this side bank got this similar shot to Perez the way he's bounced and rolled on I've got a place quite delicate gotta get up and down have to have to have to no no. So easy to do when you're looking. For the perfect strike on a flop shot yeah well that was terrible this has got to go in simple as that well done mate good victory didn't want it to end like that though never mind four. And three four and three well done pal I'll have to get a rematch another time we will guys thanks. For watching hope you enjoyed the match be sure to like And subscribe be sure to subscribe to Bob does sports that hurts that hurts a lot. But so be it so be it Well Done Paul Goodwin.