All right guys another special video we're here at one of my favorite places in the world crail golfing society and we're playing the balcony of course the same one and you're almost an epic break 75 episode with Iona Stephen well today.

I'm with these boys Bob does Sports we're gonna play a fun match it's me. And FP playing a scramble against Joey and Bob they think hold on that surely can't be fair. So we're gonna give him five shots you ready for this Rick I've never been more comfortable if you've not seen the Bob the sports channel be sure to jump over there we're having a collaboration week I'm sure you've seen some of the content that's come out so far it's been absolutely epic and it continues for the next.

Few days without further Ado let's get going scramble here at crail to V2 right first hole 313 yards off these tees down Breeze there's a chance yeah there's a chance if you're a rocket come on Bobby play well Gents nice. And easy swinging that's at the house oh boy the house that's been there for 300 years yeah did it hit it yeah break it in a little bit I didn't see where did it end up oh still works it's a historical landmark of Scotland this guy's taking windows out yeah great ball Joe lovely Bang Bang that's really good that'll work Mr bunker oh it might just be in the bunker he sure did he sure did that's on a string wow Mr bunker oh I think it's just held up next.

To it all right hey I'm not long enough [Music] I believe this is coffee oh a little toffee with it it's a very friendly course okay not saying it's not greatest challenges it feels friendly I thought you were talking about this [ __ ]. For my shop oh I think you might just stayed left of it it has that's big oh holy Pig oh that's uh almost like getting high on the green thing man Bangarang okay quite shot there me. And uh FP are Level uh Perez was in the bunker I'm just next.

To it Joey pin high. For the voice pump job right we have to go up and down we're giving them a shot on this first hole that it's the wrong side of the slope oh that's nice that's a good shot Mr Shield the distance [Music] oh what a bad bounce what a bad bounce yeah a little more juice than I was hoping. For all right here's the deal Joey D put us in terrific shape that's as good of a drive as you're gonna want good for Joey D now we're gonna get the flat six out we're gonna hit this tight we're gonna put a little bit of pressure on them all right see where are you going before we do I don't really know I see a little left to right I think it's right to left see I see left to right I like it it ain't right to left [Music] not seeing that you know what just split the difference go right let's put the difference easy decision it is right to left. But that's very good pot it's hot all right did it did he hit it tracking oh we can't we can't give it young forces you've got a shot this seems pretty straight yeah I don't see much to it put some pressure on the bars with a birdie oh I think I just pushed it until you talk about two big bullets to dodge throughout this round yeah which way nicely done nice work. So Bob and Joey are off about 14 handicap which questionable I think they're bad in that. But either way for this night hole is going to be five shots a shot on every other hole starting with this this is. For a three Net two why do we gotta start like that man oh nice boy nice Robin Joey all right wow this is pretty nice. So the pin can you see right in the corner there if you come over here Bob you see the White Flag just sluttering oh yeah that's where we're going to okay at the marker just right of it okay this is gorgeous. So all Tom Morris designed this 1786 it's not really changed since left is your friend a bit like the old caution goes far left as you want. But it makes the line into the green much harder you take the title line which is the more risky line getting closer to the danger you get rewarded by an easier second shot that's on the beach that'd be a fun one oh that's way less it's safe we're gonna have a hell of a second Shot Bob. But we're yeah there are oh boy we either got the beach. Or the other Fairway ah healed it might work though right get right yeah it's fine should I go a little bit more aggressive yeah it's safe oh that's really really shot yeah oh yeah great shot wow too we're over here somewhere over there we are. So far left I don't even know what we're shooting at so this is this is very interesting um we're next.

To another adjacent Tee Box. And passed another adjacent green or a fairway so it's a mess so the good news is I think that that's 150 yard marker there right that should be a 150 yard marker okay. So that gives us a reference point I think we are way off track this is crazy you know what Bob I say we take a 160 107 yard shot. And just put it up there and then.

We go from there all right so we got to hit over him Bob ready where Overhill so over the cart what cart the cart there the only cart on the course there's the only cart on the course oh no oh no get it right there please just keep going all right well it's there I'm gonna hit something from here welcome to Bob to sports I don't know where that's going lucky it's Lynx golf all right up we go I can't wait to get out of here let's get out of here that was one of the tougher golfer experiences I've ever had um oh not good no it wasn't good I couldn't wait to get out of there what hole are you on we're like that hole. And you like look we missed the Fairway we didn't kill your your first born I would not wait to get out of there my I couldn't get out of there faster I just wanted to hit my shot I'll just get in there man it was mass chaos okay um after the boys encountered some locals over there on their Adventures me. And Perez just been eyeing up this shot with 202 yards left into the flag uh slightly elevated shot from the actual weather ball position is I'm gonna hit six iron. And just try and no I don't even think it's a full one of these fade yeah oh it's massive too far yeah it's on the next.

It's over the next.

E-box oh well I'm not hitting this it's over the next.

T-box really not gonna hit this then.

I think seven yeah seriously yeah it's perfect with that green thing yeah I'm just rid of it this is me this is me yeah okay Bob you didn't hit yours very far oh that's fantastic you know what we're not that far out considering we had an absolutely chaotic Adventure I thought that guy was gonna turn me into haggis oh by the way if we get this on the green clothes we're right back in this hole set oh no oh great I'm in the ocean what the [ __ ] is going on Joe yeah yeah Joe take over Joe oh bad come on ah that was a bad case it was a good shot I know damn I had a good shape I don't know if there's like a ledge. Or something there kicked really badly I felt really good about it yeah we're gonna settle in you're playing okay third shot here from the front of the green uh a little up. And down we'll win the hole I think unless they hold it off the green oh that's nice yeah oh nice shot wreck I think that was going to go quite as far as that I think I need some new grooves yeah both are very good right we have to make this putt now back yeah all right we got to make this to push you cannot leave it short oh you called The Joe are you kidding me just at the last second it moved Oh I thought we had that man that was one of the most adventurous holes I have ever oh thank God Rick's talking to him look Rick's got him hook line. And sinker next.

Time I go OB I'm just taking Rick here you go Joe hands taking Rick with me everywhere I go this is what I deal with Rick all right we're traveling circus bring me to a nice place yep third hole path three 171 yards wind off the left just a heads up Gents left is your friend right right is dead okay real fun one good oh oh I don't know. But that looks really nice might might that just be come on win that's a good one too no it comes in which it is that could be good too nice kick I think it's good all right Bobby boy you're up to the stand okay look at this weather yeah I mean this is yeah aside from almost getting killed on the last hole this has been very pleasant yeah I've thought of that it's been great I know oh crispy yeah that's probably in the water right is dead oh no he said that's water I think they might either be those in the wall are all very close uh oh we got better at taking instructions yeah we do we do it's the Dome is right that's exactly where we both went of course look at this apparently the camera guy on the green said it was this close you guys would have seen it look at that two no shots let's just save them we don't need to do them at the same time wow it would have been nice to get a holding one don't get me wrong. But it'd be nice to disappointing not to see it Go in it's true but we would have celebrated the same regardless right for two and to win the hole oh yeah what is it again boom boom you're a Stefan with FP here in Scotland Rick. And Perez come on up what up okay fourth hole 360 yards. And look at this you gotta drive over the bay oh pulled it that's fine [Music] yeah fine all right that's mashed okay yeah hit that real good I'm sure all right that's fine all right pretty good Rick nice shot you're still using those Bagel lox teas yeah good. For you not missed that's fantastic it's not messed with it yet yes oh very nice it's an easy game boys that's a great ball a little far away done oh yes Slinger that's gonna work really nice tell you what okay four good news thanks thank you your sharks all right there's a deal there Sam I think we're back we got a fair way I'm settled in got a little toffee there. And um I think we're back 79 yards Bob let me see something else I'm gonna give you some right here Joe D you ready. For the sauce tell me you ready for the sauce Joe I'm ready turn left sit oh set yeah funnel oh that's nice yeah you're gonna like that sure yes better wow that's our boy really good got a boy got a boy don't count us out. Yet folks we win this one Bob we go back to even and we stroke on the next.

Hole my t-shirt here just running to the roof but we've only got half hours at 58 yep we need to get inside Joey's I think we do about 40 yards 45 yards big bounce oh yeah nice shot Rick oh yeah look at that that's a great shot today.

Oh what a terrible shot I feel like it's like. So firm yeah I I meant to land that on the green yeah. But got me thinking a little bit that runs so far Ah that's it that was not good contact oh he's inside of us is he really yeah no FP might sink it Bob I'm going to tell you this I like it right at it you do yeah I do this is the start of many pots made. For Bobby Fairways you like right at it Joey day if anything's slightly right okay you're right about the last one yes sir drained by Bobby that's a birdie back all right come on that's huge come on they're gonna make this. But that's still huge have you seen this I don't see much I don't feel like it I feel like it should go left but I also see it kind of I think that's why it'll go left yeah firm it's I like just like right there right. For bird into halve the hole skin hot man oh yeah he's talking about birds there's one up you're an experience let's do this all night all right all right that's a big birdie. For us we got a stroke coming our way this whole we gotta take advantage [Music] what a rocky rocky start I need a bottle of scotch and just settle him because now I can't quite remember the line of this tea but it's not as aggressive as the last hole I think it's the last um Telegraph Pearl yeah I was kind of looking at that that change in the fescue oh that's too much no I don't think it's covered. And I don't think that's over sorry. For us you have to go a bit safer that's okay yeah it's a good ball stop turning off wind I hit it hard there's nothing that could give me a fairway Bobby boy oh boy go go go go go go go go go go same thing Tom Moore's having his way with us yeah it was always going over there that might be too far oh it's on it's on The Fairway okay me. And FP and I think provisionals because we're not sure why either those went yeah there it is great ball nice shot nope no chance all right I took a very safe approach I was not gonna. But I think we still have a long way to go Bobby boy she sells seashells Sally Sally yeah something with an ass Tom Morse he had a death warrant. For half the people on this course man we're just shooting intertwining all these holes so many thing we're alive we're here in one they're there in three we got a stroke how can we mess this up don't answer all right come on Bobby now left is good you see where that guy's standing yeah just right of him that that first cow don't hit the cow. But the first cow oh boy we might have wagyu oh boy oh boy all right this is a horror show [Laughter] I'm headed towards him I think coming in. Or just in case come on no what what might be long hold on hold on we gotta see I think it's okay I think it's okay I think. So too I think I think that balance helped us okay well me. And Perez lost our First Tee shots unfortunately this we've come up to mine second or third shot now so we basically need to hold one of these to make it interesting [Music] nice to go in okay I mean take it oh sure yeah I'm down is it good might need to chase a bit more no oh look at this Bob they're looking at you they're looking at Bobby boy don't worry the wagyu comment I didn't mean it I'm sorry I tell you what you get a hell of a nice rib eye a tomahawk out of that thing. So we like the up the hill so we're gonna go with me punch it close and we're a-okay oh I love that yeah pick it up boys okay well done all right fellas okay uh to do anything there that means we're all square what a time to be alive that was a great ship yeah. And I thought your first shot was dead. But you were alive yeah I'd say we might be like people it's all squirrel yeah all right boys thanks. For coming over to Scotland thanks for having us so far however. we're three days into our trip and there's something that you've not sampled yet Now's the Time a birdie in here I've already had a sneak preview these are pretty special ones okay the cold now unfortunately bought the size sausage roll sausage rolls looks like a burrito I'd like a big one they are big boys I'd lie Scottish burrito I'd like a one wolf a one bite review sure okay give it a go give it a go tell what you think go go on go on everything size it's impressive diameter do you have any Worcestershire sauce Worcestershire no this this should do this is a big old boy tell me about it okay let's get in there one three he's already gone all right on three cheers Rick has been fantastic man oh God I'm glad you enjoyed it right I'm going what damn good I just wish you could heat it up a little more it'd be sensational we don't have a microwave on the fifth hole this is gonna play they were hot well it was brought them out in the course look how long did you do a sausage roll with you. And the Guinness roll with you coming in and get us with you I did one more than the other. But man the book get this done yeah it's it's good it's uh it's salty yeah residue there yeah it's um it's a very good sausage roll we might need this. For the uh challenge we've gotten about ninth um um what'd you give him I would give it a six six whoa I think it's solid I think it's good I I do six six good yeah no I I do a tough um system I think I give it a six seven nine is is essentially a ten. For him all right yeah well I like I think I would give it a little higher I'd say it's a seven five okay it's not it's not the sausage rolls fall it's my fault he doesn't need much I don't need to like Chicken Fingers yeah. So it's it's a no it's it's it's a no review. For me out of all the people I thought was going to enjoy misconception yeah take on a run too. For a golf course too I like it rick all right thanks thanks for the review and thanks for the sausage roll as always thanks for this it's not bad is it [Music]. So six hole par three 171 yards but playing back straight back into the wind ah man that's what sassy roll does to you yeah slows you down a bit of pastry inside oh a little left settle down all right Bob we can ship from there damn that took up yeah it'll switch it up foreign oh [Music] oh come back oh what a shot oh nice That's my boy that was fun maybe you should have more time oh hold on man these boys are going at it okay we're back nice it's on the green all right Bobby let's get this tight right now let's let's Come Away with half the hole that's it set let's burn these greens yeah they really are cool good bounce ah I didn't hit it long enough yeah oh good. And hot oh my God slower in it I was right in the hole okay good pot we got two looks at it I like a red Edge just maybe like a half a bowl outside don't worry about the next.

Part get it there do not leave it short oh oh let's try dude all right I gotta make this. For the half no that's way outside Joseph it doesn't swoop that much damn what a terrible all right gentlemen that wasn't even close hole one yeah I mean Perez about to one up okay seventh hole 292 yard par Force straight down hill. But back into a slight wind it's gonna be a hell of a crack to get on there in one but who knows man he's good I'll work it was really good I hit great. But it'll work it's ripped how do you feel about that yeah it should be on degree oh wreck the slack that's a good one Bob that's really good that's really really good what a boy Bob okay it has a good ball as well okay Joey D here we go. And you've got a shot on this hole oh boy there's two on there there might be three on the green oh look at all on the Green oh my God oh we are we are. So back we are we are go back okay three shots there I finished on the Green Bob Joey. And me are all of all green this part four in one Eagle putt's coming up the only fear is those guys are closer. And they've got a shot on this hole hey what there's pretty some good ride now weren't they just so they're stroking right yeah they've got Strokes like that. So we need to box this yes we do Left Right little uphill yeah come on baby that's not not one of these. And put the pressure on oh turn turn that's a damn good take it away great pot Rick well that's terrible I wanted to tighten it up and hit it and I didn't do the second part all right we needed two pipe Bob it's uphill just get it near the pin. And we win the hole okay. For an eagle two Eagle net one I love it that's a great great I mean that's that's good enough to win the hole. But you're gonna give it a roll Joey yeah [Music] might have done it Joey diesel wow good run okay well done fellas. But we're all square square this has got an interesting we're on a few holes left to play and do nine holes in this match it's a good match okay eighth hole 419 yard Par Four straight back into wind all square two to play no shots on this hole. But the boys get shot on the neck so I feel like we need to win this hole [Music] don't wind it hard man that's nice yeah yeah it's gonna be just fine great ball yeah yeah that's good ball too okay that's gold Joseph look at let's go how long way away well it always was going to be well at least we can finish one in the light side of the Fairway. For us that's a good angle foreign what are you working on that's uh that's not good man no loves that Bagel it's not letting me down. Yet yeah no I love seeing it it's pretty special saying what as well what's that say what wow same one huh quality durable yeah look watch he's gonna smash this thing in half right I feel like I need to Center Line the Fairway here stay away from the bunker stay away from the bunker stay away from the bunkers oh oh Nelly oh boy that looks. So good I mean we can put hands on mine it's uh findable oh boy okay an official scramble rules we get a club length. So we're gonna take advantage of that yeah not sure if you're supposed to change your lie. But I think if you uh I think this is still still the same long grass right here yeah like right there yeah that'll work that looks phenomenal I can't hit any better than that man always absolutely phenomenal that's it at one point it was about three foot away I cannot hit any better than that what did you wait. For I hit the four oh that's so hot oh my god oh it's gone through the back what are we doing we don't want to lose yeah we can't can't hit wedges certainly can't make a pot just long irons that a long stuff yeah mine's just banging three wow what'd you eat four. Or five all right 170 hard wind right to left I told him play it to the right side Rooney I got this in my bag back foot under the wind to welcome to Scotland oh no well it was under the wind welcome to Scotland come on Joe Big Shot oh oh boy that's another flag it sit come on the hole I mean it's the wrong flag I thought we were playing the red. For no I'm joking that's fine it's fine hey [Music] too many flags really I'm not used to seeing one you're let alone two I mean it's kind of a tease we're big underdogs here I mean five Strokes I mean you got A plus one. And what a four come on Bob where are you going I like a little right of the pin yeah just don't get it too high just leave it a little low simmer sit terrible not bad at all okay that's a start. For us we'll take that just to give us a little something to work with now Joey D's just gonna funnel it on down the way he does he's an angler. And he's a funneler what he does come on yeah you gotta like this you got it like this oh Joey it kept going Bob okay that's not bad right. For birdie and to win the whole likely with one to go foreign geez nice try I didn't give enough heat either geez not really broke yeah smashed it through the break all right Bob we make a pot we have a hole I like yeah like in here I can get down with that boys I did the big one you saw where I pointed with one hole to go. And you get a shot on the final hole yeah that'd be nice yeah look we hit this it's a little swoopers yeah I got that left side come on trickle her in there Bobby give you everything you need here Joe just tap her in oh. So much this is it Joey oh no oh how does that come up short oh boys I had it that's tough man now we gotta win a hole to to have we're one up mean Perez with one hole to go. But it's a drivable Par Four and the boys have got shot on it got too excited yeah we got too excited we did it again well the good news is we haven't lost. So if we win this if we win this we're tied yeah if I told you before this match started that we would have a chance to be all square on the match going into the last one with the stroke would be pretty I think you'd take that yeah okay here we go ninth hole the season flying off here it's 250 yards to the pin straight back into wind. So it's not I don't think it's gonna be everything of a driver. But it still needs to be a driver can Eagle finish this match yeah oh yeah that's very good cover the bunker oh oh where's it gone seriously where's that finished where is it just over the bunker on the green yeah oh my God that's not all we needed Bob we need to win this oh this guy gives me the green light to go straight. For it hold on that's gone all right Bobby I can't see it but it sounds good it's drawing I think the bat bunker did it foreign I think I'm somewhere yeah I'm uh I'm in the farmer's field which is annoying to me exactly what I did last time I played here. So yeah well it's very easy to do it asks you to do it I mean it really does we gotta we gotta capitalize here a three I think will do it because then.

That means they need to hole out. And I don't think they're right on the green I think they're just shorts oh there he is oh. But that's still that's a hard putt Bob I'm right here okay look we're back we're back get a three I don't think we win lastly on the green oh really good shots that's him Club length. So they can get themselves out it's not their strong suit not even not even close to their strong suit this bunker place. So they have a backboard they've got one on the next.

Of the wall too yeah all right here's the here's this moral story we're sitting here in zero they're sitting there in one because we got a stroke I said to Bob if we make a three it's a net Eagle. So they would have to make probably like a 50 60 foot uh yeah it's a long putt. So I like our chances we just got to make a really good ship and focus on getting the three you see the second dot yeah that black Speck I like it in that area because it's gonna shoot towards what do you know what you're saying are you just talking I've been looking while you're going to get your ball yeah I need something else give me that brown sauce come on dude come on go please go juice it ain't bad. But man I felt so good about that go okay be the one be the one be the one it died man like a duck it looked. So good and it just went what the hell man all right after Perez's great C sharp middle of the green we've got this for Eagle here on number nine guys if you enjoyed the video be sure to like it and subscribe if you again if you've not checked out Bob the sports do subscribe to him great guys um we need to make Eagle here Eagle wins it may maybe a birdie still wins it. For us but we don't want to give him that chance this putt wins it for us give us a shot don't you do a press he's dead dirty dirty I looked good. For a long time that swung a lot it did it moved quite a bit well this isn't going to be short. For eagleland's close out the match oh it's shot go it is short you idiot it's hard to hit it you got this Bob come on one time we deserve it the whole match we've gotten five strokes. But we've hung in what's the chance of marlin if that little apga tour thing popped up right now two two percent yeah go in oh you gotta get it there Bob you got to get it there this is it Joey this halves up the match give it the juice Joey d ude is this it come back I had to try I mean it's I didn't want to leave it short okay good game hold on fellas good match enjoyed that one up lucky Joey that was really good that was that was a nice number of shots as well tell you what Joey dude we had a lot of fun guys if you enjoyed the video be sure to like. And subscribe and as I've always been saying this week subscribe to these guys absolutely killing it to the moon let's get into a million subscribers catch in the next.

Video if we remember it yeah yeah oh.