Exciting one today.

Really exciting i'm here at close house near newcastle england i'm having a match against a world renowned tour pro this man right here just setting up in the buggy lee westwood now you might have seen the video i did just pre-christmas when i played against tommy fleetwood at jcb well we're going to go. For a similar format this is going to be a straight-up match stroke play however. there's a little bit of a twist because he is a tough pro because he's won multiple times around the world. And guess what he's a lot better than i am i'm gonna start 10 under par on the first tee and lee westwood is going to start level par 18 holes at close house sit back. And enjoy this one because i think it's going to be incredible right guys welcome big match me versus lee westwood big match. For me uh close house your home golf course off the bat tees the very best british masters t's british masters teas um you know the concept it's fairly simple i'm going to start 10 on the path it's a nice position to be in yeah you'll start at level park right 18 holes stroke play what's my chances pretty good i'd say right yeah okay yeah my preparation's been very poor okay i feel a bit under golfed under golf it's stiff okay i'm feeling 49 today.

I won't lie you're feeling. For it i sound it as well you've just turned 49 he's feeling 49. um are you are you a bit of a dirty tactic are you going to get in my head are you going to be quite friendly not with that no not you won't know it okay. But i'll be living in you you've been living in my head probably all day yeah we've just recorded the podcast by the way make sure you check it out it's very very good right close house first hole 435 yards path. For stroke one let's drop six sorry strokes don't matter have a great game play well i'm just giving some colour to the audience giving us some context of how difficult this this hole is well it's tight it's narrow isn't it mind games mind games i've seen you warming up hey don't start right enjoy play well right hopefully straight at that trap okay ah that one is phenomenal that was better than i expected hey could be in trouble today.

Have you brought any washing to hang on that one all right i wasn't nervous until it happened. But now come on 10 on the par i'm playing well straight at the bunker kick left it's all right he's gonna find it long isn't he there wasn't a lot of spin on that uh that driver which would suggest low club head speed to me if you saw rick getting on the range he knows a pro would you think he was a broke shot. So i wonder why he was a pro at what school did you take today.

Four. And four hundred years in school again what you're hitting i'm gonna go five you're laying up i knew it i knew it'd be like this is that pin back left you want to be right a bit not left of it ah it's all right yeah tuggy it's not right of it though is it it wasn't right of it no not where you said you should be reckon they've tripped up the pins much lee i think they've put me in awkward spots. For you i think they thought they were putting them in awkward spots. For me you've done this a few times before right 135 well like this 140. okay it's a tad downwind. But it's chilly in it so yeah i'm thinking a solid-ish one of these ten feet right at the old it looks bang on before we get going can we just appreciate this buggy this is pretty special personalized bespoke i'm guessing one of a kind i guess i guess. So yeah lee westwood buggy including got my name on it just just just this bit here stitched into the leather upholstery road legal indicators champagne bucket down at the bottom sunroof windscreen wipers headphones headlights horn just a quick side note whoever makes this buggy. For lee you give him a shower is it gary let's talk let's talk okay third shot lobby in hand come on nice little front of the green pretty good it's what you call a duff. And run that one yeah i noticed that it's a new new shot escaped me a new shot i've been trialing yes nervous over that very very nervy what's strange like obviously i've spent time with good players before i've been very fortunate i just feel like they have a an air of light dominance about them just send sends the bejesus through you gets you nervy. So for birdie on the first this could be a big swing if this drops and mine doesn't turn good for speed we're doing eight it's all stroke play as well is it hmm better market then.

I thought we might play gimmicks from that distance oh look at it yeah i'll have a change he'll hold his fingers up like this next.

I feel like you'd be massively into aim point are you nervous. Yet i've been nervous since i woke up this morning first power of the day could be going on the cards here i'm already 10 under well it was a time it was pacey it was a tab first oh 9 under don't you just ate it when that happens got one back here stays at level one back already one back already [Music] tell you what this is playing along okay after he just fights one straight down the middle are you normally getting caught near those bunkers would you say yeah the the ones i'm just short of they're normally in my range. So with the cold today.

And a bit of breeze into this is playing 20 30 yards longer. So i've got to go over that hill really yeah it's a bigot to get past that hill a horrible straight left feeling in my head before i hit that yeah that's not the greatest thought is it no was that a takeaway. Or the top of your backswing probably moments throughout but don't go laughs [Applause] we found it it's in the thick stuff but it's not sat too badly i'm 190 yards away from the green so i'm not gonna hit the green what am i gonna do i'm gonna fire it out not bad yeah should be okay ouch lee has hit one absolutely middle of the fairway. And he's found himself in an old diver does that ever happen to you in like a really major situation happened to me final all of bale last year didn't it oh yeah playing with bryson yeah yeah one behind it's just what you want to see just what you want to see. But you know what karma exists in golf more than any other sport i think yeah. So taking one for the team here i'll get it back later don't worry i'm hoping it's come for me i've done a lot of nice things in my life hopefully this is a bit of karma to go my way who knows 143. But 151 with the hill out of a divot so it's probably not going to come out as far. So i'm thinking like a a punch draw because i have a funny feeling that flag's back left oh i've overdone it that's in trouble sit ah tried to do too much. For that thought to say what can you say what can you say what can you say you just gotta take it on the chin aren't you that's all you can do if i can just mellow the nerves i don't think i'll fully get over them today.

I can just if i just mellow into it get a string of paths together who knows throw a birdie. Or two in i think it'll steady the ship. And up and down here will feel like a win good strike terrible distance control i'm i'm i'm kind of going to play a little bit like a bunker shot. And if it comes out a bit flubby it'll land on the fringe and just release out and if it comes out nice it'll probably carry a bit further land on the green and stop so i'm basically just going to open the club face. And try and slide the club under the ball and land it somewhere near that fringe like that oh see it lands landed on the green got a nice contact yes. So you almost see that because it was a bit of a grassy lie i got a bit of grass between the club. And the ball there because of the way i played it and i played with a bit of speed i still got a little bit of check on it you know you know when you said like you almost tried to play like a bunker shot yeah just work club under the ball like you're using the bounce you're not trying to break the surface of the ground no. But you can see there that where i played it from i've actually hit a bit of ground there see there yeah see the earth yeah sat in a hole again how lucky am i now i know you probably wouldn't say put it from here. But at the moment i think i need to steady the ship a little bit. And by steadying the ship you mean make bogey yeah oh rick that's. So bad right this really does need to go in this could be a catastrophic start if this doesn't drop right edge greens are fast yeah good put thank you about 28 under dropping them fast oh i thought i was going to move that way i thought there was a little left. Or right in that i wasn't see i didn't gain anything there he didn't that's how quick golf can change i can flip around in an instant suddenly i'm walking off skipping with my bogey somehow is it big stick i'm gonna say not okay i think is it well yeah you probably cut it driver. But there's a trap down there that sort of snaffles the driver up to that back right flag you really want a full shot in i think definitely well the hole is 350. yeah mega oh very stuck behind me it's gonna be all right about 150 is it 141 very nice very nice you like that yardage dear one four one um is that just like a smooth seven [Laughter] okay 141 yards into this third hole beautiful green this pins back right you got eight iron i've currently got nine have yeah well i've not currently got i'm gonna hit nine that's gonna be on the bottom shelf. And it might be all right there were worse places to eat it yeah right let's go. And see what it's like in the fairway yeah that's how it's supposed to be done right 111. chile into the wind i've got a wedge that goes 125. should be about right shouldn't it just show the camera as well we might have seen it before. But just on your club i'm guessing you still got it yeah i'll write it on because i'm getting old. And a bit senile so it goes 125 it's got 49 and a half degrees of loft plan to get a little bit spin it do you think i don't know i think you're just like a normal one it's going to land maybe a couple of yards past flag stop oh that sounded amazing be the number like that you know what it's almost like i've done it before isn't it look at this i'm not used to picking up my own divots that's where you take him from that shot i've hit the green i must admit. But wow it's tough put big up the hill big left to right slope not making this easy for myself at the moment oh you've got to hit it harder than that oh my goodness me i'm still not fully closer than you oh i don't know foreplay three put in the end all right come on lee knocking in for birdie first birdie of the day is it coming up just nice back to level par a little bit of grain across there got the side of the holes worn down see that there it's sharp oh yeah there. And then.

This side's worn down you don't normally see that much to you not in england no. So the grain's all growing that way so i took my ball a little bit like that that illustrates the difference between missing the fairway off the tee and having control from the fairway so your second shot was a lot tougher because you're coming out the roof whereas i'd got a very good idea coming from fairway without farmer. But it's more predictable yeah i mean that was don't get me wrong i was trying to hit the flower yeah no try path three fourth hole tough in this back tee today.

Or if you've got osley 223 oh so when the british masters was here this was the 18th not the fourth it was because it was a part three finish one two three finish. And there's a lot of room around the screen for stands and there's a huge grandstand yeah it's like an amphitheater yeah what are you going with i'm going with three iron three 223 i mean i hit this 230. But it's cold isn't it it is stay there stay there oh ho ho ho my hang online short it literally was really not getting that there's some room there i normally play with people that actually go. For par threes rather than lay up okay not easy shot over the bunker rick [Laughter] oh what's happening pal these shots are dwindling away pretty fast that looks nice oh went a bit right yeah not bad what are you seven under now you've gone bogey bogey at seven under really dropping him fast good stroke. And we gotta make this to only pick a shot up somehow well oh pulled it got away with it there big time i really did i feel like i've got time on my side i feel like you've got plenty of time right sheesh plays a bit longer off this tee just a bit okay fifth hole 400 yards all the way up hill yeah holy travel it's gonna be all right oh yeah sit there yeah okay come on get a bit of flow bit of flare come on six on the path i think i'll be in the ditch i don't think it's in the bushes i'm open i'm trying to hit a fade. And i'm getting there yeah. And i'm like well i can't imagine it going anywhere. But right but you can't hit a fade from there you can only hit a block that's well that's what i've hit every time that's what i feel like i feel like i'm opening you've been better shoving the ball position up in your stance on your front toe giving yourself some more time to square it up. And aiming left because if you stick it forward in your stance you're on the left going the left part of the arc yeah. And it'll give you a little bit more time i do. And you'll launch it yeah it's not launching high enough that i get guilty of bringing bringing it too far back in my stance that's launching too low with too little spin [Music] right found in the bush lee dug it out. For me dropped to here third shot it's not quite going to plan is it just. Yet everybody but keep keep faith okay that's all i can say uh i can only get really a seven iron to it. So i'm just going to chop it back up the hill i'm 190 yards away. So this isn't going to go close at all all right yeah it's okay yeah it's down there iffy lie again ball's a bit below my feet i don't know where that pin is it looks back kind of looks back right thinking the big eight don't really want to go along cracking strike bit awkward that stance on it yeah you'll be putting it's on the green okay what are you thinking here right uh i'm gonna make the best up. And down for bogey the world's ever seen about right 105 to the pin play playing 105 slightly into the breeze bite hard it's skinny i feel like you're thinking about a lot i am yeah it looks like it yeah i really am yeah i really am there's a lot going on when you stood over it because you looked like you were going to pull the trigger. And then.

You had a another thing a few too many demons negatives got to flow a bit and it has that's what when you play your best in it you just let it go that's what getting in the zone isn't it getting in the zones not not thinking about it really i think personally you just think about the process. And that determines the outcome yeah big time it's gone are you a bit longer yeah yeah you might get off your bogey run though into double bogey world it runs away after the hole by the looks of it don't it easy to chip it long. And down here look how much you're thinking about it right what we were saying about in the podcast about routine he's got no routine has it every shot's different yeah yeah dude you have to develop a routine on the range. And stuff like that but not many people do. And then.

When you get out here you've got nothing to fall back on oh it's very nice go in go in [Laughter] what a foot go a bit more [Music] good that was a triple bogey oh that stings [Laughter] all right that's the easy holes over it oh yeah that's. So good i'll do that is perfect yeah okay i found it up the left-hand side 190 to the green really i've just got to carry those bunkers. But out this lights it's nasty oh such a bad lie so i thought i'd lay it back leave yourself a full shot in the plan go on carry it okay rotten hard lines now oh rick i need another ball yeah it's out of bounds yep it's all right yep go go come on doing a good job ouch well that is a triple triple. And rick shields three out of bounds back to level power four drops five ten shots gone seven six seven i'm about to level par i wanted to i was thought just do it straight off scratch what's the point having a ten shot head start yeah it means more than enough levels great role oh it stayed there yeah good work that's true i'm gonna dooley what do i need very very nice oh that's playing long yeah that's all right yeah sounded like a bit of a fair is it like a fair way that congratulations it looks like a fairway thanks got some small wins you gotta take small wins straight up the hill yeah just right at the telegraph pole yep it's good yeah it should be fine not yep i like that leaving yourself a full shot in that's a good plan go on go that looks very good go oh that could be good it looked phenomenal all over it isn't it is that three wood yeah third chance is par five 105 yards just a bit of mud on the left side of the ball leah's informing that might just get it moving a bit to the right i'm gonna go left side of the flag 105. just a nice one of these it's not even a full one god did send it right shot shot there looks a bit long kind of bounced like it went off the green isn't it it's a little bit long that yeah oh that's it oh go right go right oh what are we playing this way what do you do just a little wedge it under all the great grass is growing towards unit. So when it lands it's going to run out oh you've got a nine. And you're going to land it here i've got an eight. And i was going to land it there laid it nice slow down ball yeah the thing with that is it's always going to run out in it that's it right where i wanted to only a five [Music] dreadful to be fair though you were coming off triple triple. So i suppose a bogey's a bonus down to one are we down just the one [Music] that's the shortcut yeah should be good that'll be all right down the left airway left fairway yeah you're getting a nine are you i i've currently got wedged because that's like one normally one three five i feel like nine goes like 150. Or 145. not gonna choke down on it and like bunt it in low you're giving me way too much credit early i miss that bunker could get lucky yeah good shot we could be staring at a birdie it's a birdie chair it's a first chance let's not go crazy hold on a chance on that the only one behind i hadn't factored a birdie into the equation back to the greatest comeback in golf in history i'm not sure how you make a comeback from being in front. But anyway 127. downwind bit downhill all right that got to go is it all right wow ah that was unlucky on it that was really unlucky break oh it had a look bit aggressive wouldn't it had a look right come on great it's come back don't call it come back big exhale there wouldn't it did everybody else hear that can he just trickle this four-footer. And put a little bit of pressure on him oh he can very nice very nice very nice i hate to say it. But this has got bigger that to stay in front this has got longer oh there ninth hole this is a golf hole 206 yards par three over a huge expanse of water two tiered green. And the pin is back left what shot you're gonna you're gonna go right bottle out. Or you're gonna go at it honestly if i had any level of control i'd be able to tell you today.

Lee. But i've not mate i can't lie i've played away from it as well go wow front edge it's all right that could run off could run off got that it's pretty good from there oh it took a bit a big jump ah rick oh okay that's too much all right this is to get level three to get level yeah to claw those ten shots in just nine holes [Music] excellent excellent just what i like to see i'll get the flag don't you worry thanks lee yeah you get you get the flag week you get the [ __ ] right i'm gonna be honest with you everybody it's the worst nine holes of golf i've ever played in my life ever ever ever. So i'd like to hope maybe the back nine would like to get just a little bit better a little tiny bit better that's the goal right rick do you want to just tell everybody the scores you know just to a recap you are it's all square quite simple we're on the same score um is about nine easier. Or harder would you say slightly easier i'd say okay there's a few more birdie chances okay 10 toe par 5 up the hill 497 yards unbelievable all this yes oh yes good chase up there that's good yeah three wood yeah i'm 83 whatever yeah my challenge is how close to the green do i want to get. So i don't think i can get there you won't be far sure where's that probably 20 hours short i mean i don't want to talk you into something you don't want to do no no listen it doesn't always be comfortable it doesn't take much persuading belief own decision ah left oh that's come out really far is it oh that's naughty that was very nice well played sit sit down [Music] hey guys yeah i actually thought yes well done very nice takes a two shot lead now uh oh if i was just like playing. And not playing you i would at driver but i'm just gonna show you some respect okay i'm not sure why. So i'm gonna hit hybrid down here low out out there yeah drill it out there to the top of that hill. And then.

It's something like a nine iron or a wedge on love it ah fell on it not there ouch we chipping that out wanna oh there's a shot good shot played the shot it's better yeah yeah nice talk us through this you got well it's a stupid shot there i'd just chip it out. But as soon as you're here with all your cameras well yeah this is youtube ah that would have done it that you know i wouldn't have been far away wouldn't it to be honest oh down it sure 10 yards short oh shot listen it's agreeing regulation we've got to take small wins at the moment oh reach come on yeah nice speed take five after that two shot yeah absolutely [Music] i don't think you should be complaining about pass how does it feel which bit the honor all right yeah well huh yeah i feel about it i'm kind of a bit speechless to be honest with you yeah it's quite a big moment i feel like a new pair of shoes just going to take a bit of getting used to i think. So the plan is to hold it. For as long as possible right back left flag middle of the green draw it's up back left flag called it and played it got a nice kick very nice that looks like that one now i thought it was actually a four four now that is a golf shot get up go in oh my god right an actual proper genuine genuine put lock attempt at birdie just gonna treat it like any other pot of course not build it up. Or anything like that i i actually honestly right now don't see how this misses do not see how this misses front door just drops it straight in oh square we've got a game we've got a game who knew it just nine holes a sausage roll. So i just opened the door a little bit for you i'm biting up again against that wall and you burst through a karate kicked it down welcome to the 13th hole just come have a little scan of this what a golf hole what a golf hole oh there you go oh that's ridiculous okay second shot insist par four absolutely beautiful hole really is 118 yards shot there be the club pure yeah beauty how far have you got like 111 playing 107. it was one in there that goes 109. there you go that should be money hey i've played here before oh take some shot to get inside that though baby go. For distance oh yeah golf shot all right there's not a lot on this left side let's drop this one in yeah very good left side was it oh i pulled it pulled it [Music] pull this lifeline no one behind now you want to run i want to hear where's that come from i don't know okay part 3 40 178 flag such a gorgeous hole safe left edge oh they they all double cross kick right kick break in break in well that's run on on it right hopefully i'll learn a touch from yours because it looks very very fast. And pick up speed yeah speed i must admit as it was halfway i thought i was never going to get there. And it just kept going this green's in good condition very nice to screen um left it sure yeah good one thank you somehow a little mini run continues yeah hey guys just super quick one i don't want to interrupt the video. For too long but i think you're gonna like this i've got a really nice giveaway i managed to get lee to sign the glide wedge used in this video plus a golf club plus he threw in a signed cap to win all of these goodies i'll let lee tell you how to enter to win this gear don't forget to like subscribe. And leave a comment this is such a mega hole 15th hardest hole in the golf course stroking next.

One 373 yards is less slightly left that the markers better. Or is it just straight at it with driver slightly left of it yeah turn it around the corner all right should be all right oh yes oh this might have been where fairway was really key lee's in absolute a one position couldn't be any better i didn't think i was a million miles away. But i just glanced the pin earlier on on this hole before and it's incredibly back right like a silly bat right 133 yards pitching wedge that's it yeah good looking sharp might be a bit long actually strike looks pretty good okay i feel a little bit unlucky there i've i thought i had a good shot. But it's carried through um i'd love to nip a little wedge under this but let's be honest i also want to hit a green so put us out oh bit of a negative choice of club that wasn't it i honestly thought that wasn't going to get there big moment in the match i feel here lee do you think yeah i feel like if this drops mine doesn't it's good night vienna how's it going how did it go up there. So now it's not moved right left to right i don't mind a four there though [Music] come on let's keep it interesting [Music] i told it ah that's nice [Music] hey aye aye back to one back to one three to go sixteenth hole unbelievable this just under 460. you've got to hit it straight through the shoot of the trees and it bends around to the left yes have you told everybody how tough a drive this is today.

Time to put your big boy pants on yeah buckle up oh i played one look at that finish there watching patrick reed come on lee just knock it round the corner in a nice position pins front right plan is land it left side of the green let it just trickle down oh no no no no no it needs to be left ah here's a golf shot touch short movie come on let's nussle this in close just needs to get over that little brow not bad yeah it's just actually not gone as far past as i thought it was going to that looks good go on hold your line that was fantastic oh oh it's. So distressing distressed correct me if i'm wrong but i feel like i'm at the level now where i could say good shot westy is that all right corey westy thanks shields i've made it that it's all white out this video ah [Music] this needs to drop let's just stay in front let's stay in front with two to go. And i just don't see it missing i feel like yeah that actually has to go in that was my fault to be fair oh all square two to go seventeen par five 526 yards incredible hole oh too far right oh no kick right somehow well it's kicked straight. So we found lee's from what lee's saying going. For it he's out the equation he's he's only 210 yards away from the middle of the green as well but so what's the plan i'm winning eight and it'll get near the front i think okay chase it down yeah it might come out a bit hot mega yeah from that lie that was mega okay second shot par five you draw it over the tree let the natural slope bring it back back left pin position ah bunker trap well the good news i'm in a bunker because it's better than chipping come on just a nice splash out played one brilliant shot is that good yeah go ahead. And paint a picture lee what are you going to do well hopefully hold it a little bit it's actually got quite a lot of swing on it it's a good stroke oh i got it out too far we still got one in front we want to play right this is big this is bigger than big this is the biggest come on come on come on that's not the thing downhill right to left all the way trust the reed trust the greens big breath come on rick i don't know why he looked at me then.

Like is that given your rules it did look like it should come a little bit from there you just speed on it yeah now this is the biggest part i've ever faced in my life oh rick i. So wanted that to go in christ all right almost too much do you think what gave you that indication right okay reset yeah all level level going down the last um it's all come down to this who would have thought it would have thought it i wouldn't after nine i wouldn't have done you i don't know what you had. For lunch but a good old sausage roll 18th hole it couldn't get any worse that's why yeah that's true this is a hell of a hole 443 yards back into wind tight tee shot water protecting the front right of the green a little wall even protecting the green why not big pot bunker on the round side. And the pin but it's kind of back right okay. So it's playing the full length it couldn't be any harder let's go that's a start that looks fantastic most nervous you've been on the 18th tee yeah in at least two weeks three weeks no me too yeah yeah just taking it in my stride really. But oh that was such good falling back on all those hours of practice all those hours all those phenomenal drives those dark hours on the range that nobody sees the blisters the blood the sweat the tears all right all right yeah you're all right it's in the fairway it's in the wrong fairway. But it's in a fairway oh well it looked good for a while that till about here right second shot into 18 i've piped it down the first hole but i've actually got a line come on shields big boy shot oh okay right at the wall are you going. For the horse we're going. For the between the horse and the pink bush little low knock down driller into the heart what you're hearing seven nine okay come on let's finish with a bit of magic on the horse right that middle of the green it's lovely oh yeah there you go oh yeah golf golf shot hole in one i mean you whimped out a little bit. But i got it you want me to leave you to work out where you're going to drop it god's sake ah. So this is what i'm faced with yeah that's my ball right there can't can't play that if you do play it i want a video of it i think is it worst case if i play it it hits the wall it goes over there. And i'm not underwear when you've got to get up and down to taiwan we'll just see what the lobby even just looks like there's all sorts of bad things that's gonna happen there think of the content [Laughter]. So if i ricochet off that tree all right after dropping just chipping you know what your point eventually might be the other side of the hazard it hooked in didn't it it was definitely hooking a lot came around that tree came in this way it's pitched there. So it's probably crossed maybe even here probably crossed here so you can drop there i can't believe you didn't have a go at that [Music] okay to chip in [Music] oh [Music] excited there oh my god good shot it had a little lock yeah more than a little luck goodness me rightly come on two putts to win [Music] one. For the crowd oh okay. For bogey good snuck in right this part is to win it by one yeah well done awesome that was fantastic it is well played right on the back nine yeah yeah about nine was better guys hopefully enjoyed the video if you did make sure you smash the like subscribe to the channel check outly on all of your social media thanks to close house unbelievable venue one of my favorites ever. And uh good luck the rest of the season thank you and uh i'm sure you won't have many more challenges as hard as that no no i had to really uh dig deep there we'll see you next.