All right guys an exciting one today.

I'm here at Dunn Donald links in Scotland. For a very special scramble break 65. I'm joined by my good friends again all the way from America good good golf how's this going to work I'm gonna have a partner from good good every three holes. And we're gonna see is a scramble team can we break 65 I'm gonna kick things off with Bobby I think he's going to join me. For the first three I'm looking forward to it followed by Matt oh you ready for this I'm ready man it sounds good and then.

Luke the pros we've got Luke and then.

We've got Brad these guys are gonna bring the Firepower hopefully. And then.

Following things up at the end of the round Stephen yes sir. And then.

Finally the last three holes Garrett Clark let's go this is going to be fun guys break 65 here at Dundonald links um I've only ever done it once okay. And I don't even know if that video is out. Yet so we have our best chance okay we're gonna rip it up we're gonna work as a team. And uh I'm looking forward to this one now full disclosure the video I was gonna do was going to be me versus good good. But the way I played yesterday I played absolutely awful so we've changed the idea to make it a nice fun Scramble with lots of birdies and I've got funny feeling some Eagles are on their way all right good luck gents we'll see you in a few holes let's kick things off. For a bit let's do this let's do this [Music] let's go let's go a new man from yesterday I've always come to play today.

Rick I was like please hit the hole oh please hit the hole that is not my favorite shot I'd definitely want to be further back than that hold your head yes I think we need to start Kickstart things off we really do with a barrage of birdies I gotta be honest I think 65 is very attainable I do I'm not saying I'm might be a part of that. But you have Brad Garrett and Luke you have three very good guys so this is Post 72 it's a par 72 yeah with the course we're playing today's just under 7 000 yards we've got to get it to seven well no break. So we need to get to eight under eight under okay eight under. So really okay if we break this down it's quite simple in every group we need about one. And a half birdies so every three in every three holes within about one and a half thirties I feel quite confident the nine holes you play with Brad Garrett and Luke you'll get 800 power to them so as long as we do our part's here as well who's joining me next..

And you guys can play we know that okay. And I feel like maybe our games possibly favor or scramble the most I think they do yeah because you we can't hit good shots. But also we've got a mixture of let's say um unpredictable shots and I think that's fair to say that's a good way to put it right that's a great way to put it right. But we bring the entertainment right so let's kick things off first hole par for 434 yards uh the weather is spectacular. And it wasn't forecast so we are very appreciative it today.

You guys enjoying your time in Scotland very beautiful very much. So actually it's my first time here I'm actually Scottish my mom told me so it's pretty cool that's pretty cool right come on let's do this let's get it this is your hardest hole probably out of the three I think. So we've got this then.

We've got the shorter path four then.

We've got the par five yeah this was just all about the Jive you hit a good drive here we're in really good position with that back pain sign up. For the booty Rick let's start off strong okay good ball Rick it's not the longest Fairway though it's a fairly hit wreck it's a fairway shut it's baby steps we're gaining on it rick hit a great drive up the left side I'm just kind of swinging at it let's try. And get away up there get us inside 150. I like it let's go if that carries that should be good go on yes yeah carry that stuff that carried everything I'm telling you that was still going up as it went past my golf ball it's something weird with my game my ball striking is better when I don't warm up yeah that's weird you just have because it's no expectations you just kind of get out there. And hit it you don't think about it just whack it just whack it find It Whack It Again simple enough that's exactly what we're gonna do what we'll do. So second chance this first green 190 yards left to the flag um I said Bob was just over this bunker. But just got caught up by the roof made it much more challenging so I've got five iron I think Bobby's got seven iron let's see if we can get one get one on there get one close draw if it chases it's got a chance get up ready dinky we're on the green I think that Rick with a pin high on the green. And probably can be a little bit more aggressive now I think it's seven all day yeah I think you'll get a little downwind yeah oh talk to me be incredible love to me be incredible oh tell you this sand is a nice fluffy lie it just made sense to me that was really good still you Bobby I think which one you think I think yours there's not a lot honestly I honestly think if it wasn't. For the sand I'd like yours yeah actually while we've got up here this is mine thatch isn't terrible boobies is there I feel like we can be a bit more aggressive on your wall I like that yeah this one this one just down the hill is a bit more slippery let's go with bubbies see the thing is normally like you go if you just go. And play a scramble there's not a whole lot to it but the fact that you set the marker is 65 makes it a lot more intense. And interesting the other thing as well like we're starting this partnership today.

Like what we do is the foundations. For the whole of the score all right let's just make this part let's do it go ball that actually like a decent line come on come on come on Rick good chance tap it in oh are we tap it in we'll tap them in. For four you know what tough first hole this had a bad start next.

One's a little bit shorter then.

We've got a par five coming up next.

One we really get after it okay second hole Par Four just under 400 yards I think it plays about 390. dog leg sweeping around the corner beautiful hole actually it just requires a little fade off the tee oh beautiful drives from Rick today.

Beautiful Rick you're not the same person as yesterday I've made a few changes yeah one day in one range I really struggled yesterday I just did I couldn't figure it out at all well I probably could. But to try and fix it like that was going to be especially on the chorus if you guys are looking. For instructional content go check out Rick Shields trust me the change from yesterday today.

Has been amazing you're two. For two on Fairways where I was uh zero. For 14 yesterday that's unreal bro now I can just hammer it yeah you can go over there a little bit over the trees that's what I'm thinking I need about three six three. Or six just right over those three trees yeah simple enough I came up to the Tee Box with no T's. And no golf ball. But we're here now we're here now so you're not forgot your golf guys yeah good ball thank you that was just perfectly straight yeah sit. Or is that good oh that's perfect let's go boys what a drive that felt good I haven't had a straight drive in a minute 102 yards second shot here into the second after two really good drives we've gone. For Bubbies just to do a little bit further up closer to the green gotta miss a little left of the pin here a little left okay these are the drives we've got to take advantage of yeah got to take advantage of these yeah oh I like that Rick get up don't spin sit you gotta putt yeah it was exactly where I wanted to keep it on that left side that was a perfect shot it just didn't quite carry as far 102 yards hit a good drive take advantage of it come on you need a birdie here we do we've got a marker in there just put it closer than that love it. And then.

Don't spin oh no oh you over you just want the crap out of that thing got that screwed a lot I had 56 degree in hand. And then.

I went back and grabbed the 58. oh you got you guys I have like 17 clubs brother yeah Mommy's got Mommy's got the club yeah that's counting real quick. For y'all you ready one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen Seventeen I'm surprised I got that right you have five wedges how many wedges do I have one two three four five six seven eight nine wedges you have nine ones I got nine wedges oh why not I okay two on the green mine's closer. So we're gonna go with that one not as a not as close as we'd hoped to have been from 102 yards that was not good 102. And what was our best effort 35 feet yeah I mean we're just being blown up to people that's kind of sad yeah it's really sad come on Rick let's go let's go I was like please hit the hole oh please hit the hole it's huge I didn't want to say anything I was like please please swap into the hole that might have the most forgiving cups I've ever seen on let's just repair my pitch mark in the back of this slapped that was phenomenal that's good one under that is you just need half of 30 more. And then.

We're on Pace and we've got power five coming up beautiful third hole par five 550 yards and a really really good looking hole we played it yesterday there's a burn that runs down the right hand side then.

Cuts across the Fairway short of the green left there's plenty of room one on the par we if you really want to have every two holes get to nine under game accomplished Mission done he's a he's a game right I'm gonna go with that bone cruddle think I can reach it also I might just fade it off. But I like it over there that's fine it's actually not as thick over there as it I thought it was. But not ideal I think that's fine the crazy thing is. So obviously the John Deere classic just finished and sub Striker is 1100 through 14 on Sunday you could like we're decent golfers like by no means we're not like Road golfers. But putting two of us together you think we should have a chance you should I think we're doing 11 under 214. it's ridiculous that is mad that they can do it on their own ball right Colin Bobby you can not quite let rip as much. But I've only got one gear to be honest I really hit it poorly but it might be bad enough listen it's not ideal but I think it's fine I think we get home I do it's better than mine I'll take it. And it's absolutely fine yeah good work I'm not gonna lie I saw yours. And like just don't go over there 270. 360 flag 260. I swear I wish I had a hybrid my bag goes right from four iron to Three Wood and kind of messes me up on these yardages we need less wedges yeah I don't need nine wedges last wedges. And more Woods see the funny thing is if I wanted to put a hybrid in the bag I'm not taking anything out I just have 18 clubs okay come on another bird are here come on you have you have done more than your fair share on these first three holes thank you all right stay there stay there stop drawing that's not a bad leave yeah I think it's okay what is this window pin High left it's a tiny bit too much draw on it I think a jumpy forearm gets there I think it's a big forearm I'm here to choke up three wood 260 you said 260. thank you Rick I'm from memory that pin was quite middle. So I think even if you flew it a little bit it's not in the world key drawing ball oh. So close I didn't see it at all to be honest I think there's going to be two down there Matt I think mine's fine we just keep kind of playing if we hit the middle of our two shots you would be beautiful we've gone with mine just left at a green not a bad spot to be honest Bubbies I think Flew Over the gauze on the right hand side we've got this little pitch shot from here quirky green that Bubby into it it really is quite the undulations up there I feel like you got it obviously are you tripping it putt I mean I'm very keen to Port. But I think I might put as well it's a pretty tight lie. And it's downhill as well just a little inside where probably the players that have maybe the least amount of confidence in our short game I certainly have mine's a grown some I gotta be honest I changed one thing I changed well actually two things it makes a big difference so don't take tips for me but this is what helped me. So I instead of like a normal grip I use my putter grip now for chipping and then.

The final thing I do is just to make a more reactionary. And just take thinking out of the equation it's like I look and then.

It's ball go yeah there's no over the ball after I look I I my if my chip in confidence was maybe five out of a hundred it's definitely got to about 40 out of 100 recently okay. But I'm not quite there where I can if in practice if you're 40 I'm 41. okay I think I'm 41 I've hundred I'm. So now that I just went through and I told you I fixed my chip and I'm putting it I'm not setting myself up I'm not setting myself up for that no shot you're you're in a safe space here exactly you're in a safe space on this channel we're putting off the green right. And I think if we can two put from here we're absolutely flying plus it's Link's golf it's proper Lynx golf right up the hill it's going to swing I think you've got to give this a lot of respect to the left I think you do oh that's actually a good part that that worked out it was a good line up it starts breaking back this way Bobby yeah I think with more Pace I'm Gonna Take It up there somewhere yeah yeah I I think you can be much much firmer on it I think I can go like right at Matt's feet just outside your ball with more pace. And kind of because once it hits his ball it's gonna work this way Bobby all right need this for Eagle that'd be something not quite that hard laughs dude I got it there I mean if you don't get it there it can't go in I kind of forgot maybe maybe my speed compared to your speeds a little bit different he's like I gotta hit that a little harder don't I that was like full swing that was like full swing. For me yeah hey Bobby unloaded there oh Rick you hit a great shot this isn't too bad from down there it looked like 15 20 feet still yeah this isn't too bad it's off the right you want to start us off again you made it last time I think. So I've got about nine and a half feet okay all right come on to get to 200 come on Rick it's got to break it's got a break right in the whole wreck oh my goodness me. And you get into two under wow holy crap okay two on the par what a start of it I would say you have completed your task you made the putts I did some stuff I hit a couple drives you're at the driver shots that was class I appreciate you though because now if uh we don't get to break 65 I can check not your fault not my fault I've done my job awesome thanks pal thank you. For having me I want to keep playing this is fun. So why don't we just add it instead of just swapping a partner why don't just add another player no. But thank you guys thank you Rick for having me out on the channel I'm gonna be out here candy and helping the boys out hopefully we get the break 65. uh thank you guys for our love and support Rick I love it every time I get to hop on your channel I always have a good time out here in the UK I appreciate you having us I hope you guys are having a blessed day come on Matt. And Rick and the rest of the guys let's get to it [Music] okay new partner Matt yeah um obviously you've just seen what's happened I did I think if we can continue that Trend with flying yeah I think. So too I mean we have two par threes. And a par five all right so for us it's gonna be harder because we you know you need a birdie the perfect the par threes you need a birdie the part threes I feel like if you really want to get a jump on this so we have a kind of a long one here about 200 and something yards and then.

We do have like 150. perfect. But yeah we should hit really good shots yeah I think if we can if we can get again to 200 through three yeah I mean that's that would be if we can. And here's the good news you know if we for some reason par both par threes still Eagle par five and we're still right in there so I like it right I'm gonna go four iron all right slightly into the wind 210 yards foreign get out there great shot Rick Ricky no one this is a new man from yesterday I've always come to flight today.

That was nice that was nice you'll see some videos come out soon when I some good good Channel recently in there let's say it was the golf that I'll never want to see again I hope you'll enjoy it right well we've got one in there that wasn't I believe it. Or not I know I can say this now it wasn't crushed. So what are you gonna hit I'm hitting five yeah I clubbed up from six oh yes come on hold your line a little right hold your line you know what two nice shots that's pretty solid Yes Rick a 200 par three is never easy let's go let's go let's go. And drain one of them come on get it to three under this uh we definitely don't want mine so you can get rid of that trash this shot is looking better. And better as we get to it now I shot them up but we've these are some shots we've managed to get this one in nice. And to be honest this is a very quirky green. And I'm not sure we could have left ourselves with a more straightforward put this is nice this like I say I have all the quirky pin position well you've been putting first wait a second you've made the last two putts putting first okay we gotta have Rick go first here he's drained the last two. So I think he's got to start us off here this is pretty straight yeah same position as yesterday yeah this is just a fairly straight pin it's um pretty slow because there's a ridge right here goes straight uphill get there oh you had it oh see how slow that was yeah that was that was a bit weak I needed to be much more aggressive then.

You got it Matt yeah it's if anything it falls slightly right. But not a lot that was weird that was a bit weak that was a bit soft I should have hit that a bit more aggressively well there's two holes you've made like 50 feet apart you've done your job if we come up if we can get another one here every Epic come on such a good role dude I played that left Edge because Rick's Dove right oh wow oh in. For three you know it's frustrating like on the tea you'd probably take a path yeah. And then.

Hit that shorty line you're like oh man all right good news is part five coming up yeah high five we got it okay fifth hole 540 yards par five just sweeping around the corner slightly into the breeze as we go now playing towards the ocean um just a nice drive required Matt yeah yes sir hold on just stay over it hold on it's well over that bunker right oh you're good there bro okay it's just a little bit leaky again all right right Connor Matt you've got a little bit of Freedom that might hinder us getting there in two. But you can take it down the left with a nice draw good ball really nice ball yeah oh yeah wow it's a different couple of people playing today.

Huh we are very relieved a couple of different people playing today.

Dude I hit that really good. And we're what thousand yards away what is this 250 I can't even see the pin I can't even see the face that's got to be the hardest part of par five on the course have you got it on the sat nav yeah it just shows 250 right here it pins in the back. So you probably got about a 260 shot okay after a good drive by my 250 yards since this par Five Blind second shot we've got to be trusting of our line here 250 R3 wood we can chase one up there if we can yeah it really yeah let's chase one back there we got it. So back from memory it's about back flag into yeah it's a back flag oh it's such a good strike wrong direction that's it it's not a bad spot okay that's not a bad leave oh that's a good strike why did it turn it over. And drawing but didn't quite do it hung out to the right it's not horrendous. But you can definitely be more aggressive oh look at that little Club tour I'll even get over the hill all right we'll take Rex you can just fly it all the way there you could that's I mean the good thing is we've got a nice fluffy lies in this room yeah the only problem is we're going to be ball elevated above our feet very much above our feet it's gonna definitely turn wanna turn left I'm gonna play it short. And kind of just ruin it up yeah come on Rick I think you've done it son great shot thank you great shot thank you that was all like slow I thought I thought when it bounced it was gonna like shoot longer I actually think it hit the upslope that's a great shot I mean that's just a beautiful position Rick put us in there are you gonna go more aerial yeah I'm gonna try to go just a little bit higher yeah I think you've got to almost carry the slope yeah oh see that grabbed it pulled it left kicked down the hill. And then.

Come back down the hill come on do something let's try it trying okay no it's not going to get there dang it it just grabbed it like I said I was on that elevated slope just grabbed my club pulled it a little left luckily Rick's in there pretty solid I think we can make that birdie come on Rick we got it let's do it Rick those are two in the heart man oh great roll I feel like I I've had the Speed quite nicely the first few holes as well that's all right that is honestly dead straight unless you saw anything else from your side I don't think I did I thought it was burnt paste it's right in there oh oh that's annoying that's two the last hole in this hole right in the jaw I don't know why I just left that was too short oh my gosh oh I feel like we've let one slip there damn I think boys definitely push that you boys got it it's important part three ready to the part three we're doing part three. And Max I mean you got to hold one guy that's known. For making a hole in one come on man that would be great that would be a a parpar eagle would be phenomenal wouldn't it he's been hugging all these holding ones yeah keep them off a good good Channel well no share them share the wealth here come on man okay par three six hole beautiful hole this really nice 100. And just over well it's about 160 yards to the PIN um slightly licking our wounds there from the last helmet aren't we feels like come on we've got it we've got to finish this stretch of three with the birdie on the card oh come on Rick stay there just stay there stay there good shot great shot Rick thanks come on baby okay you know nine as well nine as well yeah I think it's a smoother one. For you I yeah I needed to hammer mine oh where's the Dr aw bro unless it gets a wild bounce come on you can hold this ball you can hold this foot Mark it's not even think about it let's just knock it in let's just do it this is not being left sure this is not I feel it you're an idiot you're right I literally I feel like I'm hitting him hard enough apparently I've done that three times in a row come on come on yeah nice part Matt let's go yes come on boys it's only half a point away well mate I I think looking at the score card that might be one of the hardest stretch of three I think I think it the two part three just makes it really tough because you need to birdie those in scrambles I mean we could off it sounds ridiculous yeah we could have easily been three under three three yeah we had some great jobs that was our longest putt we had I know the score now the team scores three under you definitely played your part. And then.

Is it Brad next.

No it's a look Loot next.

Yeah I think you'll do well with Luke I really think Luke's gonna put you in really really solid positions he could hit the ball mile too. So if you put it in play he can whack it. And uh you guys could probably get really close and so I'm just supposed to roll this thing back up it went a bit cold on those reels I know you still hit we still hit great putts and it was still a lot of fun a lot of pleasure thanks. For having me on Good Luck let's try and break this record everybody let's do it thanks Paul [Music] okay next.

To Luke. So it's Brad sorry I'm gonna go your next.

First three yep and then.

You next.

Three at the moment you don't know the scores that we're at okay well it's good news probably you might have done really well sweet okay we're currently three under three six nice all right. So it's pretty solid yeah okay that's good. And we said if we can get to one. And a half birdies every three holes we're doing pretty good the objective is to break 65.. So we've got to get eight under all right all right your next.

One's up Luke are gonna be a 391 powerful you've got three powerfuls. And they're all about the same distance all about 390. oh like drive a wedge or something in it um yeah assuming we're in the Fairway I've been hitting it at libert today.

Kind of found a bit of form. So we're good to go right should we get three birdies in a row that's what we like to see okay seventh hole Par Four slight sweeping to the left I feel like now I'm in very safe hands with Luke as a partner this next.

Three holes. And then.

Brad straight after I feel like you've been tipped as the guys that are going to give the most birdies yeah sure you never know sure if it is hard if that's our job we'll do it it is still golf. So right I'm gonna try and play a little bit better than yesterday I've got to swing a little bit more and tap there you go oh still a bit faded I think they're still yeah it's not quite brilliant we'll be okay controlling this face right Luke bombed it yesterday. So feeling Positive Vibes wombsmen I want to give you the position where I'm not going to hit it then.

Yeah okay I'm gonna let you have that I think you're safe in that category I just want to give you the freedom to smash it as RJ yeah yeah. And that's not particularly give you the freedom that's my job in this partnership a little bit of a safety net there yeah I think it's safe down there I think I got to take this pretty far left. And I just gotta I don't know I I have to trust it but it's like left of that bush I think okay I like it oh boy I hit it bad. So maybe it's it's so bad that it's good that might have found the bunker yeah I'm going to say probably bunker no I think you might have found the bunker oh boy uh-oh okay. So Luke did find the bunker unfortunately. So we're gonna go with mine um it's an interesting green this in that kind of bat left pocket it kind of gets quite slim and it's quite hard to just turn it into that back left pin just coming out the first cutter roof thank you back there stop turning peace oh that's way short what are you thinking what club you're gonna hit before I mean it's either a pretty pretty solid nine. Or a chippy eight but I don't know if I want to go chippy eight with the front flower I feel like Nine's perfect for you here all right it's pretty pretty solid like range nine iron oh it's the line is it the light the number oh I hope that's on the green not sure I know I can't tell I think that's perfect I think it's close I do nice shot by the way thanks it look it just looks really straight no well the last three puts we've had have been almost dead right yeah this would make it four in a row I mean I gotta imagine it wobbles one way. Or the other I just don't know feels like it's going to go right if anything that's what I thought too come on to get to four under got to move right wow didn't move at all if I leave another Bookshop I was literally four puts in a row I've left almost exactly that length oh luckily I hold a couple early doors. But since that the magic dusters run out you gave me the line though it's all good oh yeah that thing was trying to move right I saw it I think that feels like one that's kind of we never really was in the hole yeah I don't think particularly played it great. But we still give ourselves a chance it does kind of feel like it kind of got away from us a little bit there that one there just a fraction just a little bit Yeah okay eighth hole Par Four very similar length to the last hole this time slightly bare into the right um remember that kind of down that left sides are good yeah a good place to go yeah I think we gotta shift the target a little bit more right though because we're a little a little closer up yeah oh it's not right at all literally trying to go. So far left my face is just. So open at the moment it's all good oh yes geez go further right oh I don't know I think it's close to being fair I don't know if it is though I thought I was it's really close that was a great flight okay Luke after a good tee shot just snuck in this roof after the wind just didn't quite drift it back into the Fairway quite a narrow Fairway to hit this to be fair 89 yards to the flag it's the only protection is really that pop bunker short let's just get one in there nice. And close but I fit wind good luck it's not bad hmm we got something there yeah that was kind of moving a lot though yeah kind of drifty yeah what are you thinking I thought it was hurting I think it's just off the left. So I'm gonna go uh we'll go 55 degree basically just try to land it yeah let's try to Just Landing right on it 89. it's all right left. And right don't get right let's be the number at least ah what we're thinking Luke honestly sneaky might go with yours hey so then.

Right to left up the hill curl that's good speed yeah that was weird yeah as it was skipping it didn't seem to kind of want to turn the same thing oh couldn't trust today.

That's a mud Port thing it looks way more severe than what it is it does all right I'll knock these in there you go all right in. For another path we need Birds we do we need birds not bars unfortunately come on okay night though Par Four pretty much straight down once you get halfway down the Fairway it kicks. And runs right down to potentially a bit of a stream pre green I'm gonna hit three we just could drive the last couple hours and I've been playing ball and then.

If I can get one in play I feel like Luke can at least be a little bit more aggressive we definitely bird here online I I think that's all I know I think he's a bit too far right I think if you can go left to that windmill okay just left I mean I don't think that's in danger yeah fingers crossed I think if you can go left that windmill all right an absolutely just new Quad all right all right I'm gonna go with uh I'm gonna go with the three wood it's like 340 to the water which I mean driver probably isn't getting there I don't know it might we're downwind. But pin's also in the front as well so it's gonna be hard to get real close if we get too close to the green ball hell of a ball here we go perfect step one done it's that well and done okay 54 yards after Luke's tee shot we were hoping to be a little bit further back yeah hit a three-word to be further back. And I'm still too close you didn't actually kill that three what uh 54 yards over I mean the stream's not obviously hopefully not too much of an issue. But bunker and then.

It's kind of quite a bit downhill yeah once it hits the green one all you gotta do is just carry this thing 43 yards that's at the top of the hill that's like all you gotta do okay let's land it 43 yards then.

Oh oh about 143 yards it's all good that is not my favorite show I'd have definitely wanted to be further back than that it is definitely yeah this is a real awkward yardage it's not really quite a pitch shot it's not really a wedge shot ah here we go Selena just passed across the hill oh that's too far nice give us a chance yeah we got a chance I sat down pretty quick after that first time it's pretty uh it's pretty tough from there yeah I haven't really been doing my job of getting getting this real close. But do my job of getting the security. So you can go. For it either so we both Let each other down a little bit on this yeah we just make a putt it just kind of equals it out it's all good that looks really good do it oh that's such a good try sheesh I thought you did it I did because that's just a bit of speed yeah a little bit. But I thought it was just going to go at the last day tough to get picky with the speed I mean that's that's solid speed it's like a foot past the hole oh oh we got to make up some ground here hopefully with this putt all right that one dove oh man come on damned if you do damned if you don't in some sense there's you had no real clear opportunities. For birdies there they were four fairly straightforward par fours. But they weren't like driving a flight yeah we had an opportunity on the first hole. But didn't quite take advantage of that and the other holes I just felt like I should have hit it closer I just didn't quite do it you. And me both brother you me both it's all good that's how golf is it is we've got to go five on the back nine now yeah I think Brad's can pick up three birdies I think you can help help us out here he's playing pretty solid okay I think. So we've got a nice little par three coming up a little shorter right good work Luke thanks for joining us of course Brad up next.


Three holes at about nine already let's do it ground here we've just I'm not blaming Luke. For everything there okay. But quite a lot of it yeah I mean I got promised birdies with Luke yeah he's just not delivered at all. But if we go through birdies that's 300 through the six holes of me and Luke you know I'll give him a birdie and a half yeah help me out right tento um I think it's just a pretty much straightaway Par Four come on bro yeah let's do it let's get started [Music] good Par Four tenth hole you've got a nice little run actually because you've got the this hole's fairly strong then.

We've got the short par three which is like a wedge. And then.

We've actually got that short-ish uh 12th hole we'll be back into the breeze on 12 but yeah I'll still be a driver flip a wedge should be. So yeah that's a little space it's got three under on these holes you are one of the latest recruits. And you're a professional golfer as well I am yeah I'm trying to right now I kind of mix a little bit of both. So dude yeah I'm pro golfer slash YouTuber. So enjoying life oh yeah it's been awesome it's been fun let's do I'm going to try. And put you I'm going to try. And put mine in play a bit more so you can smash it perfect I like it foreign two. And a half days oh I'm not sure about that Brad I'm afraid I wasn't able to hit the ball great yesterday but I'm hoping that was just a travel day you know try to get something going today.

These three holes yeah good ball when they just hold that up nicely yeah pal thank you I think I cut it Up Against the Wind enough it'll be just perfect okay second shot here on 10. just snuck in the first cutter rough 155 yards after Brad's good strong t-shirt uh winds really started to pick up now until all of a sudden it is yeah this requires like a little low flighted Hold It Up Against the Wind. And just let it drift back in towards the flag I've got a time I'm going to go straight that TV tower that's being built in the back stay there enough Club stay there oh just stay short it's a shot good shot yeah it's all over it. But just a touch shot took a bit too much off it I think I'm gonna go nine iron I think kind of the same idea let's try to start at the right edge of that Tower let it drift left just gonna have to take a little bit off of this nine iron wind hits it hard wow cut up into the wind yeah I thought that wind is going to keep dripping I did start drifting over right we're gonna go with Brad's just off the side of the green here we need something special to take place now we can make this we can definitely make this oh simmer it's turned a lot at the end good speed though yeah yeah great speed to see how much it you're gonna get it rolling you've got to keep it down this right side I think I'm going wedge I think I would respect that if I could I respect it if I could do it I would do it I like chipping a lot. So that's good yeah I think yeah just landed about I don't know a yard yard. And a half on and breaking a little left oh it gripped oh gosh you gotta hit it it gripped ah hard lines right online for our power there's a birdie drought right now there is we've got a short par three next..

And then.

We've got a fairly shortish Par Four but we need to we need to really turn these birdies off yeah no questions asked beautiful part three here on the 11th at Dundonald 120 yards to the flag uh into brizo. So I'm gonna hit a little low-flighted 99 travel get up travel oh yep pretty good really nice that's really good I think we blow the hole too yeah sure it's good mate thank you that's uh yeah happy with that I thought it wasn't quite gonna get there. But thanks [Laughter] 120 yards I got a pitching wedge um I think the same same idea as Rick just hit a little low flighted ball three quarter I think Rick's pretty close let's see if we can uh get this one even a little bit closer that would be nice to distribute these Holy One content oh that's not low I'll work out though might be good though travel a bit travel a bit travel a bit oh stop okay. So getting down here two on the green but we managed to get one nice and tight here we've got to capitalize nice nice there we go nice do you need me open the floodgates you did say that's where the full Gates start it's true yep it's true make another one next.

Door let's open them up yeah I like it I like it 12-0 Par Four straight back into the wind beautiful looking hole as we start to see the Isle of iron in the background. And the um what did we say this was Luke the first thing birth of Clyde first of Clyde according to Google the ocean yeah yeah water water right uh on a calm day this would be a fairly straightforward hole it's just with it being straight back into wind you can try. And play a little low flighted driver foreign you found your shot that was backed up there it is yeah I think you can be a little bit left of that yeah remember you real quick all right that gives me the freedom to go up there. And we're going down there further well we're taking yours Rick yep we'll go with mine okay after a really nice kind of stinger driver we've managed to find the middle of the Fairway 86 yards left into the flag wind is blowing though how much do you think it's going to affect it Brad I mean I'd say it's playing even with the flighted ball probably playing about 95. I think yeah. So I'm gonna try and squeeze like a really low Sand Wedge in there yeah come on another birdie back to back could be good should be good good do it all Rick do it all Rick stop whoa settle yeah good shot still a good look. For it that's awesome yeah a bit too much I thought I was gonna dunk. For a second there I got a lot of boys this is exactly what me. And Quan are talking about earlier what dream I just I'm not a fan right now of hitting things softly I've never been a fan of that I hate it. But I know if I hit lob wedge it's going to be had to be kind of like your shot just low. And flighted but it's gonna have so much spin but I'm doing it I'm doing it and again not low at all but might work out it's been a bit the how's the loss see that's why I don't do that if I hit 50 on it I just don't trust the soft shots right now yeah I find that I find it hard to say a line yeah that's just I feel like I just kind of almost try to guide it when I'm trying to get soft sometimes instead of like hit it soft. But committing to it yeah it's just tough. For me something I definitely need to work on quite a bit but I think we got a pretty good look up there. For it yeah. For the bird got an opportunity yeah okay. So not much in it between mine and Brad's second shot into this green so we're going with mine just because it's a slightly straighter put come on oh you're an absolute idiot Rick that's dead straight yeah the reader's spot on oh you're an absolute idiot you can't when you watch this video back. And you'll see when we do the lads honestly it should have been about nine under by now it's all right I have no excuse to miss this this is the dead straight to read all I have to do is hit my line. And get it there and I shove the crap out of it um what are you doing through it's not 12. yep we think me. And Quan let you down a little bit let's team down okay [Laughter] foreign ER how's it going thanks pal yeah um at the moment we are really leaned on you now yeah I heard I heard that me. And Gary gotta pull some things together oh yeah. So currently we're four under okay we need to get to eight okay we've got six holes left now in that however. I think there's two par fives okay. And then.

Uh where are we up to yeah there's two par fives. And only one path three okay which is that tough one in the corner that's. So that's like a part we need to get a part on that at least yeah. So we need we've got work to do yeah. But we can do it yeah all right I believe feeling good yeah um this whole a cracking hole straight down uh Railway track down the left-hand side ditch just in front of the green. But really just want to drill one down there uh I'm gonna try and hit that Stinger again that just hit on the last okay stop fading that's fine I mean it's safe not exactly where we needed to be it's safe enough come on you got this I thought this is where your you perform best where it usually scrambles no practice no no no we'll see what happens foreign come on baby get left I'll bounce real badly yeah I'll tell you what. For the first swing of the day that wasn't terrible yeah everyone just getting warm we'll be we'll be good we'll be good what are you looking at 117 oh perfect what a drive Rick thanks pal it wasn't quite the best I've hit. So far today.

But it's better than a lot of other drives I've been hitting uh this is a great whole list. So it's got a little ditch to get over that's probably about playing 105 yards big backstop at the back but we experimented yesterday it's just not going to come down like a hill. So we just got to pitch it in close you like normally going first don't you yeah I usually go first. But and I'll keep going first travel a bit travel a bit is that just a bad strike that was just I just yeah I didn't hit it good. And I I quarters long probably okay A little 50. I'm gonna go three quarter 50. wind go a little bit oh that's not what we want to see that's not what we like to see that one hurts I feel like there's a little more wind up there than we thought yeah because I actually thought it was going to be a good number then.

You know yeah front of the green not ideal. But magic can happen there we need to chip in we do we absolutely do part five coming up next..

But this is one of the easier par fours we're playing oh nice that was a notch yeah I went a little crazy I tried you gave it a go yeah the other thing we can't do is making any bogus. So yeah that we can't do that go go go oh that was a good try oh dude that was really sneaking as well yeah par five coming up next.

Thanks pal yeah Eagle required it's only one way. For it we need we need to be getting on this into it's slightly done leg right called not yet driver particularly great this is the time we actually bomb one that's gotta be good get a life kick yeah what a drive I thought that was pretty good it's one of the better ones at least I'm just gonna go after it yeah I think you're good now pal yes that's a great ball thank you yeah we need a we need an eagle yeah we do after those two drives that was pretty sick yeah okay after two pretty solid drives it's pretty much next.

To each other we've gone. For Steve's just because it's a slightly better angle into this flag 221 yards we need something baby we need something are you gonna hit I have a forearm. But I might hit a Hybrid is it the winds is wind just help in a fracture yeah I really only got four iron to be honest yeah I got four round then.

Two iron I think four rounds enough. For you okay let's go after Chase let's get a run I'm gonna have to chase okay I'm gonna do a four iron as well we're just in the rough. So hopefully gonna get a bit of a jumper out of this lie as well come on baby let's get it on there you know what that's all right I was one of the worst Shanks I've ever met in my life that hill. And the way it kind of just gets in your head it stuff happens boys okay Steve's ball actually finished in a decent spot just short right of the green we've got this little bank to get over. For our third show for holex and eagle and very much needed one yeah you liking to look at this this looks good if we make an eagle that'll put us back on track just a bit lovely strike oh do it baby do it a tapping birdie I'll take that that was really nice thank you let's give me the freedom to go. For a little bit more that was. So good all right I'm gonna try and big learned a little bit off Steve's there go go yeah oh my god oh we needed that man yeah what a weird game hey what a weird game eagle gets us to six under go go yeah that was amazing brother good job six under nice well then.

Truly back on track okay wow after coming off the high of that chipping eagle 15th par three try straight straight back into a little bit of Breeze 191 yards calm down six under very much back on track as our mission is to try. And get to eight under to break 65. if we get one more birdie that makes your that last three holes are gonna be easy. And there's a nice power fast to finish down Breeze par five with Garrett I feel like you can get another Eagle you like six. Or five I've currently got my hand on a five iron but I think I think you would see a club longer than me okay. So I think six is probably good okay oh it's got in the Wind got about that somehow go uh just short of the grain oh leaked it ah I think we have to play you'll see that's all right that was a bad strike that's okay okay front of the green not not horrendous it could have been a lot worse yeah uh we just got a couple of banks to get over. And then.

We've got to get up on that top tier up and down par we'll be fine I mean a very unlikely back back to back chipping bye strange things happen never know that Hill go a little short all right I'm going to pulse it I think if you do stiff that close I think I would have chipped it yeah we can't afford to be making no bogey sakes good part Rick oh it's fine gonna lies that was really tracking this is where after the excitement of the last hole we need to concentrate it's not any silly mistakes slip in here nicely done nicely done no mistakes you know what two under three three holes that's good really good you matched uh Bobby yeah yeah he also got two under three three who would have thought the two worst golfers we get the four under I think our games molded into each other better probably yeah I think it just shows we've got tremendous amount of skill. But we've just not got the consistency potentially but as a team with formidable Gareth is up next.

Last three holes he's sticking around. For it yeah I'm gonna watch this last three holes we've got to get two on the power in the last three come on we can do it thanks Steve that was very very good partnership pleasure brother thanks brother [Music] new partner entered Garrett we've got three holes left to go yep okay currently am I kind of nervous. For this what do we call it later we're trying to break 65. we've got to get to eight under okay we're currently six under oh okay yeah I don't mind that oh really doesn't work mine is Steve's Eagle two holes ago really helped that's a third I heard you chipped in I did I did. So we've got three holes left to go we've got to go uh part three it's two par fours and a par five um this one's an interesting one this is not the easiest in the world. And then.

From memory the 17th it's pretty straightforward yeah 18's not a given part it's not a given Birdie on 18. yeah it's all Drive determined like if we hit the fairways here I think we can do it I think we can do it there's some berries there currently the best partnership Me. And Bobby shot 200 through three okay I mean Steve shot two under three three I'm saying the worst golfer is in good good dang all right me. And Luke level path that's funny how that works Luke played unreal yesterday too that's that's great right so 200 to get through these next.

Three to get into under 65. great Par Four this really good looking hole wins just off the right I'm just trying to hit a little drill Stinger down there foreign work I like seeing that frees me up that's my been my role for the last few but for most of the day to be honest try and get it in play and then.

Let these guys give it a rip all right see what we can do it's up the right side yeah. And draw here that's the goal ride the wind yeah it's pretty good oh look at that go it's got a bit of turn on it calm down ball yeah that landed soft it did okay we don't mind that I think it's a good spot pal I think that's good right 186 yards oh is it it's in two off the ride it's two. And off the right are you thinking six. Or seven oh no I actually got six. Or five it's early for me so still get still getting kind of loose but what do you think I've got five you got five yeah I'm gonna try. And drill draw a five iron in there I think I'll probably hit six I like five. For you I think that's the number that little drawer I think there's a lot of wind up there they're 100 is because when I drive ah moves sideways it's gone into a little Valley where you guys were yesterday actually is that pin high I would presume it is if not a little bit long all right it's definitely not short stop oh no Rick we've got to be chipping one in yeah I mean we like to say we've got a we've got to get two on the par. For three holes so can't and I mean cannot afford to make bogey okay. So both golf balls pretty much finish pin High to the left um it's got this little Ridge to get over and then.

It flattens out and starts to slope away from us yeah I mean one thing that I keep forgetting is these greens are soft. So you can probably carry it over that initial little knob you see what I'm saying yeah okay that's what I'm gonna try. And do would you want to go first sure you go first yeah that's good put a benchmark down you're the one who just chipped in I I like the new line here I think I would have chits in because steers put it to about two foot. And it gave me the freedom yeah hopefully I can do the same oh yeah it's it's soft it was soft that was pretty nicely played to be fair thank you yeah I mean if you carried over that Ridge it's pretty straightforward yeah I'm actually going to just go straight more. For it then.

I like that I like that a lot Landing That's So Soft though that's not bad it's not quick but yeah it just didn't quite get it online oh Yes Rick yeah not the greatest stroke in the world. But it's in there it's in there I don't know what it was just looking at that pot I I did not want to have to hit that. So so thank you right it's quite simple we've got two to play we've got two under about 65. here we go 17th hole Par Four dog leg left 404 yards but slightly wind helping now off the right kind of shoulder I'm gonna hit three with over the bunk with a little drawer and putting put us in play and then.

Garrett can go a bit more aggressive I like it I like it once if we get a tee shot away becomes a much easier second shot yes that's money I love that I think that's actually it should be good I'm trying to go probably similar line with a little draw yeah a little after that as long as it stops turd. And that should be good I think I hit it well it we'll see we'll see it's gonna be on that line oh my only worry is this wind up there it's 97 yards I got a 60 degree. And to be honest it's one of those things if I hit this High I probably have to play this 15 yards right so I think that's my goal I'm just gonna ride the wind. And uh hope it pushes it left towards the pin if we miss and we have 10 footer up the hill on the right side that's fine what are you going with I'm gonna go 55 degree what did you just say what's that what you hitting 60 yeah yeah I think you've got it from experience yesterday yeah you've got to stick it in. And like let it let it grip quick yeah. So everything runs through this lie actually we've pulled a bit of a good one because even though we're slightly left the target we're in this little path area you and me first you go okay foreign pal yeah yeah that's good that I reckon that's going to be one of those ones that looks a bit closer when we get down there as well yeah I think we might have about 10 feet there. So quit turning hit that bank and then.

Grabs your ball all right yeah we've got a couple of similar shots that's it yeah I think yours might be just fractionally closer all right that was that was uh deceiving that was weird yeah I thought yours was gonna be one of those ones that looked good as we got closer to it. But I'm actually going to play mine needs to go in we've got to hold this you didn't turn I think I pulled I think I pulled it a touch yeah. But that you had the line on it so you gave me a good visual there okay ah it's annoying it's quite a bit downhill as well from the side straighten oh yeah yeah yeah that's right par five oh come on oh that stings that really stings I feel like 97 yards left in there we've missed the chance we've missed a big challenge I've let you down oops I'm sorry don't let me down do you don't worry oh no make it up on the last 18th par five quite simple we've got to make eagle okay last hole 550 yards the wind is helping us it's on our side we've just got to hit a bomb. And then.

We need to knock it on yes Yes Rick no that's great that's a perfect angle well that was a terrible that was a terrible amount can't even sugarcoat that one that was just oh well anyway it freed you up a little bit yeah that was a bad bounce oh it drew too much hold your head up no I gave it a rip too all right this is it 247 yards yeah let's do it foreign get a good bounce thing it's on the green I think it's on the green yeah yeah we're playing we've got a chance at this I never saw it that was weird until it went. And it got lost I'm gonna try and hit a Cutty three wood in there I think three was too much yeah try. And chop one in there come on come on Rick oh God come on sit okay okay well that's pretty good. And we've got a chance but we've drafted in the full team I think. For the last hole considering as a full team we're trying to shoot break 64 I think the last. Or 65 the last hole we're gonna play as a seven man scramble okay it's all hit from here I mean that's all right we've got a chance there. But I think if we can get one closer than that would be great okay all right Steve come on foreign flight if I started that left that would have been money probably would have been in the hole if you started that 20 yards left yeah probably to slap the pen all right one down come on boys [Music] okay [Music] Matt Sharp goodness come on I'll be amazing [Applause] that was awesome wow that was Unreal be good come on come on come on come on what wow landed at Rick's did it I'll tell you what from 247 to get three on the green though. So that's pretty good let's put it inside a Mac one we're good let's try it well all right nice work guys right seven puts seven opportunities for an eagle here on the last all right boys come on now right this is it final hole seven opportunities at it listen we've tweet the rules a little bit. So what we're allowed to do that um to finish the video. And to get in the eight under par come on boys come on 64. for effort our own Hall we might not have to put it together all right yeah we get to go we get to go to set 64. I've got a funny feeling Karen's gonna hold it oh my gosh am I going what the come on Rick I know yeah all right there's something going on with this putt there's something going on with this putt right right I mean I play that left to a hole yeah you just need a little more you got a problem I do okay go on then.

With the help of my good good friends can I make this pot. And get us in at 64. yes come on there we go guys thanks. For watching be sure to like And subscribe check out these wonderful wonderful people good good golf check it out Link in description and that is it dude yes well done guys thanks. For your efforts and team well done I wish I'll see you next.

Time peace.