All right guys welcome back to another match rick shields versus good good and in today's episode we've got bubby how you doing how you doing i feel like it's gonna be a fun one i think it's gonna be mad fun we're definitely gonna bring the energy i'm honestly. So stoked to be over here across the pond last time i was here i was 16 months old it doesn't really count. But now i will actually remember this trip. And yeah i'm. So excited thank you. For having us out shout out jcb the course is absolutely beautiful i guess we're going to get right into it you want to explain to them how it's working this guy's a natural right thank you you can explain it go. For it you want me to go for it all right y'all i'm a natural talking i don't go off too well so the way it's going to work is rick is obviously a superior superior golfer here. So i'm going to get two shots we're not sure exactly what i was saying we're actually agreed on three shots yeah yeah oh he's done. For now i'm getting three shots on this nine and we're actually gonna start here on hole nine a par three the pins tuck like two paces on it's a mad tough hole the track does look tough we filmed the video earlier today.

That was a lot of fun check that out if you haven't already on rick's channel. And while you're here hit that subscribe button hit that like button drop a comment we appreciate y'all but yeah this is going to be a mad fun match there's a natural youtuber right natural youtuber you've also got micah is a little bit of background support today.

I do have micah that'll be good hopefully you're going to work well as a team yeah we got all team tubby here yeah i think i'm going to be taking care of the pins. And uh i'm going to read putts. For both people if you want it yeah yeah i think. So so guys sit back relax enjoy it nine holes me versus puppy it's gonna be epic now because we're playing a hybrid of some of the best holes here at jcb bobby's gonna get shots on the second the fifth and the seventh let's go right you ready let's get it let's have a good game play well best of luck have a good match it's going to be fun you like 52 miker yeah i think 52 is good that looks good come on win that should be oh good distance that's great distance up from there it's not a bad shot that's okay that is absolutely fine that surprised me i wasn't expecting to make that good contact that's perfect okay i only got 50 degree i still don't think it's a full full wall i don't think. So it's good i put a very light swing on mine so i'm going to go slightly right at the flag as well oh i've chunked it it's on the grass. But that is absolutely atrocious if it's dry you got a chance you never know where the ball's gonna go that was really bad strike i backed off it too much okay. So after uh chunking my t-shirt luckily luckily it stayed on dry land in this fringe grass here bubba's just off the green a little chip and put from here wouldn't be out of the question sit nice shot all right this is big if i can lag this up there close put some pressure on them that was pretty good oh yeah thank you incredible speed okay all right this is this is the effort we like to see look at this he's uh what's his name camilo village yeah remember the spiderman dude it's not quite as athletic this one though is it right just coming in off the green pretty flat pretty straight anything just going to fall left oh move left on me. So quick that's good i won't use this i won't use this quote much but good good good good thank you brother for you to go for you to go for you to go one up well done ah that was annoying little start really bad wedge shot it's only a short hole from there. But if i'm getting a bit if i'm not quite committing to my shot i'm seems to be duffing it a bit so bobby gets a shot on the next.

Part five coming up bobby what does it feel like to win. For the first time shut up no honestly all that feels good it feels good to get out here get off the plane last night. And first real golfo we play catch a dub feels nice i gotta i gotta make sure i keep it going though because we have nine holes of golf here we don't often play nine holes of golf in good good videos it's only like one whole matches. Or like a six hole challenge so i gotta try and keep it dialed in all nine holes here i got my coca-cola we're gonna be chilling i wish i had a cigar we still gotta find those for tonight we're gonna have a nice barbecue it is. So beautiful out here though to be honest it's stunning it's the second hole we're gonna play here part five sweeping kind of to the left and more more to the right bubby's honor that might be a bit too far left okay left edge of those trees oh there's beautiful perfect good ball rick that should be good that's squared up too all right y'all we gotta make our way up there we're gonna have to trek these these whatever thorny things they got here got me earlier pretty good my legs bleeding a bit. And we gotta try and find my ball i'm pretty left i think i'll be all right if i find the ball it's a part five i can recover. And also i get a shot here so with that getting a stroke we just gotta find my ball and i'll be just fine so here's the deal here's the deal you gotta start thinking a little more strategically i don't think when i golf really just admit it in this case you gotta think if you hit that ball in the you know it's bad bad caddy is on my part you should have told me to put the driver away what do i hit just a six. Or seven iron over there you see the like first hump and second half yes it's right over the second half here let me let me i'm about i'm gonna get to get serious here i'm gonna go i'm gonna go up. And look got to skip him he's got it stay up there and watch it too wow what are you doing over here man i told you a fairway is a fairway that's what i was telling the camera i think there's just got to be an iron back over the hill in the play i think. So right there micah what club seven i'll hit the eight wait do you have eight i have eight i'll hit eight right over you yeah hit eight right over me all right okay katie's got me all set up yeah you're good to go i do yeah i know i agree you just like i feel like you walked over here with the three-wood. For a bluff i mean three words. For my eyes okay you could go three would straight. For the green here trying to play mind games that's right over here all right right over micah i just thin it and just catch him 250 from the front edge of the green from here i think the wind's gonna be fine am i good thank you okay second shot after bubby's adventure from going over on the eighth back into our fairway unbelievable recovery i'm 270 60 yards really to the front edge of the green pins front right i'm just gonna try a hammer three without it cut it against the window touch wind this could be good wind this could be good i think just short short right just sure right good lead good leave i got a stroke here though that's it that's it that's a play right there i'm popping oh that is oh that's really good draw don't go too big oh that's a wonderful golf shot thank you very good pin high just to the right i'm surprising myself i don't know who this man is what'd you do with bubbe i'm pointing. For eagle that's all i know four for three thanks micah listen if you don't get every divot today.

I'm not tipping you okay third shot of mine pulled up just short of the green uh not not a terrible leave pins kind of tucked quite front. So i'm just in the rough i don't feel like i can land it on the green. And get it to stop it's a couple of sprinklers just short of the green i'm gonna try and fire it into the bank there and get it to kind of check and stop i'm just gonna go a little 56 degree that was a strange kick when it landed it didn't hop up as high as i wanted it to i caught it a tiny bit thin that might be to do why i didn't quite catch. But we're on the green we're putting for birdie okay birdie opportunity long range very difficult to get close that pin just needed the right hop. But either way this next.

Shot's up the hill everything's sweeping left this really needs to go in or certainly nestle nice and close [Music] a little bit more needed than five that's good yeah that's good i mean okay. So i'm in for five bubby's got a shot and he's putting for birdie so not looking good he's played this hole nicely though out position off the tee great recovery beautiful shot into here two port he wins this hole [Music] oh needed a bit more i thought i hit that got the mark i am unprepared all right rick i'm trying to i'm trying to leave you in this you're just fired a little left to right so par which with his shot would mean a birdie which would mean he'd win this hole see much in it ah left edge okay left edge team very nice thank you very nice it was moving thank you it was two holes played this man rocks up because par par to go two up okay our third hole that we're playing today.

Par four sweeps around to the right hand side there's a little stream that cuts through the front of it requires a near perfect tee shot just to really open up the green you probably want to hit it about 250 off this tee what are you thinking pal i'm just going to play with the left side with an iron. And leave myself a full wedge in so i'm thinking that's actually not a bad play at all beautiful thank you very good very good thank you bringing your a game i am okay i only got three i'm going to take it over the bunker just a little bit good shot oh yo i got my crisps playing good game feels solid. So got to keep the foot on the gas the other day we were at a restaurant she said do you want some crisp. And i said what is that she looked at me like i was like stupid american i will say my favorite thing to do over here afternoon tea i absolutely love it some milk. And sugar oh my god it's beautiful afternoon look at how beautiful this hole looks i'm sure you all will see it after we're done talking here with this golden hour sun coming up it is beautiful what have you got i got 154 to the pin okay i got a pitching wedge i feel like the wind's helping off the left a little bit not the gray i like it to me this is just like a really big golf green because if i miss right i'm going to putt it of course i love that place that's how i'm looking at it it's a hell of a strike you have to get down sit give me give me a putt oh good night you're roasted these clubs are hot bro how far was it 150. And it the wind was even hurting a little bit no the wind was helping off the left i don't mind it there [Music] honestly i would rather this is going to sound crazy i would rather chip out of that than chip out the fairway the tight lies my game gets all wonky wonky's good right wonky's good okay 125 yards um it's slightly down breeze i'm gonna chip a little 50 degree in there i don't think it needs a real hard one. And again you know what i like what bubby said that front section of the green the fairway is basically green because i'll certainly be putting from there as well place there's a no-no is left. So i need to remember that yeah left the door open a little bit here let's see if you can try. And keep it alive i think it's gonna i think i feel like she had a good one here let it come when let it see you're putting though that's exactly good that's all right i don't mind that right bubby what we thinking here pal. So what i'm thinking what's actually going to happen it could be two big different things i'm looking at it it's landing right in the rough just a little bit it falls out beautifully just trickles over finds its way into the bottom of the cup i love it manifest it oh that is my that is unbelievable you could not have landed that in a better spot. And if you hit that 100 more times you can hit that 100 more times. And you're not going to do that you got to be kidding me right now um right i still have to remember this. For birding to win the hole just off the right hand side slightly up the hill oh i'll go a bit go a bit of break in it it did. And it slowed down quick okay. For par after the most incredible incredible chip out what smooth the pound to put the pressure on i am bamboozled by this that's a big word for you that up and down that up and down a bit is absolutely ridiculous like there's only one word i can say to describe that up. And down lucky it is like it is very lovely you hit a great shot. But i'm telling you you put anybody there with 10 tries and it's going to be hard to get it you think rory's doing better than that i mean it the bounce that it got through the through the thick rough is just unbelievable okay to halve the hole good put it good putt oh wow you've really you're really putting it on me this is fun this is fun three holes played. But we just two up so the getable part four it's playing at 282 to the front of the green 295 to the middle uh winds just a little bit down and off the right water kind of wraps around all the way around the right hand side but left is your friend on this t if you go on the left hand side you've got half a chance it might kick down to the right you know three wood yeah i like to what you get i've currently got driver. But that was to intimidate her just to see what you did i think i made three woods because i think i'm possibly even three was as well because it's like missing in the fescue here ain't too bad yeah as long as you find it it's not crazy thick you can still get out of it pretty good yeah you're good john's gonna hit it up there on the left side. And try it or it could go right [Laughter] are you doing to me come down is it calm does it come down i think it got stuck up that's a good spot though okay i've got to step up now. And hit a big boy golf shot three wood oh just anywhere just inside yours would be fine um i've never seen you in a shop like this is off the ride because i've engulfed in chicago. So i have no expectations yeah yeah landing it near yours is pretty smart i mean like especially if you're just a little bit short it'll come down the hill okay let's do it oh it's even better talk to me [Music] feeling out the slope right here there's definitely plenty of gravity here to maintain its pace because once it gets here there's another downfall all right i'm land it right here. And try and make it roll in between the sprinkler heads [Music] hey it went between the sprinkler heads i did sit that's good i'll take it. For staying on that show some days you're the windshield some days you're the bug today.

I'm the windshield everything's clicking. For me okay. So after hitting it towards the front edge of the green i've got a slightly easier shot than bubby i've got to be honest um but but still a lot of slope to contend with you have to aim this down the left hand side and almost the more left you go the more it's going to swing right i just need to find out the perfect amount without it kind of going silly. And getting right down there bubby's golf ball i think i've got a good amount to go. For here okay two foot needed a bird he needed settle slow now that's good speed that's good speed slow that's a good part yeah it's not bad from there i'll take that could have could have got really slippery that that's a really good putt see what's in it no strike straight up the hill maybe inside left let's put a garage. And see if it finds the bottom of the cup you're looking good with this roll with the flag by the way back i've got to say you're really owning it right now yeah if i keep playing this one i need a kitty you're available on weekends [Music] right. For birdie and to put pressure on me after this would be an incredible open back arguably better than even like the last hole [Music] head straight dead straight sigh of relief that's good pick it up that's good thank you right this one slides a little bit it does slide a little bit it really does i'm going to drop this on from the outside of the hole giving the hole away on a three footer yeah i just got to trust keeping it high high side of the hole right in the center okay four holes played bobby why not one up you got the t-box here rick okay part five water down the right side bunker's up the left now you've got a shot on this hole i do stroke here i pop here oh is that gonna get down sit i don't think. So oh yeah let me just see. So after playing this of course i took it and it went right over that chute i've hit driver there so you need to hug this side all right you're good yeah cutting forward good good good good good good i've got i've got three wood here again i got a good visual after how i hit it last hole yeah yeah not. So good just gonna trust it up that left side get through what is going on right now where did he hit it whoa it went right through that tree didn't it it went through every single tree we'll find it no if you actually went that's not possible that's going to be really weird that's not possible you can't even see daylight dude it's not you know they're not even trees that's a wall which it was through the tree line what do you mean lying i can't tell you it just went through either 90 air right i can't believe it not the stump part not the one i keep in oh my god that's. So funny okay. So after actually hitting the top of this tree which to be honest i think save me going from the water over there it's popped down bubby how he missed every single tree. And his end up there on the left on rough but he's got a shot on me here so but i don't think he can do a lot from here i think he has to lay up. And i have to be honest i have to lay up i should be able to get further down on this layup anyway i'm gonna see what he does first all right y'all i got mad lucky it somehow made it through that fortress wall of trees. But it caught a branch at the very end i ended up right here though i'll take it you can't hit a shot like that beggars can't be choosers now i gotta go right over micah put it back in play put some pressure on rick trying to take advantage of that stroke i'm getting right over you he's so short i can't see him that's perfect i'm gonna hype myself up for a bit that literally could have not gone more directly over him okay. So he's put it in a great position to be honest i'm just gonna have to retaliate with a little bullet of my own oh that felt bad actually might be okay though not my best hit let's get to the water huge fairway. And i didn't get it down there why does part of the fairway got a bit scared of that water right i'm 160 away on a slightly downhill. And awkward nasty little lie pins just over that bunker you're in absolute prime position really need to pull something out here now drop drop drop one let's get in the middle of the green good shot oh bro you keep getting those fringe boosts i do that's the third time what golf ball am i using you guys how fun are you holding back a little bit got a vulva back onto the putting surface that's okay i don't mind that shot what did you have the rough plot there i had an 8 iron oh my god you hit that. So far i think i had a good bat michael sprinkler head you hit that. So far it was a flight it was a flyer just an absolute flyer can't just give it to me i nuked it okay all right y'all i got 145 left in a pin i'm gonna try. And step on a sand wedge here whoa now i got p wedge what's gonna say christ p wedge here let's see if we can play it in it might get a kick off that left side. So that's what i'm looking at okay you've got shots you're in good spot right now oh yeah i'm popping here you guys don't say that do you we will start sick start it perfect where's rickett not his ball the actual human dumbass where's ricky right there he's on the green all right y'all to be honest with you those were two very mediocre shots at best. For me and rick there well actually rick's was good because he had a tough lie mine was definitely subpar just weird in golf it's good to be subpar i'm gonna do another chip micah i think i gotta land it just on it's gonna break a little bit to the left like it i like it. So you got to offer well you see the way that you've been shipping i'm just going to agree with you because it just reinforces reinforces i've always been a caddy i've never i've never had a caddy i'm getting used to it i like that you think i got to carry it more on though i think. So i would keep it along the high side though because it breaks hard to the left no way i thought i'd get it y'all could probably well you can't hear silence. But you'll be able to tell it got real quiet there wow for a second when i was tracking i got told you can't chip wait i got told you can't chip i got a lesson i got a lesson in chicago about a month ago okay birdie put here on this par five sweeping down right to left oh this is a great speed oh my gosh what a putt that distance control is is is incredible from there downhill the whole way i must admit i feel like yeah this match i've definitely had the distance control a little bit more directly a successful putt there okay this is to win the hole to go two up left edge bob it's uphill oh how did that not move it stayed out there that was a good part as well it was a confident pot that's good yep that's good thank you sorry i forgot about that four to go bubbies one up okay here we go the sixth hole in our match the iconic 17th here at jcb 210 yards playing to the pin. But 255 yards on the actual plate uh and it's my honor it's your honor it is yeah we tied last time i keep forgetting that i got a stroke there you did you get a stroke there. So you still won up with four to go right on all right it sounds a little daunting no shot on here. For you no pubs here no okay let's do this not too much thinking bish bash bash draw let it come drop that's not a bad leave i'm in stephen's bunker that's the best part of the bunker to be you're going to be in the bunker you want to be right in the center middle of pop you think six. Or seven micah dude with the way you're hitting those irons i think seven i think nine the way you hit those high you've been hitting that pee wedge. So long and these are seven bro i know i'm not eating i like that wind i feel the breeze it's getting a bit brisk out though i've never heard bobby say brick you gotta change it up i like seven these things are jumpy yeah i feel more comfortable really going at it that is off the planet left wait that might get lucky that might be dry oh i heard something hit something really hard it's either it's either hit bark a tree rocks a swan water there's a water in the road let's go. And find out where it is that went a little bit good night i didn't mean to go that far left that guy how do you think he's going you need to pull your finger out. But you should win this whole fingers crossed which will go back to even level. But bobby is an absolute ball they said he's a 10 handicap he's not a 10 handicapper let's be honest he doesn't even really he doesn't even have that big big missing no he's got speed he seems to be fairly accurate he strikes it very very good. But yeah great lads to be around enjoying this yeah good team good good team i'm up i'm up i'm up you see the white speck bubby you see it that's not a ball that is a hundred percent of golf way too big to be what is it a goose egg that is a golf ball like up on that hill no in the bottom of the basin yes i'm the hell that is me i'm up yes i am what do you got little you need to take your five iron. And you need to hit it right into that bank that's your only chance unless you're gonna go over can i just play like a bunker shot should i go over this is like a bunker over is stupid you gotta hit it really hard. But if you hit it really hard to play it like a bumper it's definitely that's the only way you're gonna get spin bobby with the weight your date i'm going to do that with the way your day's been going i think you got this shot i think you could hit any club. And it'll be fine you gotta hit it hard though you don't need to oh guys i'm thinking i'm thinking of what i'm doing do you think i move that in case i scull it oh my goodness what would you do rick i would play like a bunker i i would i'd go rick would go over yeah yeah see that's all i need to know my plane competitor wouldn't give me proper advice. So since he's staying over he would actually go under he's trying to reverse psychology yet you got to go up but you have to use your pitching wedge i'm not going over oh my gosh you okay i see it just going up. And scooting just over the hill and trickling down you see what i'm saying a few club selections around and about just uh a few options so we're gonna go under i'm gonna go under i see it kind of landing on the down no. And kind of roller coaster trust me oh it didn't skip i'm definitely not going up with it i don't trust myself enough what club you got eight you're gonna kind of run it up there you gotta give it some gas ain't got no gas in it no i yeah that could be go oh my goodness that was. So close i needed guests that could have been very very very very hey sometimes you gotta take your medicine okay i thought debating of bobby over in the uh the bark there i've just got a hopefully a fairly straightforward bunker shot i just got to splash it out give myself a chance nice shot go oh i thought it might have just released a bit more off that hill. But it's not bad so if i make this i can put some pressure on you other than that you win the hole running to the rescue out the trees it doesn't break as much as it looks you think it's gonna break more i'm gonna respectfully agree with you actually i feel like you've lost most of their faith see this hole is why i'm a 10. you sprinkle a few of these in there that's eight over right there. But match play you're deadly you got you got this [Laughter] the silence deafening so it's in for five yeah you got two putts okay. So bobby's in for five this is. For par going go in please go in yes i don't feel as bad good part rick [Laughter] okay match all square wow three holes to go what is your mindset going into this next.

Two holes to be honest when it comes to golf i don't have much of a mindset unless i'm playing against you when i'm playing against you i turn it on good night he got airborne he looked like me on the plane where i got to take a leak the turbulence i was airborne you're in the bathroom i was in the bed no when i walked down he was yelling at me she's like sir you need to sit down now as soon as she said now the plane goes boom. And i just hover there and i'm yes my feet got airborne. But i was holding on to the seats. And then.

It went shoo and i jumped over garrett and you were in zero gravity yes. For a little bit and then.

She got mad at me she's like sure you need to sit down no she's actually kind of hot. So i'm like i like when y'all [Laughter] okay three holes left to go matches all square we swung around to the first hole here in regulation this is a daunting tee shot this is this is this is all they make you start on yeah i'd go through my clubs in the comments go home if i got out the car if i traveled halfway around the world this is it's beautiful though it's stunning it just looks. So tough yeah it's a it's a testing t-shirt. And you know what i actually don't think it is driver. So there's a bunker down there at about 2 16. you have to drive your because i pop so you got to try and get that stroke back oh you got a shot but but so after let me show you on the watch you got clearance here the water bunker in the middle water again before it's almost like an island fairway to it's two to the end of the fairway you're looking at about what's two five six to the front of the bunker two seven three over and then.

Probably three or seven to run out of space i'm just thinking fairways are hot aren't they i think yeah if i were if i were you i'd hit something that just stays short of that bunker okay. So you want it to stay just short of the bunker but i see you start it at the bunker and then.

Try to draw it so if it draws it's gonna be good yeah just left of that bunker is ideal [Music] oh no no no no no no no no no lance off is it in the water yeah can you drop up there no dang what have i done i can't believe i hit it there i went three wood. For safety and hit it in the water i told you you should hit driver oh actually is it lateral you you crossed up there definitely with how much it was hooking you definitely crossed up there a little bit okay. So i'd have to hit from here you cross up there because it barely landed in the water silly silly silly three wood shop bubby having a pop here you gotta you gotta hit this right huh hit this right no i'm gonna take it up the left side i'm gonna play a nice big fade over the water actually i like a fade here no absolutely just hold it off you think i have a hold off yeah i'm aiming at those bundles of trees there. And if it hooks it good i know i'm just gonna hit up the fairway that's what i'm thinking i like it that's all i'm thinking oh no oh go that's dry it lands i'm safe you should get a five iron that flowers. So far i'm training for an iron man i'm getting bricky so after going in the water i had to drop it down um bubby is it the longest was longest five iron i think yeah that's i got a hold of that joint into the wind i mean it must have landed soft because it landed on the fairway the fairways have been really hard dude i got lucky you want to talk about luck that ball stayed up by like three yards. So i'm 180 yards away and not the nicest of drop wise ball's above my feet i've got to carry it over that bunker and then.

Get it to mosey on round to the back flag it's going to take everything that i've got oh. So thick that i think you've won this hole you want me to hit no on to the next.

When they give it to you you take it go to the next.

Door i can't believe i've just done i've made an absolute hush horror oh he already had a shot on this hole i just completely gave it to right two holes left to go bobby is one up you're telling me that's 322 yards at that pin three. Or eight from right i'm here 328 middle five iron yeah i think that i think i think you could hit a five right in there if i'm honest with you is your board when you power today.

He has i it's not a knock on bubby he's a good he's a really good ball striker. But i've never seen him hit shots that he's hit today.

Great. But i have seen him like he has he has days like where he's just on and he's he's one of the he's one of the best like uh competitors yeah out of all of us here he's got the right mindset he backs himself what are you hitting six irons i'm laying it back going. For the grief i'm laying it way back if you're hitting six i would because there's a bunker 240. aim over the bunker what two holes left to go and one down i have to win both holes to win the match nothing spun bro oh my goodness that should be good though shouldn't it i like that it'll leave me a full coverage perfect you've got it dialed in right now it is it's clicking okay i've got to go. For it gotta make birdie at least put the pressure on driver straight at it oh nikki that should be good it was very very very nakey might be in the trap. Or just just just left of it i can place this ball better oh my gosh look at that backstop look at that backstop what's the yardage micah 126. For the pin it's played about 112. i'm playing the number i'm gonna let it get i'm gonna let it get back there two puffs for par is all i'm thinking too. For power hole after eagle there's no in between here that might be all you need i'm in the bunker in that kind of 30 40 yard range of 50 yards probably actually played back okay. So what you got middle of the green this could be the match done oh the wind's got it the wind's got it i struck that so well you did try that well that sounded. So pure see that win shame really real shame he's kind of got in the sand on the left and i'm in the sand here oh it doesn't mean i'm any better. But it's better than him stiffen it and give me absolutely zero chance i've now got i've gone from maybe 20 chance of winning this hole to 70 chance winning this hole okay i'm just in this bunker 65 yards short of the flag go ah that's the toughest shot in golf without it just got a shotgun it's. So good because you think do you want should you explode it out. Or should you pick it i was going just kind of somewhere a little bit in between which was frustrating okay. So bubby's not lying too bad in the bunker i've come up short here be foolish to try and chip it up from here just those those couple of sprinkler heads are right in my zone come on two foot from here put the pressure on oh this could be. So good oh my goodness that is phenomenal really really good it's amazing how'd you see that no i was standing back there. And i saw where you were aiming. And i was like no now you see it when you come up here that is that is really good the further right you can go at both speed because you left yourself with a straight putt now speed was good i must admit right bobby i've done my best you have you definitely put the pressure on you think up here no go right at it i mean i'm just going to open up the face try. And slide under it just trickle through the rough a little bit [Laughter] now i've got 60 degree i'm going to open it wide up put a decent cut on this see if we can put it inside rick if you can it'll it'll really put a real hard nail into my coffin. And it will amaze me too all right sit sit sit come on sit cut it cleanly i can't complain about that that's good. For me it's getting tense that shot there was very very hard had next.

To no green to work with from here now long range put across the green guys are really putting all their focus into this it's just tense it's as tense as it's been you got it yeah i can beg an idea yeah you want to enter out oh leave it in what's breaking it micah in between the rick's marker. And the hole here speed is everything here downhill. And fox yeah it doesn't come down oh i hit that. So good rick's a little further away than i thought i thought you were like oh don't be don't be throwing me shade now after you just almost actually been paying more attention you still gotta make this brother come on okay still feels like a big pot. For bogey come on bugs put a good roll to force me to hold mine doesn't move maybe pulled it just a little bit but no i wrote that perfectly that's good that's good rick that's good double right all right all square all squared [Music] it all comes down to this i could not have thought of a better uh metaphor. For our flight last night than this match right here it's been up down sideways all around can't take your seatbelt off you better be locked in for this one okay it's all come down to this ninth hole it's been a phenomenal match you know i've loved it today.

This has been this has been fun this has been a lot of fun actually there's been drama there's been highs there's been lows there's been ups. And downs upside down it's turbulent but it's come down to this hole par five sweeps right round to the left-hand side no shots nothing this is it let me go straight off that pumpkin i'm gonna smoke it that looks. So good that's right where you told me to go yeah it's a tiny bit right. But it's it means i'm probably not going. For the green in two i'm just gonna aim at the bunkers if it goes left it'll be all right if it goes right it'll be all right and if it goes straight it'll be all right that would be phenomenal but it might be the longest three would have ever seen in my life if it's covered it if that's covered that bunker i don't have a clue the longest three would have ever seen in my life i caught that one good so i caught that good trying to tell you it might not have done but if ours is longest three you've ever seen in my life you hit it you did hit pretty square it didn't have much spin on it i'm gonna keep my head up i'm i think it carried let's go find out it's just there it's just grass right if it did yeah yeah grasshopper bunker well this ain't over. Yet what i thought was on a good line i've run into the deep roof where bobby i thought he was on a very very very aggressive line with the 3-wood very aggressive is in a one position like you can't believe i've never experienced anything like this it's the beauty of not knowing the course like if you would have known i have to carry this 300 it would have been different it looks like ignorance is bliss honestly you don't think about nothing plus things too is like i had such low expectations like i'll be honest with y'all like if you tell me a match against rickshield is going to get the whole nine even though i do get three shots i'll be like all right that's solid that's a w now i got a chance to win let's catch his tub i'm 260 to the front edge of the green my my lies not good. So let's think two six i want to leave myself a hundred yards. So i've got to hit one 180. so here i'm going to hit nine angst i think it's going to run come off that bank that's screwed that's kind of left on me i am going to give you some advice because i feel like we're friends writes not a play i don't think you're going to have to worry about missing right though no i haven't missed right all day watch this one time no i'll go. For it we're here here to make content we're here to entertain the people yeah you don't want to see an albatross you like six micah just commit to it commit to it right at the pin if it draws a little it's fine oh my bubby get all over it hold it get over it oh my god you are ridiculous this has been unreal brother thank you that is a ridiculous golf shot i mean [Music] i have never seen bobby play this good in my life bubby is a great one-hole golfer when you put this many holes together he kind of it kind of just loses focus i've been knocked in though because it's match play when you make it stroke play it's different match play it's like all right click click click i've got an eagle putt okay after that phenomenal golf shot from bubba i literally can't do anything he's i've never seen anyone hit this green in two the fact he's just it's six iron sorry three wood six iron. And the holes from those back tees that we've just played off the hole is 610 yards crazy crazy times right all i can try. And do here is get lucky. And hold this but it's horrible in this rough 123 yards to the front of the green i'm going to hit it as hard as i possibly can go i could get a kick that go up there kicked in the bunker oh did it hit yeah oh my god it was close. So if it just got over the bunker i think it would have turned out pretty good okay making a little bit of a hash this to finish now i think he's got me against the wall i'll try. And finish off with a bit of flair great shot spin hard we're neck and neck but i've had four and bubby's had two right i really want you to hold your eagle port so it's me to go anyway but look at my line as much as you want i'm going to thank you i've got this. For par go go it's a good lie that's good well anything broke off though yeah i said i don't i definitely don't think yours is going to do that much come on bubba i must admit i i really want this to go in you've already you've already won that at the match now to see you hit three wood six sign into here. And knock this in for eagle would you be the whole of my life that would be the whole of my life come on you like that line yeah perfect put a good roll on it come on nice roll [Music] oh i rolled it just the speed good night ah knock it in. For birdie just because i love it that was. So much fun such a good life thank you i really enjoyed that thank you one up victory to bubba miker on the bag i mean some of the best golf you played i can honestly say i can honestly say you brought the best golf i may have ever played out of me there we go i'm glad to have done something no i don't see it on real shots honestly like we made it the whole nine. So giving me the three shots was obviously the right way to do it it was a pretty level match yeah just sometimes like you said you just get lucky every now. And then.

Well i got a lot of luck today.

I will say that firsthand there's no denying that. So what was what was the first hole that we were just like the first one where i was just like wow what happened was i was up in the fescue. And i hit it and it gets in the rough perfectly goes to two feet yeah tap it in. And then.

The other the part five where it went straight through the trees didn't touch a thing so god we deserve it it's not luck it's uh hard work and dedication right i mean i bike a lot guys if you enjoyed the video make sure to like. And subscribe check out google golf we'll see you soon for next.

Match [Music].