All right guys welcome back to another good good match and in this episode might be the most highly anticipated because today.

I'm playing garrett clark gm golf himself this has been like three years i swear we've been talking about doing a match. For so long i'm excited i was nervous i woke up at 4 a.m scared. For this match i'm ready to go nine holes match play it's gonna be good it is a hybrid of some of the best holes here at jcb. And to make it even more interesting to just sprinkle a little bit of character into this match you've got mat caddying for you today.

Team gsr baby we feel good we run the good good show we win everything unfortunately they never have a chance. But no i'm going to be a good caddie i'm really going to be bringing the energy i don't necessarily need to be focusing on like the clubs he's going to be hitting it's just more about making sure that his mind's in the right spot that's how he's going to win out here today.

Nine holes match play no shots in this match. And we're starting off with a beautiful little path three down the hill and it's playing about 135 yards good luck play well enjoy it i feel like a serious like serious handshake it's going to be serious in the eyes yeah good luck good night he's out. For blood today.

We're not friends anymore i was gashed you can see off all right well what is this plane about 130 yards rick yeah it's probably about one three seven today.

Just gotta make sure you get over that up on that front ridge on the left side. And you're gonna be in the hole good too much push too much all right let's do it all right here we go fire three i like it i love the towel in there over the shoulder all right yeah it's serious it's serious today.

Okay let's do it stay there nice. And smooth that's it nice anything but a chicken wing baby we're good wow i was a little nervous on that shot i'm not gonna lie that's perfect got your nerves going you didn't show it you played it very nicely thank you thank you okay good to go. So pick your wedge as well oh pushed right hit it go that's fine good bounce there the fairway yeah hey that was a little bit longer not my best shot. But got my work cut out today.

Against him okay. So we just got up on the green i am just off side on the fairway so i'm gonna get the putter on this garrett's in nice and close to be honest what about 12 feet yeah i like the putter plate the the little texas wedge here in the uk i like it to be honest i actually chipped it pretty well yesterday. But i think at this point in time getting the putter on this is the play it's gonna swing quite a bit from the right all right swung the other way it went right it didn't get over that hill that's shocking oh it's slower oh no all right man it's got no speed they're pretty slow because they're pretty wet okay up over the hill then.

It's going to swing a little bit left already it feels like an important moment this is huge oh he's done it oh my goodness that's good well that is good i don't think you're gonna need it i gotta borrow your putter here we lost. For those of you don't know we lost our clubs in the airport so i'm using rick's rick's putter today.

First putt on it. So we'll see how it goes well you got two to get used to it too much in it a little right to the left here i think it'll be about a foot honestly i think this will snap at the hole we can start off with the birdie here that'll be nice that would be nice a little confidence booster oh it's in the heart too oh it's good thank you after uh here you go a strange start got my finest work there garrett what up part five second hole you can go if you there's a there's a line the fairway kind of cambers that way. So if you're going to hit on the edge of the trees draw it if you're going to hit it five yards into the trees hit it straight okay perfect okay is that too far left might be a touch too far left it won't have hit anything it'll just be okay in what you guys call the fescue the fescue dang hold that a hair i don't like that garrett a little quick swing here on the segment not great do not love that what's your normal club at speed. And ball speed uh on the course is about i think 180 around there wow. For ball speed i mean today.

It's gonna be a little lower i think. But you guys are fast right just over the edge of those trees [Music] is that okay it's fine. But it's not the line okay gotcha oh yeah that's oh that's a fairway i think yeah it's just right side looks good to me if you'd have it on that line you might have run out of fairway. But i think old man's okay i honestly have no clue i pulled it a little bit not okay a little too far left dude we gotta find this ball man this is not this is not good man oh dude oh you're fine wait what i'm in the face look at that thing okay we were literally about to start looking in the weeds. And i'm on the edge of the fairway this is actually crazy i'm literally like 250 yards dude i got. So lucky dude oh my gosh this is not real we're 266 downhill now wow okay i got a little lucky i'm not gonna lie yeah i probably bounced through the stuff that's what's great because i had it. So low you were literally directly over the trees yeah yeah you saw it in the cart our reaction i'm i'm quite shocked that my ball ended up in the fairway i have like 260 from here. Or less honestly i think the pins up front. So i'm 303 yards away so i'm not gonna get there with three wood i want to leave a full shot in so i'm actually gonna just hit a four iron put myself in perfect position now garrett i thought he's taking on too much of an aggressive line but he's actually perfect me hitting the golf ball that line i want to carry the roof but he's definitely carried it kind of another 30 40 yards past so he's in perfect position now it's gonna be real tough this one today.

I think that's fine it'll be fine now it wasn't quite the shot i was going. For but it would be absolutely fine should be a nice little layup all right got the four iron here guys trying to kind of run it up there i don't i don't know exactly what the screen looks like but we're just going to try. And go right at it so it's a bit of a plateau okay you've got you're actually going. For the green from here yeah yeah just 265 to the middle 248 to the front perfect i'm going to try. And land it on the there's a down slope there's a down slope over that bunker but then.

It comes back up yeah yeah. So i'm i'm basically just trying to carry this like 220. okay. And if i'm short i'm sure right yeah right it's more your friend oh go carry the bunker bunker now it's carried it yeah yeah yeah that would just be short the green okay there little thin there i like it that bleeded foreign look at look at how it's a little scary getting up there trying to hit a bladed flooring off the deck. But it'll play we're not laying up today.

That that's the other thing we're going at everything rick's got a layup rick's gotta play that 150 yard shot geez no rick's honestly in a good spot over here on the right right side of the fairway good spot it looks like he's gonna have a nice full wedge in which okay he might be in a better situation than us because look at how now i'm i'm short-sighted up a hill we didn't notice what it looked like wow okay we're good though okay oh yeah we're done in the fairway you you honestly could think about putting that you really could you really could out here you can put a lot rick can put this if you wanted to plastic yeah it's basically a green that's how nice these fairways are shout out to jcb. For having us up this is a beautiful course yeah it's up to rick now to make birdie okay third shot pins tucked at the front 77 yards garrett's not in a nice position here he's kind of in that valley not saying he can't go up. And down because i've seen his short game skills but i certainly don't want to give him this hole i want to give myself a nice look at birdie so i'm going to throw it just over the flag. And get it to stop as quick as it can nice smooth one oh it's thinned oh low is it hard catch a bit ah ah that's not the shot i wanted i needed to hit it better than that oh no oh no the doors the door is open here gary i literally may put this yeah i'm thinking about honestly i'm thinking i'm making a pitching wedge putt. Or flop shot it could be one of those three okay flop shot's out we're not we might go flop shot we are not doing it we're definitely gonna consider it no we got the 60 only six degrees of bounce. So we can get under it we're gonna think okay. But these are tight fairways please consider it one small even a little bit of an error. And you're going to be in the weeds okay. So i'm thinking if if i mean in a putt is honestly not that easy considering you got to put up mount everest here yeah we're basically i think i think it might be it's either pitching wedge. Or putter quarterback you like pitching wedge i do like that okay that's a smart play all right you got to go where if i don't have matt as my caddy i might just freaking he would be hitting a flap shot without me i know he would might just blade it into the into the weeds. But all right little pitching wedge right at the front yeah let it bounce up sit oh oh that's not it garrett that's uh that's not it brother no that was not very good all right are we putting yeah okay we're good that one skipped a little more than i wanted it to dang it was it was weird it's almost like the the water just like it just kind of gets all your everything out of it yeah okay i'm over the back of the green little chip up up. And down kneaded oh rick oh rick go a bit what a shot it's not too bad give me a little look nice and this is breaking a ton it's kind of an advantage that there's a little bit of a dew on the grass because we can see my line we have an exact read you see much in it yeah about three feet rider oh yeah see us see his pitching that's honestly his line that's honestly your line that that pitching wedge garrett that's what i'm going with you know like a trace like that like a portrait remember tiger woods a slight advantage here now i just gotta hit it i know exactly what it does well this is forbidden to win the hole let's be a crazy birdie okay go did not turn as much holy moly that was kind of slow they're a little bit slower okay. So putting for par this is going to swing a little bit from outside the hole. And hopefully just drop in the top side come on can't we giving you boys these easy holes he's got it there's no way it's is it moving no i think it's the wrong if it was on the top side i think it had a chance ah i didn't hit it with speed in. For six this to win the hole to go two up what this is right keep it inside the hole nice. And firm in your money firm garrett i said firm my gosh there's no way not a very hard par five. And we both just played that one over with two bowies that's that's what's mad after our second shots we're in good positions i had a kind of a full shot and you had a little chip from here and we both played a hash however. for the match it makes it more interesting it's only one up right now whole halved garrett's still one up did you play this hell before i did yeah do you know where you're going you could yeah right over the trees right you're going right over the trees that's where i went yesterday. And it was good great okay you just never know now i've been advised i told them not to do this to be completely honest. So yeah this was not approved by the caddy it makes me want to do it even more yeah you have to go directly over the directly over that that tree line over there yeah okay go. For it all right we want to see it wind's a little left to right here garrett so you got to be cautious if you're hitting the fade oh and that's a nice thing snap hook works baby oh great bounce that's so awesome that's gonna be perfect oh it's so bad that it was good wow when you snap poke one. So bad and it hits the top edge of the bunker and then.

It tops the perfect position that's wonderful that was the plan right oh better to be lucky than good i guess i'm gonna hit three iron i'm gonna try. And smoke it through out into the exactly the same position you're in oh what they actually got a pretty good kick oh it's right that red stake right there that was such a bad strike. For me sometimes when i get on the golf course in the morning you just you drink if you drink the tea that they have here it's a lot less it's a lot less caffeine and it's it's it's it's a lot better right because sometimes for me it's like i just down a couple cups of coffee going to the course get all jittery. And it either works or it doesn't it's one of those things you either hit bombs you get the fairway or you hit duck hooks like right there so there's not really any in between i feel like but luckily you got you know l-u-c-k-y that's that's demand for it what does that spell we'll see i don't even see my ball i mean i might be in one of these little way dude this hole is not easy dude it is not easy. But i hit driver yesterday and it was perfect. So i i the thing about match plays stinky not great i'm not gonna not gonna lie not great but it could could be worse that's all right all right we're good take a little 60 degree rick's not in a good position so okay this is not ideal terrible tee shot i found it i'm trying to hack it back out. And just hope i can get up. And down get through oh that was. So close to being good that was unlucky i'm not going to lie he hit that shot no that that lie was nearly impossible. For him to hit it that good was impressive okay third shot making a hash of this hole not. For the first time this week um i can't really go for the green even though i need to i have to just splash it out looks like he's laying up here this is a smart play okay back in play if he can get up. And down for bogey he still has a good chance of tying this hole because i don't have the best slide but i'm feeling confident i got 95 yards here 60 degree in hand ah i'll take that i was kind of scared of the water honestly i kind of bailed out there see if we can make that. So this needs to go in fourth shot garrett's in a nice little spot i mean it's half a chance up. And down might just tie the hole but i'm not sure whatever happens i need to put this super close 60 yards long bridge in hand go a bit ah just trying just trying yeah it's on it's not close enough i needed to be much more attacking of the pin there excuse me that. For an outside bogey would mean garrett would really have to mess up wherever he is which i don't see that happening to be honest i honestly he was just saying like we've not found a ball in the weeds yeah he's been looking. For like cleaning he's been trying to find some members all the pro-vs balls there's we have not seen like anybody shrieks on here oh boy i just found the schlozinger i just got that one for you that's how he rates his courses how many balls he can find no this is this place is beautiful all right a little chip here hopefully i can get this up now far pretty straight away should break a little right to left [Music] phenomenal phenomenal thank you thank you two up that very good you deserve that hole without a question this next.

Hole things could can get interesting it is a drivable par four a little downhill too. So really good touch we could see an eagle you never know dude this next.

Ball is driving oh yes we played it yesterday i hit it to 10 feet remember yeah. So if we can do that again we're gonna we're just gonna get this man wrapped up quick okay drive ball par four two up in the match you you reckon you'd normally hit hybrid into this i probably hit hybrid it's i think it's like 255. i got the three. But it's a little down off the right um i'm gonna try and like play a high cut i think that's the way i can lay this off i like it landed left side of the green. And let it hop on yeah anything left just roll yeah yeah [Music] oh dear in heavens that might carry a man oh it's big way long yeah yeah that's what i was scared of wow even with the wind the wind didn't touch it yeah that came out hot wow that's all right though that's right i think you're a little long we'll be fine there's some mulch back there we'll find the ball we'll kick it up forward yeah a little bit you know onto the creek that's fine over there all right i'm gonna go left side of the green it's not a little one. For me this is this is everything i've got plus more i'm not gonna hit driver okay this is looking really nice kick nice four kick nice it won't reach him oh yeah oh okay can i go right now no i hit the roughy two yards further right. And that had a little chance that's a good spot though yeah that's not terrible all right that's not terrible yeah good shot thanks well garrett after ripping a three-wood has ended up here in the water beyond the green. So drop place would be here but the ball keeps rolling so placing it down in the bark third shot i'm up on the hill which is a tricky little nasty downhill chip from up there it's gonna be real fast could be worse it could be worse it could be yeah we're dialed i'm playing it like a bunker shot actually i like that i've never i've never had a shot out of this stuff. Or i haven't yeah at least. Yet so we'll see i'll play like a bucket it wouldn't make good contact yeah hit a little behind it see if i can land yeah i think a bunk shot's not far off okay show us what you got that's are you actually joking me if i can make that that'll be solid part how about a fight how do i find these guys hey unbelievable unbelievable not a golf shot. So good first time hitting off bark complete done all right rick's got an interesting shot here if he just we practiced this shot enough yesterday we know what it does rick has to land this literally right on he honestly has to bounce it through the rough potentially okay. So i'm just here on the left hand side on the bank everything falls downhill from here like everything goes and goes and goes and goes and goes i mean this is this is the most delicate little chip i've got to land it pretty much in here. And just hope pray that it doesn't get away from me and all the way down the hill i thought i was in a good position two minutes ago no longer thinking that anymore after garrett's just played that golf shot [Music] that's it wow it's always going to be hard really well always going to be tricky i'd have had to land it like here somewhere it also just goes to show like three yards further right from my t-shirt. And this is actually probably where my shot would have finished from the teeth anyway got to put. For birdie still okay up the hill right to left it's going to be quite slow actually greens are fast. But we've had a bit of rain so they're definitely slowing down okay come on let's not give garrett a chance to get back in this hole did he do it did he ever wow wow i wanted to see you up. And down but i just couldn't give you a chance i couldn't give you a chance match back garrett just one up par five next.

Door we're playing it's a very testing one because it's kind of a real blind t shot if you kill driver on the perfect line you could get wet and maybe not today.

I don't think it's quite drying fast enough today.

So i'm gonna try and hit three without the two trees and just draw it over the pond is the plan [Music] that's he's done it should be good i think thank you that should be all right exactly good ball rick thanks pal he's heating up now i'm trying right i'm trying i can't just go i can't go down without a fight that's my plan i got driver here yeah that's ridiculous absolutely yeah it might be the best drive i've ever seen in this hole ever that's perfect. So somehow i have actually bamboozled after that tee shot i must have carried the water i thought i was going to be up here somewhere in prime position where garrett's ball is where i thought my ball would be. But it's garrett's so i am gonna have to take a drop i thought i'd played that perfect i've never conquered this tee shot the first time i thought i had i've been kicked so i have to drop the other side of the water but it's gonna be a real challenge from here now so you're 272 what are you thinking this is a full three wood going. For it exp yeah especially after seeing yours fall out of the air i'm gonna have to hit this hard trying to play a little cut in here honestly no oh here i uh i don't like that i don't think it's in the i don't think it's in the water though yeah hey if i'm in play i'm happy because i just topped that that was a full blown top oh it's odd you crin after hitting shots like that matt what the heck dude come here to watch that all right i got lucky again um i thought. For sure i was gonna be in the water. But i think i have like 145 to the pen got a pitching wedge here i'm just happy i have a shot at it is it pitching one shark yes right you can hit 140. oh no i'm worried about yeah this yeah we're good cause you got that ridge behind. So uh-huh go get up ah bunker the bunker yeah all right up. And down for par okay. So garage just gone bunker to bunker uh i'm in a good spot here on the fairway i'm 160 away right between eight iron and seven iron the space past the green i'm gonna hit nice seven i need to be on the putting surface for my next.

Shot i've kind of honestly i've kind of opened the door for rick here he's got a chance to potentially tie or win this hole he's hitting his fourth shot here yeah i mean if he puts if he puts it close he can put some pressure on me. For sure oh so bad ah right in between clubs couldn't commit to either ah needed to commit to that okay it's a scrappy round boys this hole has proven to be quite tough. Or we just suck hey like i said matt the court the course giveth. And taketh away right we've gotten really we've gotten really lucky on this hole so i'm gonna open my stance up sharp open the club face i'm gonna try and cut across it okay hazel will be exposed i think grant jinxed you well driving all the way up the fairway grant's like garrett's luckiest player i know that's all there's to it gareth's the luckiest player i know you got it oh you got to be kidding me how does that happen come back dude that is crazy come on ridge all right it's pretty good though it's pretty good thank you that's impressive from there okay horrible situation why i've hit it here i don't know i just need to land it short let it roll on give myself at least a put that was such a shy ah felt like i just got back in this hole. And i've thrown it away again try and chit this one in [Music] all right that's good there all right left or right here sharp you like that yeah let's dye it in there yep pick a line. And roll it hopefully the hole gets in the way oh got it going okay yeah it's good in. For six thank you thank you you win the hole shouldn't be giving you with a six but either way garrett two up two one crazy four to go this has been this has been quite the adventure of a match so far this has been 30 foot on the last for rick then.

This happens absolutely crazy so this is it 17th here. But our sixth in the match is quite iconic part three 255 yards playing about 215 today.

Pins kind of front right we're going to go with six eight to six iron i like it you get five six i'm gonna see where you go first okay two up four to go it's gonna be nice it should be dry just stay there go oh you're kidding actually hit the sprinkler no way what what it sprinkles how am i supposed to know that sprinkler head's going to hit my ball there tell me that. And it's uh it's found the bunker on the back of the graveyard actually i just thought that was in the water. But there's a bunker all right oh my god i'm feeling a little better about that goodness like i said it gives. And it takes away you better take that back what you said about me being lucky no i'm actually never taking it back i've played too many matches against oh my gosh well we're good we're good it's gonna be left side of the green. But now we're in the bunker long or the green um it happens it happens well the door's open rick the door's okay i must admit that was very unfortunate it happened okay still got to step up. And hit a golf shot though oh find the sand don't hit find the sand oh that's totally fine sit okay that's actually not enough club i think yeah i think it is playing a little longer than yeah than yesterday i must admit i had four in my hand i thought i don't know if it's quite that after seeing yours. But okay well dry i'm in the grass here on the beach. So these are the two sprinklers that garrett hit one of them i think it might have been the left one no noticeable damage. But where they're tilted this way but it still managed to kick over towards the back of the green it's definitely a tougher shot than where it would have been but i'm feeling 60 degree though sharp it's going to run i think i think you got to play. For the run well i'm getting used to the bunkers today.

I'll say that just need to carry it over let it run a little bit oh sit in the hole oh yes dude i thought that was going. So long wow okay got about about three feet here. For the par so i'm here at the front of the green just gonna land it up on the on the top and get it to stop this looks good this looks really good yeah nice thanks doing my best to stay in this great bunker shot thank you ridiculously good okay both pointing. For par thank you good up and down thanks pal okay to halve the hole all right. And threes which would be pretty good on here and to stay two up in the match with three to go very nice you know what that was that was a good hole yeah that was more like the golf we should be playing anyway right three to go garrett's two up it's a good looking hole you play this one i have i have just just left the bunker yeah yeah it's perfect you want three wood i got the three wood i like it not the three wood just trying to play a little draw off the bunker yeah i think got a little too close close. For comfort to the water with driver so i went through the other side yeah yeah yeah [Music] oh yikes oh no rick oh oh oh no oh i'm just gonna get my seven iron yeah just ship it down the first door listen it's still not over. So that's gone left into the water [Music] so i am definitely gonna go down the right hand side i've got driver still got to step up here and hit a golf shot [Music] good good ball rick what's up yeah there it is yeah should we go well you know it's never good when you're balding across the hazard. So we're uh we're hitting the second one okay three off the tee i gotta make yeah three. And then.

Hold out for par that's what it's looking like right now [Music] dude what am i doing with the draw should be safe i wouldn't speak so soon they'll be on the back we'll see other side they'll be on the bank two hooks in a row you're making this exciting though i am i am dude what am i doing man sorry i can't be doing this it's your natural name find some play will chip in. For bar i don't know if my next.

One could play actually i hit two hooks in a row my next.

One bounced my second one bounced but i don't see a ball it's looking like rick mike might take one down going into the last two all right well by the skin of my teeth i stayed in i think i got like 130. um got the 50 degree i have to make this that's what i'm thinking of my brain here i didn't do it sure didn't make it brother nope not good there you got a puff. For bogey you never know my ball isn't it thankfully so if i can if i can make bogey it might put a little pressure on it i think he's making part worse i gotta make this that's what i'm expecting like right yeah p wedge. Or a little 50. or 50. okay. So garrett's found the green quite nicely actually with his fourth shot so this isn't done yet at all i've got to put a good shot middle of the green i've got 160 to the 155 to the pin 140 middle i'm gonna go with pitching wedge because this downslope's a bit i'm gonna take a bit of the flight off it go absolute middle of the green don't need to do anything silly oh man ah not the shot i needed giving you back okay i need to get this on the green. And to put well ideally up and down up and down wins it for me i can't give garrett a chance in this hole coming down to the wire i've uh i've kind of opened up the door here he if he makes this get some it gets him back to one down here oh oh oh my gosh it's a bit pacey okay. So making a hash of this we're now both putting for fives garrett's obviously got 20 feet after he found the war off the tee hit the second shot down the left hand side he's put it to here this is. For a five and me after being in the middle of the fairway perfect spot i'm now putting for five and don't forget i am currently two down with only three to play i have to win this hole this needs to miss i need to hold mine [Music] stay there stay there stay there stay there oh fine on the money shot come on good fat though okay very good right thank you that would have been a hell of a five oh those sting right in the heart right in the heart man all right this needs to go in tiny bit off the left [Music] bad talk oh i haven't let you in that hole man i'm absolutely devastated to be in such a great position off the tee i'm not gonna live that one down that's gonna be that's gonna be a that's that's hard to swallow. But hey you still you still have a chance here to like anything can happen this match we got some crazy holes coming up drivable par four potentially. And then.

A very tricky part five so oh man wow i hey i got away with one there yeah i was about to say i dodged a bullet there there's that's crazy i i did not expect to tie that whole hole that's the thing with magically though it's just you just got to keep fighting because you never know you really you're never out of a hole until you're out of it that's right i got a little lucky there i'm not gonna lie rick's putt snapped a lot more than i expected as well i didn't see his moving that much. But but hey two up two to play par four pretty straight away i'm going. For the green um i know you like that one okay two to go two down don't be driving par four here scattered rebunkers uh i'm gutted out later such a stupid silly mistakes anyway we battle on going. For it yeah i'm going. For it why not why not i i've played aggressive all day it hasn't really worked too well as far as like no it really has not it's the driver is not the driver is really not paid off when i when i played aggressive yeah it's actually been really terrible. But nonetheless we're going to use it again from the top you know maybe we'll figure it out on this whole top three wood through doing it okay yeah we won't think about all that though just keep it on that same line you had dude just that's all you need to think about please think about it [Music] dude what the what i'm. So shocked dude garrett that wasn't even close like it wasn't like oh no right okay slight window i know i'm really trying to let you i know you are i know you are i know you are. And i appreciate it okay. So i've just got to step up and a good one [Music] yeah right in the trap you've gone left i've gone right we'll see on the green yeah i've gone way left okay. So blind bunk shot here i'm only 60 yards away so i'm not gonna know how close it goes but hopefully hitting hope and get it close birdie needed garrett's found he's on the left hand side no that's not going to get there too much sand well i got a huge clump of grass behind my ball. But honestly i'm just happy i found it i have a shot they have like 85 yards miles left over here 50 yards left to the fairway um got the 60 degree gotta just hit and hope because it's blind shot that's a little right i think okay yeah good shot okay. So like garrett said at the start of this match it's been over three years into making this back. And forth trying to get something arranged [Music] i need to do something to get it going down the last i feel like i've not let myself down a little bit today.

So big sloping port so up on top of the hill that's going to swing aggressively left it's going to be fast once it goes over that little hill [Music] that one oh what stop that was in all the way it really was it was tracking the whole way at least i put some level of pressure on up. And down for the match yep chipping for style points this uh definitely that putt made this a little bit harder [Music] that went inside of the hole it did. And it's [Music] what a way to end it right dude three years in the making has come to this it was a an interesting match let's say the lead i don't think we quite brought both our a games. But it was uh hopefully you enjoyed it guys make sure you like. And subscribe do go. And check out goodgood matt fantastic caddying working no he didn't listen he didn't listen to me one minute great candy man hold the driver every all everywhere incredible some of those up. And downs and recoveries you made were just epic. And obviously worthy winner two what two and one fantastic match and uh hopefully enjoyed it guys be sure to go and check out goodwood golf go like and subscribe we'll see you next.