All right guys welcome back to a brand new episode of rick shields versus good good and in this episode i am facing this man michael morris this is gonna be a real test because arguably some say that you're the best golfer in good good am i right. Or am i wrong well at times yes. But first of all it's great to be here rachel it's awesome to meet you and i'm i am so excited to be playing this match now the format is very simple it's nine holes around jcb. And it's my argument i'd say the best nine holes mixture of beautiful part threes challenging par threes with an island green at 255 yards there's water there's bunkers there's undulating greens it's gonna be an action-packed match and it's match play now i'm obviously playing micah today.

But he's we've also got a bit of a co-guest bobby is going to join us with a little bit of context. And a little bit of how you do a little bit of uh personality let's say. And uh i'm excited about it as well are you excited about this too sorry my phone's going off predictions. For the match predictions for the match what do you play too well i'm a golf professional. But i would say i sometimes shoot in the 70s i'll often shoot in the 80s i'm gonna be i'mma be frank and i'll be honest micah if he's on i do think he's the best golfer. And good good consistency is not his strong suit. So if if micah morris comes out the one that i saw at the google major two years ago i gotta go with tim there's a day about consistency i think i'll go with you it could go either way not the sound of that i agree when i you know when i'm on them i'm pretty good. And when i'm a little bit off it can get a little bit dicey. So this could be very it just depends on what kind of trash talk you have today.

I'm glad we're playing match play by the way guys if you've not seen goodgood before they are one of the fastest growing golf youtube channels be sure to subscribe be sure to like the videos because you are not going to be disappointed right let's get to it first of all part three down the hill this is an absolute stunner. And i think it's only fair as my guest you can take the first two let's do it i'm excited let's do this i'm good play well i'm gonna be hitting just a really smooth pitching wedge try to fight a little bit i don't want to get it up too high as it's we're kind of elevated here. So let's see how it goes oh that's long sit sit sit oh you like the sand around here yeah i do as long as it as long as it doesn't plug i'm feeling okay with it okay. So i'm gonna hit pitching wedge as well i can go a little bit more conservative now i just think it's a nice three-quarter one put it right in the middle of the green sit sit a bit oh two bunkers man i don't know what it was about you know left looking i mean right was probably well it's all it's all if you missed the green we're both in about the same yeah that pin is literally two paces on that bunker shot if he gets inside 10 feet will be phenomenal all right guys first tee shot went a little bit left a bit nervous over that one. And me and uh me and mike have pulled it a touch it's gonna be an up and down from the bunker competition from now isn't that in it mine is getting outside that how what are the chances of that i know right interesting this is not the place to miss right no no right you've almost got to like kill it into this bank yeah it depends on how aggressive how aggressive you want to be here i think anything on the green is an achievement it's not bad you're not overly disappointed with that yeah that was a hat that was a tough little shot if it had just hit the the roof before that would have actually stopped a lot quicker [Music] oh i was. So close to being so good that was you were one yard short of perfection i was one yard longer perfection you gonna cheer that one now yeah i'm gonna go. And chip this one pretty decent lightest let's see if i can bump this on here he's got it he's got him he's got it let's go micah oh come on i kind of was just thinking like just stab it. And just get it right to that little fringe area and i saw it pretty straight and it worked out that's good feels good that was me thinking i had a little bit of breathing space there. But no. So uphill left to right yep just got to give it a chance come around ah i've left it a bit short right from nowhere micah does one up very nice [Music] well needless to say i don't want to i don't want to have to do that all day no that's entertaining though i think we got a 630 yard parfait. But we're playing it up this is where having a little bit of course knowledge making actually where did they set it s's. So it goes sink zinc all right we've come to a par five here these are the holes micah has to take advantage of we were just talking about ball speed difference rick said you sit around he sits around 160 miles per hour on the course micah sits around 183 to 185.. So if mike can hit a good drive here really set him up in a good spot maybe go two up through two i feel like i feel like rick though i feel like he knows how to grind like he knows how to scrap it out even if even if he doesn't have his best game he will make it a war out there. So par five uh from this tea it's actually we've come with a little bit from this seat it's normally 660 yards so it's 550 yards um mike has got some speed and distance so uh see what happens here the line is yeah the lion's corner of that tree if you can bomb it on that get it shaping i've never seen anybody hit this green in two ever maybe today.

Maybe today.

Is the first it'll be very very impressed certainly yeah see if i can put a good swing on this a little bit into the wind yeah that is absolutely that's yeah yeah yeah thank you a little low on the face. But i think that under the wind i think it's going to run i think it's pretty hard out here i think the fairways are pretty hard. So the old man up on the seat you just made me feel very old there my couple yeah that was awesome right stick to my own game that's the plan uh yeah corner of those trees little maybe a little tiny fade off them is that okay should be all right maybe left roof well if i'm looking at it now if it just got past it it's gonna be pretty good i don't i think it was there's red stakes oh there's a creek mine was not that far right what do you mean if you're right in the bunker right here the creek is right in the fairway. So i'm in the middle of the fairway mike is in the right rough i think he uh he just slightly faded it off. And made maybe slight a target line but nothing much okay 253 to the middle it's gonna it's going to take a big hit from here today.

To get there um. And i've got the big tree in the way so i have to kind of slightly bend it around the tree downhill lie if i can if i can squeeze it i might just be able to get on the front oh it's not cut that might be on the uh eighth tee i needed to move right not left all right y'all. So i've just seen a shot like that that could definitely change mike's approach on this hole he can he can stay aggressive if he wants to put the pressure on. Or he could lay off put himself in a more comfortable position so we don't know where rick is over there he put himself in a tough spot i'm going to basically kind of play. For a front yardage of the green which is about 200 i think. And this could jump so i'm going to hit a 7-iron. And see where that leaves me i like that a lot i think oh god kick it right let's go kick right that's why the wind's got it what are you doing is that in that bunker my it's landing just short of it i don't know if it hopped in you're just following each other good night [Music] all right we found it down the left hand side not in a particularly nice position. And a blind shot into the green okay this isn't going to be an easy golf shot high tariff thick thick rough it's actually sat up quite nicely though. But in a situation doesn't make it any easier hold on tight and hack it out that's the plan [Applause] wow wow is that good yeah it's like three foot oh you are kidding me oh my goodness you are kidding me that is phenomenal that that's the great shot in my life we were just talking over here too we're like yeah there's no way he holds the green he puts at the three foot that is amazing wow that is a ridiculous shot oh my goodness i thought there was no way look at everything's running away that's running down he landed it. So softly with the perfect amount of spin and it just released there that's what you're gonna do after someone chips in on you you gotta do something just stick it back to him. And rick just did that phenomenally all right. So my ball did stay out of the bunker. And i got a decent life rick just hit an amazing shot from there i'm gonna play this just a bit left and i think it should work just a little bit just right here there's just nothing you could do takes a pretty good start michael yeah not bad from there okay. So both on the green both putting for birdies but two very different birdies micah was very unfortunate he looked like he got a horrendous lie he's managed to hold the green. But it's tough somehow after possibly the best shot i've ever hit in my life i've got about a four footer for birdie so mike has to go first but if he can if he can two put this puts the pressure on me i think this goes a little bit to the left here i need to focus on getting them close because rick's not he's not technically in. Yet looks good travel a bit travel a bit the hard lines from there okay. For par and to put the pressure on me that's poet maker very good put there wow excellent good to put thank you right makes this put a little bit longer just off the left tiny bit fairly straight i'm not going to out aim outside the hole. For birding to get it back to level let's put it 3 30. that's birdie from out of nowhere that came out of nowhere match back to level okay ridiculous up. And down but half very very very happy with that on to the next.

Okay next.

Hole par four sweeps to the right. And then.

There's a stream that cuts diagonally in front of the green uh i d it depends how much you want to chew off the more right you go i mean you can go. For the green if it wasn't so windy down here the green you're looking to see the bunker kind of in the distance slightly right of that is like a1. But this holes into wind uh i'm going to hit i'm going to hit 3-wood i think it's wind i think it's driver i think it's driving to this wind okay yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna go in between the tree. And the bunker and just kind of fade it off that is too far right that is ridiculous i can't see it i didn't see a thing that i've never done that ever that might be on the next.

Hole is it okay uh okay no all right i'm going two iron here. And i'm just gonna play it over this first bunker um i feel like that's pretty good at least i'm gonna i'm gonna hope so go i just gotta go go i might be okay it carried into that tree yeah it bounced you should be good okay that'll be okay i'm gonna hit a provisional ball this is tightlist two the first one was tight this one this is when you know it's getting serious provisionals there it is good ball that's what i meant to do i got 82 yards um. And play a little 60 degree i believe it's like directly downwind i may play it closer like 75 82. you know what this is this is a perfect you couldn't have placed it better because you put your exactly over there you're playing across the water yeah this is fun i've. Yet to look for mine yet so it's not doesn't mean it's gone i've just. Yet to look for it my provisional ball is in pretty good spot stop quick stop quick yeah nice shot safe yeah a little bit long. But i got a birdie putt there that uh didn't spend much this is really really hard ground what's your what's your plan here rick right we found it my errand t shot here on the uh off the t that is a full-on stick i think i don't think that's going to come out no okay. So that's going to be slightly in play. But i'd snap that if i hit it 70 yards to the front of the green okay they go love wed lob wedge straight through that window yeah no i'm taking this off let's do this yeah i just i thinned it a little bit ah third shot still in the trees this is just a hit. And hope now didn't quite go successfully i wanted to oh that was close oh that was close on it. So welcome to the actual hole and i was supposed to be playing at the moment i've been playing a very different game over there in the trees um in hindsight unless that first shot came off it was obviously gonna be a hard task. So still though this is my fourth shot. For a par i'm either gonna just flip it up there with a wedge lambda on the front and roll it in or get the old putter out off these immaculate lawns and see if i can chip if i'm put one in either way it's going to go in it's just whether i chip it. Or put it mike is on the green now birdie about 15 20 foot of the birdie i'm making a little hash of this hole ah good run though i think that's it i think that's the hole over buddy michael morris goes back to one up all right i got the tea back um very short hole here i've never played this i don't know what's up there obviously i can see it. But i'm gonna play a little conservative here i'm gonna hit six iron try to hit it about 220 230 and give myself roughly maybe 120 yards in so this is somewhat of a drivable power force 290 to the middle of the green that wind is nice swirl around. So and there's water on the right side of the whole kind of a stream that wraps around the right and shore so the strategy is do what mike is doing short pitch up. Or maybe or maybe what i'm doing getting the big stick out going. For the green [Applause] oh it's way left don't hit the cart past you don't want to take the car [Music] did you hear the car okay yeah i cannot that wind is up above those trees yeah it's into it's off the i think it's gonna work out pretty good probably about 200 yards that might leave me with a little bit longer. And then.

I was excited i was wanting okay i'm gonna go drive though i like this you gotta what's that saying you gotta play boldly to win you do this is uh it's an attacking match play right i'm gonna go just left side of the green if it kicks right. And gets on i'd be happy if it fades hopefully that stays there and even if it goes left it's not the end of the world i just can't afford to over fade it so straight up straight left side of the green hopefully it gets a nice kick i'm not liking the driver today.

Wind if it's not in the water there's a little land landing spot over there on the right i'm not quite feeling where driver's going annoyingly might be safe if not it's in the water down the right this could get interesting you never i mean that's kind of the reason i didn't hit driver because i have no clue what's up there it's actually got a pretty decent eye up here. And it went a lot farther than i was expecting i was actually playing to be short of those bunkers it did hit the cart path. And i don't know how i ended up on this side of the cart bath but got a pretty clean lie probably got 75 yards into the wind see if i can make the most of it it's very aggressive when i walked up. And looked at it and i actually want to play this quite a bit out to the left here and hit about 51 yards and if i can do that i think i might have a chance of going in because everything just funnels right towards the hole got a little uh 56 degree in hand if i like this not bad from there it's not too bad though that's class that's what they say right see that's exactly what i'm trying to do. But if i if i land that in the rough instead of on the green it's going to kill a little bit more. But i got a birdie putt definitely not the angle that you would want rick is in a really really good position okay. So after looking on the island which i thought it was on it turns out it's actually gone over the island. And almost pin high and actually not a terrible miss now rick who are you paying to keep these balls in i know i went out this morning mike. And just scattered a load of titleists around the golf course right okay run it up the hill got 60 degree i'm just going to back foot it chase it up there oh it has enough too good shot that's pretty good yeah that's pretty good i didn't think it would carry on going. But we've got a little look at it for birdie you want it in right micah no this puts a lot tougher once you get here. And look at it oh i'm taking this upstairs it's going to be like it's probably going to be up here somewhere you could probably go a pit. So i could come off that that's what i was trying to do with my shot that's my lucky uh it's it's my birdie marker in. And out that's your booty marker yeah don't work that well does it tough crowd god if you make this putt i believe in the power of your ball mark all right see if i like the way this feels this this putt is breaking a tongue. For some reason i feel like that might be just a hair too much all right i like i like where it's at now this would this would be a really good birdie it would uh put some real pressure on rick he's got it he may have done it oh that's my lucky birdie barker not even caught a bomb walker oh my goodness mike is making me eat my words there i was trash talking the ball mark. And then.

He drains it damn that's class oh that feels good had what 10 feet of break in it i had the best view from there probably from up there you're like i thought it's looking oh my god wow this for the half yeah come on rick let's keep it interesting that was incredible right okay big swing left to right down the hill to tie it up with a birdie that had a lot of break in it. For a four footer just didn't hit it with the speed wow after that micah goes two up [Music] what can i say that put he just held was ridiculous absolutely ridiculous huge break i was in fairly close he had to hold it. Or at least had to put some pressure on me and he pulled out the bag very impressive he's good good players can certainly play right all right two down five five par five tough one there six hundred. And what twenty seven yards off here um hugging hugging slightly the left side is safer certainly if you're absolutely bomb one okay all right i'm just going to trust that aim just at this tree this limb hanging over yeah just give it a grip here the wind should be off the left now yeah just a touch good if it's not i'm going to put it in the fairway because literally i've told you exactly where to hit that i scored that one up too that one felt really good hit it in center of the face no spin oh my god driver that's all right that's dead strategy from here is to just absolutely hack it out i honestly don't think i'll clear that water okay i have to just chop it out sideways get out thanks might be one of the apartment in one of the apartments. So 353 yards away after hacking it out i'm gonna have to just smash the three-wood left this is uh this is not prime location huge amount of water to go over to get close to the green. So it's hit it way down that left-hand side let's be honest i don't think it's i think it's just throwing down that left-hand side oh yeah perfect good shot it's pretty good back in play that was a really good shot there robert this is an intimidating layup bobby i was just saying like if i would play this hole again i don't know where my drive is. But it's almost like it's not a driver hole no i definitely think. For you ignorance was bliss yeah okay thinking too much yeah all right. So i just stayed in the fairway here um got 250 to the pin i feel like you've downplayed that i can't believe how far you've just hit that drive it's ridiculous i on that line i was like that's in the middle of the fairway no question. And you're about 10 yards short of the water and i expect you to be like back here somewhere like perfect it's ridiculous how far you hit it because you i've never seen anybody anybody ever get on the screen in two you could legit get on the green from here it's 251 i'm gonna give it a run the green kind of goes this way a little bit okay okay yeah i'm gonna hit two iron this is it's a really good number. For this club um it looks like there's a little is that a bunker that's short right shortly bunker short left yeah. So i'm probably going to try to just fade it off of that looks like there's a lot of room up there though there's room there is there is to be fair i'm excited to see this shot all right let's put a good swing on here travel sit travel travel that's okay all right just came out of it a bit there. But that's okay it looks like it stayed out of the tall stuff yeah [Laughter]. So far i don't think i've judged the wind per like right on one shot. Yet that was really badass it's. So unfortunate you have a perfect lion fairway and i just came out of a touch and with that wind i just pulled it over there but that's a that's a bold shot it's actually a lot longer to carry that water than i thought it was it kind of came up out of it though i thinned it it was really low. And uh came out a little funny but hopefully i get that up and down for birdie rick's sitting perfect in the fairway i was looking at that shot. And all i could think about was just skipping it across the water right into the bank it'd be beautiful yeah i had a bit of a bad thought over that shot you were thinking about dinner it's gonna skip yeah i was thinking like you missed it this just a little bit. And you know that's it's a 200 yard carry so you don't want to think those things yeah exactly a bad thought is worse than a bad swing okay i've got to do something pretty special here 140 yards back into a tiny bit of breeze pins just over the back left bunker mike is safe. But he's on the right hand side it's not going to be an easy up. And down so i've really got to got to get up and down here for a for a par well i'm making a hash of this one but time to recover just takes one bit of magic get a kill get a kick get a kick oh oh i think i was sure didn't catch it didn't strike you i'm afraid that's quite a bit short stubbed it in the ground a touch yeah mine's sitting over there gotta have a little bit of a funky side hill live. But it's actually closer to penn high than i thought it was my depth perception is. So bad in all honesty i thought it was 100 yards short of the green yeah get that fixed what have you got going on here a bit of a side he'll lie um this is one of those ones it's kind of funny because i have to get it far enough. But because of the like it's kind of laying it into the grain and also want to keep it a little bit lower so it it runs a little bit so got a 56 degree normally good from here mike he's solid from here yeah you got this dude i told you where to land it plastic thank you fits perfectly all right see it there we go sit sit sit down it came out what i said to do okay well that came out the trajectory that i was wanting it to. But it just came out with zero spin it was just a bunch of grass behind the ball. But you never know i might i might go and put this bubby bubby style okay let's put any any pressure at all on this really has to go in not a lot of green to work with just going to try. And throw it just on the front edge ah there's going to be a high tire of shot i didn't want to leave it short had to hold it in these situations in match play that had to go in i think i'm going to put this super tight lie kind of short-sighted you just you get a little you get a little dicey here. And you never know you might end up down there so i'm gonna i'm gonna go with the safe play here i think i can go just around those sprinklers all right i'm gonna go just out yeah those aren't gonna be in my way i'm gonna be just outside of them. So they're gonna go straight between them [Music] chance [Music] settle whoa that slowed down quick yeah it did that's okay when you first hit it i thought that was uh just going yeah i thought i guess i should i definitely i definitely didn't listen to my cats he puts it right here at least if i got this thing that gives you forces you to make the yeah okay downhill left to right all the way not loads of left to right though [Music] is it is it that left to right actually this is. For six mica's got up for par don't know it's not there's not a lot in that i'm actually gonna i'm just gonna go slightly just just just off the left okay. For bogin to put a tiny bit of pressure on down the hill [Music] [Music] oh my gosh that was a great part too that road nice that real nice right well anyway you've got two putts. For it let's see if you can knock it in anyway pretty straight it goes just a little bit this way yeah don't play it yeah i mean i would just like to make it. For confidence [Music] well done paul man i would have liked to make part just for the confidence but um i did i did win the whole i think that gets me to three up is that correct yeah. So i think that gets me to three up kind of a a poorly played hole after that drive. But first time playing here next.

Time don't want to miss it right i think you want to miss it a little bit short i got the win. But i don't like missing four photos yeah it wasn't too good. But it doesn't matter yeah. But the thing that the thing that i uh i'm not so upset about is i hit that putt exactly where my mind. And my like where i was lined up because it's in the red you rolled it good you just you got to read it too okay disappointed myself there really bad t-shirt put me in an impossible situation uh just not finding driver chipping. And pitching has been a little bit better but i need to get that driver working in front however. next.

Is the hardest hole we're gonna play. So here we go currently i'm three down and there's four holes left to go not gone my way the last three however. tables could turn here right now this is this could be a pivoting hall this is huge we're here at the iconic par three 255 yards here at jcb it's an absolute incredible hole island green uh hugely complex bunkers short right left long. And expanse of water all the way around it's 255 yards downhill slightly down breeze i'm glad you're going to go first we're going to get a bit of a gauge on it uh yeah i need to i need to pull my socks up now this is the point where i need to get something back going because uh we're starting to run out of holes i'm not gonna ask even what you're gonna hit i think you wanna know all right yeah this is this is it's kind of cool because like golf takes us a lot of cool places. And there's a lot there's a lot of courses where i show up to and i'm like this is the most beautiful hole i've ever seen right now in front of me this is one of the most beautiful holes i've ever seen there you go it's just it's just. So cool i'm just thinking of really actually with this wind i'm kind of thinking more of a straight shot kind of aiming for just just on the front of the green and letting it run up oh that is absolutely that's phenomenal is it long go in the hole go in the hole go in the hole oh my goodness good night oh just just yeah i think that is good night no no i've been there oh my goodness that was that was a very well struck shot that was ridiculous just when i thought you know what a little twitch here. For micah might just just bring me straight back into this and he's exactly what i don't know if it's closer than that okay i'm gonna go six side hard six iron straight at it [Music] oh my god this is good rick this is really good nice job go back how did that net land soft that was bizarre there wasn't it must have hit a bit of a fast track. And it ended up in the bunker left oh hit that's so good as well that was strange perfect okay this absolutely needs to go in very high tariff shot gotta splash it out let it run down the bank sit good shot had to go. For it had to play aggressive right micah you know what you've played some great golf today.

But i really want to see you not listen for birdie to win the match i'm not sure if i've ever seen a birdie on this hole this would be a good one ever made this would be a good one to hold on for the this is a probably longest part 3 i've ever played they don't get much longer they start turning into path fours yeah yeah i know yeah i'm actually not going to play much breaking this just outside right come on. For birdie and to win the match in incredible style go go oh man i had the perfect line too it was. So it was up okay this needs to go in just to keep the to the next.

Hole just off the right hand side down the hill never leave a birdie putt short [Music] ah never had it today.

Micah well done my friend you're absolutely right just could literally get stuck that was amazing it killed me it was it was a mixture of fantastic golf a bit of two in. And throw in and then.

Just me not quite my a game well done i think a very very worthy winner thank you that was awesome rick thanks. For having me on and uh i can't wait to do it again that's. For sure should be good rematch yeah maybe we want to come over to the states right yeah awesome.