Special one today.

I'm down here at one of my favorite golf courses jcb. And i'm playing against one of the world's best golfers five-time european tour winner two times euro ryder cup player and currently top 50 in the world tommy fleetwood and you heard me right i'm playing against him 18 holes stroke play now i know what you're thinking rick you got no chance he's going to bat here. And i'd probably agree however. there's a catch because i'm going to start off 10 under par how good does that feel. And tommy's going to start off level par. So i'm having a 10 shot advantage now you know i think again well that's a nice little safety cushion. But this golf course you've seen me play here before it's battered me and towards the back end of the round certainly holes like the 17 the 250 yard pathway over water to an island green if if i'm doing well up until that point that could definitely cause disaster who knows either way it's gonna be interesting i'm excited about this one ten shots i'm getting on you yeah i've heard that yeah. And that's because there's that rumor that's his rumor and that's because you obviously turn pro off plus six i like that we've gone with a handicap that lasts 11 years yeah that's you know how most things work obviously well my handicap was from about 11 12 years ago as well which is about four there's your 10 shots okay well yeah that's that's what you want. And that's what you said this golf course off the tees we're playing off today.

We're probably about 7 300 yards um testing how far driving that actually is like really playing today.

Conditions 10 000 yards um first of all great opening hole par four straight down rick says it's driver i think it's driver every day good luck tommy it looks like i'm just gonna wait right into that bunker though play well i don't i don't think you'd reach the bunker looks like i'm going to sit in the bunker do you want to go first yep go. For it golf shot that is just yeah that's pretty perfect it's always good to get the first t-shirt away all right thanks yes straight in it straighten the bunker no perfect that was a beauty good score today.

I'd have to say it's cold it's a bit of wind course is playing long i think anything under par would be uh acceptable day out if i break 80 i'll be over the moon oh [Music] lay up yeah it's good shank that. So 156 starting to rain a little bit cold wind off the right i'm just going to a smooth eight oh that was nice state get up a bit oh it's very nice from here tommy would you expect to hit it inside your golf ball there uh yeah i think you you got what like does it look like 40 yards-ish yeah delicious settle let's go home honestly i'm done now it's nice lovely i can put this are you not entertained tory fleetwood one under he's clawing it back already finally beau gear he's already got two shots back on me that was impressive good roll this is a uh a recent contribution to the golf bag that came out of the pro shop this morning demo putters. For jcb it's a very elite well it works one pot one in the hole turn oh that was gonna do good roll are we are we finishing everything off stroke play [Music] might be bunker. Or just slightly left of it might have ended up in your left gap yeah it could if it's in that it's obviously perfect shut up run soft looks good okay second shot second hole 95 yard top pin i've got to i've got to go past the flag i'm going to take one club more. And just hit a nice little one in there you know pin i might be too bad and i just pulled it a bit go yeah it's pretty good oh almost too much loft yes a touch too much you got it we're gonna we're gonna find out well it's one. For one can it go two. For two go go go it's like a little quick downhiller and then.

Good power yeah paws never do you any arm good power pulled it pulled it my bad well obviously it's my bad oh well that's how uh tommy starts to claw it back i'm too over through two. But effectively eight under tommy's one ah oh proper tommy line [Music] oh caught up so bad that was a real bottom strike [Music] i thought he's gonna say dead yeah nicely back in play professional golf shot oh kit right oh no travel. And slope on the right as well stick oh no distance was good as well steady steady now steady now sit sit see now you told me you told me what are you thinking i i feel like i've watched yours go down. And now i've forgotten what yours did really didn't move low doesn't look like it's going to move a lot no turn it in. Or out um out thanks oh wow did it break watch it's another path hit it yep that's weak bogey train three uh seven under okay after making bogey there i'm like made three bogeys on the bounce. And tommy's obviously one under had a hot start on the first this gap's getting tighter already i have to renegotiate after nine what do we do here par four remember it's a slight double yeah. But is it driver off this team yeah you sure yeah oh [Music] there you go that little necky cut. And that's what you want to see it do uh if i was going to hit that shot i would probably rather do that yeah because then.

I know what i'm getting i don't know seems more i guess i grew up playing with like that kind of shot. So [Music] that's the opposite of simmer stay [Music] stiff oh all right can you not see it oh i couldn't see it i actually thought it had gone big that's why i'm seven under you know just golf shots like [Music] oh not bad pal how far away uh eight foot oh it's a good putt that is a friggin great putt made my foot even more important now got the pulls it's steadied the it's a part it's nicer to not lighten we've gone with five i've got five in off the right sort of split the pin in the right trap i like it. And then.

Let it draw straight shot that the wind will move maybe a little bit of a draw oh my yeah you see it you've seen it everybody oh that was nutted that was nutted that needs to sit i don't think. So i actually don't think that's that big no i don't know i think it's pretty perfect come on it's coming no this is good. And this is really good this is really good great shot a club toil it's not every day you wet a green did you get a club did you see the club toilet uh four holes in four holes in yeah we're staying in the present um rick has steadied the ship with a nice par. And a good tee shot i think the last hole was kind of felt really important even early doors when you start this far back i think rick's still minus seven i'm at minus one. But uh holding strong just gotta keep going one hole at a time both on the green ear hello he took the flag out whoa that was that was basic oh i gave her a chance being aggressive i mean he's not sitting on his six-shot lead he wants to go further in front that's good ouch well done thank you oh tommy that should still be fair stay in the fairway not pass not pass okay because i'm seven on the par feeling confident i'm gonna go drive off the deck into this par five lots of bunkers to carry uphill into wind what could possibly go wrong carrot carrot bunker. Or shorter bunker time for another birdie i think is this part five yeah i hope. So it is oh nippy shorts him yeah [Laughter] not by a lot though 20. awful come on rick stick it close oh that's terrible terrible came out left yeah straight left green's a class mark yeah they're brilliant really good looks like a whoa whoa i thought it was going to be fast i thought that was going to be a nice pace there well i thought it was going to be fast i ate at half speed. And i looked it long don't be low right what's the line literally just inside right yeah nice nice firm pace beautiful it went in that's all that matters not the best it's a path [Music] well if it's not perfect it's mark's fault because that is yeah nice good job you're here i know we would have gone way left [Music] okay 109 into the seventh hole put myself in a good spot you don't have to look over to thomas he's just doing his own thing 50 yards further on strike spin straight well done. So far it's going all right bit of a nervous start granted with my three bogeys made a couple of pars now like i'm just steadying the ship go pretty good yeah not bad scared of the speed sometimes steady away it's another par stay there stay there. And drop oh you are joking me stay patient carry i'll get lucky do you think it's carried mark no [Laughter] oh no fade get down do blade cross don't plug in the face oh it nearly carried sort of pitched just over. And then.

There's a lot of space between those two drives okay bunker second shot my brain tells me to lay up my heart tells me to go. For it i'm just gonna actually play it like a flop bunker shot and then.

Leave myself a fuller shot in that got set oh yeah very good sure thanks two nice shots there tommy well one exceptional one. And one well you're still putting forward one good i'm putting for par sorry you've still got the advantage but it's not moving now let's go put as well on it i felt like it was a good foot yeah ah rick caught a lot of the hole thought i'd have been a great part as well thanks you know what that putt really hurt granted it would have been a phenomenal save after finding the bunker playing it out playing sensible golf believe it. Or not definitely deserve the power there but just didn't trust the reader not only made bogey [Music] all right [Music] oh that felt like a lovely golf swing as well i did not like a good golf swing draw a little bit trouble yes chat that's all right that is all right no sir okay. So i've got an opportunity here i've got an eyeshadow into the green i've got this for birdie tommy's got a tough powerpuff this could be a big swing that ninth oh hi try i've been pulling everything nope oh wow not quite [Music] because we approached about nine now uh six shots in it yeah like it was i was sort of on course. For going you know five on the front. And then.

Five on the back but that that last store you poked one back so it's um it's all to play for it's all to play for it's tight isn't it to be fair you've produced some very solid steady golf after the the three three old bogey run yeah. But i remember i did say tiger woods started with three bogues in the he did in the zozo. And then.

He went and nine thirty and then.

Played the best round i've ever seen so that's not what we've seen just yet but nine however. i mean this is a great whole tenth hole 625 yards off at like middle of december yeah big big hole yeah um obviously the opportunity. And then.

Obviously the infamous hole the 17th so anything can change at the moment yeah i'm trying starting okay with a six shot lead. But i don't know if it's gonna quite be enough we'll find out [Music] oh yeah try. And knock it 50 past that tommy fleetwood oh that's just that's just different doing it [Music] what we're saying started raining if you can tell now oh my ball yeah i thought you meant broly i thought you meant like not asked about me getting soaked here [Applause] i didn't hear i didn't hear the horn go okay sorry 142 we're actually a little soft eight how far you got 142 yeah how fast this hole 626 oh no no great shot great shot it's good. For distance yeah i must admit two birdie puts on this hole is pretty impressive. For the length and the conditions we've just played in yeah i think we deserved them now well again i'll leave it in please leave it in as well i'm gonna leave it in get in it's aggressive you're just thinking about moving further ahead in. Or out i'll take it out now please okay well done thank you solid on the way back when you're that solid on the way back you can have a go at those can't ya that is perfect there's just no light up it's relentless that's my shot you're six under you're six hundred. And six ahead it's like it's easy easy absolutely relentless yeah i actually thought i'd hit the perfect tee shot. And uh i haven't and we thought tommy lit it too far left and he hasn't who are we to question a great player professional golf shot 110 ball's slightly below my feet. But water short right feeds in from the right what a short left even got that cold i'm losing my rights and lefts it's going to play 115 116 probably six foot right at the pin name either push it. And it'll roll down the hill or pull it onto the pin there's the push it's been hard spin hard oh that's lovely i've literally just got to get this to the top of that hill it's a good pot it's a great pot thank you look at this sun as well look at that man in front just tapping in the game's easy to him yes yes right yes yes i've got one back that didn't even look it was going nowhere else well we went left i don't see it soft yeah bit hard right big swing on this it's the pot give it too much respect dialed in on your pace now aren't you i'm getting there just lagging him up protecting my lead lovely in a row um in please can you go back to back go go go go go go go ah yeah good paw great speed great nice clean up [Music] yeah wait spin it it's in play [Music] hitting this bunker left on this hole the 13th part five one of the best holes in the golf course tommy's perfectly in the fairway probably gonna have a swipe at the green. Or it's not just lay up i've got to lay up some in the bunker but it's just not an easy layup well done that good yeah go that was naughty should be fine that sounded really good haha is it good uh it's over the water which is [Laughter] the main thing oh i think that's. So bad get up get out a little bit short but hit it poor that is. So well struck honestly that was there's a lot of shots you've hit today.

Weird i'm most impressed with that did you like that one yeah i did a lot i did thank you what an enticing looking chip shot it would be. For a good player yeah that didn't go as i saw it you know what i like to include like the the knee jerk ah one day it's. So confidence like if i'm yeah it's inside there if i'm at bloody chipping green doing that yeah it's not an issue it's a good pot oh okay whoa fast real fast yeah real fast in a route out please if tommy knocks listen. For birdie he goes two in the park if i miss my i got him to forum the par it's like wayne riley on the course with you can always hear him somewhere come. And say it big cut for both of us [Music] it's broke on me broke more shame thought you had that solid solid as a rock take a six on that thanks well done lucky escape right tommy yeah the stage is set we've got five holes left to go we're on the edge of the golf course we are i uh everybody's on the edge of their seats they are hope you are i am five under. So it's nice saying that tommy's one under one it's four shots in it with five ridiculously hard holes to come yeah it's gonna be tight it's on you next.

My friend it is yeah okay 212 yards par-3 question. For you do you think you can catch me it. Or do you think it will rely on me making mistakes i think you've got to make mistakes i think it's a tough i think it's a tough day to be catching. But if you can if you can make one. Or two birdies potentially making just not having a day where i'm making many birdies and it's you know i'm finding it hard to just press but and then.

I feel like these holes aren't the birdie holes but we'll see [Applause] [Music] that is really nice oh my goodness what were you saying what were you saying tommy hang on what did you do on the uh six like a yeah a little little rick shields club 12 on because i ate it's like 34 what did you hit five five nice shot [Music] hold your head stay great great shot when i leaned it looked better that was good [Music] ah whoa whoa whoa i can't trust whatever you mean today.

[music] you said you wanted to press it's another one [Music] okay. So that was a big swing i let my concentration lapse. For a minute tell me how to do that you can't not against you against anyone not against one of the best players in the world rick um. So i'm now four number tommy's two under there's only two in it there's four holes left to go oh god it's getting tight rain's coming can't tell it was on the line of that trap here called it oh i did call it yeah good as i can hit it well done second shot into this ridiculously hard part. For the 15th i've had a good drive i have i'm still 225 yards away from the middle of the green tommy's just leveled the bunker but not in the sand blind shot here i've just got to pick a line and commit stop drawing how far have you got something around 195 ball's a long way above my feet winds off the right it's picking up this is getting tough it is getting tough now it's who's gonna hold on sit stay it's near me yeah they'll be pretty close together both up the left steady nicely played thank you caught it too well get on the chunky side oh it was a good roll as well i thought you had that tommy another bogey bogies aren't good this would be a great bounce back after the last huge trust it back of the hole it's fast screens are perfect just just trust it just trust there you go thank you there you go cut cut cut cut it's a great hair what's too well is it i think it'll feed it i feel like there's a little bit of help of the doesn't look like long's any good come on wind come on good shot oh just short of the hill i thought i couldn't reach with it. But i couldn't bring longing to play get in the bunker up up good shot good shot come on keep it in i'm gonna keep it in can we make something happen three holes to go three in it not thinking straight get you in the game this is big this this is serious up up up up great roll great roll yeah thanks surpa okay with that three shot cushions i know this is i know every putt's big at the moment just all the cracker on the last good pot that was the best part of the day two in it two with two to play two to play right pal seventeenth bat left pin position it just seems to feel harder every time it's about 235 to the flag playing i've. Yet to power this i've just i've just bushnelled and got 260. oh really where it's like it's playing it's it is 260. it's playing 230. i like that it's 30 yards downhill yeah it's your honor are you gonna hit four it's all right i think i'll go through cracking hole this oh that's nice come on draw it's not drawing oh come on oh i had a little kick didn't it this might be the biggest shot of my life 17th hole two ahead of tommy fleetwood three iron i don't even think it's a full one of these i think it's just a nice one get in the hole good shot get in the hole no it's well sure i was actually holding my finish then.

The drama here on 17 tommy's found the bat bunker just avoiding the water. But i tell you what this is one very tasty shot oh that's ridiculous it's been hard spin oh. So unlucky ridiculous i'm laughing because from the tee i was actually calling this golf ball to go in the hole just uh just understand how ridiculously far away i am i've got like another full shot will be closer. But it's not great from there there's tiny glimmers of hope at the moment that was harsh you just hit the down slope yeah it's all right we can haul this oh not bad not bad it's all going wrong on the 17th woeful yeah it was a part of a mammoth leading feeling pretty good about himself right now. And man started the day 10 ahead oh it's not over it's not that was a struggle that was a struggle heart of a lion hell of a bogey two in it one to play can't say i feel good about that all right one hole to go i'm two ahead. So i'm now currently lost track of where i'm at eight under no two under. And you're level yeah two bogeys in the last three holes of sort of uh you know after that iron shot into slowed you down with party as well. But that putt still left me with a a glimmer yeah a glimmer i listen i've made double bogey from we've had two shots we've had two shot swings before we have we have right last hill great hole this par four sweeping around the corner you can take a big tight line over the trees on the left if your tummy line you can play safe. And bale out right do you think do you think go left you can go right over those streets can't you mark yeah how far left can you go see silly amounts can't you really you see almost like the triangular tree yeah it's a bit like a christmas tree you can't go any further than that can you stay right at that can you see the white house through the tree you guys must hit it very very straight yeah go on the white house tommy really yeah if i'm wrong yeah yeah that's fine no it just landed in the roof clinical clinical when i smell blood. And i'm bleeding you know what this match today.

Has reminded me of how good golf is obviously me playing against tommy fleet with one of the best golfers in the world. And because of like a handicapping system it can be a competitive match it also reminds me not that i really needed reminded i'm pretty good tour players are. But i've not i've played okay today.

I have tommy's hardly put a foot wrong. And when he has he's capitalized he's made great opportunities made a handful of birdies too hopefully i close this off hopefully let's not make any mistakes it's been fun tommy's been amazing make sure you go and follow him one hold to go let's finish this job i'm in a world of trouble here i mean that ball's nearly is it hip height it feels like it's gonna go left on me i'm taking way too much club i've got a seven wood out i need to make sure i get contact let it hook ah i feel beaten i don't think i've hit it well enough you know what this isn't over at all tommy's hit two to there he's eyeing this up i mean he could hold this it's not out the realms of possibility. And i found myself in this bunker at the front i mean only needs to be a short two shot swing. And it's a very different outcome this is it now i've got 52 yards. For the pin gonna have to land it all the way i mean there's only one i'm gonna have to either make it. Or rick's gonna have to have serious problems which i don't think is gonna happen. But you never know you never know i mean down in two would be good 50 yard shot 60 degree to my hips oh that's good go go go it's a very nice golf shot decent distance little pull it's that horrible little distance of a bunker shot a little 30 40 yarder come on rick come on fly it on there oh dear oh dear [Laughter] left it in the bunker. So i've had now three tommy's had three but he's got an opportunity to not let him for par i've really got to get up and down here i really do what am i doing come on still not easy i've got a long way to carry this to get it back there well done that's all right i thought i was gonna screw back then.

My heart is literally pounding out my chest how how mad is that come on one putt think about everything i've learned over the time all those puts i've hold once upon a time this is it this is where you trust yourself. For bogey and to win the match it's a finish on the path oh yeah oh god yeah i don't like how far that's gone fast that was a good fought i don't like how far that's gone past though this is that this is to halve the match definitely. And it could still be the put to win the match i know you've probably not faced pressure like this before i understand just shut up rick gotta be confident for par i wasn't set up right would you just it's a big moment this looks a lot longer this is now to halve the match how have you made power on this hole i don't know. But oh my god right it did go in i mean i was turned into match play. But in reality the scores are well i'm in you're done i'm in at level par. And i had to hit that put while rick was going through all kinds of scenarios talking this in remark is to finish level par if you want any advice i'd say just knock it in that's great advice that's what my dad would have always told me okay i'll do it. For you mr fleetwood why does it look. So long all right come on [Laughter] so all in all level part yeah it worked out just a couple of seven two level five tommy sign this sim two three wood. And the head cover as well if you wanna win this like the video make sure you subscribe to the channel with fast approaching two million subscribers and leave a comment down below we'll pick a winner very soon.