All right guys today.

I am down here at Woburn Golf Club here on the Jukes course. For a brand new 10 shot challenge video and it wouldn't be fair to take anyone else on around this golf course apart from this man Ian Porter Ian I'm excited I'm nervous good that makes two of us the concept's simple okay I start telling the park you start level path yep 18 hole stroke play. So far I've played Tommy Fleetwood Lee Westwood Adam Scott Ricky Fowler you are the fifth competitor I am. Yet to win even with attention Head Start I am yet to win I've taken a few of them down the 18th hole oh have we okay. But yet to win now today's a special one because we are here at your home golf course somewhere you've been here attacked here. For 20 years I'm excited about this one we've just done a fantastic podcast check it out with Ian. And that'll be on the channels already now considering you are the captain of Majestics I believe you should lead us off thank you okay have a good game Ian play well enjoy feel like at the moment Ryder Cup Legend match play magician is currently just just just going easy on me at the moment I feel like I feel like through this 18 holes he's gonna ramp up the banter ramp up the pressure what we've got then.

Powerful. Or par five first of all right I mean look if you put it in the Fairway it's only 514 yards okay we got a little bit of wind off the right hand side helping it to go towards the outer bounds post nice um. So feed it up the right half let it turn a little right to left middle of Fairway you should be within four Iron Range I would say to knock it on the green sounds good sounds good okay let's get out of pasta pizza. And Vino mode see what happens [Music] absolutely fine I was a little protective aiming down the right half. But I'll take it yeah that's good that is good all right okay what's your normal shot shape I you know what the fun bit is multiple options okay. So sometimes I go a bit less sometimes a little bit right you know it's a bit like um lucky dip my my real natural natural shape is a drawer okay um. So I'm actually going to go similar line to where you yours finished right edge of that green side trap yeah is a good line. And then.

Just draw it back in perfect deep breath relax just think Medina don't quite yeah I was very uh lubricated watching that okay down the right nice little drawer [Music] I've got it down the right it's a help in hand what's down there Heather yeah did we hear it here I didn't really hear it hit much. But we're gonna hear that provisional hit a provisional oops what do you reckon have we got him I reckon it'll be tighter than you think okay a little further left than that okay there is a little bit room around around that corner to the left just to give an Insight I've not had a great track history on the front line in these matches oh if you're not often blown it away uh. And then.

Tried to cling on hopefully I can find that one. But if not can make a bogey with the second ball don't say that one's gone as well is it would best find the first is that gone has it has it might want to hit another one how's it actually gone honestly I didn't see it bounce him just two minutes we'll go. And get one more tell you what I might have to have another sausage sandwich you carry on like this I actually think we'll find the first one no problem. But we'll hit a second provisional these are just warm-up shots okay one right one left law of averages there that one's no problem. But you want to find the first one I think that's your day thank you my friend ah you know I just make it interesting I want a few extra t-shirts before I properly got into this match fingers crossed we find the first one thank you thank you thank you I have found my first golf ball was that lucky driving down the emojis mean girls I reckon we'll find your first one I mean look there's actually there's more room than it looks off the tee. But I didn't know how much this stuff had already grown in so thankfully it wasn't that grown in okay. So that's the opening tea shot out of the way so I watched a few extra tee shots this is now just my second shot um the pin is way over here par five I'm way too far away to even contemplate going. For the green so I think let's get it back in play smart play take your medicine yeah perfect yeah it cuts it lower than that that's all right we're back on the short stuff percentage play 212 plays 214 on the laser um I didn't go up. And have a look at the pin but I think it's kind of behind that bunker on the right hand side. So 214 into slightly from the right I'm gonna hit four iron uh which normally carries about 220 to between 220 and 224. so this should if it comes out nicely be okay sit down that could be on the second that could be on the second team no no no just over putting is it yeah you're on the green just it's got a very soft bounce that was uh that came out nuclear greens must be super soft then.

Because that that come out really really hot okay 194 yards third shot here into one little into from the right. So it's going to play over its number a bit okay that's gonna go one more I think seeing yours how quick yours stop then.

Last night there was a huge downpour everywhere I reckon it rained an inch last night yeah it did didn't it they were softened up a touch right five iron gonna go straight at it if it draws a fraction should be middle of the green we can escape here with a power be delighted hang on a bit too much draw there's a bit of room there it's I'll be okay yeah not the best bounce off that bank a bit of a pull yeah I didn't use my legs all in the arms that was it was actually a bit short of the flag it pitched short yeah here feel like today.

I need to channel my inner Porter I have that belief in that confidence this isn't no this is a okay see I nearly went straight into negative mode again then.

Bit of a bad lie here lots of green to work with just gotta pop it up there I'm gonna go slightly toe down just to that bear lie it's lying a little bit tight let's see if see if Rick can nip it rig this might be some of the shots you start seeing Ian that was not a nice light to be honest it was sitting down a little bit it was a nasty lie I should have had more confidence on it though okay we can chip in. For par come on that's it that's it I think it's easy whoa okay just ran on a little bit okay I think I got a bit fortunate really kind of the overnight rain softening that green up because that would normally be way down way over the green little downhill chip should break a touch left to right oh I've done the opposite dug its teeth in got a little bit of grip what'd you say the strongest part of your game has eaten um short game yeah I think um I think I've always been pretty comfortable I say short Gamers I've just chipped that on there to about 10. that wasn't a loaded question that's when you should have started laughing really I mean that was like almost a guaranteed chip it though um if I hadn't said short game then.

Yeah that would have been that would have been a laugh. For the most part like the creativity side so you know um shot shape him being able to move the ball both ways I've always been very comfortable around the greens if I'm short-sided myself yeah. So after a dismal few shots there in a row we've got this for a six up the hill right to left greens look absolutely beautiful maybe a touch slow after that morning rain yeah come on let's drop one in don't be giving too many back straight away hold your line that's good oh we finished them off we finish him off yeah yeah I probably shouldn't say that. But we do okay on the bloody first why do I always start these challenges. So bad oh okay downhill left to right opposite to your part very nice start very nice start porch it three shot swing straight away in the first hole how to make it interesting Rick Shields Edition good formate [Music] okay really nice little short Par Four actually 385 yards dog leg right to left the Corner Tree on the left-hand side you want to get it about 30 40 past that don't want to get any more than that because you can run out in the through trees uh uh elevated second shot. So you drop down towards a green nice little green that slopes hard right to left nice you're going with two iron gonna hit a three iron foreign get through the gap that's in that's that's trouble we're sorry bouncing that's trouble we got two iron. Or three iron I'm gonna go two okay pitching two twenty two thirty is is absolutely perfect okay great 15 yards right of that tree that I missed to the left okay here we go first all done let's recover well oh my God that's bad quick Ian that was terrible quick run out of balls I've got the Pro Shop number it's all right I know you might need it Jesus come on Rick there we go lovely Ah that's what I was trying to do it took me to do a dance that's it I don't know what it is when I'm playing with these tall throttles I get a little bit too silly nervous I need to settle the heart rate. And just get into it see ya oh dear oh zero zero dear oh what's happening let me show you you sure you haven't said what am I going to the team out to just go right okay look that's that's what you get woven golf club right if you get up if you're gonna hit one offline wow um that's pretty much what you're gonna get. So let me move this out the way very entry to know what you're gonna do here there's a little left-handed shot I mean just a little left hand to try. And get it I mean I might not even be able to get it to where your ball is I should be able to oh very good very good I'm guessing playing around here you need to have that shot in the locker ah listen I've played here long enough to know that we're gonna we're gonna get a few of those every time you play okay 132 is 128 it's four yards downhill one two eight Breeze in off the left uh 28 in off the left really spinny green I actually think I'm not going to hit wedge just. For the reason I think it's actually going to spin off the green I'm gonna hit a really chippy chippy nine iron which is a 150 Club drawing spit it oh that could have been that could have been nasty you want 30 here I was one two eight. So you can take off take off three. So 125 in off the left and it's going to spin like mad yeah that's I mean that's why I ended up taking you know one more club. And literally just chipping it okay if you can be if you can be at the pin if not just right perfect because it kind of you can see the Swale to the left it's in between yours. And the flag right come on Rick a lot to make up for here not the start that I wanted to third shot four shot sorry into screen that might if that spins hard it's going to be left into the bowl ah you called it damn slow pop from down there about that's what I was what did you hit that wedge I hit wedge that's what I was worried about I was worried about the I'm not the most finesse with a with a nine right fifth shot now racking them up. But you never know things can happen Miracle shots can take place I'm up the hill left to right most of the way it's going to be slow up this hill go go don't be slow up the hill wow it really did put on the brakes. So I'm guessing yours is going to be I have a bit of speed to it can be a little quick break break oh it's lovely touch lovely touch it was fast down that Hill at first when you hit it I didn't think it was going to get there I didn't know if it was going to check like that one on the last one last one checked a lot right up the hill pretty straight slightly off the left if anything good read it's almost like you've played here before many many years ago I didn't start like this that's. For sure solid thank you solid solid good with the second ball yeah that was soft break off the teeth Ariane I know it wasn't your best sharp look well get stuck behind that tree wasn't wasn't particularly Fair however. the next.

Hole I know it's one of your favorite holes the next.

Hole in it might be one of the most pictured holes here at Woburn I think okay 124 pin add two because that's back there. So 126. 126 down down 10. so 26 16 pin and a green that that rip spins it's heavily back to front even though the greens are pretty slow today.

It's it's really hard to control the spin. So 116 pin and I'm gonna I'm actually going to hit a 140 Club which is Miles too much Club. But I'm literally gonna chip it you're gonna you're gonna allow for the spin or try and take the spin I'm trying to take all the spin off but I don't think I can stop stop the spin. So uh 116 we've actually got a bit of helping breeze so I want to land this five yards past the pin so you're hitting pitching wedge I'm chipping a pitching wedge okay foreign spin oh oh was that yards off being good I've pulled it a couple of yards. And I think whenever you pull it it's always going to add a couple of yards I tried to land it just right at the PIN because it spins sort of down a little bit to the left what have you got again because I can't quite play that finesse one well. Nor Can I by the look. For that I'm gonna go gap wedge okay. And just hopefully I can fly it about one two five. And then.

It spin back to work out a little clean a little clean oh it's going to be delightful watch this come back oh I just need a touch more I do you know what I think by hitting it a little clean you've taken some of the spin off it definitely dead it's a good shot you can imagine if this green was was actually like tournament speed oh yeah I mean you you barely need to touch that. And it won't even finish the it's gone I've got to go around your coin I think I've got inside it oh it did it didn't come off the face that well it had a little bubble I had a lump of grass that I was going to chip it because of that. But it would have been harder to have predicted the actual the actual right speed um which I could almost guarantee by putting it I mean the thing here I'm lit I am literally setting this off two. And a half feet left I mean I've gone more than that yeah you might you might I'm over here yeah. So I just see it coming you might be up as far as this to be honest if 12 o'clock was the the hole I'm aiming it like half ten here. And it's just all it's just gonna it surely has to get to the hole it's not high enough it's going to get there even that wasn't high enough no wow I gave that. So much respect up the left well the good news is the car on the camera it's a power on the bloody scorecard everybody [Laughter] interesting you know 10 shots I'm not used to being 10 on the power to throw in a couple of doubles get back to a number that I'm comfortable I'm comfortable at six on the power. So even this is breaking quite a bit loads oh shy that's too much speed bogey unlucky I wasn't very good first part was it in fact it wasn't a very good tee shot to be honest this goes through three I've dropped four some six under Ian's drop one fourth hole Par Four. And another absolute stunner here on the Dukes course at Woburn it's a slight dog leg left in fact it's quite a big dog leg left once you get around the corner um tree lined right and left like most of the holes are around here um do you play from what shape down here you know just hit it you know what you can hit it straight the tree the curved tree yeah which is like the through Tree on the left edge of the path is 312 to get to that uphill. So okay yeah I'm not gonna get that leaked a bit I'll tell you what that took uh that had a friendly bounce this time members bouncing off about time in off the trees off the right we're exploded three times gets a nice members about 20 years get stuck behind the tree okay I'm gonna go with that Bent Tree see uh see if we can get it up around the corner slightly really nice really nice we'll take that one okay okay. So you'll have a backstop right so 152 pin if you landed this past the pin say well coming out the rough it might not spin back but you've got a buffer behind the pin great all right so 52 and you've got a comfort zone probably to go up to like 160. okay okay feeling like this should be a good shot I'm gonna go straight at it control that draw played a lovely shot that's it [Music] did you think that flew a little bit is it on the top tier about to I couldn't see if it came back. Or not but it'd be kind of surprised if I've hit that over 160 times I would as well to be honest 104 107 uh so 107 pin I think that the help in wins caught you out there as well I think it funnels down this hole a little bit. So well now you've come up here you can feel it I feel it down down there no I couldn't feel it either 107. it's going to spin um all right I'm gonna hit sand on again not much I'm a bit afraid about the spin I'm not wanting it to kind of overspin right there we don't get to hear this all the time from great players like the dialogue that's going through my it's nice that we can hear it today.

It's all over it that's going to come back off the ridge you know if it's going to come back too much though that looked really nice that looked good great strike oh this is the bank right in the middle of the green if I'd have been two yards shorter a little bit of chance this could have nestled down to the flag I've pitched it here which again I mean I've landed that nine iron honestly about 162 yards which is not the length that I can normally hit a nine iron by any stretch of the imagination Ian pitched his pretty much pin high. And it's just as expected as he mentioned it's screwed back short the flag I think the good thing is that again the great you know in terms of pace they're not they're not super fast. So as long as you get the line right I think you can manage the pace down there. And it's not going to get away from you too much. And that last part surprised me because I thought that was a guarantee to get to the hole. And it stayed just a fraction short so how far out you seeing I've had a lot you can see the stripes on the Green yeah you're in the light in the light one I was actually one left of that do you think one more slightly. And that's in between those two to be honest okay speed control is key trust my line let's get it down into not quite high enough. But the pace is pretty good yeah I'll take that manage the pace well I shall take that it's always difficult when you are putting across a ridge like that to actually a feel visually see exactly the right line. And then.

Match the two up together because well you you are because all of the brake took place in the first four feet yeah it didn't break much after didn't after it got kind of halfway down that slope really okay uphill I'm visually seeing just a hair right to left again slow part oh I thought I had that I did I knew I was almost about to curse you. And say good Port I bit my lip and I'm glad I did because it just stayed out right clean up the park just slightly inside right two. And a half feet solid straight in the back of the hole yep right two parts in a row now we're talking welcome to the party it took a while but we're back [Music] short par five if the fairways were any firmer I think you can run out you know kind of on the left half of the Fairway yeah. But there's two there's there's two trees quite close together and then.

The left set just left of that is the absolute perfect line anything in the Fairway here gives you a really good look at Knocking On The Greening too because there's only 517 yards okay all right good Drive come on let's find that nice I'm just trying a little drawer down there got it going now look at that look money drive it's good that is it yeah that's very good that is absolutely perfect absolutely perfect that's what I need to hear. So it was hit bad enough is that all right yeah that's actually fine I didn't want to say it before you uh hit your shot. But Midway through my backswing actually just thought for a second oh this is a long way to run back to the golf buggy. For a provisional ball 256. 256 on the laser head really really necky sclaffy Drive after Rick piped one right down the middle I'm feeling a bit in into the wind [Music] um I'm going to try a cheeky little chop Cutty Three Wood nice see if I can get it right the way back to that pin pin seems to be to right towards the back of the green. But if there wasn't any window to hit the three iron but this is this is way too much Club passing trouble under the tree oh that's into a path um might be okay I mean there's nothing there it's just on another t-box I'm guessing it's um I think it hasn't quite made it's another it's actually passed uh we'll see okay okay. So for a good t-shirt and 240 yards left to the flag but as Ian said the flag's very far back on this green. So yeah I'd love to get back there. But realistically anything on the green is good two iron in hand um I was trying slightly fade on in there there we go stay there nicely done I think it's pitching just on the front lovely shot thank you okay 25 foot. For eagle and I'm down some country Path Road track somewhere a technique on the first two holes me into a full sense of security is it is it droppable off the path that's the question in what sense are you allowed I don't know if it's a local rule. Or not really it surely is okay. So Ian yes new king his three wood has ended up here on the path now we just determined in one whether it's a free drop out of definitely said it's a free drop. But Ian's also fancy in playing off the path talk about your logic here why did you why are you playing off the bat if I drop it here I can't really I mean I know my lie here because I know I'm going to be able to get Club face on bull unless I chunk it. But if I drop it there's a chance it's going to get into a tufty light. And I can't then.

Guarantee how the strike is going to be which I can almost guarantee if I play it from the path okay visually I want to land it about five feet shortly green yeah I want it to take one bounce on The Fringe hop up. And hopefully check love this shot that is roll out I landed just a bit short that is ridiculous you were unbelievably unlucky there landed a bit short didn't quite give it enough I love how I love how he's annoyed after that shot because that was ridiculous I would have never ever have had the confidence to play that shot. And and you really did get unlucky it snagged in that bit of rougher right all right you got an eagle part yes sir you've got an eagle part you've got a lovely what was that two iron it was I must admit I was in that was very very nice. And to be honest I don't know if I could have left myself a more perfect pot now you've uh you've got a good look here and pin High slightly up the hill anything falling left but not by a lot this is as straight apart as I could leave myself on this green generally a very hard green to read because there's really no real slope to to really see. So I find this green one of the one of the tricky ones on the course yeah I think we've just done that I'm almost on the back of the spine of the port right come on then.

Let's have it still slightly uphill. So you still need to give it a bit it's got to go oh my goodness gotta go to go couldn't I almost couldn't tell myself enough to hit it harder I can't slow down as I hit it it took a really good stroke I mean that is horrendous after two good shots that's poor right I thought I was going to get at least one if not two back on you there I'm now feeling you might do something special here no oh that would have been one of the greatest up. And downs I've ever seen I'm okay okay right still just inside right good read um in the cup come on good read do not be that person knocking him. For birdie good part ah good part that would have been very frustrating if on a three-footed dad good birdie thanks pal thank you very much right scores after five managed to get one back seven under total Ian's one over six hole par three 199 yards um another just cracker of a hole great par three good good mid long arm par three pins front half of this green um ideally if you could be just under the hole so anything anything just on that you know front mid portions good we also don't want to like take too much off it do you because it could easily just come down you definitely don't want to be in those front bunkers. So I've got four iron I'm going to try. And land it up there and hold it on oh Rick not dead dead um there's a there's a lot of trees over there there is a lot it's a nice way of saying it might be dead dead oh Rick it's been a very long time since I've been over there grab a piece it's just right at the Green ah slight members bounce off the off the overhanging tree I think it's about on the right edge of the green oh nice I'll let provisional just in case put these on par threes are never never fun really came out that wind should hold that ball. So just left of the PIN should hold it it's trying to push it back for you okay it's on the it's on that's the shot I needed. But we're gonna find the first hopefully what I'm not sure if you actually really do want to find that first is it that bad wow yeah I don't remember it being very good over there there you go yeah that you got a shot is that mine yeah you gotta keep it underneath that overhanging Branch just I think I can well it depends if I can play safe. And knock it out to the right and hope the bank kicks it back there's the lies not I mean I shouldn't be complaining. But the LIE is not particularly great to be honest if you landed it here in The Firm patch if you landed it in The Firm patch he's going to hop forward. And then.

The grass just short the Green's a little a little more Lush it should slow it down I can definitely hit it towards you there all right. So the zombie degree I've been very fortunate a terrible tee shot pretty much shanked it out to the right here um overhanging tree that stops me going straight. For the flag however. I don't think I'd be going straight. For the flag anyway out to the right keep it short and then.

Just try and run it down that bank just this just sat down a little bit I shouldn't be complaining because I found it but it's sat in a little Hollow that's it just landed it just past that I needed to go a bit further a bit shorter didn't I yeah just needed to learn that shorter. Or actually land it on kind of got stuck in no man's land. And hit the downslope okay should be a relatively simple chip just in the just in the rough Landing it maybe three four feet right at the pin on the upslope. So it's going to be a slow Chip Shot a lovely touch cute okay third shot here now I've been lucky with that chip. And sat down but I've just just mistimed Miss judgment is going to bounce I'd love to chip this. But still not 100 with it I'm gonna put it just got to get it through that first little bit of Fringe it's going to sweep a long way left to right still uphill as well yeah get it to the hole it's gonna keep breaking easy whoa whoa whoa ah first time actually it's too hard probably should have chipped it right right to left yeah do not want cannot have will not have another double bogey on the score card come on. For bogey up the hill right to left speed damn that's right oh that's a silly silly silly five bad tea shot but after that shouldn't have been taking five from there yeah good Drake cute good up. And down okay thank you right let's go through six things one over I am about to only five under oh through some shots away then.

Okay 473 yard Par Four I would say this is one of the toughest driving holes on the golf course because it's quite a nice sweeping right to left t-shirt you've got this tree bush in front of us which is kind of blocking half the Fairway. So you know you kind of have to go out either up over the corner with a straight drive or you need to hit you know your natural shot it needs to turn slightly right to left you do not want this leak it off to the right hand side because there is a whole crop of trees there which normally gather it. So and the wind's down off the left but hopefully we can hug the left-hand side. And go up over the trees which I've had it straight in those trees on the right unless it bounces hard okay right in the middle of those trees where you don't want to be right. So there's a bit more room left you've got 40 yards of that okay 40 yards left of that from Infinity well you might actually be on The Fairway of uh oh that was a double hit um we'll find it. But it's in the trees in those trees on the right ah remember it's quite funky green is it is this one two two green strong two-tier green I mean in an ideal world I mean look obviously you want to just punch it back out 60 70 yards to give yourself a third shot I mean if you've been really Brave talk to me I mean kind of slice one if you've been really Brave I mean you you almost cut it like a like a soft open face chip Three Wood slice Ian you've watched me play six times I think I've got that shot in the locker oh I think you have. But um chipping out it's a safe play okay seven iron back onto the Fairway get out one way doing it yeah it's out okay look at that wind off the left look at that yeah like a little chip slice Three Wood I also like my teeth [Laughter] 186 off the left just a little draw from the middle of the green line dig your teeth hold your line that's a good golf shot thank you lovely golf shirt very much appreciate it they're in there on the top tier they're in there somewhere very good shot thanks okay 171 pin wind off the left you find a bit of a special one area yeah I think we're gonna have to try. And play something here um love it it's gonna have to move 50 yards 60 yards in the air 71. [Music] okay I'm gonna have to one seven one I've got six iron okay. But I'm gonna have to open the face out a good 15 20 degrees and try and hit like a hard like a three-quarter hard slice love it has it done it not quite enough I think oh no that could be in a world of trouble oh that could be in a world of trouble well Ian you know why he's you know why he's got lucky there because he tried the impossible it's actually finished here just short of the really really horrendous stuff. And very very close to a graveyard I was very Nearly Dead. And you didn't even know there was a graveyard down there I didn't know there was a graveyard there that's ridiculous that's absolutely eight feet how far is it might even be slightly less absolutely ridiculous Theory lucky got away with one there big time if you ever shock yourself when you hit shots like that um I wouldn't say shock myself. But like I said it like the short game stuff is that is the interesting stuff right yeah you know it's where you can be most creative it's where you can have a bit of fun it's it's takes you back. For being a kid playing those short game competitions around the chipping green you never you never played a bore in easy Chip Shot you always played the same impossible one right well we've got you're just I thought so closer and we both putting for par I'm a slight downhill fall into the right majority of the way the port sun's coming out for you as well do it good try that would have been that would have been a mega four oh God that sounds a good I thought it was a good put as well that was a good part ah that would have been that would have been a good far out the trees damn right shows out of jail show us how it's supposed if you if you write a four down here that's ridiculous that is absolutely ridiculous sorry not sorry it's one of those [Laughter]. So your own I'm sure your own uh account not a great t-shirt didn't quite pull off the danger shot but not bad and in an up and down out of nowhere you know what that that is if if you're playing match play that right there is an absolute dagger through the heart 100 . [Music] eighth hole 409 yard dead straight as you see it uh bunkers down the right should not be in play fairly flat green like you know this is a real good birdie opportunity. So far I feel like we need a lot more a lot more to be made awesome let's try it that okay right hand rough uh it's been the theme of the day. So far okay not ideal nice drive let the wind carry it back [Music] left down trees oh I think it bounced clipped a tree. And then.

Stayed a fraction to the right one two four okay 124. what what are you gonna play us there well I'm stuck in the trees however. it's not actually too bad see if I can I can't it's one of those where I actually stood over the ball I can't see the flag. But the ball can see the flag I don't think the I don't think the overhanging branch has any is is in play at all I don't think there's not much to this it's just a normal shark yeah pitching wedge I'm going to fight it down just a smidgen just because the wind's picking up anyway. And then.

Just hope it doesn't spin too much a bit heavy no I think that's really good spin oh what a shot thank you thank you forget the word that came out my mouth I mean naughty shock that was nicer is that is that the nasty shot of the day it's up there that two iron on five is pretty good I think I think I'm going to have to hit an open phase 52 I've got 115 pin this tree in front is if I hit a normal 52 not this tree. But the one yeah this tree yeah I think is just about in my trajectory. So I think I might be able to open face get it up under this Branch yeah under this branch. And up over that and it might be okay I like it open face 52. is it good oh yeah nice effort really good shot really good we're having to work really hard this is a bit of a grind to put into a little bit of perspective we are literally filming this directly after a family holiday Ian has just done traveling around Italy. And the bike ride I've just done from Scotland to Liverpool so listen it's a standard of the goal are we making it are we making an excuse me golf isn't quite where it should be that's the reason why. And you just gotta deal with it like subscribe deal with it like And subscribe just deal with it okay somehow we've actually got two decent birdie looks here yeah I I've got to say the greens are looking incredible what's the green Keepers say called clarky he does not work an absolute awesome job um considering there's three golf courses here an incredible short game area to look after all that. And the titles Performance Center incredible he's the best in the business right come on two two birds would be nice do it oh robbed my goodness robbed that was unbelievably close right slightly up the hill right to left I can be firm up the hill just broke a little bit more again they're super subtle I almost made about three quarters I didn't see I didn't see that much break in it I would nearly walked in. And I'm glad I obviously didn't because it didn't even hit the hole but it really snapped last minute okay sweep up. For the power just out just inside the hole but left Edge yep oh no birdies. Yet well there's one each we've made but I thought we'd have a better chance there right beautiful little part three coming up I am now four under you are one over five in it we've got 168 the PIN. And that's a hole in one pin if I've ever seen one perfectly in view okay green slopes a touch back to front down to seven gone to seven might try. And take a little bit of the wind out of plane just try and knock it down a touch lower like the low flight I kept it under the trees I just pulled it just pulled it a little bit what have you got I've got seven because like I said I kind of picked it once the wind was down slightly I think if I hit a full one the wind is slightly down right at a second. So let's pull the trigger now straight down it little buttercup I pulled it should be on the green hopefully you asked off the left edge of the green I think that came out a lot further pulled it I think as you've turned it over it's it's ended up going on the Wind okay. So it did just fly the green annoyingly just come back into this little runoff area fairly decent lie not too much brake once it hits the greens let's see if we can get one threatening the hole easy left you a little more than you probably wanted yeah. So Shanks it was nice contact it always just stayed right on me okay I've left myself 30 feet 35 feet uphill left to right relatively relatively slow putt back up the hill grow some legs ah I think it was on a pretty decent line that was absolutely in the middle it was I don't think there's much movement in this part I don't right. So this needs to drop to keep a five shot cushion until about nine this has to drop come on Rick I need those five sharp cushions pretty much straight up the hill I see nothing but the bottom of the cup hold it pull pull yeah it's a dead Straight Talk Ah that's annoying that is annoying. So after nine I've dropped way too many shots there so that's I am now 300 seven over front now it's terrible Ian one over one over also not very good I don't think either is a set in the world. But particularly happy however. makes for great content we've got nine holes to go four shot difference okay nine holes played yes you've got a four hole buffer four shot yeah I wish it was holes from the 10th uh 404 yard dead straight Par Four you can see the pin in the distance uh there's a little bowl in the in the Fairway at about 280. um in an Ideal World I'd like to hit one pretty decent. And get it past that leaving a sand iron to the green wind is down off the left start at that little left hand small tree foreign to go. For I want it to get as close to the green as possible there is a bowl down it is a fairway. But it's like it's just this little dip that you'll go through you you should get it past it okay great. So you shot there sure it forces you to slide on left to right oh too much slide all right far enough or not it could get out he could get out on the 11th Fairway to be honest yeah too much one four six um slightly down off the right one four six it might jump on your touch I feel like I need the loft what have you got wedge yeah yeah I think that's good okay. So we're in the trees here on the side of 10. um however. just come a little bit closer there is luckily. For me just in front of me there's a tree that's not super super high so if I can feed it through that Gap it's 146 yards to get there I've got an absolutely new kit. And just get lucky I'm gonna go wedge oh not fat it that far did he get out not quite. But not horrendous tried to lift it too much 76 slightly down Breeze um great drive by the way Ian thank you see if we can have it dancing around the PIN oh beautiful oh it spun back a bit right my first my first attempts out the trees didn't quite work out. But it's got me to here he needs a lovely little shot there I'm 65 sorry 70 yards away it's got to chip it with a little pitching wedge run it up there played a lovely shot I'll tell you what lovely shirt you you love being in the trees for some reason it's because I've had enough for that tests I've had enough practice I'm lovely shot thanks Phil there you go right then.

Ian okay I think I need this to be honest well I needed to I needed to play some miracle shot at the trees there realistically now from where you're at one over yeah what you're expecting to shoot about nine um three under okay. So that means I need to shoot one over have you got it I've got it I'm a Batman player I play for the bat nine all right come on then.

However. if this trickles in it's a great start to about nine I'm not sure if that's still on you oh just a quick one you can tell this golf ball has been through a lot of this hole it's absolutely battered battered. And Brew I think they're both a bit battered. And bruised that was a lovely shot by the way thank you yeah it came out nice okay. For Park well done thank you right very good save yeah it was needed that one that was a good save right the short par five here. But not a easy one because it really funnels down there doesn't it short par five but it it's it's tight you really have to put this in the Fairway otherwise your proper snookered having to play with a bit of a cut today.

That's all I've got okay it's in the Fairway good ball okay driver's not been it's been all right got a few loose ones Fairway needed on this feel like I want to hear hard cut I'm just trying to get it back in the Fairway hard starting up with the Wind [Music] don't know if you think I think I've just got a phenomenal Bounce has it bounced out yeah did it yeah it did I did friendly Bounce has left you 256 yards to pin okay wind's slightly helping no I think the wind is in off the right 256. if you landed this 20 yard short the green on a lowish flight it's going to chase up okay what have you got well I can I can do that with the two iron. And a shot that I quite like or I can try. And fly it there with the three wood okay let me just see what the I mean the lies actually really nice they'll be on the up slope yeah I'm gonna go three wood okay two five six just trying to Nuke this three wood be good wind needs a little nudge to the left. And it will be on the Green yeah you've got it what a shot tell you what you've come to play on these par fives I'm gonna hit a couple of good ones now. And again all right drive's got about 320. I fly six on 192 yards so all being well a good solid six iron should be okay Wind come on win do it it's died yeah that's it right a bit of a surprise that our mind's actually little uphill definitely helped um both on the Green. But I've actually hit the upslope and it's softened the blow Ian's lovely golf shot looked like it was all over it. But just carried a bit further so he's on the back edge of the green still putting though two puts for Eagle two putts Purdy yeah it's probably a better way of looking at it simmer okay if it run that wasn't very good up. And over the ridge funny enough I don't actually think this is gonna break loads got a little uphill to get up. And then.

It's starting to scoot down towards the hole I actually don't see it going that far left. Or right a little bit left to right if anything he's just doing some gardening excuse me good pace good putt thanks did actually swing a lot more than I thought you see much in this one yeah I see it kind of moving a little right to left in the last four feet back uphill right to left I might even try. And go a touch to the right to begin with you know that was a terrible part oh right opportunity I do feel like I've just made this put twice as big in my head. But for birdie easy thank you easy for thank you very much appreciate that right got one back I've got one back one eight four twelfth hole I just played its number I think the wind's gonna help much earlier I don't think it's going to help a lot to be honest I mean it's really kind of the breezes died off in the last half an hour. And the difference for tea to no T I feel like T gets me going left where if I try. And get on top of it a bit more and squeeze it okay I feel like I fade it a touch more he says six iron straight out it with a little fade go in the hole just left of the PIN ah that was really nice that was really nice about nine from now on when we do these videos let's just go. So this is what happened on the front line. And then.

Just jump straight to the back now what a shot okay I'm under a bit of pressure now aren't I sure are okay what do we say 182. I feel like you love it I feel that's what you live. For oh and it is that's a stay there stay there. And go in the hole go oh don't poke the bear because the barrels bite very good well done wow two pretty good shots there gonna have to pull one out the bag I think you got uh you're in your stride now you've just did it it's 25 feet from 256 yards on the last easy little birdie you've just did a nice from 182 you've just did it to about 10 feet. And then.

You're gonna hit it to eight feet well but I really I should do really you should do that's right that's what I should do that's what I haven't been doing. But I should I should right let's see two birdies that's what the crowd want to see we haven't given them we haven't given him much uh much at the minute apart from some some tree wonders right up the hill left to right I'm gonna go just outside the hole and just give it a bit of speed come on for bats about birdies pulled it oh give it a go it's funny what you were talking about before on the other tea about lying. And online I didn't quite trust my line and therefore. questioned it so you you line it up and you line it up with a line on the ball well either line or just the logo yeah. And I just didn't quite trust it that one should have stopped and gone again anyway can I nick one back oh oh making this harder. And harder how many holes left seven six five in it okay 430 there's a road that runs across the hole there's a cart bath that runs across at about 280. So um anything 260 out there leaves you you know just probably like an eight iron on that pin looks fun over that trap we're trying a little low stingy draw everyone down there little stingy [Music] not too much too much not too much you're gonna have to hit another one of them all right for the second you have to get another one of them for a second I think I want it to stay left side. But yeah I just turned it over is it in actual trouble. Or not no it's not in trouble I just think that you've got a bit of tree limbs overhanging. So yeah I think you're gonna have to get another another kind of hard draw are you stinging are you just normal um I'm going normal normal three iron kind of over these left two red. And yellow markers yeah perfect Crusher [Laughter] okay one six nine however. however. you have got some serious tree trouble the thing is if I literally if I don't pull it off it's game over in it I mean I fancy it don't get me wrong I've got it in the locker to be able to bend it that much the thing is I've got to bend it way left of the flag what was it 170 please 170. have you got this in the locker can't say I'll tell you what look if this is my stock I'll tell you what I'd love to see it because it'll be a hell of it what club you got there how far did you say it was not that club in your hand okay it's 170. right 170 what club you go you got seven on Boost way too much Club because you're gonna have to hood it like where are you where are you visualizing this shop I can't decide if I'm gonna go under the branch. Or over the bridge you need to go over because if you go low it's never going to have enough height. And carry okay right. So you've got to go through the the Upper Limb that window that that little window and you're gonna have to turn the face in a bit I think to get enough snap hook on it yeah I got this. So if if you turn in the eight iron eight Iron's almost turned into seven iron anyway yeah. And you even don't you even don't want this jumping too much otherwise that would technically be too much as well so I actually think you could play this like a like a nice smoothish hooded eight iron I'd give I'd give you 20 to one my I'd give you two biggest one it's 20 to one on the shot my biggest concern is if it just goes straight it's all right you'll just be down on the fourth hole that's all if it goes straight it's game over. So would you rather go to hit a nine iron and Hood the nine iron in right put the 99 in more which is going to give it more hook spin yeah right because the only fear might you know if if I was actually standing there playing this shot I would Hood it with a nine iron. And for what reason because I wouldn't Hood so I would Hood it at least closing the face enough to take that to an eight iron yeah. And I think if the ball jumps a tiny bit I think that's enough at least if it hooked enough to get in the front bunker okay I just think you think I can hook it enough to get it on the Green from here though with nine yeah it's hard. But I do think it's doable okay hold on to your heart I mean this is what they call a bus really. But yeah this is game over. Or don't be afraid to hood it in and don't be afraid to try and hook it I think I think I need to hook it all right ah stay up okay I actually think you can play that that was really unlocked I can tell you what if that misses that branch that is comfortably in the middle of the green no problem you played a world of a shot. But it just oh that was nearly unbelievable 168 helping off the right come on this will be a timely three if we can pull one off hit it skinny down with you oh no get all that bank damn I'm very good was it oh it's not actually that bad yeah it's fine where is it it's all right it's fine the uphill gives me enough Loft right after my very unfortunate hook shot that just caught the branch I've come down here. And I can to be honest it's actually not horrendous I'm just in the fern it could have been game over disastrous I feel like sometimes you get rewarded. For being brave so I've got I'm just in the top of the flag bunker to get over I'm actually going over the bunker from here just the edge of it just the corner of it sit down ship come out lovely just too much very clean saying I can feel a couple of these Conifer just under the ball which is not helpful because I need to get under it to Loft it up. So um hopefully it doesn't make the club bounce as I as I strike it see if we can pop it up goat oh it's come out too good Cheyenne thank you right needing up. And down here cannot have another double bogey that's it that's it wow that gun gone no it's uh a yard off the green ah chipping still probably it's definitely chipping oh that was bad ah I feel like I'm making a bit of a hash of this chipping here would be Timely it's a good touch it's a good chip down lots of silly that's. So many bloody double bogies four doubles in this round I'm just throwing these shots away annoyingly that was a annoying that because bad tea shot granted not the right position after playing that brave shot I felt like I was very unlucky there all right come on in Ian not running. For par is you're not being far away not old nothing's dropped. For you not good enough I'm afraid nothing has dropped for you 14th par five 564 yards four more whole five more holes to play four shot lead okay can reach this in two. But it needs to be a pretty pretty decent tee shot up that left half anything to the right there's a bit of a dip in a bowl where it's uh it's kind of thick heavy rough so we've got let's hug this left half pretty good hang on don't kick right yeah nice pull it like you've got a nice little yeah kick forward there as well is that good I think it's just about okay anything right of that problem get in trouble okay yeah [Music] good drive thank you that's perfect [Music] yeah thank you okay 309 to the flag. But 210 to that bunker on the left I think I'm just gonna lay it short of that I just need C3 will just get me in trouble because it gets does get tight five arms five arms are right play I mean it's Gonna Leave You 110 yeah perfect if you still want to be left side of the Fairway not there you idiot oh I'm sorry middle of I'm sorry middle of the fair no I'm sorry I'm sorry that's you can't apologize I'd be I'd be laughing that up right no because it's not right Ian it's not right it shouldn't happen that shouldn't happen I mean it was absolute dog meat straight right in the middle of absolutely in the middle of the Woods it's perfect it's like you couldn't have planned it any better it's your day it's your day ah Roy the Rover shot coming up I think what are you thinking I'm not thinking because I pulled three wood out. So um off the downslope ball a foot below my feet 270 270 yards out I've got a mound in front of me which I actually think this is probably borderline to hit. And I'm too over par so [Music] everything's in your favor yeah I mean it's a suicide shot. But this is where the magic happens uh I mean what's he gonna do make everyone laugh on YouTube Perfect oh that's no one's laughing at that no go on all right go on oh my goodness it's caught the edge of the Trap. And stopped it wow no one's laughing at that oh my goodness everything was stacked against e. And then.

On that shot and a bar it moving one more yard to the right near perfect from memory Long's dead in it I can't see no it's not really dead. But like you you want to pitch it far enough and they're probably a yard past the pin because you don't want it coming back all the way back down that that Ridge is that pin on like a back tear it's on a back tear I can't work out how much there is behind the pin. But you want to keep it on that top ledge so I would be definitely trying to land this like 115. okay because it's gonna spin back a couple of yards. So after my perfect layup I can't say I couldn't even say it with a straight face 113 yards I'm gonna go in with a little gap wedge in between the Silver Birch and the flag perfect hmm it's not up the rigid I think nope oh a little low on the face too much off yeah way too much off it felt like it was kind of borderline too much Club see you say there's a chance somehow Ian your golf balls defied gravity slide it was sliding from 40 yards left to the green. So the ball has come in literally from this angle and somehow it's finished there you're getting all the shots here today.

On in the video every shot possible I've seen left-handed shots rescues out of trees 70 yard slices 50 yard hooks dunks chunks the only thing we haven't had. Yet is a shank all this time. For this time and I've got clothes don't worry that is honestly that's seriously unlucky from where he was. And how far back he was. So we've even got it this close as a miracle and to be left with that I mean that is Harsh are you going in the bunker I'm gonna have to have a choice uh this is not nice that that's the shot of the day that's the show of the day thank you right after an incredible. For the Houdini from the side of the bunker Ian's got that for birdie I've got this for birdie too but it's long range up over a hill and I know from experience these have been somewhat slow when it's uphill gotta get it up there come on one more birdie On a par five would do nicely slammed it you got that one there slammed it ah I think is it just on me still I think any closer than you shot from the side of the bunker hi I think it's just me what do you tell yourself on puts like this these ones that you have to make um you just I mean you just tell yourself it's like you're just never gonna miss it. So it's all about it's all about kind of being overly confident to to your line and Pace yeah um there's no doubt in your mind it's gonna go in it went in it wasn't the most comfortable place to be honest it was in the end I thought it could leak a little bit to the right. So I didn't hit it overly hard but I've made this one a bit more if you have that was a bit more tricky can sit just think. For a minute how you've made Birdie on that hole is pretty good yeah boy my caddy would have absolutely killed me had I have said to him I'm gonna hit three with him. For me second shot um but then.

We we pulled a decent chip off from from a not very nice lie in the Trap okay. For par and to stay just three ahead where did you see that part I think I read it too fat too straight well my mine tried to mine tried to get out deceivingly like it looks like a straight putt. And that's where I originally read mine and it actually was pulling it was pulling that way where you missed it. So I'm like this is now going to be slightly off the left. And it just doesn't look it does it no it looks. So flat right for bogey should have learned a bit from yours right makes it interesting for the final few holes what under your one over three to go 15th hole Par Four 435 yards you can see the flag is dead straight down there however. on the right trees on the left there's trees you've got to go straight um I think I've got is it I mean it's a tight Fairway right I mean you can you know as a straight shot it it looks very tight you can carry these trees on the right. So it's either lay it sort of down the left half with iron yeah probably leaving eight iron in 99 in. Or get it down there a bit further so okay two in it four to play a carrier. So bad [Music] that hit a lot of tree it did. So ah I don't know shut my eyes and it get away from the trees I think that one's okay in the rough on the right. But it's okay you can see. For the content today.

He knows he knows you give yourself enough Miracle opportunities one of them is going to come off. And I feel like this might be the one what are you looking what are you thinking Ian I'm thinking I'm I'm struggling here I've got 189 um I do have a small window. But it is small through the Gap under the branches landed 20 yards short the green hopefully it skips up there. And misses this course on the right and misses the this tree that tree 150 yard post but let me move that 150 out your way hold on to your hats everybody oh it's a kitty friendly show isn't it [Laughter] wow we can bleep right 167. that's gone left as well you got me on the ropes I have lots can happen. Yet though okay 152 yards into the PIN I'm gonna go 99. And just try and control it in there right side of the PIN eye so anyway it's doing really well he's doing unbelievably well oh my God laughs right after my 99 layup I've left myself here just on this beautifully manicured apron come on Rick time to shine trying to make a good wedge shot front of the impulter down okay nice nice. And clean foreign okay come on I need to haul out. For par no that's terrible Ian's terrible. And my terrible are very different. And I won't be too happy with others very difficult one short side himself it wasn't easy right after an aggressive chip we've got a slope in one left to right down the hill it's gonna be fast be frustrated if I made a hash of this so let's roll it pin left in please a bit of a back stock that's it I think a bit of a hash of it more than what I needed to more than what I needed to slightly regretting not hitting three iron down the left half now yeah it's a very tight t-shirt another must make. And make it he must tell you what considering you didn't in your own mind I'm sure you did a good job at all. But you still worked off with five he was a scrambling fire just a bit right also. For five up the hill dead straight yep all right no change in the score still two in it three to play 16 449 245 carries this left bunker okay uh the Fairway sort of pinches in on the right hand side. And again you've got those left trees that kind of encroach a little bit so in an ideal world are you going over the bunker right I'm gonna go I'm gonna go sort of over the right half of it. And if I leak through with a little bit it's it should still be okay okay perfect perfect okay really nice ball I feel like if I catch on a bit off the face it could hit that trick okay I'm gonna go drive there um over that bunker as well straight in line with the big tower in the background oh you nearly called it where's it gone where is it uh just left of the Trap stayed in the rough just like you're gonna have to hit you're gonna have to you trusty little loans I've never hit the tree that popped off you'd have to do a little hook a manifested it you talk to yourself you talked yourself nicely into that see that overhanging Branch if I roof this it's going to go straight into that I just wanted to show you if I could I could do. For what I'd say uh you've got 181 total you got a bit of tree trouble again so 181 um I don't have to draw it as much at that pylon with about a 20 yard draw 181 181 probably kind of come out a little hot probably wants to land 171. because it's tumbling so you're gonna go get an eight it's gonna have to hood it a bit I think that's the shot though okay seven I just seen a bit bit too much I think seven you could pitch this nearly pin eye yeah okay. So eight iron hook it round it's not a huge hook it's a normal golf shot played a lovely shot don't go big just off the right Edge there's a nice shot but yeah it was weird it kind of straightened up well the winds the wind is fractionally off the left. So I think it it hooked. For the most part when it had to spin on the ball and as the spin come off I think the wind took it then.

To the right that re honestly I thought that was definitely going to be more in line with the flag once it was the right Club if you do it seven it'd have been yeah one three six need to pitch it two past the PIN. So one three eight Breeze off the left I'm gonna go wedge wedge okay I need to finish birdie birdie birdie you might not need to. But yeah. For your own score looks nice it's been that looks really nice okay after playing I honestly thought it was a really good shot from behind the trees it's not too bad it's just off the side of the green I've got the putter out. For some security Ian's put it in nice and tight I'll throw you away in four feet really nice shot give me range really oh is he gonna get there [Music] my eyes are playing tricks on me that I feel like it looks. So much more downhill but it wasn't right great white shot in Ian thank you really nice to played a little bit down left to right for birdie very very nicely done come on very nicely done [Laughter] right to keep the deficit just to one with two to go good part very good thank you warning it two to go one and two one with two this is a great Par Four it's a hard dog leg right which then.

Turns straight once you get around the corner. So um it's 275 to run out on that on that big wide fat trunk down that left half so 275 if I can hit this 245 250 I should be sure short of that tree. But kind of on line with that tree because all those right trees overhang so I love the intensity right come on then.

Stick it down there so you're going left side of the Fairway left off the Fairway I hate losing all right I'm not losing stay left a little no it's coming back nice come on that is now a one you. And your golf ball don't like losing I was like it was like remote controlled ah come on I'm gonna go drive her I mean this this t-shirt is just absolutely epic it's a great great t-shirt. So good there's no room on the right is there at all there is. But like you'd have to go see the right hand stump on the right edge of the Fairway yeah like you can't really be much more right than that okay that bit of sun you can see on the Silver Birch is perfect foreign okay you could be royally blocked oh Joe you could have got away with one ah that's 50 50. that that tree is pretty flat damn right it's getting tense now there's two holes left to go Ian's put himself in A1 position how he's just flicked a switch he has internally he wants 160 off the right he wants blood it's the best iron shot you've hit all day oh is it it's torch big absolutely flushed it it was all over it it was all over it. But he's just the adrenaline that means what happens these 10 shot challenges brings the best out on them that has just gone 10 yards deep I think it's the adrenaline exactly ah. For some degree drive a bus through there would you go low I'll sling it he's just lowering it straight to the pin 140 well 142. just a little bump and running it although I tell you what you're so comfortable hitting a low like a draw like if you again hooded one in hit a little drawer the first bounce that it's gonna have it'll kick it quite a long way left so to be honest the safer shot to play is just like a little low like a little low draw yeah. So we've got space here down the right I could go straight at it but there's literally no benefit at all I'm gonna go down towards that bunker a little low Slinger if it hits off the bank everything feeds back round to the flag oh you absolute idiot oh [Music] add the whole of the UK on the right I mean you chose the safer you chose the safer oh yeah I think I just hooded it too much at a dress. And I didn't really need to it didn't need to move that much because the ground would have done the ground would have done all of that work for you oh I would have got ground draw damn silver shot I can't believe we had 142. you've now got 135. oh decent leave it so you've hit seven yards seven yards and 60 yards wide pitching wedge I just want a clear line into the hole this is gonna be the greatest up. And down I've ever done played one break the flag played one oh wedge wedge flyer big flyer oh I thought that was absolutely money adrenaline you see pumped up address can't believe ain't that true oh my God it's massive look how far that's gone cannot believe how far that shot's just gone I'll tell you what this will be a hell of a four if this goes in oh I cannot believe how far it's just gone over the back of the green not the greatest light in the world think about this is he going to play as an absolute wondrous shot gonna go. For the lofty version played a lovely shot that's it hmm flew it a bit but bounced on you a bit well I was Lie wasn't great at all ah gotta do something now Ian put him. For birdie I'm putting for bogey there's only one shot in it damn little left to right right he's got it break very very nicely played this to be level going down the last come on knock it in let's let's be all square again I will be punching my chest come on if this goes in come on. For bogey and just a bit level coming down the last what a pot give me that great part oh my goodness listen for about a month after that Jesus level playing the 18th hole that really that really I shouldn't have done it that hard just calculating that's all last hole level tagging one over the one over I am yet to beat any tour pro at this Challenge and almost every single match has gone down to the last not saying this is the biggest moment in yours. And my career but it might just be the biggest moment certainly my career right talks was Ian what we're doing now in 18. okay uh we can um we can go. For the soft shot like we're probably both gonna do. And lay up down the left-hand side um oh it's 3 56 to the great I can't reach the green so it's stupid for me to even try and knock it on the Green so I'm gonna hit four iron down the left-hand side it's 356. if this goes if this goes 230 which it should um and I'm aiming of the fattest of the trees down that left-hand side yeah should leave me kind of 120 in 125 depends where the pin is okay pin looks middle right okay it's all got very serious if you've enjoyed to this point be sure to like. And subscribe Club 12 early T pickup position a fairway what was that four iron. Or three four iron that's probably got about two twenty it's got about 220 225 okay okay this whole built to this 18th hole I'm actually gonna go two iron I need to hit that shot right here on that far five earlier in the round same line is perfect just past me lovely t-shirt Rick lovely t-shirt lovely t-shirt thanks pal can I call you pool chat yep great thanks folks [Laughter] right then.

Ian okay 123 I've got a horrible number here I would normally pitch 52 123. But I actually think it's going to rip spin 20 feet um some Feathering a wedge in there okay [Music] um horrible in-between number. So let's see let's see dig your teeth in dig spin ah that is that is saucy I'm happy with that like it's. So sick come on what have you got I've got 119 119. this is a good number it is a very nice number. For me certainly with that a little bit of spin what's interesting between our shots you were slightly uphill I'm slightly on the downhill. So it's going to come out a tiny bit hotter this is what at least a thousand balls of practice in my lifetime has led to one shot to get closer than Poulter on the final hole here at Woburn 119 yards gap wedge it's just it's just a nice one it's just a really nice one oh that's in the house all over it it's been an in - I tell you what it was a lovely shop it was a lovely shot. But that's what I was worried about as an in-between yardage too much spin oh too much spin you got some work to do now I'm afraid oh lovely looking shots all over it wasn't it I honestly thought that I'd had a little chance then.

I mean it would have been weldy had you hold it oh my oh my cried myself to sleep. But my heart is beating out my chest just come. And look at this this is where my ball is finished. But look where it pitched I mean it was absolutely it was money if he had a pitch there with one more Club on a soft on a kind of softer flight I needed to pitch it right back there didn't I yeah yeah right anyway s away this is the wonders of a match play scenario which we've got right here all square playing the last if you've been this this part all of a sudden looks a little more tricky do you want it out yes please come on Rick. So this is what we got left up the hill right to left to some degree the way it's actually spun back down this hill is actually give me a bit of an indication of what this putz can actually do because from where it pitched. And went past the flag and Splinter here it doesn't look like there's been a lot of break it's gonna slightly move to the left uphill right to left guys genuinely if you've enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe like the video leave a comment check out pulse he's been a legend all right come on knock it in give me some work to do a little leaf up the hill right to left give it a chance at least it's on a lovely line [Applause] [Music] what a great effort that's a really good butt really good pup I thought I had it I absolutely thought I had it I thought you had it too oh my goodness I thought you had it oh good speed not far offline oh I'll tap that one in please in. For par finishing one over par I know it's not Stellar golf but when you're playing against tour pro it's bloody hard this port is. For the win this is to get back to level par. And to win this 10 shot challenge what'd you say I do not want to talk it's a little left to right um it's just a little left right why did I have any level of doubt do you agree that was absolutely epic why maybe fish made me sweat what a finish that was great fun bird is the last to take the victory still not beating a single tour pro that was good well that was great next.

Who do you think could be a good player to play against um I think you should challenge um Hammer extensor Ramona Stenson at Nona will be awesome honestly Ian you have been today.

Just in general amazing with your time you've been phenomenal on camera I know the golf from either of us wasn't Stellar. But you made it so entertaining and interesting guys be sure to follow in on all this social media that was awesome I really enjoyed it really good until next.

Time how do you do it subscribe click. And subscribe like And subscribe like And subscribe we'll see you next.

Time oh I can't believe it.