Welcome down to a very windy kings barns golf club here in scotland today.

I'm taking on an epic challenge. So far you've seen me battle it against tommy fleetwood at jcb and then.

Also lee westwood at close house where i start 10 under par and because they're tour pros they start level par and we do 18 holes stroke play it's been epic. So far today's challenger masters winner 20 years on tour g'day rick adam scott how are you mate i'm excited i'm glad you are i'm starting to turn back. So far i drew with tommy fleetwood right so it was level okay lee west would beat me by one oh boy. But i got off to a terrible start now today.

It's the week before the opening it's very very windy it's whipping it's moving we're playing off the black tease which is 7 200 yards which to me is long. For you which probably not that it's probably normal right i think. So i don't know we don't look at the adage anymore it's all long we play stroke play yeah everything counts yeah you think you can get me you can beat me the pressure's on like the boys haven't lost to i don't want to be the first one. So the pressure's on me i think. And i've not won yet so yeah i want to win one two. So without further ado let's head out first team kingsborough beautiful day even though it's windy um and it's going to be absolutely epic yeah let's do it mate looking forward to it let's do it [Music] jackie kazakh please see that i'm 10 on the page [Music] should be all right yeah i think that's fine good yeah right side happy days cheering we've got a tough crowd today.

I thought that was pretty good i got nothing nada however. this is how it should be done [Music] oh yeah that's that's a little bit different yeah that's pretty good happy with that yeah i'm happy with that very good it's going to be interesting on the links like there's a lot to figure out there is a lot more thinking than just a number i guess yeah it's it's really important like where you want to land it. And what kind of shot cause then.

It'll have however. much role so you know like switching into lynx mode this time here it's good coming up early yeah even even playing here at king's barn yeah you know it does it's links. And you're getting it on the ground and getting a feel for not playing through the air all the time we're getting used to fighting wind i guess yeah. And and the wind at the lynx is. So heavy yeah you know. So by the way we're filming this the week before the open even though the video might come out a few weeks after they open um so yeah yeah kind of this is your preparation week. So it should be open champion by the correct video comes out so yeah we'll do we don't have to reach the intro if you're in the open i'll be there on sunday probably picking up the claret jug with you believe me yeah. But yeah no it's uh it's nice preparation week. So you got off to a mega start that drive was clashed yeah snuck down the snook down there [Applause] okay second shot i'm in the roof here on the right side of the first quite a uphill lie. And you can see from the blustering roof it's very very windy [Music] that is a shank i'll be with you in a minute [Music] that looks all right i think we're on the green a recovery right. So the ball is in your court on this first hole. For sure no practice putts wha what speed are we going with like eight yeah i don't think they're going to be super rapid yeah just when that window gusts it could get the ball rolling always think uh lynx putts overall are straight [Music] i'll go go still go we're not still going wind. So not the par part i want to leave myself big swing off the left the wind's going to kind of straighten out a little bit [Music] all right i'm making this very challenging from the off this already feels like an important part how it moves it wiggled you put oh good rolls on it i got three good putts three good rolls yeah oh hey listen who doesn't blow a 10 shot lead had to like steady myself tonight over by the wind good power on the first hole you've got two back on me already yeah i like this pace right second hole par three how far greg 178 one seven eight seven straight back into breeze are you going with six i'm going with six no no no i didn't start up far enough left [Music] oh rick the strike was. So bad oh a bit of lacking in confidence here at the moment adam you've i've done myself in on that first hole it is pumping out here i know it's uh it is brutal okay. So i decided to lay up on this path three uh really terrible strike i've got loads of room luckily so i'm gonna try and land it in short and kind of hop it up i feel like i need to make a path instead of the ship and up and down here would be just that adam's over on the right hand side not in the greatest spot that's a pretty good shot that's a good shot that's it oh delightful get down there oh right in the middle yes he's walking in right i've really really really really got to hold this now it's just off to the right [Music] i've dropped three shots in two holes. So i'm now seven under and you're level par ouch as we maybe just delay to let this wind stop and slow down a little bit um adam was mentioned on the podcast he's got a new app fair game where it's almost like a social app insert it's a social app to connect your golfing buddies. And maybe even meet some new people but you can also keep score it's keeping our game out here. So you put yourself as a par and i was a bogey yeah bogey really simple i just had there one button there you go boom done. And we're under the third hole nice and easy at the moment yeah you can get your stats it's got all the simple stuff on there love it yeah par five third hole 520 yards probably played about 650.. But how did you play this shot i mean there's a huge hill up the left that looks like you don't want to be there. But you've got to aim up there i mean you just can't get this leaking oh wow that's left with left oh no where'd that go oh yeah good shot this wasn't in the yardage book it was 185 yards off the tee yeah gotta hit like a five iron i didn't get ahead of me. Or anything that gets in play really is kind of 60 160 what what's it 160 what 160 the green book okay all right we're just trying to get this one back in play now that's the key when you go out of position number one goal back in position yeah i have to take that it's not pretty he's on the fairway yeah still rolling still rolling it's good shot thanks yeah right we got 205 hole it's playing 260 probably what you're hearing just blow bullet. For iron and try and chase it up that left side i think okay oh i pulled it come on i'm gonna go with your approach a bit adam. And plate up that left-hand side really need to go up and down here for a bogey oh do what yours did it's a good shot yeah we're on the green well when in scotland you go with the bump. And run i hit it too hard maybe it'll work it's working this is good do it hit the flag oh bite stop now wow wow that was a good pup bruce crawl crawl ah it's a big number eight okay. For honestly one of the best powers i would have seen it's like two and a half percent on the slope here into the wind it's holding it hmm hit it it's too slow that would have been a hell of a five yeah it was it was ugly it's a six fourth hole par four winds helping us now down. And off the right it feels like a relief getting out of that in out of the left doesn't it feel like we might be able to make a move at it here what would be a very good score for you around here today.

We first said 75. But might reassess it might be more than that do you think yeah it's really whipping yeah i think padding is just going to be. So hard we'll get uh you're trying to break 80 yeah you know how you do that 75 game yeah i'm doing the 80 game today.

Adam scott break 80 edition bullet oh [Music] stay up oh that was too bad it worked that worked good it's hard to hold that fairway i think that's all i could do get it back in play this rick can claw claw something back here oh hang on it's all turned around shot go go go pretty happy with that yeah pretty happy with that one did you play that with a lot of loft when it came out low i did i hope i hooded it over the lob wedge. So you actually you actually shot the face yeah. And like played like a little low hook releasing yeah okay. For birdie it's fairly straight but i'm actually going to go off the left just because of the pure wind i feel like it's going to push it up the hill oh you're joking good roll good four ah a good four this is. For par blow wind oh the wind slowed down yeah well it's another bogey okay something i didn't think i'd hear today.

Adam scott saying it's your honor. So i'm excited about that let's see if i can keep it. For longer than a hole that's the plan uh par four fifth hole 426 yards win a wind again down off the right i'm hitting iron because i saw you playing out adam that's that's the trigger in a minute if you do that'll be good tactics right straight down the marker oh yeah that one will do that's the beauty oh i hooked it whoops him up that's okay all right that's okay it's not good okay second shot into the fifth 140 yards back left pin wind hard off the right a tiny bit down i'm gonna try. And chip a nine-nine into the middle of the green and hopefully it kind of goes with the slope and the wind simmer sit oh harsh bunker i think it's left of it got like a 70. Or 80 footer here now big right to lefter i'm just trying to get it somewhere close put a bit of pressure on rick to get her up and down go stop stop whoa okay i've just pulled up left hand side it's actually just finished short of that bush. But it's in a horrible horrible lie winds blustery so i'm just gonna put it nice part thanks pal oh thought you had that oh yeah this is cruel another bogey okay. For par slightly up the hill right to left wind's going to help it ah that's a bad put oh damn oh you gave it a little aim point there. Or at least a little feel with the feet do you like that yeah the thing is what i don't i've got one of the digital yeah um levels levellers yeah i just find myself i under number it too much underneath it yeah. So for me on this one for example yeah i would say that's a two yeah i think pretty close to that i think that's good yeah it's. For sure two so then.

Two yeah am i right saying it's an inch outside the right it'll be it'll be close to that yeah. For me this yep yeah i mean it might just be more than an inch it's like half a ball i think i went well i didn't hit it well. But i went too close to the actual cup i don't think i went outside i mean it's tough in the wind too. But it's just outside i think yeah i didn't give it outside the hole i find it hard to trust from that range outside the hole yeah fair enough i think it's really good way to read a green like you can get a lot of consistency going i've always been a soft roller of the ball yeah. So it's never bothered me in close to put it outside the hole because i've always kind of more dyed i get you but if you've always grown up banging it in i'm a little bit firmer yeah yeah you you'd have to like adjust your um the speed. For the calculation so you can not aim it outside six hole slight rest bikes it's only 338 yards. But this is a really complex green it's kind of two-tier looks to me like pins on the back is it doesn't look like it's down the bottom just before oh no it's in the front part then.

Oh well it's too far draw [Music] you going. For it i think i'm gonna just try. And sneak it down there a little low chaser oh i pulled it stay there get out of it okay. So i've come down the left i'm not really intentional but i knew it was a safe miss adam went more aggressive at the green. But he slightly pulled it i think he's uh i think he's safe actually i think he's found on the left-hand side i'm 111 yards left in there's not a lot of room on that front part of the green. So i've got to hit this very very accurately wins down off the right there's a potential little backstop if i go up on that right hand side which is where i'm going to aim. For oh hit the bank very nice oh how's it going ah all right sevy this this this is not where i should be adam ah oh no oh no oh no [Music] break. For a birdie have a chance after playing off the bank [Music] oh it doesn't look bad at all yeah sorry hello oh i like it thanks okay good part thank you it's a double bogey though it's not what i need that's a three shot swing par four seventh [Music] hole oh yes [Music] what did you call that speed adam um it's it's probably around like 18 19 20 in a tournament what's your ball speed uh kind of tops out at 180. wow yeah right come on i need to really pull my boots up here because this is getting embarrassing. So i need to crush one oh it's a bit left oh oh i did hop up there all right i've gotta be totally honestly i'm not happy with my performance. So far today.

I know it's tough it is i've just been hitting it really bad. And you know what's weird this time around when i played against tommy i was nervous when i played against uh westwood i was really nervous. For some reason today.

I actually don't even feel nervous. But i don't even feel worried he's such such a nice guy he's put me completely at ease but my golf game has deserted me so i need to get this back on track otherwise it's going to be an absolute demolishing i have to hear my tee shot down the left-hand side i'm on this little bank um i'm heading up to the green then.

140 yards to the front. So probably about 150 to the pin i'm going to try. And bump up like a like a chasey nine iron get out that bunker i just don't want to hit any loft in this wind that's so off-putting to think it's gonna go up in the air how far have you got i got 127 to the hole we're gonna go with well i'm thinking of chipping the nine up there i have like this little like nine o'clock nine iron swing should pitch maybe on this one it's gonna pitch about 110. And then.

Hopefully release let's just give that a go [Music] go big hop oh that's good yeah beautiful work up there perfect there we go. So i'm at the front of the green after a terrible terrible iron shot it was struck. So bad i'm gonna play something similar with the adam played with the 99 and kind of chase it up there really got to get up and down here oh yeah how's that pace wise same up stop whoa oh. So hard to get the ball to stop so hard to get the ball close to the hole when the wind plays such a part like i said this is a one. And a half slope but we got the wind coming across so this is where you cut you know you have to go with feel a bit i've got to take a bit of break out of it hope the wind holds it oh blew it left even left it's about as hard a day as there is. For putting out here today.

Good part thank you solid pardon that breeze no idea you like this you put us like this oh bogey eighth hole par pin is like there oh no i might hit the slope sit get down right gotta land this about 150 yards it's about 20 20 yard wind. So i'm gonna hit a gap wedge straight over the top of that bunker i'm just gonna i'm just gonna box it basically [Music] okay terrible shot from the t left myself a tricky spot i'm gonna just run it into this bank. And hopefully keep it along the floor [Music] say bye come on let's knock a good birdie in here [Music] oh went too far left come back right now ah great pop good speed oh it's a three i'll take it oh there's another good roll too [Music] yeah ah hold on not that caught another edge of the hole i cannot make a par right now. And i really really really need to okay straight back into wind par five [Music] uh-oh [Music] sergio it's wispy stuff over there it's okay it's okay. But it's not in the fairway yeah it's a good swing good move very good that was better okay. So i absolutely nutted that driver i've still got 350 yards left to the green apparently that drive went 225 yards and i killed it i can't go for it so i'm just going to try. And like hit a stinger 3 iron oh yeah a little flyer here we go nice i'm um i'm a little bit disappointed i kind of felt like a big time tour player like you'd be getting driver out of there i'm giving it a go. For the green that one was horrific was it bad that was a bad lie yeah i i don't fear a driver off the deck though i like the driver off the deck yeah. But not drive out there maybe seven would try and play a little shot i'm going to chip the five iron in there see how this works out might be a little risky because i haven't played one of these this year. But this will definitely stay under the wind. So just a little five iron waist high in the backswing and punch through i think it's got to go [Music] up oh no [Music] oh rick this is a slow one. For birdie oh i'd go chance adam no brutal okay long range birdie putt across the green wind's hard off the right it's gonna fit the slope come on rick could do this dropping this in on the ninth oh hey hello wow there you go i'm not going to lie to you that's the greatest birdie i've ever ever ever made in my life what a part i think we're done i think it's a wrap thanks. For watching the video guys very good very good only got one back on you there's one yeah. So three nine holes had him that didn't quite go to punch me there pal it was a tough nine though it was playing hard you're right yeah not quite as hard i just struck it very very badly however. that put on the last has given me a boost of confidence that i needed good after you said i'm a wonderful putter yeah thank you got nine holes to go you're too over i'm too over i'm now level after that horrendous front nine. So that back you got two shot leaves still got two shot leads it feels good here a little protected right you can't feel the weight i have a feeling we're gonna get back out in the wind the next.

Stretch of holes after these next.

Two the next.

Stretch are absolutely stunning beautiful [Music] yeah come on oh my god oh this could run hard that's got a chance to get on the green he's nearly driven to 394 yards very good that worked i found at the left-hand side i'm 99 yards away from the flag just in the rough. But it's not too bad adam has literally nearly driven the front of the green he's hit that about 380. now be right easy easy easy easy oh stop that's it oh my word stop oh it was a good shot i've hit it i thought it got in i've got my arms up in the air it just keeps rolling it's rolled off the back of the green 390 391 392 392 yard drive no wind no wind no no wind [Music] underplayed it it was only a 21 percenter [Laughter] okay just at the back of the green back into breeze right to left oh hit the flag oh he's pounded [Music] a lag protecting the two-shot deficit oh dip [Music] oh yes that's in that's in very very good [Music] [Applause] yeah that's a good shot there that's going see ya that's 100 to the front see how this goes little chip in there downwind flight one downwind pitch it at the front run it up i wonder if it's going to stop actually what's the front again 100 i don't i think i can actually hit level edge it's crazy it's. So windy yeah i mean i can fly this just short of the hole can i no [Music] big hop [Music] no [Music] yeah that released there you go pro thank you thank you thank you go go [Music] no i'll figure this out in a minute i've got you rattled figure this out with my one shot lead ah all right still got it does break a lot [Music] i need to say nothing it's one of the most beautiful golf holes in scotland 12th hole par 5 606 yards yes if that takes a massive hop off the back of that bank which it has done get a really good kick yeah get past adam scott go on ball keep going do your best. So i've hit my best drive all day and i'm 40 yards behind adam scott that's fine i can live with that i'm 260 yards away in fact it's longer than that it's 280 yards away from the flag up there all this here down the left is water the ocean this could not i'm playing well i know. But this could either make my round or completely end it i'm going with three wood i'm gonna start up on the right hand side. And try and draw it oh hit the wall she wants to lay up this is pivotal. For the match i chickened out completely okay third shot after laying up off the wall 200 yards away i'm gonna hit six iron front of the green. And let it run up stop drawing [Music] thing is i said you can't go left. And i've gone left granted but you also can't really go right like there's huge amounts of trouble up on the right as well the pin couldn't be any further on this hole this is my fourth shot adam's had two. And he's picked kind of pin high yeah i'll take that [Applause] oh harsh looking good i ate it in the toe right quick update 13th hole i'm now too over adam scott is now too over the deficit is zero it's on it's scratch now yeah maybe my mindset might change now um 13th hole 150 yard par three. But we're chipping long irons in there yeah should be six [Music] hold on stay oh yeah i love a hit ah go down now [Music] good shot thanks okay this is where i turn on the magic now that we're level just off the right very very flat wind oh he did it he did [Laughter] [Music]. So what happens i'll just i kind of put you in a false sense of security i'll give you those 10 shots and then.

I'm going to start playing relaxing [Music] looking good it's lucky you are joking me [Music] you are joking me what the hell that was. So good match is all square i'm never thinking i'm just about to turn it on. And adam's going no i'm about to turn it off right 14th hole par 4 384 from the tee here slightly back into breeze. But not too bad it's actually just slightly calm down i'll take the breeze feels like it you're just gonna rattle driver straight down i think. So finish just at the pin maybe yeah not too much adam gosh oh getting away with it i think oh i did um i'm gonna do something here that i didn't think i'd be ever doing can i borrow a tee look at that oh there you go bought them in a hinch oh way way way way way too much all right okay um i blasted it. So far right it's nearly in a different country but i'm safe we found it the caddies the wonderful caddies have found it for me today.

James actually one of my my very very old students he's up here as a full-time caddy now. So it's nice to see him um he's just giving me a line as well i'm 150 yards i could possibly muscle an a-tine on it getting nothing from the crowd up there i thought it was pretty good gonna fly to in visit in yeah fizzing out the rough i think it's just one that's got a pitch just you know it's going to come out like top spinning. So it's got a pitch just on the front and hop up 95 front go oh beautiful yeah i'll take that out of there okay. So i'm sure the green um hmm adam would you fly it over or would you run it i see two shots the yeah the 60. yeah fly it over the trap hopefully it grabs well i i don't mind it because you've got the backstop there of the tier of the slope i would say my success rate on that is two out of ten right okay it's less convincing then.

My other option yeah is nine iron land it short near that um sprinkler head use the contour of the bunker. And then.

Wrap it around and what is it success rate six out of ten wow really if you're that confident with that i'd be playing that way if i'm that confident should i do the 60. give me a tip on my sixth well i can blame you to me it's the simplest shot i think it's good to think you're going to fly this to the hole. And you won't okay you know it'll pitch 10 feet short. And a good one will check up. And it's there's a bit of room if you go along side aim at just like a yard left to the hole and just imagine you're going to fly it near the hole do you use little wrists on a shot like this i it's a bit of a balance. For me on this one i kind of cheat to get some speed with the wrist but i'm still you know you definitely want that rotation in the chest like you were doing okay sure well let's see how this goes 2 out of 10 is well maybe 4. i think you're being hard on yourself just fly it right in there we'll see yeah thank you not bad at all okay adam to go back to that birdies. And open up a little lead for the first time today.

Oh yeah [Music] oh yes very nice very nice yes. So i thought it's a three okay i know i'm going just gotta really trust that line now forget almost forget the hole don't you stay up what a part love it three percent aim point of clinging fighting you're taking a one-shot lead putting yeah this is what we've come. For adam this is it the 15th par three um i've got it right i know the 12th is like their signature hole. But this is pretty spectacular this is just outrageous it's a par three what's the actual yardage greg two two two 222 yards as you can see over a valley of rocks an ocean. And beach wind's going to hit it hard once it passes the tree on the left-hand side i mean this is what you're getting adam i'm thinking uh it's just a nice solid four iron on a flight kind of hit it at the left trap yeah. And they did it come on it's trying it's trying [Music] oh it's. So short that one's stalled in the wind oh you're on you're on the green wind yeah that might be on the next.

Tee yeah ah okay. So i have i'm pin high but quite a bit to the left of the green almost on the next.

Tee actually which by the way you've got to stay tuned for that t in a minute because that looks amazing i'm going to kind of run it up on this bank. And then.

Let it go down the hill and hopefully nestle look close to the hole go in go in go in oh what this close [Music] that was ridiculous all right come on i'm gonna start importing a lot more one off the right up the hill right to left come on such a good pray thank you thank you oh chance [Music] you know you know what he's good at this youtube stuff like you're adding the drama i get it yeah three to go match flat wow wow wow 16th hole par five i think this might be the signature hole everyone is here just keep changing it yeah absolutely epic it horseshoes around the coastline it's a par five at 569 yards. But quite literally straight back into win it's probably playing 700 yards oh yes look at this [Music] oh yeah mega flight [Music] i've hit a really really really good drive. But i'm 312 yards away from the green so going. For it is out the equation if i hit my three iron no i don't have to absolutely smash it leave myself like a 90 yard shot left in i'll be happy it's good good shot like i'm swinging more like adam scott what are you thinking of playing a little chippy in there we got uh one what have we got like two six one two six. And i'm gonna do a hit a six i'm just gonna chip the six in there from 126 yards yeah love it under the wind stay right oh yeah oh yeah now we're talking that that's the best golf shot today.

But how do you actually hit that guy. So just get that he's 126 yards away what would you normally hit 126 yards uh the 54 degree so like basically a sand wedge you'd hit 124 yards so this was flat no wind he'd probably fly a sand wedge straight at the flag he's just chipped he did like a swing you saw it about halfway. And chipped a six iron [Music] wind ah cover the bunker that's gonna be an impossible put from there okay i'm in this bunker actually i thought i was gonna be in that bottom corner of the uh the green there. But i'm not so bunker shot i've got to splash it get it on the green and just hope it holds because this is not going to be easy oh [Music] oh that's a good shot a bit more it's the walk of shame that we had to walk across the green after thin it through the bunker okay it's. For a bogey just to keep in this match even just by a whisker [Music] terrible put worst putt of the day [Music] oh done the hard work i'd hit the t shot i'd hit a great second shot wasn't the worst third shot but then.

It all went tits up from there it's a double bogey oh adam scott's got this for birdie if he hurts a little cushion a three shot cushion a three shot cushion with two holes to go if this goes in very good you know what if i lose to a six iron from 126 yards i'm alright with that thank you because that was pure skill right three in it tough hole four seven four straight back into the wind the pins up on there on the on the hill on the right this is where you could finish me off here if you just if you just run down here we just walked straight to the clubhouse i think yeah however. straight down however. there's a lot of a lot of trouble down there there's a lot of pop bunkers oh get the hammer out nails that was a good one oh whoa whoa whoa it's a long way home making it long from there it's a long way home from there i'm 250 yards away from the par 4 green into wind in fact that's not even true i'm 270 yards away from a par 4. i don't even know why i'm hitting three wood. But what else am i going to do ah what are you hitting i've got four iron it's 205 hole. But it's got to be playing like probably on the ground that'll be playing 230 almost come on win win oh nice i think you're on [Music] okay. So adam well and truly in the driving seat now with two holes to go i don't think there's much of a comeback the last hole isn't hard enough. For him to mess up anyway and that's what i need him to do [Music] okay up the hill left to right oh rick ah lost steam had that little momentum in the middle of the round no the middle of about nine it's all it's all gone to to pop it's kind of what happens when you're playing against a masters champion i guess i've left myself like a six footer here with uh four percent slow is that what it is yeah just massive that is. So slippery borderline illegal borderline borderline here on this one pin is ridiculous it's like this go on knock it in no went right i read it straight [Music] that is ugly it means there's only there's still three in it on one hole left to go. So you're very good with the drama three shots in it here on the 18th if he could make double on here and i could make birdie listen i'm not saying it could happen but it could happen oh my gosh all right i might be in the water yeah here it comes riding beauty yep okay 165-yard flag pins tucked right into the front corner heavily downwind heavily i don't actually know i'm gonna get close to the flag. But i'm in the fairway i'm gonna hit nine iron hard nine-nine let it ride on the wind and just hope it stops [Music] so we just need you to make double now if that's all right yeah right okay i'll work on that what was thinking here adam um i'm trying not to think too much there's a little bit to navigate here i really can't think about hitting a close down wind there's no green i'm too close what are we 61 yards it was three with off the tee yeah it's kind of a shot i gotta just pitch it at the flag. And take 20 feet long it'd be really good i think well four shots from here wins it. For you okay ah spin too safe you have fun today.

Great yeah thanks don't worry thank you it's been it's been epic you've well. And truly battered me today.

Doesn't have my game i think that you know it was pretty rough. But there was some good stuff in the middle of the back nine yeah i kind of once we got back to level yeah i was like okay now it's time to play you know when you look back over it. And you see like remember the little confidence booster i gave you going to 9t. And then.

Hang on start watching putts going all day did you enjoy that i did yeah. And then.

You started just draining everything he's got it very good all right come on be nice to finish with a birdie [Music] oh it was a good strike too solid. So for a victory i think you i think you've got four putts from here you've got wiggle room. Or three putts at least hopefully for the victory nice biggest moment of his life right there get that iconic get that iconic picture of it that was really big that was great thanks i really enjoyed that thank you. So much make sure you check out adam on all this social media and also check out fairgame in the description below we'll put a comment down because the app looks like it's got some real promise and it's going to be fun it'll be good good luck in the open cheers mate hopefully that's videos by the time this video has come out this month is open champion yeah peace see you soon thanks.