All right here we go oh we're recording yeah you pushed it yeah all right guys welcome back to another episode where i take on a good good member. And in today's episode i'm taking on stephen yes the beards are going to battle yeah yeah it's raining it's wet here at jcb. But that's not gonna stop us we're gonna do nine holes match play. And i think we've agreed on three shots of the nine holes right yeah. And that sounds good now you actually get on a couple of the par fives that might play into your advantage and also grant is gonna be caddying. For him today.

Yeah hey i know i know steve's game really well we're partners a lot of the time. So it's going to be good today.

It's going to be a good match i know his game i know like in the back of my hand. So um so yeah nine holes a bit of a hybrid of some of the best holes here at jcb. And without further ado as it's raining let's get to it as my guest i'm going to allow you to tee off first. So par three down the hill beautiful hold this it's got a couple of different sections of the green the pins about two yards on the back of the green so it's going to require a little bit of accuracy what have you got what club you got i got a p wedge okay i'm just aiming. For the center it's about 140 from here oh that that's coming in very nicely look at this oh a little bit short but great shots great strike oh it might be bunker hold on i think that's the tip i think that's bad that bunker i think that's bad i think you're in the raw oh real over the bunker yeah over the bunker i think you're sitting in the top how can i hit this green that's a solid start there dude the crazy thing right now it is 3am my time i slept like two hours last night yeah the jet lag. For us is kind of hitting today.

Not the best start found the found over the bunker steve's on the green. But right at the front it's not gonna be easy from there but i think i'm in a real sticky situation i think i just took a bit too much club. And then.

Pulled it okay. So just off the side of the green here i actually thought it was going to be a much worse position i was worried it was in that kind of real long stuff up there um a little chip from here i'm going to try. And land it just on the green let it run down it might skip a little bit so i've got to be aware of that stop there oh it's come out a bit fast not quite the touch i wanted there i got a long putt up the hill um i just got to make sure this little flat stick's working for me so i'm just trying to lag it up there this is all about pace go a bit nice caught back at the end that's pretty good from there there we go we can get a par in from the first we'll be working looking good okay up against it here on the first hole already i've got this kind of 12 footer. Or so for par it's going to be coming off the right hand side steven's in you only got a four footer. Or so i need to kind of make one here if i'm honest with you off the right still gonna be quite fast these greens come on let's try and drop one in early [Music] good pot rick it's a nice pot hello holy lordy lol a little bit i don't like it i like it dead straight dude all right these are where these get my legs shaking yeah not bad in the rain not bad in the rain that's a great pop-up you get three shots it's being generous i feel like you're playing you're dialed right now i'm playing good. But still i've never played at all this is a par five it sweeps around to the left if you're taking driver yeah you can cut the corner of the tree off on the left okay if you're gonna hit a big bomb you can go a little bit further left okay if you're going to play it safely on fraction right okay i like it right over the corner of this tree i do too that is if it's long enough that's very good first drive of the day that might not be there we'll see nice really good that should be good yeah should we find that one great shot boy rick i don't know where my drive went to be quite honest i took it over the trees a little bit less than what ricky said i don't know who i think all that. But what rick said oh i might be in the weeds yeah. But it's not too thick right in here i get a shot as well it's true we got to remember you get those shots but i should not be don't think about the shot i gotta take advantage of these hey you don't want to be like on the holes you have a shot like thinking about it you know where's rick at right there oh wait no steve you're good oh that's me oh rick is that steve steve oh on this angle oh yeah okay i see it steve i'm giving three shots to you today.

By the way one shot on this hole he gets a shot on this hole is a good 30 yards plus past me big boy how does it feel to out drive rick shields by 50 yards it feels pretty good i know he i know you're sticking easy on me. But no steve steve needs that driver whatever that rental driver is i didn't want it i didn't want it that's too close to the green i didn't want to hit it up there that was a great drive really good uh the hole is pretty much in line with this big tree you you might just be able to see the flag i'm just going to play it down the right hand side. And leave myself a fuller shot in so i'm just going to hit a i'm going to hit a five iron down the right hand side yep should be good nice nice layup hopefully he's going to be about 100 yards away from the pin i don't want to get too close to the green. So it's honestly up to you let's go look i'm thinking maybe it a seven our only thing is this tree yeah look at seven that's perfect. So you took the 276 yards away if it was dry. And not really raining i reckon stephen could have a chance of knocking on the green from here but almost a decision has been taken out your hands because of the weather would you say that we thinking oh yeah you got to get it up fast that tree is. So strategically played so good in it i mean whoever made this course they placed it perfect how okay is it on the right side right it's fine you can't there's not loads of room. But you can certainly go over the bunker on the right honestly you can give me five even a seven. Or you could probably hit like a nine or eight yeah you could nine. And eight would easily still leave you about 100 yards left in yeah what yardage do you want into this i don't know you know what i like a little bit shorter than a seven i think this okay the trouble in the play this is this is too much lots of thinking going on hey lots of thinking what have you switched to an 8 iron no that's very good. But you have hit that eight iron a very long way oh he's good but i think that's all right i think there's a bunker down there about 190. is that the bunker. And if you've hit the air that far i think he did i'll be impressed actually no i think it bounced into bunker did it did it i think it did that went a long way it did yes no yes no that's not you oh 100 seminar would have been a little bit long oh my goodness you could have literally gone. For it with a four iron so we're actually right next.

To each other i had five iron as a layup i thought i was gonna be way further back mine must have hit this hill. And rolled all the way down similar to steve's because he's at that eight time about 200 yards so we're actually neck and neck i'm just going to try to hit the left side of the green because there's no green to work with yeah it's a weird one it is honestly. And you've got a shot on this hole yeah. Or should i just go i should try to attack the fan well you have to just go right out i think about it though you have the shot i would just play to the center of the green okay it's gonna be a tough shot from here oh i did it always dumped it short just give me a window of opportunities that's not good i gave rick an opportunity right there i'm gonna get my putter out now oh lord i'm gonna go 50 degree wedge i'm gonna land it in the bottom of the valley. And hopefully it runs up the space past that pin there's not a lot of space before it i think anything short if i try. And get a bit too cute on this it could end up in disaster so just a little bump into the bank and let it run up uh probably just needed a little bit less but we're on the green i just i needed to land it either in the valley one more a few yards short i needed that second bounce into the bank what do you feel better you could you got to either go low. Or you could putt it dude a putt's scary because you don't get it up that hill right and the thing is you if you even hit it inside a rick anywhere you guys are lying the same yeah i know yeah because i like it anywhere do you think i should put it if you're gonna if you're what do you have a 60 i have a 60. you're gonna have to land it just up on this bank here there's lots of communication going on here you're working well as a team oh that nearly went in the hole we're lying the same about the same okay. So we level again now okay. So birdie put across the green uphill right to left pace is going to be absolutely essential because if it starts getting away from me. And getting a bit fast it could easily trickle down that hill which is not what we want we're level at the moment after steven's taking his effectively taking his shot already now [Music] go a bit more oh i want it to get closer than that pace is the only thing that matters here if i get it paced with a couple feet either way we're fine go [Music] we are level pegging following each other there is nothing in it on this hole. And it i think it's just on me to go first would you say yeah just barely okay a couple of important parts coming up up the hill right to left [Music] good fight rick sneaks sneaked in the left door left her in there all right slow through two holes there goes one up here we go all right well that one hurts yeah that hurt that hurts me a lot because i knew you had the shot there um dang it man [Music] okay i'm going to go four iron off this t i'm going to go down the left-hand side. And leave myself a fuller shot in i feel like that's the way i best play this hole [Music] i must admit that's very short that's a bit too short but it's safe drivers got to be on rip away boys oh uh it's just trees i think we can find it it's just trees over there yeah. So provisional ball being played by steven just in case he can't find that first one [Music] yeah if that's carried that is literally perfect okay. So 160 pin uh left myself way too far back but we're on the grass and that's safe we'll have a quick look for stevens in two seconds i'll just hit this one first travel yeah just right on the front edge of the green might just be off the green. But i've got i'll be getting putter out on that anyway [Music] right we've not found it either stephen no sorry about it the first one he was in trouble. But i must admit i thought your second one will be down here somewhere. But vanished yeah that's all right i'm gonna have to concede this hole because there's no way i'm getting up. And down and rick's right next.

To the pin so they're going to next.

Yeah move on to the next.

See if i can't get another one after three shows two up okay drivable par four coming up next.

This is the one where risk. Or reward you can go. For it you gotta stay left ideally it's about 260 yards off this tee you go right you start to flirt with the water if you lay up your float with the bunkers so there's really only one way to play i'm gonna hit three wood straight down that left hand side and hopefully it gets a nice little kick in that is a beautiful shot come on kick in kick in kick kick kick no he got oh my lord rick we'd be we'll be putting on that one oh my look dude that is something to look at i'm going to make something happen [Music] oh he has this is. So good right this could be better it is it is it is no way there it is there it is rick are you not entertained hey just in the rain knocking it on the green on a powerful couple of eagle puts coming up next.

Yeah we're not in bad spots here at all it's actually possibly where we are right now are the easiest puts on this entire green because everything you go left gets harder everything you start to go right gets a lot harder it's not a flat putt. But it's the flattest we're going to get sit sit hit the flag it's like oh [Laughter] i went a little bit ambitious there if i make this this is this is what i need right here stephen. For eagle and to win the whole it's been incredibly eagles i actually want to see it go in this looks incredible this looks incredible you are joking i that would have been my first eagle on a par four the that would have been your first one yeah i can't i drove the green too mate that looks. So good well done great birdie thank you wow hey that's what i needed i needed that momentum so still got this to halve the hole it's down the hill right to left it's going to slope a lot she's got to make this come on this is big [Music] nice dude your putting right now is on fire right in the middle needed it wow whole halved in birdies rick stays two up okay this hole is a complicated one it's par five you've got to feed it through the two tree lines. And then.

It swings left there's water all the way down the right hand side you've got a shot on here yeah perfect right come on a good drive on this hole cover it land yeah it's not ideal hopefully it's in play that's with me that's fine just holding it that's the flag you can see that's not the way we're going to go it's going to require a bit of a hook. For this next.

Shot so really that's the fairway so for you it's either either bump it to here for your next.

Shot and then.

You can go. Or try and hook something into that fairway on the top just right right it's not your shot for you it's either a hook or it's actually like almost a layup and that's just get it back into play and play it as a four shotter but it's up to you it's up to you do you like hitting hooks i i mean i always hit hooks right i feel like if you hit like a a five iron. For a six star and it just hit a big old i like that i'm liking the strategy with these two i really am you're gonna go with the hook yeah the hook that's that's phenomenal what a shot oh it just kicked right it might have just hit the side of the bunker i thought i think it'll be i think it'll be dry i mean i hooked it dude that was that was sweet okay similar shot i've got to play a big big big big big hook oh i've topped it that might be wet ah didn't didn't fully commit okay. So i'm not in the water thankfully but i'm in this horrible lie i mean i'm still 300 yards away from the hole i've only hit two shots steven's actually in the bunker. So i need i just need to get it back into play on that left hand side got eight iron that's all i can really get is golf ball to be honest that's okay we're back on the fairway. But even from there i'm predicting i've probably got 190 yards left into the green all right i got a 54 degree i'm just gonna pop it out i get a stroke on this hole so let's just put it on the fairway get it out that's actually a really nice spot he's landed just on top of the flat it's very hard to get a flat lie on this hole and he's actually put himself in a really flat lie right now he's still got the advantage he's up three i've had three we're pretty much neck and neck i'm gonna go with a little seven iron so 167 yards away the wind straight into the fate that's my only worry yeah [Music] if it stays in that little gap that's actually okay uh you it seems to have sat down a little bit quick. But we'll see side of the green dude the club slipped around my fingers it's very very very wet bye i'm absolutely soaked i feel sorry for these guys coming over from america to play in this weather book home advantage i guess when it gets like this okay just over 170 left i'm gonna hit a six iron i just think i just don't feel like the ball is traveling that far today.

Because the uh the entrance house just on the round. So i'm going to go with that with a little drawer sit sit sit sit sit sit that was beautiful might be similar to you we're really level pegging today.

We just follow each other around i think i'm in a very similar spot oh lord rick rick's getting up in the air what do you want to do i do i feel. So confident with my uh wedges right now i like your what i do too 58 degree yep i just can do a little bump up there get myself a tap in. And get onto the next.

Hole that's all i got to do sounds really easy screw the tap in just to get it on in rick i'm coming. For you what oh i'm coming for you right oh my god i love that shot you played it it's a perfection can't do anything you win the oh back to uh why not just beat one up yeah next.

Hole 17th let's get it that last hole was uh very interesting it's a hole that i've not cracked all week at one point i thought i should have had it wrapped up. But guess what these good good boys just pull out something special stephen goes and chips in makes the par with a shot i can't beat him it's about to just one up and we're off to the uh the incredible par three next.

< p>255 yards okay here we go we've played five we've come here to the iconic par three 255 yards downhill probably played about 220 today.

But to be honest with this weather probably playing closer to 240 again what are you going with i'm going with the one iron. But it is actually a two iron. So okay you're gonna go with the two i think that's needed crazy how the weather's changed this week points this week we've been hit six hours into screen. But now it's turned into very very long irons right anywhere on the grass down there or the bunker's even okay yeah anywhere on dry oh that might be wet that's got to be wet oh that's hundred percent wet i have no shot that's 100 i'm not sure if there's anything over there i think there's just water all right. So the good thing is you can drop on the island. So you can probably drop on like 18 yeah area i can only go through iron it's going to be everything i need to absolutely middle the hell out of it it needs to be a good strike come on everything i've got it's got to be nutted find dry land fine dry land yeah it's over we're on dry land sometimes on a path three you've just got to keep it dry okay. So local rule here you can actually drop on the island if you go in the water. And this is about the line that stephen hit on he's got a little shot to navigate over the bunker to a pin. But he's hitting shot number three oh that's absolutely phenomenal thank you how was it guys that was. So good well done mate thank you now because of the rain we're having a few little technical difficulties let me explain that shot to you because i didn't capture it steven from all the way over there landed it here it's rolled down it's not been far away from going in. And it's finished there that was amazing i'm actually in a horrible life like it's really sat down nastily. So this is going to take something quite special i've got my 60 degree out i mean steven's got that. For four i just need to get it on the green to give myself at least a put for par that's so good [Applause] that is. So good rick no way rick that's phenomenal i'm gonna say it myself that's phenomenal out of that lie with this much pressure that was phenomenal all right i gotta make this put the pressure on rick this is. For my four let's see if we can't roll a pot i pounded it pace it that's good all right he's rolling it today.

Good part okay quite intimidating tee shot the water you've got to carry there's a bunker at about 260 270. there's more water over that to a very hard green that's exactly right stephen's got a shot in this hole right still i'm going to hit three wood straight at that bunker i'd like to think it's not gonna reach today.

Oh wow [Music] just in the weeds didn't go in the water that's the show that was not the shot i wanted to hit i bailed out miles to the right struck it really far i'm taking an aggressive line left of that bunker nice i go right at it that's beautiful steven might be in the bunker i'm in the long grass on the right it's going to be interesting this ain't done. Yet okay. So i found it on the right hand side in the in the long grass it was a real weak tee shot bit of a bail out from the water on the left i can't go. For it i'm 200 yards away way too risky stephen is in the bunker um. So there's no point in me i don't need to do anything i'm just going to play it up. And then.

Hopefully get it get it close my third the challenge is just making sure you get the right line off the off the layup it's a good shot. So steven's just in the bunker we're about level on distance you going. For it yeah i need to he's crazy no no i'm gonna give myself a good shot i like the nine iron though steve yeah i'm gonna start a pitching wedge what do you like a nine iron. But i'm gonna start it at that bunker on the left right it's plenty of club no i just gotta catch it good incredible cured it it's got to sit it's got to sit it's up on the plank did it go in the bunker. Or stay up on the bank i just stayed up on the back great strike unbelievable strike if anything expected a bit of draw and that would have gone nice into the back back pin but you're safe still in dry land i think that's an achievement yeah it's rough there i should have hit a little p wed. But if i kept it thin if i don't catch the ball right then.

It's gonna go in the water yeah okay 160 yards left into the actual pin. And we're just going to go middle of the green with an a titan. And let it feed back up that bat flag need to kind of get up and down from here really if i'm honest with you because steven's just on the side of that bunker he might be in the bunker on the side of it um but he's got a shot so middle of the green little draw back pin position inside 10 feet and we've got a chance click left keep going keep going keep going keep going keep going shut it we've got a look at par wasn't quite the shot i was going. For but we've got about 20 foot for par right found another bunker that's great but i do have a shot on this hole i'm just gonna try to get it on the green. And let it roll oh sit sit come on tough tough break right there i just got to get this on the green damn i'd make everything so much harder that's all right just barely on more fun [Music] that's what i had to do the first time made a mess of it okay. So this is. For par steven's now had five but he gets a shot so if he holds this and i miss probably half the hole if i hold this i've won the hole go lime was. So good lime was. So good that's good so that's me in for five and this is. For my this is. For six for five six four five so half the whole i have to make this very good oh two to go i'm two up okay eighth hole par four quite short one scattered with bulkers two. Or two to go so i'm gonna play safe and hit four right down there oh that might be in the bunker in it i can't tell and it all left that strike was. So poor the opposite of pure going with driver yeah i'm just gonna take it up three to that middle [Music] that will be okay that won't be in the bunker no maybe a blind shot into the pin. But it should be okay i like blind shots how do you think this match has gone. So far guys you've played well and i don't know if it's come across on camera but the conditions have been horrendous it's a little bit better now but the first four or five holes was horrible it was. So wet it's hard to keep over the club but yeah no i've played i've played nice today.

I've hit some better golf shots um how far do these guys hit it though joke makes me feel. So so weak and pathetic and i i'm in the bunker now which is not great either. So hopefully i can play a bit of a while away okay. So i have found the bunk here on the left which is not a good layup spot it's very hard not to find a bunker on this hole i'm 115 yards away i'm gonna absolutely smoke a 50 degree there's a bit of a backstop. But i'm not not whizz it back let's get it close oh i don't win that bunker so still got a little chip from there though this ain't over yet steven's found is on the right hand side. And a bit of a thick lie he's got a blind shot but it's got less than 100 yards it's probably got 70 yards left into the slack here okay i got a 59 degree i've never heard one of those. But i'm just going to swing hard keep a hold of the club hopefully get it out that's all i could do from there to be honest i've really got to try. And capitalize here now i've just got to get it on there like if i make four here job should be done oh back down that slope back down that slope come on ah not bad it was a little bit more aggressive than i planned it's been a fun match today.

It really has i've really enjoyed playing against steve. And giving him three shots though isn't easy at all because they can play these guys are really good all right i got i got a little chip here i gotta put this close. And make it or the match is over. So a little bit of pressure this looks incredible wow gotta get a putter i need to make this incredible shot stephen thank you ridiculous how good that was. So well judged so it comes down to this it does you make this it's over it's a slippery one could get away from me if i'm a bit too brave. And ambitious so i think it's going to be dead weight. And we're a fraction more less than that in fact is it going to come off that a bit taking this serious now that's going to go that way that's gonna go that way okay it's pretty it's pretty straight yeah i like that line okay. For the match good tight i know oh that looked so good for so long every play you take today.

You've been rolling it all right okay this is to stay in the match come on steve extend the mat this is to take it down the ninth hole let's go rick the final horse wow what that this is an up. And down of epic proportion well done mate unbelievable but one down going to last. So i got to make something happen all comes down to this you know it's been a battle it has been that up and down on the last hour was ridiculous thank you right that's it part five sweeping dog leg to the left uh about 610 yards. And it's your answer it is it'll play it should be fine it's turned a little bit to the right i didn't hit it very good i did not hit it good at all okay. So it's a little bit shorter than normal yeah into the wind just another layup okay. So i'm going to go not too dissimilar line i can just hit it a little bit better it just opens up the hole a fraction more oh no [Music] equally as bad in different ways. But i think i'm a lot lot worse oh snap hook not what i needed right there okay after three minutes of looking my friends got we found a few balls. But none of them actually mine to be honest it was a ridiculous golf shot i've hit it into the worst spot i could hit it on this hole. So it's not over when you go back to t hit three off the t and just hope miracle something magical can happen get down get down yeah it's okay long haul is today.

Really long. So i'm down the right hand side i'm over steven's golf ball but uh obviously he's had one and i've got three well so what you're thinking steven what are you gonna do a seven iron at the right bunker okay. So that'll give me a yardage in that i can yeah that i can go at i think you can definitely be more more sensible now you've got shots to play with i don't want him to be i went into a driver great where is that where's the big where's that big bunker at one two three okay he told me what to do i'm gonna try to do it that should be absolutely perfect yeah really good well done perfect golf shot see it make something happen boys not while i need it dude i'm always coming back right right i fight till the end i'm not very good. But i try to make stuff happen it's all that matters okay. So unfortunately i can't go for the green because i'm still too far away from here it's really playing along this hole today.

I'm gonna go at the bunker you can see. And just kind of draw it and try and get it as far down the chute as i can just. So i've got a wedge left in my hand oh no that might be the end of the match i got a nine iron um i'm just gonna play it at the green grant nine iron at the green yep i like a knife on that downhill on that downhill lie i'm scared of going right. So i just over compensated and went straight even i think that's the point in time where i've got to concede the hole. And say congratulations that was awesome thank you very much what a match that was amazing match ended all square uh interesting one yeah i almost had it in my grasp. And you snatched it away well it's good great some great golf guys make sure you go and check out good good channel they're absolutely killing it thanks grant great advisor there i feel like you ties worked very well as a team we do we do that was fun that was fun i honestly didn't say much i didn't say too much because he gets up. And hits it so quick you know how you just like one waggle and hits you you can't you don't have time to say much it just gets out there you hit you just gotta let him do his thing i like that approach. But anyway it was a class match with lots of good golf a little bit of bad golf. But hey it's all part of it well done guys awesome awesome thank you rick we'll catch you again peace awesome.