All right guys welcome back to another very special video I'm down here at dunbani links in Scotland and we've got one hell of a collaboration lined up gentlemen Bob does Sports sports are we ready happy to be here ready to rock we are ready to roll is the beginning of an epic Rick Shields Bob to sports collaboration week where we've got loads of golf lined up content coming out on both channels if you've not checked out above the sports. Yet jump over there subscribe as you guys say send them to the Moon all right they're getting closer to a million subscribers we can get them over to a million right today's video to kick things off because it's gonna be interesting this week we've got a few little competitions me versus Perez is definitely one that we've got lined up. And also a match where I've got Joey as a partner love is a partner. And FP as a partner but today.

Let's start off nice. And easy okay let's get into golf you guys haven't played a lot of links golfer have you no not a ton okay good luck with that it's windy it's typical Scottish weather we're going to do a scramble nine hole scramble to see how low we can go. And there's a bit of a benchmark we'd love to break 30 definitely but the course record here for the front now is 31. I'm gonna try. And beat that all right we've got this I think we do it the boys let's do this come on come up to sports YouTube's waiting a long time. For this it's a big moment for us [Music] here's the main event now folks [Music] that's what I'm talking about Rick come on guys I've got this one here right boys I guess we're starting shall we start let's say you guys are already a bad influence all right yeah all right this was not our idea that's a two-way street there yeah cheers the start of many good rounds it's like apple juice oh yeah I'll take the wind right out of play yeah let me tell you wow goodies oh oh that's terrific oh thank you thank you all right let's get going oh my goodness okay did we say rate 30. Or did we just say like rate 45. Or something see what happens all right boys first I will pass. For 419 yards into a bit of a breeze this actual tea box is. So short they've also made it into a practice putting green so you can actually hit some putts before you play top top level here at dunbarney right let's go boys I'm gonna go right fellas right side of the Fairway is the key yeah yeah yeah yeah look at that wind just hold it yeah like a stack what do you want it yeah let the games begin right side of the Fairway that's good all right I thought the wind might have brought that. So I guess a bit more then.

Big shot of my career yeah oh what a flight he's already he's already a links player wow I'm in the Tracer yeah yeah there you are first one I will work on that [Music] no it's a little bit right okay you know hang in there Joey day give me a kid oh I did yeah we're going towards the fairways crew huh all right it's gonna be good it's gonna be good right now here's the main event now folks oh YouTube's waited a long time. For this and they got it the big guy a little bit left quite a bit left okay we're all right let's go to work mailbox we're good that peeler I was looking. For no peel. So this is it this is what the people have been wanting. For a long time Bobby I got very forgiving aren't we just hopefully I've got some attic offline up this week including the old course yeah now even just walking that last night was you took us to dinner through the old course you're sick puppy you know that tell you what I did not expect to get oh this is a game changer. For you and I'll tell you how happy I am how about a little Fairway on white work Rick I blacked out I really did I get. So nervous you got no idea. But I think it would not saying what are we looking at 148 yards. So after an absolute half pick and a fully little drawery number Bob's put us in Prime position 148 yards left to the first hole a few things in the bag here actually 24 clubs with me today.

I'm not gonna nice try is this you this is Bob yeah I got a good little Bobby right there the only day hey that whiskey definitely helped yeah just keep them flowing do the bottle right it's on you my friend gonna go all right Bob let's do it we're heading into the wind Bob. So take a little more right yeah you know what um hello okay A little link say that Hill there is that all like that you got money you knocked it through the wind yeah yeah going to go eat tying flight it down a touch come on we need to start strong if we're gonna break 30 a birdie needs to start oh look at this that's it oh just that all a little bit again clean took the spin off at a touch. But you've got just the guy we need Joey day yeah oh yeah yeah great shot okay really nice all right we gotta look off. And running here now you know what John's impressed with that like the real linksy fight that you played you know that real up to them I hit mine high for you that's a little off for me yeah yeah this could be really good funnel come on be the club go ahead. And funnel dig your feet hey y'all hey y'all go go there you go yes good. For you yeah now we're off. And running here that is exactly what we wanted to see terrific great there he is there he is here we go here we go there we go very nice FP trying to convince himself this is fun right yeah they're reassuring to himself there look at this ball oh what do you think of this place this is a nice dick looking back's even really awesome hey okay. So far you gonna go first Bob yeah I think. So keep keep it uh keep it straight I was rolling that thing all right then.

Boys let's knock this thing let's start out right out of the gates come on Bobby what are we seeing here fellas little right yeah right to left up the hill okay you can be confident. And firm on it right not bad too much you want Edge though I'm going Edge oh on edge it's a great role though damn I won Edge I think it's I mean maybe a little bit fast. But should I go straight outside yeah I would see yeah I mean I rolled mine right over the edge I love this. For you Rick I really don't know I do let's start this song Oh I like that roll a lot yeah maybe a bit too much space. But go ahead Rick oh it turned I think I slightly towed it come on thank you sir I want to see that famous celebration right out of the gate. And I want to learn it you need to teach me it and we can try to right here I just killed him all right ah disappointing star par on the card. But the good news is par five coming up straight next.

Okay second hole here at dunvani par five pretty much dead straight. But there is plenty of trouble down there Bunker's left bunkers high right there's a stream that cuts through the hole twice. And I think today.

We'll reach off the tee. And it's an elevated green but it's almost like a bowl as well so anything that can collect up near there we can get there on two we've got a great chance of Eagle come on start it off right fellas oh he's got this flight down yeah it's just like a low running foreign they out of it oh straighten it ah all right all right Joey D big swinging now baby give us that good stuff we're gonna try to hit a fairway here. For the boys at home oh that's right damn all right well nope sorry again with the native lands here yeah that is pretty that's a real fun one that thing's still going ah you know the thing is you missed a fairway here with these with this Fescue this is called Fescue. Or schmeck I've never heard schneck all right then.

We're gonna go Fest okay after an epic tee shot here from Bob all right like hearing that that's soothing is this why they call you Bobby Fairway yeah I mean two out of two prime position uh with 195 yards playing 200 left into his par five a real opportunity here as you can see everything around the green it just all kind of cameras in. But you want to make sure you get up to the green at least come on let's have another opportunity oh oh that's not the one oh boy hold your head here fellas you've done your work on this home well you got us to drive boy stuff from here we got that going. For us that was hit to Ireland you know it's amazing it felt good off the clock they literally hit that thing to a royal Port mush a report Rush sorry that was that was like 90 degrees right that was like a shot you know that's I think they call that a shank when yeah yeah I think it looks like it's pushing it back here you go oh yes oh Ricky Rick Shields ladies what a shot you guys are bringing the best out of me already wow the whiskey I'm not sure foreign oh [Laughter] yeah you did you weren't done. Yet it looked like it was done I think we take Rick's uphill pot that's just my thought yeah let's have a good look at both I really want this. For us yeah we need it we need to we need the eagle Screech which one I think certainly yeah closer right yeah. And close to just yeah I mean close Dom ain't gonna put one in early tell you what it's gonna be real real disappointing when the shields realize I don't have a ball bar I'm not sure if that might be an easier part I got this you like that more of a consistent break I'm not sure if it might be a slightly easier put I just don't mind downhill putts. And scrambles get the ball there I don't know this is a big moment. For us this is a defining moment what do you think I've only looked at one. And I like the one I'm looking at that um it's it's close I guess that it's close I would go with that gun to my head okay Joey I mean I'm gonna defer to you guys nobody wants to make the call this is this is actually the easier putting is that southern one this is the easier putt it's slightly downhill. But not no we could do let's let's talk about it let's break you know let's go with that one yeah I think. So okay okay right to left Port up there well it's like a ball up slightly down it's not a lot in it is that it's almost level yeah it's pretty flat down. And just falling off the right come on this is big eagle right now Joey D I have to have it go do it Go got it go to work very nice we're cooking come on I love it I I saw that Putt. And I like that putt we're back I don't have it out here man my vocals after last night are just not what they normally are. But good that was like an awesome that feels good because I called that putt I walked up. And I made it and that don't happen often how about that part from just set me down I mean that's that's a bounce back if I've ever seen anything that's right back. And how about you I didn't know that your shot your shot Kareem's right back in play the slope I didn't I love that everybody was involved on that hole it was you know what you got to witness there as well what's that the eagle sauce yeah you'll see it you'll see. And these guys have seen it you guys know what we're talking about what's the eagle sauce oh okay special rap super whiskey no the uh the sauce that comes out the hole when we get an eagle oh okay I like the espresso we've got birdie sauce. And Eagle sauce oh Greg I like sauce we got to get some photos on this whole list oh gorgeous it's a drivable powerful yeah I'm gonna drive it I'm gonna drive it. So do you think I should just go at this thing yeah yeah good do it Bobby I don't know if he's driving. For you go for it Bob you know what I just don't want to take that last Club out no the driver's two. For two that was sent killer wind oh yeah yeah yeah yeah you're on The Fairway to lay up Rick what are you in five wood Three Wood three wood okay a big high drawer over that bunker oh too much I like the idea though oh that would have been good that would have been good yeah that was a good distance coming off a big Vibe putt we're down the street there's a little Eagle sauce coming your way oh you've got you've just unlocked the eagle sauce yeah oh that ain't it if that's Eagle sauce then.

I don't know you got it on the line find a new bottle you're good now that was that was not what we needed all right well Bob's in the Fairway damn I tried to kill that ball that's gonna work out yeah sure well go yeah it is right past that bunker that's going to be I mean listen ing when he does that he does that it always turns out okay yeah not pretty. But it's it's there that's fine that's fine we don't need anything more than that we don't need to be on the green hey shot tracers go down immediately maybe five soccer players a little Ronaldinho I'll go messy I'll go Cristiano Ronaldo I'll go um Luis Suarez and then.

Go ahead and knock me into Pele I was I think I would now struggle to be um five MBA could you give me three NBA Steph Curry sure I'm gonna go Jordan then.

There you go. And LeBron heating up LeBron James uh two more if you wanted to show off now here's my job thank you um Charles barkless sure um the last one I'm gonna go with um well this Seth Curry and Steph Curry you're on the board yeah I'll take them too look at this wow all right every time he does that you're right it turns out really good yeah it's a smooth uh baseball swing it really is all right boys all right guys what we got um little forty order your FP after FPS slight skinny one Lynx golf that's what he's playing right now 45 Bobby 45 yards just over this little bunker up. And down for bird that's it lucky come back okay foreign sticking to that low stuff I like it yeah I'll hang with it come back okay fight back okay trying its best it's Ryan all right trying its best no look at this very clean damn touch like an elephant hit the bank let's get some English on that thing yeah I think we're going with yours Joey too much oh poor from there yeah that's not what we needed like right Edge right Edge you like left head yeah I think it's going left to right really you know it's amazing Joe I thought I saw red Edge I thought right Edge. For sure if he says his left Edge it's left I know but everything's gonna move a tiny bit left at last bit okay. But it also kicked slightly right early on so fairly straight so it does come off to the right yeah all right Bob come on I'm gonna show you much there that was a bad spot I don't need it it's a big chance yeah come on Bobby you got it I need hitting come on oh good pace good pace should I just Tucker home definitely comes off left yeah it does come on okay spot Rick yeah got it this would be huge. For the program this doesn't mess Rick I love it rick let's go all right come on now baby that's a huge storage on the board for the hit Studio we can roll that thing one hand. And then.

Up up all that's I like that a lot [Music] [Laughter] oh Ricky Bobby action over here God that feels good Rick I feel like I hit the putt okay fourth hole Par Four uh pretty much dead straight this just a scatter in a bunkers everywhere we need a tee shot in the Fairway let's give us ourselves the best chance of making another birdie come on Bob all right yeah that's right that ate it ah okay I'm gonna try. And peel one off one of those two bunkers oh that is really really nice nothing's launched terrific money I've been a good sound off that ping it's just like a pink oh that's left Joseph gotta turn through that ball the dribble is that good did you hit it well I hit it well all right that might that might have done mixed I didn't strike mine brilliant not a boy yeah. And you know about it I'm not even gonna explore I just donated to the course across the country yeah it's got to be pretty tight. For me to give it a good look Joe will look. For hours really oh he will look. For hours I'm all free yeah yeah it'll still look that's exactly right you would never know response bike out the way he looks. For those things oh look at these couple good shots here let's take a break for sure skip the score stupid score stupid score oh oh no we're going back we're going back we're going back soup. And score damn that one just got underneath all right ordinarily avoided okay second shot here into 409 yards after a nicely found Fairway it's quite an interesting Green in this front left it's a false front. And it's coming off it's light down Breeze yeah. So that wins into us now yeah off the left into off the left yeah kind of way that's right well I've got a shot that should go about 115 120. I like it let's try that just gonna try. And play a little low drawery one there yeah too good too much spin ah okay I got a little Stinger. For your ass oh my dog laughs yesterday oh yeah dig your teeth [Laughter] not sure big bounce get that all right it's up there I'm gonna talk to you come on you got something to beat here FP go yeah go I think it's funny a club sit there well I was just oh no okay we've got long range the way they're written that putter yeah keep rolling that rock Mr Shields oh they are vast I was the club it was the club what we're looking at come on boys right to left. So longer than what we wanted yes yes not great with wedge in hand we got closer with 200 shots that's exactly right come on man let's box this to get to four under three four one minute let them in oh geez that was an interesting ride oh I think a little little slower Pace that might that might drop Joe you want a little ride of it huh yeah why did you have that red yeah a little outright cut a ball out okay come on then.

Go roll Joe you saw that Bob right sure did you don't have to hit it too hard no no no no no no oh dude damn sorry I wanted to stand in the shadow. And watch it drop like tiger can you just apologize to all the audience oh okay well I know what the Line is now go ahead I love it go ahead Rick I love it I love it go ahead Rick oh my God Rick that's a great role a little bit more patience dude yeah flirting with this thing. And Bob's even huge come on FP this would be huge oh damn Pacey okay all right three under three under three four that's okay we have got a couple of great par five coming up next.

As well not just. Yet uh or is it no next.

I think it's part four. And a beautiful part three okay fifth hill part four it's two Fairways you can go down here you can play. For the wider section of the Fairway it's down the right but it makes the hole longer or you can go tiger line. And through the smaller section of the Fairway but if you get it in that you're in A1 position 300 through four playing well I feel like we're generally as a team fellas right yeah yeah we're doing good we're vibing Vibes are high okay let me give you something boy something to work with oh that's pretty cool oh yeah guys striping the driver today.

Yes yes I think that's really good that's right all right we're back took me a few holes. But we're back come get up in that belly dude a lot okay ah it came keep back out in the Fairway I couldn't see it yeah let me tell you something I I can't see anything well you also have the darkest shade of glasses I've ever is that what it is yeah you think it's the shade yeah it's dark hang on healed okay all right good race hit the center of the face all right. For you folks in the UK we uh refer to that as a cutsy bomb they don't happen often but when they do their special now we got to make something of it. And I think this young man is going to be the one to do it if I'm being quite Frank three it's got like three tiers from memory this green. And that looks like it's just over that first one so pin High just left is good it's got this link shot down oh oh that could be really good come back I'll just stayed there oh that look like it's gonna be great smoking those little punches yeah I like hitting those I think you've just got just change your aim by 10 yards yeah. And that's a great shot to have oh that's a different that's the links working get up oh yeah I'm sorry ladies. And gentlemen I think that's good Rick I know it's really good I think it's tight I'm gonna try. And get a bit cuter on it then.

I'm gonna try and land it in that bank and let it hop oh come on come on I saw a little twirl come on oh oh okay all right the wrong idea I just aimed it a bit right yeah this is a fun one I'll be the number let's have some fun FP oh oh still pretty good yeah that's very good oh that's really good well done well done fellas all right all right we're attacking throwing down we ain't settling we ain't settling let me tell you the bird we're on the attack need a bird give us a bird an old nice brick watch it can take that Pacific Guinness at the pub last night I really soaked that in I was eyeing the living hell out of you it was unbelievable I like where you find you try. And get the Guinness on that first sip Midway yeah in between the half. And the word Guinness by the end of the week yeah it's like two. And a half big swigs yeah two. And a half big corpses it's like our drivers I got news for you you're hitting that putt okay decent wedge yeah we got this this doesn't mess it won right yeah I think a little it's not as it's not as crazy as damn I wanted that come on come on you got this Bobby boy come on oh yes he did it is there's our guy that was pretty nice yeah look at us gentlemen are you not good come on nothing. But net for the young fella that was sick I knew you were gonna make it too I absolutely knew you were gonna hit that I was smiling while it was going down yeah right the things I would do. For a hole in one out here with you yeah what do we got 166 playing 162. 162. But once it yeah it's down downhill by four. But it's back into wind probably playing like 175 180. foreign I think you've nuked it burn it yeah never saw it come down it was hit really well be long I don't know if you might have Newt it I can't see anything it's unbelievable those things are dark I can't see any it goes up I just listen to you guys it could be in the whole Bible no I think Bob tries to hit that low which he did. But also hits it hard I'm gonna just try and play like a a chippy one bring it back oh she's coming back yeah go ahead Rick oh yeah come back right in the middle that's that's great yep yep very nice yeah that was nice I think I had way too much Club I think six was too much yeah I still hit six. But I hit it really soft come on Joey d ude let me see one of those skyscrapers now oh yes oh stay the wind's killing it all right on the front side of the green that's look started out looking. So good and it looked progressively worse as the ball continued foreign ER yeah Robert James Berger we started doing the Bobby Fairways thing I um German yeah that'll be a soccer player there I'll use that it was trying to call myself Bobby Fairways because we played um 36 holes of golf. And I started playing golf I didn't hit one Fairway oh you didn't hit it though not a single Fairway so Bobby Fairways it was Oh I thought these were closer than what they are I still think this is right to left again Bring It Around not that much that's the weight. But it doesn't break that much come on I'm listening to the par five coming up next.

Come on Bobby do it again yeah it's not moving that much oh this looks good go go go go go go go go go go go go go oh that's a great place at the end very nice Rick thank you yeah we're good okay yeah that's very straight pork it's right on it it doesn't move do it because I literally put it exactly where it finished go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go oh dude that's two now we've been homes oh just came up shorts come on right four under through six with a par five coming up next.

Downwind we are going to go after it we're 400 through six. And two putts would have gone in if they just had a couple more rotations on them yeah that's where she goes Harvard if I got more A's oh that's really good Bob I stay in there got them yeah yeah very good that looks really good though nicely done nice okay very good doc foreign oh yeah nice oh whoa oh it's coming down okay I'm gonna go. For a slightly silly line oh that could be fun foreign all right here we go big that's what he does that's a that's a launch too oh my God that's really good guy Rockets oh oh man look at these couple of good ones down there yeah a couple of big boys couple of big boys goodbye now though you know four under through six we essentially have to be seven under right through nine. So we'd have to get birdie out birdie out but we got a par five here if we get an eagle really helpful imagine Two Eagles in one video would be sensation what are we looking at a long life I was just a toughest pin to get to at one eight one that's it yeah that's it downwind two Bobby boy it's gonna be quite hard pin to get to with that with it being behind that bunker do you think played the number Rick no no played last played like 160. really 160 165. I think the only way we get close to that pin is one Landing over that bunker shot running up. Or land it into the bank all right man for the job here Rick I know you are that's why I brought you develop I feel like you've really what develop he really leaned into this Scottish way of playing golf yeah I was gonna commit if I was going to come out here I was going to commit all right oh shuffler footwork right there yes go now go go don't ever a little short still that's good Joe that gives us something there we about like it that was my nine one sticks to hit Club okay Twisted on that one yeah it's a little divot turn I don't know what that was I'll tell you what we smoked it yeah that's it well yeah all right we got a couple up there FP yeah he's got to be close to that I was trying to cut one into that pin. But you know what we got a putt for Eagles yeah yeah starts there an eagle here would just take a lot of weight off oh oh oh please oh please go hold your line get up there all right one of those ones that look closer all right fellas what we're saying yeah I think it's still right leaving in you pull it out we're putting it in oh what yeah you can pull it out because we're gonna put it in oh I'm confused let's see where the confusion is yeah it is gibberish all right come on then.

Boys Eagle here on number seven oh to get to six under come on juice it does it really comes off it does swoop a lot more than I thought yeah come on Bobby this would be you come on come on kid. For Scott oh I really like it push it and go push it and go oh my God I thought you had it Robert damn it all right put that in there for birdie there so the fine folks at home can see wow that was in dude that was such a good putz like ball Mark at the top of the hill yeah the top of that it's it's just inside of that moves quite a bit okay we'll push it oh that's another good putt the pot rack week giving me students all right what a joke birdie hey on seven could have been could have been should have been. But never mind we are now five under through seven an absolute cracker of pottery next.

I'm gonna tell you this I wish I had the poop because I would love to take one in that thing eight hole look at this. For a part three that is I mean glorious what that is very nice uh back pin position 142 yards playing straight back into wind probably playing about 155 distance maybe even 160. yeah oh no I pulled it damn you hit those irons a long way yeah I gotta tone them down okay seven iron in hand I'm going to really try. And get it but that PIN oh oh hold on look at this Rick yeah oh yeah yeah that's fine okay nice shot right nicely done I thought it was gonna do it very nice cool all right I'm gonna hit a little fish. And Chippy one laughs [Music] oh this looks nice good good Joseph yes yeah Joseph fish. And chips a little tartar sauce we're rolling everyone's taking it oh oh that might be an interesting second if you were to play it that would have been a not. So fun shot so what Rick did he just like really did like almost like a half swing yeah I think that's the play when you're playing into the wind take extra Club I don't know what I'm saying when it's Breezy swing easy now we're going back to the pub tonight you got that dog in your Armor shoes you really do son of a gun man you ain't seen anything all right boys let's hit this. And we need one more then.

Come on right boys this is big got to have it right yeah that brown spot left of the of the of the hole you like that yeah yeah I like that you like that half cup show me something duh yeah damn. So front nine is a par 36. the aim is to try. And break 30. it's one goal also to see if we can set the front line record which is 31. come on currently five on this we need we need one birdie. Or two more all right I got two left what we're saying Joe they got yours gone I might you got me putting it in right yeah okay okay come on Rick FP you were telling him left yeah it's ball okay not a lot not a bunch go no no that was weird all right come on FP right now before the program right now come on now baby yeah I love it I love it oh my God man oh oh dude robbed it looked real good robbed five under one to go okay last hole ninth Par Four down the hill we're currently five on the par we've got to get to six to break the course record. So unlikely now we're gonna break 30. unless we get a whole out two which stranger things have happened powerful straight down slightly into Breeze Mr Bob Burger to go first you just off Bobby come on [Music] it's got a flight down should be good right yeah okay yeah I see it yeah it's really good left side of the Fairway [Music] just like that yeah I didn't see where it ended up. But it looked good if it's between not too long because it's great [Music] oh that is launch oh that's perfect whoa it's a hell of a drive there Eric oh make a statement there Rick [Music] yeah we got some balls to look at here boys [Music] didn't sound too good. But that's uh sand like that when you say it like that it sounds pretty bad but uh bottom line we hit some bombs foreign after a great tee shot to be fair all four of us found the Fairway me and Perez smart bang in the middle tiny bit further back Bob was actually level with Joey. But just from a slightly different angle on the left side of the Fairway this even though we've got a blind shot in here this Bunker's in our way it's actually the best angle into the intellectual green because of the slopes 120 probably played about 140. let's see it Bob around trying good kick it's just a little bit much come down a little too much yeah enough it's on the green. But the right side it just never came down when we wedge or knife what's that going why Joe nine nine that's not going to be an easy bird one Friday we need something better than that yeah okay 99 in hand we've got to get one close come on oh I pulled it all right not very good this is time. For our guy I mean we gotta putt at it. But that's a long putt we want to get the man to do it oh oh yes oh oh yes what a shot hey oh I think we're gonna like the looks of that alone [Applause] come on nice come on baby come at the moment come with the man oh baby you know what I'd love to do Rick is go to a soccer game would you have a team in the UK good support nah JJ Watson with one of those Burnley jerseys oh yeah. So I guess I would go with Burnley nothing's given okay nothing is given everything is good luck everything is though okay John Henry has currently got the course record granted part of the black seas. And on his own and we're having a bit of fun out here not playing with black tees but playing the scramble but this port right here finishes the Frontline record okay this is. For a 30 gents come on Bob big old big old putt no Bob no we do a lot man golly it's it hit it dig oh good part on me man come on Joe it's a great pot I've come who better than Rick Shields huh right I mean yeah this would be special this is it come on guys I think this is pretty much dead straight it's yeah it don't do much come on balls boom yeah I tell you what form needs a little work oh guys that is a great start let's go loads of content coming this week from myself Bob to sports be sure to jump over to them. And subscribe they're getting close to a million let's send them let's send them to the moon like they say thanks for watching guys stay tuned lots more to come and that was a nice little 30 front line combining links that's a great video let's go guys that's great stuff.