[music] in about 25 minutes the Sun is going to set. And the flood lights are going to get turned on honestly the ball flights at night golf is just different level it's going to be epic wow Mr James Robinson is joined me today.

Looks really good this one boom back to back birdes boom rip down the middle I'm not sure what what's brighter the lights are you're [Music] smiling that's really [Music] good all right guys welcome back to a brand new episode of break 75 in this video we're here in turkey at carrier Golf Club B now I'm excited about this one. For many many many reasons but this golf course I have played a long time ago if you go back right in the the archives back when I had no beard. And I looked very different I actually played around here at the Turkish Airlines open but today.

We're going out here. And seeing if we can break 75 now I love this on the first T you've got this huge sign that says good look. And it's needed for me however. I don't think it'll be needed. For this man Mr James Robinson has joined me today.

Now James former tour pro your goal around here today.

Of course you've never played before looks amazing there's quite a lot of first. For you here yeah you've not played this golf course before yeah. And at the moment right now it is 25-6 in about 25 minutes the Sun is going to set. And the flood lights are going to get turned on. For night golf you've never done nightl never done night go can't wait it's the best seen it but never done it what's your score predictions what you're aiming for well let's stick with the let's break 70 you're going to go break 70 I like it break 75 break 70 I've been practicing hard I really have James has been helping me with my golf game as well. So it's going to be an on course lesson as well James you didn't know that. Yet uh without further Ado let's go and break 75 and break 70 here at carrier Golf Club okay. So par here for carrier is 72 uh off the teas we're playing off today.

In meters it's 6,149 yards. And rough Mass that's around about 6,700 yards um fair fair length yeah I would say it looks tight visually lots of trees. And uh also lots of uh huge flood lights which also can block out your bow sometimes which I've found many of times uh like say first couple of holes we probably played in the last little bit of light we've got here in turkey. And honestly the ball flights at night golf is just different level it's going to be epic hopefully we can hit some good ones first H half four just over 400 yards requires a perfect t-shot just been ripping up on the Range. So I want to recreate that same golf shot t- ball slightly leaky bit too much fade probably in the trees it's was going better than that on the driving range believe it. Or not first te out the way well there's a million trees to aim at down there so just going to pick one can't tell you which one cuz that many come on James you want an absolute load of birdy sauce off you today.

We're going. For it Buck it loads yeah perfect well that'll do that was at the tree that I was aiming at yeah spot on mate looks good well done good start honestly on the Range it's quite a tight range it's good. For hitting like like I was hitting it really straight. And I just got on that first H I was like what I didn't want to do is not to get back on the driving range yeah if you go left off first you're straight back on the Range yeah. And the bailout is right here not left traps on on the left trees on the right. But they're quite spaced out so by the way why didn't we bring each other okay. So I kind of got a little bit lucky I've come into the pine straw here but I've got actually a perfect Gap towards the flag 147 yards let's find the green forget that first loosener of a t-shot sit down stra at it sit down pass the flag but nice it was a little bit ball well only Ball. But we're on the green and we've got a good chance ladies and gentlemen we've got a nice chance well James how'd you feel bit robbed I should have hit a Big Slice knocked it straight down the middle of the Fairway absolutely busted it what have you got in 112 Mammoth of the well a few massive trees in way so I'm going to have to chip one under them you can't go over anyway I'll let you side no I'm going to go under knock it down under them miss it oh it caught it that was really unlucky that was unlucky that wasit too much launch you know what mad James like as it feels like the end of the day it feels like there's like no possibility we can play 18 holes now yeah it feels like we're in that space where we're going to play like one. Or two holes cuz surely do you get what I mean it feels like the last hole Yeah like there's no way we can be starting around right now when we are feels a bit bizarre at first yeah like the cameras won't pick it up fully. But it's going dark already only hit two shots. So after coming under that canopy and not quite getting under it it's caught the branches and dropped down here so I've got probably 30 yards have to play a little cute 58° not sure how they're going to bounce us. Yet the first chip so wish me luck let's try and get up and down run out a bit oh very soft okay we've learned let's see if we can save par I've actually played a bloody worldy from the trees it's pitched here I say very ball first. And a bit trappy but we've got a wonderful look here for birdie should we start this uh should we start this video Start break 75 with a little bit of birdy sauce that' be nice wouldn't it you want it out please probably me to be fair yeah do you want to go I'm still not closer than you always left always left that is harsh after such a good t- shot don't feel like of it that bad of golf shots on that hole the food lights are turning on the temperature's dropping. But let's let's heat things up here now let's get on the path first hole here pretty much just falling off the right slightly uphill not a lot in it though I fancy this put you know I fancy this put greens are at a nice speed where they're not electrically fast go go go go oh you idiot solid start though just oh it's bang on line as well I think that's the only thing as obviously we're. So late in the day now yeah they're getting dewy already they are going to get a little bit slower. So we have to be a fraction more aggressive on the greens it's a part to start I would have like to birdie but nothing nothing disastrous thankfully after that t- shot second hole PA three as you can see the lights are now starting to kick in 199 yd PA three I'm going to try. And rifle the five IR straight at it big green pins at the back don't particularly want to go long just at the pin a little bit short is fine that looks. So cool with the lights let's miss the green right annoyingly chipping it' have been good for distance but just I don't know just got a little couple little rights to kick things off just uh need to gauge that in we'll get it straightened out I it so straight on the Range Ain it funny He Man okay five iron straight at it just right a it cool be good distance on the right side of the green oh it's coming in Nice Shot mate yeah FL guy right that'll do I've just uh just said to Rick said don't look into that light behind you I've just done it. And can barely see dazzles you. So if you play night goal don't look at the lights look at the greens okay just check out this lie it's just missed just missed the side of the green you can pretty much just see the top of the ball. So yeah the grass is Lush it's not long. But it's Lush got a green that's going away from me a little bit of an up I've got to get a little bit of elevation. And let run down um come on let's see if we can get this on in close yeah great shot well played yeah that's nice that's nice we'll take that good to get it enough elevation out of that lie. And we've got a four or five footer for p box it in knock it in okay. So after a decent t- shot got a bit of a right to left here from maybe 25 ft 22 ft something like that so we're got to uh try and get one rolled in nice and early drop oh good line just too Firm St a bit on the high side okay come on clean up. For the par it's always low ah it's disappointing it was a good chip as well it was unlucky okay. So after a bit of a round put should be left a center coming back bit weird with such a big Shadow across my line here yeah yep solid scores back level with each other one over a piece that's annoying that PO really annoying third hole power four it's kind of got tree a little cluster of trees in the middle of the Fairway which a couple of holes have got these James around here where it kind of like you can go straight over. Or you can go right. Or left from memory on this one you can go straight over it looks visually like you can get over yeah I'm pretty I'm pretty confident you go straight over looks really good this one. So weird with feels like at the driving range with all the the lights on the top of the driver I've gone for a matte driver been planning this for three years perfect should be good just watch it down if it comes over the trees it's hard to see it down but pretty confident it should be over him didn't hear anything hit it good so and to go same if anything just a little start it on the cluster and then.

Just fade it off sit down a bit should be good this it's really deceiving I can't tell yeah hopefully it's just not run into the trees should be good okay my ball is actually in the Fairway no need to panic we're in a good spot here 149 Ys to the pin I can't see the bottom of the flag. But I'm going to go just between the the um flood light left of the pin. And the pin just in that little pocket there get my distance control spot on not particularly happy on one over I know it sounds a bit stupid after two holes but I felt like come on just need to stay in the game oh straight at the flag lovely shot this it's good for yardage looked tiny bit longer then.

It shouldn't be no no even though it's a bit clean I don't feel like it look good though I think it should be all right that should be pin eyed just just to the right I want it to go left. But we can just edit all that bit out where I say go left just change it to I meant twist it right at the flag we're in a good spot right. So after a decent t- shot run just slightly into the semi-rough kind of run out of faway here 117 yards off a bit of an up slope so it's going to play a little bit longer Ball's going to go a bit higher probably playing like 120 just try. And knock the flag out it felt good it's that it sh thumbs up from Mr Shields so it must be good okay both on the green I've just got a little bit of a further Port James in a nice spot there I'm going to kind of use the actual shadow of the flag it's going to be right to left I want it falling just want it going over to the right of that shadow. And then.

Just tracking back towards it greens are definitely getting a little bit wety you can just start to see a bit of moisture on the top of the green. So got to just adjust to a bit of speed differences be confident be confident done quite a bit that didn't it be confident it's hard cuz they look so good yet I do know they're just going to be a little bit slower it's actually a lot of too many Shadows going on though I'm going to mark that it's very confusing isn't it I'm going to mark that you want it out by the way please yeah thank you thank you okay. So I've learned just a little bit off Rick there it's certainly swinging right to left it's a little bit uphill so it is slow. So let's give it a run at the hole I I knew it was going to go left like that quite give it enough wow there's a lot of Shadows when you do this yeah you just got to pick your line haven't you commit commit don't look at the Shadows it's quite hard though even when the putter goes back you can kind of like look at a putter you've got like a shadow back a shadow shadow forward a shadow over there. And as you move it all those kind of Shadow lines Mo a little bit okay two PS on the card okay. So Par Four yeah four hole it's nice one this little dog leg Yeah I feel like you've got to either just take a tiny bit of that tree on the left. Or just hit it slightly short those bunkers if you bomb one down on the right you could get in a bit of Bunker trouble okay keep it tight to that tree then.

Draw you can play a little draw okay you went to the bunkers. And Drew it I think you'd be in a great spot we'll try that then.

No big block dig your feet in yeah I think that's all right next.

To that white marker is it yeah fa way yeah cool okay I'm just going to go just left of that white post then.

Great shot exactly what you said to do just left of it you mean like one yard left it that was nice nice little fade that was good very good [Music] spot right we both run out into the rough it wasn't driver kind of three iron. Or three wood so little bit of an error but never mind I'm only a yard into the rof James a few more yards got 110 I'm going just chip a little 50 going chip a little 50 in there okay 110 I'm going to play it a little bit shorter than 110 probably 100 yards really ideally um. And just right side of the pin is safe left isn't good just a little little 3/4 out the roof set up a nice birdie opportunity [Music] here should be perfect a looks great that I think it's very very good it hit the bank at the back which you heard my description before the shop wasn't what I was going. For but we'll take it I think that's in nice. And close so similar to Rick ran out of Fairway a little bit further up 98 yards but we need to try and get inside his he's a really good shot there so got 52° not the roof it's not a full one just under about 3/ quish hard to see the flag big Mound here so about there 98 [Music] yards is about that much can't tell yeah not bad just On The Fringe oh it looks like it's just On The Fringe put in I think I okay pitched just here kind of probably to be honest 10 yards longer than I wanted to I wanted to land it short the hole. And let it run down that bank but kind of went up here and then.

Luckily for me ran back down the hill we've got this nice little look at birdie up the hill can be aggressive if I leave another put short this front nine James yeah I've got to do 10 press UPS what each P well yeah I hope I don't do it what if you do it a few times times 10 10 per put yeah we'll do them after the round I don't want you're being tired I'll leave any put short 10 pushup penalty right come on Shields knock it in I like the look at this p a lot oh it's a great effort God I like the look that I actually didn't see it snapping to the right as much I probably do you think they're harder to read as it's gone more shadowy yeah I do think they were touch harder. But to be honest what's annoying me I normally use kind of aim point in my feet and I didn't that P and that was my own error. But I got it past the hole yep on the card still one over just run off the green the fringes are quite long. And juicy actually at the minute so I describ it as hairy hairy bit they look at the fox behind you just there right come on okay. So slightly hairy up the hill it's definitely slightly off the left side got to give it a little bit to get through the Fringe oh it's gone left off The Fringe quite a lot there oh well are you doing the 10 push-up challenge too that was pin ey I know I'm saying no. But oh yeah I need to do push-ups anyway feel like if it if it put is left short when we know the going to be a bit slower. And going to be a bit wet like if it's a super long put no yeah 50t acceptable. But anything that's like makeable if it's short from now on 10 press UPS let's do it Fifth old Par Four it's a cracking hole L because you've kind of there's a tree in the middle of the Fairway which makes you think you can't just bom it down there cuz you either got to be short of the tree. So you've got a clear shot into the green there a kind of not an island green but a green over waterer or you go past that tree have a short shot shot in but you've got to get past that tree I'm going to go. For the short of the tree Leave myself a longer shot in going to hit four iron it's pretty perfect it's good kind of an accidental purpose right side of the fway accidental perfect I didn't mean to go that far right. But we're in a nice spot now it just had a little got a little bit Fades on me today.

But that's all right I can live with that yes that'll be fine it's just a longer shot yeah get it good it's in the Fairway it's really funny I've got this should be a perfectly clear shot the only thing I've slightly got in my uh if 12:00 is the flag at like 3 minutes past 12 I've got this th light. And often I like to draw the golf ball and this is one where I can't afford to draw it what's also crazy. For the third time this round the first hole the the third hole and now the fifth hole I've got 149 yards left and stuff like every single time I've had the same yardage so let's hit a good one it's all the odd holes sit great shot well played really nice yeah nice shot it just played a kind of a little trappy fade I wanted to make sure I faded it around I didn't want to draw it into that inin with that F light there we're in a good spot right after a good t- shot got 135 yards which. For me is a perfect 46°. So I can ED it straight at it full. And it should be good I've come out of it slightly pushed it and it's going to be short. And it's going to spin AP from that it was good apart from not being the direction. Or the distance it was good perfect. So uh at the moment I'm on a little bit of a health kick and I've also not been drinking it's nearly 5 weeks at the moment and uh I can see a little a little surprise on the next.

Te which looks uh it looks very alcoholic I need to I need to say no. So not the best approach shot probably got 35 ft here up the hill slightly right to left is this okay if we leave this just short yeah yeah you're all right with this on mate nervous about 10 press UPS quite a few years since I did press UPS. So don't know if I can do [Applause] 10 oh no that's 20 press UPS I'm happy to do 10. For that that was awful wow after not being able to see my ball on the Green from back there it's a most pleasant surprise I've walked up. And we've got this left for birdie just the lights were kind of hiding the ball slippery one I must admit it's going to fall quite aggressively to the right nice speed. And Let It Drop in wow that snaap didn't it broke a lot more than I thought I mean it's just passed the hole thankfully are you sure I think. So from my angle yeah okay it needed more speed to be fair though ah that was a good look as well that another PA yes yeah well done mate thank you would have been upset if a three put it that to that would have been very upset especially before a peanut cuder. Or whatever we're going to be drinking in a minute what you're going to be drinking I love yours what is this made lemonade. And fruit oh perfect just lemonade and fruit yeah amazing you can enjoy wow this is very nice cheers no alcohol no excellent I'd normally be quite disappointed. But I'm happy today.

They must know I'm on a health kit cuz it's no sausage roll is it gone of sausage rolling guinnesses never tried this before dragon fruit nice isn't it it's the best dragon fruit I've ever had I tell you that. For a fact 10 out of 10 that is nice actually right after that lovely refreshment stop after five holes 6o power three 163 Ys the pin is tued front right anything short is wet don't be short after you eight irons got eight are you in the middle of the green uh I'm going to play about 10t left of it there's two trees yeah in between them yeah in between those two uh it's going slightly left it's good. For yardage I'm guessing on the green must be sure honestly that that should have gone 165 that I'm now in between clubs I was really comfortable with a full a iron a it's a full out one I'm not the biggest fan of it in a soft 7 I think that's the club okay right between those trees as well [Applause] it's really hard to see the ball land isn't it don't like that shot I need to work on it it's that little soft one where you kind of got to guide it in I just get a little bit handsy on it never mind okay. So I managed to find the green seven was the choice I was a bit hesitant. But seeing where James has finished it's literally landed on the green and nearly spanning the water it's landed there mine's pin hard but just left on the green long put across the green again this isn't one that i' be too disappointed if it's a foot short I be i' take that but we got to we got to get it inside that kind of that gimme range just off the left all the way great for line I really thought I hit that hard enough as well it's you can see just looking across there at you how Jey it is now. So as you can see I've pitched up here spun back another 2 feet an hours wet ball there. So got quite a bit of Fringe to go over so I've opted for a 52 skip it onto the Jew and let it run up to the hole all right super super so slow okay POA as I read it it's pretty much dead straight nice confident put heart the hole don't want to make any silly Bogies come on you got this solid thank you good to put that yeah I said it I retra it both one over par five I believe up next..

So whole par five it's it's Arrow straight to the green but the way how the trees kind of cut in it almost makes this hole a bit snaky you've got to just cut over the corner of this tree bomb one down there chance of getting on the two we're both won over be nice to make some birdies this is the time wow oh that looks. So good in the air didn't it that was nice always in the uh in the flood light wasn't it that was nice that was satisfying I must admit that was really that exactly the shot I wanted to hit. So really happy with that nice to get one straight simmer simmer simmer simmer simmer M take a kick left please ball yeah not sure you might have to be bit Magician on the second shot yeah it looks close to that Lone Tree doesn't it okay absolutely splitting the Fairway in half which I'm really happy about 228 yards left in this flag three iron in hand I can see the top 3% of the flag. So I know where I'm going towards I've just got to pull out a really good strike ah I was in love with this club in love. And I'm worried it was just a a holiday romance a honeymoon period since that kind of really good week in Scotland with it just struggle with that thron need to get it back operating again cuz it was an absolute weapon when it was firing. So I'm not actually too bad here I've it in a right rof just by this flood light so you should see the flight nicely um got 205 yards opted opted for a five Vine lies decent can you see the flag just see the top of it yeah literally just see the top. But it's uh like spongy rough it's sat just like slightly up on it so it should be good for a 5 a nice that's it I think it's short I didn't feel 100% is it short I didn't fully get it okay let's go. And find out so we're actually both short of the green I knew I was going to be cuz I caught my thing you weren't sure. But it does actually come up quite a bit short it's quite a lot short I mean it wasn't fully struck. But definitely uh that temperature dropping I actually forgot about this kind of like uphill into the green as well all carry isn't it got to flight to the green or you sure okay just over this hump got to get over once it lands on the green it's going to go right. So I want to be left of the flag and just get nice distance control give myself an OP an option to make the birdie put that's what I'm looking for right now I think it's quite spun has it not quite it's not bad yeah just just not terrible just a fraction skinny okay. So after to learn a bit from Ricks there it definitely skipped forward so we need a bit more more elevation to this one and work it up I've got 58 Loft it up and over this mound that feels good down it's not an easy one to stiff you all took a really firm bounce yeah right down the hill right to left really really feel like this front nine not done. So far touch wood not done a lot wrong um but just feel like I need a bird to drop just to just to set that that spark a light down the hill right to left a good that caught a lot of hole jeez that caught a lot hole not to have gone in it just it was fast granted I I gave it a run damn. So I've only got a short put here but it's certainly breaking you can actually see on the on the way past where my chips run it's break breaking quite a lot here. So of a right to Le like Rick need to get something going need to make a birdie wow weak that's 10 press UPS definitely 20 now that is definitely 10 won't be able to play tomorrow okay to clear up the par dead straight back up the hill all swapped up yeah another PA on the card one over each too many passs I feel a bit frustrated about that hole there I feel like we should have made two birdies we're saving them they're coming don't you worry they are coming. And when this when when we when we when we make one you'll we might make two no promises. But come on PA three it's got bunkers short and longer the flag the way we're looking at it this angle where the pin is 167 yards not really sure on the club. But it is probably with the temperature now I'm going to hit a soft seven. So take a bit of yardage off it cuz it will uh not sure eight is going to get there in this temperature now I've learned from the par three before similar yardage. And that was short yeah I think I think Seven's good this time yeah slightly short right is better than long left okay travel travel is it hit well that's good yeah that's good that looks really good yeah it felt good okay I'm going to go seven I'm going to get closer than James you're in if you do not long left not long left not long [Music] left just off the green isn't it yeah look looked about flag eye it's the only place I didn't want to go kind of wanted to start it there. And just try and fade it back but stayed where I hit it to come a look at this look where James is I mean it's literally obviously you guys would have seen it on the Drone footage that I wonder if it's like jumped. And spun a bit is there any lines. Or anything don't know it's not maybe one bounce and stop don't know great shot do you want knock it in. For your bird yeah tidy up let me just make sure there's no mud on that don't want to be doing anything Sil do we you know this 10in put 9 in put is the same as a 300 yard drive one nice well done mate thank you first birdie of the day come on well deserved right however. I'm fighting. For par over here I've missed green left which I just knew I shouldn't Miss I couldn't miss left short side of myself got to play a little delicate one just into that Fringe and let it run down very good shot lovely for Speed wasn't it wasn't far off was it it was good. For Speed I'm actually quite happy with that for a nice little chip there from the side of the green you want to make this count now don't want to be dropping any silly shots now that James got back to level not that we're competing NOP but I'm definitely competing right not a lot in this this is pretty much dead straight great po pal good save that yeah really happy with that that's really good it was not the miss that I wanted. But you got the skills to do it now got a little short game in there got it's in there somewhere nth all power four couple of bunkers down the left you want to just fade it off to the right leave yourself a nice shot in James got back to level par. And one over some not bad golf being played more bird is needed now James has open the can yeah open the bottle of sauce oh no get down don't know didn't hit anything didn't hit anything guessing that's the trees I don't know if sometimes you want it to hit something like to bounce back [Music] yeah off come here oh Rick friendly golf on the same line didn't anything weak ah that was weak that was really weak okay not a great t- shot I've avoided the bunker luckily. And I've avoided any tree trouble and I've actually got a clear shot into the green so with all due respect to how terrible that t- shot was I'm actually not too bad 159 yards now this green is really really interesting it's got like a big false front at the front. And then.

You've got to get over that and then.

The pin is severely just over that out the Fairway is much easier into this green you can get a bit of spin on it from here my plan is to land it just literally one bounce short. And hopefully it hops on or get it over the top of the hill I probably think over the top of the hill is my plan sit down that looks really good mate that's sit down looks about right to me yeah don't I don't think there's a lot of green left of that flag it looked like it landed on it it's difficult to tell it's a big hump what are you doing trying to paint a picture of what I'm trying to do can you tell what shot I'm going to hit wow is that how much slice you need well if I hit it straight it's going to hit the um light p. And then.

God knows where it's going how five you got 130. So I've not got far but I'm going to have to try. And I'm excited about this shot cut something I'm excited about this it's a huge aggressive cut with a wedge I can't hit anything too high. Or it's going to hit the tree I'm actually going to opt. For 9 yeah I think. So just so it doesn't climb and hit those little wispy bits it's not bad keep cutting keep cutting keep cutting oh it's on my Mound that's not bad it's hard to fade it out this roof I know with so much loft as well yeah it's not ideal could have gone less Loft. But then.

Gets so hard to try and control yeah bit of a lofted shot to on the green it's going to turn severely left when it lands on the green. So let's try and get something stiff go in beautiful take that beautiful pitch I managed to find the green I didn't think I had really happy with that this is the time to make a birdie it's going to fall off to the right I'm going to give it a little bit more respect feel like a lot of them have been maybe just breaking a fraction more than I'm giving it credit. For come on let's see some birdy sauce watch this guy in the background hit his shot first he's done well there what hell he's done unbelievable to miss every tree there looks like he just hit off the green it does he wasn't he wasn't on the green he gets a high five from his playing part it must have been good right come on I want to get back to level power James I want to see a bit of sauce not H [Music] it smashed that's the one I thought at first I had hit it didn't I thought went in at PACE it went in too fast halfy days nice birdie knock me down. For a number three with a circle around it and we get about to level p nice nice work mate thanks pal good to see just a little TA [Music] in nice well done mate thank you right both level par through nine holes is that n n holes yeah ninth hole nine holes played here at carrier night golf mean James former tour pro it's not a competition though. But we both level five through nine and it is proper dark it's getting proper dark now back nine I'm excited 10th hole par five beautiful hole there's a lake on the left hand side. And on this hole it comes all the way down the left then.

The next.

Hole which runs the other way Al the water's also on the left two really good holes coming up uh level half for both of us good t- shots required if we get one away it's every chance being able to knock this on the Green in two nice little fade just down the Fairway great team ball it's good to me good that felt really nice I'm glad it just cut a little bit but I me it was almost dead straight. But it was uh Happy where it's finished Rick is swinging it well today.

So let's just try and follow what he's done nice rip down the middle boom boom boom that was hit well boom yep that's really good that was good look at his face look I'm not sure what's what's brighter the light. So you're smile that was good this was a good drive flirted with the water flirted. But safe loads of room um it's going to be a good crack to get to the green still it's kind of an absolutely rifled 3on which again is the club I've not been totally getting on with recently. Or a bit of a cuty 3-wood and try and just kind of chop it up there think I feel like a three-wood I could try. And cut a three-wood it'll end up on that next.

T box well I I that my 3on I can get it in a channel right I've Tor myself into the 3on we're going to absolutely rifle this onto the green I'm going to I'm going to play it to the chunky part of the green which is the right side. And just let it draw back in just a fraction just got to cover the water probably got to land it at least over 215 yards let's just rifle one down I'm going to go with that flood light in the background. And just draw it off that such a good strike it's not drawn safe play though yeah looking at it how you thinking brain on there looking at it though I don't think he would have cleared it I don't think it would have I I think going straight at it I don't think it would have cleared it that would be definitely wet yeah it's cold don't forget yeah I'm I'm glad I I'm glad I bailed out right there how far are you got 214. But it's above my feet on a bit of a down slope not don't fill you with too much confidence um I mean I can easily get there don't like that lie what it's above your feet a bit. And it's down it's a down slope so it's not going to get the carry I'm going to try. And cut a three iron up off it oh no oh stay right stay right stay right cut he's cutting away from the poop that's all right that's all right wow it's uh didn't like that it's. So bad it's it's okay I to myself out of that if I was in a tournament I don't think uh that was the shot just checking my notes I did some yardages the other day. For my wedges geek no jo I'm joking I'm joking I'm joking you know I'm not 69 no I am. So here you go 69 we are glove to show of both sides pitch is 72. And that then.

Might R back a little bit so that's that's your your glove to my to your right shoulder glove to shoulder there glove to shoulder there and 72 should pitch 72 and I've got 69 okay. And a bit of bit of cold weather bit of cheddar on it l up all right oh a mental state said give it an extra little water nothing. For short you went back to show the height to be fair yeah okay it's finished in a nice spot just uh in this kind of Fringe area not a bad Miss at all like I say it would have been touch. And go with the front of the green it really would have been um a nice up and down needed hopefully we can get it chasing down there nothing to get over yeah I fancy I fancy trying to hold get this pretty close I was nearly going to say hold it then..

But let's just let's not run before we can walk ah release go on good shot that mate Just a Touch chunky just just sped up a little bit on it not quite as smooth as I'd like it's not terrible. But I want to get a touch closer than that so my ball was resting on my pitch mark there I on quite a severe slope here. So I feel like the pitch mark was here balls resting on my pitch mark I don't know if this is going to oh yeah just like that you can see here just move my h as I place it down because of the slope that I'm on it's just going to roll down to the hole is it really try again. But it was resting on its own pitchmark. So what's the rule replace and play the ball from where it lies I suppose once it's finished actually don't know fully guessing it's that though but as I place it down let go I can't get it to stop I I don't know without another ruling you can play it from there. For me well or I'll put my finger on the top of the ball and take it off really quickly and then.

You can put it's not American football God it's doing it again I've got I'm going to be in the hole in a minute guys that'ss mad. So to honest I actually don't know the r I've never seen it I'm sure you guys watching will know. But um basically James couldn't put his ball down cuz where his pitch mark had sat his ball actually sat on almost on the end of it as he's repaired his pitch mark Cuz the ball's on a hill it keeps rolling down the hill so he's tried to put it down three times it's roll to that place he's just going to play it from there it's good. For Pace yeah good. For Pace I thought it might have gone a bit more right it's a right come on another opportunity here for birdie back to back birdies up the hill right to left love to get a birdie here on this par five it's a cracking hole I've always enjoyed playing it I think it's uh punished me many times in the past let's see if we can get one back ronil exactly what it said on the tin boom back to back birdies one on the PA oh baby nice thanks pal got catch you now show out to pled I mean he might have taught me a load of things recently. But I'm not schooling him joking I will not speak too early cuz he's far too good a player cracking hole this uh throwing off the tea got to leave it short of those bunkers Fairway Fairway is fine right's fine let's not talk about left no just hit it down the middle oh my God all right I don't know that was not going left it's one of those holes that it's gone into darkness it's that hole coming back up it's just whether we'll find it in the trees we'll find it a little provisional okay. So I also have a three iron going to try. And rip snort one down the middle ripped that'll do uh-oh let's find my first one find it it's just in the pie needles easy to see once you're up there okay. So we found my first one thankfully it's not pretty it's in the Pines ah that was annoying that 3 hour. And I need to get a bit of practice with it at the moment it's not quite firing um got a couple of tricky shot well tricker decisions really there's no clear. And obvious way of getting there's no clear. And obvious way of getting to the green that's for sure you come around here like literally that's what I've got to contend with and the pin's like over there somewhere got no gaps I've got water left still as we had I was just. For a minute thinking about going down the right down the next.

Hole. But it's actually not any easy there James's ball down there in the Fairway my my objective is try. And Chip it out to that just a l I'm just a little bit concerned I don't want to over hit it into the like to actually try and find the Fairway isn't dead easy you're going across it aren't you well I'm going across it anything long is in the water anything short is in the roof makes the neck shot harder the life jacket next.

To the water is 84 yards. So I cannot hit it more than 84 yards I'm going to kind of play like a back foot like a back foot a TI. And and just try and Chase it down I'm just ah it's just really difficult cuz if I land it in that roof I don't know if it's going to hop through if I land it in that roof do you think it's going to hop through if it's low yes that's the only shot I've got. And my my punishment is if I don't you need to land it level with me. And that's easier said than done you can do it all right back foot. So I guarantee the strike perfect B way how much Dre have I got there can you not see the ball I can just see it yeah you've got about another four yards then.

It's wet judge to Perfection Ball's just above my feet. So it's going to draw towards the water just going to play it just to the right. And see if I can give myself a put. For it I've hold a couple of good puts the last two holes so let's see if we can scarv a power out of this oh be fantastic it looks good very good golf shot really really good a player now that's really nice that good that's wining about 6 foot. And gives myself a chance for a par somehow I'm actually going to opt. For a TI I'm going to play a slightly softer shot. So it's a bit lower spinning I don't fancy it coming back into that water it looks really close so I've got an eight 149 yards same as Rick a bailed out safe yeah yeah a bit too safe sensible shot didn't have uh didn't have the skills to draw it in like Rick there I've now faced with a uphill slightly right to left po not doing a huge amount probably a bit too far to be fair very very dewy now got to remember that it in. Or out I left it good thanks go yeah nice speed right right to left good. For Speed it didn't break right to left no just stayed straight come on I'd be really really really pleased to hold this Salvage apart a put I like it slightly uphill right to left I can see it hitting the back of the hole. And dropping in that is a great save who's this guy that's turned up today.

Ricky Shing birdies the Old Ricky Shields is dead gone he's gone I'm saying that now nice yeah really happy with that I think that's a hole in the past I could have easily made double yeah compound one ER with another more you know I wouldn't terrible first t- shot like really terrible just a blip obviously terrible visal ball look I found the first nicely thought out second shot although it' be a bit aggressive great iron Shar great P the confidence to go. For that flag on the left hand side uh well to be honest swinging it well as long as I was my target was as long as I keep it to the right of the flag. And I thought if anything it's always going to go back in going in off that Li wasn't it still one under everybody we're still keeping this score card going okay 12th tole PA five dog like right Green's kind of over there um big bunker in the middle you want to stay just right of that. And then.

Cuts the corner a little bit oh no good looks good looks like Fairway to me that Hoops in the bunker I'm going to try. And hit it a little further right than that just right at the bunkers oh snapping the hooking that might be over him will it yeah it's over it's good yeah is it yeah okay okay bit of a loose one found this bunker in the middle of the Fairway kind of wed to move right of it I didn't hit it good enough to get over the bunker James is over. And actually just run through the other side I'm 270 yards away still from here so there's no point in playing risk it I'm hitting my irons well. So I'm going to wedge it out. And then.

Leave myself a probably a wedge or a 99 left in for my third shot see if we can make birdie that way just make sure we just got this little Annoying sticky out bit here I feel like I'm going to have to almost slightly draw it to get it back on The Fairway let's see if we can put it back into play that's a really nice shot great shot well played that's a really nice shot done genuinely I've done really well from there cuz yeah just just pleased with that 237 yards it's an awkward one cuz I'm on a out the roof on a fade lie. But we've got this huge tree here that's lit up by the uh flood light that is literally on the perfect line. So if I put the perfect trajectory on it it's going to hit the canopy just not a very good lie. For drawing it off h got a trusty fivewood that may do the job let's give it a whir certainly probably won't get signed off by the caddy if he was caddying. For me draw draw draw don't think it's too bad I can't tell if it's in the bunker. Or just right at the bunker it's quite close to the green we'll make up and down okay. So I've left myself a really nice shot in here 136 yards same Club again pitching wedge pin just at the front it's the first time tonight just felt a tiny bit of Breeze and I think it's just helping. So I don't think it's an absolute rocket ship of a pitching wedge I would love to again love to set up a birdy chance here after finding the bunker I'd feel really happy if I set up a birdy chance here oh it's a bit right oh it's got a nice kick though right going grab some tools be back in a minute okay got to get cute on this one. So I'm definitely short sided here this pin's tricky it is a very tricky pin there it's got a huge slope behind it which Ricks has just ran down. So don't want to be too long here got 58 which is my L wedge need to soft hands lot of release try. And land it just on the green and nip it up close sounds easy in theory in down yeah very nice mate not too bad okay birdy opportunity here. But long range one up up a big hill um again getting late now it's it's 20 it's 9:40 p.m. no it's not it's 8:40 p.m. um it's definitely getting the greens are getting wet. So we just got to give it enough speed to get up that hill Oh massive pull 6in pull nice P pal I think yeah I'm not sure about that one I think I either misread it one of those puts the further left you went the more it's coming back wasn't it I know it's that that I would have probably just played it a little bit shorter a little bit more left. But I didn't know I didn't know that pin was on that little shelf right come on then.

James. For birdie a great one out that bunker as well need to join you under par another 10 press UPS is that 30 now 30 definitely not playing tomorrow DL J saw 13th hole power four sweeping down the hill cracking looking hole just narrowed in a little bit with the trees. But Fairway needed I'm going to hit three-wood. And just aim to find [ Music] Fairway I don't know what's there little bit pulley wasn't it yeah trees it's in between that. And this and the next.

Hole ah want do that little cut with the three-wood. But didn't get [Music] it yeah perfect Vault jeez yeah in the fair way very nice well done mate thank you we've got trouble um bad three-wood bad three-wood shot the reason why I didn't hit driver I didn't want to bomb it down the middle. And leave myself like an awkward 60 yard in so I took three would leave myself a bit further back but never to me I pulled it um can't I've got 124 yards I was debating. For a little bit about going up. And over but I just don't know I don't think I'm far enough back. So this is my plan I'm going to play something quite low lofted seven. Or eight iron I'm going to go at the flag. But punch draw it and my goal is to finish on that bank near the green. So I've got a nice little chip up the hill that's my objective I don't good can't see any other no it's it's either there it's going to end up in the bunker. Or you in between a rock and a hard place mate one of those where I've just I've just got to get it down there Advance it as close as I can. And just hope I get up and down that's a great shot yeah it was near made it to your spot isn't it yeah it just it just yeah that's I'm happy with that it's good I've left myself a little chip over a bunker. But not hopefully not too challenging okay I've got 98 yards balls above my feet. So it's going to go a little bit left I've got a 52° it's not a full one it's just like a 3/4 can't see the bottom of the flag looks like it's just over a slope. So we need a bit of Spin and land it by the flag didn't seem too far away no reaction from anyone who knows okay James H A Nice Shot there pin High nice look at birdie I've got I'm a little bit shorter than what I wanted to be. But again can't complain it was a tough shot from the trees I've got to try. And finish my golf ball between James's golf ball and the flag anything left I'm in a whole world of trouble cuz it could easily slope off the green great shot Rick well played mate looking good go have a look I said right between James is ball. And the flag I put it right between James is ball. And the flag give myself a put for par that's all I can do stop leaving them short wow I was right in the middle as well wow James you're going to be S tomorrow I am going to be s looks like a day chilling Day by the pool a day by the pool oh no oh no another panal out this will be a really nice recovery power again what a player what a player who is this guy I like that that was nice nice nice up. And down you know you know what there that was just a little bit of thought I think in the past I I would have play my short game just feels a little bit more confidence boosted yeah. So that so you don't mind the chip out missing the I didn't mind that but I was thinking to myself that's actually an okay Miss. For me yeah cuz you're confident that you can get the love wedge on it yeah well it wasn't even L wedge W yeah it's getting there one under still good about like four holes to play four 14 15 16 17 five holes to play 14th path three 151. But playing slightly uphill probably playing about6 cold eight iron in hand pins pretty much in the middle it's just going to go straight in the hole it's pretty good it was just a bit skinny yeah just left to the flag I think that's going to be a bit tiny bit short ah hold it not good put in just a long way away from the flag not ideal it's all about the pace it's quite uphill it's got a bit of right to left swing a lot of dew on the ground. So it's certainly not going to be quick got to try. And get it dead so we can make the two [Music] put yeah got speed barely moved left that was a good. For Speed slightly out for line mine actually wasn't a terrible result I didn't strike it pure but because it was online it's it's not bad we've got a look look here however. it's a big sloping right to left P up the hill hopefully drop it in the top side is the goal no it's it oh it came off like putty oh it came off. So soft 10 push-ups definitely for me definitely 10 and the rest oh very solid thank you everything looks good today.

Nice thank you nice two threes right beautiful par five coming up next.

We need to just last few holes squeeze some birdies yeah just are we pushing harder I'm just going to try. And stop start knocking them stiff my only birdies come from a 10in put 15th hole pretty much straight down requires a straight t- shot and then.

For the second shot into the green it's it's a almost a semi island green there's water at the front there water at the left there's water behind so going. For it in two is risky at that tree that's lit up little fade middle of the Fairway very good ball slightly right of the your line yeah it's okay it's fine isn't it yeah let's try. And get a bomber going down here yeah we need a birdie boom see [Music] you yeah great ball pal yeah thank you after an okay t-shot I end up in the rof I'm only 215 yards away from the pin. But it's there's just too much trouble down there if I was in the Fairway I mean to be honest it' actually be a harder decision cuz I almost have to go. For it from here out the roof and have to lay it up wedge it on I've been make I've been hitting some good iron shots so I can definitely still make birdie that way I don't want to I really don't want to in fact. But it is the smarter play I'm going to leave myself a nice kind of 100 yards in is my goal. So I'm 215 if I can hit one about 115 I'd be very happy little chippy gap wedge I might even go the other way around I'm actually going to hit a 100 yard shot. And leave myself 115 feel like with the pin being quite at the front I want just that little bit more distance to get a fraction more spin shot by way 196 I've got over water all the way got to bend it around this tree out the roof sounds quite easy don't know if it's to chop a five fo up I'd love to see it choppy cut five should we try it have a little look how it sits behind it oh not very nice we have to lay it up sorry guys I'm joking I had the same I had the same it's just not going to fade out the roof yeah let's go up. And down from there okay I want to leave myself 100 yards of left myself 100 yards on the no 56° in hand just a nice one pins very very very tucked in that front corner just try. And land it a few yards past and get a little bit spin on it just set ourselves up a nice birdy opportunity great shot very good thank you very good okay. So I'm a little bit closer than I would have liked I'm 81 yards so I got a bit of a flyer out that roof I've got a 58 degree here I'm going to try. And throw it a couple of yards past the flag and spin it back sh James okay two good luck. For birdie here here on 16 a different way of playing this hole like say normally you want to rip a driver and hit a probably a five iron in into this screen really yeah not much more than that. But obviously played it the the oldfashioned way it moved a lot tiny bit moved quite a bit don't if I just pulled it a touch ah really wanted that put really would have loved to have got to 200 then.

Right come on then.

James left the door open for me to try and catch him in yeah speed I think speed was the problem of mine yeah that was in all the way right no more push-ups though ey one under a level three to play this T I played it off that Villa back behind the green behind the next.

T that's not open tonight yeah it's not enough light there be honest I don't think there's enough light quite on the the white te's to be honest 16th hole Par Four Dead straight Downs bunkers the right you want to avoid pins kind of bat left it's got to a nice t- shot down the left hand side that's the goal cut cut cut cut cut cut cut get lucky didn't hear it hit anything quite soft the trees aren't we might have just just cut enough ah tiny bit left oh boom boom that one step one of a birdie I think yeah it's really good yep let's try. And make some birdies right I've not ended up in the proper trees I am just just just borderline on the edge here um but I'm 116 yards away and I've got to unfortunately got this bush in front of me I've got to kind of hook one to the green I'm not going to get too greedy here I can hit the green if I just go to the right if I hit go to the right with a little draw I might just get a bit more of the green is the plan. But I don't I don't want to bite off too much here kind of going to go go low. And to the right and if it draws a bit and gets a bit closer to the G pay in Happy Days sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit and come back good try that not easy yeah I was hoping it would hook a bit more than that okay 94 yards really uh inviting shot this try. And slam dunk it got that yeah within 10 ft yeah it looks about flag out it's. So hard to see with the lights but okay. So just off the green just got a decision here to make I really do because I have been starting to chip nicely um I feel like I could play either here my only risk is I don't know what's my risk my risk is the ball's quite a bit above my feet the LOF of the wedge is going to make it go left the harder to judge got my putter out feel like all I've got to do is get it over that hill. And it's going to go into that bowl I don't see the advantage of chipping this as much as I do actually want to genuinely I want to test my new skills. But I actually don't see the benefit on this particular shot I'm going put a just got to get it over that little brow into that little Swale. And get it close sit whoa fast it o good try just a little Speedy wasn't it just came out of this stuff quicker than I expected it to ooh long parp put now very good thank you thank you you've mopped up well today.

Yeah that was nice that was an important part stay on the par come on James join me come on join me in the under Park Club it's only a six seven footer. But it's got bit of Swing to it probably like nearly a cup outside right I think oh Jesus James come on wasn't Aiming High Enough there was poor ah you've had enough chances pal can't stop making PA you've had enough chances Bogey. And a birdie is that you had all pass well I've had one bogy two birdies in the rest pass yeah between us yeah it's been a p Fest today.

17th hole two good really good holes coming up they run parallel to each other. And in between the two holes is a pond on this time well both both holes the pond is on your left. But I'm just telling you that for context it's not what I'm thinking so you can get in trouble hitting driver down here I'm might three you know just not it three wood incredible I've not hit three iron incredible I feel like three iron. For me what three iron for me get get three iron at least puts me in hopefully in in the channel in the Fairway where three-wood can be a bit more ertic might it driver well I might it driver right he that in a villa just just chipped to roof tile I think why did you make me at three iron I didn't I know I was joking I only walked to the tea with a three iron oh that is out of bounds all right give me driver oh God it's gone left dead that's okay short enough that's why you hit 3 Iron yeah right I'm going have to 3 Iron again though because if I hit driver. And go in the water I'm really screwed if I hit 3w and go in the water I'm really screwed so this is three off the tea. And I've got again oh it was going. So well everybody it was 16 listen we got 16 good out of me you know what I mean let let's take baby steps if I can make a second whole B second ball birdie then.

We only lose one sh sh that's my new goal very good very annoying bullet straight we have to make birdie with that ball ouch that really stinks that hurts in the heart this is now my fourth shot into this very very very very difficult part four 205 yards away. So I've still got four IR left in but I think I can make up. And down if I can get myself on the green with a a 15f footer there's half a chance Chase Chase run run run run run Chase Chase Chase Chase Chase Chase Chase Chase front edge yeah I just thinned it right I've got one 198 the LI is pretty good in the roof bit of a fade lie here flags on that left side. So I'm going to aim at it hopefully it just cuts off the flag into the middle of the green I've got a foure in it's not going very far at the minute bit of wet roof. So give it a go oh my days fatted it can't see I think it's dry okay. So after a major p pull there we've actually ended up flag High somehow I thought it was definitely going to be short. But we're about flag High got an short sided High flop shot onto the green needed out the roof oh Magic pretty good okay. So I finished a foot off the green again just did bring my wedge over again want to chip like actively I want to chip shots which is a good sign. But again I don't see the reason I don't see the point the advantage of put chipping this I'm I'm frustrated the more it's kind of played on my mind that t-shot it has frustrated me a little bit I should have hit I should have stuck with three-wood should have stuck my guns or even hit driver but anyway you live and learn um two puts gets me in a double bogey gets me one over pass still a chance to bird in last potentially we just don't want to do anything silly two put from here is is what we're aiming. For get going get going going tough put that long range G that way I didn't have it going to the right had it going to the left if anything. But maybe I should have chipped it weak weak weak po this is a big one. For double b here on the 17th a good run at the hall how's that not broke I must have pulled it cuz I had I didn't read didn't read it off the left wow making hard work of this James it's one of those holes it'll be over soon yeah great up. And down mate thank you really good really good up be may say so pick it out just just ah mate still moving well well one bad hole doesn't make you a bad golfer remember that feel like the more it's I was I was kind of happy go lucky before. And going yeah it's all right whatever it's fine kind of reality's just kicked in now I've just gone from one on par played really good golf. For 16 holes and now I am to overpar in one hole ah it's a p 72 as well I actually now I wasn't even I wasn't even thinking about break 75 it gone out my mind I was thinking about breaking par now I have to par the last to break 75 what a funny old game he what a funny old game. And it's not it's not the easiest last hole in the world either damn right come on parro birdie we need to get that mojo back okay final hole 18th power four up the hill that pond is on the left again got to try. And avoid couple of bunks on the right that's stopping you in if you do bail out a bit too far elevated green really nice finishing hole um just got just got Stu up. And hit a good drive I have to I have to make Power i' be fing myself if I [Music] don't oh no that's wet 284 on that line to carry it ah okay I've got three wood just trying to hit it short of the traps bit more up the right side yeah good ball perfect yeah nice shot mate yeah thank you okay. So it crossed the last boundary just here so I can laterally take a drop here which is fine 108. Or 170 odd yards but playing about 184 up Hill I have to get up and down to break sorry I didn't think I'd be in this position today.

Anyway got to hit a good good six iron six iron into the green Leave myself a p oh I've not hit it it's online go oh chunked it short the Trap get it up. And down short game been good I'm not crying I'm not crying you're you're crying I'm I'm not crying you're crying G what a game what a game okay I've got 153 yards. But it's quite uphill here so it's probably playing probably playing near 160 this so I'm going to hit an eight iron full a iron above my feet. So it should draw off this line it's started to far right it's drawing big block though oh nice kick it's doing its best he's trying it's hardest started it too far right though okay this has to go in to shoot 74 I am gutted to be honest with you. But is what it is I'll be back be back stronger next.

Time learn from it last two holes have kicked me right in the in the youo Wares however. you never know a little bit of drama to finish it's a very very very very very challenging last shot I've got very almost no green to work with got to pop it up. And somehow I've got it to drop I've got it to I've got to drop it in the hole lucky pal that's your only loose wed shot today.

Though it's definitely better good. For Pace keep going a little keep going great put that such a good long range P thank you Pace ah double bogey finish Triple on the 17th double bogey on the last in. For a four over 76 come on James finish on the parpal it's pobling away and short bit slow at the end yeah well done mate thanks Pa very good super enjoy there was a lot of good stuff 16 holes guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come be sure to follow James like And subscribe thanks to carrier amazing place and uh 74 7 74 76 72 we'll see you next.

Time peace so it's taken me a while to finish these press UPS it's been that many of them 45 46 47 48 49 50 finished.