So over the last couple of years i've reviewed and tested some illegal golf clubs some gimmicky golf clubs non-conforming well today.

I've put a super set together because i'm going to go out. And play golf and see if this illegal set of clubs can actually make me play better golf. So let's do what's in the bag illegal version i've got some clubs that i hope will help me play better golf out in the course today.

Let's kick things off. And talk about the drivers of choice this driver is the biggest driver head i've ever used people who long time views of the channel remember their 750 cc driver one. And a half times bigger than a normal driver head this should be perfect when i just want to hit a safe shot down the hole then.

When i want clubhead speed when i want to just smash it as far as i possibly can i built this driver which is illegal because the shaft is ridiculously long this shaft is 50 inches long which is too long to use in competition when i tested it it picks up some serious clubhead speed. And then.

Just for a bit of a laugh if i'm honest with you i put this in the bag the hammer x driver apparently the world's longest driver now granted when i tested it it proved not to be the world's longest driver but anyway i thought it'd be fun to bring this out on the course today.

As well one of the clubs if i'm honest impressed me the most out of all the clubs i've ever tested on my channel it has a real purpose. For it it's this tested it recently the swingless golf club they're basically gun in a golf club it shoots out and i can hit the ball up to 200 yards with the swingless club then.

I've got some wedges of choice i've got three wedges in the bag the first one is this one which it helps you apparently through sand we'll see if i need that much out on the golf course today.

Hopefully with everything i shouldn't find any bunkers. But we'll see then.

I've got two other wedges now these two are going to have a key instrumental part in this game of golf the first one is this this is a 13 iron. So like a sand wedge and this has no grooves on the face perfect if i don't want the ball to spin let's say the pin is at the back. And i don't want it to spin and then.

The polar opposite this is a 68 degree wedge with effectively sandpaper on the face this is not legal grooves. And honestly that's going to cut the golf ball up. And make the ball spin like crazy putter of choice believe it or not i've actually not tested any illegal putters but this putter when i tested it it stands up on its own surely it's got to help me right and then.

Finally the golf balls of choice now most of the time i'm going to use this my title is pro v1 yeah not an illegal ball. But used with illegal clubs it's deemed illegal and then.

For holes that i need to hit the ball straight behold where i absolutely require hitting the fairway is this the straight golf ball this thing is ridiculous when i tested it last year ultimate straight golf ball the dimple pattern on this golf ball makes the ball travel straight this is the set let's go. And play some golf let's see how i get on with this concoction of golf clubs i'm going to start off as well with the pro v1 because i've got the straight ball which is great. For tight holes and i will use it. But it doesn't go quite as far as a regular golf ball right let's go swingless club first hole make sure i'm lined up ready to go come on [Music] oh be good be good yes that's on the green we are putting that thing is ridiculous right let's carry on we're on the green birdie putt on the first hole i love this thing. So i've got to be honest this hole is normally a nightmare. For me it's long it's up the hill and i'm normally hitting a four iron into this green there's no guarantee. For me to get on the dance floor and with that club i literally just press the button and bang we're now putting for birdie so granted this putter technically isn't illegal um but look at that it's ridiculous so i'm going to use it. For this challenge anyway it means at least i can stand behind the ports. And have a look that's aiming correctly to give myself the best chance and that looks pretty bang on for me there and then.

In theory you just take hold of the putter ideally not moving it and you're ready to hit i'll take that that's not a bad put from there first hole par that felt easy hardly any effort we walk off with a good three on a tough hole now sometimes with a normal drive and a normal ball i can drive it on the screen. But today.

We're gonna go extra long driver now extra long driver 50 inches which is this one it can go massively right. And massively left well today.

We've got a weapon to hopefully combat that this ultimate straight ball i'm thinking this an ultimate straight ball should be the perfect recipe. For me to hit this green because as much as i said this ball goes straight it doesn't go as long as a normal ball. So i think this this is a perfect combination [Music] oh i didn't hit it well at all i didn't catch it right off the bottom that is the only issue because it's this long trying to hit the middle is hard give the ball credit it went unbelievably straight still straight at the flag. But we're gonna have to use one of the wedges for the next.

Shot so considering i've got all these illegal clubs in the bag the only thing i've not got is an umbrella. And the waterproofs and it's just absolutely throwing it down never mind right second shot into this par four i'm 80 yards away it's an awkward yardage because my spinny wedge is 68 degree. And my grooveless wedge i don't i need the ball to stop so i'm going to try this because i'm in some wet grass this kind of sieve like club the one that you can actually look through which is really designed. For bunkers this might help through this wet grass we'll see it's a 56 degree wedge so i just need to a little one of these with the straight ball again that's a good combination [Music] oh that looks good it's very good oh my goodness what a ghost shot we are close. And putting for birdie so look at that look how close it is now one thing i forgot to do which might explain why it's not perfectly straight is i didn't line the lineup of the straight ball which could have even hit it even closer who knows. But i'm happy with that shot i'll take it every day look at that that's actually where the ball pitched and then.

It spun back to there nearly went in right come on let's hold this let's get on the power oh i've hit it way too hard [Music] it's a par okay. So a 530 yard par 5 i'm going to go with the same driver i felt like i didn't quite catch it that time even though i felt like i picked up club head speed. But this time i'm going to risk it because i'm going to go with a genuine golf ball as i mentioned i can pick up speed with this i'm just slightly concerned where it where it's gonna go direction wise. But consider i need length on this hole to get chance of getting there with two with maybe the swingles for the second shot i'm gonna go this let's give this an absolute rip full swing no messing with this ridiculously long driver [Music] oh my goodness me i didn't quite strike it in the middle. But that honestly came out like a rocket i didn't have a clubhead speed there but that felt really outrageously faster than i would normally swing a club but after that drive i've still got quite a long way in so i'm gonna go full maximum power with the swingless and that's just set me up with one of the wedges it does give me confidence i should hit this straight here we go oh just drawing a bit stayed up the right oh we're all right we're on the fairway at the right hand side that should be fine um i'm in a bit of a dilemma i don't really know what to hit because i'm a hundred yards away into this par five i'm not sure any of my wedges would get there i'll tell you what might get there actually thinking about it. And this could be ideal because the green's a bit wet it's likely to spin like crazy so if i go for this 13 degree 13 iron which is like a sand wedge. But with no grooves. So hopefully he shouldn't spin up too much and this could be the shot oh i was dug in the ground. But it might get there get up okay not the best shot in the world. But i'm on the green and that was one hell of a divot that properly dug in the ground i remember we reviewed it it's like a knife like it just cut through crazy. But we're on the green we put him for birdie and even though i'm breaking all the rules playing golf i'm not breaking the etiquette rules i'll always repair my divots and my pitch marks [Music] [Music] ah miles away [Music] oh straight apart level pasta [Music] oh that looks good that's it [Music] nice we're putting and that's uh it's about 15 foot to the left it's a decent chance of birdie now okay. So we've got two holes to go the final hole is the 18th the par 5. i'm going to exclusively use the straight ball four. But on this hole seeing that i'm playing illegal anyway i'm gonna kind of cheat a bit more and i'm gonna hit one driver shot with each of these three drivers the extra long the 750cc and the hammer see which one is best. And play from there now this is somewhat of a drivable power four if i absolutely nuts one let's see how this one does [Music] i forgot what this driver sounded like that looks like it might have gone bunker right [Music] that is definitely loud that's awful i hate the sound of that right next.

One let's go extra long again now in theory this has definitely got enough power to get me on this green it's a 300 yard. Or just under 300 yard par 4. that's not just little lights just over 300 yards right extra long [Music] [Laughter] let me do that one again that's the problem with this driver as much as it might be fast it's hard to hit that is a straight out top i'm gonna go one more with the extra long drive. And that wasn't great either let's go at the left hand side okay last one you might have seen when i reviewed this it says it on the head cover the world's longest driver i'll be honest it's not what i found i didn't find it to be the world's longest driver. But it is totally illegal because a kind of see-through head. So it's got no cc apparently super high face a shaft that has this world's fastest shaft it's been squashed effectively. For more clubhead speed let's see how the hammer does imagine if the hammer did the best out of these three that would be hilarious all right it's up the right hand side it doesn't look mega long i think the fifth the 750 cc might be the best one there let's get up to the green. And find out where it finished so as you can see there i've not particularly got a driver that helps me hit it any better than a normal driver the extra long one has been proven to swing faster. But it's so hard to hit i mean it's like literally impossible nothing in here is going to help me hit it better. But that doesn't mean i'm not always looking. For potential new ideas there's always innovation there's always clever people coming out with crazy ideas and i will continue to test those crazy ideas right there's only one ball i've actually found. And it was this one that hit with the 750cc driver that's ended up in the bunker wedge-wise this is perfect as i mentioned earlier. For this club this is the one i have reviewed in the past. And it's supposed to be the best club out of the bunker because the sand just goes through the face [Music] so granted it might have looked like i overheated that wedge shot but someone said i did on purpose. So i could test this wedge out if you believe that you'll leave anything right 68 degree with this illegal spinny face i don't think he's gonna do loads from here. But hopefully it should help me stop the ball a bit quicker [Music] yeah loads of spin on that i think i need to a full shot with this in a minute let's knock this one in. For par hopefully first [Music] okay issue with this club in the wind it doesn't stand up. So i have to play it normally [Music] still works right so i'm going to play the last hole with the straight ball. And then.

I'm going to use this screen. For the sandpaper spinny wedge because this green will be perfect. For it this time i'm going to play as par 5 last hole with the ultimate straight ball. But every single time line it up like i'm supposed to do to hit it straight i'm also going to go with 750cc driver [Music]. And it has done exactly what it says on the box dead straight down the middle an unusual flight yes doesn't go as long yes. But that ball goes bloody straight and that is a good thing good news i'm in the middle of the fairway using that straight ball bad news it's not going very far i'm absolutely miles away from the green i'm actually 245 yards away. And i've not got a shot that hits that distance because my swingless only goes 200 and i've obviously got the drivers i'm gonna go silly i'm gonna try and hit this driver off the floor look at that face it's nine degrees i'm gonna hit that can clever look at this behind the ball like look at the size of the ball in comparison to the club head it looks like a pea sat behind a normal driver head it's absolutely gigantic compared to the ball let's give this a rip 750cc straight ball off the fairway [Music] yeah that had very little chance i even took a divot. And i still couldn't get the golf ball airborne um again on a positive note the ball went pretty straight change your mind i'm actually gonna go swingless club and straight ball i think uh i think either any of those drivers off the deck is impossible [Music] there we go that is literally the perfect combination straight ball. And swingless club i'd break every course record in the world if i could use those two so that's my actual ball i'm playing which i'll finish off in a minute but first i've got a handful of brand new pro v1 and this wedge this is illegal because that face is honestly like sandpaper it's full of little kind of basically sharp dimples. And it's a 68 degree wedge so i'm going to fire some balls into this 18th green. And just see how it spins i'm not particularly going. For accuracy of where they finish in relation to the flag i just want to see how much these are going to spin i'm around about 65 yards to the middle of the green. So it's gonna be a full shot with this okay first shot was a little bit short i need to actually come closer to the green 68 degree just went straight up in the air then.

Let's go from here oh that's gonna have. So much spin on it spin [Music] oh my goodness that must have had 30 foot spin on it let's do that again i like this oh it's a bit thin. But that might even spin more oh that landed off the green i thinned it a little bit that landed off the green went into the roof and then.

Still ripped back onto the green check out the face as well we're gonna go one more i'm having way too much fun with this club oh i've not hit that one quite as well is that still gonna spin [Music] that is obscene the amount of spin that club gets is obscene i mean why you never need it i'm not quite sure. But uh i thoroughly enjoyed hitting that club right let's go and finish this hole and see if we can make a decent score you know what guys i absolutely love this club if you want me to um play a par 3 course a short par 3 course with just this club. And a putter hit like on this video and let's say if we get to 50 000 likes i'll do a video with this on a par 3 course that will be a lot of fun. So again i wish i'd brought my uh umbrella or my waterproofs at least but never mind i'm gonna hit this shot straight ball with the spinny wedge again it's not gonna be a full shot this time but hopefully i can land at the back of the green. And get it zipping back towards the flag oh that's got to travel don't spin don't spin miraculously it didn't thankfully because that would have ended up off the front of the green okay we kind of put him. For a birdie let's see how we get on by the way before i hit that birdie port that's one shot of a brand new pro v with that sandpaper wedge it's completely cut it to shreds so i've got this for birding to effectively shoot one under for the holes i played i granted i've cheated on every single shot but albeit a lot of fun with the illegal clubs i'll definitely keep my eye out for other things in the future to test and review just a few youtube guys if you enjoyed the video make sure you smash like make sure you subscribe to the youtube channel and let's finish off with a birdie i'm not sure this will stand up in the wind all right line it up let's finish strong [Music] cheat. And still not make birdie thanks for watching and we'll see you next.