A TaylorMade M6 driver is going to cost you about 400 pounds well I've bought one online that cost me 150 pounds let me explain. So over the last few months you guys have asked me to buy and review a club bought from wish.com now I'll be honest I'd never heard of wish.com so I went online to find the website once I was there I searched golf equipment hundreds. And thousands of golf clubs appeared for sale and everything from Scotty Cameron putters to TaylorMade irons even the new tiger irons were on there. For sale now something may be suspicious because everything was insanely cheap I stumbled across a driver TaylorMade M6 driver now to put this into perspective a brand new one right now cost 400 pound to buy well this one on wish was 152 pound including shipping. So I thought I've got to order one now I'll be honest I wasn't sure if it was ever going to arrive I was suspicious of the website well two weeks later it's here. So apparently in this Bim bag wrapped up with tape is the TaylorMade M6 driver Now alarm Bells Are Ringing straight away because every Club I've ever had delivered gets delivered in a box mainly. For protection and this is coming up in a flimsy bag. And it's come all the way from Hong Kong it took two weeks to arrive oh I'm not sure in this Bim bag is there going to be a real M6 driver. Or is it gonna be something dodgy about it is it gonna have the right head is it going to be an adjustable headed driver as well it's gonna have a head cover is the shaft not only going to be in one piece is it a good shaft. And is the grip going to be decent I'm just. So intrigued what is inside this bin bag let's open it up. And find out foreign [Music] one piece I've not taken the head cover off yet it has got a head cover my suspicions are definitely High about this head cover uh it doesn't doesn't look genuine. So far let's see what is under it. And if there's a few little scratch marks and if I've just done that but they look there's two or three on there that have got little Dash marks on the head cover that's got wrench though it's a plus right what is under this is it a Taylor net M6 driver oh I'm not sure it's got some tape on at least it's got protection [Laughter] not a real tailor-made M6 driver not even a little bit oh that is such a fake driver the text is all off there's kind of weight ports here in the back that is not genuine check out this apparently their speed injected ports they're not they're just painted on there's actually no Port there oh my goodness that is a complete. And utter fake driver shaft wise again this is not the stock shaft. And again the text on it looks Dreadful it says it's a stiff leg I can't quite tell but it seems a bit flimsier than than uh than a stiff let me just check the grip because one of the things you can tell with a fake Club is the grip. And you know what the thing you can actually tell is the smell of a grip yeah that's a fake grip smells horrible that is. For 152 pounds I have bought a fake TaylorMade M6 driver that is shocking that makes every Club on there suspicious every Club on there must be fake there's no question. For me this is a fake driver. But that's how it does on performance let's get it to the golf course. And give it a smash let's get on the launch monitor let's hit it with some Pro v1s hard let's see if it breaks or whether after the performance is good I'm also going to test it against a real M6 driver to see what this can do. Or whether it was just a complete. And not to waste of money all right okay. So we're out on the golf course with a genuine m6 and the fake M6 let me show you a few things this is the genuine M6 the head cover has more of an orange tint to it where the fake one has more of a red kind of finish to it. And the stitching on the genuine one is just. So much more thorough than it is on the fake one. And also that massive Gap is a big Telltale sign I must admit you've got to get them both up close next.

To each other to really identify the differences in the head covers the fancy both feel quite good quality. And then.

We look at the heads now I've got to give credit to that drive the fake one it looks very very similar you've got to be knowing what you're looking for to really identify the fake one now I'm obviously test clubs all the time so I can tell which one's fake this one here is the real one the detailing on it is much more do you know how detailed is the probably easiest way to describe it where here on the fake one there's just a few little noticeable features that aren't quite as crisp. Or perfect but again to the untrained eye it's hard to spot and this is the big one. For me look at this this is the speed injected twist ports here in the face that just actually colored in they're not not even actual ports we're here on the genuine driver they are actual ports on the face where they inject the speed foam to enhance performance also shaft wise this is just well they don't even make this shaft this is fabuki exclusive. For TaylorMade well that's not true because they don't really make that shaft where this is obviously a genuine hazardous smoke shaft. But what's it do on performance is it gonna break. Or can it actually compete with a real one I've got on GC quad I'm gonna hit the real one first to get some baseline numbers. And I'm going to give the fake M6 a smash let's give the real one a hit first okay. So the real deal let's give this a hit [Music] oh yes right that is the genuine M6 driver done um love hitting it what I remember. So much about strive is the feel of the face it's got that really dead sound because of the carbon Crown it's forgiving it's also long it's just very well balanced numbers wise I was carrying up 285 yards with 162 miles per hour ball speed. And a spin of 2 100 so it's absolutely on the money and even off-centered hits you could just tell it gave forgiveness it is a really good driver. So let's see how that compares to the 152 pound bake one so here we go the fake M6 now just a little Checker this is the wrench that came with it it's non-branded the stick has been peeled off. But it does actually work it actually takes the shaft out. And you can see that to be fair that almost looks like a genuine adapter it's got the low standard High goes up. And down by two degrees I'm going to keep it in the standard Loft at nine degrees. And I'm going to keep it in this shaft I think it's important to keep it in this shaft I'm not going to put the expensive one in it because that's not a truer Fair test this is how I bought this driver this is how it needs to operate now sitting up behind the ball tell you what it's a odd looking thing the first thing I can tell it seems like it's got more Loft than nine degrees on the head it seems like it's it's showing me more of the face I don't normally see those red dots at the bottom. And I do on this driver. And also this is something really to note. And in a weird way might slightly help a hook shot if I just pull you out a little bit and just show you this angle here it's a very flat shaft so the neck here is coming out super super flat um not very convincing at all right let's give it a hit I'm interested to know what the numbers look like I'm interested to see what the forgiveness. And like I said whether it actually withstand the full hip it's a heavier head as well it's not a nice feeling head right oh here we go the cheap the fake driver how's it do [Laughter] okay. So the first thing to note is the sound it's ridiculously different it sounds like a tin can because it's not a true carbon head it is literally a tin head that sounded disgusting do I know some numbers 238 yards of carry distance 238 yards of carry distance. And that's not the best of it nearly 5 000 RPM of Spin and that went high right that ball is lost oh my goodness that was such a bad cold shot. But it like I'm not blaming me because I've just ripped it with the genuine one let's go again wow such a heavy head very noticeable foreign [Laughter] okay that has gone at least a full Fairway to the right come on look at these numbers this is madness once they switch it over 225 yards of carry distance. And a spin of four thousand eight hundred I feel like I'm a bit of a joke on this hole at the moment people are probably looking at me going this guy's supposed to be a good player yeah I'm carving it way out of bounds that is ridiculous. So that's two shots in and the club head has started to rattle can you hear that the neck has almost come loose right I wonder if I can break it on the third shot the numbers that are horrible the feel of the driver is disgusting oh I'm not sure what's gonna happen here [Music] [Laughter] too confident of that it's just going literally nowhere 240 yards it's 50 yards shorter than normal just try. And quantify that for a minute 50 yard shorter right I'm not going to hold back here now I'm gonna give this one more hit I think it's clear to say this driver is absolutely horrendous it doesn't work it's not worth 150 pounds of anybody's money because it's literally broken already after a few shots I'm gonna hit this hard I'm not gonna hold back let's break this [Laughter] look look at that look at the neck in fact the screw has actually come out the screw's gone driver's dead guys I think the moral of the story if it's too good to be true it probably is don't buy fake clubs don't trust wish.com in my experience that is a fake golf club. And that site is possibly full of fake golf clubs thanks. For watching stay tuned lots of love to come if you enjoyed the video make sure you smash like subscribe to the channel and we'll see you next.

Time and that's what I think of that driver anyone want to buy a second-hand M6 driver.