In this video i'm going to show you three very simple ways to help you break 90. And the best part it doesn't include grip changes or rotational coil or being able to hit the ball 50 yards further i'm going to show you practical ways that are going to really help you out on the golf course to lower your scores to break 90. And to do it more consistently [Music] point number one now if you're trying to break 90 bad shots going to happen you're going to hit errant t-shirts you're going to find the trees. But the important thing again for breaking 90 is that accepting bogeys are going to happen. But the thing we don't want to happen are doubles triples. And worse when you find yourself in a situation like this you're in the trees and you've got an option where you might go for the hero shot trying to play a tiger wood shot that bends around the corner and tries to get close to the green that's not the realistic way of breaking 90 because more bad things will probably happen you'll hit the tree you'll go into more danger. So number one it's making sure you take your medicine and have a shot in the locker that gets you back out into the fairway i'm going to show that one first i think you've got to analyze here is the flight of the golf shot understanding from a situation like this even though the fairway is only about 40 yards away which would normally in normal circumstances be a sand wedge little chip shot that shot is now no longer usable because the overhanging branches are going to affect the flight we've got to go with less loft we've got to play a chip shot with a much flatter faced golf pup now. For me i recommend chipping shots certainly out of trees if you can go with something like an eight iron. Or a seven iron that way the ball flight will come out nice. And low you can run it out of the rough into the fairway. And get back into play technically the way you want to play if you come around this side i'll show you first from this side is again because we don't want a great deal of loft i would aim to have this ball position just back of center in the stance. And again because we're not looking for too much loft just have the hand of the golf club slightly leaning forward and from there then.

It's quite a simple action what we're going to look to do is not bend the wrist. And almost push the ball out notice that i'm not trying to lift it up i'm not trying to scoop it i'm keeping the shaft angle forward hitting through the shot i'm picking a point and getting it running out also i want you to notice two other things because i'm not trying to get power here i've not got a really wide stance i've actually gone really quite narrow because i'm again i'm looking for more control and another big thing that's going to give us control is where we grip on the golf club come lower on the golf club that's going to give us loads of control get it back out into play. So i'm looking for the biggest gap here which is just the left hand side i'm noticing where i want the ball to land my main objective here is to get out the trees get back into the fairway. So i can set up my next.

Shot handle forward. And just bump it out there that way it comes out we're back in the fairway i'm putting my club in the bag and i'm skipping ready for my next.

Shot knowing i've made the right decision [Music] situation number two bunkers for a lot of golfers who don't break 90 these are a real hazard i'm going to show you first off the technique of just getting it out of a bunker if you're on by the side of the green. So that's the first technique i want to show you but also i'm going to tie it in with when you're in a situation like this. And you're in a fairway bunker have again sometimes to take your medicine and to get back out into play rather than taking the hero shot which is not always easy to do because i've even made the mistake recently when i tried to go. For the hero shot insert clip here it didn't quite go to plan so sometimes i need to take my own advice as well first off let's talk about how we actually get the ball out the bunker if you come in the bunk here with me i'll show you what i mean i would say the number one thing that a lot of golfers when they don't get out of the bunker they underestimate how much loft they are required. So ideally when you're in a situation like this you're going to be using either your sand wedge. Or your lob wedge you want to have loft available loft is going to help you get out the bunker when i'll see golf is certainly green side again imagine if we just got a green on the other side of this hill they'll have the face almost squared sometimes i'll see golfers even have the face closed. And that's a no-go when we're trying to get it out the bunkers if you come in close let me show you this so the first thing i'll see amateur golfers trying to get out of bunkers is they won't open the face enough sometimes they'll play it too square. And sometimes i've even see golfers almost shut and shutting the club face this is a really top tip before you actually take hold of your golf club i want you to open the face rotate it more to the right that's going to give you more elevation more loft. And it's going to make it get out of the bunker much easier another kind of technical thing as well you actually end up using the bottom of the golf club more efficiently when you open that head up you can actually start to utilize the bounce that's what golf course are helping you. For so use it once you've opened the clubface and i've just shown you there have the face more open then.

Re-grip the golf club re-grip it once the face is open because it'll stay there then..

So we've rotated it first then.

We're taking hold of the golf club so it's almost in a preset open position it's really important next.

Thing to do i would say two things really first off is work out where you want to actually hit the sand then.

Number two hit with speed. And confidence so again if you're coming closer i'm going to show you a little tip when the golf ball is in the sand. And you're just trying to play a splash bunker shot now you can't actually do this in tournament play. Or you know actual official play but envision a line here behind the golf ball a couple of inches behind the golf ball that's where we want our golf club to enter the sand we want to enter the sun there we want the club to go almost underneath the golf ball and splash out that sand out on to the green so we're playing the best shot let me show you that one so all we've done here we've opened the face we've re-gripped it we're envisioning a line a couple of inches behind the golf ball i'm going to shuffle my feet in. And then.

From here now i'm gonna hit with speed and confidence hit that line making sure you splash the sand and as you can see there massive amount of sand came up took all this my swing speed never ever slowed down. And i always hit with confidence take that on board as well when then.

You're in a fairway bunker like this and you're thinking to yourself well let's let's get back out into play if you want to break 90 don't go for the hero shot because you're miles away don't be trying to hit six iron seven irons do almost exactly the same technique the only thing i would change slightly you don't have to open the face as much because you want a bit more distance. And again hit with speed hit with confidence get back in the fairway on route to breaking 90. now i did say this was three tips to help you break 90. i'm gonna throw in a little bonus one as well on roots because this again is a shot that i think a lot of players when they try to break that elusive score need to have in the locker you're by the side of the green. And you might be hearing two you might be chipping for birdie or want to get up and down for power or albeit this might be for your power and you want to get up and down for five i'm going to show you a shot which is very underutilized. And you should have it very much in your locker it was almost the go-to shot. And it's the bump and run shot now i have no videos on this in the past. But again if you're watching this to break 90 this is one that if you're not using you need to be doing it first thing club choice looking. For an 8 or a seven iron depends on the strength of your loft of your clubs but i would recommend an eight iron because the mistake i see golfers make from here they'll take way too much loft have way too much of a golf swing and then.

It'll either go too far they'll duff it in front of them and it's a bad outcome playing an eight-town shot here where all we've got to do is just jump over this little bit of rough here before we get onto the green. And get it rolling towards the flag is unbelievably useful the other benefit as well when you don't strike a shot like this typically the outcome is still better than those very lofty golf shots technique-wise we're going to do a couple of things first off we don't want power we're going to grip down the golf club. And we're going to stand nice. And narrow second thing we're going to do is very much utilize it as like a putting stroke. So notice here how my arms and the golf club almost form a y shape i'm going to keep that y shape back. And through back and through notice i'm not using my wrist i'm not trying to get the golf ball up in the air another top tip and this will really help a lot of golfers because we still want to strike the ball first just have a little bit of weight when you start off on your front leg. So as i set up this golf ball here i'm just going to get aim to get 60 of weight on my left hand side that way i'm helping strike the golf ball first all that being said pick out a line pick out a point that we want to aim at again this is probably going to land about 25 of the total distance to the shot then.

It's going to run the rest of the way grip down narrow stance. And all i'm going to do is almost use it like a putter a little bit of weight on the left [Music]. And look at that running up towards the flag it could have got a bit closer yes. But the advantage of that that's the worst outcome i'm giving myself a chance which is really important when you're trying to break 90. right last one tip number three now this one's important on route. For trying to break 90 you want to be able to eliminate as many three puts as possible now still granted you are going to three pull everybody does even the best players in the world still now. And again three put but you just don't want to do it too often. And if you can master this super long port. And try and get down in two more often than not it's really gonna help you score now i would say there's a couple of things you really need to think about when you're looking at a long port first off is we're just looking to get this close the old analogy of just trying to get it inside a radius of a bin lid would be amazing we're not trying to hole it from here some may drop yes. But not all going to drop at all what i also want you to think about is don't spend too much time reading the brake i.e how much it's going to slope right. And left and up and down the big thing we're trying to work out here is actual distance control. So the up and down will have an effect yes this is slightly up the hill. But you don't need to be crouching down on a putt like this working out all the complexity of the brake because speed is going to be really crucial. So bear that in mind for me here i just know it's going to swing from left to right a little bit. So i'm just i'm going on that line just letting it feed up that left hand side next.

Thing i'm going to do as i step up to the golf ball to the side of it is have some really good practice strokes even looking towards the hole like visualizing does that length of stroke does that feel like it's going to get me towards the hole if it does that's good like we want to be visualizing the length thinking if i hit that golf ball is it going to get close once we've established that. And we kind of have a rough gauge of how hard we need to hit it the next.

Thing is vital you've done all the prep work we're trying to get it close yes we've not over read it great we know roughly the speed that we want to try. And hit this part brilliant the last thing we've got to really consider is making sure we strike it somewhere near the middle because if you don't strike it in the middle on a put like this the ball is going to drop off it's not going to get there it's going to go offline it's not going to be a good outcome. So even though you're trying to hit this harder i want to really focus your attention on a p on a point right at the back of the golf ball that you're trying to hit like really try and focus your mind on the smallest dimple at the back of the golf ball that you're trying to come make contact with with the center of the club face super important right all that being said let's see what we can do from here. So as i mentioned it's left to right i'm going to give this a couple of practice swings to get the gauge i'm picking a point that's just to the left of the flag. And in my head i'm just going to roll this within a radius of about three. Or four feet i'm picking my point at the back of the golf ball that's not bad i can get i can do better than that granted. But as you can see we are within range. And at least give myself a solid strong chance for a two port again doing my best to eliminate those three puts guys those little tips will help you on your way breaking 90 much more consistently get out there enjoy it play well. And go and shoot some lower scores see you next.