As golfers we know the importance of grooves on golf clubs in the past I have covered the grooves up with some tape I've also tested a wedge with no grooves at all. But what happens when you sharpen your grooves I found the meanest looking sharpener online and I've got a couple of old golf clubs we're going to sharpen the grooves up. And see exactly what happens hi guys I'm Rick Shields PJ golf professional if you enjoy this video make sure you smash the like and also tell a friend share the video around now if you're a long time viewer to the channel you might recognize these ions I've got my old seven iron from Ben Hogan set that I used and an old sm-6 Voki wedge I went online to find the meanest looking sharpener that I could find and it's arrived today.

We're going to open it I'm going to sharpen up the grooves. But before I did that I wanted to see how these clubs performed on GC quad seeing that I've not used them. For a long time let's see ideally distance and spin number but spin number is the one that I'm focusing on mainly I hit some shots with the seven iron still feels as good as ever it's carrying the ball 172 yards. And the ball on average was spinning at 6200 which is pretty damn good still. For an iron that's been used in the bag for a while it'd be interesting to see what happens with some sharper grooves and I hit my sm6 56 degrees I carrying at 105 yards I'm spinning it on average at 11 thousand RPM I'm going to go to town with the sharpener we're going to sharpen up the grooves see if it has any influence on the spin numbers. And if it has any influence on the even the distance let's open the packet and see what this tool looks like so here we have it you might guess where I got it from Let's uh let's open it up this was the meanest looking one I could find online in his own little cylinder look at the edges on that. So safety precautions are needed do not try this at home I am a professional okay. So I've done a little bit of prep work put a little bit of tape on the toe and the heel so don't scratch it I'm gonna put a little tiny squirt of well lubricant oh that was a lot. And I'm gonna go to town [Music] okay that is ridiculous I've absolutely gone to town on that wedge it's hard to see on the black finish. But I could definitely see kind of almost shards and metal coming out it's remarkably cleaner feel like those those grooves are definitely sharper compared to before it'll be. So interesting to see how that compares but I did not hold back there right on to the seven iron the Ben Hogan seven iron I'm looking forward to see if that spins anymore took me maybe about 10 minutes. And I've just went at it let's get on the 79 next.

Okay last go with it I need a rest. So that for me is now got to deem this club. And the sandwich illegal because I went in there I think if you went lightly you could probably get away with it. But it's not really a Groove cleaner it's supposed to groove sharpness so now both clubs are primed sharpened as hard as I can sharpen them let's get them back on GC quad to see if it makes much difference I'm excited I'm excited to see if there's much spin I'm gonna get from these new sharpened grooves. So can this little Gadget make any difference am I grooves now sharper which could influence more speed we'll find out I'm excited to see I've just used a brand new golf ball because one thing I'm also interested in see if it actually rips the cover of the golf ball anymore because I say visually they definitely look sharp it's whether actually they are. And I hit the shot so with the seven iron I was getting about 6 200 spin let's see what it looks like now with the new sharp. And seven iron foreign signs look promising for the groove sharpener I was somewhat skeptical. But those two shots there's definitely some difference let's go one more so I would say that we're very familiar shots to the first three that hit with the grooves not sharpened we'll have a look at what the results look like in a second let's hit the sand wedge and then.

We'll look at some numbers okay new sharp. And Sand Wedge time it's hard to tell on the black finish how much it was going in. But I definitely saw shards of metal coming out of those grooves and they're a lot cleaner right so hit a few shots 11 000 was the spin on the 56. okay that was uh that was definitely spinnier hmm let's hit a couple more promising signs certainly on the spin numbers I'll tell you what that has really surprised me I'll look at some numbers see the ball oh he has a bit more damage than what I'd normally see on the golf ball there is definitely a bit more of a cutting up that's only six shots that was a brand new Pro v1x maybe sharper grooves. But you're going to go through more golf balls let's pull the numbers up. And see if there's much difference in the spin at all so was there much of a difference compared to the unsharpened grooves to now the shaft. And grooves the first thing I want to look at was the distance. And there was no difference distance at all I wouldn't imagine there would be. So seven iron and The Sand Wedge there was no difference there then.

I looked into spin rate is the spinger increase with sharpened grooves. And from my testing I found there was an increase of spin with the seven iron. And the sandwich with sharpened grooves by about 600 RPM which is a difference how much that equates to out on the golf course is hard to tell my only concern now I feel like I went into these groups. So much I can't imagine these clubs now being legal I really did go into those there were shards of metal coming out. And that can't be good at all I think you've got to be careful of any kind of I don't know gimmicky. Or Gadget things like this obviously restoring old clubs is key. But go and seek professional help go and make sure you even send them back to the manufacturer see if they can do them in-house because then.

You know the clubs are legal doing anything like this yourself always runs the risk of pushing that barrier too far. And deeming now these clubs illegal did we see a difference in spin with the sharpener yes is it enough of a difference to possibly jeopardize your golf clubs. And make them non-conforming for competitive use I would say no guys thanks. For watching hopefully you enjoyed the video if you did Smash that like button share the video around to your friends we'll see you next.

Time that was the sharpened grooves oh my poor seven iron I used to love this club can't use it in competition anymore we'll see you next.

Time [Music].