So we continue driver review season the brand new tailor made offerings uh three new drivers in the lineup Qi 10 stealth has gone it lasted for two years and we're probably never going to see it again. But Qi 10 is now the new name of the tail made [Applause] [Music] driver Q I 10 stands. For Quest for nura 10K so effectively making the most forgiving driver possible that's not Taylor maid's normal remake certainly with stealth it was all about speed you had carbon twist face it was all about bombing it as far as you could stealth 2 was about forgiveness that didn't last long. And then.

The really nailing now forgiveness now there's three models in the lineup there's the qi1 max there's a qi1 standard and there the qi1 ls low spin for your better player uh pricewise the Max and the QI are £499 LS slightly lower spin one cuz there's an extra weight in there it's £529 all right guys giveaway time I'm going to give away a brand new tailor made Qi 10 of your choice all you've got to do is subscribe to the channel like this video. And leave a comment down below one lucky winner will be picked very soon we're on a mission to try. And hit 3 million subscribers this year so hit that subscribe button and don't miss out on any of the new videos right straight back to the review in this review took them onto a drive R to get initial hits I've also taken them out on the golf course before bringing them back here to the studio to test actal data on GC quad a couple of things first off this is a very unusual name. For Taylor Maid Taylor Maid have always been known for their kind of more outlandish names of products qi1 that it just doesn't feel like a tailor made product to be honest with with you head cover and looks wise very very good I'm very impressed with that very good quality and actually this is the first one I've taken out the bag here. And it's probably the most interesting driver this year this is the QI 10 Max their most forgiving driver ever now 10K Moi what that kind of means is offc centered hits the club face is supposed to twist a lot less often when the ball strikes the club face from an off-centered hit the actual face can almost rotate. And twist therefore. deflecting the strike losing distance Etc with this new technology that they Incorporated with this driver the head is supposed to twist less making it the most forgiving drivers on off centered hits this driver is one that I think is going to Intrigue a lot of players this year the qi1 max just because of its forgiveness level then.

You've got the standard qi1 which is really AED. For the majority of golfers certainly kind of from that middle handicap range maybe a little bit lower to single figures and a little bit higher to handicaps of 20ish but this is really. For the majority of players again still a forgiveness story in this head but not as forgiven as the uh Max version and then.

We come on to the ls version now this really is more aimed at your golfer who kind of can operate the stealth. And the stealth too in my opinion they were the most unforgiving drivers Tade have ever released. And I think they knew that deep down because why they've now gone on such a forgiveness story this really is aimed. For your tour player your better player there's a weight at the front which you can actually shift to the right. And left so fade biased draw biased but the weight is very much towards the face. For that low spin hence the ls name for that driver now I'm sure the first question you want to ask stealth has gone surely the carbon face has gone no tail made have committed to that carbon face it's a 60 layer carbon face face twist face. So again that's a still a story about more forgiveness on off-centered hits the toe is slightly more open the heel slightly flatter. So that predominantly brings the ball back nearer to the middle off on those offc centered hits but this time there's a bit of a color change it was that kind of deep red color they've gone. For this kind of almost not navy blue but quite a dark blue color almost purple in some lights and that same colorway flicks through the head as well little dashes of this kind of purpley blue uh silver quite a metallic look um in the QI 10 Standard Version it's a huge big weight here at the back again that's helping with that kind of forgiveness level and it very much shaping wise almost looks a bit like a Sim driver that kind of sim shape where that triangular end to it feel like they're molding quite a lot of drivers almost taking the best bit of this driver taking the best bit of that and really putting it into a line of dve drivers that are going to suit everybody. So before I unleash them here in the studio on GC quad launch monitor um I took him away for a recent trip and wanted to do a little bit of initial testing first one on the driving range to get an understanding of looks sound. And feel before taking them on to the golf course as well on the driving range I've got to say I'm not the biggest fan of shiny topped drivers I do prefer a matte. But this driver ever looks great behind the ball all three of them looks superb there is a bit of shine you get certainly in the Sun. But it's it's not off putting there's more of a carbon wrap around so it's the carbon's almost wrapping right around the kind of toe back and heel as well and even a little bit over the front edge of the driver I think the looks behind the ball it's stunning sound. And feel wise very impressed I over many many years have enjoyed Tailor Made Driver sound I've always feel like the sound a lot more crunched like you can just tell when you've really hit a tail driver well. And the QI 10 didn't disappoint in that category this Qi 10 sounds so so good off the face feels solid ball flight was very very good um what was interesting just on the initial hits I didn't see much difference between the three drivers I actually felt like they're all performing fairly similar to each other be interesting to see on the launch monitor what numbers look like the next.

Step was taken out on the golf course I started off with the qi1. And the qi1 ls and a lovely tea and I just wanted to hit shots and just kind of figure out how many were hit in the Fairway what does the ballf flight look like Etc out in the golf course there was a couple of interesting observations I found first off definitely. And I can say this with confidence the qi1 drivers the standard. And the ls are in my opinion more forgiving than stealth drivers stealth one. And stealth 2 certainly the original stealth was one of the most unforgiving drivers T made have ever made stealth 2 was marginally better. But not by a lot this is Leaps. And Bounds better in forgiveness category off center hits were finding Fairways low strikes were doing really well just overall all. And I tested lots of parts of the face I found that the qi1 and the ls was performing really really good on the golf course I'm excited to see launch mon data. For those two drivers cuz if they perform well on distance they're really really strong drivers on another hole a very tight hole where there was bunker trouble down the left there was kind of rough. And Hazards down the right hand side I want to do a little test with the max version this is the most forgiving driver Taylor Made have ever ever made the whole reason why this lineup is called Qi 10 because they want to get to 10K Moi mostly. For giveness you can possibly get currently out on the market. And I stood there on a Teague with five shots and I measured how many finished on The Fairway I hit all five of them nicely couple out the bottom but very nicely to my surprise when I got down there this was the result four absolutely in the middle of the Fairway not a concern at all. And one of them it's really harsh was probably 6 in off the side of the Fairway I mean I would take that as a fairway shot technically it's not. But I would give that 4.99 out of five for Fairways being hit very very impressed with the Forgiveness right that's the initial testing the onc course testing done now it's time to team them up here in the hit Studio GC quad Pro v1s and see what the data looks like for these three driv ders so for this test all heads are in 9° of Loft. And I'm going to be testing them all in exactly the same shaft this is the Cali 60 G xflex um just a note as well you can actually put the Loft up. And down by 2° and put it in more of an upright setting as well you can do. For a lot of drivers now so I'm just going to put this in standard 9° uh this is the qi1 that's the basic the standard model first I'm then.

Going to hit the Max. And I'll hit the ls model as well and then.

We'll dive into the data I'm really excited about this I'm. So intrigued to see the numbers normally I like to carry the ball or try and carry it 280 yards a carry 305 yards a total distance with about 160 ball speed and 2,200 spin there and thereabouts that's pretty good Benchmark for me let's see what the brand new tailor made Qi 10 lineup has to offer okay. So again just to emphasize what I noticed in initial testing looks behind the ball it's really nice it is it's it's not the biggest footprint as in it doesn't really kind of instill huge amounts of confidence it's not like a ping driver what I've currently been using where it just looks behind the ball like it's it's one of the most easiest drivers to hit it does look more maybe streamlined right let's give this a hit tailor made qi1 standard first okay. So that last one was a bit of a monster there I tell you one thing I forgot when I was testing out in the golf course I found. For me personally the best way of me strike in the middle of the club face for whatever reason actually almost have to line it up from the toe of the driver never really had to do that before. But to find the middle I found was hitting a lot of shots from the heel. So I teed it up a little bit more towards the toe and I could find the center a lot more it's an interesting take I'm not sure if that's going to be. For everybody but certainly it was. For me right I've now gone for the Q I10 Max the most forgiving driver tailor made have ever made okay footprint behind the golf ball qi1 Max definitely more user friendly um it's kind of flatter. And bigger around the back end of this driver kind of sits it more closer to the ground which I'm a big fan of um apart from that it's it's a fraction tow in it looks like it's aiming maybe a degree further left as you set it up behind the golf ball but I'm very excited to chest this now what is quite interesting with the q i 10 Max doesn't matter what shaft what length shaft you put in it the overall length the driver is actually shorter the way that the neck on the driver is shorter. And it allows some more of the shaft to go in that shortness of length of shaft as well is one other factor of why this driver is going to be a little bit easier to hit straighter I'm intrigued. For distance I really am cuz I don't think it's going to go as far. But let's give myself 20 yards either side of that line that's Fairway that should be nicely in the Fairway yeah yeah nice start yeah that's in the Fairway too oh not a good strike. But look at [Music] that oh no no no no no no no that's the widest shot I've hit with this driver. So far and it was I mean it's not horrendous. But it was offline okay qi1 LS definitely a different head shape again the back almost the tail of this driver is lifted up off the floor more compact head shape compared to the two doesn't particularly fill me with confidence. But again this is a. For the kind of tour players your Rory MAOI Tommy Fleetwood Etc so let's give this a hit qi1 LS and imagine it's going to be long. But maybe not as forgiving oh that was hit well [Music] okay. So the results are in very interesting findings um I'm not sure where to start really with this you know I'm actually going to start with this one I've just been hitting the QI 10 ls if we look at the ls first 284 yards of carry tick 309 yards of total distance brilliant 2,000 RPM spin in fact just less than that 1951 on average a little bit low definitely a little bit low um launch angle 15° ball speed 156 this is my opinion on the ls driver. For me it is a stealth in Disguise I just think it's a stealth driver I really do the the ls version I'll come on to you two in a minute. But this driver to me it performs exactly like a stealth does you can hit some monsters I hit one in there that was like 290 odd yards of carry. But offenser tits get punish and dispersion is definitely on the bigger scale. But I suppose for players like your tiger Rory Tommy Fleetwood they're going to move from stealth to probably straight into this. And not really notice a single bit of difference but but for you and me unless tiger is watching. But for you and me the drivers that are interesting is the q i 10 standard this one. For me really surprised me this year this is the first one I hit get this average carry distance 285 longer than the low spin um 309 yards of total distance low on the spin again 1,900. So that could be maybe increase the touch just so it's not dropping out the sky too quickly um ball speed 155 I found for me the qi1 was a lot more forgiven as well like it didn't spray off quite as far right. And left it was a little bit more down the kind of the channel of the Fairway not perfect every time uh just on those two drivers as a know our was average swing speed8 M hour with those two drivers almost exactly the same this was the interesting one. For me the qi1 max you saw out those five shot for I hit I hit four absolutely in the Fairway plus the ones on the golf course I thought it was a fairway find the machine I hit one offline it's a shame one offline. But that's you know user error uh what was interesting with that driver because of the shorter shaft length I was only swinging at 105.5 miles hour lost quite a bit actually also head shape will play a factor in that it's not as aerodynamic carry distance on average quite a lot lower like 20 yards shorter at 266. For 286 I was hoping that Max versions much it was a fairway finder I still expected to have a little bit of punch. And it didn't for me the standout driver in this lineup is the qi1 standard if you have got a stealth driver. And you need more forgiveness definitely look at Qi 10 or Qi 10 Max but if you've got a stealth 2 and forgiveness isn't an issue for you I can't imagine this new q i 10 being that much difference at all but if you do want more forgiveness I would definitely check these out guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come we shall see you next.

Time and also don't forget hit channnel going to be more head-to-heads. And testing on there coming very soon see you next.