So you've seen from the title and the thumbnail this is a swingless golf club this golf club can make me hit the golf ball 200 yards with no golf swing now. For me to normally hit a shot 200 yards i need something like a four iron and i need to hit a golf shot that looks like this and all i need to do to hit this 200 yards is this that is. So good right in this video i'm gonna use this golf club out on the golf course i'm gonna see if i can get a hole in one with this because you'd imagine this is gonna be consistent i'm gonna find out how far i can hit it how short i can hit it whether i can draw the golf ball fade the golf ball let's find out what the swingless golf club can offer that was ridiculously good okay down on the fairway. And we've got two balls in prime position this is the shot i hit with the swingless golf club that's the shot i hit my forearm pretty close together now you might be thinking who is this aimed at well it's aimed at people around the world who no longer can swing the golf club. And benefit from being out on the golf course and playing golf with their friends they might have played for 20 years and for whatever reason they now can no longer swing the golf club. But they still want to get out and play that's who it's aimed at and it's not cheap this thing this thing cost me a thousand dollars obviously from the usa so i want to show people if it's any good is it worth the price because it's the price of a full set of golf clubs. But if you are desperate to get on the golf course it kind of makes a lot of sense that's what it's aimed at let's talk a little bit more about how it actually works well as you know i normally test proper golf clubs. And i'm not an engineer by any means to be honest i don't massively know how it operates but what i do know is you need these little power strips they're almost like little bullets that you insert into the head you clamp it in it has a lever at the back which allows you to change the power. So it'll hit it what it claims 200 yards down to as little as 75 yards so i've got my little launch monitor my garmin to see how far it actually goes and if that's true you then.

Pull the top to start it off it has a little safety catch you pull the safety catch and then.

You hit the trigger so while we're on this nice quiet hole i'm gonna test it for a few things let's test it on distances first how accurate is the distance compared to the lever at the back also apparently you can shape the golf shot with this club. So if you lower it it'll draw if you pick it up it'll go more to the left more to the right it's a fade and then.

If we get a bit further down as well we'll see if we can let's see if it's like perfect golf shots let's see if i can actually hold one with this the swingless golf club right first thing let's go on the shortest distance let's go 75 yards. And then.

Work our way up to the biggest distance okay. So let's test it on its shortest distance first 75 yards i'm not sure what to expect with this oh that was different it kind of like it came out a lot flatter than expected it was almost more like a a bump. And run shot as opposed to being a flighted shot that landed at 55 yards but it estimated total distance 73 yards so it's probably more working on total distance is carry distance right let's crank it up let's go to let's go to 125 yards. So one thing you have to do is you have to actually unclip it. And then.

Put the next.

Cartridge in which is a bit of a pain i was hoping it would just be like automatically just pull the trigger. And fire at will. But it's not right 125 yards so basically it doesn't change the face it just i'm guessing it just changes the power oh that's nice yeah that was nice it popped up a little bit higher it carried 110 total distance 120.. So for a 125 shot it's not far off let's go up to 175 yards before then.

We get to the limit next.

Distance of 175 yards so i can see the last ball. So it should go 50 yards further than that one let's make sure i've got it lined up i'm not even going to look at the ball this time oh that's. So good [Music] that's pretty accurate that looks like it's gone yeah it's gone 165 carry. For 177 total distance that's pretty good right let's crank it up to the full capacity to 200 yards of distance let's see if we can get there okay last one 200 yards total distance let's make sure i'm gonna hit the fairway here we go oh my goodness that is ridiculous how good was that [Music] shoots off like a rocket. And then.

Goes up in the air it's the more power um it's saying it's total distance 195 yards oh my the smell of that it's like gun powder okay. So distances were pretty spot on what it said on the level was around about the distance to the ball totally finished it's interesting because it's just all about the power that goes through this cartridge depends on how far that ball is projected out the 200 yard shot is the most impressive because it has that real speed to it pops up in the air. And flies like crazy i want to test out a couple of other things because believe it or not you can actually shape the golf shot you can make it draw on fade. And hit it high and low i'm so intrigued to test that so i'm slightly dubious about that that generally in a normal golf swing would require a few moving elements so can this swingless golf club achieve that. But before i do i just thought you know what there's going to be times where you don't hit this thing straight. So i'm going to test it out the rough i've got light rough medium rough thick rough let's hit three shots. And see if it can escape these tricky situations [Music] okay that one was pretty easy yeah i take that out of that rough okay medium rough test i'd be i'd be impressed if it could get out of here with no issues because that's a that's a snaggy lie make sure i'm aiming correctly [Music] yeah it struggled i thought it might do. And now i've got to go into the deep stuff i can't imagine for one minute it's going to get it out of this lie that's horrible have a look at this lie before i hit it from here. So this is a nasty lie look at that now. For most golfers in that situation just getting it out even if i got it past this next.

Tee would be a result because that's horrible so i'm not expecting one minute to fire this golf ball 170 yards out of this rough but let's let's see how it does let's see if i can just get out. And get back into play no way that is down there. And back on the fairway that weirdly went further than the second shot i think it all depends on how much grass is between the face of this. And the ball that was very impressive out of that lie i would 100 take that shot right let's get down there. And see if i can shape the ball okay just a quick one if you've watched this far make sure you like the video. And subscribe to the channel you don't want to miss out on any of the videos coming your way okay next.

Thing i'm going to try is trying to shape the ball apparently if you angle the head it can have an impact on the shape of it it changes the lie angle effectively. So let's go draw first i need to drop the handle lower it feels like the face is just pointing more left now let's see if that draws there dudes it drew it was a 150 yards away. And that started on the flag and then.

Actually shaped back to the left of it so a draw would do that move right to left. So effectively a fade should move more left to right it's good if you're out in the golf course because you can get closer to the flag if it's in a tricky situation. So this time i'm going to lift the handle much higher. So the lie is more to the right it's too much. But it has faded that's mad that you can actually shape the ball right shaping test done let's see if i can uh experiment a bit more with this right this is a bit of a mad shot to try i'm in the trees. And normally if i have to swing a golf club this shot now becomes impossible because this tree's lich in the way i'd have to swing it this way so i'm going to try it. For two things one apparently if you lean it forward it comes out lower so that should be good if i can get through these trees. And two how to operate in this situation i mean it could be a massive advantage that's how it does. So it up need to aim hopefully it doesn't ricochet one of the trees okay it went out low i didn't have to swing. But it came out too though it actually hit the bank that was interesting because you can change it to change the flight i'm enjoying this. So far okay next.

Couple of tests i'm going to try it from short range the shortest distance it can go is 75 yards we tested that a minute ago. But what how does it react into the greens. And also then.

I'm going to jump on a par 3. And see how close i can get to a hole in one in theory this should give me the best advantage ever. For getting it close [Music] before we get on to that part three next.

Just come to collect those four golf balls that went through the green that in fairness that's fairly consistent distances there i mean it didn't help me on that shot because again the ball flight was way too low. And i couldn't stop it on that green but that's worth noting [Music] [Music] oh that's the best one go on be good be good that's not bad it's run past the flag it's just got a little bit long but that wasn't bad at all so first thing shorter shots it struggled it doesn't get the height everything's like a bump and run shots you've got to land it way short and when things are quite hard. And dry like this today.

It just runs forever you do also need i think it's worth noting you still need to chip around the greens. And you still need to put even when using this swingless golf club i also tested on a par 3. i didn't get a holding one but in fairness it was fairly consistent it got me around the green no spectacular shots. But not the end of the world i'll be honest with you i first bought this product as i mentioned it cost me a thousand dollars as a bit of fun i thought it was a bit of a gimmicky tool the more i've used it the more i've realized. And i referred back to start this video who is this aimed at it made me more think about that golfer the guy who's been playing. For all of his life and for whatever reason can no longer swing a golf club he might have been in an accident. Or suddenly you know got arthritis but he still wants to come out and play with his pals and benefit from golf and as much as this product isn't perfect neither is golf. And it still requires some level of skill and i think because of that it wouldn't get boring using this if you can no longer play golf it's interesting it's a very very interesting product as i mentioned it's it's a thousand dollars. But if you the only club you're going to need this. And a putter and it means you can go. And play golf then.

I think it's worth it it was good fun though i enjoyed it guys thanks. For watching stay tuned lots more to come and we shall see you next.