All right guys welcome back to a brand new video and this one is very exciting I'm here in Florida at Trump International Golf Club. And today.

We're going to be battling over the 18 holes here at Trump International now this golf course looks challenging it does however. I've got good news because today.

On my team is this man Bryson the shampo what's up bud how are you captain of Crushers from Liv tour now I'm excited one we've been looking at setting up this collaboration. For an awful long time very long time and we're finally making it happen MH and what I like about this concept the front nine you are going to tea off. And that's all you're going to do because from that point I'm going to play the rest of the hole. And on the back now we're going to switch it hang your te off. And then.

You're going to play all of the shots to finish the holes now I'd love to have a mission to try to break PA now I know that's normally. For you you're like 58 and all this trying to shoot in the 60s but you've got to remember I get about 160 mph ball speed not nearly 200 mph and over 200 M doesn't mean when you hit it that far that you're going to break par. But I'm telling you you got to have a good wedge game I've seen your wedge game on YouTube so hey come on it's good that's questionable so let's get things started what hole have we got here Bry what what is the course like man it's a beautiful Golf Course uh Trump International is a good tested golf. For one it's the driving is very difficult two greens are very undulating. So it's a bit testy you got to be below the hole here um and there's some lines you can take off the tea which are pretty interesting that's why I think this will be an awesome video. For me that drives for you and see how low you can go on the front n then.

Me on the back right let's get things going what we got first hole what's it looking like. So what's funny is you get the wind off the right. And to be honest with you I'm actually thinking about hitting a draw here instead of hitting this cut and the reason is cuz I can get more yards. And to get you up right next.

To the green and again it's going to depend on whether you like your wedge game. Or not so it's getting better so if you put me in you hit it where you want to hit it and then.

We'll figure out because you can kind of help caddy coach me. For the other holes as well which I'm excited about this is going to be. So cool it really is oh tell me that's good that should be [Music] good I mean that should be you know right edge of the Fairway maybe a little bit of the rough. But I wanted to give you a better angle that is ridiculous that was pretty cool I just throwing something in the I would you never do that in a tournament. But I want to do that to see what angle I could give you there I mean it was really starting to turn yeah the wind was helping too that's why I knew I could do it cuz the problem with this driver is I hit it a lot straighter. So I can't put as much curve on the ball and that's been the difficult part with uh oh it's actually a great thing this C looks pure yeah it is wow really nice Bryson's at a great shot here we're just in this first little bit of rough 95 yards little pitch in let's kick things off with a birdie down a bit that should be fine yeah tiny bit skinny. But not too bad you know I forgot I thought for a second oh it's great we're playing Scramble or playing Alterna no this is all me after Bryson's t-shot it's all me if I drive it well today.

I think he has a great chance to break par there um I trust his wedge game he's gotten a lot better I think he he beat Grant right yeah. So look Grant can shoot under par pretty consistently I I think he can do it no I no I know can do it are you kidding me what' you say these greens are player uh they're around 11 and2 jeez okay. For bird here on one down the hill right to left sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit God they are fast it's fast I spent all that time this morning on the driving range warming up. And I didn't hit a single po yeah okay left edge up the hill. For p yeah I said left CER straight it's all right that is annoying I got I'll give you that one thanks mate oh sorry about I was annoying after a good t- shot I need to get used to the greens what part of the game has the most science involved do you think uh well the club building aspect I would say yeah I reckon it that's probably the most important as a player I would say that putting would probably have the most it has the most science. And it's pretty r reproducible uh barring that there's no wind now if the wind comes into play it's very difficult you can somewhat control it off the fairways it's going to you're never going to be able to control the air. But I would say the putting green you can really dial in. And make a lot of putts I was a terrible putter by the way I was actually bad in college I had The Yips really yep. And so that's why I tried a buch in the world yes. And it was a lot a lot of it was because I didn't understand how the ball launched I didn't understand how to have proper Cadence in the stroke I right saying do you try. And hit a flat part of the ball yeah I'll show you I mean I've I've shown it on my channel before. But I'll give you a little thing here so I line it up to where essentially what I'm doing is trying to get two dimples in line with each other. So let's go right here actually so right there I'm trying to hit that edge be sure to focus in on that so they can see that I'm hitting that part of the edge. And I'm putting it this way so I'm hitting the edge and it's it's going that way. So I'm going to line it up right on it just like that. And I draw the line okay I'm not going to fill it in. For I mean again you're going to fill this in I'll do it just a little bit. But I want to show you that I'm really trying to mark this part off of it Jesus and you'll start to see over time that that Mark will literally be torn away second what was saying yeah it's a driver. For me um but again this is a hole where pump it down there have a wedge in want to stay a little left here okay uh you can be in the rough left. And be okay. But right's in those bunkers and I don't think you want to be there right wind's off the left. So right disappointing start kind of lost control of the speed of the greens there easily done when they're that fast so let's get let's get dialed in now come on oh it's oh no stay out the S sit oh almost got on the green actually wait wait a second C the great hit Bryson was very close to driving the green actually he just got the top edge of that bunker. And roll down got a little 25 yard bunker shot a it's not dead that's not great but there's still an Upp and up and down chance potential a give me the freaking rake give me the freaking rake I got it I got it fighting with Bryson over the rake I'm just when I'm not driving just major Champion there Mr 58 rake in my bunker after I thinned it through the green I mean it is what it is right G third shot go oh that's lovely oh do it oh sheesh big big big big po put now we can't be going too many overpar here if the Bryson hit two good t- shots I'm only messing it up okay. For part straight up the hill knock it in partner come on oh pulled it pulled it yeah that was a terrible P couple pulls to start oh it's all right not a strong start I'm afraid from me Bryon no. But you know what that's why there's seven more holes left we can get it back ah okay third hle part five Bryson we drive her need to get need to go off the bogey train it was a bad start never mind there we go Jee perfect I knew I was going to come really close to that tree he came really close to that tree great Drive okay Bryson's it an unbelievable t- shot left me with 168 yards left in this flag it's a par five how far do you reckon you've given that one BR uh well that tree is 300. So probably 340 it it was a it was a bomb. For sure I touched it slightly into Breeze right your friend 69 in hand yeah being a little right's perfect on the left edge of that right bunker come on in come on touch it wind looks pretty good it was really trying was it a little long that's that's pin High it looks like it's pin High yeah it was really trying to draw back in okay just found this bunker just actually just pass the pin you're going to just have to yeah get it out right there land into that section there yeah. For a par five this is a very small green oh Rick try to be. So delicate on it it's not easy go oh it's just not enough roll out on the down was good be really delicate with it yeah was on a bit of a Down Like 56 do you have a higher Club yeah 60 should have gone. For that probably somehow now for oh I feel like I'm letting him down right let's see if we can ship this one in little push not bad though look at the ball oh my goodness they maybe they may be a little faster than 11. And a half they're see really fast yeah you'll know better thank you that was not too bad there you go that was good there nice okay. So look we're three over wow I feel like I'm three over you're not three over you've done your job but look but look there's a lot of opportunities still left with six more holes I just got to put you in a better spot you can't you cannot have put me in a better spot R but I mean caddying though I'm not talking about my drive I'm talking about I should have helped you be short of this hole uh. And got kept you out of the interesting hole like say once you know it you can get when you're down here you're like oh my God yeah exactly. And that's part of the problem with this it's a lot of trickery but I don't know what else to say what is this all looking like. So it goes dog leg left directly and it's probably about where the tip top of the trees are is where the green is Jesus maybe just a little right of that actually. So you going to go straight over these trees on the left correct I'm again going to try. And where this white left te is just a fraction left of that ending it up there okay that's my [Music] goal come on come on come on that should be pretty good wow I don't even know the hole. But I'm presuming that's pretty good so as we driving down here we can't see a ball yet there it is I see it's in the left bunker you're perfect oh nice green side. So I can make up. And down so one of the things that people don't realize like yes I can drive greens that's fantastic. But I shorts side myself a lot of the time and that's a bit of the problem right because if somebody if Matt coocher and sorry I'm calling him out if Matt coocher was to hit it out there. And hit a wedge Coast he could hit to a foot no problem we've got a really difficult shot to get this this this ball close to the hole essentially it's downhill there's rough it's going to run away to 10 feet it's it's almost impossible. But I drove the green and so that just goes to show you that even though driving the green can be helpful sometimes it can also get you in a lot of trouble. So you got to be super precise with your driver and also be an incredible wedger to perform at the level um that these tour Pros can just hit an iron out there. And hit a wedge close uh not an easy game you got to really pick and choose your battles out here oh that's not bad actually hit it oh that's still a good shot sit maybe spoke too soon again I'd take that um be okay with that actual shot was good. But it was it was it's hard to hold on it's not easy man that's why hitting it up there is not always the ideal situation all right my man you have to make this one this is big this is big oh how every port is just pulling it a little bit every P's pulling come on this is. For our first par yeah beautiful oh par on the card now we going now it's time still just just that greens that greens are. So fast possibly the fastest greens I've ever played on They Are Tour caliber they are really fast M that's why we like playing out here they. So good fifth hole par three what he playing 10 what it's 193 but it's going to play at least 200. And I got an eight iron right here so I got to hit a draw here this is going to move quite a bit okay see what I got here stop moving stop stop moving stop that's not my best tough really I mean to try. And hit that shot into that pin well I throw to the right and over the water that's not easy it's a hot it's a hell of a hole it's not an easy hole okay let's see if we can do something here don't doesn't just literally needs to get over that little Hill be good go go go I mean that's a great shot I actually did not think I could leave that shot that's a great shot I almost thought that was impossible to leave short okay down the hill slightly right to left okay let's go nice place way just caught enough just caught enough sorry. For that bad over 35 getting into it couple of PS well here's the thing we have a driveable hole an actual drivable hole so 262 this is a drivable hole um it is Into The Wind quite a bit. But I'm going to go. For it with a fivewood so I'm going with it with a fivewood the wind's off the left. And in trying hit over that left bunker yeah how five car are you five 275. So it should be good wow just a little left yeah the bunker that's not bad I think in one of the bunkers. Or no it's just it's just short left of the bunker it's literally Chip Shot it's perfect just left of the green Nice Shot mate thanks okay Bryson's a pretty nice t- shot here just left us just dra this bunker a little 31 Y. And land it probably about got 15 yards 20 yards okay that actually might work good that's a nice shot yeah yeah very nice that'll work yeah I got this one Bryson this is good knock it in. For birdie to get to two over didn't hit it with enough speed a got that dived at the end didn't it you had that you had that just speed yeah ah it's all right 7th L path three come come look at this I am glad I'm not inting the t-shots I'm not going to lie to you cuz look at that hole how far was it Bryson 178 178 yards wind probably just like the hin pin H about three yards on from the right ridiculous yeah pitching wedge little down wind are you going to go out the flag. And draw it off it or over the water dra going to I'm going to look we have three more holes left we got to make birdie. So I'm going right at it okay I'm going to draw it over the [Music] water oh come on be good be good be good be good be good keep going oh that's long oh wow I thought that was going to be absolutely perfect just a touch long yeah I mean like that's that's 20 ft away from the hole the the area is like 10 15 ft uh around the hole. And you're going to be missing the green. So I mean it wasn't a bad shot from 180 yards it's just it's difficult today.

It's really difficult trying to make this. For birdie is super important here got to he's got to make this we got to do something special to get it back to even par at least do it come on oh that was a good shot dude it did it went kind of as it got closer. And closer it really started to go left I feel so helpless man like I want to help him so badly yeah help me off the te come on I got that. For you nice right two to go three over we could we got another Power five coming off I we do well we do we could go birdie eagle to get it back that is possible I mean I can hit driver up there. And nothing for you on number nine so good chance here come on it's 320 to cover the water but I believe I can do it with my speed dog leg right I'm going to try. And give him a wed shot in I know he doesn't really like wed shots but I'm just pump this for him give him the best chance to shoot get it back today.

All right. So driver right here I'm going to I'm going to get give this one a little extra heat get over the water I pumped it I left it loose. But that wind is taking it let's see where that is is that on dry land should be okay I like it it should be fine throw this one up in the air partner yeah this needs to go give you some elevation here it's a little up slope this is perfect. For you actually 46 yards come on let's see it oh be good be really good oh that's beautiful that's perfect that should be really good that's a good shot huh yeah got thumbs up right come on needed 2T past get it rolling right to left let's go yes nice let's go good stuff he that was a heck of a Clap by the way I found it ridiculous broke the sound barrier okay back to two over power five coming up Eagle to finish power five ninth hole uh wind off the left this is a tight driving area. For me up there just a bit but I'm going to smoke this one give yourself a good chance this is the last driver shot you're hitting today.

I know get just a little left go on nice kick off that bank come on it's over the bank where is it I didn't see it land short of it I feel like it's over that second bank that big hump it is over the second hump. So I think it'll be perfect want to se it down have no idea should be good though that was a ridiculous Drive um we've got 159 yards left in slightly into Breeze yeah it's cross Breeze into the wind going a little L TI oh straight right okay what's up there ah damn tried to kind of Hold It Up Against the Wind. But didn't quite work unfortunately SL the face open a little bit that's all right you can chip this in man right I've uh I've made a bit of a mess up here I finished on this Bank like short siding myself on a down slope with hardly any green to work with. So let's get it close oh that's beautiful sit down Sit oh I'm not overly disappointed with it no I mean it's a great shot to get on the green the down slope. And out of the Bermuda that was a that was a real sticky shot the birdi to finish one over. For the front line come on let's do it oh little left hey you're aring the Potter like crazy man aring it you're just smoking that space open. And closed it feels like a totally different part well the par hey we got one birdie though we still have the back nine right we still got the back nine and and you're two over we're two over we're two over so you're now going to bring us back. And see if we can shoot under par on the bat nine let do it bat nine two overpar. For my nine so if we can now shoot under par from this point it'll be incredible achievement. But now I've got the driver in hand I still got my irons and wed and Potter that I could deal with it's true I got I just got to keep you in play you know to shoot 58 it's not all about the driver you got to make a lot of pots so at the beach with a little fade yep sit sit sit sit down okay that's uh fine I can I can do that it's longer than we longer than we expected to have in. But look at that I could not miss it right I was always going to miss that left. But Bryson's probably got about 220 yards left in now 161 folks I'm not as bad as I thought mm- I'm going to play this 10%. So 60 so 145 shot so this going to be like a 10:00 pitch just over 10:00 pitching wge. For me oh my gosh the wind you're good for distance dud that wind was nuts you can't feel it down did you see that yeah I did boom it just moked it. For a birdie hair on 10 I it's a long range P but you never know do it nice roll my first part of the day right come on Bryson clean up. For your P yeah well done mate thank you very good thank you thank you all right 11th hole path three 141 yards um possibly I don't want to speak too early possibly the easiest hole we've played. So far from my perspective two was really easy two yeah no was yeah yeah that that was easy I messed up right 141 yards not trying to throw sh on no it was easy right I'm going to hit a little nine iron not full one one's up the left I think you know 15 ft left is perfect that palm tree mhm good oh nice beautiful swing get it yes that's all right let's go that's all right it's in there another nice look at birdie here on 11 nice 99 into the green that felt good felt nice to get a good shot away 20 ft I'm trying to hit it 11.3 ft I'm just kidding it's 11t I was just making a joke like what now 11 about just over halfway okay come on drop her in oh be good go no way I left that there's no way there's no way wow I mean that was a good line good great line man okay what we got okay Power five pretty much straight down I'm going to go I'm going to go I'm going to go over the corner of this kind of see the branch that's sticking out yeah cuz to the right where those palm trees are not the far right one. But just in line with the middle of the Fairway is like only 270 carry. So going left that perfect should be fine that should be fine actually yeah yeah a little bit tight. But wasn't a million miles away I was going. For really no no okay guys we got 238 downwind rough I'm going to try. And play six iron out of here I got to miss this left cuz there's water that comes in the hole I knew previous you could miss this right and be in a bunker and now there's water that cuts into it it's pretty difficult hole so I'm going to do six iron at the left bunker not the far left one. But left of the green and just pump one pump a six iron it's playing downwind out of the rough play like a two 225 shot here oh too far left should be okay though yeah yeah that's fine again good miss out of this rough. And water short and right I'm fine with that no issues good Miss okay 20 yards pop this up go oh nice it's all right it take that the Fring perfectly it's it's such a fine line out here where you just barely catch the rough. Or Fringe up slope whatever and it's just no good let's get back to being trying to be under par we're to over come on we need to get back on power need to get two on par never mind back on the par we need to get two on the par come on Bryson knock it in. For birdie big we need this we do need this come on we need all of them I suck gosh dang it man that's not a great putt it's oh well I'm looky F 13th hole power four 414 yards dead straight couple of bunkers to miss on the right which I'm going to do we drill one straight down the middle get left okay that's going to be really interesting I'm always up. For a challenge oh I just leaked it sorry I keep l i just leaked it it was actually a good hit. For me was it was I just leaked it bit right I think it's missed the bunkers. But yeah you've got a bit of mhm navigating under the trees oh I'm used to it. But you know me 500 yard further up okay it's actually finished quite nice it's not finished bad at all it's finished on the top side of this bunker we have got a tree to get over. But Bryson's going to hit it. So high it doesn't really matter 149 yards what you hearing uh 45° whatever that is okay make sense probably. For you a gut wedge most people a pitch wedge oh be really good be really good oh just short my gosh it was. So good for so long great shot man not s the great enough that is no this is fun I love this it's such a good test by the way like. For my game as well not playing the game that I know is super helpful. For me to get accustomed to different situations yeah you think differently. And and that's what I need to do more of it's only going to help you in golf thought that was a better shot than that. But again not easy wind I don't know how much the wind is really affecting it that's the tough part today.

It seemed like it was all over. And just St in the wind okay 30 opportunity here though you know what was that I know it wasn't they straight down the middle. But it wasn't a bad t- shot put trying to put him in play as long as I don't lose the ball that's my plan for this b nine do not lose the ball off the tea oh I got a feeling here man you got it looks good to me no way no way no way oh a I saw the line it was right in the middle gun that was such a good line that was absolutely in the middle side settle there we go two over St level power about nine come on we can do this BR yep we can do it pal okay we got a few holes left we can do it definitely possible what say Bryson driver right at those three trees uh three palm trees you can see uh straight away okay like well it's not three it's 1 2 3 4 five yeah wind off the left okay all right let's do this get right get right bounce right okay bounced right it did right in the Fairway way let's go perfect that was good Okay. So we've got 125 yards playing 128 off the left and we have I'd say a little bit of a difficult shot just just because the wind's kind of down and off the left and I don't know if the pins on the back or the middle and you don't want to be long here so trying to keep the spin down a little bit I'm going to play at 10:00 45 which goes 130 yard trying to play 130 yard shot come on couple yards actually below that cuz I just wanted to land right next.

To the hole. So 128 sorry be good be good I should be good look nice look good good shot pal right come on up the hill left to right yep and I see this I see it going 6 in down I like it sound L it's always nice oh do it bre no wow I thought it was going to break more I swear that was breaking more in the middle it started. And then.

It slow it almost stopped breaking yeah that's frustrating again I'm putting good rolls on it you that was a good put just not knocking it in is this legal uh you're going to tell me no I didn't I'm not saying anything I think it is yeah you think it's legal it's not. But it there's a connection to the ground there's two connections two points of connection on the ground with the putter can't do that 15th hole power five uh just under 500 yards. But what a hole Christ almighty I'm guessing I want to be down the left isn't it great visuals it's unbelievable hole Yeah it's a wild golf course it's tough. For me to play it's tough for anyone to play there's just so much uh so much trouble everywhere but it's fun test to golf if you're trying to prep your game for a championship this is a good place to do it again right down the middle you got to hit a good drive here stop let's see where that is uh I don't know I sure'll be fine though damn go check it out this is 240 guys uh into the wind out of the rough downhill Li B. For I'm not going to get. For there out of this rough so I got to go fivewood just because it's going to spin more. And it's into the wind and I need more height I really think this is going to be the play here got to h a open face cut oh that's really good that's ridiculous go on be good I mean that looks like it's good that looks rageous power five 200 how how you two probably 40 to the hole. But it's downhill slope out of the rough got to get it up over the hazard and into the wind what else is there I don't know okay uh we've just come around the corner Mr the Jambo look at that yeah I got lucky there. But I hadit a great shot exactly what I wanted to do. And the wind held up nicely and ah I don't know sometimes it just happens you take risk and you get rewarded that is. So good I'll take that any day of the week all right after that outrageous fivewood we've got this for an e out of the rough down slope headed it over trees that's Hazard may maybe you're hitting it too maybe you do need to hit it more like my dist give yourself give a full shut into those Poes please no no I don't want right come on to get back this gets us to level par that'll be interesting come on beautiful yes absolutely in the middle let's go absolutely in the middle no baby hey that was that's a pretty impressive Eagle on this hole by the way this is impossible look at the hole there's a stream going all the way through it I mean Rick pulled his duck hooked his drive into the trees I think he get something down from 240 yards out the r. For the fivewood let's go let's go score update we are now level PA moving into the 15th 15th 16 16th we got three more to go see if we under the PA now this is a PA four Bryson. But you told me to lay up yes it's uh 220 uh you want to go 10 yard past that that right bunker. And there's water short of the green so hitting something like 230 240 would be [Music] perfect not there oh no okay that's fine I'm just going to be on the side of a slope uh ah right it's okay we'll give it a go just pulled it a bit off the te annoyingly I needed to be on that if I knew the hole I would have hit the power um the second shot in here you got Bryson 120 okay it is a little downwind okay like a 115 shot is I'm going to play like just just over 10:00 50° I'll be good oh sit sit oh my gosh God that was close that came out hot wow that's fine I'm going to knock that in not too worried you know I've done this once. Or twice see if I can make some magic happen oh my gosh oh my gosh I told you let's go this is sick he called it. And he absolutely delivered oh that's perfect how crazy is that this Eagle birdie to put now one on the far that was ridiculous it was in all the way I don't know what to say me. And Bryson one on the par two holes to go that's right I want to be I'm going to leave this pin High just left. For you I want make I want to see make a hole in one here sick this what a hole to do it on by the way right I mean look beautiful incredible path right good job on this design nice 7 iron just left it the flag get right get right go go a little short it's okay yeah I didn't quite get all of it it's all right I can knock that in get the two on the green. But a little bit shy I'm on a heat right now so know just need to get it in play which yeah okay. So I've got 45 ft right now up the hill up a 3% 3 or 4 percent so I'm going to average this out to be about 14 more feet. So 57 ft this is to go Eagle birdie 30 to get to 200 oh goes left at the end what great speed though man every single py hits looks like it's got a chance every single one always looks like it's running past the hole at a good speed last hole of the day one under got it back really got it back three on the about nine it's pretty impressive just don't mess it up now I know this hole come on look at this I know you got to see this all this is just uh water all right I'm I'm going to make a promise to you Bryson this is going to go left I just I just don't want to go too far left all right yeah just hey just think like you're on the driving range hit it right at that tree that Lone Tree see good is it it's perfect go near the green up there okay come on y let's finish strong uh-oh it's hit really well come on oh why why do you give me a heart attack teach you that one one day oh my gosh just wor some my US Open when jeez like you drive at Bay Hill was it not no that was easy right we're in a good spot now that was a great spot dude great shot thank you. So much nice job so when you did shoot 58 Bry what was the point when you realized oh yeah this is going good. So when I made the birdie pent 15 and Matthew wolf made bogey 16 t- shot was really when I knew I had it in me I striped it down there. And I'm like all right I got the win in the bag I know that but I still got to finish it out no time to be happy no time to celebrate got to do it. And I also realized at that moment that I could shoot in the ' 50s but what's funny is the rain started pouring heavily at that point it actually helped me not focus on shooting 59. Or 58 I was just focused on hitting the next.

Shot really yeah because we were at an umbrella down we were cleaning clubs cleaning stuff off clean Place cleaning the ball off everything. And so I was focused on the process. And I think that's a huge lesson. For anybody that's out there teaching yourself that you're in a bubble and you just focus on the process no matter what score you're at. So guys that are trying to break 80. For the first time focus on your own game and focus on what you need to do to the best next.

Shot that you possibly can you cannot focus on oh my gosh this is. For whatever you're going to get St too much yeah you can't you got to f focus on how did I get here. And what's allowed me to get here or what this feel is. Or what that feel is. Or whatever and you focus on that if you really go deep down and focus solely on that and there's no water there's no trees there's no nothing you're going to have a huge Advantage at being able to break through those barriers that have blocked you. For so long I 508 I'm going to do that little Saucy special 45° here little 10:00 125 shot a little in the wind going to play 125 let's see what I can do here come on draw. And spin draw and spin okay that's not bad little push that's a 10-footer. For birdie I'll take that not bad mate not bad 12T this is uh to shoot twoo under guys it be quite an achievement it would be considering bogey in the first three holes considering what Rick did off the start yeah yeah I'm joking no no it's good this is going left I'm going to say it's going to skim the left edge of that uh old cup you see that old cup yeah. So about 4 in out come on knock it in no I pulled it I pulled it on I pulled that guys son of a gun still was pretty awesome that was pretty awesome well done mate right thank you that was me. And Bryson shooting one under me off Bryon te off on the front nine I te off on the back nine I think we could have done better yeah. But we broke p and that was our goal first. And foremost second off I had a great time with you it was it was a lot of fun we had a fantastic time I think um from my perspective I had something you know an idea coming in it's definitely changed in a in a really cool way. And what you guys do. For uh the world of YouTube is fantastic you you you inspired me to do it. So I to thank you and uh there's going to be a lot more fun content coming here soon. For a Content guys make sure you are subscribed to Bryson's Channel put Link in the Top Line description thanks always. For watching Thanks for liking subscribing and we'll shall see you in the next.

One that was awesome pal work.