All right guys this is the big one here in Florida at Trump National Golf Club we've got a brand new 10 shot challenge now you know the concept I take on a tour pro. And I start 10 on the par and they start level part and we go 18 holes stroke play and today's competitor is no other than Bryson D Shambo how good is this now Bryson go easy on me okay don't absolutely pum on me no what are you talking about. So I start 10 on the par your level part 18 ho stroke play y so far I have yet to win a match okay well that puts a lot more bresser on me now we better not lose. And so far pretty much every single one of them has gone down the very last hole really so try to finish it on 15 then.

How about that comments let's do it enjoy I'm excited about this one this is going to going to be absolutely epic be sure to like. And subscribe right now jump over to Bryson's Channel as well subscribe over there cuz he's killing it on YouTube at the moment without further Ado let's get going me versus Bryson D Shambo this is the big vog oh this is the moment this what we all live. For right here got into game mode you don't even know what game mode is. Yet oh my go good shot go in oh my gosh let's go I will say though that little dot on your Club is illegal. So that's already a two shot penalty he's only eight up now so I'm kidding 68 of him on my I'm kidding go right here we go first H now what's interesting here me and Bryson have never played this golf course it's a bit new to both of us this holds pretty much straight down PA for to kick things off let's find Fairway see what goes on today.

I think enjoy play well yeah good luck today.

Beautiful it should be good I think just holds up a little bit little fadey I don't know kind of didn't see that down M should be all right though I didn't hit it great great look fine one's a little off the left ring only with five what is this yeah driver's uh going into too tight of an area. So should be good oh jeez that's high yeah that's fine y that is in the Fairway right let's get going 18 holes I'm 10 under Bryson's level P well thanks. For coming on the channel pal yeah I'm excited man I've seen your channel. For a long time now and uh definitely wanted to get on it just wanted to make it make sense for both of us and we're here we're doing it I love it it's going to be. So good I love it like I say so far these 10 shot challenges have been absolutely amazing um and I think this one is probably the one that I'm kind of most excited about. And also tell me why very very nervous cuz the thing is with with your career I feel like I followed it from from almost urit today.

Yeah when you kind of Hit the scene as some very scrawny little skinny science nerdy sort of guy. And now you now you've obviously developed your game so much you've obviously now a major winner you know you you've pretty much done so much in the game and then.

Also the exciting news for me is like you're into YouTube as well oh I love it I mean that's the thing like again my whole goal with this is to inspire a younger generation of golfers to play like I was inspired when my dad brought me out to this charity samart shootout event in Fresno C Madera California where he he was the GM at. And all these tour Pros came up to me and and saw my golf and like we're going to see out here one day. And just it was super inspirational. And I want to give that to to kids all across the world I was able to get it very luckily from a small venue. But I want to be able to do this across YouTube. And Inspire kids uh all across the world now that's my goal this is going to be just over 10:00 9 iron this is 1 15 going to play 160 right here just a little left of this flag will be nice oh what shot I'll take that it's a little faty little open face a little nervous. But we got in the green that's not an easy shot to be honest with you trying to half swing it and the wind's crazy up here today.

So this is a brutal test of golf we're going to see how Rick does today.

Know he's a pretty good golfer. But this is a very difficult test of golf okay I'm in the pine already I actually thought I did a okay t- shot. But it just faded a little bit too far Bryson's in an amazing shot and my goal is today.

If I can only drop five shots. And shoot if I shoot five over he's got to shoot five under that's the goal okay. So just coming the pine straw here 151 yards slightly into Breeze I'm going to go a tiing. And just stay kind of left of that bunker just switch to 79 I'm just going to hit one more Club just make sure I get it up there we got a nice line straight at that palm tree stop it's a great strike all right yeah just upon that hill just kind of Drew a little bit too much be too bad wow this course looks amazing good shot from Bryson I will take that yeah really good there's not an easy hole cuz again if I land It 2 yards short it rolls all the way back there. And I got a very difficult shot onto this tight area tight green honestly I feel like I could host a tournament here already right now that's how good this cough course is right now okay just pulled it a little bit good. For distance look at this shot though I've got not a lot of room to work with kind of trying to be safe today.

I'm going to be trying to be clever with my shots sat up really nicely if I go. For the pin and miss it it's either they in the bunker or long I'm just going to play almost towards Bryson there. And just leave myself aart this is an impossible shot. For him here I I do not think he can keep it on the back Edge over here. But he'd have to flop this up super far in the air to make it make sense oh all right okay he's going to give me a read now I'm actually okay with that that that could have been a lot worse there was no point in me being too brave on that shot that wasn't far off what I was trying to do yeah I mean you couldn't stop it if it was a flop it was almost impossible okay. For power on the first up the hill not loads of breaking it right oh all right speed good speed I mean I'll give you that. But stroke play Everything counts everything's got to be in in for a five 15 ft just outside the edge one inch man this is a really good opportunity here to get two back quickly see if I can knock this in that's hard too right there uhoh oh no Bryson one on the par I'm now nine under it's all right he's back he's going. For it you know what I'm going to give it a rip see what we can do here okay par five second hole good luck holes water down the left couple of bunkers on the right it's 522 yards this is a tight hole. For me I'm guessing it's at the USA flag with a fade or you don't really plan I'm going right of that because I think it water comes into play pretty quickly it will be. For Bryce but I'm going to go right over the bunker there's that uh riveted face bunker. Or whatever yeah I think hopefully this doesn't go through into the water nope that's OB ah have to r on that one son of a gun uh oh that's not good okay I'm going to go straight to the USA flag yeah good ball very nice this is a provisional got nothing on it that's good. But dang it it's just cuz I just a little concerned it's none of the course it's all good so what do you got it's 260 to the pin. But I'm not going to be able to go. For the green um I'm just going to lay it up okay down that around side hit like a 180 shot there way a nice they are all right pick a palm tree straight at it yeah beautiful what shot thank you there you are yeah that's not something you're used to doing is it Bryson no not very often there's a few holes laying up on there's a few holes well I smoked mine out of bounds. So we're going to try. And Salvage a par i'' be amazing or make bogey here but that's a big mistake for me I just again not knowing the golf course but yeah is what it is 236 okay 236 it's a lot of wind it's playing 250 probably I got to smoke this fore IR. But I think this is the play compared to trying to finagle a hybrid in there I'm going to go right at Chase who's up there oh hook draw draw come on draw that was good distance though very good distance that'll be okay yeah that's all I'll get that thank you I'll get that okay 106 yards to the pin pin looks like it's tucked in the back left corner. And to go middle right section of the green and let it then.

Get round that back pin G wedge in hand let's put a nice one in there the right distance sit oh yeah good shot go in if this goes in oh my gosh it looks incredible. For me that looked perfect that's a great shot thanks pal very nice shot into the green there little 50° SW it back come on I'm really trying to want to stay in this for as long as physically possible say if not it's not win it that's the goal come on 18 yards going to land it somewhat close to the hole let it run out it's little into the grain have to give it just a little more effort here oh it stopped that spun. So much I actually can't believe how much that spun then.

Got this just outside the hole come on Bry knock it in jeez thought you had it Ah that's brutal thought you had it yeah it's bad double right come on. So that quickly could switch for a bird here on two yeah birdie thank you very much all right now he's to 11 up yep you're 11 up I'm one over a nice little Switcheroo how good is that start by the way do you like the new head cover available Rick okay third hole power four 365 yards again there's water down the left of this looks like there's plenty of room on the right. But there's a bunker down there at 240 that we want to avoid and then.

From there it should be a little 120 odd yards shot in so I'm going to hit three iron straight at that bunker oh that's loose got safe oh oh my gosh right in the Fairway nice maybe Lux on your side today.

That was lucky that was a bad bad bad maybe luck is favoring you today.

That never happens hit the tree. And actually bounced out I've got a lot longer into the green but we've got a shot okay sit down now draw left of it s we're good shot perfect nice distance I just tried to hit a soft little four iron out there just keep it short of that bunker okay after uh wonderful assistance from the pine tree it's come back out in the Fairway 172 yards s most of that's over water. But that's not going to be a big factor then.

We just got a little bunker just protecting the flag H I work out the wind's doing it's kind of I'm not telling you anything now oh no don't blame you it's over I'm not helping you out at all I'm in between six. And seven let me just see what the wind's doing he hardly doing anything only go seven you know that only takes care of the wind that's like right around you I knew I I you know what I absolutely felt like you were going to pick up on something I mean it couldn't be that something's way different up there 100t well I can't throw it that high though I know thing is a lot of the trees aren't really moving which is telling me there's not a lot of wind. But I can feel it right I go 79 straight at it if I bail out a touch left it's not the end of the world go go go go go go go go go go all right good shot very nice it's just a bit clean I just felt like it wasn't quite going to get there. But we're on the dance floor it was almost helping a little bit the wind work out I'm going to play a little bit of a pitching wedge here it should wind is off the right a little bit. And helping no it's pretty neutral play more of a 10:00 shot here it's almost helping now no like like this 10:00 shot down ah went too far left not bad though good. For distance yeah not bad okay two looks at birdie here on number three fairly similar ports I'm going to give Bryson a bit of a read off mine afraid not a lot I can do about it okay down the hill it's going to be rapid these greens are. So so so so fast uh down the hill it's going to be slightly falling to the right. But not by a lot let's see if we can knock one in just lag it up there all right oh I said lag it up there it's exactly what you did good. But nice butt thought I had it jeez good part thanks pal yeah I thought that was just about to drop all I was trying to do is lag it up. But if I can catch a few of those dropping in oh same thing oh my gosh did exactly the same that was a good roll great F dang great F think you dropped that then.

It was close it was a good chance yeah had a good luck just need to hit it closer with a wedge 150 you know yeah yeah 10 under Bryson's one over come on keep it going fourth hole PA three uh playing 178 sorry 187 yards today.

Pin looks like it's back left on that kind of top tier. And wind if anything it is just slightly helping is it Bryson silence no what he's not giving me any any help. For a guy what are you talking about I'm just playing golf into game mode now no I'm having fun you don't even know what game mode is. Yet I'm waiting for it don't be worry I know it's coming kind of going to hit one towards there three palm trees back right going to go to the furthest one on the left. And kind of draw it in from there six iron in hand six iron jeez not enough Club no H looks good dig your feet you're just a little nervous around me man a little adrenaline going adrenaline pump that that shouldn't have gone that far that was a really good hit as well ah I really to be honest I hit six to try. And stay short of that pin didn't think I was actually going to go past the pin with six what you hitting Bryson nine try. And draw this one in in here all right it looks really good in Oh short thought I was going to drop wow that wind didn't help like yours okay. So I've just flown the green just come over the back here luckily not in too much trouble could have been worse I could have been some of these palm trees or pine needles but a nice little fluffy lie actually right I want to leave it kind of just pin high right little dinky one over the hill you're playing the safe route just a nice little yeah I'm going to go go. For the flag but okay if it finishes pin ey right I'll be happy go ah it's a tough shot man Ah that's not easy damn just kind of dug in with it first bounce would you played that more aerial oh yeah I'd have flopped that 100% to land it almost on the green yeah pretty much yeah ah oh my gosh that's was a good roll yeah it just took a couple little hot saw over the hill didn't it yeah I saw that yeah well all right I'll take it just off the green still just going to have to roll it on it's going to be fast down the hill it's going to be left to right slightly come on if I can hold this I'll be happy sit sit sit sit wow Speedy I felt like literally felt like I just touched that over the hill I know these greens are super fast man you can't get on the wrong side can you nope okay up the hill ever slightly right to left. But inside the hole still yeah good part thank you right Dro one there annoyingly you got one back one over plays nine under I just have no idea where to go. So I'm going to be a little safe here don't know how far this is going to go don't know how much wind there is um. But I think this is the right play. For me I feel like I'm actually playing from where Rick Shields would be playing with his driver um because that's what this golf course kind of does it brings it all in yeah it's perfect it's about all there is all there is to it yeah beautiful great swing mhm should be good should be good see he doesn't have to you don't have to worry about run outs. And stuff like that with the spin I I worry about all those things I kind of have to my the ball just keeps going. For some reason okay 157 yards to the flag here uh straight down Breeze I reckon I've got to carry this about 54. Or so so I'm going to hit nine iron let's go straight at it looks like left is my friend. So if I go with the flag and draw it Happy Days carry it wind yeah good shot thank you all right we got one 147 here it's going to play downwind probably seven yards. So 140 shot play this thing just about a 1030 45° for me strike be good sit a all right really good shot see how that is guessing Bryson's SPO. And mine hopped on that's also a different part of the game that people don't get like I can get the things a lot easier than most people right like in order. For you to get it here you had to land it for short and yeah it's a it's load of factors I'm hitting nine I. And downwind I would never I'd probably a to get it to almost stop I'm never getting it spinning back whereas I'm trying to stop it from spinning like I could have hit a full 50° which would have spun 10 ft at least so weird okay come on I really really really want to drop this one in left Edge well outside left Edge down the hill it's going to be fat as just need to get the ball rolling oh made it good putt boom very nice thought it was just going to sneak away from him. But Lu it dropped I want to see Bryon hold this one now wow all right criminal criminal not good I thought that was in I thought that was in right interesting you're actually beating me right now you know that gross gross imagine what we're looking at Bryson what you what do you think it does we par five you just got to hit it where the Fairway is. And that's about it I think this is going to be a good hole. For me to hopefully get a couple back hopefully come on let's find the farway oh no that might be in trouble yeah oh it bounced out no it didn't you son of a gun oh my God what the that's twice this might be your day that is that's ridiculous that was a terrible t-shot it's actually bounced back out see you that's fine pumped jeh 374 yards I've hit that driver shot thankfully. So another pine tree up there it's bounced back out into the Fairway I don't know how much I can ride that look. For much longer uh I'm going to drill a 3w down there put myself in play. And hopefully be able to wedge it on got 11 shots on me right now are you feeling pretty good no cuz I know how quick they can go oh to some degree I think the uh Fairy Godmother just kicked that one out too no it did no I don't know going to say I'm going to have to wait a provisional there cuz that is left. And in trouble all right I mean there's room over there there there's a bit of something I'll let provisional s the path. For God sake oh stop we're bound to find one of those man it it feels like cuz a bunker past those trees yeah ah Scrappy it's all right I don't know what's up there I have zero clue. So I I hope there's no water up there. But I'm at a forn just over to the left a little bit and uh man I just wish I knew this golf course better but um that's fine hit up where uh Chase is right now just left of the flag give myself a good look at birdie oh my God oh my gosh am I just well I'm safe. But it's not where I wanted to go it's definitely the right Miss yeah I just pulled the heck out of it okay. So we found found both of them we got this one here the first one underneath this palm tree should be able to still get a swing at it but I'm still buy miles away I'm actually going to be able to get a swing uh what I say 180 okay I'm going to go 79 just cuz I feel like I'm going to squeeze it out out of this lie. And I don't want to hit it too long saying that though it's back into Breeze I think I actually will go six. And maybe just not hit it as hard how is that going to come out I feel like it's actually not sat horrendously I've just got a little bump here in front of me might be able to push it through I don't know if that wind blows that's perfect I can see the ball okay just going to kind of back foot it give it a little bit more speed. And hope for the best ideally left of the flag is my goal any good my gosh all right is that all right that's a good shot I think I don't know it is going slightly right looks like he's still filming. So looks like it's a good shot oh good it was sneaking right a little bit more than what I wanted it to we got it down there all right we have 53 yards I'm going to land this about 8 yards short let it trickle out. So it's going to be a 45 yard shot right here pretty simple little left to right I believe got to get this up. And down oh what a connection chase down there oh my gosh I just you caught that so nicely it was a good shot. But just didn't run out the way I thought it would on these screens while to get it to grab so quick that's the thing that's the thing too is like usually we practice. So we know what the greens are going to run out. And it's way easier to be honest compared to just coming in blind and not knowing this is honestly the most difficult test of golf that I've had in a long time because I just have no idea where the where everything is it does play a massive part doesn't it it does. But no no complaints okay I feel like I've ridden my look quite a bit on this whole not particularly a good team t- shot well a terrible t- shot second shot I found my first ball third shot got to here Bryson would you think bad of me if I puted it from here I just call you uh yeah you know what the name is I thing I just I would love to. And I've been practicing really hard on these shots no it's just the the whatever you're comfortable with you know you can go to the you can go that route I know you I don't blame you. For judging me but I'm going to get up. And down with the butter okay firm over the hill Leave myself a nice little tapping. For par all right ah not bad though the thing is. For me at the moment still as much I've been working on my short game that shot's still going to be better than my worst chip. For sure and I think that part of the grain here that people don't realize is that it's very penalizing you barely miss it. And that thing is just right in front of your feet yeah. So it's difficult now we got 15 ft left to rer pretty flat 2% uh one and a half come on roll it in stayed High not good keep out right to salvage a big Power on this hole left to right slightly up the hill come on roller in oh how did not break it's a weird little green I thought that was going to break more on both of our putts actually that must have been dead straight right yeah that was weird bogy. For me paa Bryson we scathed away well you did yeah yeah one over plays nine under okay seventh hole path three they told us about this hole before we came out it's a 220 yard path three pinage back right. And it looks like anywhere off the green it's an upside down sauce pin what you hitting Bryson 7 iron yeah see what we got 227 downwind a little bit 220 just a full just under cracking strike nice man that's that's a good shot [Music] sounds like the birdie train to me is he getting three wood what are you inting three wood how much oh sorry I'm joking it did start with a three oh okay I was nearly taking a head cover off I'm actually going to go. For ran I feel like I'm hopefully a bit more accurate with this club um straight over that bunker that we can see in the middle. And just hit and hope get it as close as we can yours definitely started to kick back right after it got past these trees oh I hate that shot at the moment that could be in someone's Garden what is that shot I don't know that is not good that was really got stuck behind me I didn't know what to do with it come on put a good swing on this man manal put a good swing. And wind go there it is all right front edge of the green ah let's hope we can find the first this golf course is set up. So difficult right now well I hit a good shot in here this is what I needed didn't know how much the wind was hurting. Or helping um but we've got a decent look all I need to do really is T putt to get a pretty decent Advantage back on him because I started off really slow. And I'm still I mean I'm one over. So I'm not doing that great um off season you know it's off seon okay frustrating bad t- shot really left it behind me. And then.

Didn't get it in front so have to my provisional now is is the ball in play I really didn't want to make a double bogey today.

But now I've got two puts just to make a double bogey it's going to go up over the hill. And that'll be fast down the other side whoa whoa settle ah got for double bogey ah silly mistake all right I'm going to leave this one in cuz it's far enough um this goes left to right just trying to get over this hill. And then.

Let it trickle down see what we can do here guys this is big I need this 30 feet to the top 30 yeah 30 foot that'ss nice oh come on do it come on oh my let God I love it Jesus wow that's really oh that's big time well done that look all way that was. So good appreciate it jeez right Bryson two got that I've got this for a five I mean come on straight up the hill all right knock it in I feel a little bad if you missed it don't be silly my bad knock it in Bud oh always pushed it a touch ah there's always going to be a blowup hole yeah all right ah in. For six Triple B GE plays a birdie for Bryson big big swing Bryson's about to level even though he made even though he made six I'm still going to pick up your clubs. For you give you the head cover thank you sir Bryson makes back to level I am now 6 under wow only six shots in it now all of a sudden it's got a lot closer all right this looks a little more open on this hole yeah really open eighth hole power four straight down water in front of us um obviously the more you left you go the more you've got to carry. But Bryson's not thinking that Bryson's looking at the green this is this is buy those bunkers it's green light. For you this in it should be yeah let it fly oh no it's trying to come back my gosh I can't draw the ball right now come on bounce back ability got to bounce back straight with the birdie after that last hole oh that was a bad t- shot. But got away with it stay away from the bunkers terrible strike but got away with it hit a provisional here just in case man I am struggling off the today.

Come on Bryson oh God that's what that is good all right see where we are they might still find you first yep all right what do you got got 148 yards down Breeze pins at the front I'm going to hit pitching wedge just want to carry that front edge of the green. And get it to stop quick come on straight down it got bounc back birdie looks good oh yeah nice good shot thanks pal Nice Shot thank sir good job come on need to bounce back after that bad hole thanks Bryson come on Bryson's first one's good he found it just go around the bunker left it's by the palm trees up there this is a tough shot 67 10:00 is 1. Or 90 9:00 60 just over that just over that go oh oh my gosh stay wow I mean that's the exact spot I wanted to land it too it literally needed two more yards cuz if I landed on the green it's back Edge yeah you know. So man well I still have a chance for birdie though I didn't put myself in a good position so I'll take that though from that lie in that situation not bad at all not bad Bron got a bit lucky there to be fair landed it just like a yard and a half short got a nice look for birdie here I need to bounce back we need to get one straight back come on okay guys. So I've got 24 feet Rick H it inside me um Rick put it inside me there's no good way to say be to say that I I don't know what to say uh Rick is closer than me there we go. And I got this uphill right to left left to rer excuse me backwards and this is a slow putt this is not actually that easy three four five six seven eight 24 feet no oh my gosh my god wow I absolutely thought you had that I thought I made that too son of a gun nice jeez I really thought you had that right come on straight with the bounce back bird left to right there's an old cup about 2T short of the hole. And about four or five Ines left which is actually perfect. So I'm going to imagine I'm hitting a straight put to that hole come on need to get this straight back come on damn I think that was a bit of speed. And a bit it was a good par though yeah it was a good par ah solid all right six under players level yep only six shots feel like it's all it's got It's got closer than I wanted it to be at this point damn right ninth hole Par Four playing about 360 70 yards water all the way down the right I'm going to lay up I'm going to hit three iron down there oh no miss that bunker I don't know it's either short of it. Or right in it all right so guys I'm just laying up I have a seven iron here I'm just going to lay up. And have a nice little wedge in since it's an island green that's drivable A1 position yeah right there pretty simple you know I'm not one to shy away from going. For things but this situation where he's got a six shot lead on me I got to make up some ground so it was a smart decision it is downwind going to play 135 more of a 10:00 45 here all right stop spinning all right all right little pull there guys. But I didn't want to miss right and shorts side myself I was trying to play the fat part of the green which is not very fat. But it's fine I found the bunker I it I was hoping to stay short of this right of it left of it. But no I'm absolutely in it 131 yards slightly down breeze it's all about connection I'm just going to go straight at Bryson's Ball come on all about a good connection get up sit sit sit all right that's over yeah that's my worst nightmare by the way you know I not shot that's nah I i' I'd rather not play golf than hit that shot I'm telling you right now that's a great effort there thanks F what the hell you put that on the tee. For me literally ryson this I've don't think I've ever seen a ball. So nicely teed up it happens in Bermuda it can happen Okay after finding dry land after the bunker shop we got this little chip just off the side of the green it sat up really nicely thankfully just going to just land just pop it on the front edge let it run down it's slightly right to left once it lands on the green sit sit sit sit all right is that first hop just no not bad though first hop just made it jump a bit faster than I expected well this one's going up the hill a little bit flat. And then.

Up the hill going a little left wind pushing right to left. So it's definitely breaking left 29 ft oh no I didn't hit it that was a good putt too right on my line that feels rare. For you that put like that yeah I just thought I saw your ball rolling out a little bit is a little sideways downwind. So I thought it might roll out a little bit more okay. For par left to right slight it back into Breeze come on really want to hold this one oh my goodness caught enough of it good part thanks F caught enough yeah nice right through nine Bryson level par I'm six under six shots in it all right guys I just want to interrupt. For two seconds first off how good is this match as we hit the bat nine versus Bryson stay tuned is an epic finish to let you know about the brand new merch drop as you can see I'm styling the new RS cap. And also you will have noticed the head cover I'm using in this video the all black everything beautiful head cover with all the rs's stitched on it guys check it out there's loads available head covers ball markers towels you name it's on there buy it now at Rick all right. So 340 of those palm trees I don't think I can get there just going just right at this bunker wind it should be off the right I don't feel it. But it should be off the right boom that's more like Bryson incredible the bat nine starts right now okay just one of them Rick please yeah that'll be fine yeah good ball thank you very nice I think I knocked it past him just if you look closer I okay second shot here on to 10 um I'm actually quite a bit far quite a long way back here as much as it was a straight shot it definitely wasn't hit that well 188 yards pins tucked into that right corner slightly wind helping off the right I'm going I'm going to see if I can kind of a trap drawer. And six IR in there you're six shots ahead now huh you're I'm six shots ahead all right oh too much draw catch a bit of green it's actually coming back it's actually done really well uh it's okay yeah that's done better than I expected should be all right it kind of stopped drawing thankfully it listened I think the M on the ball something help it did straight did it something weird yeah 109 downwind 56° yep 109 this is going to play Four Yards down wind 105 five yards down one six yards downwind that's one with three I'm going to go just about a 10:30 shot here no 10 just under 1015 excuse me try to play a 104 shot 105 shot throw a pass I can actually throw this past can I just a little bit that's actually what I'm going to do I'm going to play like more of a 1030 shot get it to come back it'll be good oh it looks amazing spin it didn't spin oh lover how does it not spin it was absolutely all over it je that was a good shot just to put into perspective there I had 188 yards into the coal Bryson had what was it 105 yeah it's only Shor just only 83 yards longer. But we still make the same score we could do okay I don't need to touch this by a lot to get it rolling just get it down the hill it's going to fall off this left side I mean in my head I'm literally trying to get it two foot on the green that's good speed yeah very nice thank you in. For par all right this is going right to left 14 ft down a almost a 3% slippery I got to make this yep that's nice 14t up the straight putt 7 feet oh my God oh what an idiot that slowed down too on that's not good I thought it was going to break. And slow down you liter the line perfect what's crazy is I thought your putt was actually going to roll a lot lot farther past I thought mine was a bit too fast again I thought it was just going to go a lot farther. And I just didn't judge it right 141 I'm going to play this probably close to 150 good amount of wind let's describe the hole first look at this we just saw this hole just previously s grass 17th just like it. For sure look PA three island green wind blustering pins in that kind of front ledge what what did you zap at was 141 yeah 141 I'm going to play this 145 46 great hole didn't know this was going to be coming into this n of this call wind kick it kick it come back come back jeez I'm expecting these things to spin wow that was a great strike too walls that was really nice fun fact 17 at Saw Grass how many times did I hit in the water in my six-year career there you either gonna say zero. Or like 20 I'm gonna say zero yeah zero the only player to do that that's played that many rounds yeah wow from what I know at least it was like it was like 25 to 30 rounds. Or something like that right come on I always crap myself on that hole though well I played Sor grass twice and also I've not hit a ball in the water that's all hey there you go it now I just need I just need to match you on this hole that's right it's a little bit of gamesmanship here you know right 99 in hand what about in the hole oh wow what a shot great shot thanks pal hey good job nice that was nice that's impressive I really want to hold this one that was a nice shot into the green played it nice L good distance control ryson's got a slippery one here down the hill it's going to be fast. But he held up really good put on the path three earlier the seventh so I don't want to I don't want to rule him out at all he could easily box this but I need to focus on my put I need to hold mine got like a six-footer all it looks good it looks good it looks good God oh whoa whoa wait wait n there's no way oh my gosh wow literally can't get closer oh no that's a bit frustrating put a good roll on it you put a great roll on it I absolutely thought you had that I did to halfway down I'm like this is another one right here comes Bryson I need to capitalize on this now yeah it's a big moment. For you here this is huge got a new putter right he's got a new putter he was pulling his putts yesterday. So I've been warming up been warming up with it he was just warming up with it. So we'll see how this fares for him a little more pressure this time see if he can conquer it there it is good part boom that was nice thanks thank you very much that feels nice right Seven Up I'm back to 700 ryon's level still lots. And lots and lots can happen. Yet okay Par Four 12th hole just under 400 yards Fairways key looks like there a bit of palm trees. And a bit of water down the right and then.

Trouble down the left so Fairways key W where's that wind just come from sure going to be able to get there I don't if I get I might not get that maintenance vehicle no you'll be fine think come out driver uhoh he's switching it up switching it up I just feel like three was just going to go up. And not go anywhere one soft I don't know looks like it's a water hazard down there doesn't it yeah a little bit of an opportunity here y see that's what it just Rises like crazy. So high yeah that's it well he got lucky again uh. For the sixth time today.

So not that I'm counting or anything but he's definitely had a lot of good breaks today.

Which is what you have to to do to play good golf sometimes you know when I shot 58 I got lucky there was numerous situations where I got lucky. So yeah he's got a clear lie he's 175 yards out into the wind off of pine straw. So see how he manages that but he picks the ball cleanly so it should be fine um he should have an opportunity to make birdie if he hits a good shot difficult into the wind shot though right I got very very very very lucky I did I hit a terrible t- shot not only have I found it I've actually got a lie. And i' I've even got a shot at it I must admit I don't always get get lucky in fact I actually think I'm one of the unluckiest golfers in the world. But today.

I'm riding my luck a little bit um I can just just just see the flag it's 176 yards away I'm going to hit six iron I'm a little bit concerned about this in front of us it might take a little bit of the energy out of it. So I'm just going to hit it as hard as I can see if we can carry it as far as we can up there there you go oh it's a little left though. And short ooh that's going to be interesting it's not bad I'm just a bit worried I'm at a short side of myself over a bunker. But we'll find it and hit it again all right 175 into the wind about 20 yards play 195 I'm just h a full Adar in here oh it's getting killed oh my gosh all right Rick let's see that short game Jesus I mean it's a one in a million shot. Or I play safe if you get this up and down I'll give you a thousand I think you got it I don't I don't honestly don't think I have if I had a bucket of balls I'd fancy my chances. But one shot I like it I mean the the grain's going with me which is a which is a bonus yeah I'm just going to I'm I'm going to take my medicine I would love to play it. But I can only see disaster cuz if they put it in the bunker then.

I've got even a harder shot just going to leave myself on that front edge. And see if we can hold a big putt it's not the player I like to play Bry it's not this is already a two shot penalty with the you how long you're taking no I understand that I get that I get that I'll be quick all right yeah couldn't do couldn't go. For it 42 ft up a three is be 12 15 more feet whoa whoa whoa whoa uhoh it that's not good I thought that was going to be a lot slower than that okay power up from downtown learned a little bit from Bryson's. But not loads so know it's going to be fast. And possibly I think it's going to be sit all right God even that run on a bit left center right here oh my gosh that went left at the end grabed enough it grabbed enough holy crap okay. For bogy PR much dead straight should be all right good part thank you took my medicine nice the yeah 600 play level P okay 13th H par five about 520 yards bit of a blind kind of t-shot certainly. For Bryson I can I probably see where I can land it Bryson's going to go over the bunkers on the right all right driver here see what I can do right over this bunker oh yes if that's not perfect I don't know what is yeah I mean that was as good as I could do right there without going harder. But that'll be nice good ball right I'm going to go down the left hand side well in between the bunkers oh no that right one again you might have bounced back in the Fairway again shut up I don't know about that one I think shut up I think that one might be dead that was a genuine reaction by the way that was a screw you I mean we don't know what's over there I still think there's a chance to find it yeah I'll let provisional provisional oh that's in the that should be I don't know I just don't know what this golf course man I have no idea where anything is see in the what Club do you need probably like a 56 please 56 how much you think I've got a cover you got room over the bunker all right that's out I think yep that's a good shot wow wow only just. But it's the best I could have done right third shot into the par five after chopping out the I'm just going to put it down there. And see if I can get up. And down with a wedge I might laid up a bit too far that's fine yeah should be good you're good all right 165 downwind 10 56 full 45 here feel like that's the play just to put into some context that's a ridiculous Drive Bryson's just hit absolute joke. And actually it pitched and jumped two feet back wow sit a really good shot thank you really nice let me get that I'll take that club get 94 yards we've got to get it up and down here for p just a little 3/4 Sand Wedge go in oh my gosh great shot thanks pal very nice thank you very much there that was nice doing everything I can son of a gun how is this guy putting. For par what the heck that's seven I'm seven grinder nice that was a great shot in there I feel like I've a riding my luck a little bit Bryson's got this nice put. For an eagle three it's what we want to see yep I'm start playing some golf come on for an eagle to get to 200 I've got a put for p which will keep me at six under this could get very very interesting last few holes I feel like we're going to get a very serious Bryon D shamb over the next.

Few holes like he's going to get zoned in do you see much in it yeah it breaks a little bit sorry I'm in my own head doing math don't worry you zone out he's zoning I don't need to interrupt him just let him do his thing let him get Eagle I doesn't break oh God didn't break I thought that was going to break I mean I hit a great pot I hit a good pot dude that was harsh canot believe that didn't break right. For one of the greatest fives greatest PS of my life up the hill tiny bit right to left not load that's frustrating come on biggest powerp of my life drop it in I can just see it dropping in the right front door oh my gosh he made it well that's the way the cookie crumbles on that all that was huge good par good par fight okay par three 14th hole 173 yards pin looks very kind of friendly in the way that there's no real bunkers it could have been tucked right in that left corner it's got a bunker long you don't want to go past it it it looks like a bit of a false front distance control is key scores on the doors I'm 6 under Bryson is one under five shots of it how am I doing today.

H not my best i' got a TI in I think it's just a nice one it's going have to carry a lot that's going to be sticky that is not where I want to miss it left not a good shot yeah they weren't the best shots we've ever had no not our not our best attempts H oh well it's frustrating cuz it's the first time where the pins look accessible yeah it is. But but the other time just a bad swing on my part been like tued in the cor and stuff very difficult I had the right distance too son of a gun all right I'm going to go first 15 yards up here little into the grain got to hit a good shot here wow little afraid of chunking it with the green. But got a parp putt not to my best misjudge there shouldn't have missed that shot left actually looks like it's in old an old bunker divot as well okay tricky little shot I really got to land this a yard out the bunker. And let it roll down the hill come on time to pull off an incredible shot ah ah needed to be more delicate a lot more I'm going to knock this in man got to shoot three 400 par at least on this golf course it's a tricky Golf Course though I tell you that it's it's no uh no joke it's definitely Championship style course that's why you see some weird shots that we're Hing today.

It's not anything more than that good test to golf which is what I like usually. But being a little rusty with the offseason it's just is what it is we'll see what he does here Ah that's frustrating just got it too clean I needed to be aggressive to get the speed to get it up. But I just caught it a fraction too clean again I would love to chip this but I am going to put it damage limitation I need to make two from here can't afford not to go up. And down ah idiot should have chipped it but tried to go with what I felt more comfortable with made a few little hashes around the PA 3es big put now for bogey up the hill right to left come on come on knock it in all right that is a very disappointing double very easy path three really ah down all right I got 9 ft here should be going left to right I got to make this have to make it should be breaking 3 in oh my gosh dude wow that's not good folks we've not been good on this hole at all I was disappointed double. For me bogey for Bryson puts him back to level I am now four under four shots in it only four should be three or two but you know could have easily be three or two okay 15th hole four to play four shots hit it 348 yards. But a lot of trouble down there Bron sitting six great shot nice fight hit it wind all right thought that might get in the bunker I believe I'm short okay I want to hit it similar shot to Bry I'm going to four iron Leave myself in the fway yep good ball very nice thank you okay second shot into this part four 145 yards I'm just going to hit a little just a little little little N9 iron get Just a Touch into wind probably just a full nine iron actually get up all right good shot yeah a bit squeezy that's a good shot though going make something happen now put yourself in a nice spot there yeah I think. So see what we can do just uh it's little bit late 15 Hole uh chicken. And bacon wrap review incredible like truly incredible um probably the best chicken and wrap I may have ever had so it's a 10 out of 10 standard right come on Bryson stick it close not my best squeeze that as well I was into the grain lie look at that. So I was trying to like pinch down. And I just pushed it great distance though no I'm hey are you kidding me I'm fine with that I have no issues look at these pins dude that's awesome this is a proper test of golf today.

I will say that we're not showing our best today.

That's. For sure but we're getting through it we are getting through it it's one of those things you're not always going to be on. But you got to give it your best effort no matter what that's the goal in this game of golf cuz if you give your best effort. And you learn a little bit you're going to be better. For the next.

Time or you should be at least that's the way I would think. For 70 or% of this put it's right to left and then.

It actually straightens out let's give it a nice look up the hill then.

Once it gets over the brow like I say it's going to flatten out come on bounce back birdie is what I want oh I've whacked it hit the flag absolutely what the hell has happened there oh real real I don't know what's happened really just messed that up let's put good speed on this one oh come on come on Wow it looked good. For so long a good roll jeez put some good rolls on there golf ball today.

That looks absolutely in the middle this is either going in. Or six foot past I'll take the six foot past so annoyed that last fault cuz six feet past he just runs right over the hole so it's a win-win for me if he actually does that oh my gosh that was a good roll I thought he made it I was like well he made another one can't believe why did I hit that first fo. So hard wow all right wow three in it three to play damn why did I hit that foot. So bloody hard pressure baby pressure 16th hole 320 yards play a little bit shorter than that today.

Just cuz kind of Target line directs. For pin Bryson's got the big dog out and he's going. For it into Breeze a touch see what we can do oh it smoked dra offline down sit down oh I pulled that. But oh God it was smoked that's all right good Miss okay I'm going to go three iron l back off from there just got to draw it away from that water stop sit that should be fine yeah nice shot safe enough very nice kept it dry. For now it's getting tense down the straight oh yeah three to go it is uh three in it. And I didn't want to miss that one right I wanted to you know get it up there and have a good chance to make birdie uh you played back there you got a nice little wedge in your wedge game has been Stellar so I got a man that pin's short left oh my goodness this might be near impossible actually for me again sometimes that long driver gets you in trouble okay 98 yards to the flag pins at the front uh we just got to put one in there nice. And close I'm going to hit a full Sand Wedge there's a little bit of Breeze up there. But I don't think it's going to affect it too much I can probably hit this Fuller than full. And get it to stop quick this is oh sh oh no grab the piece of green you absolute idiot where do I drop uh I think you drop right there oh you idiot in the back of my mind it was in there. But I was trying to push it back yeah wow door has opened really has I want to roll this up I think I have to do that I don't think a 60 is going to be yeah oh my God how did that stop like that all right I don't know what to say that's I did not expect that to be that soft I mean literally I hit that within a yard of what I was trying to accomplish wow that's some that's just not knowing the C okay I'm not going to say that I keep saying it. But that's wild to me I would have expected that to be a lot better ah oh well wow I mean what am I doing you had it what am I doing okay. So after my loose second shot found the water about to take a drop here this is. For par right to left all right wow still went a bit yeah right well well executed in yep not the best yeah knock it in that's. For bogy yep oh silly 98 yards in making a bogy damn right two in it two to play out you know I'm actually feeling pretty good I just don't okay that is. So weird so those palm trees on the left see those light brown palm trees that's 311 to get to there and then.

The bunker how far do you think the bunker is in front of it I can't say where you're looking sorry the light palm trees yeah on the left just right of the bunker yeah that's 311 what do you think the bunker is about 280 270 no it's 250 I mean my brain is definitely thrown in circles there. But yeah I think you can go straight down that line yeah it looks like there's water obviously on the left hand side as you get down there right come on then.

Two to go power five a yes that's it I mean that's exactly where I'm looking guys it should be pretty good you have a pitch in my gym from there yeah really good right let's see a good one come on follow that need to find a good drive I'm going to go over that bunker on the right too get left get left I don't know I'm going to hope it opens up it should it looks like it should you never know what this golf course though no I know okay I uh just stayed just stayed safe thankfully right got 225 yards left in I'm actually going to go. For it I'm going to are you really yeah I am I'm going to go. For it down that right hand side I've got four right in I think if I absolutely nut this all right let's see a good one ma'am I'm actually rooting. For you I want you to I appreciate that I knew you would be I'm going to go with that boogie in the background. And just draw it off that and put it in the middle of the green knock it in for Eagle that looks good so bad stop I think it's dry 181 little downwind this is where I got to make a move right here guys play this 8 down wind 72 just under a full be good looks really good all right just a little left sit sit sit that spun a lot that spun a lot a lot all right thought that was a lot better than that. But all good a little off of a side slope too by the way so that just made it draw overdraw just a fraction more okay I actually thought my second shot was all right making disaster this last bit it apparently just dropped over this ledge look at this apparently just dropped over. And pled in the water ah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah right I have to take a drop from here that's what I needed in order to to win this challenge he's uh he's fighting hard though he's really fighting hard. And um I mean I'm playing fine you know even par hopefully shoot one. Or two under today.

Up. And down for p right has got an eagle put coming up oh that's a great shot though good effort yeah just pitched it a bit too far damn got hold that. For par sorry about this everyone making a bit of a mess up here AR I I had him still not over yet but damn all righty guys this is a gigantic putt here it's a big eagle put p oh I left the short again that was line too dang left to right a little bit down the hill that's it's pretty level it's left to right come on. For a PA after finding the water it's going to be a big put just need it to drop straight in the front door oh that's a great effort dude great effort I feel like it caught too much of the hole not to have gone in that was a good roll should be left Center here yeah well done m there we go good birdie thanks all right. For bogy two shot swing and to level the match all right all square all square going to 18 Jesus Christ wow one to go both one on the par I didn't expect it to actually go all the way to 18 I didn't know which way it was going to go. But no no wow well it's 275 there's water up up the right hand side all the way. And trees and stuff left for's going to leave me should leave me around 150 yards in that's all I want to do here yes that should be good yeah that was nice oh such a good ball fly take that any day of the week really good thanks again that's the nice part about the irons I have I get this thing 250. And I have 150 in you know right straight at the USA flag see a good drive here partner slightly less if not come on finish strong give myself a good chance yeah see we make birdie oh beautiful that's a way to clutch up go get past my ball well it's the best Drive of it in about three days. So I'll take that every day right that was a great drive under pressure that's impressive I know I needed it good drive thanks man right 153. So it's going to play about 1 57 winds off the left playing just under a 10:30 pitching wedge. For me got to hit this close here that's a little bit of a side slope here too so got to factor that in oh be good oh it looks really be good be good okay oh here he is that's how he finish there when it matters when it matters what a shot thank you jeez well done man let's go baby let's go it's huge that is really really good you give me a marker to try. And get closer Dan but that is a really really good shot 143 you got that yeah something's going to happen here Bryson something is something's going toen you know I missed my alarm this morning. And I haven't done that in probably over a decade since I was in college. And so when I woke up I was in a complete days. And I felt like something really interesting was going to happen today.

Well this is it I think it is 143 yards adrenaline's pumping I'm going to go full pitching wedge ride it on the wind going to aim at your ball. And let it just drift back in come on Rick this is it does ever time to hold one this is it wind wind wind that looks good too oh sit sit sit I'm I'm happy with it I I honestly thought the wind was going to drift it I thought. So too it's just nothing was up there you see the flag it's moving. But oh that was a great shot though dude give ourselves a a chance that's all I needed under the pressure it's a great shot yeah thanks pal well this is the moment we've all been waiting. For he's got to Puff for birdie we're tied he's got to make this pretty much to have a chance um again I haven't made very many putts today.

So I really have to focus in on this one and make a good stroke we'll see how this turns out okay here we go. For birdie if I box this if I box this it puts the pressure right back on him this is a tiny bit left to right. But a tiny bit not a lot at all oh my the perfectly straight po come on it's up the hill see it going in come on. For birdie he made a good [Music] putt oh [Music] oh hey great pot very [Laughter] nice son of a gun all right what a great read what a great putt thank you nice birdie in the last all the pressure's on me now wow Bry said needed that I needed that in a big way I just know Bryson's going to hold is left Center should just be a left Center putt that's what we all live. For right here come on got this on the left Edge so it's an 8f footer it 6 feet should go in woo let's go a I knew it I absolutely knew it what a way to Finish Well Done man wanted you to all that I didn't lose thank goodness You' have been the first one to lose but I think that now means we definitely have to run it back another time we're going to do the chip off no I'm kidding I'm kiding we have to do full 18 again I can't wait to play with you again it'll be a lot of fun that was class guys make sure you like. And subscribe that was uh all square through 18 holes you shot 200 in the end two two under. So I was technically eight over. So still 200 under on the technical scorecard so yeah all square we'll run it back another time thank you again awesome appr. And be sure to subscribe to Bryson's Channel he's doing some great stuff and you don't want to miss it see you next.

Time wow what a Jurassic ending that was great awesome that was great wow that was awesome that was great.