All right guys this is going to be a fun video three holes here in Florida with illegal. And wacky golf clubs now you've seen me hit these legal clubs before so I brought in the talent of this man Bryson the shampo now Bryson I've not shown you any of these wacky clubs just yet so we're going to play three holes a part. For an incredible part three which is island green here at Trump National. And then.

We're going to play part five the first hole you ready I'm excited this is the club you're going to be teaming off with are you kidding. So this is the smallest faced driver in the world it's effectively a training aid which is supposed to help just hit the sweep spot. But it's absolutely tiny once you crush this hopefully down the middle you've then.

Got these two clubs to use to finish the rest of the hole and I've got a little surprise for you on the putting green which is even crazier you got pretty much a 79 it a time really. And then.

A 52 gap wedge okay can you make can you shoot I mean if you shoot level path through three holes using these golf clubs I'll probably just use these. For the rest of my tournament life so kicking things off he's going with this club that is absolutely tiny yeah I mean there's a lot smaller surface area here. So I got to be right on point I can't be Towing it that much not much forgiveness here right then.

Pal P four 436 yards not an easy hole I actually like the feeling of the head though feels like I'm swinging a Speed Stick almost does it not feel weird as well cuz you use no regular be wild. But let's see what I shoot today.

Cuz Bry normally uses these massive jumbo grips he's got this little well normal grip on I'm used to holding big things like that. So that's what she [Laughter] said what the hell get over just get over oh my God I I mean that's okay that was very I didn't want to miss it right I smoked that right in the middle you have to yeah that was class all right Bryson's h a really good t-shirt there found the Fairway with that tiny little Club between you me the the driver I've got in store. For him on the final hole is ridiculous you're not going to want to miss him hitting that yeah that's a size difference little less forness let me take that that oversized wedge out your hands pitching wedge is 40°. So there's a little less than that it's close to a nine iron for me how far am i 148 so I'm actually just going to go if like is that going to go too far. But 52 I can't I can't my 52 that far like a 50° I might be able to let me I'm at 52 that far I don't know I'm going to have to hook this okay I can get it over the tree though which is nice okay. So 148 down wi 10 138 come on then.

Bryson from four 148 yards all right wind provide me a sale please this thing needs to gety up I can't see it oh it's really good it's really really good get that ball oh phenomenal let's go B let's go I can't believe that that is phenomenal Bryson's at a wonderful second shot there he's just left himself a really good look at birdie however. he's going to use this to see if he can hold it okay what putter do you have. For me or what thing do you have. For me it wouldn't surprise me if you've tried something like this in the past was it f on oh wait wait wait. So this is a putter okay the I yeah basically like almost like a shuffle board oh my gosh are you kidding it would surprise me you've never tried this before well yeah I mean I've done it where I've just drag the putter on the ground the whole way that way. But I've definitely putted face on I've done that before so am I right in saying what the because you don't have to stand across it you can actually stand to the side of it. But I I think what makes this illegal you're not allowed to drag the putter along the floor I don't think you can drag the putter along the ground cuz I've actually asked. And inquired for like chipping you know how the cheap have the yps or whatever if you just rake it and even if you take a little backstroke and you drop it and then.

You rake it they said it's still illegal cuz you're contacting the ground. For a longer duration than a normal strike would really it really is I don't know it's something along those lines. But my gosh this is perfect oh was like this is cheating right this is cheating tap that wow that's. So weird to tap down it's like tapping it down like that I'm going do my process four 12 feet it should be easy to line up huh what don't you think it should be this is pretty straight right yeah I've got it's pretty straight yeah maybe a little right to left oh this looks good you can stand however. you want that's weird okay I'm just going to go like this you ready come on Bryson knock it in steady is it that's really easy to line up by the way oh I pushed it. And it went a bit long that was hard that's not easy all right let's see if I can get this though yeah good P what a par how mad is that PO I'll take impossible it actually impossible to hit it straight on right got a great path three coming up next.

I'm down okay. For my next.

Trick we got this Bryson this is a wedge with no grooves I've done this before actually you hit a couple uh wedges no grooves I actually think the spin well it does still spin conditions yes I know this from a physics perspective in dry conditions this works really well when there's no interaction between grass. And the ball if it's just ball to face this actually can spin more it can over spin. But in any adverse conditions this thing will knuckle like you cannot believe. So if it's wet grass or wet ball or wet CL face or you hit it something and grass comes in between the ball and the face it's over oh really yeah impossible this hole is a phenomenal hole. For this it's a path Tre island green replica of basically the TPC s grass uh how far was it to the pin 120. But I got a I got move this so I'm going to give it a little lower Loft here give myself a chance to get it there should be fine trying to throw it past it spin it back with a grooveless wedge with a grooveless wedge what is my life fly Pelican oh I got no chance oh there we go it's on the green it's on the green my goodness that's a Sunday pin yeah well no that's me going after it look where I actually marked the ball like like hit up here. Or something yeah this is not not efficient I'll not I think it's going to be interesting using that shuttle I got this the P from all the way back there I got it this thing just trickled out uh you know a yard yard. And a half yeah it definitely has an influence do it oh yeah. But I'll tell you I actually almost like this spin rate better than what I have because it just stays right around its its area yeah. But if it's downwind I don't know that's a brutal that's brutal right then.

If you can do something with this putter when I reviewed it I mentioned that it didn't slide on the grass as well as I'd like it to obviously I was testing in Manchester UK on these type of greens it does Glide. So the next.

Version that they actually sent was a putter with wheels on it to help it roll better right come on then.

You know what I kind of feel this one. For some reason I see it all right 48 ft here we go take a couple practice strokes just soft and delicate with the hand you know stop breaking stop breaking start breaking St breaking okay that's great speed though that is very good from there that is honestly that's class that's funny this to stay level PA through two with the PA five final hole coming up nice yeah that was silky smooth right there next.

Time Bryson plays he's pulling out one of these Putters oh brilliant I couldn't come all the way to America spend time with this man without bringing this the Hammer X oh you're driving the world you know this the world's longest driver now at the moment Bryson no word of a lie I've struggled to hit this 450 yards I don't know what it is I don't know you know you think that the holes in the face to allow air to actually go straight through the face. And come out the hole at the back it's elongated what are we trying to make a whistle it does whistle oh really it's elongated bottom to top. And even this isn't a round shaft it's got a flat this is the fastest shaft in the world all right just give me it shouting boom is optional. But I think also this situation it's probably mandatory all right I'm going to swing hard this got high. And you've got to absolutely kill it all right let's see what I got I'm still trying to break par right so I'm not just gimmick it like I'm I'm actually trying to break break par with this wacky stuff all right I'm I'm going to give it a nice whack just do a practice swing. For me first just to get the feel listen to The [Laughter] Whistle no judgment no judgment Hey listen judgement free zone oh my gosh boom I went straight absolutely crushed it I give that a 7.2 just out of Interest I think everyone's going to want to see just grab your driver let let's see let's see how much further it goes than this. Or it I striped that in the middle wow driver just for just for fun in games let's see how far Bry can actually his own driver. And I'm going to hit this one good all right let's see nice we'll see what's longer Hammer X oh with the crank it goes to show you guys whatever works. For you man like if it makes you get it straight and goes far and does what you want it to do by all means buy what you need to get to make you play your best golf doesn't always need to be you know certain name brands hold on something's not had enough P Bron the maths don't seem to be work cuz you kind of crank driver's about 35 yards further on yeah I would say that the crank driver definitely went a lot further than this not to shoot anybody it's just more of all right hey look if somebody's more comfortable with that driver I'm more comfortable with it um. But yeah my driver goes farther. For sure I mean that might be the longest anyone has ever hit a Hammer X drive you can get there with that oh yeah uh 36° yeah absolutely are you kidding me. So that's like my nine iron little down slope I'm going to swing out of this world on this. But I can get there watch power five second shot slingshot engaged oh no that's there it just went left that was there too little Groove wedge from there I think what's what's hard Bryson at that speed to try. And genuinely hit the middle of the face flexing like that too he's going way left that's okay to try. And hit the middle of the club face yeah that's not easy well this is this is a challenge. So 20 yards into grain the grass is gr towards well basic away from the hole shot over bunker grooveless wedge rather than you than me pal rather you than me no grooves no nothing no hope. But no. But only one result straight greatness greatness right here buddy oh I did it that's really good oh my gosh let's go that is ridiculous what the hell how have you played that I no look there's a grass Mark there. So normally the grass would go in the grooves and you get a better strike there's nowhere for that grass to go so so just just compresses against the face and it Knuckles and has no Spin. And there's literally no bounce on that no it's a it's a butter knife wow that honestly that one of the most impressive shots I've seen from that situation with that club. And he's got a four foot of a birdie right come on Bryson okay. For biran to shoot one on the path through these three holes using illegal wacky wacky all sorts of golf clubs mhm this is a 5. And 1 half footer yep five and a half feet gosh I'm good at looking at that sometimes done it for 15 years so might should be pretty good this is going to break a couple inches here partner come on. So finish the video one under through three yes yes that's big time what a that was class guys be sure to like. And subscribe be checking out Bryson on his YouTube channel he's releasing some killer stuff and uh who knows next.

Year you might be seeing this on the golf course Sur you've tried everything else I'm surprised you not tried that we'll see you next.

Time peace out.