All right guys it's the start of new Drive review season we're kicking things off with the brand new Callaway AI smoke paradig driver claiming to be one of the most forgiving drivers Callaway have ever made this driver has the capabilities of hitting my longest shot this [Music] year [Music] so as you can see in this bag are the new Callaway Paradigm AI smoke driver quite a cool name actually I've got three there's actually four in the lineup I'll come to the fourth in a moment in this review I've already tested these drivers out on the golf course I can't wait to share what I found out in the course before hitting them here in the hit studio. And getting some data on the launch monitor so the big story about these drivers is they are sweeter from every spot. So let's have a look under the head covers these are the three drivers I've got in the bag at the moment. So we've got a Max version which is actually the standard version this has got a movable weight at the back which you can put more into draw more into fade this is the driver that's going to be suited to the majority of golfers then.

You've got the Max D this driver is again. For maximum forgiveness but it's more of a draw byas driver to help those slices out there and then.

Finally there's a triple diamond edition low spin monster for your better players who really hit the middle of the club face in this review I test all of the three drivers the other driver is a Max fast which again is designed. For maximum forgiveness but it's a lighter shaft lighter grip aim really for a slower swing speed so I've not got that driver to review so what's the story what's new well there's three main points first off all about the club face they've used AI technology again to create the smartest Club face ever made using Real Player data they've measured thousands of golf swings they've measured Club speed strike location also the actual angle of the face as it comes in in to hit the ball and with all of that data they've managed to create an AI smart face which is to optimize launch conditions. And B flights for every type of go alha that's quite exciting okay. For this next.

One I'm actually going to read it cuz it's uh somewhat confusing. But the premise is to make it more forgiving. So they're using micro deflections to create multiple sweet spots so with AI smartface technology micro deflections are activated upon impact helping to optimize launch. And spin this is the important bit on off centered hits to result in sweet spots not just in the center. But all AC cross the face so basically it's more forgiving that's that's the big big story that this driving face is creating more forgiveness. And in the last bit they've created a lighter carbon chass 15% lighter distributed that weight around again to help with that forgiveness story to help with speed aerodynamics just to make it the best new calorie driver they've ever made Let's see if that's actually the case pricewise they're coming in this year $569 per driver pretty pricey but a lot of drivers are in that kind of price range now um of kind of 500 600 it's not the most expensive driver being released this year wait. For that review coming soon all right guys it's giveaway time I'm going to give away a brand new Callaway AI smoke driver to one of you guys watching all you've got to do is leave a like. And a comment on this video And subscribe to the channel and one lucky winner will be picked to win an AI smoke driver of their choice good luck everyone. And enjoy the rest of the video so that's all the Spiel done but how are these drivers actually performing well on a recent trip I took these drivers away with me. And tested them thoroughly first off on the driving range with some initial hitting of all three models and I really want to look for looks sound feel I'm not didn't have any launch on todaya we're going to do that here in the studio first off looks I genuinely think these drivers stunning I remember when I first first saw him I was like I really like the finish of this driver certainly this kind of mockel almost marble effect on the chass underneath on the carbon underneath looks really really really good I like the color way I like this kind of darker gray the blue it's very classy I actually really like it on the crown we've got this really almost kind of um Infinity esque Crown where it almost just drips. And feeds over every single edge round the kind of toe back and heel um of this kind of carbon Crown it is a shiny carbon Crown it's a little bit kind of shiny when it's in the Sun. But still looks really good and I love this contrast between that front edge as well feel wise and soundwise they linked quite closely together the sound of these drivers this year is phenomenal it's a real crunch like when you hit it it's such a satisfying sound in fact it reminds me of one of my favorite ever calor drivers the original epic driver it sounds. And feels very similar to that a real crunch a real good hit real solid kind of you know when you've made good connection just on initial hits even on off-centered strikes I definitely felt like there was still very very strong performance in the max model. And the Max D model which is that draw by Drive I promise you I don't think I've ever hit shots more left in my life which is a good thing if you slice it that driver that D maxd really made the ball go more left the triple diamond is a monster I'm excited to test it on launch mon today.

Cuz when I was hitting that I felt like every single driver was going miles down the down the driving range the next.

Thing I did I want to take these drivers out in the golf course just in a bit more of a real scenario. So again I tested all three drivers and it was quite interesting actually the one I personally was more gravitating towards was the max Drive ahead it gave me the most level of forgiveness. And very strong distance triple diamond is definitely longer there's no question about it I hit a few driver shots out in the golf course. And I would say just on in the golf course scenario probably 10 yards maybe even 15 yards further I can't wait to see if that transpires on the launch moner as well the other thing with the triple diamond off centered hits if you didn't quite strike it right there was definitely a drop off in performance. So even though the big story this year is forgiveness in that triple diamond one again that's more. For your Elite player your better player and also with the triple diamond you've got two movable weights a 2 G weight and a 14 G weight if you put the 14 G weight more towards the front it's a low spin monster put it in the back it gives a little bit more forgiveness but not loads that's the only really adjustability with the triple diamond so I've done the IAL hitting out on the golf course testing but now is the real test on the GC quad launch monster here in the hit Studio what do the numbers look like. For these three drivers well I'm excited to find out myself um just a quick note I'm putting all of the driver heads in 9° standard neutral um. And I've got them all exactly the same shaft this is the the the narly 60 g x flex shaft. So it's going to be a real good head-to-head uh just a quick side note more head-to-heads this against maybe all the future drivers that might be coming out in the next.

Few weeks will all be coming out on the hit Channel soon I know there's not been many videos on there recently they'll be coming again in 2024. So let's kick things off let's see what the uh AI smoke this is the max head has to offer [Music] okay. So that's the max driver done some very interesting shots in there let's move over to the max D next.

Cu that's one I honestly think if you're a slicer this might really interest this next.

[music] one okay. So that one that one's an extreme one that might have been me drawing it SL hooking it then.

With this driver but I I swear on the golf course when I was testing it it was going. So far left right let's uh let's see if we can get some better ones than [Music] that [Music] okay as you can see there from the first few shots very very left I'm going to let try. And slice this one because obviously I it a little bit left anyway now it's just going. So far left let's see if I can purposely a big slice. And see what happens with this driver [Music] that in my feelings then.

That should have sliced way off to the right and even that's finished left of Target line funny cuz visually you can't see how it's doing it it's magic inside the AI smoke all right ladies and gentlemen hold on to your hats because Triple Diamond time and I'm going to be brave there's two weights in this I mentioned before a 14 gr. And a 2 G weight I put the 14 g at the front the lowest spin setting still 9° Loft um I think this has got possibilities of hitting one of longest drives I hit this year. But I could also potentially miss the simulator screen maybe not that bad but either way um on this head shape it is different head shape the Max. And the maxd are. So similar it's hard to even distinguish between the two this head shape is slightly smaller it's 450 CC just a little bit smaller just a little bit more compact around the edge as well it's deeper f. And just a little bit less from front to back um I think a lot of very very good players will put this in the bag cuz I actually really think this could be a a hard to beat driver this year. For distance that's my prediction let's see actually what the numbers look like let's go weight forward same shaft Triple Diamond AI smoke oh I didn't quite catch it oh that's annoying that might still go a long way I did not hit that well. And that's still done very very good right let's hit a few [Music] more [Music] 318 I'm enjoying hitting that okay last shot this driver has the capabilities of hitting my longest shot this year let's see what it can do come on oh that could be huge go ball what the hell okay finally the numbers are in I've been you know I've really enjoyed testing these drivers this year I do think the Paradigm AI smoke lineup is very very solid uh. But numbers wise let's look into it starting off with Max now if you've been a long time viewer the channel you know that my normal carry distance is around about 280 yards of carry 160 mph ball speed there. And thereabouts and around about 2,000 to 2 and a half thousand RPM spin so I want to always match that it's not better the max driver the first thing to look at is carry distance 283 yards solid 305 yards of total distance 2,200 spin almost perfect what's intriguing there I'm actually a little bit low on ball speed. And to be fair Club head speed pretty much all through this testing my club head speed was averaging 108 M hour an objective to mine to increase that this year 108 mil per hour. So to get those numbers from 108 mph Club speed I am delighted with I really am moving into the maxd you pretty much saw me the shot that hereit it goes so far left it really does. But what's interesting it doesn't look it behind the balls I mentioned but still very strong numbers 275 car distance a little bit more spin uh a little bit down on ball speed but probably because I tried to that Big Slice but definitely if you want to H left that's one to explore and then.

The triple diamond I was. So excited about bringing this into the studio today.

Because I honestly saw on the golf course it went further than these other two drivers did we see those numbers in the studio yes maybe not as big a jump as I expected to see. But carried it 287 yards so four yards longer and 309 yards again four yards longer on the golf course I did see signs it went longer. And you saw even the last shot I hit there went 320 yards total distance so if I hit that compared to an average Max well then.

Yeah it's gone 15 yards further spin rate pretty much exactly same 2,200 ball speed a tiny bit faster with AI smoke Triple Diamond Callaway good job solid driver lineup 570 quid I mean the price they really are are they much different to the last year's Paradigm probably not. But very very strong driver lineup guys thanks for watching stay tuned lots more to come see you next.

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