So we get to see every day some of the best players in the world playing tournament golf on some of the best most prestigious golf courses in the world as you know they shoot ridiculous scores in the 60s close to 65 most of the time but what can a topro what can one of the best players in the world shoot around a normal golf course on a cold wet day here in manchester well today.

We're gonna find out now the player up. For the task today.

Is sam horsfield one of the best players in the world [Music] thank you thank you thanks. For having me it's exciting it's exciting because we're going to play golf course you've actually never played before never been on property this is my home golf course marriott worsley park. And off the tees we're playing off today.

We're not going to go off the championship teams we're going to go off the normal white tees. And today.

It's probably playing around about 6 500 yards okay par 71 now a golf course you playing tournament play what's the normal length of a tour course probably between 7074 i'd say. So this is this is it's like considerably shorter yeah um yeah we we're making some birdies today.

That's. For sure you light the sun so give us a realistic target what are you aiming. For um we'll go for 65. 65 today.

Imagine having that confidence to stand on the first tee of a golf course you've never played before. And just going yeah i reckon i can do 65. we'll give it a go okay i'm excited about this first of all part four i'm gonna give you a bit of guidance as we play. But i'm not gonna kind of give you loads and loads of advice because i want it to be sam's authentic score he's trolling his own bag i mean we are proper slum in it today.

Buddy i don't even think i have a range finder doesn't even have a range finder [Laughter] you see caddy right yeah i know yeah i don't even have one of those this this could be bad by the way this one it's it's been a few days. And he's already thrown excuses out which i don't i'm not having at all he said it's been a few days since he's hit a ball. And no warm-ups no warm-up no warm-up oh that is perfect that is ridiculous hold on a minute he's literally just rocked up here 15-20 minutes ago hit a few puts on the foot in green look at the smile on his face it's gonna be a good day do you ever ever know it sounds like a daft question thanks gents like do you ever feel nervous at all i wouldn't say nervous um i definitely think that you're aware of situations that are going on. But but there then.

Were you nervous no not even no i didn't even consider it the putting greens filled with golfers. For a normal average golfer but for me as a normal kind of golfer such i'd be terrified in that t-shirt but you just blocked it all out and smashed it down the middle yeah well. And you are going to go low yeah we play in front of a lot more you know we're. So you know you're so used to it so it's just like one of those things but it must have been weird because obviously you probably hit the scene of tour playing in front of loads of people yeah then.

Obviously had 2020 in a bit of 2021 without fans yeah. But then.

Obviously they're back again yeah i know it's wentworth a few weeks ago was our first week with full fans back yeah. And that was i think it was a hundred thousand there. And just the atmosphere just to have people back and you know the they're so excited to be back it's just epic i love that epic stuff. So yeah well this already i can sense it's a very easy filming day. For me because i'm not hit any shots and if you carry on like that this golf course is going to get destroyed that looks good that looks good oh that is absolutely awesome stone dead first hole stone dead go on stop knock it in start strong see much in it yeah just outside right okay a little right to left uphill [Music] this is good this four is good one on the three one they're through one is it is it an easy game when you're this good at golf comes here driver flick with a wedge to 10 foot well 12 foot probably knocks it in. For birdie sam horsefield one under second hole sam what we're going with um send it send it a little draw driver down there get it as close as possible to the green you're literally going to hit driver almost everybody yeah i'm going to drive around every hole i can yeah that is fine maybe left rough. But it's fine tell you what you don't get that on tour do you some a dog a little dog dog crossing a little dog just mosey on past now this is even becoming more authentic it's a little bit cold. And it's raining in manchester shock shock yeah you don't get this out in sunny florida no no right a little flick to screen probably only about 50 odd jars 60 yards max out of the rough that looks very nice though oh that's ridiculous you couldn't have done much better from there sam you couldn't have done much better from there that was close thank you really good i'm not sure if i'd have even hit the green yeah again i think under underestimate how good that shot was downhill slope in the rough bunker to travel tight pin. And that is really he's done unbelievable from there the back-to-back bird is to start a dream start this would be [Music] oh god not even close gave it too much too much respect better putt [Music] easy cleanup stays at one on the path oh it's killing it this is badass. But you'll see on the path three in a minute or when you when you consume fights oh god they'll be all right you're taking the shortcut come in a little bit no come in a little bit okay. So first miss green here from sam i bet he's looking to hold this go not bad took his teeth in very nice thank you thank you thank you one seventy four uh eight iron one slightly off the right so back pin it's gotta suit your shot shapes out stay stay sip yeah good. For distance okay come on [Music] okay sam. So we're four holes in at the moment how do you think you're getting on okay we are doing okay. So far not my best stuff um one under three four but got two par fives here to go so um looking to make up some ground realistic score for the front nine four under 400 is four under two part fives we've got a chance here we go oh yeah it's the tiger line. For sure should we write that all right sam let's see what you got from here okay oh that's pretty good it was close yeah you know what that wasn't far away no it wasn't hollywood. But it wasn't a disaster we got caught in the rough as the rain starts to smash down as well i was thinking that you'd be annoyed with that shot would you have where you played it from well it was sort of a shot to nothing like that was what was going to happen if it didn't come out. So yeah you didn't put yourself in any more day that's a good thing okay back left pin 140 wedge pitching wedge okay take a little off of it you can fly it all the way out here okay come on get on that top tier. And don't spin too much don't spin ah we're not off to a great start here we gotta we gotta we got some ground to make [Music] travel travel so what happens when you're not playing on greens at a tall speed all the time [Music] right come on sam give it a rip little dog leg left hand side yeah that's good a little bit more yeah you'll be able to get on in two from there yeah all right short right be fine [Music] all right come on sam to get two under [ Music] nice it's more like it here we go boys oh come on travel a little bit. And then.

Don't spin don't spin spin in very nice thank you that was pretty good that was pretty good i mean this is pretty horrible weather side hi this is not florida this isn't one this is as real as it can get it is. But hey we're out here having fun so stop breaking oh not drops i know about oh that looks so good for so long [Music] take a path you know what's interesting here's some obviously the weather's getting pretty bad now like if you had a caddy in a situation like this how it's so helpful right it's yeah um yeah he'd be standing over my ball holding the umbrella over my ball. And um you know when when water gets on the golf ball it makes a massive difference it you know it takes off spin and it can send it either direction. So um and they're just keeping every towel yeah just keeping everything dry you know we keep three four towels in the bag on a rainy day the glove goes under the umbrella. So it just makes everything way way more easy to keep dry and stuff as you can see i'm really prepared. For the rain today.

But i mean again i want it's nice because this is this is real life this is what golfers are watching this video will encounter all the time yeah like terrible weather it's cold you don't get a caddy looking after you like this it's as real as we can get it eighth hole par four slight dog leg little three wood off the tee that is brilliant yeah that's brilliant playing one four two pin one four two pin okie dokie. And it's one of those bat pins again where you've gotta get it gotta get it back get it all the way back there pitching wedge yeah keep it left of the pin okay. And get it as far back okay literally the back of the green is 150 okay. Or short and right how's that doing uh it's got to travel go don't spin it's okay not my bestest that's my bestest all right come on stop up the hill a little left little right to left yeah it's pretty straight it's not far off yeah it strains out at the hole huh yeah get it there [Music] get it there sam flag out you all right yeah fly it's fine [Music] yep it's okay oh go on go hold that line go jump don't spin that's all that's okay close yeah that's okay right sam currently two on the par through eight holes this is to hit the turn this is to go three on the path through nine which i think would be on track in these conditions i mean it's to be fair it's exceptional in these conditions come on sam left to rider left to right up the hill let's finish the front nine in style let's get to three on the par break oh you're joking me wow that wasn't looking you know what let me just get a quick summary now after nine holes there you've shot two on the par genuinely how do you feel about that score that was yeah not not my best golf um it's crazy that yeah. But nine more to go so so do you reassess your value like your scores now because we said 66 at the start that's what five under yep still doable yeah it's doable well we're going to keep it at that we're going. For that we're going. For that expect lots of birds on the back yeah what's mad again if i was playing in these conditions all of the elements are against it's cold it's wet it's raining the greens react differently you know if i was shooting level par one. Or two over i'd probably be quite happy sam's two under and he's not particularly happy which is just a different mindset it's an exceptional mindset see the bunker on the right yeah nail it over that with driver okay sounds good to me it's going to complicate it then..

But it doesn't need complicated i forgot i forgot that you're pretty good driver okay batman starts here loads of birdies that's what we want sam back nine on sunday. But friday high another cold wet friday in manchester keep coming keep coming keep going keep going keep drawing yeah it should be all right that bud if it's long enough that should be okay well we've had better starts to back nines oh well that was us thinking it was all rosy oh dear through there you'll see a little golf ball just in the tree what's your option here sam um we're just gonna give it a whack out that way okay hola is an incredible wacko by absolutely unbelievable that's pretty good sam thanks that was hectic in there escape looking forward to the shot sam kate take one bounce first [Laughter] that would have been one of the burdens you've ever seen very nice you know what out of all the golf you've played today.

Thank you that hole has impressed me the most thank you out of position off the tee great recovery incredible wedge shot what's off with her keeps the momentum exactly keep the momentum going oh go on go on [Music] [Music] come on you got a line there we got a lot of good pork ah first mistake from sam there really first bogey of the round it's interesting off the tee it's like 211 yards. And he went for six iron you just admitted after if his caddy was here mick you'd probably hit fire iron also his mate hayden porteous has joined us as well he's also a european tour player he just happened to be here. So he's going to join us. For the back nine we might show a few shots who knows but now we are one on the par. But the positive there are lots of opportunities on this background. For birdie starting on this very next.

Hole the drivable path four okay 295 to the flag okay sam's ripping the big stick of course he is come on listen this suits your shot shaving everything this come on keep drawing keep drawing on the on the green pitched on the green i think it's gonna be very slow that on a tour green you'd probably hit off the green yeah that's off the green that's like that right come on sam okay it's downhill it should be able to get the greens are wet. And slower than what you used to give it a chance roll it down knock it in come on break oh would you say so far this is not going well i would say that that's what i would say yes we're playing like a normal golf course is it the greens where you find it the hardest to adjust yeah. And and approach place too you know um spinning back six irons and it's a lot it's a lot different than what we're used to you know where um you know the ball don't doesn't react it doesn't know no no it does you get a lot more forward skids. And stuff like that and then.

Um you know speed and the chipping the shipping part is a lot it's a lot different than what than what i'm used to. But not to fair you're one of them and there's lots of opportunities to come yeah yeah we've got plenty of time par five coming up next.

Which you can definitely knock on into i'm excited definitely exciting times no three ports let's get some one putts i've had a few of those oh yes there we go come on pro right we are here on the 13th hole i am one under par. So need to uh get some good stuff happening here we got 225 hole into and out the left the wind um so i'm just gonna try to cut up a five wood i'll be the number that's a nice golf shot thank you middle of the green got opportunity for eagle right come on samuel eagle opportunity a long range one at that no silly business here. And it's gonna be a bit slow it's wet on the greens slower than what you used to and it's uphill get it up there go on go on [Music] better much better we're getting closer i thought for a second okay we're back on a birdie not this one in. But i'm gonna watch back to two on the par more promising that was good i thought we had a chance then..

For eagle that's we again now yes just picked up she's gonna go two extra clubs on this whole little seven iron oh that looks nice oh stay there ball go go that's all right that's not bad that is gorgeous my friend thank you professional golf shot right come on sam let's go back to that bird there's not much in this a little bit left to right break right sam we're two on the pal yes four holes to play yes we've got three fairly straightforward par fours. And a very getable par five okay the rain has stopped. But the wind has picked up has really picked up this is the last hole that's into wind. And it's all downwind that's good news that's good news good tea shot needed here yes good need to play a good hole here there's still a chance to get to 5 under. But it's it means we need a lot of birdies now and that is perfect best shot i've ever seen on this hole that is perfect [Music] it's getting windy out here huh it's ridiculous 93 flag okay front of the green is 91. So it's two is it three yards it looks like it's like this it's flat oh it is yeah this is the zero elevation change no. But does the green go back to front yeah correct yeah yeah okay. So you can definitely land this past what you're hitting i got 50. i love that little low flighted 50. yep yeah come on sam stick it in close oh this looks tidy spin now spin on it spin oh [Music] get in well this main short game is a joke right come on stop [Music] slight downhill left to right to get to 300. like i said this is the hardest hole you're gonna play. For the next.

Few so this would be an amazing birdie ah pacey [Music] potter's just not quite real fire on some of those does it no my speed speed has been bad speed never mind [Music] oh that's a good ball sam yeah that's a great ball thanks love that love that thank you thank you [Music] yeah that's perfect okay second shot into this 16th i've actually never seen a tee shot this far up. And it's actually even a little bit further up 85 to the flag cannot go long oh come on take one hop and grab hard grab hard i'm not sure it took a harp but just now my day today.

Boys come on son knock it chip it in. For birdie oh nice cleanup now what you can see the bunker it's in the distance on the right yeah that is green side bunker okay. And everything left of that up into the kind of bushy tree on the left that's the green okay. But because we can't see the pin i'm presuming it's over over to the right oh be good did you do it well enough i didn't see it better i didn't see it short it was just a little bottomy oh yes okay 17th hole. For two to play path for this and it's reachable a pretty standard up and down here would be very important keep going a little bit shy get a nasty little wire there right come on sam okay get to three under with one to go [Music] nice. So i'm last hole currently three on the path yes what's mad honestly now at a scale of one to ten ten being the best you can play one being the worst how would you rate your game today.

Probably like a three yeah it's just not not being not been great. But uh nothing a little eagle can't make up for here that's true so just just let me get a head around that he reckons he's been a three out of ten today.

And he's three under par with a hole to go this is a part five you can definitely attack start it down the right side of the hole ideally big long draw keep drawing that's actually that's actually okay you've made this hole very very short i think that's good oh yes all right sam 154 to the pin on this par five let me just make that clear it's a big drive is it down here come on let's finish in style third your eagle oh be the right distance yeah that's good right as we come to the last part hope. For the last put on this 18th green sam's got this for an eagle opportunity and that would put him at the eagles this appointment five under if not it's a two puts a four-under incredible golf considering at his own admission he's not played that well it just shows a couple of things one tour players are bloody good like ridiculously good some of the shots we've seen today.

Have been phenomenal. And also too everyone has bad days you feel like you've had an off day today.

Yeah was that fun i still enjoyed it i had a great day yeah i think it's important that to note as well if you're watching this golf doesn't always go your way sometimes it goes bad now sam's bad is a 68. Or 67 our bad is much more it's all relative somebody's been class today.

Let's finish with an eagle yes. And by the way we've got sam and hayden coming on the podcast next.

If you want to check out the podcast we're going to dive into loads of information we'll put a link down below to finish off with an eagle come on sam finish in style stay there stay there stay there stay there oh not bad knocks it in. For birdie four on the par 67. thanks for watching check out some of his social media he's going to be a ridiculous superstar thanks buddy thank you thanks. For having me appreciate it thank you.