Welcome to the first ever video released here on the hit golf channel [Music] after many months of hard work dedication Blood Sweat and tea is the studio is finally complete I revealed it on my main Channel. And I've got to say the support was incredible. And I genuinely mean that the support has been overwhelming the positivity in the comments has been outstanding this channel without any videos. Yet already has over 125 000 subscribers you guys watching right now and the founding subscribers I have grand Ambitions for this channel to reach over a million subscribers in the near future but you guys you are here at the very very start. So thank you if you leave a comment down below saying you're one of the founding subscribers I'll keep an eye out for you in future videos when you comment and leave nice remarks I remember okay I will. So in this welcome video the first ever video officially filmed in the studio I want to show you a little bit more about the technology show off some of these fantastic cameras and also show you some of the different angles get used to using the simulator get used to hitting shots in this room in general so I'm going to give you a little bit of a guided tour through my golf clubs that I currently have in the bag. So on the main Channel a few months ago I talked about how I think I need to make some changes in the golf bag to be honest knowing full well that I was creating this channel in the background I felt like this whole Space this channel is going to allow me to review more clubs than ever before I have a huge packing in reviewing golf clubs I really do. And in the studio we'll be able to test everything and anything and I think then.

There'll be some opportunities. For some new clubs to go in the bag and that's not always a good thing but I'll be very calculated with my decisions but also share with you my experiences and what I find when reviewing golf equipment so let's bring my current bag up on stage here and go through a little bit about the clubs I currently have in here now I have made some changes recently which I'm excited about whether they'll stay forever will see. But I think we'll kick things off with things that haven't changed. So before we do that let's bring up the driving range this is a bit of a flex on this new touchscreen TV which is really cool uh let's bring up the driving range let's set that up on the simulator. And I absolutely love this wide angle back here because you'll be able to see everything all of the action from this side and also the shot as it flies into the simulator so kicking things off the club that has been around for a long time but to be honest there's a lot of contenders in this department of the club of the set this is my oldest serving Golf Club the Cobra King f 7 [Music] I have genuinely enjoyed having this club in the bag. For so so long that's just me showing you that I can draw it. And fade it whenever I choose to um this club at the moment isn't going anywhere. But now I'm testing more and more golf clubs more three Woods ah this place might be a Jeopardy a club that is definitely going out of the bag at the moment I am just waiting to find the club in this department that's going to serve much better than this I put in my old Callaway Apex UT 2 Iron I'll be honest with you it's not gone down well I've not been enjoying this golf club. So again reviewing more longer irons hybrids potentially shot but it's not been playing out on the golf course find it too hard to hit and forget for that reason it's definitely gonna lose its spot in the bag okay. So now coming on to my irons I've had these in the bag for about 18 months but little top secret I've actually now already hit the newer version which reviews will come out later I've been custom fit. For them I currently have to type this T100 ions in the bag and I have tested the new ones stay tuned to the channel for that um I actually quite like these irons I certainly like the performance not sold on the field they're a little bit hard off the face but I must admit it's been in the bag for about 18 months I actually do really like the the performance of these irons that's a really nice strike. And I don't to be honest with you I don't almost know what I'm really looking for what am I looking for extra it's just uh don't always get the nicest feel when I miss Center I might be on me yes. But they're not the best feeling clubs in the world and then.

Coming on to the driver now I've had a very mixed relationship with this club not very long ago six months or so ago this was my favorite Golf Club in the back I loved it it's a bit more recently stop being behaving quite as well I've currently got the Ping g425 Max driver in the bag in my personal opinion this is the most forgiving driver out there like maybe saying a bit more about me. And the way I'm hitting driver at the moment but I'm struggling to find as many Fairways so I need to either have a look at some of their options or the beauty now of having this studio I can practice more I can actually hit the balls which is something I don't do enough that might be where I get the consistency back with this driver foreign it's close. But it's not as good as it was. And also I definitely want to see if I can pick up a bit more speed again my speed's been going a little bit that way at the moment. And we need it to increase more shots being hit and maybe a little bit more gym work as well and then.

Wedges in the bag this was an interesting one I had tightly Smoky wedges sm-9s. And actually did like them I reviewed these wedges on my main Channel which you're still going to see a scattering of reviews on the main Channel. But you'll see most of them pretty much 99 of them on this channel with these Indie wedges they got sent in a guitar case they were pretty cool I reviewed them. And actually just really liked them um I like the feel and I like the performance so I've put the four wedges in the bag currently I've had about three weeks with them in the bag at the moment and I must admit I do like them. And they honestly spin like crazy how long they stay in the bag for time will tell that's a lovely straight one. But yeah overall very impressed with this brand. And considering it's an unknown brand yeah they were pretty pretty good very impressive now before I come on to the last Club in the bag I'd love to hear from you guys what you want to see me review leave a comment down below whether it's anything drivers irons wedges hybrids Potters golf balls training AIDS Etc leave your comment down below again as founding subscribers I really appreciate your input. And it'll give us great inspiration for what we're going to film in the future now in the studio you are going to see me review. And test a lot of problems and certainly putters with is phenomenal Zen putting green I can remove these hitting mats. And it reveals this 20 foot Zen put in green which can lift up it can slope it can tilt it can do all sorts of amazing things. And with pop view as well which is a projector on the roof it can map out how that green is sloped. And give you guidance line and brake lines you can play fun games with it again it'll all be phenomenal when it comes to testing putters now got to admit putting has been one of my huge strengths over the last few weeks. And this magic one feels like it's red hot at the moment I've currently got the even roll ER 2v in my bag now it might be the case I've just been putting a lot more in here as the shoe has been built Let's help my pots in but honestly this has been on fire you'll see in more recent videos on the main Channel but doesn't mean the fact I've got a lot more Putters I'm going to be testing coming soon that my head can't fully be turned. But this this has been a magic wand so that is a run through the clubs I currently have in my bag now this channel isn't about the clubs that I'm going to be using at all it's about the clubs that are going to be best suited. For golfers around the world I'm gonna be testing golf clubs that are suited to higher handicappers the better players through the whole spectrum. And giving my honest independent and trustworthy information about those products to give you guys the best information when you're looking at new pubs in the bag also there's still time to enter the competition as a found found a subscriber I'm gonna be giving away a full set of brand new golf clubs to one lucky winner all you've got to do is like this video leave a comment. And subscribe to the hit Channel thanks for watching guys first video before this channel is flooded with brand new Club reviews coming soon thanks. For the support really appreciate it we'll see you next.