I have found the perfect golf club for me at least this is the brand new Titleist u505 iron utility driving iron. And why I'm saying I think I found a perfect golf club without even fully reviewing this right here on the hit Channel this club has already made it into my golf bag I've personally always struggled. And I think a lot of golfers do between that gap between the longest iron. And the fairway wood so I currently have a four iron as my longest iron then.

I jump into a three wood and in that Gap in between I've had things like two irons even one ions in the past three ions hybrids sometimes but I've not really ever got on with hybrids I've always struggled with a club to fit that Gap this is it now a few weeks ago I went down to type this to get fitted. For all the brand new titles lineup which most of the reviews you're already seeing now here on the hit Channel um and I got given this to hit and try and at first I thought there's no chance I'm going to like this golf club I'll tell you why behind the golf ball this is a bit of an ugly duckling this is not the prettiest golf club Behind the ball it's got quite a a back end on it like you can see the back of the golf club quite a bit even though the front of the club. And everything else kind of more ball facing looks fantastic for me I couldn't really at first look past its uh it's big behind to be honest with you and until I started hitting it so this is a three iron um which again. For me is is that perfect kind of distance I need to fill let me hit some shots let me I'll tell you a bit more about it I've had this club in the bag. For a couple of weeks now I did loads of filming in Scotland a few weeks ago. And the amount of times I hit this club was a joke oh yeah nice shot. And it was literally my go-to uh Club off the tee. And even into long par fours par 5S Etc let's hope it doesn't let me down now let's hit few shots [Music] and that's that's why it's in the bag it's just I'm I'm really really enjoying hitting this club so that was 219 yards of carry the flight on it was. So good I just up in the air I feel like that's that's gonna land great into a green definitely I'll show you some low shots in a minute which I can also do with this club it's just a nice stock three iron like that's got a really nice distance to me that kind of 219 220 yards of carry it's a hollow head design. And so it has that kind of crack to it when you hit it it's quite a satisfying sound and it's got and again something I didn't think I'd be able to look past this really big fat soul on it like the bottom of the golf club is really chunky. And to be honest I've been guilty in the past of judging a golf club too much on locks I'm guilty of that I really am I did the same with this club. And again might be a lesson for everybody watching maybe not judging a club solely based on looks give it a whirl because it might just surprise you and that's what this club has done for me it really did surprise me because there's no way when I first hit this club I was like there's no way this club's going to get in the bag I said a few more standard ones just gives me some weird level of confidence that was a little bit off the bottom. But so straight again to in the 200 and 11 yards of carry that wasn't the best strike in the world but I'm never going to Grumble about that like on the golf course you're playing partners. And say great shot and you go yep that was pretty good a couple more standard ones that's one of the worst shots I've hit with this club which listen it's not a miracle club I'm still gonna hit bad ones that's me just leaving the face a little bit open there need to concentrate a touch more then.

We're back on track again nice straight one down the middle it's really good now when I first started hitting this club what what I was concerned about. And this is kind of luckily the results answered the questions. For me is I didn't know if it had much versatility now the big thing with this club. And this is the kind of title this tagline on this club an extremely versatile High launching utility iron now yeah we want High launch definitely. But for me in this club I also want it to come out low if I need it to again over in when I was up in Scotland hitting lots of Links Golf I wanted to come out really really low. And I was concerned because of the head shape it didn't fill me with a lot of confidence to hit it low however. I was actually surprised I was pleasantly surprised let's try. And hit a low one ah I pushed it again I got the fly I just like slightly pushed out something I need to work on a little bit of keep opening the face of touch but let me try and hit that super low one again oh that's the one that's the one that I'm loving look at the Hat it's absolutely down the line 204 yards carry 224 total distance perfect [Music] look at that little chaser I didn't strike that perfect but that's that's down there it's going to be chasing down the Fairway he's still getting around about the 220 yard mark oh that's the one little low bullet draw carrying in the 215 yard I think it was pretty much 216 yards. And the difference of flight there between those shots like that was. So much lower so the first few shots in standard mode were 40 yards up in the air those last couple there that was 24 yards up in the air. But then.

Also well I was pleasant was pleased about if I'm trying to hit a really really really high shot. And get it to land soft let's see if we can beat 40 yards of peak height I can literally send it up to space I might just get a full set of these I might just get every Club in these I think more than anything like I said it's kind of a bit of an Insight of my experience with this club. And why I've instantly put it in the bag and I I need to remember this because I definitely get guilty of judging a club by its look solely this wasn't a club that I loved the look of it wasn't but it's in the bag because of what it does. For me for me my golf game for my confidence and this hopefully I can't see a reason why not this should be in the bag for a long time I'm very very happy with this finish up with one more last one guys thanks for watching if you enjoyed the video I know it's not so much of a normal review but it's more kind of an Insight of why I've put this club in the bag but I think it shows you a lot about the club as well be sure to like the video. And subscribe to the channel I'm just a huge fan of this club I really am it's gonna change my game thanks for watching see you soon see you next.

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