Foreign ever made well that is what titleists are claiming let's give this a straight out the blocks there that felt really really solid good fly I mean that's absolutely down the flag to be honest I've got to say they look absolutely incredible I'm expecting it to go a long way oh that was a golf shot these. So here they are the Titleist t350s as I just mentioned the best game improvement iron they've ever made Titleist now I've mentioned a few previous videos when I've reviewed the t100s the 150s. And the 200s the titleists haven't always had a great history at catering for non-tor pros which funny enough is the mass majority of golfers that play this game um however. with this they reckon they've made a golf club. For you guys out there watching who need the most amount of game improvement and they need the most help now brands have got guilty in the past of making great game improvement irons they have but they are ugly like they're horrendous looking you wouldn't want to be you wouldn't have those golf clubs in your bag. Or you won't want them well these aren't that they've gone in line with the t-150s hundreds and t200s in this kind of beautiful looking head design it really is I love the kind of chrome the face plate on the back this is a hollow head design it is definitely chunkier than the other ions I've tested. So far and again it's a good looking iron like really really nice I'm gonna give these are here even behind the golf ball like this is the nine iron it's not stupidly chunky it doesn't feel like it's you know going to be heavy. Or it doesn't feel like it's gonna kind of clunk into the ground it's still very Sleek looking so this iron is pretty strong the nine iron here is 38 degrees I'm expecting it to go a long way let's give this a hit okay that'll be a really interesting mod I hit that honestly awful I'm not joking when I say I need I nearly miss it. But it's so off the bottom of groove it was. So so low terrible strike I didn't hit the ground at all and that that found the green pretty comfortably 153 yards of carry on a really really bad struck golf shot and you saw them when it even landed it stopped quickly as well because of the height it got well you know what I want to kind of mess about trying to hit different types of shots I might you know not that I need the most encouragement for this but try and hit from the toe a little bit from the heel a little bit from the bottom because again this is a game improvement iron it should perform out the middle of the club face. But does it perform when you don't hit the middle that's what we want to try. And find out just just not much but in the toe two great shots to start two very good shots to be fair I'm actually half the ball is on the club face. And half is not okay on the green again that was there was nowhere near the middle of the club face. So far out the toe what happens if I like really I was really try. And chill this one like really try and hit you down on it almost Chop on it and just see what happens [Music] I mean I hit. So much ground there granted it's a mat so it's not going to dig in yeah obviously that's a week right shot expected to be fair I did actually find the middle of that one. But the strike was awful I mean it's done all right. But obviously lost some yardage on that one look at that stop all right so it's got over the back of the green as expected 177 yards with a thin nine item I'm just kind of messing about a little bit just seeing what happens when you hit different parts of the face let's try and kind of hit a big slicy swing I'm expecting that to finish short right yeah you know it's never going to be a miracle golf club like the two that I've missed the green with there. Or the three or so I've missed the green with the real bad thing obviously it's not it's not a magic club it can't find the green all the time they want to hit really chunky short right that one then.

Big high slice you know it isn't a miracle Club but what I'm finding certainly off-centered hits the the performance of the off-centered hits I'm very impressed with let's go on to 79 next.

Seven iron up next.

Uh kind of obviously that same shape and continues into the t350 and that kind of almost more more bubbly in shape like the the edges are slightly more round. And then.

Even exaggerated almost like it's kind of been blown up a little bit uh Loft on this is strong 29 degrees I'm expecting this to go a country mile. And what is interesting though as I've gone longer in the set you start to see a little bit more offset between the hosel. And the front edge not loads doesn't offend me be interesting to see what that looks like with the five iron I'm actually going to hit these normal hopefully. And just kind of get some numbers because I'd be interested to see the numbers compared to the t200s I've just been hitting jeez that's gone High I kind of put the 200 green out there with a bit of I don't know hope almost that I could get there and that almost did 188 yards of carry distance solid very solid everybody nice two on the green it's got a few more foreign draw on that one again just a touch out the tone a bit of a high draw maybe just the offset is just kind of helping that golf ball encouraging it to go a little bit more left. But again I did hit that slightly from the toe. So I'd imagine it would go left as well oh [Music] these irons forgiving yes they are I you know hitting those nine irons I was messing about I was fairly confident again not a magic wand. And seven iron shots there they were just slightly over drawing just because that little bit of offset. But again super forgiving I've just pulled up the numbers from the T200 um just to have a bit of a comparison you can see there the t350s have gone four yards further a little bit less spin. But to be honest you look at actually the flight of both seven irons and actually the peak height aren't too dissimilar 350 is just a touch lower just because of that stronger Loft what I'm intrigued to see though again game improvement irons somebody who wants the most help possible someone who wants the most distance what's the five iron gonna be like in the t350 let's give that a hit [Music] okay five iron in the t350s this is a very very big chunky iron it really is the sole is definitely a little bit thicker Loft on this is 23 degrees this is going to be an absolute rocket ship I'm just hoping with that strong Aloft as kind of game improvement irons go because stronger loss get more distance flatter ball flight is it doesn't become too hard to hit you know you don't want fire. And it starts to get the loft of really that kind of three iron to be honest um apart from that looks great again I can I can definitely see a lot of players whether they go with the t200s ETC. And put a t350 in the top end of the bag I definitely see that happening a lot good looking behind the ball again just a little bit chunkier offset definitely kicks in a touch more these might go a touch left for me but if you uh if you hit High rates these might help fix that [Music] I'm saying it who's going to go left it I think I uh over exaggerated a little bit 200 odd yards carry distance good fly a little bit louder in sound definitely that kind of hollow head gives it that little bit more of that crack sound again um. But it seemed it really easy to hit that was a golf shot wow that was right in the middle yes that is what it does I I cannot hit an iron shot better than that that was absolutely crushed right in the middle 208 yards of carry distance what I'm now just gonna look a little mess about like I did with the five iron the nine iron. So I'm just gonna try and whack really from the toe like see what happens when you when you don't find the middle I'm not exaggerating this I probably should that was. So far out of the toe yeah it's still done that are these ions game improvement yes they are they actually really are [Music].