Foreign ERS bring out their brand new iron lineup and today.

I'm reviewing every single one of the brand new iron sets that actually did feel nice slimy oh. So why am I excited about testing the brand new type this T-Series irons well it's the third generation of T-Series titles to brought out I've been using the second series The t100s. For quite a while so I'm personally very intrigued to see if there's much of a difference moving into the brand new t100s but there's some new ions in the lineups the t-150s they are a supercharged version of the 100s there's also the t200s. And then.

Finally I think this is a really exciting iron to test it the t350s Titleist they're claiming it's their best game improvement iron they have ever made that's a bowl chow. And you know what I like about this typeless lineup and this is where titles have really changed their strategy over the last few years many years ago it was always about serious clubs. For serious golfers well now with the T-Series you've got a lineup that would attract every single ability of golfer like I can imagine tour Pros using the t100s. And even the t-150s and then.

You've got your higher handicappers your guys who are looking. For more help in the t350 iron lineup as well I feel like the spectrum is. So massively wide and Broad which is why I think everyone watching this video is going to enjoy because there's an iron in this lineup. For every single type of golfer now before I start reviewing the brand new lineup I just want to hit a few shots with my current c100 irons first I've enjoyed having these in the bag I have I feel like from a performance standpoint they've given me solid performance sometimes it's user error more than the clubs I would say my only criticism with the T100 irons is this is the feel they're not the softest feeling irons in the world. But apart from that I think looks wise they're. So classic like what's really interesting is when I ever see a brand new iron lineup replace an existing one I always feel like the old one ends up then.

Looking old I don't think that's the case still with this T100 iron the older version it still looks as new as fresh as even the new lineup I don't feel like it's that much of a difference right very classic looking beautiful behind the ball I'll just let a couple just to get going then.

We'll start testing the new ones foreign it was a little bit clean off the bottom. But that's kind of what I found with this club it's it's got a level of forgiveness I didn't strike that brilliant but we still managed to find the green that's a nice shot yeah. So all in all I do like these irons. So I think this is a good exercise just to remind myself how this club feels. And how it looks as I start to now review the brand new tea lineups almost the third iteration of the T-Series they have nice irons I must admit I'd like them to feel a little bit softer that's just a personal opinion and maybe try and find a few more greens that would also be nice as well right that's the T100 that I've been using let's move into the brand new T100 lineup so here we go the new T100 and I've got to start off by saying beautiful looking iron really clean Sleek beautiful design I think what the titleists have done great with this lineup. And previous lineups In fairness is that you could have a really Blended set between the t100s the 200s the 150s. And the 350s and it wouldn't look weird in your bag beautiful looking iron behind the golf ball again because I'm so familiar with the clubs that I've currently been using they look exactly the same they really do Just In fairness shinier. So I've got the 99 in hand here this is 42 degrees I've put a pin out there at 150 which is about the number I should be hitting let's give these a hit I'm really intrigued to know about the feel of these irons all right that was nice I'm just slightly drawn it over a touch good. For distance pin High that actually did feel nice really nice now a couple of things that you need to know about these irons these are designed. For better players so it's much more of a modern tour iron so it's kind of your lower single figure handicappers to you even your tour Pros we'll be having this in the bag the big thing talking point retards these irons Precision control and unrivaled feel I could definitely sense a little bit of a different feel with that first shot and apparently as well effortless Turf interaction the way that they've reshaped the bottom of this golf club I actually think that story continues through the whole iron lineup the really the nice weight they look great behind the ball slightly thin that one that'll be interesting I didn't catch that brilliantly. But look how straight that is I mean there's a there's a bad strike I'm taking that as a result every single day they've also tweaked the tungsten placement in this iron to not only improve consistency on bad strikes which we kind of just sort out a little bit as well. But to also improve the flight just in general so far so good I like it they do they look great behind the ball again I'm. So familiar to that look it's not big it's quite a slim Top Line it's not a huge from Heel To Toe it's not like a an overpowering iron I'll set a few more just to get my bearings on feel a little bit Diggy into the map that time that was a weak shot is a good flight front edge of the green stuff's pretty quick as well right let me do some a little bit more hitting I'm going to go through the nine the seven. And the five collecting some numbers and then.

It'd be good to one compare it to the other sets but also just to dive into numbers a little bit as well [Music] [Applause] so seven iron next.

Again looks so nice behind the ball I would possibly argue there's not much in it though very slightly thinner top line on the seven than the previous set but I'm listening there's hardly anything in itself I'm expecting this to carry about and a 170. if I was hit the middle of the face that was that was a little bit thin tell you what it's done well though wow it's done really well [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay one more with the seven iron I've actually really been enjoying hitting this has been a couple of week low Heely shots that have kind of fallen short right. But all in all I've got to say they feel a little bit better than the previous set not much in it but definitely an improvement and performance has been nice look at that what flight what a flight slamming oh in the top of the flag I can do that every time we'll be laughing okay last Club in the t100s the five iron do you think they're a little bit Slimmer just Top Line just certainly as we've gone through the set into the longer irons they are stunning I'm very impressed with the kind of the overall look of these irons I think they've done an unbelievable job Seoul is probably just a smidging wider that might help with that Turf interaction. And Top Line definitely is ever slightly kind of slit Slimmer. Or a different colorway or whatever it may be again compared to the ones that I was using I've gone 200 yards with the flag here I think I should be able to carry this five iron on the front edge of the screen Struck it. So good but it leaked out right yeah 190 carrier strip that's. So nice [Music] interesting finish again that honestly that was. So bad a strike and it's ran just onto the front edge I can put it from there at least that was a really low heel it's very interesting I do think this five iron the first strike was pretty awesome I must admit. But it definitely gives me a bit more of a bladey vibe I'm not sure if that's uh a request from the better players I must have made one struck well feels really nice that's a nice carry so just into kind of mid 190 190 yard carry distance for me five irons good it'll be really interesting to see as we go through the set how that might change it's got a couple more [Music] crafting strike yeah just overall I would say the performance of the five iron when struck really well honestly felt incredible I don't know whether it's just that thinner top line. Or that kind of look behind the ball just made me feel like I was finding it harder to gauge Direction which actually brings me very nicely on to the next.

Ions in the line up the t-150s. So here we go the brand new iron this has never been done before the t-150 now this is really interesting iron actually because in previous generations there's been a T100 s. And effectively the S is pretty much the same as a T100. But just stronger Loft at about two degrees stronger in Loft where the t150 is a completely different Iron the S is gone the t150 is to kind of fill that void to a degree. And you know what it's it's it's like a T100 but it's been bulking it's almost been kind of blown up a little bit not to a huge effect but just put a little bit of meat on the bone really a bit of muscle on there these ions are two degrees strong. So it's 99 40 degrees in Loft I tell you what even though it looks a little bit kind of bigger from behind here and on the buff on the bottom Top Line is absolutely gorgeous it's not that bulky as you look down at it now this is more of a golf who's kind of maybe still single figure handicapper definitely. But starting to reach into that kind of mid teen handicap I got 99 let's give this a hit foreign it still went absolutely Sky High and stopped super quick actually felt quite nice and I suppose to some degree if I like titles when they moved to the T-Series one of their most popular irons ever the ap2 kind of got a little bit that that iron wasn't catered For Anymore that market wasn't really being hit I think this is it I think this is the ap2 replacement finally after a few iterations of the T-Series this looks like an ap2. And they were. So so popular [Music] even on my first two shots there I've not eaten brilliant don't get me wrong but I found that to be much easier to hit there's definitely a lot more forgiveness in this iron let's go a couple more with this nine iron feels good does it doesn't feel that different to the T100 a little bit the right description probably a little bit more powerful off the face. And that kind of power almost makes these irons feel a touch harder firmer off the face but still feel good don't get me wrong they just feel like they're popping off the face a little bit faster which I'm sure they are because of the extra size of Club head. And then.

The obviously the slightly stronger lofts foreign to hit this 150 Green in fact I hardly hit that at all and that carried like that carried 154 yards which is not really what I was getting out of the T100 irons [Music]. And then.

Moving into the seven iron that's a that's a good looking iron that really is behind the golf ball that is right up my street it's nice though it's bigger than the 100s definitely. But not much it's not effect it's not like it's an oversized iron it just looks like it's got a little bit more help there I've put the flag at 170 here now this seven iron is 32 degrees of Life tiny bit stronger than the t100s I think with ease I'm going to be hitting this green if not if not flying it towards the back of the screen oh God definitely loud I mean I pulled that's a shame that's gone bloody miles um I don't know if the sound of just making them feel because they're a little bit louder off the face that kind of more of a crack that powerful hit not sure if that's maybe quite um translating into feel I feel like it's slightly louder crack off the face is making these feel a touch firmer. But again very marginal very very small differences that'll be interesting I hit that really bad I hit that way off the bottom of the club that's pretty good I hit that really really poor and it still carried 168 well that was kind of the up the distance I was getting with the the t100s. And that was a honestly really bad strike nice loads of height right over the flag. And stops quick enough quick enough I like that let's go a couple more [Music] okay. So I've had to drag myself away from hitting more seven irons with that t150 really really liked it I did there's a couple out there that I gave them a hit. And they flew but super easy to it I'm excited now to test this it's the five iron in the t150 again just slightly bigger in size my criticism of the t100s was that five hours a little bit too Slim oh yeah that's nice it's just got a little bit of extra padding just on that Top Line they've done a great job I think the irons just look phenomenal now this five iron is 25 degrees I've put the pin out at 200 yards I think comfortably I'll be reaching that pin even with bad strikes is my guess oh there we go that's how we're going to find out that was a terrible strike really low off the bottom yeah not quite got there. But nowhere else to be fair in total distance it did get there that was a horrendous strike I might have preempted that one that carried 186. And honestly I caught the bottom of the bottom Groove that's pretty good that's pretty impressive considering how bad that shot was I'm excited to find the middle of this [Music]. Or closer to the middle a little bit leaky but great for distance wow really good for distance [Music] oh yes inject that into my veins because that is literally that's one of the best five irons of it. For a long long long time 202 carry but it was more the flight like it just came out like an absolute bullet it landed fairly Softly As I'm starting to hit more of these irons again it's not a massive difference. But I'm very dialed in with my previous set that they do feel better. And this five iron I mean that's a that's an absolute rocket that felt really good wasn't quite as good a strike. But look at that and that's going to go in the hole. And genuinely thinned it oh it's got two more High a lot slap [Laughter] literally putting pitch marks next.

To the hole from 200 yards away I tried to hit that one just a little bit harder I didn't catch it but it the flight it got how high it climbed into the air that was what I was really impressed with right one more. And you have to drag me off hitting these 150s and moving into the next.

Set tiny bit of a pull but again won't be too disappointed landed and just holding the back edge of the green okay. So let's dive into some numbers before we move on to the next.

Sets because I think the t100s. And 150s are going to be what people are interested in the difference we see here the nine irons the big standout. For me is the carry distance straight off the bat getting nine yards of carry distance with the t150s. But what's really interesting there you could argue that stronger Lofts yes that's helping a bit of that. But you look at the actual height of the t150s much much higher The Descent angle as the ball Landings The Green was steeper the ball's going to stop quicker. And to be honest there's nothing really I could Grumble at with the t-150s ball speed was up five miles per hour launch angle was high spin rate dropped off a tiny bit by 500 RPM due to The Loft I would imagine. But apart from that the ball would stop and carry and what's interesting as well if I even just go on Club speed there you can see the difference in the club at speeds is less than half a mile per hour. So I was swinging granted the t100s half a mile per hour faster to gain nine yards of difference in distance that's pretty staggering that really is. And you know what what's mad looking through the board there the seven iron is almost a similar store we gained five yards of carry distance 169 with the T100 still pretty good I'd be happy with that. But the difference there the t150 is 174 um ball speed slightly up spin rate slightly down on the t-150s you can kind of just see a bit of a pattern merging there like yes you're going to gain a little bit more distance with the t150s a little bit more High um. For me I found them just easier to hit as well it's interesting I'm not kind of quizzing now who would potentially bar the looks I think some would argue someone certainly the better players tall players really really low handicappers would possibly prefer the look of the t150 when you actually look at numbers there's nothing that would stop you using a t150s to be honest. And even just looking at the five iron there I gained nine yards of carry distance again with the t-150s to be honest neither of the clubs I would be hugely upset about like the t150s are hitting exactly where I'd want to hit my five on that 190.. But for really less effort I felt like I was hitting the ball easier. And softer I gained more ball speed more distance more height better descent angle slightly lower spin but so be it it's really interesting what I'm going to do I was in this video I was gonna review all of the four sets of irons. But I'm gonna save them I'm going to save the other two sets because I think they kind of this in a different category what's interesting. For me let me just pull this bag out well I feel like I'd want to do is at the five iron longer irons. For me probably five six and even seven iron would have to be the t150s I can't I cannot personally see why benefiting using the t100s there where might throw in the uh t100s would be like maybe the pitching wedge maybe the nine iron tell you what this and again it looks great in the bag together like they don't look that different at all like the way that this style them is great I think that's done a super job in the looks of these irons feel I think has improved definitely the t150 is a real real powerhouse I mean the TaylorMade p790s is one of the most popular irons ever in the last few years I think it's got a new competitor I really do in not even a hollow head design I think the t150s are a huge competitor that's not even getting into T200. Yet or t350s that might be where those longer irons sit stay tuned for another video coming soon of those two I feel like they need the respect the time that they just deserves guys thanks for watching the video hopefully enjoy it be sure to subscribe to the hit Youtube channel be sure to like the video and also stay tuned there's a few little Easter egg comments we've been putting at the end to see if yours gets mentioned guys thanks for watching stay tuned lots more to come we'll see you next.

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