This is one of the most excited I've been. For a long time to try a brand new driver let me explain why Adams a name a brand that used to have so much Heritage History success and it vanished disappeared well it's back Adams are back. And the next.

Few videos you're going to be see me testing the woods in this video the driver some of the Fairway Woods the irons. And the putters what's really interesting for me Adams when I was growing up was such a popular brand it really was it was it was everywhere it was surprising if you saw 10 golfers playing I'd I'd be surprised if you didn't see two. Or three Adams clubs Taylor Made bought them took some of the technology and implemented in Sor made products definitely improved Adams as a brand certainly their Fairway Woods was. So so good and all of a sudden the brand disappeared I'm excited to see him backa really am in my hand here I've got the new Adams idea driver priced at £260 it's quite quite a very very interesting price point it really is if this performs I mean compared to some of the brands like Taylor Made. Or Callaway Etc this is like half the price of one of their drivers. So far I've not looked at this driver at all under the head cover I think the head cover is very very nice I really do I think it's clean it's it looked really good quality you've kind of got the Adams in a in a very interesting tight font across the front there it looks actually quite a cool design. And just I'm guessing AG there Adams Golf underneath the head cover nice nice Adams idea carbon I'm seeing straight away here on the toe seeing flicks of kind of yellow and and kind of chromy Graphics I like that we've got a velocity slot here behind the face again we saw that in previous Adams products we did. And again that was definitely piece of technology that Taylor Made incorporated into their products oh nice behind the ball that's nice now it reminds me of a few drivers straight away without question the first driver it reminds me of is the Cobra f8 driver the driver that came just before the really successful F9 looked exactly like that that kind of gray finish the carbon Crown it also very much looks like the original M1 M2 driver which is not a bad thing at all cuz they some of the best Drive looking drivers I've ever seen let's give this a hit this looks nice it's actually a decent shaft as well this is a Kylie shaft very nice initial initial looks I'm a big fan of that look I think it's very nice again it definitely reminds me of the drivers it's not totally unique. Or different it does look good let's give this a hit I'm excited nice feel off the face a little bit pushy sounded good as well not bad at the Block was like said first shot with driver 270 yards carry 290 yards total distance a little bit of a push right I can definitely hit this driver better a few other things as well this driver apparently offers maximum forgiveness with varied face thickness. And highi design it's also this is interesting I noticed this before it's got a weight here in the heel of the club because it has got a little bit of draw biased not that that shot particularly showed that at all. But it has got a little bit of draw byas so that might influence a few more shots to the left and also it does have an adjustable Loft sleeve it goes up. And down by 2° either way this is a 9° driver you could crank it down to seven. Or you could Crank It Up to 11 it offers a lot for the price for 260 quid you know there's no uh there's no shortcuts being taken there from what I'm seeing that was really good oh at that. For a flight nice very nice indeed just get to 299 yards of total distance 275 um Carry distance ball speed was it kind of not super fast just. Yet 155 I'm I'm actually only swinging at 106 miles per hour at the moment I think I can get a bit more speed out of that as well ah little pushy again just got the face open I'm definitely not. So far experienced any real draw biased obviously I'm a natural kind of drawer of the golf ball typically I'm not noticing this going any further left uh feels quite neutral to be honest with you what a golf shot that is get up there get don't even stop there again 297 good strong 157 ball speed again I'm not quite at my Optimum speed just. Yet I'm swinging at 107 mph think I could get a little bit faster feel wise off the face impressive really impressive in fact. And I like the sound of this driver it's not too high pitched it's it's got a good noise to it it's kind a very satisfying sound so far so not not so far so good so far very good oh that right shot keeps creeping in that's a little bit more on me at the moment just keeping the face open but it shows you what happens if it is a bad shot I mean still done well on distance still in the 290s total distance it's a little bit open something I'm definitely trying to work on at the moment let me just see if I can get this draw a little bit more obviously I've not really missed anything left. Yet feel like uh if I got this face squared up I think I could got some real good performance out of this oh it's dead straight. But it wasn't hit in the middle I'm just giving you an idea that was hit very very low on the face. And it still I mean I would take that drive every single day. And 10 times on a Saturday right let me just find the right strike I feel like this driver has got more to offer I'm not just quite unlocking it just yet it's it is nice I say it's not don't if it's revolutionary. But the big Stand Out is the price at £260 it's a good price. For a driver this good like a very good price in fact good again but it's not quite 100% 298 come on Rick where's your speed gone going to hit these last five I feel like just need to find the middle middle middle section of this club I feel the I'm just striking a little bit low on the face. And I'm still getting that level of performance which is strong it's not perfect. But it's strong he if I just caught a little bit higher off the face there could be something real special in [Music] here before I just hit these last couple of shots like it does make you think the drivers need to be. So expensive like 500 pound where as you can see here a driver that's that's half the price of some of those big Brands is doing very very nicely it actually feels great. And looks really good I mean does make you think doesn't it that was 36 it's back 283 carry strong numbers really strong numbers great spin rate. And I'm I'm still yeah a little bit couple of miles per hour short on my own ball speed where I know sorry my own club head speed where I normally am it's kind of bit more on me numbers though very very good one more I think there's even a better one in there that's the one that's the that's the longest one well maybe a little bit High little bit high. And floated to the right but very very impressed for the price I'm kind of speechless 260 for a driver that's that good well done Adams it's nice to see you back.