Over the last few years TaylorMade have dominated with their p790 iron Lino well exciting times because they have just brought out a brand new version and they look pretty amazing so back in 2017 TaylorMade brought out their first ever p790 irons and to be honest it kind of shocked everybody's including me when I first reviewed the p79 just said they were one of the best irons ever made. And every two years they've brought out a new version with very subtle changes but the premise of the iron is the same it's a distance iron a forgiving ion. But for a really wide variety of different golfers from scratch handicappers I've seen using p790s all the way up to Golfers with 20 plus handicaps can utilize. And use p790s and one of the reasons why I'm really excited about testing the new p790s because it was only in the last few videos that I tested these the Titleist t200s. And I thought they were incredible. And I compared them against the existing p790s well got new ones so in this video gonna be going head to head again seeing if the new ones are any different compared to the t200s because in my opinion they're almost identical irons okay looks first stunning really really nice um they've kind of gone. For this brushed Chrome this time certainly for the majority of the head with this shiny Chrome section just cutting through the middle simplistic not too complicated and to be honest quite Timeless like if we look back at all of the p790 lineup so far as you can see they've made slight cosmetic changes. But you can tell they all come from the same cloth like they're not they've not changed that much really good looking audience to be honest with you really are I mean they're not too chunky even behind the golf ball like this is the 99 in handy top Edge is a little bit of a juicier top Edge. But nothing crazy very little offset Loft on this nine irons 40 degrees I'm expecting this probably to carry about 155 okay first shot out the blocks not bad I didn't strike it perfect came up a little bit shorter than expected felt nice though let's hit a few more foreign yeah I think definitely strike that one as well it's come short of the green I feel like I definitely took a few more shots here okay [Music] okay first few hits with the p790s I've got mixed thoughts. So far um they feel okay they don't feel brilliant like I don't know the sound off the head. And that's a big talking point with this year's p790s internally they've moved the center of gravity around all the way from the pitching imagine each individual Club it's slightly changed to keep the sound of every single iron exactly the same throughout the lineup also helping with forgiveness and consistency ah I don't know what I think about the sound of that guy lying it didn't sound that great you know I've always been a huge fan of these irons in the previous models that one kind of had a little bit more of a of a clicky noise. And certainly for the Loft 40 degrees of a nine iron I easily expected to be carrying on the green there 154 155 yards and I've not done that I've actually don't think I've hit the I've never hit the green twice um weird one I felt like off-centered hits definitely felt like there's a drop off in performance like sometimes when I hit it I was like I'm not quite struck struck that. But I think it might get there was only carrying at like 142 yards I'm gonna get two more I feel like there's I feel like there's the middle of the club that I've not quite found just. Yet [Music] yeah it's quite interesting actually I don't know if it's me reading into the The Loft a little bit too much with it being a 40 degree nine iron I've moved the green there on the simulator to 160 yards presuming I was going to be carrying it around about early 150s let's have a look at the numbers because I don't feel I can get anywhere close Okay. So looking at the numbers average carry distance 146 yards ball speed 109 and spin rate was 7 000. it's kind of it's a couple of things that are standing out. For me there I felt like definitely felt like the carry should have been further with this Loft knowing about p790s I was expecting that to come out. So much however. because of the launch and the peak high as the ball was coming down it was stopping quickly. And because the spin rate isn't probably high enough to get the ball to kind of really grab just on spin alone interesting feel wise got mixed thoughts I wasn't Blown Away by the feel which is really kind of confusing me because it's been. So much of a fan of the previous p790 just felt harder off the face a little bit more kind of clicky that sound really um let's move on to 7i next.

And see if it can redeem itself in the mid irons [Music] you know what it is sometimes I think when you put something on such a high pedestal like I've believed wholeheartedly these I've probably been the best irons that have been out on the market. For the last few years certainly catering for the widest amount of golfers I think I'm almost expecting them to be magical in some way like the performance of 99 was okay just wasn't blown away 7i next.

< p>30.5 degrees. And now from the seven iron upwards you get this speed pocket just underneath the face here this helping with the kind of speed off the face so there are low strikes the other big story with p790s. And again when it first came out in 2017 everyone was like what the hell is this stuff speed foam whether they inject the foam into the face expands. So the hollow head gets filled with the speed bone which also obviously speed forgiveness consistency everything you want from an iron they've definitely works in that capacity right seven iron again good shape behind the golf ball I would probably say it's a little bit more boxy to certainly just on that top Edge but very little offset they're a good looking iron I can definitely see why different types of golfers from lower handicappers to higher handicappers could have these in the bag because they do certainly um give a lot of confidence behind the ball that's an interesting shot that was a really low heel shot managed to get on the greens somehow. But it wasn't a good one [Music] that's a golf shop that's really nice yeah that that is the first shot I've hit in this review that felt brilliant like right in the middle the feel of the face kind of that that is what I remember of p790 that felt really really good my big fear in the past certainly these power irons that they don't smash one 20 yards over the green when you don't want it to be interesting to see if that happens in this batch of shots now with the seven iron that one felt really really good I'm also as I mentioned earlier I'm really interested to see what the numbers look like compared to the T200 irons thank you that was even better again slightly pulled it. But the strike on that was ridiculous I feel like I'm starting to work out these irons a little bit more now in those last two shots [Music] better strike much better flight [Music] that's how that's annoying to give you an idea of what. And this strike would do it still level with the green. But it definitely obviously moved around to that left side [Music] all right [Music] it's interesting the more I was hitting the more it's kind of figuring out the patterns of these of these clubs um whether it's the way how the club comes down I definitely feel that there's a a strong level of forgiveness on off-centered hits a couple there that hit towards the toe definitely move left. But you get that with any toe shot the ones I struck in the middle that that's the p790 I remember like that's the feel that I remember yeah. And it looks wise and stunning feel wise and really really strong I'm going to hit the T 200 now from titles. And just Compare the numbers of the seven irons so I'm quite interested to see the difference if there is any [Music] okay first unlocks just behind the golf ball not as boxy as the p790s slightly different look behind the ball. So the performance is like [Music] a pretty good golf shot straight out the blocks [Music] okay interestingly there we have looking numbers in a minute I I hit the tightly fines better than overall I hit him better. But let's have a look at the numbers diving into numbers there it's very interesting and if you just looked on strathcarry then.

He's like identical to exactly the same same Lofts 30.5 degrees on the seven irons and both the p790s and t200s carried exactly today.

Right now the shots are here bang on 180 yards each just strong like I think in the review of the Titleist t200s when I compared it against the previous model of the p790s I think the carry was a little bit further. But different today.

I'm obviously not a robot which I was anyway looking at the other numbers uh what's interesting. For me there dispersion of the t200s was definitely tight I definitely found my rhythm with the Titleist irons more um not much difference apart from that. But the titles had just over a mile per hour extra ball speed the tanks had more spin the taxes had more launch uh when you look at actually take the carry distance out of it just for a minute for me the Titleist actually probably produced a slightly better array of shots in this test right now today.

Live very interested right let's move on to the five iron of the p790. So I'm really interested to start the longer iron as well [Music] foreign [Music] 3.5 degrees um the the biggest takeaways so far with this new lineup for p790 I think cosmetically it's a facelift. And I think they do in my personal opinion I think they look better they seems slightly more boxy behind the golf ball even even the five iron here. And what I mean by boxy that top Edge just looks a little bit thicker. And almost it doesn't look good rounded it looks more sharper on the edges I'm sure that's a a conscious effort of why they've done that whether that's because of this new movement of CG inside the head um overall I still think they're a very very good iron. And black Sam Reserve judgment fully till I hit the five iron but what I found so far the nine and seven has been strong I just don't know if I can say I I'm I'm almost expecting too much from this p790 set more than what it can potentially offer [Music] it's not a bad shot with a fire behind just a little bit to the right 215 yard flag foreign. And if it got to there on the golf course I would be delighted because I promise you that was one of the worst strikes I've done in the whole in the whole time we've had this new channel that was. So far from the toe all right a couple more [Music] oh lost it on these last few shots I don't know I'm not sure I'm not convinced by these p790s I feel like I'm trying to somewhat convince myself from previous models about how much success I've you know how much I've raved about the previous p790s I don't know there's something missing doesn't quite feel the same I mean those strikes were pretty bad. But come on [Music] foreign who this club is aimed at it's aimed at a huge variety of golfers I say tour Pros have even had these in the bag before up to brand new golfers would use p790s I'm just not convinced this time round there is forgiveness previous models I'm not I've said it try it yourself definitely get out there. And give them a go but also consider if you see one of the previous models at a cheap array it also might be worth giving them a hit as well guys thanks for watching stay tuned lots more to come make sure you subscribe to this brand new hit Channel reviews every single week we'll see you next.

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