If you're in the market for a brand new premium putter let's be honest in this day and age you're not getting much change out of 300 pounds however. these two Putters might just change that so when you think about premium Putters these days you're thinking Scotty Cameron maybe the new line from Taylor Made Odyssey putters Etc however. a few years ago a brand called yes was all the rage in fact I've got one in my hand here right now yes putters it it helped Jim Furyk win the Tour Championship many years ago it helped retief Goosen when the US Open as well. And honestly they were everywhere in fact this is my old yes Potter they're all named after females this is a caliputter. And I loved it the technology on the face was this sea Groove technology which helped the ball roll however. the more recent years yes putters have disappeared apparently you can still get them out over in China. But it basically disappeared the technology was. So so good well it's interesting Adams another brand that was huge back in the day are coming back out with a line of golf clubs over the next.

Few videos you'll see me testing the putters the irons the drivers Etc we're going to kick things off with the putter now Adams was a brand that was bought by Taylor Made unfortunately TaylorMade kind of didn't do a great deal with the brand. And it ended up just kind of losing traction and disappearing well they've come back out and it's interesting I'm excited I used to love Adam's golf clubs especially the Fairway Woods I can't wait to test them. So why am I telling you about yes. And why now am I talking about Adam is because Adams has bought the patent. And are using the C group technology that yes have in their famous Putters. And they've Incorporated in these two models you've got a blade tack which is called the prospects you've got the fangtite which is called the mission. And this is my first ever look at these Putters now first inspection I love the head cover the head cover looks real quality. And I've even talked about the price yet I'll come on in a minute but the quality of the head cover looks phenomenal magnets everywhere which is great. And underneath we've got this Adams sea Groove putter there we go there's that famous C Groove technology that yes again this is my old yes from back in the day it's identical it's identical technology which is excites me I'm happy to say that in fact those two Putters look very similar I might even give them a compare in this video I love this black finish it's very nice you know in first inspection that is a very very good looking putter. So that's the blade this is the Mallet which is called mission again nice design looks similar to other brands out there definitely a lot of putter brands have these Fang designs. But with the black finish the sea Groove technology looks really good they actually look really really premium [Music] and even behind the ball like that is a nice looking blade shape Lampkin grip yeah I think I'm gonna reserve my judgment until I hit the very first port. But it does feel a little bit maybe lighter than the free premium putter now I started this video talking about you don't get much change at 300 pounds. For a top level putter well these Adam Putters considering how good they look I think the price point is very clever they're 130 pound per quarter I think that's a very very strong price point I really do certainly if that sea Groove technology works. And how good the putters look right first ever put with the Adams Potter I feel like it's a tradition to miss the first one left let's say a few more first one in there we go what I'm noticing a couple of things straight off the bat I'm noticing a very very good roll off the putter there's a few of the puts there I didn't hit as well as I wanted to but they still got to the hole and in fact they actually went in feel isn't super soft but it's a nice feel off the putter in fact I like that the weight is a little bit light in the head definitely I'm interested to test out the Fang version you know what on first inspection I really like that I like that a lot. So I'm going to jump straight into my old Cali Putter. And it's funny because I've actually just got this out the storeroom this has got a huge big fat so grip these are all the rage back in the day um in fact it's got that old now the actual shaft is actually rusted on this. But I still get an idea of how the head feels it does excite me to see that yes sea Groove honestly it's. So unbelievably popular and had so many different designs out as well Harold swash was the guy behind it again it's super famous putting coach over from thornby Liverpool okay let's give this a roll same head shape diff slightly different finish it's more of a chrome. Or darker Chrome stop missing the first one left foreign first off that grip is absolutely awful why I thought about putting that on that butter I have no idea. But um when I'm just getting the feeling off the face it feels really really similar but it almost feels exactly the same looks wise the head shape between the two obviously the new Adams one has that black finish which actually probably slightly prefer um but feel off the face I cannot separate this yes butter. And the brand new Adams which it can only be a good thing okay next.

Up the Fang version the mission um I like this head shape a lot I really do like I say looking down at it from this View I'm not saying it's exactly the same. But it has very similar characteristics to a Scotty Cameron like the lines the way it's designed is very very clean I like it a lot I love the simple white line on the back it really pops off that black finish the neck shape isn't my most isn't my favorite in the world where the kind of shaft almost bends. And goes back straight into the actual top of the putter that's not my favorite head neck shape but that's only a personal opinion on first kind of feel this actually feels a little bit better in the weight the head just feels like it's got a little bit more about it obviously it's a bigger head all right let's roll these in that was nice that was really nice off the putter I like this one a lot that was a little bit from the toe actually. And it still went in [Music] I thought it was going to get perfect score then.

Okay two more [Music] ah what was to have worked down let's finish with one strong one [Music] damn Mr Mastery what's interesting there off the face I I love the weight of this a lot more the face the actual head feels more stable even off off center tips which is obviously what you get from that Fang design personally. For myself I'm just not the biggest fan of that neck shape I'd want another option there which you don't get many options you've got two Putters to choose from the blade or the Fang and that's really it um which obviously is where all the brands something like a Scotty camera if you wanted a different neck shape Etc you could definitely fine-tune that. But you do pay that extra premium price. For it I'm impressed I want to hit some slow pinputs but I like this a lot and it and genuinely it's great to see the sea groove back and it does I feel like the ball is just rolling really nicely okay I want to finish this off with an extreme put I'm here on the Zen green stage. And we've tilted it heavily from right to left and using put view it's also show me the line go for the middle hole down there but I've got to end this so far to the right right let's see how many I can hold out five a bit happy if I can hold one well that's it ah nice oh well I was lucky Pace cut that one in last one this would be amazing four out of five not at it ah okay I'm gonna go with the mission I like these Putters I do I must admit I think are they gonna succeed is gonna be a different question I don't know why I've just got a funny feeling it's going to be one of those things that comes out. But doesn't I don't know maybe catch on that's just my feeling my gut feeling but I'm also hopefully and happy to be surprised if they do this one's I love this butter I think that's too hard. But I really like to feel this one come on see if we can get the next.

Flooring I'm gonna hold these next.

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