Foreign I have the brand new TaylorMade TP Reserve Putters these Putters TaylorMade are brought out to rival the Scotty Camerons many of the taylormades tore Pros use Scotty Cameron's well in this video I'm going to test the brand new TaylorMade TP Reserve Putters against the Scotty Cameron. And compare it in many different categories I'm excited because believe me I've actually not even seen these Putters I've not taken the head covers off once you're going to get my live reaction very nice four in a row how do I put this nicely uh I don't know if I can that was a bad foot you know what that's a good looking putter that really is boom. So before I come on to the TaylorMade TP Reserve let's talk about Scotty Cameron first because let's be honest it's this brand is forcing Brands like TaylorMade. And others to bring out premium expensive top of the range Putters Sky cameras had an incredible history in the world of golf including many many major victories including tigers with his 15 majors and many players use a Scotty Cameron in the back when they're not even contracted with Titleist or Scotty Cameron this is a Scotty Cameron super select. And it's priced at 429 pounds it's expensive but that's no huge surprise. Or shock for anybody Scotty Cameron has built that Legacy and that trust and to be honest they are almost like pieces of jewelry. And within this piece of jewelry it's it's every single detail is absolutely A1 including the head cover it's stylish there's been thought put behind it the stitching is immaculate killer I mean the head covers alone. For Scotty Cameron go for an absolute fortune on sites like eBay Etc and this is no difference this head cover is absolutely gorgeous back in the day I used to get a little Pitchfork. But they've got rid of those now which is a shame. But just in the head cover the quality is amazing. And underneath that head cover just every bit of a Scotty Cameron is just exceptional you can really tell the craftsmanship that goes into a Scotty Cameron putter the milled face the waiting ports here at the bottom the Simplicity of the lines. And design even just the Milling on the toe and the heel there the way that the the neck is. So beautifully crafted out and then.

Premium shafts super premium grips I mean it really is the best that you can get now let's hit some putts with the Sky Cameron first just to get a bit of an idea on feel performance before comparing that to the new TaylorMade putters this is exciting as well forget to use the Zen put in green. And put view I think it's going to add a lot to reviews what I like about the Scotty Camerons is that some sense the name carries. So much weight that you almost just trust the putter straight away like you expect to be a good putter when holder Scotty Cameron the other things as well the weight of this scotter is absolutely perfectly balanced like it's not light it's not overly heavy it seems to swing. So nicely this is the standard Newport style which is probably their most classic style you can get let's say a few puts with this verse got a simple line on the back it is gorgeous it is like I say I can't stop thinking it's almost like a piece of jewelry which hopefully performs let's hit a few putts with this doesn't always mean it's gonna go in the hole. But that felt nice that was really nice boom straight in the middle [Music] oh. So nice [Music] okay boxed missed the first one box three after that let's go two more oh I can't miss last one [Laughter] [Music] I mean come on the results speak. For themselves there I mean five in a row boxed. And it's just a really nice putter Scotty cameras just do it well. And what's interesting they've branched out so much more over the last few years experimenting with different styles you can go. For much more forgiving models now you can really start to tailor your preference whether you like a line not a line whether you like a different neck going into actual put ahead. And loads of players out on tour trust and use the Scotty Cameron currently brings me nicely onto the new Telma TP Reserve putters so here we have them TaylorMade TP reserve and I've not seen these Putters at all yet I've got three of the models here in the Lionel but there's actually loads to choose from now I'm going to go straight in with the price these are 379 pound roughly 50 pounds cheaper than the Scotty Cameron I've just been hitting I suppose to some degree these have to go in at an expensive price point to be a competitor with a Scotty Cameron because the finish the r d the research the the little touches have to compete. And match with the quality of a Scotty Cameron right three models I'm going to kick off with this one first let's talk about head covers uh we've got this black finish with just the green stitching of an r on the side which actually looks pretty cool obviously my name's Rick I quite like they are there on the Putter. And just very subtly tonal so it's black on black they've got Taylor Made stitched down the top of the head cover there um it's they're not the most eye-catching head covers I think they could be much more experimental with it however. they are classy like you can tell the quality is fantastic it'll smell good right in inside they've got this kind of fur lining very impressed the magnetic not kind of velcro attached like you get with the Scotty camera you actually get magnets here at the back which attach again like that a lot. And then.

Inside okay what have we got here this is the TaylorMade TP Reserve TR b31 catchy name catch your name this is a blade putter with slightly extended toe. And heel extensions here which I quite like slight slant neck putter design um Milling across the face but also kind of these multiple grooves there's probably about I think it's about 10 grooves on the face there uh which again is a difference to the Scotty Cameron there's two weight ports in the bottom two 10 gram weight ports Hutch looks nice it's a chrome finish this is actually quite interesting seeing this the first time ever on video I'm really looking at it. And seeing what I like and don't like I quite like these kind of Milling lines on the toe and the heel you know what that's a good looking putter that really is I like that a lot um Chef wise it's obviously going to be a premium puts a shaft. And then.

Grip this is quite interesting. So this is black grip with TaylorMade printed down the front it's a Lampkin deep etched grip um on first glance. And feel it's not my favorite putter grip I've ever felt but let's see what that actually feels like when I put so we've got that design and then.

We've got another bladed Design This is the TR b11 terrible names TaylorMade terrible like these should be called something you know catch it like who's gonna remember the TaylorMade TP Reserve trb11 anyway on this this is a more classic shape it's a very similar to the New Port of the Scotty Cameron similar finishes that I've Just Seen on that first footer very very nice he's got 12 grams in the bottom it's a beautiful footer it really is the I like the finish a lot I can see why some of the best players in the world would potentially switch from their Scotty Cameron's. And at least give these a go in retail are you guys watching I think it's going to take a lot of persuading to pick up one of these over Scotty Cameron if that's the sort of Market you're in that's my first opinion. And then.

We've got a mallet design here similar um colorway with the actual black and the green stitching of the r TaylorMade printed along the back uh it's an interesting shape TaylorMade trm21 this is more like the Fang design number seven from Odyssey Putter I believe uh Scotty Cameron have something similar as well that's actually really nice as well yeah good you know what they passed the Lux test they really do they don't pass the naming test they should have been a bit more I mean TaylorMade the guys were brought out the stealth. And Rocket balls and speed foam come on guys the trm21 anyway let's look past the name and let's do some testing [Music]. So I'm going to kick things off with the putter that looks the most like the Newport I was just trying them with the Scotty this one is again I'm not going to remember these names trb11 it's good looking butter it is. But it is actually really nice sits really Square you know what that putter grip I didn't like it when I first touched it. But I really like how fat it is there in the middle you can really get your thumbs down the front of it nice way yeah you know what actually looks really good. So what it feels like and how it performs okay I pulled the first one like I did the other one before um I'm gonna reserve my thought on feel. For a few more shots I don't think I should just judge it on one let's hit a few more thank you go okay withhold one nice we've got to go in now um how do I put this nicely uh I don't know if I can it doesn't feel as nice as it's got a camera it doesn't it's let me I can't quite put my finger on what it is just. Yet and I think I just need to put a few more balls. But it it doesn't feel as responsive off the face let me add a couple more just to kind of determine that I've got a decent length Port here like it says 20 foot port or just short of 24 so it's a good length to really get a feel from it it's a it's a soft feel but it's not a responsive feel I'm not getting a lot of feedback from the port it's not offensive don't get me wrong I think it's just because I'm quite literally comparing it to Scotty Cameron I've just been hitting I mean no complaints with the results at all that's three in a row very nice four in a row. And then.

One more come on can it match the performance of the Scotty if you're going off performance there's nothing separating these two putters if you're going off the walks there's nothing separating these two Footers the only thing at the moment I'm kind of noticing a difference it's just a feel it's not quite as responsive it feels nice to TaylorMade TP Reserve do not get me wrong. But it's just not as it's not satisfying as it is with the Sky Cameron okay. So impressive results with that first putter and it sounds like I remember its name this one is the trm21. And this is the kind of Mallet to design with the two fangs here at the back again probably taking inspiration from very popular Putters even though they may have made this design. But Odyssey have done it it's got a Cameron have done it in the past ping have done it obviously now this is the TP Reserve version um I was just kind of thinking a little bit more as well like the performance was good than it really was they almost felt like that first putter had like an insert like it was like an insert on the face that made it feel a little bit less connected to the face is the best way I can describe it oh that's a nice looking putter behind the ball I really like that that gives me a bit of confidence of my alignment now the only thing that beats five out of six is if I hold all of them let's see if I can do it with this putter keep pulling the first one [Music] you know nice [Music] foreign [Music] that was a shame it it this Potter just feels like whether it's the design it feels like the the face is rotating a little bit more I feel like it's I'm fighting the face. And trying to keep it a little bit straighter just in that Mallet design it feels forgiving though yeah I mean it's still doing well four out of six isn't bad at all it really isn't okay. So as I summarize what I think about these telomate TP Reserve Putters I'm just going to test this last version which is the trb31 it's interesting really I think I think it's important that TaylorMade bring out a putter in this category to compete with like say Scotty cameras Etc because they've got enough Intel. And know how how to produce a really premium putter this shows that I think where it's going to be interesting is whether tour Pros are going to switch from their beloved Scotty Cameron's into a TaylorMade TP Reserve that's one that was nice that's one point to this story the other one is whether you as a golfer who have this trust. And this knowledge that Scotty Cameron has done so well over so many decades in fact whether then.

You're gonna have that instant trust in one of these is questionable because it's they're not cheap as I mentioned 379 pounds you've got to be really kind of either knowing that this is going to be good. And perform or be a tailor-made Super Fan which are there's many many of you out there that are super tailor-made fans I think. For me they've done a really good job to at least raise the question and to get people wanting to try these Putters I think they'll see them in the shop. And go you know what I fancy having a go at that and I think around tour events I think you're going to get tour Pros picking them up. And going okay I'll give that a whirl whether they'll make them into golf bags time will tell they've done a good job. But I don't think they're quite competing with Scotty Cameron just. Yet guys thanks for watching stay tuned lots more to come I've missed loads of this one now I've been talking loads more to come thanks for watching be sure to subscribe to the hit channel for loads of reviews coming soon and that is the my full in-depth review of the brand new TaylorMade TP Reserve Putters let's finish let's see if I can just box the last one boom [Music].