Foreign might just be one of the most important golf clubs TaylorMade release in a long time let me explain why [Music] [Applause] over the last few years TaylorMade have taken a leap and Bounds at certain categories of golf club including drivers they've done a great job with the drivers and to be honest they pretty much dominate that market ions have done an incredible job over the last few years really starting to take Leaps and Bounds something like the TaylorMade p790 irons and even the golf ball like they've smashed it with the golf ball with the tp5 has now become a serious competitive like a Pro V1 even spider Putters like so unbelievably popular however. there's one aspect of taylormade's golf club lineup that it not always hit on the wedges and even some of the most famous TaylorMade Tour Pros including Rory McIlroy picked the TaylorMade wedges out of the bag to replace them with vokes at least trying them so this is why. For me I think this golf club that I'm going to review now might be one of the most importantly released the brand new tailor-made mg4 wedges now I've got three in my hands I've got a 50 degree in the black satin finish. And I've got two of the Chrome wedges as well in a 56 and a 60. now I'm excited to review these because only a few years ago actually myself had tailor-made wedges in the bag the mg2s. And to be honest I really liked a lot of the components of those terminal wedges more recently I've been having a Voki in the bag and even recent recent I've been using Indie wedges so I want to know how these compare against the sm9 the vocus I'm gonna do that test later on in this video. So first things first looks and feel I've already been out on the golf course and give these clubs a test for feel around the greens looks wise they look absolutely sensation I really do think they look very clean it's kind of slightly brushed chrome finish. And the face you actually take a sticker off the club face when you buy them and as soon as you do that the face starts to rust. And that's for extra spin certainly when the face and the golf ball gets wet we're going to review that a little bit later on as well. And but all in all beautiful looking Club this grind which is the TW grind which does come up. For a slightly higher price point 199 pounds per wedge compared to the standard grind which is 159 pounds per wedge still not cheap the Tiger Woods grind has all these little kind of different shavings. And kind of just different ways of being able to lie the club down on the ground so if you want to close it if you want to keep it square if you want to really open it up and that's what I found when I took it to the Marriott I've taken these wedges and hit all different types of shots from Little chip shots from side of the green trying to almost run it up there to longer shots to see how much spin I could get I was very very impressed with Spin. And feel for me the shops around the green were really really good. For me it's not like it's a super soft wedge but it's a very responsive feel like you know as soon as you clip it nicely that ball is going to grab I also applied a few higher flighted shots. And that's what I liked about this kind of grind you can play it Square you can open it up a little bit. And get a bit more elevation you can open it up a lot. And really send it up to the sky and all these shots I was hitting around the green was played with the 56 degree wedge. And it gave me a lot of confidence to be honest with you I also played some bunker shots for me again the shaping of the wedge it's quite a straight Leading Edge but it's also rounded towards the toe and the top edge of the golf club I could really like that club face open and even at a wet sand that was kind of out there no problems at all the other thing I really like about TaylorMade wedges is the grip because they make it a little bit thicker consistently all the way down like sometimes when you want to play a delicate shot you'll grip down on the wedge. And it feels like it's really thin because of these grips it's just a Lampkin cross line but they must change the kind of taping or taper or something as you start to go down it still feels quite thick which is great. For those kind of more delicate shots this club the 56 degree I've been using has got a dynamic gold wedge 115 shaft shaft feels responsive as well it feels like you get a nice little kick at the moment though I have only hit short shots here back in the hit Studio I'm going to hit some full shafts with Pro v1s on GC quad see what the spin numbers look like I'm also going to compare it to a brand new. And I mean just been bought to actually pick one up from the Marriott a 56 degree sm9 to test it against which I think we'll do a little giveaway in this video. For and also finally I'm going to spray the club face. And the ball and test it in wet conditions now there are a few things I found that um didn't particularly please me when I was at the golf course as well I'll tell you those things in a minute. But let's hit some full shots that's at the 56 degree I'm 100 yards away from the flag and let's see what spin numbers for me a full shot with a 56 degree should be spinning up towards 10 000 RPM spin if not a little bit more oh a little bit of spin look at that one full shot and it's ripped the cover off now I must admit when I when I got these out of the packaging and actually felt the face the face felt so unbelievably rough I mean that was literally taking off some of the uh the cover of the golf ball crazy right. So a few more [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] oh nice on full shots again it's really interesting I think I'm looking. For something that doesn't exist I've had it with the voku wedges with these new indie wedges I've got in the bag at the moment and even these it's not like it's a real butter soft feel and there must be a reason for that there must be to gain the amount of Spin and traction you can't almost make a wedge too soft so I think I'm gonna have to resign to the facts I can't find a really soft wedge. For me however. I'm looking for performance those first few shots were phenomenal it doesn't feel bad it's just you know it's just not like the ball doesn't feel like it's sinking into the face. And again there's got to be reasons got me science behind that why hardly any Brands make forged wedges I think I'm looking. For a unicorn that doesn't exist [Music] [Applause] [Music] now just for a minute let's pretend I'm Rory McIlroy or an elite tailor-made athlete and I was given this brand new TaylorMade mg4 wedge I wouldn't be too disappointed at all the looks wise it's fantastic performance is really really strong just while it's fresh in my mind let me hit I've Got a Brand New tight wrist volki s M9 brand new out the packet exactly the same Loft setup Etc. And let's give this a bit of a hit as well now for a couple of things looks wise I mean it's hard to argue that the vocal is not better looking it is absolutely gorgeous it's a little bit more simplistic design again very similar to what we've seen with the Titleist iron line hook it's a gorgeous looking wedge now what's interesting on the face is it's nowhere near even this is straight out the Pack level packet I've literally opened it today.

I've not hit a single shot with it. Yet it definitely doesn't feel as rough on the face as the tailor made let's give it some hits and then.

We'll compare the numbers and then.

Like say I've still got to wet the face of the tailing Aid as well we need to do that okay now I have hit loads of shots around the greens obviously with an sm9 before I've got them I had them in the bag I know what they feel like around the greens let's compare It On full shot spin numbers now looks wise the big standout difference is that front Leading Edge has more of a roundness to it it's like the more curved. And just the shape itself is a little bit more rounded from all the way from the toe to the Top Line back down to the bottom very simplistic though it looks gorgeous this is this the chrome finish. So this won't rust it'll stay exactly how it is slightly different noise off the face interestingly feels very similar to TaylorMade there's hardly anything feel wise in between them both just a slightly different almost a slightly more muted sound off the face on that first shot what is interesting here from switching directly from the TaylorMade to the Voki the weight the head weight of the Voki doesn't feel as um maybe it's balanced like I'm liking the head weight of the tailor-made it feels a little bit heavier I know where the club head is this feels a little bit lighter towards the club head [Music] oh [Music] okay this is quite interesting looking at the bulky wedges first I think a number of shots there. And I'm averaging 98 yards of carry now as I mentioned earlier anything over 10 000 10 and a half thousand RPM spin for a full shot with a 56 degree wedge is very good the vocal kit is exactly that just over ten thousand five hundred I would be more than happy with those spin numbers the flight the consistency everything was exactly where I'd want it to be interestingly comparing it to the mg4 I was average carrying 100 yards very impressed that's the shot I was going. For spin rate was 500 RPM more at 11 000 RPM that is very very high. For a 56 degree landing 100 yards it really wasn't the consistency was excellent as well. And even the flight is not that much difference looking at the data the vokey wedge did launch a degree. And a half higher but apart from that both very good numbers like I would be very you know over the moon but if you're looking at the standout feature the mg4 spun at 500 RPM well that's quite a big chunk to be honest with you so looking at those numbers you would think well why would anybody really look. For the Voki wedge over the mg4 certainly these tour Pros well Eric it's two fold really two factors number one is trust vocab had an incredible Heritage History making tour winning wedges I mean there's no question around that at all no one can argue that. And I would also say Voki because they are much more of a specialized wedge brand even though it sits within the tightest Empire vokey if you there's a tour pro if you're going to go to the Titleist truck you're gonna see Miss devoki himself Bob voku's still out there working. And grafting you can have the soul of that club designed however. you wish to suit your exact needs. And again we're talking tour Pros here about for you and me Joe average I don't think it's gonna be that much of a difference we're not going to get that tall level service it's just an interesting topic. And why tour Pros might do different wedges what I want to know. And I'm sure what you want to know we don't play in perfect conditions all the time sometimes it's wet and it's horrible it's Mucky well the brand new mg4 wedges are claiming to have the same level of spin the same 11 000 RPM spin even when the face is wet. And the ball is wet. And moisture effects spin so just a quick one as mentioned if you want to have a chance of winning this brand new tireless Focus sm9 which I've bought just for this video that's only been used in this room be sure to subscribe to the hit Channel and leave a comment down below we will pick a random winner in the next.

Few weeks. And we will post this to one lucky winner anywhere in the world right back to the video. So Let's test that theory let's get some water on the club on the golf ball and give that a test because I'm very intrigued to know if the spin can still stay as high as it was due when it everything was dry I'm going to properly wet this I'll give the ball a spray. And the club now Taylor Made A claiming there's these deep laser etched channels between the grooves which actually disperse the water out the way so that you get the most spin still I'm making sure it doesn't know water at the moment drips off it anyway so picture the scene it's throwing it down it's torrential wet weather my golf ball is wet my club face is wet. And I still want to spin this shine since 100 yard green I mean there's no difference in feel massively go in the hole okay a little bit short [Music] okay last one let's get it wet all right come on let's see what happens [Music] good in the hole they've all come up a little bit shorter which is interesting consistent. But shorter so the face is dried again the one thing I was going to pick up on from earlier when I was out on the golf course. And hitting the shots at the bunkers there was a little bit that etching because I've just been talking about that felt like it was kind of already starting to wear off. And I would hit a handful of Bunker shots so it's definitely something to note so that was my big gripe it felt like the face scratched a bit too easily spending 200 pounds on the wedge you do not want that to happen however. does the etching in wet condition help keep that consistent spin from dry to wet well again from dry we were seeing over 11 000 RPMs it's dropped off I kind of guessed it would have done in where the spin rate was 8 100 it's dropped by 3 000 RPM now granted all three of the shots were very very consistent with each other. But there has been a drop off three thousands quite a chunk I would say still spinning but there is a decent difference there guys if you're in the market. For a brand new wedge definitely I would highly recommend the mg4s I'm potentially potentially gonna throw these in the bag for a few rounds of golf and see how they get on because I think they are very very nice thanks. For watching guys stay tuned lots more to come I wish I'll see you next.

Time foreign [Music].